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Ok guys*takes a deep breath* heres the thing

I am probably the most heartbroken person in the world right now
We have all the right to be mad.
But mad at who?
Yixing… Who is overworked to death at this point? And whose chinese activities are whats keeping most chinese exoLs stick around despite exo not being there for years?
Rest of exo…? That are again constantly living in airports and touring constantly to earn money to sustain like 50% of SM at this point and spomsoring everyones comebacks?
SM entertainment? Who knows.. Its a company that works on profit and has way many artists to manage apart from exo.. They have their constraints as well…?
Yixing studio? Who knows… They know how important it is for yixing to be doing everything he is rn to maintain his still developing star status in the hugely competetive chinese industry.
Do we blame THAAD? China? S. Korea? Missiles? Wars?
We don’t need anyone to be mad at.
So like.. Be angry… Possibly cry (like me) in the shower if you like. Be disappointed. But then.. Remember how much effort everyone has been putting for this comeback. Right now exo is probably shooting in the studio working hard for the MV. They (all 9 of them) are probably disappointed too. And oh my god the amount of effort my dear fandom has been putting over these genius comeback concepts and the melon streaming passes and international group orders! Come on guys… We cant let our pretty little projects and all those hair dyes go to waste!! Sorry for being cheesy.. But the comeback being “GRAND” or not depends on us.
Yixing will come back next time soon. I know. For now.. Lets celebrate what we have. Lets not make them feel guilty for given the circumstances i am sure this is the best they can offer us. Please be angry… Scream all you want.. But if we are not going to be with exo at this time..who will? Who other than exo Ls will support exo? Cheer up girls (and guys). Its not the end of the world. We have survived a lot more than this.


favorite character meme » six scenes
↳ 6. watchdogs (3.14)

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wait why do you think sansa is a ravenclaw? i see her more as a hufflepuff but def not a slytherin lmao

i can see that! the thing about sansa is she’s such a complex character and it’s very difficult to fit her into a box. she has aspects from all the houses, but i think ravenclaw encompasses all of them the best.

while in king’s landing (post-ned’s execution when she gets her huge reality check), sansa proves herself to be very adaptable. she knows the best way to ensure her own survival is to make herself invisible. so she is compliant with cersei and joffery’s cruelty of her, wearing the mask of a “stupid little bird” that fools all of them. a twelve-year-old girl outsmarted the entire royal court - that takes some ravenclaw caliber intelligence. all the while, she’s learning to play the game.

sansa is exceedingly clever. she learns to stroke joffrey’s ego to keep him from abusing or killing innocents (ser dontos, the beggar before the riot after myrcella’s farewell) - something not even cersei or tywin could do. and when sansa receives the note from ser dontos to meet her in the godswood, she doesn’t trust him blindly. she struggles with the decision for hours before finally deciding to go, and when she does she brings a knife for protection.

after sansa is taken to the vale by petyr baelish, her ravenclawness blossoms fully. sansa has to, for years pretend to be an entirely different person. to become alayne stone while still remaining sansa stark in her heart - and once again, she fools everyone. she learns an incredible amount under petyr’s tutelage, while still never allowing herself to trust him completely, because sansa is more than smart enough to know that while “lord petyr” may be kind to her, “littlefinger” is not her friend.

sansa displays a great deal of emotional intelligence as well and is extremely talented at reading other people. after all, she spent years living in king’s landing playing dumb, all the while watching all the best players and learning their tricks. but the difference between sansa and the other players of the game is that she uses all she’s learned only for the benefit of others and her own survival. she is not ambitious, she doesn’t want to “have it all” in the way that cersei or margaery tyrell (slytherins) do. sansa just wants to make it out alive, and she never compromises her integrity or value system to do so. you can see it in the way she is constantly comforting and challenging sandor clegane and in the way she cares for sweetrobin when she’s in the eyrie.

sansa has a lot of other ravenclaw traits as well. she is also exceptionally “book smart”, and excelled in all her studies as a child far better than any of her siblings. she can name every westerosi house, sigil and words from memory (which is very impressive) and has an extensive knowledge of history that she references often. she is also artistically gifted, playing several instruments, being able to sing well, write poetry, and is a very skilled seamstress.

you’re right, sansa does possess a lot of hufflepuff qualities. she is very kind, noble, hardworking, patient and just - as all our favorite starks are inclined to be, but i truly believe that she is a ravenclaw at her core because of the way we see her mind work and how she goes about making her decisions. this can be very difficult to see if you haven’t read the asoiaf books, because so, so much of sansa’s character lies beneath the surface at things you cannot see, but can only read in her thoughts.

people constantly mistake sansa’s original naivety and optimism with stupidity. but the thing about sansa is that she doesn’t stay that way. she learns, she grows. she acknowledges her mistakes and then doesn’t make them again. for a girl who has been constantly thrown from one terrible situation to the next with very little control over her own destiny, she has exceptional control over herself.

so, all that and much more (i’m going by memory here) is why i think sansa is a ravenclaw. but like i said before, sansa is a very complex character who is difficult to put into a single box - one of the many reasons i love her so much :’)

bts as beautiful little things in life

namjoon: the calming, soothing, almost healing sound of raindrops against the windowpane

seokjin: that light feeling in your heart whenever you’re bursting out of laughter and you’re okay, everything’s okay

yoongi: the smell of fresh strong brewed coffee lingering in morning air; the rich scent invading and taking over

hoseok: the light from the clear sky that pierces through the curtains after the heaviest of downpours

jimin: the unexpected smile that pops on your face after recalling a sweet, special memory

taehyung: the freeing, satisfying feeling of singing at the top of your lungs without a care in the world

jungkook: the relaxing state of your body at the comfort of your bed and clean sheets after a long, hot shower

bts: a strong, genuine sense of being welcomed, accepted, loved; of belonging.

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Give us more words about your feelings of Daniel please. For us

as you can see from my flawless, time-consuming edit, daniel gives me a whole buncha mixed feelings,
tbh, at the first viewing i was actually baffled how genuenly unnerving the guy was. i mean holy heck, they went all out with the neck-cracking and his body language, and his VA also did a phenomenal job.
by now (after like. the 100th viewing) he kinda lost the creepy factor, but i LOVE him. he’s awful, but he’s a good and entertaining villain and i love him. i can’t wait for him to show up again, it’s going to be bundles of fun.


the trans with the plans🤘

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eehhhh i was chatting w my sister about non binary identities (and I have the ability to do that due to our shared interest of undertale) and she things being non binary is a choice? And I'm like no, it's a choice to come out as such, ask people to use they/them pronouns and present as such, and she just didn't get it..... I really don't wanna tell her now and it sucks

ugh im sorry. i am a nonbinary person and i came out,,,,4 years ago? and it is not a choice by any means - i remember feeling this way going all the way back to very early childhood. 

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keith could be bi, you know.

oh yeah, i know!!!!! i’d be more than okay with bi keith, like that’d be Nice. i’m just going off what we’ve been shown in the show. he hasn’t expressed interest in any of the female characters, there’s been plenty of opportunities for him to.

lance, upon his literal first meeting with allura: *FLIRTS*
keith, after knowing allura for quite a bit of time now, plenty of time to develop a crush, literally holding her in his arms: *deadpans*


keith, holding lance’s hand even tho they are “”rivals””: *tender smile*
keith, at lance on numerous occasions: *tender smile*
keith, at lance after getting his lion back for him: *teases and flirts*
keith, at lance after hitting him with a spore ball: “heh, like that? ;)”
keith, faced with two Babe aliens, nyma and rolo: *checks out rolo*
keith, the resident “emo”: has laughed his loudest with hunk
keith, in general: seems more open and comfortable with male characters
keith, holding a gorgeous alien space princess in his arms: -_-

trust me, if keith was confirmed bi, i’d be like hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but, at this point in time, from what i’ve been shown in canon, i can’t get behind him liking girls romantically. 


Thank You

It all started when I was bored one Saturday night and decided to write a tiny drabble. Said drabble was posted for no reason. I never thought in a million years that I would be able to write like this. To be able to post whatever I want and receive instant feedback - it’s the writer’s ultimate dream. Thank you to everyone who’s read, ever commented or privately messaged me. All of it is appreciated way more than you’ll ever be able to know. 

Writing, although sometimes the bane of my time, has absolutely saved me in more ways than one and I really love it. Having consistent readers and all of you guys supporting me has only been gasoline to my fire of burning passion (lol fire of burning passion)


This marks the end of Jimlingss’ Festa 2017.

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10. do you think the jedi were right or wrong? (i know u have a lot to say abt this!!!) 18. what is your favorite star wars book or comic? 24. how do you pronounce twi’lek? 25. which character do you have a love/hate relationship with?

10. do you think the jedi were right or wrong?

I feel like the Jedi were written as a vague “Space Buddhist Monks” trope, without any actual Buddhist philosophy behind them. It was Buddhist trappings over an intense Christian mindset- good vs. evil, dealing all in absolutes. They don’t read as an institution that’s been around for 10,000 years- they read like a pretentious, Evangelist-raised, California college student’s interpretation of Buddhist teachings after taking a one-semester class about it. In-universe, they’re really hard to get a read on as The Good Guys, just because they have entirely too much power and such a fucked-up dogma- and yet the narrative treats them as The Ultimate Good so heavily that it fucks itself in the process.

So, that’s my Doylist analysis, is “poorly written”. And my Watsonian analysis is mostly just…

They declared that anyone who seeks power Falls. They declared that the Fallen cannot be redeemed, that it is only through death that they can be reunited with the purity in the Force, and only then through repentance (or else you end up a corrupted Sith ghost. which is totally different from a Force Ghost. Somehow.)

And then they accrued themselves power with the Senate, with the government. They declared themselves the ultimate guardians, and that their dogma was absolute rule.

By their own rules, they Fell, and they were Falling long before Palpatine took power. The Jedi were a prairie that needed burning for the new shoots to strengthen. And hopefully Luke can do it better. (TFA? what’s TFA. leave me be.)

Answered 18- it’s the Darth Maul journal!

24. how do you pronounce twi’lek?

t-whee-*glottal stop*- leck ! the apostrophe makes either a click or a glottal stop, star wars authors. it’s not sentence jewelry, it serves a purpose.

25. which character do you have a love/hate relationship with?

Qui-Gon Jinn sometimes, tbh? I mean, I love him. He’s my Poncho Dad. I love his reputation as a caring and compassionate Hippie Rebel Jedi who’s all about that Free Love.

But the way Lucas actually writes him, he’s very dubious and real shitty. Which isn’t a strike against my actually liking him- I feel very strongly about taking these characters away from George so they can get away from his shit writing for a while. They Are Mine Now.

But the fact remains that the words “I’m not here to free slaves” came out of his mouth, while standing in the home of two slaves, who have like. helped and fed him and gone way beyond basic hospitality rules to help your ass, QUI-GON. And THEN he encourages a nine-year-old boy to take part in a bloody gladiator’s race that kills NUMEROUS people, dangling freedom and a future in front of this child if he wins.

Legally speaking, Qui-Gon trafficked a nine-year-old slave into the Republic, illegally (I’m pretty sure Anakin wasn’t even given freed status on Tatooine- they got the transmitter deactivated and left. Legally he’s probably a missing person or something. Oh, no, I’m sorry. Missing property) and then press-ganged him into the Space Monks without ever reassuring this NINE-YEAR-OLD CHILD that “oh yeah, if you don’t actually want to be a Space Monk, you can go live with your mom and both be free and safe”.

And that’s not even bringing up my childish gripes with the way he and the rest of the Jedi refer to Maul as an “it”. Or how he summarily rejects and abandons Obi-wan right in front of the goddamn Jedi Council. Or the Jedi Apprentice series, which makes him out to be like the LEAST sympathetic asshole of all time and definitely emotionally abusive.

God, Poncho Dad, why were you so poorly written? You could have been so good.