feel like a disney princess

team voltron as things my best friend has said/done

keith: when was my emo phase? what do you mean phase, have you seen my closet?

lance: i just flirted with 28 girls, 15 boys and like 7 nonbinary people all in the span of 46 minutes

hunk: i can fix just about anything that breaks with nothing but craft glue, cotton swabs and a lot of determination

pidge: are you living? or just meme-ing?

shiro: i’m not that much older than you, but sometimes i feel like i am on the brink of death

allura: i am half disney princess, half dreamworks warrior girl, and 100% done

coran: socks and sandals are sometimes ok, ok?


lotor: i know you don’t ship this, but i am sending this you anyway, simply because i like to watch you suffer

matt: i bet you thought you’d seen the last of- *falls down the stairs* …me


art collab with @lumieremorte !!

lined the first one and colored the second one

We’ll make the case for you — what perfect casting that would be. What if you could create your own Disney Princess? Wow! I would love to create a Disney Princess whose figure is like what we all look like — she wouldn’t have this extremely tiny waist. I just want her to look how we do and have a really cool, honest personality. In general, I feel like Disney has done a great job with all these different princess movies and the stories behind them.

Endless List of Favorite Characters:

Disney Heroines ~ Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

“And for once, it might be grand to have someone understand, I want so much more than they’ve got planned”


Talking really fast + not even realizing it

needing to constantly talk, like talking is the best stim

rambling for hours about one very specific thing, yet still repeating yourself 20 times

that feel when you realize you have no idea what you’ve been saying for the past 10 minutes

will LITERALLY scream from the rooftops about autism awareness and stim positivity

stuttering a lot because your brain can’t decide which tangent it wants to go on

social interaction being one of your biggest stims, and the frustration when it’s also the hardest one to fulfill (I personally do some mental RP when I’m alone such as in bed or waiting for something)

“I said I’m social, I didn’t say I was good at it”

Having no filter but with added bonus of having no shame

not realizing you are screaming/flailing in public and things get awkward when u gotta explain what a stim is

being the “disruptive” kid in class

skipping, dancing, or running around like a Disney princess 24/7

that feel when u can pass off your stimming as being a really bad dancer