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I dont think i have ever seen a character with such expressive eyes. Fenris speaks a whole lot louder with his expressions than his words. I understand everything he is feeling just from a look so its strange to me that other characters find him hard to read. People dont know how to listen unless you yell.

When someone makes a ‘Ladies of Star Wars’ appreciation post

When they only mention Leia, Padme, and Rey

Why Thea Queen and Laurel Lance Are the Most Relatable Characters on ‘Arrow’

Recently, a list of Hollywood’s Best 50 Female Characters came out, and on that list was none other than Felicity of the CW’s Arrow. She is quoted by EBR as being “relatable and grounded,” and fans are running wild claiming she is the most relatable character on the show, and one of the most relatable on television currently. I’m here to challenge that notion.

Thea Queen and Laurel Lance are messy characters, and I mean that in the most positive way possible. They have been through hardships, they have made bad decisions, and they have paid the consequences of those bad decisions (a lot of the time made by other people in their lives). They both have dealt with extremely heavy and realistic problems that don’t fall into the realm of magically curing paralysis or somehow feeling no guilt for the death of over 10,000 people. These problems include grief, depression, addiction, and guilt.

Both Thea and Laurel were forced to overcome the grief of losing Oliver instantly. They were both forced to grieve alone in fact. Thea’s parents had one another and shut her out to cry by herself, and Laurel’s parents divorced, her father became an alcoholic, and she also lost her sister, who was sleeping with the love of her life when she “died”. So, Laurel was also forced to deal with the knowledge of that betrayal. While the circumstances regarding these loses are heightened for the sake of television, they still are grounded in realism. Everyone has dealt with the loss of a family member or an incredibly close friend, and everyone has been forced to deal with the grief that comes along with. 

Another thing both Thea and Laurel were forced to go through was addiction. To deal with her grief, Thea began using drugs to cope with the pain she constantly felt, which lead to incredibly negative actions on her part. She was forced to face those consequences and better herself because of them. Laurel, on the other hand, fell into an alcoholic addiction once she lost Tommy, whom she believed to be the new love of her life, and was again left by Oliver, whom she believe would help comfort her in a time of need. Add in the fact that alcoholism runs in the Lance family, and Laurel suddenly becomes a figure for all those struggling with addiction or those who have someone close to them who is struggling with it. And it was constantly thrown in her face. Not only that, but Laurel was forced to overcome her mental illness on her own while also being forced to relive her presumed dead sister and ex-boyfriend once again rekindling their relationship. These women grew from these tragic circumstances they found themselves in; they felt pain; they cried; but they became stronger.

Probably the most relatable thing these women have been forced to overcome is guilt. In season 3, Thea found comfort in the one person she believed would never lie to her: her father. But unbeknownst to her, Malcolm forced her to kill Sara, someone she considered a friend, and once Thea discovered what she had done she was forced to deal with the aftermath. She did not run from it. She faced it head on. She confessed to Laurel, who strongly embraced Thea with open arms and assured her it was not her fault. She confessed to Nyssa in hopes that it would free her from the pain she is feeling. Thea was brave; she was incredibly brave. In season 4, Thea was once again faced with a tremendous amount of guilt as she was forced to choose between killing people to satisfy her bloodlust or let herself die, and she decided the later. She was willing to give up her own life so that she would not hurt anyone else.

Laurel, after being constantly lied to, made the decision to resurrect her sister Sara after she was murdered. Afterwards, she was forced to deal with the guilt and trauma that Sara would endure. While she knew what she did was wrong, Laurel wanted her family back; she did not want to lose her sister again. But her hypocritical ex boyfriend constantly threw it back in her face, and Laurel had enough. She finally stood up. She knew what she put Sara through. She knew the guilt that she was facing, and she didn’t need to be constantly reminded of it.

These women have, without a doubt, the strongest character development on the series. No, they are not perfect. No, they are not witty. And no, they are not just “relatable and grounded.” They are inspirational. They taught us that you can fight back, and that you can overcome your struggles even if everyone around you is telling you that you can’t. It’s okay to be messy. You can pull yourself back up. They felt real things, and it made them real people.


26 (more) albums from 2016 → Part 3 - Pop/R&B/Rap

  1. That Poppy - Bubblebath EP
  2. Broods - Conscious
  3. Two Door Cinema Club - Gameshow
  4. Travis Scott - Birds in the Trap Sing Mcknight
  5. Luna - Free Somebody EP
  6. Adore Delano - After Party
  7. The 1975 - i like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it
  8. Frank Ocean - Blonde
  9. Gwen Stefani - This is What the Truth Feels Like
Free: Broods

Gritting your teeth, you hold onto me
It’s never enough, I’m never complete
Tell me to prove, expect me to lose
I push it away, I’m trying to move
Hoping for more, and wishing for less
When I didn’t care was when I did best
I’m desperate to run, I’m desperate to leave
If I lose it all, at least I’ll be free

I’m free, I’m free
I’m free, I’m free

You have to keep moving forward. I know it hurts. I know you’re sad, disgusted, terrified  - the whole nine yards. I know, but you cannot stand still. You cannot give up on your future, even if it seems bleak right now. Regardless of the labels society places on you, regardless of the labels you have given yourself, you are still you, and no one can take that away. Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t feel. Feel everything. Cry. Brood. Scream. Unapologetically feel everything. But do not break. Refuse to shatter. This is not the end. This is not the end.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Post-Election Inspiration/ Something I’m trying to convince myself of. (314/366)

This gives me emotions I’m not sure I can articulate, but I made a go at it in the tags. 

wow the Gilmore Girls revival was so great I can’t believe Jess and Rory run an indie publishing company together and are happily in love

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Oh venerated Master Swordsman, any new wee Frasers on the horizon for FMM?

Yes! I promise! 


FIGHT FOR YOU - a rebelcaptain mix

i. If Love was a Crime - Poli Genova// ii. Fight For You (feat. Chance the Rapper) - Pia Mia// iii. Maybe - Brainstorm// iv. Strong Hand - CHVRCHES// v. In Your Cage - Cinema Bizarre// vi. Glory and Gore - Lorde// vii. Dark Doo Wop - MS MR// viii. Viva La Gloria - Green Day// ix. Feel Again - OneRepublic// x. Recovery - Broods// xi. Wings - Hurts.

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“The first time Kit walked into the room I remember thinking “Ohhh..please let this guy be good” because I just had like an image in my mind, with most of the characters I don’t, but with Jon Snow I had an image in my mind of what he should…not only what he should look like but more what he should kinda feel like…a certain brooding intensity…and a kinda haunted thing? […] So he came in and he nailed it. I mean he was just incredible.” David Benioff


Looking down at your field notes, you smiled. Three years. It had been exactly three years since Namjoon had started your program and you watched him become more and more comfortable right in front of your eyes. He was still incredibly snarky, but as the years went by, you saw him bring people back into his life. His parents slowly became a regular duo to visit him, he spoke openly about his struggles, and with some help from the guys, and you were able to get him to feel comfortable without the gang brooding over his shoulder.

It had been three years since you looked him in the eye and put up a wall. You admitted to yourself that you needed time to be afraid, Namjoon had broken a trust and you didn’t know if you would be able to move forward. But now the two of you stood on the other side as different people. You heard a knock and Namjoon stood in the doorway.

Hey, how are you today? He asked with genuine curiosity. He no longer treated the world as his slave, but rather appreciated hearing about everyone. He saw himself as equal. You smiled.

Pretty good. Look at this. You said and placed a document in front of him. He scanned it.

This is my file. He responded and you nodded.

But look at the sentencing line. You guided his gaze with your finger.

It’s blank? He looked up and you smiled even wider.

The courts deemed you as fit to go back into society. The program is over! You exclaimed and gave a little victory dance, but Namjoon stood still. What’s wrong, Namjoon? You’re a free man! C’mon! Don’t make me look like an idiot dancing alone! You tried to convince him, but slowly you stopped clapping and jumping around. Namjoon looked from the sheet to you and back to the sheet.

But what about you? He asked and you tilted your head.

What about me? If this is about my job, they will assign me a new patients and I’ll continue to work. You tried to explain, but Namjoon shook his head.

Every day I try to better myself so that one day I can be the man you need me to be. He said and you sat down at your desk.

The man I need you to be? You asked for clarification and Namjoon sat across from you.

I did a horrible thing to you three years ago, I hate myself for it. He spoke about how he hurt you and you looked down. There were a lot of obstacles that came with that incident, but you continued to persevere and found the ability to forgive him years ago. But now he was sitting in front of you with a look of concern on his face. I want you to be able to see me as more than a patient, I want you to look at me with more than just friendship. He said and you realized what he was getting at. Your heart sped up as he spoke, it was hard not to fall for Namjoon, but you still were hesitant, so instead of running into his arms, you sat back in your chair and closed your eyes for a moment of reprieve.

It’s true that three years ago you hurt a part of me that will never truly heal. You broke my trust and killed an innocent side of me, but from that I have been able to learn more about myself. I have been able to learn about how to truly forgive, I will never forget it because it shaped me into who I am today, but I am grateful that it happened. Like any difficulty in life, that incident is something that will continue to help me. You said and Namjoon watched as you sat back up. But I want you to spend more time learning from yourself. Right now, we are still very different people. I want you to learn what it’s like to be on the outside, I want you to see what it’s like to be just a normal citizen. Then maybe one day, we can try to be something more. Namjoon nodded.

I will try to become the person you want me to be. He said and you shook your head.

I want you to become the person that’s already inside of you. I don’t need you to shape yourself as anyone other than who you are. You responded and Namjoon nodded, taking the settlement papers and walking out of the room.

The two of you became friends, as Namjoon transitioned into the real world again, he would turn to you with his struggles. You saw a raw side of him, one that he rarely showed anyone, and you felt special to see him. More time passed and the incident became more of a memory, a nightmare that sometimes plagued your sleep, but you stopped associating Namjoon with the man that hurt you that night. The Namjoon that stood in front of you today was one that would take a bullet for his friends, a man who would help an elderly man or woman cross the street, a man that would help teach children to read. The old Namjoon had died years ago.

Namjoon came to your apartment, a year after his release and you smiled as he let himself in. Hey, Y/N! Look at this! He showed you an article that showed a picture of the Pieta, a small engraving had been discovered on the side of the statue and people were beginning to wonder if Michelangelo had written it secretively. You rolled your eyes.

A secret engraving? You laughed. I don’t think Michelangelo would do that, maybe a crazy tourist? Shaking your head, you went back to cleaning up the apartment.

Become reborn. Namjoon read off the message and you looked over your shoulder at him.

Maybe he was talking about you. You responded and Namjoon looked at you.

You think I’ve been reborn? He asked, raising an eyebrow and you nodded.

You truly are a Renaissance man now. You laughed and Namjoon swatted you with the paper.

Hey! I was being serious! He exclaimed and you chuckled.

So was I! You aren’t the same guy I met years ago. You said and Namjoon nodded.

Good. His response made you look over at him quizzically. You wiped your hands on a towel and prompted him.

Why’s that good? You questioned and he looked you dead in the eye.

Because I finally feel like I’ve been reborn to be a man that’s worthy of you. He said and stepped forward. He gently placed his hand under your chin and guided it up, looking you in the eyes for permission, you nodded slightly before closing your eyes. A feather light kiss fell onto your lips and you smiled as he deepened the kiss.

Namjoon had his own Renaissance. You thought to yourself, before losing yourself in the sweet kisses.

Author’s Note: I like it. I think it shows that people can change and life can move forward … I understand it’s controversial, but I like it. 

Beacon Hills rarely had the chance to take a breath before its inhabitants were threatened. Scott knew this as soon as Deaton told him the fate of the Nemeton and the meaning of the town’s name. Despite this, he’d somehow been convinced by his mother to accompany her on a trip out of town to scope out a potential college. She insisted on him maintaining a “normal” life, despite all of Beacon Hills challenges. When he came back, however, he’d wanted to shout into the void. With Deaton gone, Scott’s link to the town lore was severed. The world was crumbling around him and he hadn’t been there to pick up the pieces and now… he wasn’t sure if he could pick any of them up. He slumped over the empty examination table at the Beacon Hills pet clinic. It was the one place he could go and feel relatively safe enough to brood–despite the painful memories that he would never see Deaton here again. A sudden knock on the door and the familiar sound of the squeaking hinges broke him from his thoughts. “We’re closing soon,” he called out to the door, just in case it was another client trying to get a walk-in-appointment. The hours were posted right on the door! “Come back tomorrow!”