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Let’s talk about Poe Dameron for a minute. Not the fandom created “flirty, cocky smart mouth” Poe Dameron, but the real and incredibly interesting Poe Dameron.

This is a man who risks his own life, dives back into the line of fire, in order to save someone who got left behind. He willingly runs back to rescue Threepio when the latter can’t keep up in Issue #12 (or #13, I can’t remember which) and literally picks Threepio up and throws him over his shoulder.

This is a man who is so dedicated to the cause, that even Leia Organa, Queen of Dedicated, comments that she sometimes worries “what that dedication may cost him.”

This is a man whose enemy makes the comment that he “has” to save everyone, and it’s true. Poe wants/needs to save everyone, and when he can’t? It breaks his heart:

This is a man who went through physical torture long before he went through mental torture under the hands of Kylo Ren. He endured the physical torture for an undocumented amount of time without breaking. And under the imminent threat of mental torture, all he says is “The Resistance is not intimidated by you.” 

Poe is the man who broke regulation to find out what the First Order what was up to after a close friend of his was killed in a battle and the New Republic wouldn’t do anything about it (which led to him joining the Resistance). This is the man who couldn’t even voice the possibility of BB-8 possibly being destroyed. 

And above all, he’s loyal. Extremely loyal. To his family, to the cause, to Leia, to his squadron, to his droid. He goes back to Jakku for BB-8, and you can bet that even if BB-8 hadn’t had the map, Poe would have still gone back for it. He hates not being able to trust his squadron, he gets openly frustrated (even with BB-8) after realizing that there could be a traitor in his squadron*

He gets even more frustrated and upset when both BB-8 and Threepio “sacrifice” themselves so he can escape with a droid that may or may not have information regarding Snoke, and can’t believe that it’s “gotten to this point.” 

(literally don’t even get me started on that one)

Poe Dameron is literally such an interesting character and only gets more and more complex the more we learn about him. And this is all just from: one movie, 12 (or 13) comic book issues, and a short story.

I honestly can’t wait to see what they have in store next for his character.

*after a few issues of optimistically hoping that his and BB-8′s suspicions were wrong about there being a traitor.


Aging, winding hyperspace routes fell out of favour in a growing galaxy, leading to once-popular Jedha becoming an antiquated curiosity rather than a relevant destination. Those who now seek Jedha are looking to be lost, or to find a deeper purpose. Some insist that this ancient world of spirituality gave its name to the Jedi Order, though most scholars believe it to be the other way around. All agree that the history of the Jedi and Jedha are intertwined.


Why, you stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder!

me: i hate luke’s fucking poncho

also me: he fucking owns the tatooine farmboy poncho chic look. he fucking works it. that bucket hat makes the whole look come together flawlessly. he looks 1285% fab and he knows it too. i hope he starts a clothing line of stylish ponchos for every occasion. he is the fashion icon hero the galaxy truly needs. padme would be so proud.

star wars character asks:

leia organa: do you tend to be more of a follower or a leader?

luke skywalker: if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

rey: what’s one thing you are hoping will happen this year?

han solo: do you view yourself as an optimist or a pessimist?

c-3po: how many languages do you speak?

finn: what do you consider to be your most heroic moment?

anakin skywalker: do you believe in destiny? 

kylo ren: who is your biggest icon/source of inspiration?

poe dameron: do you currently have a crush on someone?

bb-8: are you good at keeping secrets?

padmé amidala: do you consider yourself an idealist?

yoda: do you give good advice?

obi-wan kenobi: what is your biggest regret?

r2-d2: what is your favourite thing about your best friend?