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Just Like Her Mother

It wasn’t unusual for him to feel the way he did and Inuyasha hated himself for it. He couldn’t shake the hurt that laced his heart, causing the appendages upon his head to pin back in shame. The group of wolf demons playing by the large jungle gym were still pointing and mocking the poor half-demon for being just that, a halfling.

Another wave of tears surface and the four year old couldn’t stop them from falling. Tucking his chin to his chest, Inuyasha shielded his golden orbs from site with a mass of short, silver hair.

Inuyasha was startled when a tiny hand came to rest upon his right shoulder. “Are you okay?”

Jerking his head up, red-rimmed eyes clashed with a set of worried russet orbs. The little girl had a head of thick, black hair that fell to her mid-back and she was sporting a set of emerald overalls with a white tee shirt underneath. Shrugging her hand off, he snapped at her. “I’m fine! LEAVE ME ALONE!” Inuyasha meant for it to sound like a harsh order, but it came out broken and raw.

The three year old jerked her hand back and looked shocked for a moment as she noticed the tears that fell from the corner of his beautiful eyes. Kagome crawled up next to him on the brown, metal bench. Smiling she touched his cheek. “You can talk to me. I’m a nice girl! That’s what my papa always says!“

Inuyasha glanced between her eyes and the tiny hand on his face as he eyed her suspiciously. The half-demon growled before he shoved his hands between his knees and mumbled, "They called me a bad dog.”

Kagome gasped dramatically as she stood on the bench and forced his head to her chest, hugging him close. She soothed his hair down around his ears and glared angrily over the playground. “WHO called you a bad dog? I will END them!”

Inuyasha’s golden eyes widened as the remaining tears that were gathered in his lashes fell. He went stock still as Kagome murmured death threats at the wolf demons making their way to the sandbox.

How did this tiny girl affect him so quickly? Risking her life against a band of toddler demons, for his sake?

Wiping a hand over his nose, he barked. “I don’t need no protection from a girl!” Inuyasha jerked his head from her grasp causing Kagome to stumbled back a step.

“I’m not just a girl. I’m your friend. I’m your girlfriend!” She beamed happily at him.

How many times today is she gonna amaze me?

Inuyasha glanced in the direction of the offending toddlers then back at Kagome. She smiled so wide, he could see all of her teeth. Jumping from the bench with a battle cry, and a stick, Kagome charged her way into battle where the wolf demons played happily in the sandbox.

It was in that exact moment four year old Inuyasha swore he fell in love with a tiny three year old girl on a playground, in the middle of recess, as she defended his honor.

Inuyasha finally had a friend. His mother would have be so proud.


Twenty-two years later, Inuyasha found himself on that exact bench watching his three year old running around with a fox demon, and to his utter disappointment, a wolf demon.

The velvet, black head of hair turned to him in that moment and a small hand waved enthusiastically at him. Inuyasha smiled at his daughter, a smile only reserved for her and her mother, as he waved back. Her bright, chocolate eyes, speckled with golden flakes, shone with happiness and love.

He was so absorbed in how much Izzy amazed him, that he failed to detect another approaching. Inuyasha was only slightly surprised to find his wife sitting beside him. Like a moth to a flame, his clawed hand sought hers, pulling it to his lips for a kiss. “She has a heart pure just like you.” He mumbled. “I forget how much alike you two are.”

Kagome smiled, resting her head against his shoulder. “Izzy is a lot like you in ways too you know.” He scoffed at that. “She is! She’s brave, she’s strong and she selfless.”

“Qualities she also acquired from you.” Like your heart that loves a little too much. But he chose not to speak so fondly out loud.

Kagome squeezed his hand. “Do you remember the first time we met?”

I was just walking down memory lane. Inuyasha nodded. “Right here at this very spot.”

His wife giggled. “Yes.”

“If I recall, you rushed in like a warrior with a battle cry so fierce, I thought Kouga was going to piss himself!” Inuyasha grinned at the thought of Kouga cowering behind Ginta and Hakkaku when she stormed over with a stick no longer than her arm, and blessed them out in no other way than a three year old could.

Kagome blushed. “No one calls you a bad dog and gets away with it.”

“That was also the day you declared yourself my girlfriend, even though we didn’t really understand what it meant.”

"Well, it all turned out for the best.” Kagome didn’t even blink when Inuyasha tilted her chin up, whispered it sure did, then kiss her with every ounce of love he had for her. When he pulled back, Inuyasha studied the way her cheeks flushed and her lips looked slightly swollen. Proud of himself for still having that effect on her, he was caught off guard by what she said next. “Kouga eventually became your best friend.”

Her husband cocked a brow at her and snorted. “Miroku is like a best friend. Kouga is my frenemy.”

“Whatever you have to tell yourself. Hey, isn’t that Ayame and Kouga’s little boy, Renji, playing with her?”

Inuyasha nodded, a scowl on his face. “Yeah, the little twerp had followed her everywhere since I came by.”

“They are adorable!” No longer had the words left her mouth, did Inuyasha hear the words You’re my woman! escape Renji’s lips. Kagome squeaked when the warm body that she had been leaning on was jerked away. “Inuyasha?”

“Hell no. Izayoi is not ended up with that wolf shit’s offspring!” He barked over his shoulder. “Get away from my daughter!”

Kagome sighed, but stood to follow her outraged husband.

Now who’s rushing in like a warrior with a fierce battle cry?

Kagome had to increase her speed in order to catch up with her half-demon. “Inuyasha! Put Renji down!”

Inuyasha dropped the kid back on his feet as he scooped up Izzy. “Don’t listen to him Izzy. You are NOT his woman.” He growled.

"She is too!” Renji squawked from the ground.

"Pipe down runt- son of a bit-!” Inuyasha stepped back as the wolf brat reared back and kicked him in the shin. “Bad boy!”

Izzy gasped as she pushed herself from Inuyasha’s grip. “Daddy! NO! He is not a bad boy! Take that back!” She cried as she wrapped her arms around Renji’s left one.

Kagome hid a giggle behind her hand as she witnessed the whole ordeal. Inuyasha was baffled, to say the least, as he turned wide eyes to his daughter. “Excuse me?”

"Renji is a good boy, daddy. Take back what you said or I’ll never speak to you again!”

When tears sprang into her beautiful, doe like eyes, Inuyasha melted like a popsicle on the fourth of July. "Okay, okay. Geeze. I take it back Izzy. Daddy’s sorry.” He knelt down and opened his arms. Izayoi ran into them and hugged his neck.

“I love you, daddy.” His little girl sniffled into his shoulder before bouncing back and smiling. “Come on Renji! Lets go play with Shippou.” Her tiny fingers wrapped around Renji’s slightly larger hand and tugged gin away.

Inuyasha stood. “Well fuck. Like mother, like daughter.”

Kagome laughed fully then. “Can you blame her for standing up for him?”

He turned to her, wrapping her in his arms as he watched his daughter play. “No. I can’t. I still don’t understand why you did it in the first place.”

"Because I could see that deep down,  beneath the rugged exterior, you were worth it.” She grinned up at him. “Don’t get me wrong, your physical appearance is a turn on.” Her whisper was breathy and teasing.

He nipped her ear, conveying his feelings about her statment clearly as he pulled her flush against him.

“Oh stop it.” She giggled. They turned their attention back to their daughter as she played happily with her friends. “Your mother would be proud of you Inuyasha. You’re an amazing father, fantastic husband and a great man.”

Inuyasha smiled. Yeah. He thought. My mother would definitely be proud. He kissed Kagome on the crown of her raven covered head as he waved at his beautiful daughter. Izayoi waved back, her smile so wide, he could see all her teeth. Inuyasha grinned.

Yup. Just like her mother.

Haru*Hana Vol 42; Chanyeol’s Interview (Part 2)

Question: Aside from the main plot of the story, the script also included a side story about the suicide of “ Dreamers” solo lyricist Jaehyun. Jung Kyung Ho, who plays the character of JunOh, band leader of “Dreamers”, had been widely blamed and discriminated for the suicide of Jaehyun who had been distraught over not being able to be part of the band. As the plot develops, the truth begins to resurface. Chanyeol has stated that the relationship between Jaehyun and JunOh left the deepest impression on him.
Chanyeol: The relationship the two share always makes me feel stuffy. Because i know that in reality, there are people at present, facing the same situation as Jaehyun, which makes the pain worse as i feel for them. So much so that i’ve actually had a dream depicting the exact same thing, with the exception of the two characters.

Question: If you were to place an EXO member inside the scene of filming?
Chanyeol: As I’m playing the role of maknae in the drama, there are countless amounts of times where i have to address others as “hyung”. Originally, the script did not include that many instances of me requiring to address someone as “ hyung”. Because i’m the maknae, i’ve said it so often that it’s as though that’s the only line there is in the script (laughs). I even made a joke about it to the director, saying that my lines only included the word “hyung” and nothing else. The director himself is also a very interesting individual, there were certain points where it was not my turn to recite my parts, where he would tease me by saying “maybe you could include the word "hyung” in here" (laughs). As such, the instances of me calling “hyung” became greater.

Question: If I were to make you choose which was the best scene which involved you saying “hyung”, which one would you choose?
Chanyeol: This is so hard, ah (laughs). This is obviously something that i cant choose, since there are many scenes of me saying that. I think every one of them (scenes) is the best.

Question: If I were to ask you to assign every EXO member to a specific role in the drama <Missing 9>, how would you go about doing so?
Chanyeol: If we were the only occupants on the stranded island, the results would probably be beyond the point of salvage and disastrous (laughs). First of all, i would play the role of JunOh; because i’m always the one deciding where to go when we go out usually. Also, since i got the chance to participate in the “Law of Jungle” series, i feel like i have gained enough exposure to be able to lead my fellow team members. I think Sehun would be very much like me as well. Even though he is the maknae, he is able to lead the members well and has a strong sense of loyalty and leadership abilities. Lee Yeol’s character would be given to the calm D.O. He would always be the one silently offering moral support to everyone. Lay shall play the role of the naive side of Lee Yeol-ie. Baekhyun would assume the role of manager, Ki Joon. As he would probably be the mood maker of the group. Suho would play the role of Hwang Jae Guk, Xiumin too, he and Jae Guk share similarities with each other. Chen shall take the role of Ra Bong Hee, since they both are similar in terms of the fact that they are courageous individuals, always calm and collected. Kai is always the cheeky one so he would assume the role of Tae Ho Hwang (Jae Guk’s secretary). Noone in EXO would fit Taeho’s role, since we are all pretty gentle in nature. Taeho has the meanest role in the whole drama in my opinion.

(Japanese to Korean translation ©suikahoshi)

Translation by Soojung @ fyeah-chanyeol
(Please take out with full credits)


Charlie Hunnam on working with Rob and filming in the amazonian jungle.

Q “How is it working with Rob?”

“Really wonderful. I mean, really fantastic to work with. We didn’t really talk too much while we were working. There was a time these characters meet each other on screen in the film, and so I don’t know if we never really talked about it, but I had decided that I just wanted our relationship to exists exclusively between action and cut. But I also didn’t want to put Rob off and like make him feel uncomfortable or anything. So I thought I would play this game with him and see if he was receptive and if I was upsetting him, then I would change tactic. But he either just didn’t care or understood what I was doing and wanted to play the game with me. So yeah, we didn’t talk too much while we’re filming, but it was all about the movie, no animosity or anything like that.

Q “It looks like you guys are cool and you’re taking pictures together”

No no I love the dude, and I came into this project really admiring and liking him. It was really just about trying to explore like a creative thing you know? Try to explore a acting technique or a way to put a relationship on screen together that I’ve never tried before, and I thought about a lot prior to this film but never really had an opportunity where it was appropriate, and this is where I tried it out. So it’s cool.”

Q “I heard you had a beetle going in your ear”

“I had a little beetle crawl in my ear. Yeah, little stowaway… I mean I had a scorpion on my hands and it was not planned. You know that I had my hands on the ground and this little really little like opaque pink colored scorpion ran and just sort of stopped on my hands and I just like flicked it off as the cameras was rolling and then it just stood there. And so there was a snake wrangler on set and right after they told “Cut!” I said “That little thing was just on my hand, is that poisonous?” and he said “Dude, if that had bitten you, you’d have been dead in about 30 minutes”

Smut with Slash

Pairing: Slash x reader
Words: 1430
Warnings: Smut smut smut

Could you please do a slash smut, something slow and passionate maybe, your a great writer btw!! Xoxo ❤❤

A/N: Ok so give me some mercy this is my first time writing smut omg lmao. But i hope you like this haha!

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We were at the recording studio – me, Axl, Izzy, Steven, Duff and my boyfriend Slash. They were practicing their new songs and let me come to watch how it’d go.

Slash smirked and winked at me when he saw me. They started with Welcome to the Jungle and then moved on to Nightrain.

I scrutinised Slash the whole time, watched him play the guitar. I always became quite turned on when i saw him play guitar and couldn’t help but feel aroused already. Okay most of the reason now was that we hadn’t had sex in three fuckin’ days because he had been too busy and we were always interrupted before we could even get our clothes off. And three days was too god damn much.

When they had finished couple of their songs and took a quick break, Slash came to talk to me but he couldn’t say anything since i already pressed my lips on his and pulled him to the nearest closet and locked the door.

”What on earth, woman –” Slash laughed but i interrupted him.

”It’s now or never. I ain’t waiting anymore, i will even fuck you in front of the boys if i have to and we don’t get our own space but i’ve been waiting for too long, hun,” i stated seriously and could already see lust in Slash’s eyes.

He didn’t wait anymore at all and pressed his lips on mine again and lifted my other leg a bit, sliding his hand under my skirt, squeezing my ass. He put his tongue in my mouth, sliding his hand under my underwear, massaging my clit with his finger. I helped to take my panties off of me and drop them on the floor but then i started to hear Axl practicing singing near the closet.

We waited if he would stop but suddenly i decided to break the kiss and look straight into Slash’s eyes, hands still cupping his face. ”You know that having to listen to Axl singing Rocket Queen in the other room while we’re having sex doesn’t really give me the vibes right now,” i laughed and Slash just snorted.

”Yeah, you’re right about that, let’s go somewhere else,” he said chuckling and smirked, taking me by my hand and starting to walk outside of the door.

”Wait, i forgot my panties,” i said, already turning back but Slash grabbed me by my waist closer against him.

”You don’t need them anymore, babe,” he murmured in my ear, kissed me on my temple and i got even more turned on by his low voice. We ended up on the street and soon got into the back seat of a taxi. It was already late and really dark, probably about midnight or more, it was about 10-15 minutes way back to my apartment from here.

I was sitting behind the driver, Slash next to me. We didn’t really talk during the way to my place, but suddenly Slash laid his hand on my thigh. I raised my right eyebrow and looked at him when he started moving his hand towards my womanhood under my skirt.

”What are you doing?” i whispered quietly so the driver wouldn’t hear. Slash just smirked and kissed my cheek, continuing until he reached my vagina. ”No we can’t, he might notice –” i started but couldn’t finish my sentence when he already put one of his fingers slowly inside me. I moaned a bit but then put a hand on my mouth when he kept moving his finger in me.

He chuckled at my reaction and came closer to my face. ”I can’t wait anymore, baby,” he murmured to my ear and put now his second finger inside me as well, slowly massaging my clit with his thumb again. ”God, you’re so fuckin wet.”

”Fuuck,” i panted and rested my head on the back seat, closing my eyes. But sooner than i expected he pulled himself out of me and licked his fingers. I looked at him offended. ”What the fuck do you think you’re doing, put them fuckin back!”

Slash just chuckled and started searching my keys from my pockets until he found them. ”Sorry, babe, but we’re here now,” he said and threw money for the taxi driver and after that stormed out of the car, pulling me with him. ”You can keep the rest!”

We ran inside as fast as we could and slammed the door behind us. He immediately attacked his lips on mine and started taking my clothes off at the same time when we were walking to the bedroom. When we were there, i was already fully naked and my clothes were all around the house.

I started pulling Slash’s shirt off of him and then went to lay on the bed, waiting him to get ready. He was taking his belt off and i could already see through his pants the huge bulge under them. He took the rest of his clothes off and came to lay on top of me. Fuck, he was fucking huge, i never knew how i could take that monster inside me.

Slash looked straight into my eyes. ”Are you ready, baby?” he whispered and i nodded smiling. I put my legs around Slash’s waist when he slowly entered to me and i winced a bit. When all his length was inside of me, he looked at me and waited for my sign when i had adjusted to him well enough.

When i soon nodded my head, he started moving and i put my arms around his neck. He started sucking my neck hard, making sure to leave marks. I fluttered my eyes closed and let a deep moan come out of my mouth. Slash put his hand on my breast and started massaging it, rolling his thumb on my nipple.

He kept going, slowly, and took me in a passionate kiss, burying my face in his dark curls.

”Shit, Y/N, you’re so fucking tight, babe,” he moaned to my ear.

”O-oh fuck, Slash, yes that feels so good. Faster, babe, f-faster,” i tried to say desperately.

”Are you coming?” he asked quietly, getting just a nod for an answer, and then started to slam into me harder, hitting exactly the right spot every time he entered me again and again. And it didn’t take too long until i came and a huge wave of pleasure went through my body.

”Oh, Slash!” i screamed and soon Slash came as well and cum his sperm inside me. We were both panting when he came to lay next to me.

”That was fucking amazing, baby,” Slash whispered to me and took me closer to him, his arm around me and i rested my head on his chest. I was about to say something but suddenly a phone rang on the table next to us. He looked at me quickly, sighed and answered it.

”Hello?” he answered.

Hey, where the fuck did you go? We weren’t done yet.” It was Axl’s voice, i could hear pretty clearly what Axl was saying to Slash.

”I just forgot some things at home, i’ll come right back okay,” Slash chuckled. I grabbed Slash’s penis and started moving my hand slowly up and down, with a tight grip. Slash looked at me, straight into my eyes, and raised his left eyebrow.

Round two?” i mouthed at him without making any noice, smirking. A wide grin spread on his face as well which was a sign for me to continue. I put my hair on a pony tail, put my mouth around his cock and started sucking it as deeply as i could take him. Slash tried his best to stop his deep moans coming.

You’re fucking Y/N, aren’t you?” Axl laughed on the phone. ”Take your time, man. I found her panties from the closet. Damn, they’re even my favorite color, i’m keeping these.”

”No, what the fuck man, you’re not keeping my girlfriend’s underwear!” Slash yelled on the phone but i took the phone from him.

Too late,” Axl got to say, before i ended the call and threw the phone away.

”Now, no distractions anymore, baby,” i whispered seductively and kissed him on the lips. He made the kiss more passionate, put his hand on my neck and the other one on my waist when i moved myself to sit on him. I placed him on my entrance and slowly took him in and started riding myself on him, faster and faster.


While writing a new thing I found this saved on my laptop that I wrote ages ago.

Today is Sunday. Beca’s favourite day.

She usually spends most of it in bed, eventually moving when she’s hungry or forgotten that she left her headphones on the other side of the room from the night before *wink wink*. The remainder of her day is spent laying on the couch in the Bella house watching a shitty reality show because she was “forced” by her girlfriend, Chloe. She enjoys mindless garbage TV shows. She wouldn’t admit that to anyone, she’s Beca Effin’ Mitchell for god’s sake.

But today is different from her usual Sunday, she had to get out of bed at 7:30 in the morning to get to a job interview to intern at Residual Heat. To say the least, she was nervous, she was shitting metaphorical bricks. Nobody knew she had an interview, she definitely didn’t want to tell Chloe. She didn’t want her to have another thing to stress about with the Worlds and graduation coming up.

Getting ready in the morning was pretty easy, Amy was still out from the night before from her milkshake trip. Amy never has been the best liar. She had to be quiet because she knew that Chloe was a very light sleeper and she usually gets up early for her morning run. This meant she had to be stealthy. She finished getting ready at 7:45. “Phew” Beca thought to herself, “all I need to do is actually get there on time”. She ran out of the house and locked the door. She mentally high fived herself.

While stood on the corner near the Bella house waiting for Jesse, she heard Titanium getting louder. “Fuck! Why did she have to pick a new route? Today of all days.”. Beca looked for the nearest place she could hide, the only thing in sight was a bush. “I guess that will have to do…” she made a leap for it just in time for Chloe to jog passed in her bright pink sports gear. “I thought she was the athlete in the relationship”. She got up from behind the bush, brushing the dead leaves off of her, seeing that Jesse had arrived. “I need to take that cardio tip more seriously”, she made a note on her phone to start walking a little more vigorously. She got in his car with her laptop bag and off she went.

The interview only lasted 30 minutes. She felt down hearted because they only asked for one of her tracks to listen to. She got back in Jesse’s car, being silent the whole way back to the house. When she got back the house was empty, she looked at her phone, it was 11am. She took off her shoes and went up to her room, hoping Amy wasn’t back. She opened the door and huffed, Amy didn’t even look up from her phone “I won’t say anything if you don’t”. “Deal”.

Beca showered her disappointment off, dried herself and then went straight back to bed in an oversized Barden University top that she borrowed off of Chloe, probably Tom’s. She finally fell asleep and forgot all about her interview.

She woke up when her stomach began to rumble and went down the stairs to see Chloe sprawled on the couch watching the Kardashians. She went into the kitchen to get herself a bowl of cereal. Specifically, Golden Grahams, they were hidden behind the healthy stuff. Her excuse: “desperate times calls for desperate measures, especially if this is the only Graham I will ever have in my life!”. She got out her phone expecting to see the ‘sorry but you weren’t suitable for the job’ email, but to her surprise there wasn’t one. What she did find was one saying that she can start next Wednesday. “Fuck yeah!”, she didn’t realise that she said that out loud until she heard “Babe, what happened?” being squeaked from the other room. Beca had to think on her feet “errmmm, I forgot where I put Graham, but I found him…”. “Okay you weirdo, come watch the Kardashians with me before everyone comes back. I haven’t had my Sunday cuddle with you”. Beca knew Chloe was pouting; she could practically hear it through the wall.

She did as she was told (Beca thinks she’s not whipped, but everyone knows it) and she brought the bowl through with her and snuggled up to Chloe. She felt guilty not telling Chloe about the interview, but then she looked up at Chloe’s face and forgot all about it. They stayed in that position until they both woke up, laughing at the position they ended up in.

*Just imagine an octopus trying to knit*

One by one, each Bella filled into the house. The familiar noises made Beca feel happy that she had friends like them, they were her nerds. They ended up playing a game of Twister with a twist. The twist was Amy’s world famous jungle juice. This carried on until they all dropped like flies and slept where they fell on the mat. It was a sight to see.

Beca was the only one left awake, barely, she looked around smiling to herself. She then gave her girlfriend a kiss on her forehead and wrapped them both up in Chloe’s favourite blanket- bright pink with unicorns on, definitely not Beca’s choice. She may or may not have rolled her eyes when Chloe placed it in the shopping cart. In the long run, she didn’t care because when they were both snuggled into each other underneath it, she was the most content she had ever been.

The day was Sunday, still Beca’s favourite day.

Slash imagine (requested) - Part 2

(Part 1)

It’s been three days since you had left your shared home and you haven’t heard a single word from Slash yet. For now you stayed at your sister’s apartment. You knew she would be there for you, no matter what. You would have loved to hang out with her or go out in the city but you didn’t feel like having fun at all. The fact that Slash didn’t try to call you or to find out where you went after your argument made you feel like a nobody. You hoped for your misery to be over soon, after all you needed to muster the energy to find a new apartment.


You averted your gaze from the TV screen and looked at your sister who gave you a smile. “One of your friends is here to see you, uh… I think it’s Axl?” You chuckled. “Axl? How does he even know I’m here?” She shrugged. “Come on, he’s waiting at the door.” You got up quickly and a smile spread across your face the second you saw Axl who leant against the door frame. “Axl!” “(Y/N)! Aw, come here.” He put his arms around you, you hugged him back. “What are you doing here?” “Slash told me you left… he had no clue where you went and I figured you’d either be at one of your friend’s places or at your sister’s place.” “Why didn’t you just call me?” Axl laughed. “I don’t have the phone number of your sister or any of your friends, silly.” “Oh. Right. We should change that. You wanna come inside?” “I don’t have much time, I just wanted to see how you’re doing.” “I’ve seen better days. I mean, I’m worthless to Slash…” You fell silent when your eyes got watery and tears ran down your face the second you had said his name out loud. Axl pulled you closer to him again and soothingly rubbed your back. “Hey, don’t you ever say that again” he whispered. “You’re not worthless, not to Slash or to anyone else.” You sobbed as you clung to Axl. “Why’d he treat me like that if I’m not worthless to him?” you asked. “He was somewhat sober that night and also kinda exhausted from doing interviews… this is no excuse for his behavior, I just need you to know that you didn’t do anything wrong. Slash is a coward and that’s the only reason you didn’t hear anything from him yet. I’ll kick his ass if he doesn’t change that any time soon though, I promise.” You chuckled with watery eyes. “You do?” “Definitely.” “Thank you so much, Axl.” He patted your head with a smile. “Sure thing. I really gotta go now though.” “Wait just a second, I’ll write down the phone number for you.” You headed back inside to get a piece of paper and quickly scribbled the numerics down before you handed it to Axl. He gave you a smile. “Thanks. Maybe I’ll see ya at our show tomorrow?” “Oh, right! I’ll be there for Izzy, Duff, Steven and you.” “The main thing is that you’ll be there.”

Now that Axl had been there for you, you felt a whole lot better already. And the way he had talked about Slash made it seem like there was still hope left. Maybe Axl was right, maybe you did mean something to Slash.

Your sister was happy to see that you felt better and you actually ended up going out for dinner tonight.

On the next day you were happy that you decided to visit the show of Guns N’ Roses. It was about noon on a saturday and you were reconsidering what to wear tonight when the phone rang. You thought nothing of it and picked up, expecting a call for your sister.

“Hello? It’s (Y/N) speaking, my sister is not home right now…”


Your heart skipped a beat when you recognized Slash’s voice. Your first impulse was to hang up which was exactly what you did. With a racing heartbeat you stared at the phone and waited in anticipation. You weren’t sure why you didn’t talk to him, after all you’ve been waiting for him to call you all the time but now you weren’t ready to say a single word to him all of the sudden. Somehow you were scared you might forgive him way too fast and you didn’t want to make him feel as if he could do with you whatever he wanted.

After a short while the phone rang again but you didn’t pick up this time. You told yourself to stay strong and waited for him to leave a voicemail message although you didn’t want to get your hopes up. When you heard the familiar beeping sound though you were surprised to hear that he actually did leave a message for you.

“Hey… I know you probably hate me and I totally get it, I was a total asshole… but please come to our show tonight. Please, baby.”

With watery eyes you replayed the message, only to hear those last two words over and over again. He sounded so genuine and almost desperate and if you didn’t know better you’d say that he sounded as if he’s been crying. Now you were even more convinced that going to the concert would be a good decision.

Eventually you had picked your outfit and waited impatiently for the time to pass by until you could drive over to the venue and get inside through the backstage entrance. Your name has been on their list since the day Slash and you had started dating so the security recognized your face anyways. Although there was a great danger of running into Slash somewhere in the hallways you wanted to see the other guys before they would let you take place in the first row in front of the stage. Tonight you didn’t feel like standing backstage, you didn’t want to be anywhere near Slash if it could be avoided. Fortunately Steven was the first one of Guns N’ Roses you came across.

“(Y/N)! You’re actually here!”

He hugged you tightly. “Hey, you’re squeezing me to death!” He let go of you with a chuckle. “Sorry. How have you been lately?” You shrugged. “Uh, I’m not sure. I’m okay I guess. What about you?” “I’m good, I’m excited for the show tonight!” Steven winked at you. “And you should be too.” “Okay? Now I’m even more excited.” Steven patted your shoulder. “Great! I gotta go back… if you don’t wanna see Slash, I’d recommend you not to come with me though.” “Oh, that’s too bad. I would have loved to see Duffy, Axl and Izzy before the show.” “I’ll tell them you’re here. I guess you’ll be part of the crowd tonight then?” “Yeah. I don’t wanna be backstage.” Steven nodded and gave you an uneasy smile. “Sure, I get that. I hope we all see you afterwards!” “I hope so too” you said and waved at him before you made your way to the stage.

The show was sold out which did not surprise you at all. It was a bit uncomfortable to be squeezed between all those people but you didn’t mind. Somehow it was a great feeling to be part of the crowd, to scream for Guns N’ Roses to finally get on stage and just feel like a fan without all the drama surrounding you.

When the lights went out and the background music stopped playing everyone started screaming even louder than before and you got carried away by the joy of the other people and almost forgot you’d be seeing your friends playing on stage along with someone you’d rather avoid tonight. You thought you’d be above such things but the second you spotted Slash you were close to tears again. You tried so hard to concentrate on Axl who just announced ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ and it somewhat worked not to glance at Slash every now and then to see if he already realized you were here.

In the middle of the set Axl walked over to the edge of the stage. He looked at all the people in the front row until his eyes locked with yours.

“Tonight we decided to get a fan on stage, someone very special” he said with a smile. Whilst everyone else in the hall was freaking out, you couldn’t breathe for a second. Did he actually intend on getting you on stage?! You shook your head barely noticeable. “I think I already made my decision!” he proclaimed. He portended the security guards to get you onto the stage. “We have this beautiful, young lady here…” You got over the barrier with the help of two guys and then up on the stage. The crowd was cheering but you didn’t feel like rejoicing at all; you were freaking out but not in a good way. What was Axl’s game?

You didn’t even dare to look at all the people and you started to feel uncomfortable with so many eyes on you.

“You know… she’s actually very familiar to us” Axl told the crowd and gave you a smirk. “She’s especially familiar to one of us.” Your got weak in the knees when you saw that Slash walked towards you with a light smile on his lips although you could hardly see that behind his curly black hair. Now you understood why Axl had taken you on stage and you were sure it has been Slash’s idea in the first place; to show the whole world that he was yours now.

When he closed up on you, you simply let it happen. You didn’t try to push him away when he put his arms around you and you didn’t turn your head when he placed his soft lips onto yours. You forgot everything around you as you kissed him back. All your worries were wiped off at one stroke.

Eventually you let go of each other and you turned your face to the cheering crowd. Some girls didn’t seem too happy about what had just happened though.

You spent the rest of the show backstage like you always used to do and watched your boyfriend playing guitar with butterflies in your stomach. When they finished their set Slash couldn’t wait to catch you in his arms.

“I’m so glad you’re here” he whispered before he pecked your lips. “I’m so sorry, baby. The way I talked to you was nothing but awful and I should’ve known better. I acted like an arrogant asshole and you don’t deserve that.” “Yeah, you really did. And it hurt me a lot.” You sighed. “But what you just did there showed me that I do mean something to you.” Slash caressed your cheek and gave you a warm smile. “You mean everything to me, baby. I can’t believe I actually allowed this to happen. I’ll never hurt you again, I promise.” “I trust you” you said with a hint of a smile on your face and the two of you shared another kiss before you joined the rest of the band to celebrate this successful evening together.

BTS Reaction to You Showing Them Places That Are Important to You

I hope this makes sense! I am sorry if it doesn’t. I tried my hardest to use “them” here but it just wasn’t working. For this one, I am going to do something I never do: second person. I hope it isn’t too jarring. Also, this is one of my longer ones, so I hope it isn’t too annoying. >_<


You and Hoseok decided to go on an adventure. It was his first time meeting your parents and they lived very far away from Seoul, so there was so much that Hobi was interested in. He wanted to learn everything he could about you.

You showed him everything you could think of that was important to your childhood; the parks you used to play in, the school you went to and your favourite places to eat. Every little thing that passed that peaked his interest, you explained and he was so enthusiastic and present the entire time. You even eventually ended up playing on the jungle gym with him at a local park, playing tag and laughing loudly with each other, stuck in your own world as you raced around, trying to catch each other. All in all, it was a lot of goofing off. 

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Jimin had confessed that he felt like he didn’t know much about your past or where you came from so you vowed to fix that. You didn’t want him to feel excluded or like you were hiding anything so you went to your room and dug out a photo album that was made for you by your family. Something about not wanting you to feel too far away from home when you were on your own. 

You come back and sit next to him, opening the book and explaining all the pictures to him, where they happened, who everyone was and some of your favourite moments. You pointed out the ones you remember the most too, telling him more about the situation and smiling. Jimin enjoyed watching you talk about these things, perhaps a little more than the stories themselves. The way your eyes lit up made his stomach feel like it was fluttering and your smile was among his favourite things. You stayed like that for some time, just talking and letting him know about your life. 

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For Jin, it was a curiosity about food. He wanted to know what the food was like where you grew up and was eager to visit there with you so he could try it. You planned a whole trip around it, he could meet your parents and then you could spend the weekend going from place to place, feeding him all of your favourites. 

In truth, you could see how relaxed and happy he was, able to walk around on his own like it wasn’t a big deal. You lived in such a local area that while there was a decent amount of people, they wouldn’t know who he was. He was happy, getting to spend his free time with you and sharing food, trying different things and then getting to snuggle with you for the night, holding you close.

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Jungkook knew that it was important for you to bring him to all these different places, so even though he was frankly exhausted from all of the work he put into BTS he didn’t say anything about the trip you planned other than small words of positive interest. Underneath the “I’m eighteen and I know what I need to know” act, he was sweet, thoughtful and caring and he wasn’t about to be the stick in the mud. 

So when you mapped out your entire day upon arriving in your home town, he smiled and said it sounded like fun. He went to every location holding your hand, albeit a little shyly in the public eye, without a single word of complaint. He liked the moments best when it was more private. His favourite was the tire swing on the huge tree on the edge of a lake near your house. It was quiet there and nothing felt better than the sound of your giddy laugh or the sight of your smile. 

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While you wanted to introduce him to your parents, you couldn’t really afford a trip to go see them right now, so you tried to tell him about your life as a kid in other ways. You made him food from home, showed him pictures and even did skype calls with your friends from home to introduce them. 

However, what Namjoon liked most were the days you’d bring him to your room and lay side by side on your bed, putting an earbud in each of your ears and just listening to the music you grew up with. Some of it was old classic kind of music, the stuff your parents listened to, and then others was music you liked as a kid, the stuff that was popular. He didn’t mind any of it, to him this was a piece of you and he loved laying next to you, holding your hand and closing his eyes as the rhythm flowed. 

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Taehyung wanted to see nothing more than pictures of your pets that were back at your home when it started. He was curious about them, but truth is he just wanted to see pictures of cute dogs and cats. He quickly learned the name of yours and decided it was his favourite, because it was yours and was adequately fluffy. 

The next thing he wanted to do was plan a trip to go to your home town, to meet your parents of course. Though, meeting your pets was a bonus. When you finally got to do it, he was excited about going and when he finally got to meet your dog he was beyond happy, commenting that it reminded him of you and he liked it. 

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Yoongi asked you questions. Sometimes they were just random, out of the blue. One moment you’d be drinking a cup of tea and reading a book and then the next he’d be asking you what your first house was like. He was always curious when it came to you, in subtle ways, wanting to know all he could about you. 

One day you decided that you wanted to show him some of the things he asked about and when you suggested it he seemed genuinely excited to go. He loved traveling, but more importantly he loved traveling as just Min Yoongi and he loved going places with you. Getting to know more stuff about you, adding little pieces to what he knew about you in total was just a bonus for him. 

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So I have failed at writing prompts and fic ideas for months now. Blame it on a combination of depression and school work, but I decided why not put that to an end.

It’s a little fic based off a prompt I liked that @kneekeyta @theblanknotebook@rhi3915@redprairielily@mydiaryofemus and some other lovely Emus had interest in, so here’s my shabby attempt. I guess I could tag @mmfdfanfic​ for the hell of it.

It’s short, 1350 words. I want to do a Part II but based on my shit track record, I make no promises. 

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Note to Self:

She is an optimist in a place that has no room for optimism. That is why you love her. That and her hands: smaller than the rain – like in that poem. That is why you love her. And you do love her.

She doesn’t think they know yet, but they always know. They know everything. I think they are just waiting. I think they are just unimpressed and unimposed upon. But she has big, loud ideas. Big ideas and small hands. And that is why you love her. But that is also why they will come. This is not a safe place for big, loud ideas.

You know how they operate. Remember that. Remember that you understand them. She has big ideas and you are unimportant. She has big ideas and you love her. She has big ideas and when you look at her, it feels like spring is thawing in your ventricular system. 

There is a freckle between the third and fourth knuckles on her left hand. It is the first place you always want to kiss her. She never sleeps silently. Remember that. Remember how at first, her nighttime mumbling drove you to sleep on the couch; now it is hard to sleep without it. It sounds like water sighing slowly around a riverbend, like one of those sleep-sound systems that plays jungle leaves and rain – only it’s just her mouth. She bites her nails. She kisses hard, like she’s always afraid you’re going to leave, but she never says anything about it.

The first day you met was a very normal day. You burst a pen down the front of your new shirt. She smiled at you. Your legs felt weak. Your legs still feel weak. 

She started writing you love notes a month after your first date. You thought it strange at first. Her sweet nothings were one thing, but sometimes she went on to document the mundane things you had done together. She wanted you to remember them. It took you too long to catch on. You did not hold on to all of them like you should have. The ones you do have are here, in this box: ordered and dated. 

She gave you one this morning. She wrote about the taste of your mouth last night. She wrote of coffee and desperation. She wrote with a fervor. 

She writes because she is an optimist in a place where there is no room for optimism. She writes because she has big ideas and she loves you. And the thing about big ideas is that if you rip them out, people will only grow new ones.

There’s no real way to reeducate someone with grand plans and big ideas; but you can scare them.

She has big ideas, but you – you are unimportant. And that is why she writes. In loving her, you have to know that you have made poor decisions on behalf of your own safety and well being. They probably won’t kill you. But when they come – because they will come – they will sit you down in the deep dark and pluck the image of her face from your head. They will tell you to be good. And you will be good because you do not remember the taste of her thighs or the fervor or the desperation.

You will pass her on the street without a second thought.

And then, one day, again, you will find this box.

And when you do, we will start the fight all over again.


CinePremiere.com.mx has a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of The Legend of Tarzan plus a few new promo pics of Alex.

From Cine Premiere’s June 2016 issue:

Insider Set Visit:  THE LEGEND OF TARZAN

The unexpected return to the jungle

It’s a sunny morning in Hertfordshire, England, and I am in Warner Bros. Leavesden studios where a group of journalists are meeting the most popular jungle man of all time. We walk by very large tents that serve as pantries and departments from different areas: art, costumes and makeup.  I’m astonished to see what began as a film studio turning into a broken time machine : all around us there are more than 300 people, all dressed in the style of the late 19th century, or the characterization of imposing tribal warriors. In front of us there is a huge line of men and women in a Victorian court waiting to eat fish and chips served to them from a foodtruck. We also see an African tribal man taking a selfie while his friend’s makeup is touched up. If you look further you can see Samuel L. Jackson wearing what looks like a robe and a turban (they are not part of the film’s costumes) grabbing a cupcake. Being part of such an environment make us feel fascinated and a bit uncomfortable because we are not dressed like them. It’s a feeling that only Tarzan - now played by by Alexander Skarsgård - would understand.

Henry Cavill, Tom Hardy and Charlie Hunnam were considered to play Tarzan.

“This is a story of a man who grew up in the jungle, but when we meet him, he has been living in London for a decade. He is a Lord and plans to stay in London forever.”

-Alexander Skarsgård

I couldn’t have been more wrong because that man feels as comfortable as ever. In The Legend of Tarzan (directed by David Yates), the protagonist has left his loincloths in the past, and traded them in for most fashionable clothing from London. Now his name is John Clayton III and he’s accustomed to the civilized society. “This is a story of a man who grew up in the jungle, but when we meet him, he has been living in London for a decade. He is a Lord and plans to stay in London forever. Everything changes when George Washington Williams (Jackson) arrives with a very compelling argument to make him come back to the Congo,” the actor reveals. As expected, this powerful reason is no more than a trick from the captain, León Rom (Christoph Waltz), to carry out a destructive plan. And although in the film we will see John get reacquainted with Tarzan, his wild side, today we are not seeing any of that on set. No one is walking on all fours or swinging from vines. In the scene we watch, Clayton has just received news of his inevitable journey and is not very happy about it. A row of carriages and horses parade in front of a block of urban houses. I don’t have enough visibility from my location and I don’t hear what happens, but I clearly see the protagonist and Washington having a very brief conversation. The scene cuts ahead of time a couple of times due to problems of coordination of movement, and as our time on the set is finished, we fail to see the final shot. However, we have seen enough to know that what awaits us is an interesting trip, both by what the return to the past visually offers and the internal fight between animal instinct and social rigidity (ie. between John Clayton and Tarzan).

Christoph Waltz is the villain of the story: Captain Rom.

Skarsgård trained for four months to get the body that the role required.

As we move away from the set everything goes back to normal. Already there are no more old men or strange tribes transporting us to another time and another place.  All that is left is a great curiosity to see how John Clayton is reconciled with his origins and becomes, once again, the simian man in the jungle who climbs trees, swings on vines and makes the cry we all know.

-Fernanda Lopez / Sent to London

Sources: Digital scans via SG Gallery for The Library, Our transcription, Translation via Google/Babelfish + a lot of clean-up by The Library