feel the flame

Another inktober i had to color just because 

With special dedication for @blacksmiley-c because I don’t know anyone who could love Gabe more than she does 🍩

Sometimes you’ll have to fight for a dream that no one else can see but you. That’s alright though. Not everyone needs to understand what it is that sets your heart on fire.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
Her soul knew, but she didn’t. Her life had changed completely since that moment, her destiny was intertwined to another person, which results to be the twin soul of her soul. She didn’t expect this in her life, but her soul did. Her soul was happy to have found that soul so identical to hers after a long time. It felt like coming back home again, the place where she has been from that moment on.
—  twinflames-doesexist

Choices Trailers [#01]

A great kingdom divided by treacherous blade. A powerful magic hidden within mortal men. All hope rests on a mighty crown and a flickering flame.

After two years spent in exile, Kenna Rys is determined to take back the freedom she and her kingdom lost. With the knowledge her best friend, Dominic Hunter, has delivered from within the castle walls, she sets out on a search for an army stronger than her enemy’s own. 

The kingdoms have gotten word of her resurface, lies threaten to drown her under, and as Kenna’s courage is tested, Dominic discovers a power within him—a power people would kill to possess.

In this world where twisted intent is disguised as a call for unity, Kenna and Dominic must do everything in their power to protect those they hold dear. For when one enemy falls, another one rises. . . and each is deadlier than the last.

Aries Moon: Can be a bit argumentative at times. You always know how they feel with their flaming tongue. Eyes that spark and sizzle.

Taurus Moon: Passionate and sensitive emotions hidden in a labyrinth and that Minotaur guarding it is named practically.

Gemini Moon: Butterflies in their head and heart but also vibrant songs. He/she is observant and their mind is like a racetrack.

Cancer Moon: Needs to be needed but abuse/use them and their wrath is like the sea. Mind is centered on self-preservation.

Leo Moon: Do you see that crown she/he wears? Mind is highly group-oriented yet subconsciously finds ways to stand out. Performer at heart. 

Virgo Moon: Always analyzing with a computer-like mind. Don’t mess with their routine. Their worry can easily be felt in a room.

Libra Moon: Receptors waiting to connect with others. Do you ever fully understand their decision making? Detached warmth of a swaying scale.

Scorpio Moon:Talk to them and you can feel their depth. you won’t see their claws or stinger until it’s too late. They are a coin of compassion and plotting hate. 

Sagittarius Moon: Mind is in tune to reevaluating their beliefs but their heart sticks to them. Eternally running through a field of freedom. 

Capricorn Moon: Insisting they have everything under control all while desiring a haven. Devoted, old soul, calculated mind, and antique heart.

Aquarius Moon: Such a friendly aura but an unusual mental wave. Learning to be human. Chaotic mind, distant feelings, and jigsaw heart.

Pisces Moon: Sitting on top of pastel clouds, mesmerizing to some and too otherworldly for others. Healer at heart. Receptive and adaptable soul.