feel like reading it rn ; ;

here's what happens.

1. feel body positive for once
2. eat a lot
3. wait until the self hatred inevitably comes back
4. regret EVERYTHING.

guilt is horrible

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Honestly, shiznat has some of my all time favorite fanfictions like!! what!! I'm so jealous!! What are your favorite oness??

omg same like holy fucking shit, listen nothing can fucking beat inter nos. destroy the patriarchy honestly, the political scenes are so GOOD it has 60+ chapters and over 1 mil words and i reread 8 fucking times (and never got to the end cuz i keep forgetting the content, i read when im free, so i go back to ch1 like 7 times ) 

other favs include the shiznat pirate fic? there’s this line where it says shizuru (captain) wears red cuz that’s how her fellow pirates wouldn’t notice if their captain gets stabbed or sth. there’s so many godlike fics im sobbing

Happiness is a function of vigilance, of watching yourself. You do bad things to cover up bad feelings, and you somehow become attached to both.
—  Gillian Anderson interviewed by The Observer, Feb 1999

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IM LEARNING SO MUCH ABOUT DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF AUSTEN ON YIUR BLOG TONIGHT AND I LOVE IT. If you have the time, would you consider making like, a master list of Austen media or something?

hoo boy there are a lot but i dont feel like doing my history reading rn SO 

i will attempt to be as thorough as possible but there are a LOT of these

pride and prejudice: 

adaptations with the same name: 2005, 2003, 1995, 1980, 1940

other adaptations: bride and prejudice (2004), pride and prejudice and zombies (2016), bridget jones’ diary (2001), the lizzie bennet diaries, a modern pride and prejudice (2011), unleashing mr. darcy (2016), 

related: death comes to pemberley (2013), lost in austen (2008)

sense and sensibility: 

adaptations with the same name: 2008, 1995, 1981, 1971

other adaptations: scents and sensibility (2011), from prada to nada (2011), i have found it (2000). 


adaptations with the same name: 1996, 2009, 1996 (yes there were two – one is a made for tv movie w kate beckinsale). 

other adaptations: clueless (1995) 

other adaptations: 

love and friendship (2016), northanger abbey (2007), persuasion (2007, 1995, 1971), mansfield park (2007, 1999, 1983).

related movies: 

becoming jane (2007), the jane austen book club (2007), austenland (2013), miss austen regrets (2008)

I can’t read yixings apology it literally makes me want to cry he’s so harsh on himself it wasn’t even his fault like the sound system was messed up n he’s been running on like 2 hrs sleep per day flying back n forth every five minutes I’m honestly surprised he’s still standing let alone finding the energy to attend functions n perform like damn dude… lower the bar perhaps u don’t have to be 150% at all times. I hate when his schedules get ridiculous like this bc the amount of times this guys collapsed due to exhaustion… I remember every single time n I remember how it made me sick to my stomach seeing him look so ill only for him to apologise for it after n tell us he’ll work harder like bitch no.. trouble is he is so stubborn n he won’t listen to no one, he does this to himself even when his body is literally telling him to stfu n take a seat. these past few days I’ve almost been ready to wake up n hear news that he’s fallen ill again or passed out again or something n maaaaaaaaaan I hate it. I genuinely worry abt him n I think abt his health constantly n I trust him to know what he’s doing but sometimes the man is a dickhead n he needs to be told.

tldr: yixing is an idiot who makes me feel many emotions so in conclusion I love him :/

1) you could have saved three lines and just said no homo instead and 2) you literally called George a sex god stop with this ‘I’m blind to attractive guys’ thing


Ad Astra Series

Inspired by the wonderful stories by @companions

  1. Like Perennials
  2. On lightning, on luster
  3. How to let your planets align 
  4. 400 Lux

I just love Justine’s work and I wanted to do something about her wonderful fics, honestly…if you haven’t read them you totally should! You will not regret a thing! She does an amazing job and I love everything about these fics.


wow so i have been MIA for literally 5eva idrk why (i think cause i started uni and decided i wanted to spend less time on tumblr and more in life (it’s not fully that but it also is))(look i’m back with being terrible at expressing myself and relying on excessive brackets) anyway the point is i am here now (but not back now) idk i didn’t really bring all of this to a close so i wanted to maybe hang out for a little bit longer/say goodbye/maybe rearrange my blog to something new (i could post my weird art who knows…) 

the point is i might be no longer on tumblr soon but i missed being a spectator to the random parts of your lives ya’ll shared with me and so i am resurfacing to figure out my life (well resurfacing soon i am currently heading into exams tomorrow so maybe after that cause i get a month off)(ver-i excited) 

also you probably didn’t want these disjointed and not fully fledged thoughts, but i thought you deserved an explanation on why i didn’t answer/respond/do anything for literally two months or whatever

@menollywanderer (idk how to those cool reply text post things rip)

I hope so!

Something that makes it seem super possible is that at the end of finishing the last chapter, you get an email from Arcann and he says “And now I have you”, or something along those lines (I’m currently in a separate game rn and don’t feel like ditching it to read the email atm).

There’s so much potential for a romance with him. It could add a lot more to the story, as well as just be something new. I die for enemies who fall in love romances and I just would love to see what they could do with an Arcann romance 😍

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its like how i thought dracos & harrys sons were canon but it was just queerbait i guess (which is messed up since they are both literally 12)

yeah the cursed child is awful yikes. speaking of jkr fantastic beast has literally the grossest queerbaiting i hate it so much, cc can’t compare (just forewarning u)

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6 n 22! and this is random but I'm in need of some good harry smut, do you have any recommendations?

6: A song that makes you want to dance
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper

22: A song that moves you forward
Carpe Diem - You Me At Six

Yes, definitely!! I always recommend anything from @permanentcross and @stylesunchained!! But here are some things that I’ve read recently:

Move - @canistay-haz
This is set in Jamaica and starts out at a concert and the entire vibe just gets me all types of hot and bothered.

Giving Back - @mizpahes
My honey bun did very well with a requested concept. I’m so very proud of her and if you’re into blowjobs I would recommend this one.

Saint Knickers - @kasiwrites
CHRISTMAS IN JULY IS A SPECIAL GIFT. This one is a really cool concept where you’re a set designer and Harry’s acting. And god I love Christmas sweaters and want Harry to just wiggle out of his jeans for me so highly recommend.

Mind the Ferns - @kasiwrites
THIS ONE ROYALLY FUCKED ME UP. I HAVE A THING FOR ROUGH BLOWJOBS AND KASI SET OUT TO KILL ME. Anyways. Harry’s a gardener and you can’t help ogling his sweaty work until you’re in trouble. READ IT.

Model Material - @majorharry
THIS WAS AMAZING. Harry seems like such a tease with everything he does. And I don’t doubt he would hide modeling photos from you until they were released to the public. Plus all of his magazine shoots turn me on so IT’S PRETTY REALISTIC. BLESS YOURSELF WITH THIS ONE.

And I feel like there are more that I’ve read lately but my tags aren’t working rn so that’s all I got. Hope it helps. Xx