feel sad

i remember how fucking happy i was to see a wlw couple on screen when sanvers first started. i had already been watching supergirl because of my interest in superheroes, but to learn that one of my favorite characters was a lesbian and would be in a canon lesbian relationship on my screen? i was so happy oh my god. and then floriana lima was revealed to be a piece of shit, and i tried to continue enjoying sanvers, but i just couldn’t anymore - it was ruined for me. but i liked supercorp, and even though it wasn’t canon and i knew it never would be some part of me still had hope. and i watched the show anyway, despite the shitty abusive main pairing, because i found comfort in all of the wlw in the show’s fandom. and to see supercorp laughed at because “what a fucking joke, two girls would never get together, there would never bee two wlw pairings on the same show, that’s ridiculous.” is so fucking disappointing. like, i watched this show because i’m a lesbian and i wanted to see wlw representation, and even after that ship was ruined for me i found comfort in another one even though it wasn’t canon, and to see wlw being fucking laughed at for wanting good fucking representation is just so fucking disappointing. what a fucking disappointment supergirl has been