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  1. Baby!Rabbit was the most curious of all the babybots, and like all small children she first tried to learn about things by putting them in her mouth. Okay when it’s a wooden toy. Not okay when it’s a lab mouse.
  2. Baby!Hatchy had a tendency to repeat anything he heard. Peter Walter learned this the hard way when he stubbed his toe, swore loudly, and that same swear was repeated back at him with a wide smile.
  3. Baby!Spine had the hardest time out of all the bots picking up on human behaviors. He didn’t quite understand why Peter was upset about the upcoming Weekend War until he was in it.
  4. The babybots had to be trained to use their weapons just before the war. None of them understood why they needed them until they saw the massive copper African elephants barreling towards them over the sand.
  5. The babybots didn’t understand for years why they were congratulated after the Weekend War. They didn’t understand why the elephant-robots weren’t moving anymore. They didn’t feel like they had won anything at all, they only felt confused and saddened for some reason.


(I can’t really think of too much tbh? so I’m just gonna go with who would be who. Maybe i’ll elaborate eventually or if someone asks idk)

  1. Rabbit = Sans, Hatchworth = Papyrus, The Spine = Mettaton (idk why)
  2. Lorraine = Frisk, Annie Walter = Toriel
  3. Delilah Moreau = Alphys, Vivianna Broodwell = Undyne
  4. i’m stuck here tbh
  5. that’s all i got sorry


I’ve never thought of this (or any mob AUs) before but here we go B)

  1. Rapture and Colombia would be translated to different territories in the city, run by different mob bosses
  2. Jack Ryan would be just a sort of pawn for Frank Fontaine in an ongoing territory war of sorts. Fontaine stole Andrew Ryan’s girlfriend Dianne, so Ryan killed some of his lackeys. In retaliation, Fontaine kidnapped Ryan’s son and raised him as his own, an apprentice and heir to the family business.
  3. Brigid Tennanbaum would be a sort of unwilling triple agent (Not sure if that’s really the right term in this context but oh well.). She doesn’t want to work for Fontaine nor Ryan, but her debts to both of them are huge. If either one found out she was working with the other, she would be dead. There’s no escape for her.
  4. I don’t really have to change Booker DeWitt’s story too much. He owed too much to the big boss, and in a drunken bout of stupidity he sold his daughter Anna over. Like Jack Ryan, she was groomed as an eventual heiress to the family business. Unlike Jack, she resisted the grooming and ran away.
  5. Eleanor Lamb actually ran to the mob to get away from her mother. She’d heard rumors her father worked with them. As it turns out, her father did indeed work with the mob, although unwillingly. With the help of a seedy informant named Sinclair, he manages to get Eleanor’s father out… almost. Both Sinclair and Eleanor’s father are shot and killed in a firefight. Eleanor, now alone, must decide if she wants to avenge her father or start her own life.


I actually have no idea how mob AUs generally work so this is just me taking stabs in the dark. 

  1. The Walter family and the Becile family used to be on friendly terms, both working on automatonic engineering, until a violent disagreement. The two families never reconciled, and instead tried multiple times to sabotage each other. A violent shootout between the two sides took place, guaranteeing that there would never be peace between them.
  2. Rabbit acts as the intelligence gatherer, she has to changer her faceplate so often because being recognized would mean death. The Spine hates when she goes out to gather intel on the Beciles, but she’s the only one who’s able.
  3. The Spine acts as the sort of protector of everyone, a job that he wouldn’t take lightly even if he was able to. He’s the only one who’s able to kill without hesitation, only because if he did pause, it would mean death for one of his family.
  4. Hatchworth acts as a decoy often, a job that causes the other bots so much anxiety but Hatchy does without care. He’s often put in dangerous situations, such as gathering goods from known enemy locations to draw them out, but he’s nearly oblivious to the danger he’s in.
  5. Peter knows he’s going to have to train his sons in the family buisness, but wishes he didn’t have to