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Preacher - S02E04 - Viktor

Now, what is this project? It’s Game of Thrones. And are we talking guest star or something larger? It’s reoccurring, but there’s a chance it’ll get him to series regular if he’s godlike. You know what I mean?


22 years ago today (1st February) Richey Edwards disappeared, on the day he was due to start an American tour with his band, the Manic Street Preachers. He was never found again.


Uh-oh. Manila folder time.

  • Jesse: cassidy why are you so dramatic
  • Cassidy lounging in a hotel poolside chaise at midnight even though no one is supposed to be there in only briefs and a pink robe that has the really big sleeves with feathers on the end sipping blood out of a straw in a champagne flute: I have no idea what you mean pardre

also @ the ppl always comparing tv!cassidy to comic!cassidy… in the latest “taking preacher” interview, cassidy was described as a “tragic hero” so if y’all still think comic and tv cass are one in the same… well buddy, you’ve got a storm coming. in NO way was comic!cassidy a tragic hero– it’s obvious from this alone that we’re basically dealing with two different characters. the only characteristics they share are purely physical at this point imo


Richey Edwards and James Dean Bradfield Belga Beach Festival (1992)

so i thought about making a maxvid au where david is daniels son, and because of this he had literally barely ANY FRIENDS. i mean Jasper and Gwen is probably his ONLY friends, but even they find themselves being around davids father daniel who is this really creepy preacher unsettling so i feel like, david who would soon get pretty tired of being lonely at the point of his preteen years would become desperate for a very close friend. his sadness starts to reflect in his actions and the usually perky david is now acting pretty depressed. Daniel notices this, and concerned he does what most priest parents would do, tell david the answers to his problems can be found if he did some soul searching and read some books that involve daniels cult religion. so, david does just that, and because of that he ends up summoning a demon that is supposedly supposed to grant wishes to those with miserable lives and are desperate enough to turn to evil and sell their souls.

so the demon who is Max shows up and asks david what he wants and David just says he want a friend for life and explains that the reason why he summoned Max was so that he could have a friend who would never leave him and would be bound forever. Of course, Max declines and attempts to leave, but David is relentless and threatens to keep summoning Max until the other changes his mind. After stopping to contemplate it for a while max really didnt want to be stuck with a kid for all eternity, but he also (specifically in this au, kinda like bill cypher) cant take Davids soul if the other doesnt grant him permission with a deal. So he agrees, thinking that if he just proved himself to be the shittiest and horrible friend to David by scaring him constantly and horrifying him David will reconsider. Unfortunately, David does get scared of Max for a little while but eventually warms up to him slightly, and soon enough finds himself immune to Maxs scares. He ends up falling in love with the demon and even though Max is still very angry and confused as to why David wont crack, he slowly, and i mean SLOWLY starts to find tolerance in the others presence, but will never fully admit he likes david. whole bunch of shenanigans happen and smutty things.


Stupid, stupid, stupid Tulip! Please God, or whatever the hell you call yourself, I know we hate each other, but please, please, please, just this once, do the right thing here. I’ll be good, I swear. I’ll be good. I’ll be so damn good, you won’t even know it’s me.

preacher + season 2
i was left to my own devices / many days fell away with nothing to show / and the walls kept tumbling down / in the city that we love / grey clouds roll over the hills / bringing darkness from above / but if you close your eyes / does it almost feel like / nothing changed at all? / and if you close your eyes / does it almost feel like / you’ve been here before?

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You've probably answered this before but of the three reboot planet of the apes movies which is your favorite? Rises, dawn or war?

I thiiiiink War is my favorite? I’m not sure if I’m saying this because it’s the newest one.

I can say Dawn is my least favorite, I still like it tho. I just think the humans were not that interesting and they had quite a bit of screentime bringing it down, War had the same problem but they didn’t have as much screentime so it wasn’t as apparent.

Rise is great with the human element, you feel the tragedy of Will’s dad succumbing to Alzheimers and it could have been so easy to make Will a dick but they strike a good balance with him. The humans in Dawn just seem mostly stupid.

How has the experience of returning to Cassidy for Preacher’s second season compared to learning to play the character in the first season?

Joseph Gilgun: I’ll be honest with you, it’s been kind of challenging. I mean Cassidy was well received last year, so you’re just hoping you’re doing as good a job and it’s very very difficult to gauge. You can watch your stuff back and it just makes no difference really. You’re still just as unsure. But I’m my own worst critic you know. Everything I do, I always feel is terrible, like I feel like I could have done more or been better.