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I dont think i have ever seen a character with such expressive eyes. Fenris speaks a whole lot louder with his expressions than his words. I understand everything he is feeling just from a look so its strange to me that other characters find him hard to read. People dont know how to listen unless you yell.

When someone makes a ‘Ladies of Star Wars’ appreciation post

When they only mention Leia, Padme, and Rey

Murata stream update: full ref shots of Genos’ new body design! Murata drafts sketches of his new arms for his own ref use too. Check out all the new details! Of note, Genos’ hair is back to the short, sharp spikes and his neck is black again. His torso, legs, and feet are a slender, more sleeker design with lots of black lining now too.

Quick Jughead Imagine

[Just a quick one and again not really formatted in to any particular fic, this is just whilst I take a short break from my heavy work load]

-Jughead hated the way you bit your lip, hated the way your hips would sway as you bounced away from him in the corridor, hated the way you would gently hold onto his arm when you’d all make your way into Pop’s, and most of all hated how it made him feel.

-You had always been a flirt, that was your ‘thing’. You were the flirt, the tease, it wasn’t a bad label by any means.

-It didn’t matter whether they were guy or girl, Reggie or Cheryl, Archie or Betty, you were guaranteed to flirt with them.

-It drove Jughead crazy.

-He knew it was irrational to think that the way you acted with him was in any way different to how you treated anybody else, but he could have sworn your eyes lingered on him just that little bit more.

-He was right of course, you used your label to hide your true feelings about the dark and brooding boy.

-You had all gone to Ronnie’s one night, she was holding a great big rager whilst her mom was out of town, you weren’t afraid to let yourself get a little loose.

-One JD and Coke and had turned into two, and then three and then before you knew it you were the life and soul of Veronica Lodge’s house party.

-Nobody could deny you when you waltzed over and demanded they get up and dance with a charming smile.

-Not too soon later a mass of sweaty teenagers were jumping on the balls on their feet, their solo cups spilling out the contents of their drinks onto the hardwood floor, laughing, singing and dancing.

-Except for him.

-He stood by the edge of the doorway, his cup filled with unspiked Coca-Cola, he looked amused and watched as you sang dramatically along to the catchy pop music.

-Well nah-uh, he wasn’t getting away with it.

-Your eyes zoned in on him, you drew your finger out and beckoned him over, he only laughed and shook his head, your curled your finger with more demand, nobody said no to you tonight.

-He stood still and smiled, you pushed your way through the chaotic crowd.

-’C’mon Jones, you can’t leave me hanging.’

-’I don’t dance.’

-’It’s easy, come on I’ll show you.’ You grabbed at his hips and swayed them from side to side. He laughed harder.

-’I didn’t say I couldn’t dance, I just said that I don’t.’

-’Not even for me.’ You drew your mouth up to his ear in a whisper, barely audible over the thumping bass. You swayed his hips again from side to side and began to bounce a little on the balls of your feet.

-You pulled away from him with a devilish grin and began to dance erratically, you beckoned your arms out for him to join you.

-’C’mon Jones!’

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A lot of people are screencapping their least favourite bits of Joss Whedon’s leaked Wonder Woman script, and this is the one that stood out to me for its sheer levels of bullshit. A hero doesn’t decide to be a hero? Isn’t someone deciding to be a hero the entire basis of the, y'know, superhero genre? And even in real life, don’t people decide to do heroic things all the time because they think someone should? But Whedon just seems to be obsessed with this grim, manly idea that heroism is some burden that you pick up after life shits on you a lot, so you can have brooding feels about it while no one understands the heroic things you do.

Honestly, one of the things I love about the Wonder Woman film we did get (and I’ve said this in another post) is that Diana is a hero simply because she chooses to do good. She doesn’t have to suffer some hideous personal tragedy; she just acknowledges that there’s a threat out there that she can do something about. She totally decides to be a hero, and it’s great.

Imagine teasing Peter Quill

“Is that a rifle?”

You looked over at Peter with a dazzling grin, “Wow, good job there buddy. It is indeed a rifle. Gold star for Star-Prince.”

He groaned and sighed, “I didn’t know you were doing guns now.”

“I’m sorry, Star-lord,” you threw him an innocent glance. “Did I hurt your feelings? Is the tough brooding man upset that little old me is packing heat now?”

“No,” he muttered looking away. You smiled because you knew Peter would have something to say once he got a look at your gun. “Mine is bigger.”

You snorted, ‘What was that? Are you blind? Look at this beautiful piece I have here, it’s nice and big.”

A devilish smirk suddenly appeared on the handsome man’s face. “Oh, I’ll show you big.”

Biting down on your lip, you nodded to the scene behind Peter. “Let’s kick their asses and I’ll let you show me how big your piece is. Hell, I might even polish it for you.”

Peter winked at you and looked over to the rest of the Guardians.  “Show time, a-holes.” 

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You know the whole twin au that's going around? Well, just picture Felix getting a crush on Marinette, because she's being nice and kind to him and doesn't have a motive.

Oh Nonny, Why Do You Do This To Me?

But seriously, though, it would be both a bit heartbreaking and hysterical.

Heartbreak is obvious. Marinette is in love with Adrien and there’s the whole mess associated with that.


  • Felix isn’t really sure what to make of this girl at first.
    • It’s blatantly obvious to everyone that she’s got it bad for Adrien and he kinda thinks it might be just a bad case of a celebrity Crush.
    • But then he hears about the argument and the umbrella thing.
  • Felix is questioning this girl’s taste in boys. (Like he can’t complain cause it’s Adrien but who falls for someone over an Umbrella?)
  • Marinette also one of the only people who actually accepts they are different people and not carbon copies of each other.
    • Adrien is a Ray Of Sunshine while Felix kinda hates people. 
  • Marinette backs off when he wants her too or just sits by him and doesn’t talk.
  • She always greets him with a smile and a wave.
  • While Marinette made Adrien a scarf, she also made Felix a personalised tie/wallet/anything but a scarf cause he never wears them as accessories. 
    • (He totally knows the gifts came from her because he overheard her and Alya talking about it.)
    • (He sends her flowers as a thank you anonymously and threatens Natalie into sending Marinette tickets for the latest Gabriel Fashion Show.)
  • Marinette never asks about Adrien when they are together or she does but only if he brings it up first.
    • She never asks for tickets to any Agreste Fashion Shows or events. 
    • Unlike a certain Queen Bee who he really doesn’t like
  • Marinette somehow managed to wrangle out his favourite pastry.
    • He doesn’t know how she managed it but she always brings one in when she brings in pastries for the others.
  • She makes an effort to include him in things even if he turns it down.
    • Like if Adrien can’t make it to an event, the invite is still there for Felix
  • She just treats him as Felix. Not as her crush’s brother or as Gabriel Agreste’s son or as that moody teen who hates everyone. Just Felix
    • Which. You know.
    • It’s Nice
  • Felix overhears someone talking about him
    • nothing new, just the whole Ice King persona, he’s a horrible person etc. Still stings.
  • Marinette RIPS into them.
    • The only time Felix has ever seen her even closely this angry is when someone said Chat Noir was a lousy Superhero. They still haven’t recovered and Adrien was practically glowing all day, you utter dork.
  • Felix gets this warm fuzzy feeling in his chest.
  • He starts actively seeking her out.
  • Felix actually gets into conversations with her instead of letting her rant about things or just talking about school work.
  • Marinette’s birthday comes along and he gives her an advance copy of the latest fashions from Gabriel
    • He doesn’t like the look on his father’s face when he asked for it
    • He really doesn’t like the look on Adrien, Alya and Nino’s faces when they see Felix’s gift for Marinette
    • He does like Marinette’s face though so he thinks it’s worth it
  • He starts getting more moody when his utter moron of a brother can’t see that Marinette is over the moon about him and he’s still hung up on that completely unobtainable Ladybug. Like Why?! Adrien, Why?! Marinette is much nicer and wittier and she’s actually friends with you and she’s way prettier than that girl in a mask WHO YOU DONT’ EVEN KNOW GDI ADRIEN!
  • He has no idea what he’s feeling until Adrien brings up that fact he’s smiling after listening to Marinette rant about thread patterns.
  • Felix has no idea what to do with these feelings
  • He just stoically denies everything.
  • He has a big problem when he realises he just smiled minutely and waved back when he passed Marinette on the street and he’s still smiling.
  • Felix needs to go lie down now.

Just Felix Agreste getting a crush on Marinette and having no idea what to do.

The Bowers Gang: Almost

Request  “The Bower’s Gang or the Losers (If you don’t feel like writing them) taking their shared S/O to a haunted house or urban exploring or trespassing or whatever? She gets hurt and they all panic and freak but it ends real sweet? Thank you!

A/N  →  weirdly paced again and i absolutely didnt proof read but i just rly wanted to get smthn out bc i havent posted in yrs!!

Pairing → The Bowers Gang x Reader (She/Her)

Warnings  → the 🅱️oys™

The boys were loving this.

You walked in-between all of them, making sure to subtly shepherd them in as close to you as possible. You walked with your arms folded tight, grumbling complaints all the way as you made your way down the dark, shitty hallway in this dark shitty abandoned whatever building.

You didn’t care. You just wanted to leave.

This place was awful. All metal and concrete, it was an old building some ways out of town, left uninhibited for whatever reason and left to rust itself red. You went quiet at every creak it made. Henry could see the face you were making without even turning to look at you.

Eyes wide, lips tight, jaw clenched. He smirked to himself.

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No. Not to you.


I’ll do anything.

A Song of Ice and Stone - Part 1: Winterfell

Characters: Y/N Stone, Jon Snow, Arya Stark, Sansa Stark, Ned Stark, Catelyn Stark, Lysa Arryn, Jon Arryn, Rob Stark, Benjen Stark, Petyr Baelish,

Pairing: Jon Snow x Reader

Warnings: Implied smut     

Word Count: 3800ish

A/N: I know I usually mainly write SPN and honestly I can remember when I last tried writing characters that doesn’t live in that world, but I have wanted to do something for Game of Thrones for the longest of time so I decided it was time to take the leap.

Thanks to my sweet amazing friend, cheerleader and editor @blacktithe7 for betaing this series for me.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***


Winterfell had always been your home, even if you weren’t or never would be a Stark. You weren’t anything. You were a bastard, a little girl who was sent away after your mother died in childbirth, and your father, Jon Arryn married a woman of a suitable name. Lysa Tully wanted no evidence of her husband’s past treading the halls of her castle. So, soon after the wedding, you were sent away to serve the sister of the woman who banished you. Luckily for you, one of the Stark’s maids took too you. She not only showed you the ropes but treated you as if you were her own child. She had been your saving. Not only were you a bastard, you were a strange child growing up in the North. Your name reminded you and everyone else of that every day. Y/N Stone, a bastard girl from the Vale.

You had thought you would hate Lady Stark, but she was just kinda there. She was the lady if the house. You worked for her, but she never spoke badly of you or treated you as any less than the other maids. The way she treated her husband’s bastard though would make you flinch. At least she let him stay. At least he got to grow up in the house he, rightfully or not, was born into while you had been cast aside like trash.

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I've seen a lot of people pretty upset that Barry is going to be gone, worried he'll be gone forever and so on. Now, don't get me wrong I understand that but the flash comics are so amazing because of the flash family. Plus I am kind of excited about Wally taking up the mantel which I hope they do. At least for a bit. Barry has gotten so broody I hope they use this time in the speed force as a reset for his character. Wally is such a fun Flash I'm excited to see that. If that's what they do.

Hmm… I struggle with this.

“Barry has gotten so broody I hope they use this time in the speed force as a reset for his character” is not a sentiment I can personally jive with.

Barry’s been through hell in the past three years. I get that he’s broody, but he’s… severely traumatized, grieving, full of survivor’s guilt, potentially depressed, and has demonstrated behavior that’s made me think he veers toward suicidal ideation. 

And while that is “broody”… what else is gonna happen to someone who is betrayed by his mentor, gets people killed because of his poor planning, watches his mother die, comes back to stop her killer only to lose and watches a good friend die to save them all, sees a blackhole that is his fault kill another friend of his and likely many other people and causes breeches that bring Zoom to this earth, gets his back broken, thinks a friend has died, gets betrayed again, loses his powers, literally disintegrates, has a good friend get kidnapped and traumatized, watches his father die right when he thought he had some control again, watches himself die (time remnant 1), fucks up the timeline and watches a friend on the verge of death because of his choices (again), fixes the timeline (leaving the one that made him happiest) behind only to find out he’s totally fucked it up and his bff’s brother is dead now, finds out his other good friend has powers that literally fuck with her emotions and moral compass because he messed with her life, and then finds out that because of all this, the love of his life is likely to die (and oh yeah, it’s because he kills her).

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Like… that isn’t a rant at you. That was me just literally trying to make a small list but it grew and grew and grew accidentally because… damn has he been through so goddamn much?

They all have, and they all deserve space to grieve and heal.

But that was the whole narrative theme of both 3x01 (Flashpoint) and 3x21 (Cause and Effect). They both show ways in which Barry could be happy. One is if he’d never lost his parents and lived this life, so that he’s unburdened by all of this. The other is if he’s… literally unburdened. Without the weight of his memories, Barry is adorably chipper and happy and excited and a lot more like his season-1 self? And some people found that episode to be filler but I think it really hammers this characterization point home: Barry is actively suffering emotionally due to the past three seasons of trauma.

So I’d love to see the Flash family taking off - to see Wally growing into the mantle and to see him and Cisco working together with Iris, to see Caitlin on the fringes finding her own weird way, to see Joe trying to cope but having the love and support of his family. To see them all fighting crime and doing well.

And when Barry comes back into it, I don’t really want him to be plucky and happy again if it means erasing what he’s been through, or hopping him up on a false sense of security (like the speedforce first did when it told him he was special and chosen before his dad died). I want him to have had time and space (and the rest of them too) to cope and heal and to move forward from there, heavy but hopeful, full of smiles but sombre when he needs to be.

I mean… I actually don’t expect him to get there yet. He’s got more growing yet to do. But I just… don’t ever want to “reset” his character. We’ve seen them do that twice already, if only for an episode, and while it was adorable and lovely to see him happy… he deserves to move forward not to be wiped clean.

when you realize that a lot of fans portray k//ance with keith as the brooding emo feat. lance as the manic pixie dream girl