feel like shat

Nobody cares but at first I though Draxler maybe didn’t deserve the golden ball but then the more I thought about the more I thought I was wrong. Like he’s the youngest captain in 100 years and he led a reasonably young team that hadn’t played together before to victory? He was present and influential in every game andI feel like sometimes we don’t fully appreciate or get to see the work and pressure that is part of being captain, especially for a major team and especially at just 24. And this is basically me just saying I think he earned it

I think..

One of my favorite things about Maggie Stiefvater books is they always have an aggressive amount of beautiful land (scenery sounds too indifferent? Idk I don’t like that word ha). Like reading her books and focusing on the surroundings is just as mystifyingly breath-catching as the depths of her characters.

And yes, it is November and so The Scorpio Races is being reread.(well hello old friend)

Okay so last week I met a guy who’s kinda nice to me and he’s highkey gorgeous (no I did not) and we’ve been working together and he’s kinda flirty and if I was into guys I’m sure I’d pay attention to him but all I can think of when I’m with him is when will a beautiful gal come and treat me like that I’m MAD GOD GIVES BREAD TO THOSE WITHOUT TEETH


For jdrox <3

Don't question PMS. We'll cut you.

So my dad and I were at Chipotle.

Dad: Your sister had to go on the pill because she said her cramps were making it hard to go to classes. She wasn’t getting out of bed. I don’t understand what’s so painful about periods.

GB: Imagine, dear father, if you will, that the burrito you’re holding is filled with rotten fish, nails, toe jam, staples, battery acid, and used surgical gauze.

As it makes its journey through your gut, you will have exquisite pain, due to the erosion of your intestinal lining. Only lower.

Some people get diarrhea. 

Credit: thisismoitoday.tumblr.com

Oh, you can also have an insatiable lust for some of the most random foods, as well. And it feels like someone just shat on your soul.

If you’re lucky, this side-splitting (ha.) good time lasts 5 days. If you’re not, it can last 9 or 10.  And you WILL CONTINUE TO EAT THIS GODFORSAKEN BURRITO EVERY MONTH FOR THE CONCEIVABLE (HA!) FUTURE.

So. In conclusion, uterus owners don’t pretend to know what it’s like to get kicked in the nuts, so testicle owners shouldn’t presume how painful periods can be.  

Dad:  O.o   I had no idea.

I love Steve, don’t get me wrong, but that letter at the end of Civil War was just a shit show. Like, “I hope one day you can understand”???? You don’t put the burden of understanding on the person you’re APOLOGIZING TO. That’s not how apologies work! How about “I hope one day you can forgive me” or “I fucked up, I’m sorry”???? Is that too much to ask?