feel sorry for her to see her struggle like that

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I feel like their daughter would have a hard time falling in love with anyone (like romantically). Idk I just feel like she would struggle to love anyone but her parents and probably Frost considering she would most likely be secluded to certain people her whole life. Almost like she isn't capable of loving anyone else because she just never developed that version/ability of trust and adoration? Idk how to explain it... but what do you think? Sorry if this is confusing ๐Ÿ˜‚

Not at all doll you’re fine! This is an interesting concept which I think is very possible, because she is so sheltered she would see people but never be able to get to them ya know. Joker basically has her looking through rose colored glasses her whole life, I think she knows how to love like she loves her parents, but learning to love romantically is a different animal. Like if she were to fall in love it would have to be that instnt connection she has with someone through a look and then go from there. She would probably have to sneak around and such. Im just envisioning the balcony scene with clarie danes and leo dicaprio in romeo and juliet lol. But instead of the party at capulet mansion it’s jokers club

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Send me ‘👤🔀👤’ for our muses to switch bodies for one thread || accepting


Lena woke feeling dizzy and disoriented. Her entire body felt heavy and slow and she was having trouble breathing.

Not to mention there was something covering her face.

Fear bubbled in her chest and she struggled to it up, almost falling back again but finally managing to straighten and stare around. She could see, but not well; whatever was covering her face had something to look out of, but it was foggy like dirty glass.

Her gaze fell, looking to her body to see what it could be that was making her feel so weighed down. A loud gasp tore from her as she found, not her own body, but someone else’s, “What the bloody hell?” The voice that left her lips was not her own and her hands clapped up to her face, meeting the rough cloth of some kind of mask.

“Shite shite shite shite-” She could feel her panic building and it was making breathing even harder, her lungs rattling strangely in a way she wasn’t used to.

With startling clarity, she realized she knew this body, this voice. 

Words shaky with terror, Lena cried out in hopes that the rightful owner might be somewhere nearby, “M-Mako?”


I never really went too hard on the fangirling for any of the Sia videos. I mean I always commented on them but this one I feel like I need to make a million posts about it (I wont because how annoying would that be)

This was filmed before Elastic Heart correct? 

Maddie’s acting was just….so SO brilliant. The tears welling in her eyes at bits,the almost smile that quickly faded away, the mouthings of sorry’s as you could see the struggle and self hatred in her face. Ughhhhhh