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Guys help. I’m already in love with my Nanowrimo OCs but it’s so hard to outline when I’m so focused on how CUTE they’re going to be together. Ian is ten pounds of “fight me” in a five pound bag (bless her) and Angie is the butch lesbian sci-fi hero I’ve always wanted (to be) and they’re going to fall so in love with each other. 😭 😭 💖 💖

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You seem to ignore a lot of my asks.. is there certain things you won't answer?

i’m really bad at answering asks tbh hngj i apologize. partly because i get so many that it’s hard. i’ll try to be better and when i’m not so busy i’ll answer ones that i’ve neglected ㅜㅜ also i try to answer things that i feel like many people would be interested in and that i can answer well. i’m very tough on myself when it comes to writing, esp my posts on here (curse you mercury conjunct saturn) sometimes i’m in the middle of answering an ask and go ahh that doesn’t sound right then delete it..there’s so many eloquent astrologists on here that phrase themselves so well i’m jealous!!

please don’t feel that i’m ignoring your asks because i’m not. i appreciate everything you guys send in and frankly without ur asks this blog would be quite dead. don’t be discouraged because i will try my best to get it! 💕💞

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Hey I was scrolling through your blog and saw that you wanted to add a sequel to Starved! Although I think that is an AMAZING idea I do want you to make sure to take breaks between your long fics. You work very hard on them and they're so detailed and I feel like asking you for an addition to something while you're writing another thing while also trying to develop the wing fic is a lot to ask haha. You give so much to us. Remember to give some to yourself as well! <3

Well this is an amazing anon message to get!!!! You are so sweet!!!!! 

If I do a sequel to Starved, it will be a bit down the pipeline, though, so don’t worry! My big thing right now is to finish up Anti Anxiety before Nano hits. Then I’ll probably be mostly off the writing radar for the month of November trying to hit my Nano goal. After that, though, we’ll see what happens!!! 

You are so sweet and this message made me so happy. Thank you!!!


Lookit what I found ya’ll; the Reset Mrfunnybone has now reached the 100 follower milestone! :O 

That’s pretty cool! I’m not sure if I’ll do a milestone post each time, but I couldn’t ignore the first one. Blasphemy!

Honestly, all of you guys are amazing. Really and truly. You’ve spoiled me with kindness, patience, endless inspiration and too many laughs to count. Thank you. 

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Can I still be punk without a self-made or anyway a punk jacket? But,, obviously still doing the punk stuff, because that's what I am doing, and I feel ashamed of calling myself punk.. It's not because I don't wanna wear it, but it's all an economic stuff ahhhhhh ;-;

No, of course you don’t “need” to have any sort of jacket or type of thing to be punk. The idea that you need to buy something to be punk is ludicrous, it goes against what punk is.

If you want, you can always look through this blog and others to learn and get ideas to make your own patches! Some people even write things directly onto their jackets/backpacks/pants or anything! But as long as you have the punk attitude you’re punk to me my buddy!


Okay.. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and I’m going to be taking a semi-hiatus. All writing will be put on hold, except for the challenges that I’ve signed up for. I will be routinely checking for my own writing challenge, and re-blogging all completed fics (so the challenge is still ongoing!). I will still answer asks and stuff, just not very frequently. If anybody wants to discuss alternative methods of communication, let me know. 

I’m struggling a lot on here not feeling like I’m doing a very great job of running a blog, or making friends, or writing and it’s really getting to me emotionally. I’m so very sorry that I’m not better. And I will not be gone forever, I just need a break. I hope that you all understand. 

I still have stuff in the queue and today will be working on the queue for my sideblog for the 3 of you who follow it. 

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Thanks for all the random sander sides stuff you provide on my dash! I love your writing! Also don't feel obligated to accept this compliment I just wanted to let you know.

I still don’t know when and how this turned into a sanders Sides blog, to be honest. Also interesting that autocorrect decided to capitalize “sides” and not “sanders” which is an actual name. I’m leaving that mistake there as a subject of intellectual intrigue.

Logging Off.

    I’ll be logging out of Jaune for a long time, I think. I’m afraid that on my list of priorities, this doesn’t quite make the cut for what I can have in my life right now. And - tbh, this blog is almost a tether to a Self that I’ve been trying to move beyond. It’s kind of like…a relationship that just Can’t work out. I love it here, but - I stay anchored down here, escaping reality for too long. 

    Which. Isn’t right. Not when reality is good, and worth embracing. Maybe if I was better at moderation, I could be here. But I love everyone so much and want to write with so many people. It’s a lot of directions to be pulled, and it’s almost feeling like a job. 

   You know where to catch me. Wish me luck~
                Love, Michael.

    P.S. Good luck to those reading this <3
           I don’t know where you’ll be in your futures,
                 but I hope you look back at these times like I do - fondly.


Okay so, as you can see I decided to go through with accepting another admin. Honestly, school has been killing me with time and it’s only October, haha. Anyway, if you are interested, feel free to send in a submission with the following information as stated below. :)

  • Name (could be a nickname or whatever you go by online):
  • Age:
  • Admin name (optional):
  • Gender / Identity / Pronouns:
  • Personal blog (will not be disclosed if you wish):
  • Writing experience (if any):
  • What groups you are willing to write for:
  • How often you are on Tumblr / Your update schedule (approx. / at least once a week):
  • Time zone:
  • What would you be willing to write? (see here for outline ; you are allowed to add on)
  • Kakaotalk ID? (this is necessary, as it is the easiest way to contact me.):

You will also need to include a piece of your own work. Since @dong-hyucks is mostly a writing blog, you will be required to submit a piece of your writing. Minimum words is 500, and there is no limit beyond that. Your submission could be of any genre; angst, fluff, etc. However, I will not allow any NSFW submissions. If you send in an NSFW submission, your submission will deleted. 

Accepted submission types:
imagines / scenarios :
submit an old or new piece of writing that is yours. if I find out any work has been plagiarized, the submission will be deleted.
bulleted scenarios : similar to the one above, but without a word minimum (within reason. do not submit something in which there is three words per bullet). just submit a bulleted scenario that is at least fifteen bullets long.

General Rules / What Is Required Of You:

  • Answering asks ; if you see an ask in the inbox, feel free to answer it as you would normally.
  • Writing ; obviously, you’ll be asked to write some requests. if you become an admin, also feel free to write your own ideas, so long as they are SFW. Posting schedules will be discussed privately.
  • Hiatus ; I completely understand if you need to go on hiatus– for school, personal problems, etc. but please notify me at least three days beforehand.
  • Editing ; once an admin is chosen, we will establish a concrete editing routine. generally, editing will be somewhat of a group process (i.e; I edit yours, you edit mine) After writing, just save your work as a draft and message me. I will read it over and talk to you about whatever may concern me, if there is anything. And vice versa. However, if you do not have time to edit / proofread, just tell me so that I am not waiting on you to edit.
  • Password ; @dong-hyucks is a primary blog, so I cannot add members. under no circumstances are you allowed to change the password.
  • Personal ; adding to the last note, you absolutely cannot reveal personal information about this blog (password, email, etc.).
  • Theme ; if you want to change the theme of this blog, consult me beforehand. no major choices will be made without my knowledge.
  • General sense ; if you are unnecessarily rude to any followers, mutuals, myself, or anyone else for that matter, you will be removed as an admin.

Most of these are common sense, but once (if anyone applies, that is) I accept an admin it is required for you to follow these rules. If you do not follow these rules, you will be removed as an admin instantly without discussion.

If you have any questions about submitting or about the information, please just message me :) I will be happy to explain or help out with whatever is confusing or troubling you.

Before I finish here, please note that it is not necessary for you to stan every group I write for. It’s 100% okay, not everyone stans the same groups. After discussion, you can even add your own groups to the ones this blog writes for.

Overall, submit with a positive attitude. :)

[applications will be open until I find a suitable admin. if i do not find a suitable one before 2017-12-20 (though, I doubt that), I will just give up on finding one and will go on with this blog as usual.]

And! before I go, even if you aren’t interested please share this. Thank you so much for reading all of this, and if you choose to submit; good luck. :)

oh what the fuck I hit 2k followers! woah dang!! hey guys, how’s it going?? welcome to my blog where I start discourse, post pictures of nice arms, blab about dumb theories, and write dorky fics!!!

thanks, wow, I’m real shook but also like you guys are awesome and I feel bad that I haven’t posted …… any fics whatsoever whoops

OOC: What the Hell, Writer’s Block?

After spending a few years within the Gw2RP community, I can assuredly say that the members which comprise it are passionate, dedicated writers who never cease to bring new, fun, and exciting adventures to their own story in which they share with everyone around them. I love perusing Tumblr and seeing all the blogs which share stories for me to read and allow others to engage in. It’s a special thing for people to share a love of writing, but to even further that passion by interacting with others. For me right now, however, I’ve seemed to have hit an obstacle I find to be immovable and a little saddening. I am talking about the infamous, dastardly writer’s block.

I used to be so excited interacting with other people on my characters, but now I’m feeling an emotionally (and physically) draining feeling, preventing me from even thinking about some things. As in, it sometimes hurts my brain to try and think up a concept, and it aggravates me trying to key into other people’s which include my muses. Sometimes it feels like RP is something I can catch in my peripheral vision, like a house you pass every day on your way to work, but you just never focus in on it because you’ve spent enough time observing. I want to have fun still, but I just don’t know how. And I don’t know what to do about it.

My schedule, as of late, has been rather busy. Somedays I don’t come home till 10pm, and every day there’s something going on that I have to divert my attention to. So when I do get a chance to relax and unwind after enjoying the company of the people I love IRL, hopping into the game or scrolling through the RP forums just gives me no satisfaction whatsoever. I still write; in fact, I have pages filled with stories in documents, but I don’t share that drive outside of there. It’s particularly horrible because I love and admire characters that I write with, and people who I enjoy OOC have become great friendships. Every day I am going to hop onto discord and chat with these people. But, beyond OOC interaction, I literally do nothing else.

So what advice do you, the Tumblr RP community, have for me? Have you endured the same struggle? Are you enduring this just as I am? Is there any way out of this damn hole I’ve dug for myself? This is an S.O.S! In the words of Riri, somebody please help me.

Just a small blog update: I’m approaching the end of my graduate career and moving on to a career of Real Professorship at the end of the year. It’s exciting, and also mildly terrifying, as my comfortable, guaranteed position at my current university will shift to uncertain adjunct positions at other schools.

At the moment, I’m finishing up my research, writing my dissertation, teaching, and looking for future work. I’m frequently exhausted, and constantly anxious. I’ve been battling some serious physical and mental health issues, and some days are better than others. Others, like tonight, are struggles to feel anything but bleakness.

I know many of you follow me for my Life Lesson comics, and that I haven’t been posting as frequently as I used to. I thank you for your continued patience, and for your support. This little blog has been very good to me over the years, and I appreciate every follower and every friend I’ve made from it.

I’ll just need to tread on your patience a little bit longer.


fairy-grunge-mother  asked:

Hey!! I fuckin l o v ur blog first off. Second off what robot-y music do u listen to? I'm making a whole album based around these robots who live in a hospital and although i listen to anything from metal to bo en to pertubator to 4lung, i can only seem to write??? lo fi music??? idk what the fuck is up with it and i really wanna write some robot bangers, hmu with inspiration?

Songs by Porter Robinson, especially Sad Machine, give me huge robot feelings and inspiration!!


post ten characters you’d like to roleplay as, have roleplayed as and might bring back, then tag ten people to do the same. if you can’t think of ten characters, just write down however many you can. feel free to go over ten, too.

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TAGGING: steal it



  • Sakura Haruno from Naruto
  • Rin Nohara, Hashirama Senju, Nekomata, and a sentient version of the Kamui dimension all from Naruto also
  • Meg Masters and Rowena from Supernatural
  • An OC of Undyne’s mom from Undertale
  • Toriel from Undertale
  • Hiyoko Tosaka from Hatoful Boyfriend


The Meg muse comes and goes depending on the show. Hatoful’s fandom seems pretty dead unfortunately and the fandoms put me off returning to the others.


  • Gentiana from FFXV
  • F!Hawke from DA2
  • The Joy from Metal Gear Solid
  • Integra from Hellsing
  • Glados from Portal
  • Beatrix from FF9
  • Etna from Disgaea
  • Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
  • Jessica Jones from Marvel
  • Nina Williams from Tekken
  • Asha Greyjoy from GoT
  • Amethyst from Steven Universe
  • Jinx or Zyra from League of Legends
  • Plague Doctor from Darkest Dungeon

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Just asking, would it be weird to just randomly send an ask regarding a post you have previously made? Sort of like, kind-of commenting on it in place of writing an actual comment on that post because this anon doesn't have a blog. Thank you for keeping up this blog by the way.

Of course! We keep the askbox open when requests are closed so we can keep getting feedback like this from you guys, feel free to send it in whenever you’d like!

- Mod Mellow

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hey! Just wanted to say that I've had some hard time recently and your reaction/ff blog managed to make me feel better <3 really wanted to say thank you! I can relate to some angst hc and reactions received from the characters are heartwarming

Thank you so much! I’m sorry you’re having a tough time right now and I hope things get better for you soon! Glad I could help in some small way! ^^ 

I feel like the more I write, the more niche my blog becomes. Like. This used to be a dragon age blog, y’all. I’ve become One Of Those Fandom Blogs. Do you like Batman? Kraven the Hunter and like 0 other Marvel characters because I don’t actually write Marvel fic??? Solas? That’s fuckin’ mandatory! You better be ready for full frontal nudity! And you have to put up with my random musings about OCs! 


There are well over 2000 of you and I have no idea which things any of you are here for anymore

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Hiiii, I loooove this blog!!! 😻😻😻 I have totally been stalking all the posts 😜 But I have a serious question, How can I describe the feelings of my character without using the word “felt” / “feel”, making clear that it isn’t objective...? Bye, thanks a lot 😘

Well, it can be easy! Your reader should know that there’s some bias on the part of your narrator, or generally assume that things aren’t always as you’re presenting them.

The simplest was is omitting the word “feel” in the sentence! Rather that writing “Cho-sun felt hurt” you could reword it to “It hurt Cho-sun” or “Cho-sun was hurt.”

You can also describe the physicality of the emotion in order to convey it! For example, when writing about a character feeling excitement, rather than stating “Lila felt excited at the idea of meeting her hero,” you could try this:

“Clasping her hands together, Lila cheered at the news. The tension from her body melted as a light euphoria waved throughout her, soul flying high. It was actually going to happen. She was going to see him in person and talk to him face to face!”

This sort of description still conveys the character’s feelings without directly stating them in a mundane manner!

Another option would be to use a metaphor to describe the emotion! I do this a lot myself. (In fact, you can see some of it in the example above)

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just wanted to say that i love love love the way you talk about keith, and reading your metas. you put so much care and attention to seeing his character.

WELL THANKS BUDDY!!! that’s so kind, i appreciate this!! 

talking about keith is something i just LOVE doing hahaha. i love analysing him so much. i wrote most of my S1-2 meta on @scoriastar but that’s my RP blog when im actually on it writing…. drag me lol so i don’t really want to clutter it up too much anymore tbh. 

it’s nice to just….. finally feel i can talk about keith the way i want to here!! it’s really nice and im happy S4 gave me the push to do it. it does mean a lot to know people read it, im quite insecure about posting analysis ahhahahah. but i do put a lot of thought into them and everything i want to discuss about keith. 

thanks for dropping in, best wishes!