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DaddyOFive claiming that the videos are fake is almost laughable. Having worked in many theatrical productions in the past, I can say that no child that I have ever come across is THAT good at crying on demand. There is 0% chance that these children are such acting prodigies. Those are real tears, real screams, real face reddening, real phrases that a kid would say. For once there is a prank video that I can confidently say is not staged.

Dating Harrison Osterfield Would Include.....

Requested. @tanovic54321

  • Dealing with the intense bromance between Harrison and Tom
  • But never really minding because you adore Tom. 
  • Getting a little jealous though.
  • Harrison finding it cute that you become jealous over his best mate.
  • “Jealous, eh? Don’t be, love.” 
  • Him kissing your forehead. 
  • All the time, actually.
  • Oh, and knuckle kisses. 
  • Whenever he holds your hand, it’s just instinctive for him to kiss your fingers.. 
  • Getting into little arguments about who loves who more. 
  • Said arguments always ending in kisses. 
  • Going out to dinner with his family.
  • Them loving the absolute daylights out of you.
  • His sister looking up to you and begging to have a sleepover so you two can stay up all night hanging out. 
  • His parents telling him that you’re a keeper and keep you close. 
  • Harrison always responding with, “Don’t worry, she’s not going anywhere. Not on my watch.” 
  • His mother always inviting you to her nail appointments to bond. 
  • His father learning what memes are and starting a meme war with you. 
  • Loving every minute you spend with Osterfield’s. 
  • Harrison also enjoying every minute he spends with your family.
  • Your parents approving a hundred percent.
  • Finding out that the reason why Harrison cancelled on your scheduled Monday movie night was because he was spending time with your dad.
  • Being mad at first but getting over it when you see them walk through the door laughing.
  • Realizing that this is what the rest of your life will be. 
  • Being terrified whenever Harrison offers to drive.
  • “Please no.” 
  • “What? I’m a fantastic driver, [Y/N].”
  • “Um….when?” 
  • “I can’t believe this, my own girlfriend is scared to be in a car with me being behind the wheel. What rubbish.” 
  • “Tom, please drive.” 
  • Having lazy days filled with all kinds of movies.
  • Cuddling during said lazy days. 
  • Binge watching every kind of television show.
  • Getting irritated when Harrison doesn’t pay attention to the movies or shows.
  • “Haz, pay attention!”
  • “I am, I am.”
  • “No you’re not.” 
  • “You’re awfully cute when you pout, love.” 
  • “I hate you.”
  • “I don’t think you do.” 
  • Going on long walks with Harrison and Monty. 
  • Taking selfie after selfie with Monty. 
  • Harrison getting jealous when you focus all your attention on the puppers. 
  • Kissing him to shut him up. 
  • Walking in the piss pouring rain because you love it.
  • “Bloody Hell, we’re going to get sick.” 
  • “I don’t care.” 
  • Harrison sticking it out because he loves you.
  • Him always having an extra pair of rain boots and rain coats in his car for himself if he’s with you and for you at his place in case it ever decides to rain. 
  • Waking up at the crack of dawn to watch the sunrise.
  • Harrison getting grumpy but loving it when he’s holding you while the sun lights up the world. 
  • Always whispering sweet nothings in your ear at random times.
  • “You’re the one, the only one I want.”
  • “You look absolutely beautiful tonight.” 
  • “I want you alone.”
  • “I love the way you love me.” 
  • “I wish you could see what goes on in my mind when you wear the dress.” 
  • “Should we take this somewhere else?” 
  • “I feel a little…naughty.” 
  • All of them driving you insane. 
  • Harrison being such a damn tease. 
  • But, you also being one too.
  • Begging Harrison for piggyback rides.
  • Eating all the ice cream you possibly can before getting regrettably sick. 
  • Harrison surprising you with movie premiere tickets.
  • “What?! You’re taking me?! Oh my gosh, Haz! I’m so excited, but wait…..you’re always Tom’s date to these things.” 
  • “You sure know how to ruin a moment….”
  • Harrison also surprising you by taking you dress shopping. 
  • Him spoiling you because you’re his queen. 
  • Feeling bad that he’s spent all this money.
  • Harrison reassuring you that he wants to. 
  • Feeling satisfied until next time. 
  • Getting the luxury of going where ever Harrison goes.
  • Buying a map of the world and placing a pin on every place you’ve been to together.
  • Promising to visit at least 75 percent of the world. 
  • Going on camping and hiking adventures.
  • Harrison trying to teach you how to surf. 
  • Failing miserably. 
  • Forcing him to tell you things he shouldn’t be telling you while he’s with Tom during Spiderman. 
  • Threatening to give him the silent treatment otherwise.
  • Harrison always giving in and telling you.
  • But always leaving out the most important details.
  • Punching him when you finally watch the movie and what he didn’t tell you happens.
  • Sneaking flattering and unflattering pictures of him.
  • Them always being on snapchat.
  • Fans knowing your snapchat and saving them for the world to relive over and over again. 
  • Laughing your ass off when Harrison finds them all over twitter.
  • “You’ve got to be kidding me….really? You had to post that one?!” 
  • But, don’t you worry, Harrison always always gets his revenge. 
  • It becomes a war to place the most unflattering snapchat filtered picture on each other’s stories. 
  • In the end, Harrison retreats with the cutest Instagram post on the planet. 
  • It’s the two of you kissing under a waterfall from a trip you took by yourselves for an anniversary/getaway trip.  
  • The caption, “She is my world, my everything. The reason I live, breathe, and walk this earth.” 

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i havent been COMPLETELY thru your list of reddie fics so if youve already done something similar ignore this but. what about a sickfic where richie is sick? also maybe eddie just like, forgets about germs to take care of him and then ends up getting sick too and blaming richie and richies jus like, dude, were you here

i changed it a little but only the part where he blames richie and richie wonders if he was there !!! hope u like it :-)

again,,, sorry for the length?? but i cant write these short?? also again. IT IS WORTH IT 

  • so obviously eddie is TERRIFIED of germs and every time one of the losers has even a little flu he’s not gonna touch anything they touch and will stand 5 feet away from them and honestly in the end will probably just be that one friend who’s gonna say
  • “my mom said no”
  • just so that he won’t hurt his friends’ feelings even tho he really just doesn’t wanna be anywhere near them bc hey he could get it too and it could turn into something more dangerous like leper obviously
  • but then one tragic time… richie gets a flu
  • and eddie’s very torn bc he doesn’t wanna be with richie cause ???? he isn’t clean
  • but then again they were supposed to hangout
  • eddie is thinking whether he should ditch richie or not
  • “jesus i’ve been sneezin since 8am”
  • yeah eddie is not gonna go there
  • the gERMS ARE FLYING and just the thought makes him shiver
  • he’s thinking that oh well maybe tomorrow he’s gonna be ok again
  • spoiler alert: he’s not
  • so eddie suffers thru the day bc its boring at school without richie
  • they talk on the phone later that day and eddie’s like hey r u feeling any better
  • “i am nod” richie answers with a stuffed nose
  • eddie just sits on his bed with a facial expression that is nothing other than :(
  • then the day after that ,,, eddie goes to school in hopes of that maybe richie had a miracle healing last night and now he’s gonna be there
  • now eddie is just gettin pissed off bc how dare his boyfriend be sick for this long
  • so again that night they speak on the phone
  • “richie jesus christ when are u gonna HEAL
  • “i am do dorry eddi-spageddi bud i am just so sig”
  • eddie is gonna turn into hulk soon from the conflict bc he REALLY misses richie
  • should i stay or i should go™
  • (nice stranger things reference)
  • ok maybe eddie is gonna give it one more day.
  • so it’s friday and richie has missed school for almost the whole WEEK
  • “wow eddie you’ve been without richie for almost the whole school week how’s that feel must be a new record huh”
  • “shut up stan”
  • don’t be mean stan
  • eddie’s heart is breakin
  • again,,, he goes home from school and calls richie immediately
  • “ARE YOU,,,,STILL…. SICK?????”
  • “yeah i— *LEPER COUGH* i ah-ah-AMh *cough*
  • eddie cringes because ???? oh my gosh he is turning into a zombie
  • “oK THATS IT”
  • eddie has had it
  • he hangs up and stomps out of the house and rides his bike to the grocery store and buys all kinds of stuff like non-caffeine tea ((bc he knows for a fact that it helps better than regular)),, some ice cream and chicken soup in a can even tho eddie thinks it’s disgusting and fights with one of the workers
  • “yeah not today”
  • my bOYFRIenD haS bEeN SiCK!! FOR A WEEk and i hAVE TO BRING HIM A CAN????”
  • eddie shakes his head in disbelief and curses the store as he walks away
  • then he finally arrives at richie’s house
  • he knocks on the door first just in case his terrible excuse of parents are home but they aren’t
  • so he leans down to grab the key from under the doormat and opens the door
  • he walks in and stiffens his upper lip as he glances around at the sight of empty beer cans and liquor bottles and there’s just the smell of old booze and cigarettes in the air
  • like it’s normal (and eddie hates that it’s normal) but richie’s SICK and he should be breathing fresh air not the literal definition of the breath of a drunken bum who’s been living in the gutter
  • this wasn’t what he was expecting bc he figured that richie’s parents would at least open the fucking window because their son is sick inside the house
  • so quickly eddie makes his way to richie’s room that is at the end of the hallway and he knocks on it softly before opening the door
  • he finds richie sitting in his bed ,,, burrito inside blankets and he’s watching something from his laptop
  • his eyes are red and his face is a lil swollen and nose also v red
  • eddie wants to cry bc he looks so bad
  • “eddi???”
  • “yes,,, eddi to the rescue” he mocks his boyfriend’s stuffy nose voice a little
  • richie is literally starstruck bc ???? EDDIE IS THERE ???? EDDIE , IS THERE , WHEN HE IS SICK ????
  • “whad de fug edz u should go befor u ged dis doo”
  • “i’ve been to school without you for a week now richard im done”
  • richie wants to cry
  • eddie is still just staring at him bc he doesn’t know how to approach him since he’s still a little disgusted at the situation this is all new for him ok but he really wants to help his bf
  • “i bought u some stuff”
  • richie starts to smile wide
  • “BUT” eddie starts
  • “before i give u any”
  • “????”
  • “you’re gonna leave this house”
  • richie looks at him like he’s crazy
  • “r u serioud eddi every pard of ma badi hurts”
  • eddie feels so bad for him
  • “you don’t even have fresh air here richie so i am serious”
  • richie can’t take the fact that his boyfriend is such a knight in shiny armor
  • eddie leaves the bag for a moment to grab richie inside his blanket burrito and pull him up.
  • “ur gonna have to get rid of this blanket tho”
  • “no:(”
  • eddie looks at him
  • “srsly richie i can’t give you a ride on my bike you’re gonna fall down and roll down the hill”
  • “:(”
  • “i will give you my blanket once we’re there”
  • richie throws his blanket down way too fast and he starts feeling nauseous
  • the bike ride isn’t very aesthetic™ for him either bc his head is spinning and all of his muscles hurt and oh my gosh he’s doing his everything not to throw up on eddie’s back rn
  • eddie’s mom isn’t home so eddie can easily sneak richie in
  • he’s not sure how he’s gonna explain him living there until he’s healthy again tho
  • but he’s not gonna worry about that now
  • (fast forward;
  • so now they go into eddie’s room ( he’s basically holding richie up )
  • and richie settles down on eddie’s bed and eddie wraps him inside a blanket and richie is just smiling at him the whole time
  • “r u comfortable”
  • “very” richie says. the blanket smells like eds and he is in eddie’s bed. ofc he’s comfortable 
  • “here’s my laptop”
  • eddie hands him his macbook and goes to the kitchen to prepare the chicken soup. in the can. which eddie still thinks is unacceptable as he heats it up
  • “here”
  • richie is about to cry bc “did you really mage me chiggen soub”
  • eddie nods with a light frown like wtf obviously that’s what you eat when you’re sick
  • “there’s also ice cream”
  • ice cream???”
  • “yeah it’s for the throat…???
  • eddie is kinda confused bc how can richie not know it helps
  • then it occurs to him that
  • richie doesn’t know, because
  • no one’s probably ever taken care of him when he’s sick????
  • now eddie wants to cry
  • “scoot over”
  • he wants richie to be on the side next to the wall so he can lean his head on it if he wants to it’s more comfy  
  • with a lil trouble richie does move and eddie cuddles up next to him
  • literally cuddles
  • richie is SHOCKED
  • “are you sure u wanna do dat”
  • “100%”
  • richie wants to marry eddie
  • “wad r we watchin”
  • “kill bill”
  • “waid a minude… isn’d dis-”
  • “yours. yeah. i never watched it and i never gave it back so”
  • “u never watched dis?? oh my god eddi—”
  • “eat ur chicken soup and watch this movie with me now oKAY” eddie is a pissed off knight in shiny armor bc talking is just gonna exhaust richie more and he needs to get WELL
  • richie eats his soup and they watch the movie in silence,,,, glued to each other and at some point eddie realizes richie’s fallen asleep with his head resting towards eddie’s
  • eddie can’t move because he knows if he does he’s gonna wake up richie
  • but thankfully after like 15 minutes richie wakes up and he’s like “shid where am i”
  • “you’re with me”
  • he turns his gaze down at eddie and he remembers that yes,,, he is in fact with eddie and he just feels: ️️️️️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • well the weekend goes by and eddie goes hardcore nurse on richie and literally by sunday he is already pretty healthy like his voice is back to normal and so on
  • but… Ohno
  • eddie and richie are eating in the kitchen
  • richie goes;
  • “baby can u pass me that ketchup”
  • “sure—”
  • eddie’s eyes widen and he freezes in shock
  • richie looks at him like o'shit he done caught the flu
  • but then he starts to smile
  • “what do you mean?!?!?!”
  • “because obviously im gonna take care of u”
  • eddie is 😨😭💘😓😭💕😨😭💗
  • then later they tell the other losers why they’re both missing school and stanley uris wants to comment again
  • “so eddie u went to richie’s house??”
  • “yesh”
  • “and i thought i was romantic letting bill choose dinner”

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Hey! From that huge au list that you said you were accepting prompts on, could you possibly do stucky, the "I hit you with my car and I'm the only one who visited at the hospital, you okay?" with steve being the one hit by the car? It's a sick day for me and it feels like I've exhausted all good fanfiction... you're my only hope!

“Which flower arrangement says ‘I’m very sorry for running you over in my car’?” Bucky asks into his phone, frantically looking between an arrangement with tulips and an orchid.

There’s a long pause, then Natasha asks very level, very calm, “James?”


“What did you do?” she asks in that same, calm voice.


“Excuse me sir,” says the little old woman shopping next to him.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry for yelling,” Bucky says. “I’ll be quiet.”

“No, no, dear, that’s not the issue,” she says.

“Oh, then am I in your way?” he asks.

“No, it’s just that I’m about to leave the store, and drive home. I’m hoping that you’ll give me a few minutes’ head start before you leave, too.”

He nods and smiles at the old lady, then goes back to his phone. “I wish I were dead,” he says, still smiling.

“Daffodils are nice,” Natasha says.

— —

It’s probably presumptuous to go visit the guy you hit with your cat in the hospital and Bucky’s pretty sure that if his insurance company knew about Bucky going over there they’d be pissed, but you can’t just run someone over with your car and not visit them in the hospital. That’d just be bad form.

Bad form like not stopping all the way at a stop sign and grazing the pedestrian who is crossing the street.

He knocks on the door. “Uh, hi,” he says, looking at the guy laying in bed.

The guy sits up a little, then winces. “Hi,” he says. “You lost?”

“No, at least… I don’t think so. You’re Steve Rogers?” The guy nods. “Okay, well, I’m Bucky Barnes and I maybe sort of hit you with my car,” he says, hiding behind the bouquet of daffodils a little. He peeks out from behind it. “Sorry about that,” he adds.

The guy snorts. “Believe it or not, it’s not the first time I’ve been hit by a car,” he says, “and you just tapped me.” He shrugs. “Honestly, I wouldn’t even be in here if it weren’t for my pre-existing conditions.” He perks up a little. “Are those for me?” he asks, looking at the flowers.

“Yeah,” Bucky says, walking forward towards the bed and holding the flowers out to Steve. “They are! They’re… daffodils.”

“I’m horribly allergic,” Steve says, grinning. “Gimme.”

“But you’re—“

“Already in the hospital,” Steve says, taking the flowers and smelling them. The yellow looks nice with his soft blond hair and it’s kind of cute when his thick black frame glasses slip down his nose while he sniffs. “Wow! These are great.”

“I’m glad you like them,” Bucky says, trying not to blush because the guy he ran over with his car is really stinking cute.

“Thanks for coming,” Steve says.

“Oh, uh,” Bucky says, shoving his hands in his pockets. “It was the least I could do.”

“I’m I the hospital so much that my friends don’t even notice at this point, so it’s nice to have some company.” He’s still holding the flowers, and looks down at them again like he can’t believe he really has them, and Bucky wonders why his friends wouldn’t come visit him in the hospital when he is obviously the most adorable dork in all of New York City. He looks back up at Bucky. “You want some pudding?” he asks. “I have some extra.”

— —

Two years later and Steve feeds Bucky a spoonful of pudding. “Yum,” Bucky says, smacking his lips together.

“I can’t believe you convinced the caterers to serve pudding,” Steve says, grinning.

“You know how some couples have special songs or places?” Bucky asks.

Steve nods. “Yeah,” he says.

“Well, our dessert is pudding,” he says.

Steve rolls his eyes. “I can’t believe you,” Steve says.

“And I still can’t believe that you agreed to marry some guy who ran you over with his car,” Bucky says.

Steve shrugs. “You didn’t have enough money to be worth suing,” he says. “And,” he adds, “you only grazed me.”

Bucky grins, leans in and kisses his new husband.

“And you grazed me with your love,” he says. “Same thing.”

“Not at all!” Steve squeaks and Bucky laughs and around them their friends and family dance awkwardly to a mediocre DJ and they’re husbands now, and Bucky will never, ever, run over anyone else for the rest of his life.


i thought i lost you | jeff atkins imagine

Request by @strawberry-dempsey : Can i have a Jeff Atkins imagine where he survives after the accident and it’s him waking up in the hospital with his girlfriend beside him? x

your p.o.v ━

you were currently pacing the hospital lobby, nervously biting at your fingernails, waiting for any sort of news about your boyfriend, jeff atkins.

you heard he had been in a car accident while on a beer run, and that was it. as soon as you heard the news from one of your friends, you instantly broke down.

they gave you no information, so you tried your hardest to find out what hospital the paramedics rushed him to. after a few minutes of calling different people that were jeff’s supposedly friends, your good friend clay jensen called you up letting you know everything that had happened, and then texted you the adress of what hospital jeff was taken to.

you kept pacing, noticing people were looking at you strangely, though you paid them no attention. all you could think about was jeff and if he was okay.

your poor, sweet and caring jeff. he was hurt, and you felt completely helpless.

about a half hour later, a nurse made their way up to you, asking why you were here and if you needed help.

“no, i don’t need help! what i need is for you to tell me if jeff atkins is okay,” you exclaimed, clearly on the verge of breaking down again.

“i’m sorry ma'am, but-”

that’s when you lost it. your body gave out, hot tears streaming down your cheeks as you collapsed to the floor. “no, no, no,” you cried out, your hands covering your face. “he c-can’t be dead! h-he can’t be.”

“oh god, no ma'am.. you misunderstood what i was trying to say,” the nurse said, squatting down to your level.

your eyes snapped towards her so quickly, “what do you mean?” you asked, feeling yourself grow more sick. your stomach feeling like it was in knots. “jeff atkins, he came in about 45 minutes ago, he’s pretty banged up, but he is okay,” the nurse said gently, trying to ease the pained expression on your face.

you continued to cry, grabbing the nurse and hugging her tightly, “oh my gosh, thank you thank you thank you,” you rambled, clutching onto her tightly.

you felt the nurse tense slightly, but you didn’t care. the love of your life was okay, he was alive, and that’s all that mattered.

you pulled away, scrambling to your feet. “when can i see him?”

“um, i’m sorry but it’s only family right now. like i said before he is pretty banged up and the doctors are fixing him up as much as they-”

“no!” you shouted, “i have to see him, you don’t understand he is my-”

“y/n?” you heard a croaky voice say from behind you, making you spin around. “mrs. atkins?” you gasped, rushing over to her and giving her a hug, before pulling back slightly. “is jeff oka-”

she cut you off, a small smile making its way on her face. “yes, y/n. jeff is alright,” she breathed, her hands clasped around your upper arms. she looked so sad, but relieved.

she let out a hysterical laugh, tears falling down her cheeks. “my son is alive,” she cried, giving you another hug. you felt more tears pool in your eyes, relief running throughout your entire body.

“mrs. atkins,” you started, pulling away slightly, “do you know when i can see jeff? i get that it’s only family right now but i really-”

“y/n, of course you may see him. you’re already apart of the family, plus i don’t think jeff would like that you aren’t here when he wakes up,” she smiled gently, looking down at you with watery eyes.

“he hasn’t woken up yet?” you gulped, your mouth feeling dry. “no, they gave him anesthesia to knock him out because he was in so much pain, he should wake up in a little while though.”

you nodded mutely, not knowing what else to say to her. you really didn’t know what to do in that moment.

you didn’t know if you wanted to cry more or smile in happiness that jeff was alive. you were completely overwhelmed with emotions.

“he is in room 306 on the third floor, in the emergency department if you would like to go up now and see him?” mrs. atkins asked you, a tiny smile on her lips.

your eyes widen slightly, “are you sure mrs. atkins? i really don’t want to intrude-”

“nonsense y/n, please go and see my son, i’m sure when he wakes up your face will be the first one he’ll want to see. oh, and please tell my husband that i am going to the cafeteria to get us some coffee and snacks, it’s going to be a long night,” she sighed, spinning on her heel and walking away.

you sighed, biting your lip and watching as she walked away. you started looking around, trying to find the elevators. it took you a moment to find them, but once you did you hurriedly pushed the button, your left foot tapping against the floor, as you impatiently waited for the doors to open.

as soon as they did, you rushed inside, instantly hitting the number three and waited to reach the third floor.

you heart started to beat rapidly, you didn’t know what you were gonna see or what to really expect jeff to look like.

the elevator released a dinging noise, then the doors finally opened. you stepped outside, looking around and seeing a bunch of nurses and doctors walking around. it looked like a episode of grey’s anatomy, except there was no meredith grey or cristina yang.

you walked up to one of the nurses sitting behind a desk, watching as she typed away on her keyboard. “excuse me,” you said, trying your best to sound polite.

the nurse looked up at you, a small smile gracing her lips. “yes, how may i help you?” she asked you with tired eyes.

“um, do you know where room 306 is located at?” you asked, your foot tapping against the floor again. “oh, you’re looking for jeff atkins?” she asked, her eyes widening a bit. you nodded, feeling your stomach twists in knots again.

the nurse got up out of her chair, nodding her head, “follow me.”

the nurse started walking quickly, not even looking back to see if you were following her, though you kept up with her fast pace.

you continued to walk for a minute, before the nurse stopped in front of room 306. “he’s in there,” she pointed, turning around with a blank face.

“t-thank you,” you stuttered, walking past her before knocking lightly on the door.

“come in,” you heard a deep voice say, followed by some shuffling. you took a deep breath, preparing yourself before opening the door and walking in.

your eyes first saw jeff, making you gasp. he was wrapped in a bunch of white bandages, some dried blood covering the right side of his face. you saw his left arm in a sling, as well as dark bruises all around his face.

you felt tears pool in your eyes again, your hands coming up to your mouth as a choked sob escaped you.

“y/n, i’m glad that you’re here,” a tired voice spoke, making you look over to see jeff’s father sitting in a hospital chair.

“mr. atkins,” you swallowed, tears falling down your cheeks. “h-how is he?” you whispered, walking towards the bed that jeff laid on. “he broke his arm and a few ribs, and they think he may have a concussion,” he spoke sadly. “my son is very lucky to be alive y/n,” he continued, his hand wiping down his face as tears started leaking down his cheeks.

you couldn’t take your eyes off of jeff, your lower lip trembling. you moved your hand towards his hand that wasn’t in a sling, grasping it gently as your fingers intertwined with his.

he felt cold, making your body shiver slightly. you heard a chair squeak, making your eyes snap up to see jeff’s father getting up. “would you mind staying with him? i need to use the bathroom.”

you nodded, “of course, mr. atkins,” you smiled weakly, turning your eyes back towards jeff.

you heard mr. atkins leave the room, and you carefully sat on the side of the bed, careful not to move too much in worry you would hurt your boyfriend.

you sat there for almost five minutes, just staring at your boyfriend and lightly rubbing his hand with your thumb. “i thought i lost you,” you whispered, fresh tears falling down your face for the hundredth time that night. “i can’t…i can’t even imagine living without you,” you choked, squeezing his hand as gently as you could.

“i love you so much jeff atkins, you’re my whole world. you are…the love of my life,” you said, leaning down and pressing your soft lips against his. “please baby,” you mumbled against his lips, your salty tears mixing in with the kiss. you pulled away slightly, “please wake up for me,” you begged, feeling your heart ache.

you felt his hand lightly grip yours, making you pull away instantly and look down at your locked hands.


you heard your boyfriend let out a small groan, his body still again. “baby, are you waking up?” you asked, your eyes widening as you watched him. “y-y/n..?” you saw your boyfriend’s lips move, mumbling your name so softly you barely heard it.

your mouth hung open a little, before you snapped it shut suddenly, not knowing what to do, but then you started rambling to him. “jeff, baby. i’m here, i’m here,” you gasped, moving as close as you could to him, you placed your other hand across his chest, feeling his strong heartbeat.

that’s when it happened.

jeff’s eyes slowly fluttered open, his head turning towards you slowly, his eyebrows furrowed. “w-where am i?” he asked, his voice cracking.

“shh baby, don’t speak, i’m gonna call the nurse,” you shushed him, about to get up and call the nurse, but you felt jeff’s hand squeeze yours as tightly as he could with whatever strength he had.

your eyes landed on him again, your face showing concern. “what’s wrong, jeff?” you asked, carefully sitting back down on the bed. “are you in pain baby?” you asked him worriedly.

you saw him grin slightly, looking up at you with tired eyes. “just don’t leave me,” he whispered, his hand moving towards your wrist, before lightly tugging on it. “come here,” he continued, his eyes fluttering close.

“i’m right here jeff, i’ll never leave you,” you smiled, leaning down towards his face again. you were careful not to put any pressure on his chest, in fear of hurting him. “i love you,” you whispered, pecking his lips softly.

his eyes opened again, a soft hum escaping him. “i am so in love with you,” he whispered, looking at you with heavy eyes. you blushed, feeling his hand let go of yours before coming up to run his fingers gently down your wet cheek.

your eyes fluttered closed, as you leaned into his loving touch. “do you remember what happened?” you mumbled, opening your eyes to see him open but then close his mouth.

“i was in a car accident, wasn’t i?”

you bit your lip, nodding once before looking down at his white hospital gown. your eyes started to burn, your throat feeling like it was closing up as you kept thinking about the accident. “you could have died jeff,” you finally choked out, your head falling into the crook of his neck.

you felt his arm wrap around you, “hey, hey,” he whispered, his heart aching at the sight of you. “y/n,” he spoke, rubbing your back softly. “i’m alright, i promise. i’m not going anywhere,” he said, trying to reassure you.

you continued to cry, your tears making his neck wet, but he didn’t mind. jeff knew how much you loved him, and he couldn’t imagine how you reacted when you heard the news about his accident.

his heart ached for you, tears pooling in his own eyes as he heard your soft, little cries. “i love you, i love you,” he repeated, kissing the top of your head.

you lifted your head up, your face red and stained with tears. you sniffled, “i love you,” you whispered back.

he smiled at you, moving his good hand towards your face again and wiping away your tears. he let out a sigh, “i should have never went to that stupid fucking party,” he grumbled, his hand caressing the side of your face.

“i told you that you shouldn’t go,” you said, letting out a small huff. “i had a bad feeling about it,” you said angrily. “but you didn’t listen to me.”

jeff frowned, “i know, i know. i’m sorry i didn’t listen to you, love. i should of just stayed home, like you did.”

you bit your lip, then gently rolled off of the bed. “where are you going?” jeff asked, his voice sounding a bit panicked. “i’m not going anywhere baby,” you assured him. “i just figured you were uncomfortable with me being all over you right now.”

he shook his head, “no, come back and lay with me,” he pouted. you let out a little giggle, making him huff and roll his eyes. “what?” he questioned.

“nothing, nothing,” you laughed, shaking your head. “won’t it be uncomfortable for you though?”

“i don’t care,” jeff told you. “just lay with me, please,” he pleaded.

“alright, just let me know if you feel any distress,” you said seriously. jeff snorted, but nodded nonetheless.

you made your way back over to the bed, before carefully laying down next to him, making sure you weren’t hurting him in any way.

he nudged your shoulder a bit, making you look over to him. “what is it?” you asked worriedly, about to get up.

“lift your head up a little,” he said.

you tilted your head slightly in confusion, hearing jeff release a small chuckle. “i want to hold you.”

“oh!” you said, smiling. you lifted your head up, feeling jeff’s arm slither it’s way underneath your neck, before wrapping around you and pulling you closer against him.

“is this okay?” you whispered.

“it’s perfect,” he spoke tiredly.

you both laid there for about three minutes, hearing jeff mumble out a tired ‘i love you’, before you heard his little snores.

you laughed quietly to yourself, feeling thankful that the love of your life was going to be okay.

♡ ♡ ♡ hope you enjoy this imagine! it took me like two days to finish it being that this imagine was actually hard for me to write…anyways, a new imagine should be up by this weekend!
Boyfriend Series; The8/Minghao

- minghao is the cutest boyfriend ever don’t even argue with me on this
- for your first date, he takes you to the roof of the highest place in the city at night and the cool breeze feels so nice and the stars are scattered all over the dark blue sky
- you turn to him and ask “minghao, why are we here??”
- and right after you say that, one firework shoots up into the sky and another and another
- minghao knew about the fireworks show and wanted you both to have the best view
- and on that roof is where you both share your first kiss
- he’s a bit of a worrier, so he often calls to ask you if you’ve eaten yet or if you slept well or if your day went well ISN’T HE CUTE
- you both make it your goal to try all the restaurants in the city so you guys go out for breakfast/lunch/dinner dates every day
- his eyes sparkle when you ask him to tell you all about china and he gets so excited while talking about his hometown
- apologizes cutely when he realizes he talked too much but you’re like no!!! keep going i love hearing about this!!! and his face just lights up
- he calls you tiánxīn (sweetheart) and qīn'ài de (darling) and you die
- he’s shy when it comes to having matching couple things, but after realizing that it would make you happy, he decides to get you both matching scarves
- minghao once tied your scarf for you and the other members all teased him about it because it was so k-drama
- but they stopped when he went all thughao on them
- remembers every single one of your achievements and always tells you how proud he is of you, which helps you feel so much better on bad days
- whenever you guys take pictures of each other, minghao always insists you send them to him right away so he can put one as his lock screen
- he also really loves photo booth pictures
- he hangs them up on his wall at the dorm and junhui points at you and goes like “ohhh who’s that cutie??” and minghao just glares at him like don’t. you. effing. dare.
- always wants to kiss you but he’s shy so you’re usually the one who initiates the kisses
- one time HE was the one who initiated the kiss and when you both pulled away his face turned bright red and he apologized for being so forward
- minghao loves forehead kisses
- maybe even a tiny bit more than kisses on the lips
- he finds them so warm and comforting, sometimes when you’re leaning in for a kiss he purposely lowers himself so that you’d kiss his forehead instead
- “(laughs) minghao i was aiming for your lips” “ohhh right”
- always tries to impress you with his b-boying and jihoon bans you from coming to dance practices because they never progress while you’re there
- gets you cute small gifts like ribbons and keychains and says “it looked like something you’d like” and you know what HE’S ALWAYS RIGHT
- takes care of you when you’re sick like he buys you medicine, makes you hot soup and tea, gets you 28379 blankets, makes sure you’re comfortable
- he just wants you to feel better again because he doesn’t like seeing you this way
- gets so flustered when you wear his shirts and junhui teases him about it
- you made his “lipstick chateau” your ringtone and he screams for you to pick it up the second it rings
- “why would you make that your ringtone???”
- since he complained about it a lot you changed it……. to his girls’ generation cover of lionheart and he was like oh. my gosh. i give up
- the type to go like “race you there” and does fricking backflips while racing with you and you’re like wtf
- honestly an amazing listener
- you could rant to him for hours on end and he’d just listen attentively while giving great advice every now and then
- loves cuddling but he’s shy so INITIATE IT AND YOU’LL CUDDLE FOR HOURS
- actually really loves holding your hand and makes excuses to hold it like “ohhh my hands are cold”, “hold my hand so i don’t get separated from you” and you’re like minghao you’re so obvious lmao
- scolded you when you tried to copy his b-boying because he was afraid you were going to get hurt
- hugs and finger hearts
- tells you he loves you in chinese
- surprisingly really protective of you like once he went to the washroom and when he came back out he saw this guy flirting with you
- he normally doesn’t like confrontation but the SECOND he saw him touch you, he walked over and pulled you close to him
- “sorry to interrupt you, but we’re leaving now. punk.”
- seeing him this way made you feel all warm inside
- his dream is to one day take you to china with him to meet his family and explore all the places and take thousands of pictures together
- gets you thoughtful gifts like once you told him you needed new socks because your current ones are all gross and ripped up
- and the next day he showed up with a little box to give to you and when you opened it, there were like four pairs of socks and you cried
- minghao gets nervous when you cry of happiness because he thinks it’s of sadness and he’s all like “did i do something wrong?? did i make you cry??”
- asks mingyu and seokmin to teach him how to cook your favorite meal so he can make it for you
- minghao is honestly the kindest and most thoughtful boyfriend ever, he cares so much about your well-being and always makes sure you’re smiling when you’re together
- he may feel homesick sometimes and he may get exhausted from practicing for days on end and he may be lacking several hours of sleep
- but the second he sees you
- he knows he’ll be all right
- “repeat after me: (in chinese) i love you minghao”
- “(in chinese) i love you minghao”
- “(laughs) (in chinese) i love you too”

Peter Parker… Drunk??

Peter Parker X Reader Headcanons

A/N: Hey, everyone! I’m sorry I’ve been pretty absent these past few weeks!! As you probably know, it’s because of my internship thing which is finishing this week. ANYWAY! I’ll be posting more soon (hopefully)!! I hope you like this. (I have no idea why there are weird numbers in random places, I’m sorry!!!) (ON A SIDE NOTE I’VE GAINED LIKE 300 FOLLOWERS THIS WEEK?? THANK YOU I’VE GONE FROM 250 TO LIKE ALMOST 600 AND I FEEL V BLESSED)

Also, a huuuuge thank you to @marvelsheroes for this idea AND god bless @pctcr for reading this over for me before I threw it into The Void™

- Let’s be real, Peter is a Lightweight™ 

- Like, one drink and he’s already going through the motions.

- This makes it awkward when you’re just at home casually Cracking Open A Cold One™ and then suddenly you’ve got a drunk Peter on your hands.

- There are stages of Drunk Peter™

One Drink Peter is sickeningly sweet!! His mouth will literally just bubble over, complimenting you.

- “(Y/N), why are you so pretty? Oh my gosh, I’m so lucky to have you.”

- “Peter, I’m literally wearing my pyjamas, what are you talking about???”

- He’s also 2467995790075 times more affectionate.

- Expect hugs from really awkward positions.

- Like, imagine Peter thinks some can is a fizzy drink and so he grabs it but it’s actually beer and he comes over to you drunk??

- And you’re trying to do yoga so you’re bent in a weird shape,

- And then Peter decides now is Prime Time™ for spooning.

Two Drink Peter starts talking SUPER LOUD, like, your head hurts.


- “Thank you for the update, I’ll treasure it forever.”

Three Drink Peter gets very emotional.

- “I’m so lucky to be with you honestly like you look after me and I’d probably be homeless if it weren’t for you like I know I have May but I feel like I put too much pressure on her and on you I don’t know I mean I’d do anything for you…”

- “Peter, sh.”

- “No! You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me! I wish I was good enough with words to let you know how much you mean to me…”

- “You’re so dramatic. I love you, drama queen.”

- *choked up* “I love you too.”

Four Drink Peter makes gross & dorky innuendos.

- “Wanna have a fist fight?”

- “Peter, we’re not five… Okay, you’re going down.”

- *complete straight face* “On you, I hope.”

- “pEtEr!!¡!¡”

Five Drink Peter is weirdly confident???¿?

- Like, you might be at a party and suddenly Peter will challenge someone (probably Flash) to a rap battle or something and he’ll blow everyone out of the water with his Sick Rhymes™

- And you’re jumping up and down like tHaT’s My BaBy!¡!!

- When Peter is like this he also feels zero shame in gushing about you to literally everyone within a million mile radius.

- “Oh, hi! I don’t think we’ve met! I’m Peter and this is my girlfriend, (Y/N). Isn’t she great? I can’t believe she loves me, I’m so lucky. On our first date I was so nervous but she makes me feel so comfortable and – What, (Y/N)?”

- “Peter, stop, oh my gosh.”

- *simultaneous blushing*

- Flash, from across the room, behind his deck: “EW GET A ROOM”


- Peter, tearing up at what a blessing you are: “That’s,,,, my girl!!!!!!!!!”

Six Drink Peter needs to Sleep™

- One minute he’ll be walking just fine and then the next he’s just collapsed to the floor.

- “Peter? Peter! Are you okay?????”

- *unintelligible groans*

- “I’m getting you to bed.”

- *opens one eye* “Ooh, tell me more.” (Four Drink Peter, is that you????)

- “Not like that, you frickin’ dork.” 


- Peter Parker is probably the most interesting drunk??

- Like an onion, he has LAYERS

- The End????

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Disclaimer: Nothing here belongs to me, and belongs to the person who created it. The only thing I own is the plot.

Also, sorry it’s short;;;; I’m writing this while I’m sick and tired and I feel like I’m dying, so I’m just gonna try and get this over with so I can take a nap or just sleep in general =^=

Also, really really sorry. It ended up shorter than I expected. Gosh I’m tired. Anyways, Imm gonna call it done, I don’t know what else to add to it. I’ll probably write something longer in the future

Dipper - Majors in creative writing - 17
Mabel - Majors in mixed media art - 17

Mason - Majors in psychology - 21
Belle - Majors in fashion designer - 21

Tyrone - Majors in sport science - 19
May - Majors in human physiology - 19

(None of the Mabel’s are in it)

“You do realize that most stories like this are quite overused, right? I’m sorry to disappoint you Dipper, but I suggest rewriting this, or starting over, so it won’t end up as a cliché,” Mason sighed, tapping his long and thin fingers on the table.

Dipper groaned, and pressed the heels of his hands against his brown eyes. “Knew it,” he hissed underneath his breath, the corner of his lips curled into a scowl. “Shouldn’t have listened to my peers when they said it would have been easier,” he grumbled under his breath, not removing his small hands from their place on his head.

“I suggest not listening to your peers at all,” Tyrone butted in, taking a seat next to Dipper at the kitchen table. He had a red apple in hand, already taking a bite out of it. “They don’t really help with much at all, really.” The man shrugged, and tipped his chair back, resting his feet on the table, crossing his ankles. He frowned, and took small nibbles out of the red fruit in his hand. “Then again, that’s just me.”

“Feet off of the table, you heathen,” Mason hissed, glaring at Tyrone’s feet. “We eat here, so at least show some respect and get your dirty feet off.” Mason’s face scrunched up a bit as he leaned back in his seat.

Tyrone just stuck his tongue out, before flipping the bird, and continuing to eat his apple. Mason huffed, and decided that dealing with Tyrone could happen later.

“As I was saying earlier,” Mason nodded his head a little, thinking before he continued, “editing this or rewriting it would help very much. I would say that if you just get rid of a few sentences or fix them, then you’ll be good. A solid ‘B’, in my opinion,” he hummed. Mason stopped tapping the table, and glanced up at Dipper and Tyrone, the former still in the same position (and had started groaning softly), and the latter still slowly eating an apple silently. “I.. Wouldn’t want you to rewrite the entire thing of course…” He said slowly, eyeing Dipper. “Are you okay?” Mason asked, tone oddly sympathetic for once.

“Mmmmhmmmmm, a-okay, totally gonna be alright. Yep. All good over here. Totally not gonna have to rewrite the entire thing,” Dipper removed his hands from his eyes, and shifted a bit, before letting his head drop on the table with a soft ‘thump’. “A-okay,” Dipper repeated, giving his brothers a thumbs up, his hand then disappearing underneath the table.

“Think you broke him, bro,” Tyrone commented, twirling his apple on his finger before taking a bite out of it. “Not the first time this happened. I think Mabel said something about this happened when they finished finals. Not sure though.” Tyrone shrugged, finishing his apple. Tossing the core up in the air and catching it, he tossed it at Mason, grinning widely.

Mason glared at Tyrone, catching the apple core. “Ew,” he mumbled distastefully, face scrunching up in disgust. He stood up, and walked over to the trash can, dropping the apple core in it. “Next time, just throw it away,” Mason hissed, glaring at Tyrone.

Tyrone grinned at his older brother, and gave the man finger guns. “Bang,” Tyrone said, his hand moving up a bit so it looked like he shot Mason. Despite it being his fingers.

Mason rolled his blue eyes, sitting back down, crossing his right leg over his left. He put his elbow the table, and rested his chin in the palm of his head. “You sure you’re okay Dipper?” He received a groan in response.

“We’ll take that as a yes!” Tyrone said, smiling. Mason glared at him, and Tyrone just winked at the other brunette.

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Hi there!! I just wanted to say that even though I've been sick and pretty :( this whole weekend (bleh bleh) seeing your nap time with fluffly friends made me cheer up so much!!! So thank you so so much!!!!! ( ´▽`)

Oh dear! get better soon!!! ó^ò)/ and oh gosh im glad my little drawings could help you feel a little better

here take some more fluffers to cheer you up and get better soon!!

For those wondering why Sayori’s fingers were bloody…

@therealjacksepticeye mentioned that some people noticed this detail in the comments of one of the videos.

If you stay with Monika and listen to more of her speech to the player, she actually tells you why. Jack never got those lines, so if you’re really curious about the reason, I typed up what Monika says about it.

TRIGGER WARNING: Monika goes into detail about Sayori’s final moments. Needless to say, this is NOT for the faint of heart, or those sensitive to topics such as suicide, death, and depression.

Not gonna lie, typing these lines made me feel sick to my stomach.

“I was thinking about Sayori earlier…”

“I still wish I could have handled that whole thing a little more tactfully.”

“You’re not still hung up over it, right?”

“… Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I just said that.”

“That pun was completely unintentional, I swear!”

“But anyway…”

“I know how much you cared about her, so it only feels right for me to share her last moments with you.”

“You know how Sayori is really clumsy?”

“Well, she kind of messed up the whole hanging thing…”

“You’re supposed to jump from high enough that the rope snaps your neck, making it quick and painless.”

“But she just used a chair, meaning she kind of just left herself to slowly asphyxiate.”

“But a few seconds in, she must’ve changed her mind or something…”

“Because she started clawing at the rope, trying to free herself.”

“She must have kept at it all the way until she lost consciousness.”

“That’s why her fingertips were all bloody, anyway.”

“Come to think of it, it was probably less ‘changing her mind’ and more just her survival instincts kicking in.”

“So you can’t really fault her for that.”

“It’s easier to think that she probably wouldn’t have changed her mind anyway, right?”

“It’s not healthy to think about the things you could’ve done differently.”

“So just remember that even though you could have saved her, it’s technically not your fault she killed herself.”

There’s more that she says after this, but the subject changes and what follows really isn’t all that interesting. But if you’re curious, I have the rest of the lines that happen afterward, and you can send an ask or message me if you really want to see them, I guess.

Yep, my stomach is NOT happy with me right now.

In This Moment - Part One

Request: Hi. Can you write were y/n and shawn meet on a vacation? thank yu!

Word Count: 1,959

A/N: This has to part, because it otherwise, became too long. Part two will be up tomorrow. 

In This Moment – Part One

The sharp sun – that non-stop had burning into my skin – headed up my entire body, I took a sip of my water to cool me down. It had been ages since I’d last been on vacation, and this time it was really needed. I had been exhausted for weeks.

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Christmas/Winter Sicknarios

So like a week or two ago, @fluffyllamas22 and I were brainstorming for one of her fics. I came up with a bunch of Christmas/winter prompts, so. Here they all are! (Also if any of you use any of these, I’d love it if you sent me the link to your fic cause I need more things to read.)

  • Character A and B go Christmas shopping together, but character A is sick and is so stuffed up and fuzzy they can barely stay awake. Character B notices and dotes on them and is super caring (and buys them nice Christmasy coffee/tea) until they get to go home and cuddle.
  • Character A and B are going to pick out a Christmas tree, but one of them ends up being very allergic to Christmas trees (maybe they never really noticed because their parents always had a fake tree). OR Character A is coming down with something but doesn’t want to say anything…until they’re helping load the tree onto the top of the car and nearly pass out.
  • Character A and B go ice skating. A is incredibly sniffly but assumes it’s because it’s cold…except that then they start feeling miserable and when they go home, they’re even more sniffly and gross. Character B tucks them in under a bunch of blankets and snuggles with them.
  • It’s Christmas morning, and character A and B are supposed to wake up and open presents and then go play in the snow or something…but A wakes up with a miserable fever and is so weak they can barely get out of bed. B half drags them or carries them out to the couch, and they open presents and snuggle together and watch Christmas movies.
  • Characters A and B are trying to make Christmas cookies, but character A is sick and can’t taste anything/keeps sneezing from all the spices.
  • Characters A and B are going out to go see Christmas lights, but character A has been sick with a really horrible cold for like two weeks and they have a terrible cough…they go out to see the lights but while they’re out, A can’t stop coughing and the cold air is just making it worse. Eventually A is coughing to the point where they’re struggling to breathe. A very panicked B takes them to the hospital and it turns out they have pneumonia and have to stay in the hospital for a couple days until their fever goes down. B feels horrible for them and tries to make their hospital room look Christmasy, even though A is too out of it to really care.
  • Character A has been planning to go somewhere specific to get a very specific, special gift for character B for weeks…but then they wake up with an absolutely miserable cold/fever on the morning of the day they’re planning to go. They drag themselves there anyway, even though they feel like death and everyone is eyeing them like they’re totally gross. When they get there, the store is out of whatever character A was going to buy, and character A basically begs the store for help and tells them how hard they tried to get the gift, but the store can’t really do anything about it…character A calls character B crying because they’re feverish and a little delirious and sobs out what happened and B is like OH MY GOSH WHY ARE YOU OUT WHILE YOU’RE THIS SICK? DON’T MOVE, I’M COMING TO PICK YOU UP
  • Character A’s family has been planning a Christmas party, but character A is sick that day…they feel pretty awful but it isn’t bad enough for their family to cancel the whole night. Character A has been texting B telling them how incredibly miserable they feel, and so B arrives with tissues and medicine and a stack of character A’s favorite movies and hot chocolate mix/tea. They hide out in A’s bedroom and watch movies until A falls asleep.
  • A and B are both sick, but they had been planning to decorate for Christmas. They try to go through with their plans, even though they’re exhausted and dizzy and stuffy and can’t go two seconds without having a coughing/sneezing fit. Eventually they give up with their tree half decorated and Christmas lights scattered across the floor of their living room and just collapse on the couch and sleep for forever.

thefloatingstone  asked:

Hey. This is the anon who messaged you a while ago when I was freaking out over my doctor's visit for some pain I was in. (I dunno if you ever saw that reblog I made of your kind response <3 ) I'm not asking for any drawings or even a response this time, I'm just letting you know since you asked that I finished my meds and although I'm still sick things don't hurt any more and the pain is gone. I hope you're hanging in there. It sounds like things have been rough. Please look after yourself <3

Oh my goodness, its good to hear from you! I’m sorry I actually didn’t see your response till you just mentioned it! But I went and looked now, and lemme just say you’re so sweet and don’t worry about how busy I am I definitely want to help lend some support if and when I am able! I may be sorta busy so I may not be able to get to things as fast as I’d like, but I’d love to help in anyway I can if you’re ever feeling down!! Don’t feel bad for needing a little comfort in a stressful or painful time, we all do now and again.

But anyway, I’m so glad you’re feeling better! I’m glad that you’re not feeling pain or anything, and I hope you feel better soon! And don’t worry, things have just been busy lately but hopefully when the 14th hits I’m going to be able to get back to stalking my tumblr and replying peoples stuff faster! :D Thank you so much for worrying about me though, when people as kind as you say stuff like that I feel lucky to have such nice friends! And I hope everything’s going well and that you’re not feeling sick anymore, go easy on yourself and get a lot of rest; you totally deserve it after what you’ve been through!!

(and oh my gosh, I just noticed you tagged me in another post and you said such nice things ;//w//; you’re so sweet thank you so much)

I hope you have a good day/night/week!!! 

- Extremely Relieved You’re Okay, 


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hey bub so i've currently got tonsillitis and am in dire need of some peter parker taking care of me fluff!! is that ok ? ♡

Aww I hope you feel better!! :( Hope this helps <33


  • You’d call him to let him know that you wouldn’t be able to make the Star Wars marathon he had planned for you guys because you weren’t feeling well
  • “I’ll be right over”
  • “No, Peter, I’m fine, just -”
  • “I want to take care of you, I’m coming over.”
  • A couple of minutes later he shows up at your apartment
  • He doesn’t even knock, he just uses the spare key he always keeps in his pocket
  • “Y/N”
  • And he’d just run over to where you were laying on the couch and pull you into the biggest hug
  • You’d rest your head against the crook of his neck
  • He’d hug you so tight
  • Almost too tight
  • Too tight
  • “Peter, ow that -”
  • “OhmygoshI’msosorryIdidn’tmeantohurtyouareyouokay”
  • “Peter, you’re okay, it’s okay”
  • He’d pull you back into a softer hug
  • “I just don’t like it when you feel bad”
  • After a second you’d start sniffling and your nose would run so you’d reach over him and grab a tissue
  • He’d watch you all sad and then throw the tissue away for you because he doesn’t care about your snot
  • “So, I, uh, I brought some stuff”
  • He’d go over to the bag he brought and pull out 6 DVDs
  • Of course it was all Star Wars
  • But you really wanted to watch them with him cause he was so excited about it
  • “I thought that maybe I could bring the marathon to you”
  • “Now all we need is some popcorn”
  • He’d refuse to make you popcorn because all May would let him eat when he was feeling bad was soup and crackers
  • Then he’d reach into that damn magic bag again and pull out a bunch of cans of chicken noodle soup and wander over to your kitchen
  • “Do you want double noodle, extra chicken, extra broth, or chicken and rice?”
  • “How many soup cans did you bring?”
  • “Only like eight”
  • He had brought two cans of each kind in case you liked one a lot more than the rest
  • “Chef’s choice,” you’d say through a grin
  • He’d be a little overwhelmed having to choose from all of the soups
  • Double noodle was his favorite though so he’d make that and bring it over to you with a spoon
  • He’d watch you take the first bite to make sure it was okay
  • You’d give a smile and a nod of approval and he’d be so relieved
  • Then the dork would go run and put The Phantom Menace in the DVD player
  • You’d scoot over in your bundle of blankets to make room for him
  • He’d curl under the blanket with you and you’d lay your head down on his chest
  • His fingers would move gently through your hair and along your temples
  • He’d just be sweetly affectionate and whisper little things into your hair
  • “Even when you’re sick you look pretty”
  • “You should wear baggy clothes more often you look so cute
  • “I love laying on the couch with you can we do this more often please”
  • Whenever you had to get up to pee he’d wine like the little kid he is
  • “Come bacckk”
  • “Peter I have to pee”
  • “Okayokay just hurry back but take your time cause I know you feel bad but hurry back”
  • When you got back he’d snuggle you even tighter and wrap his arms across your chest
  • “Do you feel better?”
  • You’d nuzzle against his chest, nodding
  • He’d smile with satisfaction and run his hands over your shoulders
  • Just rub them
  • Just the feeling immediately released all of the tension in your body
  • You really did feel better
  • But he’d insist that he had to stay to make sure you didn’t get any worse
  • “We can have a little sleepover”
  • “Fine, Peter”
  • But you were actually super excited
  • “But not like t h a t kind of sleepover, I know you’re sick, I mean - oh gosh, I’m sorry that was weird I just need to stop, I’m so sorry oh my-”
  • Peter
  • You guys would just start laughing because he was such a dork
  • You’d keep on watching the Star Wars movies until nightfall but he’d be watching you like 99% of the time
  • “Thanks for taking care of me, Peter.”
  • “Of course, sweets”
The War [Chapter 2]


Pairing: Kai x Reader x Xiumin

Warnings: Language, violence

Summary: After the tragedy of your ex-boyfriend, you find yourself constantly thinking about him. Memories are hard to erase, after all. Then in comes a man you met by chance and who stole what’s left of your heart. You find yourself stuck between your old love and new love.

PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8

“Minseok! Look,” you flash him a bracelet you tried on in the accessory shop you were currently in. “How does it look?”

“Anything looks good on you, jagiya.” He chuckles softly, lacing his fingers with yours.

You smile at him as you nod at the bracelet. “I’ll buy this, then.”

“I’ll buy it for you.” Minseok offers and gently unclips the bracelet from your wrist, bringing it to the cashier.

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hiiiii! i just woke up….. i feel lucky for you, it’s about 5 pm over in france rn and it’s 9 am on a saturday over here….. i didn’t have time to pencil draw a picture of ink for his b-day because i was sick all week, but i was able to get on MSPaint to do it :P (oh gosh his head looks weird….) i hope you like it! maybe not cuz it kinda sucks….

Oh my gosh! Cute cat mouth so cute! Thank you for the art! :D And I hope you’re feeling okay, being sick sucks man. D: I caught a cold a few days ago and I gotta say it’s lame.

Have a good recovery! <3


Title: Anticipation

Athlete: Andre Burakovsky

Word Count: 3,504

Requested?: Yes

Request: I received two requests like a day apart so I’m combining them, Can you do an Andre Burakovsky one? And the other request was Can you write an Andre Burakovsky one? Maybe about your wedding day or something?

Author’s Note:  I hope you both enjoy the story!

Your name: submit What is this?

Snickering on either side of you is what pulled your from your sleep.  You fully stretched out as you attempted to wake for the day.  “What are you two laughing about?” Your best friends were in the bed with you and still amused by something which occurred before you woke.

“We were just wondering if Andre woke up in bed with two of his groomsmen.” You couldn’t help but let out a soft laugh.

“I bet the long lost roomies stayed up all night gossiping.” You turned to your left looking at Nina.

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ravenwolf36  asked:

I really love your blog. As soon as I get notifications that you post something, I run to check it out. I was wondering if you knew of any Derek moves in with the Stilinskis fics? I'm sick and need some cheering up. Thanks again


Oh my gosh! Thank you so much!! I did find a few fics where Derek moves in :)

I hope you’re feeling better now! Sorry it took me forever to send you some fics.

Out Of Milk… by  74days | 87.6K

Derek Hale moved in with the Stilinskis after acting a hero, much to Stiles distress. However, things take a turn for the strange when his arrival coincides with some strange happenings in Stiles life - that will change the course of the pack forever.

Seeing Wolves (Where There Are No Wolves) by  MellytheHun | 71.3K

Or otherwise known as “Derek Goes to the Doctor,” wherein Derek gets the therapy he so desperately needs and gets healthy. The clearer his head gets, the more room it seems to have for Stiles.

Say Something | 49.7K

That first time Stiles decided it was probably wise to let sleeping werewolves lie.

too much information???

so i am a part-time cashier at a certain gigantic corporation that rhymes with wal-fart. just last night i was working at one of the two self-checkout areas in our store, it was a saturday night and it was fairly busy but not overwhelming. things had been going smoothly until this little weird incident happened.

a woman is using the self-checkout and halfway through checking out she comes up to my register and asks if i can buzz a csm to get someone a liter or so of ginger ale because she feels nauseous. so i do! while i’m waiting for the csm (let’s call her T) to come over i help out some other customers at my register up front because all the other self-checkouts are full.

T comes over and i say “the woman on register (whatever) isn’t feeling too well, would you mind grabbing a ginger ale for her?” and tdoes.

the customer then comes up to my register and i didn’t expect any of what she was gonna say. she said what i just said was EXTREMELY disrespectful and rude and i embarassed her in front of other customers and made them judge her, and she couldn’t believe i could be so thoughtless and make her personal problems public like that.

naturally i say “oh my gosh i am so sorry i didn’t realize that was insensitive”

“oh yeah im sure you’re SO sorry. try thinking before you say things from now on and not ruin someone’s night like you did mine.”

yo???? i just told my csm what you told me???? if you were so embarassed about feeling sick then why the shit did you say anything about it????

T comes back with the ginger ale for this lady and then i see her talking to the T and pointing at me, surely complaining about my rudeness and invasion of privacy. she left afterward while i was helping another customer so thankfully she didn’t bitch at me more but i was so confused. T didnt talk to me afterward so she probably thought the customer was overreacting as well.

honestly… the things some customers get upset about just confuses the shit out of me.

tl;dr: woman at self-checkout says she isn’t feeling good and wants someone to run and get her ginger ale, call my csm and say nauseous lady wants someone to grab the drink, she gets mad at me for sharing too much information and embarassing her in front of other customers

maewritesfanfic  asked:

Hi Kylo! So since you're kind of like the Markiplier/Jacksepticeye Community mom (at least for me), I'm coming to you with a mom question, if thats okay? I'm Sick! Help! I feel absolutely miserable and what's even worse, it's my first week of high school on a college campus. Do you have any suggestions for Mark/Jack videos that might help distract me/make me feel better? Also, I hope you've had a better week than I have so far. Cheers!

oh gosh i’m so flattered that you’d think that! but i’m sorry you’re having a  rough time, definitely just relax and take some time for yourself to cool down. here are a few videos and game series that are some of my personal favorites, if not they’re funny/cool/interesting that i’d rec for you! 💛