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Related to this incident a few days ago where I was f-r-e-a-k-i-n-g o-u-t that I couldn’t sign in for two hours #dramallamas

I’m sorry, Seven, but imma still go for Juju so just wait. Your. TURN. B O I .

post-emoji movie Trauma

WARNING: the following text contains spoilers and can be considered disturbing to some readers. especially my brain, because it’s leaking out my ears after typing this.

This is the first movie ever I’ve gone to see on opening night. And let me just say that, for the record, I’m glad I went to watch with friends. Without them, I would have most likely calmly exited the room, climbed up to the roof, and dived straight off.

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Do you think Xander might confuse Camus as a younger version of his father since Camus & Garon have the same voice actor (Travis Willingham)?

Come now, there’s only one character we associate with Travis Willingham

Thank you for teaching us that you can still have fun and dance even if you aren’t good

Thank you for reminding us to have the freedom of a kid even as you get older

Thank you for encouraging us that we will get through it even when we are depressed and have no motivation at all

Thank you for telling us that we can do what we want because it’s our own lives

Thank you for making us laugh at the simple and stupid things

Thank you for being t.o.p to us, but most importantly, thank you for being choi seunghyun

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  • me: hey
  • bias: *exists*
  • me: aww
  • biaswrecker: sup

Yongguk’s presence haunts them.

Despite the man’s habit of taking up absolute no space at all, and can go days without speaking, his absence still burns a big hole right through them.

They play around in the practice room, going over the steps, and Jongup searches for his leader’s encouraging smile.

They go to Japan, and Himchan watches his dongsaengs pair up back at the hotel, while he gets a room all to himself.

They perform Young Wild & Free, the four members supporting his weight, and Daehyun expects to fall every time.

They sing With You, holding out the mics to let BABYz sing Yongguk’s part, and Youngjae’s voice is off balance.

And when the leader walks into the dorm for the first time in months, Junhong is the first one to step into his open arms.


partybaby2017 fav moments 5/x : yongguk being so damn rude during “i guess u need u”