feel save

the    issue    on    the    table    ,             is    that    i    am    not    doing    great    right    now .             mentally    ,             i’m    struggling    like    fuck    and    i’m    finally    coming    to    terms    with    that .             today    ,             i    looked    at    all    the    people    i’m    being    replaced    with    and    they’re    some    pretty    shitty    people .          and    that    made    me    sit    and    think    that    ,             if    people    i    considered    my    friends    would    rather    surround    themselves    with    toxic    and    shitty    people    than    be    friends    with    me    ,          what    does    that    make    me    ?             and    this    has    really    fucked    me    up .             and    i    think    i    just    need    to    take    some    time    away    from    my    most    of    my    blogs    and    just    really    reevaluate    myself    and    my    decisions .             because    i    want    to    be    a    better    person .             so    i’m    gonna    put    this    blog    on    an    indefinite    hiatus .          i    will    come    back    ,             because    i    love    my    blogs    ,             but    until    i    can    become    a    better    person    i    just    don’t    wanna    force    my    shitty    being    on    other    people .             you    can    find    me    on    discord    ,             and    i    do    write    there    ,             and    i’ll    probably    be    on    sam .             just    message    me    and    i’ll    send    you    the    deets .             i    love    you    all    ,          and    i    hope    you’re    having    an    awesome    day .

free hogwarts mystery energy!

there are hidden actions around hogwarts where you can gain free energy. all you have to do is find them and tap them! these actions can be done repeatedly but only periodically.

east tower

  • mirror/frame next to charms classroom 
  • peeves (orange ghost) between the divination classroom and the astronomy tower

west tower

  • painting to the left of the prefect’s bathroom

castle grounds

  • stick on ground between whomping willow and hagrid’s hut


  • house elf by potions classroom

lower floor - west 

  • suits of armor statues to the right of the great hall
  • torch/light next to great hall

lower floor - east

  • bench between library and history of magic classroom with a pile of untidy books on it 


  • the guy waving at you from the end of the alley between the three broomsticks and honeydukes

Heres Rupert’s diary unencrypted since i havent seen anyone post it here yet.

If he escapes, can you actually see him in Jericho later? I hope my bird son is okay.

Roman: The moon is proud of you!

Logan: So are all the stars.

Patton: The galaxies watching you are a little confused about human life, but are really proud of you too!

Virgil: That comet’s judging you but that comet’s an asshole, I still support you.


my favorite snowy little archers ❄️

I’m probably imagining things after long hours watching gifs about Adam Driver, but today i saw this

This is a BTS from episode VII, look at Kylo’s clothes

And look at this

This is a BTS from episode VIII, again, look at his clothes

So basically this guy, our Benny, gets up every morning(if he ever goes to sleep) and he gets dressed with

His stupidly hot high waisted pants

His black tank top

and he puts on his suspenders

And after all of that he puts on his coat, cape and his gloves.

And for some reason knowing that made me happy.

I apologize if made you lose your time.

I’ve had this long-standing theory that Isa figured out Xehanort’s true intent for Organization XIII a long time ago, but never told Lea. Instead, he allowed himself to become a vessel in hopes of tearing Xehanort’s plan down from the inside, and to ensure that Lea wouldn’t suffer the same fate. Or perhaps Xehanort made Isa some promise that he’d leave Lea alone if Isa gave himself up (it seems that Xehanort knows of Isa and Lea’s past since he orders Isa to attack Lea in DDD). Anyways, once Isa became a vessel and got a permanent Recusant’s Sigil, Isa cut off all ties with Lea so that Xehanort could never use him as leverage. Not to mention that the two of them were still (sort of) working together on their secret plot, and they couldn’t risk Xehanort finding out about it. 

Now that they’re human again and Lea is a possible candidate to be a Guardian of Light, the part of Isa still untouched by Xehanort - small as it is - becomes more desperate to protect the one friend he’s ever known.

Pose finale expectations: someone’s gonna die, Angel is gonna get HIV, Ricky and Damon are going to break up, Blanca is going to get sick, everything is terrible and sad cause that’s just how Premium Television™️ is these days

Pose finale reality: literally everyone is thriving and living their best life and Blanca is Mother of the Year, Elektra gets the best heel-face turn since the fucking Grinch, Angel dumped Stan’s white ass, the House of Ferocity is fucking dust, Pray Tell has the best new boyfriend ever, Damon is making good life choices and his love with Ricky is stronger than ever, Ryan Murphy and Janet Mock singlehandedly saved the entire gay community in one hour of perfect television

When you’re made of lies, its hard to remember where the lies you tell end, and the truths that exist begin. You become your own villain because you doubt everything you feel and think. Because, how do you know? How do you know what’s real anymore?