feel o meter

Finally got to watch the last episode of this amazing drama, Live Up to Your Name. Wow… there isn’t much dramas which gives such a nice ending. They took their time with it and I loved it. They didn’t drag the angst and instead incorporate the feelings into the storyline which is great (a lot of dramas can learn from that!). Many rom-com felt like they forgot their genre and just turned all melo and kind of forced. This one was not the case. 

I remembered I loved its opening week and I’m glad to say that its final week was as awesome. Their chemistry was amazing, the way the look at each other (or when they are thinking of each other) oh my heart.

I would totally recommend this. Comedy was great, romance was great, feels-o-meter was great. I know I said great too much but it was… great. For me, this is the best rom-com time slip drama this year (until now. but, just how many time slip drama was released (and will be released) this year? too many)

(and oh that prologue awwww)