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She’s at a restaurant for lunch today. This isn’t unusual for Maya, as she sometimes just doesn’t feel like cooking something at home. Next to her at the table is a four-year-old girl, who seems very focused on coloring the picture on her place mat with a dull red crayon. Maya is watching her daughter quietly as she colors. The food hasn’t arrived quite yet, so this is the best that she can do for right now. After all, she needs some kind of distraction from her hunger.

i’m taking this coding bootcamp course and since it’s just the beginning i already know everything that’s going on right now and this is the first time i’m like actually ahead of the whole class? anyway it’s boring and i just watch aqua teen hunger force

Bless You

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It is around 11 at night and I am sat on my couch eating popcorn and having a Hunger Games marathon. I pause the movie and get up to pop more popcorn because my gluttonous self has already finished the third bowl. I shuffle into my kitchen and throw another bag into the microwave. I’ve been sitting on that sofa for hours now; I should probably stretch because I feel a little stiff.

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The more that I watch movies like The Maze Runner, Divergent, Insurgent, The Hunger Games series or any other dystopian novel movie, the more that I feel that those same movies would be way more resonating and home hitting if the main characters like Thomas, Katniss or Tris were played by POC men and women. It just reinforces the idea that the real saviors of this world will be white people. An idea so insulting to POC that if things were really looking down for us (almost like they somewhat are now) that the only people that could pull us out of trouble, would be white people. That’s not a future that I am okay with. People of Color have fought and revolted and continue to fight, but for some reason when people write these novels, they only see white people as the ones with problems, or the ones who are struggling against a way to make sense of all that is around them. And struggling to find a way to understand why the people that are supposed to be for them are so inherently against them. The real people of this world that have revolted, sacrificed, and been there for those that haven’t even deserved our love and support are People of Color. Mainstream media should represent that in whatever BS end of world scenario they drum up as well.

Stayin' Alive (with everyonecallsmezed)

He tugged at his collar violently. What kind of sick bullshit was this? He’d heard of this Hunger Games shit, even watched it on TV. He was confident at first, then they slapped the collar on him. Now, all he had was Sonar. Not even a spark. He knew how to handle himself with primitive weapons. Swords, bows and arrows (thanks to a purple haired friend), spears and the like, but getting close and personal was something he didn’t much cherish. As his platform rose, he could feel the excitement in the air. He couldn’t see anything, or anyone, but the tension was so thick, one could cut it with a knife. He diverted all his energy to his Siren Sense, as it wouldn’t be used for much else. As the radius slowly extended, he picked up movement on his left and right. Other Tributes. The one to his left looked oddly familiar. The mask…the doctor’s outfit (now clean)…dad. “Hey…! HEY!” He shouted, trying to attract their attention. The timer began to tick down, and he focused on getting Zed’s attention. He knew what bag he was going to get, and what weapon he was going for already.

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