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Anonymous said:I am requesting more villain using pleasure as a weapon on the hero prompts please! Thank you  

Anonymous said:I need more submissive villain in my life. Not NSFW though please.

dentist-why said:I really like that prompt where the hero had the villain at there mercy and they felt like a god could you do more of that if it is not to much trouble. (P.S thanks for doing my last prompt suggestion you are such a great person.  (A/N: refers to this. I think) 

Anonymous said:More prompts about the hero forgiving the villain plz!

1) “There.” The villain carded their fingers through the hero’s hair. “Isn’t it better to feel clean?” No more blood or grime or gore on battered skin - instead, fluffy towels, steaming water, soothing scent and oils which soothed all aches and pains.
“It would feel even better if you weren’t in the room. Bit creepy, that.”
“You know you can’t be trusted not to abuse my hospitality.”

2) “Stop it.” 
The command, the quiet authority, cut straight through to the villain’s brain.
“You’re overthinking,” their sidekick said. “You know what you get like when you start overthinking. Come here.”
The villain moved over, thoughtlessly. 
Their sidekick guided them gently down onto their knees, taking the villain’s head in their hands. Their fingers massaged soothing circles and the villain’s eyes fluttered closed. 
“That’s right,” their sidekick murmured. “Good. Just focus on me. Take some breaths.” 

3) The villain panted for breath, hands bloody - a little dazed. Starting to shake. “They were going to hurt you - I - I panicked - I know it’s bad that I-”
“Shh.” The hero held out an arm, and the villain crumpled against them. “It’s alright. You were only trying to protect me, weren’t you?”
The villain nodded.
“Then I forgive you, it’s okay. But you know there are going to be people who don’t see it my way, who wouldn’t understand like I do.”
“But you can make that go away. You can do anything,” the villain said.
It took everything the hero had not to shiver in delight.  

4) “Take it back,” the villain hissed. “I don’t want your forgiveness.”
Forgiveness was far too crippling a shackle to bear, a debt that they couldn’t possibly repay. It suffocated them. Made the hero something grand, something more than the villain wanted them to be. They couldn’t breathe. 
The hero watched them, quietly, as they unraveled. 

Take life at a pace that feels right to you. No one said that you need to rush to get to the very end destination. There are no rules to see how fast one can live their life. Life is just simply meant to be lived. So take it slow, or take is a bit faster. Either way, make sure that it feels comfortable to you.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

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I hope that ks doesn't feel pressure to have abs too!! :(. His tummy is so precious and I hope that he will eat whatever food he wants and makes his tummy happy forever.

I was very worried about this last summer when literally everyone was suddenly having abs and fans were also saying things like “Now it’s Ksoo’s turn” and such but I was very happy to find out that he doesn’t care about that! 

And today Ksoo said + video

I am very proud of him for not feeling pressured about things like that. Because he doesn’t need that. AT ALL. If people don’t like him the way he is it’s their problem. 

I LOVE HIS TUMMY & I support him so much. <3

It’s quite easy to be brave, ignorant, judgmental, ill-mannered or overly rude behind a computer screen, insulting people works, sending rude comments/asks that really don’t need to be said, using rude tags, rebloging stuff only to criticize, stalking, finger pointing hate and death threads or criticizing everything you see, people feel more bold to be assholes behind a screen, because after all you don’t take the chance of getting punched in the face.

So… Hey, keyboard warriors. It’s possible to give an opinion on a subject without attacking others. Of course you don’t have to be sugar-sugar sweet and end every sentence with love, unicorns and kissus, but at least try to be polite instead of being a prick on the internet, unless you like being a sad and little attention seeker.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

A letter to my best friend,

You can do whatever you wish. You are you own person and your actions have proven this. It’s clear now that my feelings and emotions weren’t something you even considered. If I hadn’t said anything you would have been on your merry way and to think about this made my chest constrict in pain. After all these years, I believed that you knew me better. What hurt me the most was not the betrayal or the lack of empathy on your part, but how you dimish my perception, my feelings towards the situation. That I should have been okay with it from the beginning or I shouldn’t / couldn’t possibly feel this way. It’s clear now that I need some time and distance away from you. I deeply wish and want you to be happy. But this has left me needing to be more wary/cautious of who I confide and allow inside. 

-A Scorpio Woman

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Sorry can you clarify? Mutsuki said he has feelings for Haise, correct?

Yes. Urie asked Mutsuki why the need to go so far for Haise and Mutsuki just straight out says that ‘I love him and I can’t help it.’

BTS | Their Friend Asks How They Always Know How To Make Them Feel Alive When They Feel Empty

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Bts reaction when their friend ask them how they always know how make them feel alive when they feel empty.?

“It’s cause I just know you that well so I know exactly what you need when you’re feeling down.”

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“Of course I know how to make you feel better…we’re friends…be weird if I didn’t after this long.” *smiles*

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“I’m your hope remember…I always know what you need when you’re feeling down.”

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Rap Monster/Namjoon:
“You always know how to make me feel better…I would think it would be only right that I know how to make you feel better.”

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“Cause I care about you…that’s how I know.” *Cute mode*

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“I have my ways…”

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“I don’t think I would be a very good friend if I didn’t know how to make you feel better….”

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@bluecalligraphy requested this story with prompts 35 and 37. Im working on another one for you too! Feel free to repost, like, and tag me in any posts you’d like love! I hope I did Pietro justice and I hope this is satisfies your Pietro feels! 

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“Yeah so I’m going to need the day off tomorrow.” I said to Steve praying that he wouldn’t put up much of a fight. Steve stopped his relentless punching on the bag and turned to me. “(Y/N) we have training tomorrow. What’s so important?” He asked. “Im meeting up with one of my old friends. He’s only going to be in town for a couple of days and its been years since we’ve hung out.” I pleaded giving my very best puppy dog eyes. “Fine” Steve sighed. “But your going to need to do an extra hour of cardio” I jumped up and down hugging Steve around the neck. “Thank you!” I shouted running from the room.

The next night I picked out my favorite dress and did my hair. I looked at myself in the mirror trying to decide what shoes to wear. Knock Knock I turned towards my door as Pietro walked in. “(Y/N) I was going to make some pasta did you wan-” He stopped mid sentence as he took in my dolled up appearance. He froze mid step, this eyes traveling up my body. “Hey Pietro” I said picking up my nude heels and slipping them on, “Thanks for the offer but I’m going out tonight.” Pietro cleared his throat and tried his best to focus on my eyes. “Okay” he said his voice shaking. “No problem” he speed out of my room. “That was strange” I thought as I walked out the door to meet my friend.

Pietro’s POV

I speed into my room where Wanda was waiting for me. “How did it go?” she asked standing up to meet me. “She’s going out” I murmured fighting to stay calm. “Oh I see.” Wanda said giving me a hug. “Wanda stop it.” I said. She was making it hard to fight back tears. “Im okay, really. I’ll just go out too.” I said straining to keep my voice steady. Wanda stepped back and looked me in the eyes, her own glowing red. “I don’t think that is a wise idea brother.” She said shaking her head. “Your right. Im perfectly entitled to have some fun tonight.” I said an idea forming in my mind. “That is not what I said and you know it.” She said putting her hands on her hips. “Thanks for all your help.” I said speeding out the door before she had a chance to read my mind. I knew she probably wouldn’t approve, but if (Y/N) could have some fun tonight, then so could I.

(Y/N)’s POV

I walked back into the tower feeling light as air. It felt so good to catch up with an old friend. I was walking down the hall to my bedroom when someone bumped into me. I stumbled forwards into Pietro. “Oh sorry Pietro. I didn’t see you there.” I said looking up at him. I tilted my head up to get a better look at his cheek. “Why do you have a lipstick mark on your face?” I asked, jealously bubbling up inside me. “ Pietro cocked his head to the side, a small smile on his face. "I too went out tonight Princessita.” he said. “That’s great” I said cringing at how fake my voice sounded. “It really is.” I bit my lip trying to keep the strain out of my voice. Pietro’s brow crinkled as he said “Is something wrong (Y/N)?” “No” I murmured.Even though I was looking down, I could feel his eyes scanning my face. Sometimes I felt like both the twins had the ability to read minds. “Stop doing that. Its very suggestive and strangely attractive” He said suddenly, his eyes dark. “Stop what?” I asked, my jealously mixed with confusion. “The lip thing.” Pietro said his breathing heavy. “Stop it.” “Why?” I asked. Confusion giving way to anger. “You obviously don’t care about me or my feelings.” I said, meeting his dark eyes with mine. He took a deep breath but his voice was shaky when he spoke. “(Y/N) don’t say that. I care about you very much.” I snorted “Your cheek says otherwise.” I turned to storm off to my room before I broke down. My heart was already throbbing and my legs felt shaky. I felt a breeze fly by me and saw a blue streak before I saw Pietro standing in front of me blocking my path. “Pietro” I began “(Y/N) wait.” he said his were eyes watery but he stood tall. “I was jealous that you went out on a date tonight so I went out too because I didn’t want to seem weak. Im sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.I just don’t know how to tell you how I feel because every time I see you my words just-” It was my turn to cut Pietro off as I captured his mouth with mine. He reacted quickly but I guess they don’t call him quicksilver for nothing. One of his hands flew around my waist and the other cupped my head, tilting my head up.  I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled on his hair earning a groan. I fought him for dominance but let him win. I pulled away after a few moments. “I didn’t go on a date tonight Pietro.” I whispered threading my hands through his blonde hair. “I went out to meet a friend.” He smiled and re captured my mouth gently biting my lower lip. His hands gripped my waist tighter as he deepened the kiss. He pulled away to whisper “Will you go out with me?” I giggled “Do you even have to ask?” He smiled and met me half way for another kiss.

To all those stupid fuckers out there

Okay so I need to say something myself. I don’t actually read Tokyo Ghoul :Re anymore because I didn’t have much time and I put it on my wait list. BUT… I am aware of the newest Spoiler AND I AM ALSO AWARE OF THE STUPID SHIT SOME OF YOU ARE SAYING.

Please don’t ever tell someone to kill themselves. People said that to me, too, when I was younger and it was the worst feeling to have when people tell you you would be better off dead.

I can understand if some of you may be disappointed because your OTP didn’t get canon, but guys… Tokyo Ghoul wasn’t a boyslove Manga to begin with. And Touka is not abusive to Ken. That’s bullshit and you know it. And just because they’ve had sex doesn’t mean the chapter or Sui Ishida himself is homophobic. That doesn’t even make sense. So is every romance Anime homophobic to you?

I am a Yaoi fan myself and in the beginning I shipped Kaneki with Tsukiyama until I got interested in TouKen myself. But that’s not the point.
The point is… you can ship whatever you want and you can make everyone and everything gay in your fanarts, fanfictions, doujinshis, etc. BUT FOR GOD’S FUCKING SAKE… DON’T SAY SUCH HARSH WORDS TO SUI ISHIDA!

What would you say if you would release a work you put all your efforts and all your love into and then people tell you that’s complete shit and you should kill yourself? How would you feel? It’s just not fair.
Sui Ishida is always trying his best and puts all his effort in the series. If you are really that desperately in need for HideKane… then just stop reading the manga and switch to doujinshis and fanfictions.

Sorry (not sorry) but if you are one of these guys that send hate to Ishida just because of that sex scene than you are not a true fan of the series and don’t deserve to read that masterpiece. So fuck off and leave him be!
And let’s don’t forget: It’s just a manga. It’s a work of fiction. That reaction of your’s is ridiculous and childish.

Episode 34 impressions!

It really was only chapter 46, but it didn’t really feel frustrating or dragged out, as, for example, the latter half of Trost felt like at times.

This chapter was a really dialog heavy chapter and they need the room to just have the characters speak all their lines.

I feel like just rushing through Reiner’s character material would’ve been a disservice and the added Marco flashback is extremely effective in further driving in the situation with him. This was the one important element of the chapter and they nailed it.

I’ve said it before, but in hindsight, this is also the place where you can see how far Eren’s character has become since that chapter.

I liked this episode.

Because This Needs Said

I wish to apologize to my followers for this. @el-yom, bless you for putting up with such asinine nonsense for so long. 

To @ichigorukiagreatfriends, The reader gets to decide how they feel about a character and their actions. And it is not up to you or me to tell them how THEY ARE ALLOWED TO FEEL AND REACT. 

I am not saying I think Renji is abusive. My argument is predicated on the fact that his actions could be interpreted that way by people. And it is entirely their right to think that. 

But I am sick of your defense against abuse, both mentally and physically. And your defense that police don’t commit brutality against criminals. 

It is entirely possible for a woman to be both mentally and physically abused. Even a strong smart woman. It happens all the time. For various reasons, both men and women subject themselves to emotionally and physically harmful relationships. IT DOES HAPPEN. And they subject their children to it too!

Let me give you an example: 

My Mother chose to marry my father. My mother is a very strong and smart woman. She’s taught me wonderful things, and she’s put up with a ton of shit. And she works her ass off to provide for her family. 

My Father is an abusive manipulative man. He makes you feel sorry for him. He makes promises, and tries to act noble. He tries to act like the friendliest, most loyal man. He spouts things like “Never raise a hand to a woman.” But at the same time he would beat me, his daughter, till she was covered in bruises and couldn’t stand.

My Mother. although smart and strong, has low self esteem sometimes. She’s been hurt. And she makes the wrong decisions. Because that’s what people do, they make mistakes. After having three kids with my father she divorced him. She tired to get custody of us, to protect us. But my father had a better lawyer and he won. 

Thus I was subjected to both mental and physical abuse the rest of my childhood, till I turned 18. And there wasn’t a damn thing my Mother could do to help us. My Dad had me and my brother’s so scared and controlled that we wouldn’t speak out against him. My Dad was a respected member of our city, being both a volunteer ambulance driver and trained medical emt. He also owned his own appliance company. People knew him and loved him for the man he showed to the world. But that didn’t stop him from having a cruel side, and a temper. As well as control issues. 

The one time I spoke out against him, and tried to get help. he moved me to a different city, and convinced everyone that I was a pathological liar. Then he continued to beat me. His new wife, my stepmother, was no better. She would work me to the bone, dump garbage in my bed, and steal my belongings. Among many other terrible things. I wish not to go into the details. 

My Mother could do nothing to help, because unless I was willing to stand up to my Dad, she had no case against him. And my Father had me too scared. 

Women, all the time, everyday, are put into terrible positions. and there aren’t any easy answers. The strongest women can subject themselves to unhealthy and harmful relationships. 

I don’t care if you ship Renruki. And if you think its good, then that’s your own opinion. But if someone else thinks it is a harmful relationship, then they are more than entitled to that opinion. You have no right to tell them otherwise. 

Renji, attacked Rukia. He hurt her. Whether or not she forgave him is irrelevant. Because women who have been hurt will often forgive and let their partner off the hook for various reasons. Poor-self esteem, poor relationships, the need for friendship. Rukia has few friends, Rukia has poor self esteem, Rukia has few supportive and strong relationships. Rukia’s behavior to look past Renji’s despicable and harmful behavior is in line with the behavior of average abuse victims. It’s what victims do. 

Renji ENDORSED Rukia’s execution. He was just gonna let it happen, even though he didn’t agree with it. He even fought against those trying to save her. He knew Rukia didn’t deserve death, and still he insisted upon hunting Ichigo down and Killing him so that he could not rescue Rukia. You could say this was Renji’s “job” but he was not ordered to hunt down and kill Ichigo. He acted on his own will. He may not have wanted Rukia to die, But he didn’t want to stop her execution either, and proceeded to assist in it’s fruition, ON SEVERAL OCCASIONS SINCE CAPTURING RUKIA IN THE LIVING WORLD.

Renji has proven that when the going gets tough, and he has to choose a side. He puts his duty, and his pride, and his own feelings above that of Rukia. His loyalty will never lie completely with her. And therefore she can never fully trust him. 

She may have married him and had his kid. But that does not make him a good father, or husband. And Rukia will have to live with the knowledge everyday that Renji could in fact turn on her and her child. Will it ever happen? Maybe, maybe not. You never know if Renji will ever be put into a position to choose between the woman he loves and his duty. But Renji has proven on several different occasions that Rukia in not the most important thing to him. A human Rukia knew for only a few months, had more balls, more resolve, and more loyalty to her, then her “husband” did. 

Whether or not she forgives him is irrelevant. Forgiveness from a victim does not absolve the attacker of any wrong doing. The wrong doing STILL EXISTS. HE STILL HURT HER and HER NEW BEST FRIEND, AND HIS FRIENDS. Just because Rukia says, she forgives him doesn’t make his actions any less despicable. 

Renji is scum. I like Renji, and I think he can be an interesting character. But he’s an awful friend. Plain and simple. He’s a guy who’s made some pretty shit-tastic and sleazy decisions. And if some fans do not wish to forgive him, and look the other way. That is good. It means they don’t put up with that kind of shit from people. From FRIENDS or LOVED ones. 

Rukia, a damaged woman, was written by Kubo to accept Renji. This does not make their relationship right, or good, or perfect, or okay. Kubo wrote a damaged woman forgiving a man who hurt her, and marrying him despite his despicable actions. Is this a healthy relationship? No, not at all. But it’s something that happens in real life. And it’s really sad to be honest. It’s not a happy ending. It’s reality. 

NO ONE HAS TO LIKE AND ACCEPT RENJI AND RUKIA’s RELATIONSHIP. You may like it, and think its okay, but that’s your opinion. Stop trying to tell people that they are wrong when they don’t like that kind of relationship. Just because Kubo wrote it doesn’t make it a healthy happy ending. Maybe Kubo didn’t want to give Rukia the perfect happily ever after? Maybe he wanted to write an unhealthy relationship. Maybe he was “just keeping it real.”  with such bittersweet unhealthy relationships at the end. But that doesn’t mean readers have to like and accept that. Stories don’t always end happily ever after. But it doesn’t mean fans and readers have to like and accept the ending as okay, good and acceptable. Sometimes stories just end with awful endings, and unhealthy relationships. People don’t have to like or support them! It just goes to show that some people don’t like that kind of behavior in a relationship, and they think the characters deserved better. 

Furthermore, Stop with this nonsensical crusade to defend Renji’s actions. They were WRONG. He was WRONG. Fans are within their rights to hate him, or hate his actions. You don’t have to hate him or his actions. But your crusade to defend his behavior as right and good just makes you out to be an abuse defender. Someone who thinks abuse is ok, as long as circumstances turn out the way that you like. 

There are many people who would have loved for my mother to forgive my father and re-marry him. But that would not have absolved my father of wrong doing. It would not have made everything he did okay. It would not have gotten rid of the emotional trauma I have suffered, or that my mother suffered. 

And it would not have made my parent’s marriage HEALTHY and ACCEPTABLE.

Saij Spellhart Out

even before rian clarified and corrected the misinterpretation of what he meant in Vanity Fair I was like not that worried? Bc like I told y'all I never really thought actual romance btwn kylo and rey would happen already in ep 8 given that they are still enemies who I feel like would need to become allies first, and the article specifically said what won’t be in ep 8. But now that we know for sure rian didn’t mean no romance of any kind like that writer made it initially sound, I still haven’t changed my thoughts much on what will go down in 8? Cause I think romance could happen btwn another ship, and if y'all think about it maybe another reason they ain’t having a romance that is “central” is bc there will be more than one romance this trilogy.

i’ve seen guys pull away from hooking up so quickly it seemed almost cartoonish.  they hear a car pulling up to the house, and they buckle their pants & tug on a shirt in the 4 seconds it takes them to realise that it’s just the neighbour, not their parents.  so i don’t really buy the argument that safewords are necessary because they “break immersion” in sex.

if your brain can simultaneously think about sex and make sure your roomates/parents/siblings aren’t about to walk in, why can’t you also make an effort to see how your partner is feeling & if they’re saying “no”, “stop”, or “wait”, or looking pained or uncomfortable?  if you can hear the garage door or a creaking floorboard, why can’t you hear “no”?  why does it take “bookworm” or “pineapple” or what the hell ever to make you pay attention?

mary pipher said “young men need to be socialized in such a way that rape is as unthinkable to them as cannibalism”.  is it too much to ask that you consider the prospect of forcing yourself onto an unwilling person as disturbing as the idea of your parents catching you with your pants down ??

You’ve Been Poked by Luke Alvez.


Requested by: @weezyonthemoon

“Hey can I request number 50 I am not jealous and 77. "I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.” With Luke from criminal minds but Luke being the jealous one and maybe the reader gets mad and ignores him and he starts poking her to get her attention sorry if this was to much also I’m really loving your blog ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Reaching up to the top shelf of he files you feel someone tug your shirt down. “Your tattoo was showing again.” Luke said. “What do you need up there?”

“One of the cold cases.” You say. “The one with the blue tags. And who cares if it’s showing?”

“I do. It’s not work appropriate.”

“It’s a dove, Luke. How is a dove not work appropriate?”

“Because the guys can see it.” Luke said reaching up to grab the file.

“Spencer doesn’t even pay attention to me, Stephen’s married, Rossi’s a little too old to be looking at thirty year old’s exposed waist.”

“But there’s Kevin.”

“Luke, Kevin is with Garcia. If he even looks at me the wrong way Garcia will torture the poor guy.” You say as you walk to your desk. “Why are you thinking the the guys I work with are gonna think some type of way if they see my waist or my tattoo?”

“You’re my girl.”

“Stop being so jealous.”

“I am not jealous.”

“You so are!” You exclaim. “There hasn’t been one day where you haven’t gotten jealous over a guy who get googlie eyed over me.”

“Not true.”

“It is so true, Luke! And it’s really annoying.”

“Well I’m sorry if I want to protect you.”

“Protect me from what? Receiving compliments?”

“But you’re….attractive..”

“Is that a bad thing? A lot of women are attractive. You don’t have to only be single to receive compliments.”

“Just keep your shirt down.”

“You’re really annoying me right now. Leave me and my shirt alone.” You say plopping down into your chair.

“I get possessive of what’s mine.”

You roll your eyes. “It’s just a tattoo!”

“A tattoo that isn’t-”

“Say those two words again and I will give you the silent treatment.”

“You are an FBI agent. You’re supposed to represent Bureau.”

“First off lay off the handbook for once and two just stop judging my tattoo. It’s just a fucking bird, Luke! I’ve had it since I was sixteen!”

“What’s going on out here?” Emily said stepping out of her office.

“Luke’s judging (Y/N) on her tattoo and acting jealous because he thinks guys drool over her exposed waist when her shirt lifts up by accident.” Spencer recited not looking up away from his computer.

“I’m in charge of children..” Emily said rolling her eyes as she walked back into her office. You turn away from Luke and dug into your work. You could hear him roll his chair over to you and you ignored him.

“I’m sorry..” He said leaning on your desk. You kept your eyes trained on the file in front of you and highlighted some words and wrote notes. You had been requested to write a consult for a investigation in Montana. You just wanted to finish the consult so you ignored Luke. “(Y/N)… I’m sorry for being jealous and judging your tattoo. I know it has a special meaning behind it and I’m sorry.” You turned your chair to face to computer to type up your consult. After a few minutes of pestering you, he finally gave up and went back to his work. The rest of the work day not a word was shared between you two.

Your tattoo did have a special meaning behind it. One that was very dear to you. Your served in the armed forces but sadly passed away a few years ago during one his final tours in the Middle East. Growing up you always noticed a dove tattoo on his waist. You asked him one day what it meant and he said it reminded him of the peace that he dreamed of. A peace that one day would unite the world as one. So you decided that when you turned sixteen you would get the same tattoo in the same spot. Underneath dove you added your father’s initials after he died so that his memory would live on with you every day. Luke knew why you had that tattoo but because he got worked up about it made you snap. You ignored people when you were mad because you knew once you said one word you would blow a gasket. So it was easier to give them the silent treatment than makes matters worse by getting mad.

Closing out of your email, you shut off your computer and leaned back in your chair closing your eyes. Feeling a poke on your side you peeked open one eye to see Luke sitting next to you in his chair. “Hi.” He said giving you a small smile.

Originally posted by flarbage

“Stop touching me..” You said moving his away from your body. You felt another poke and you rolled your eyes. “Luke..”

“Speak to me, (Y/N)..”

“Stop poking me… Is that good enough for you?” You say.

“I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.” He said poking you again.

“You’re a child.”

“But I’m your child.”

“Why did I ever say yes to dating you?” You say getting up from your chair and gathering your things.

“Because you love me.” He said poking your stomach. You stare at him before shaking your head. “Come on, please don’t be mad.”

“I’m not mad.”

“Yes you are.”

“Am not.”

“Are to.” He said poking your stomach again.

“This is not facebook, Luke.” You said shoving his hand away. “Stop poking me!” He grabs your hand pulling you down onto his lap. “Let me go, Luke.” You say trying to wriggle out of his tight hold on you. “Luuuuuke.” You groan. “Let. Me. Go!”

“Nope.” He said leaning down to kiss your cheek.

“Lucas Alvez, no PDA at work.” You say pointing at him.

“It’s after hours.” He said.

“Not until both your butts off the premises.” Emily said walking by. “Annoy her at home.”

“Hey can I go home with you tonight?” You ask Emily.

“Not when he’ll be blowing your phone up every minute trying to get your attention.” Emily replied as she pushed her way through the glass doors.

“Already got her attention.” Luke said still holding you in his arms and poking your side.

“Luke!” You exclaim laughing. “You know I’m ticklish there!” You say squirming around in his arms.

“Exactly why I did it.” He kisses your cheek once again as he continues poking you in your ticklish spot.

“Lucas Alvez that it enough.”

“(Y/F/N) (Y/L/N), it will never be enough for me.” He laughed before tickling you again.

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So I changed it a bit from how it was requested because this idea popped into my head and I thought it was cute so I put it in there.

So as always ya lovely daisies please be sure to like, reblog, and leave your feedback. It has been short on this one tonight but I did promise to have soooomething up so I hope you enjoyed this one! :)

Our Little Secret (Jon Snow)

Prompt: I was wondering if I could get a jon snow imagine where the reader and him have sex before he leaves for the wall and she falls pregnant and never tells him until they reunite after the battle of the bastards! - Anonymous

I really suck at writing straight smut so I just kind of lead up to it, sorry! x

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Ali's lost her flirt

I know they are going through a tremendously heavy emotional storyline, but it still bothers me. “Who do you want to take there,” was accompanied by a flirty grin and looks to Emily’s lips. She matured to “you were the hardest to leave behind,” with a soft get lost in my eyes look, before their love making in Season 5. We even saw her be a little flirty and seductive with both that cop who’s keys she stole and the horrible Rollins. Then she found out she was pregnant and still said, “that’s not why, I promise,” while initiating the kiss. I know Emily set a boundary which was needed, but she’s she’s not got the snap of the girl who said “perfect” when she found out Paige was the new athletic director. She wasn’t nearly mad enough that Paige scare/woke her. I appreciate how the scene gave us exposition on how Ali feels about Emily and of course was a dignified send off for Joseph Daugherty’s beloved character, but I feel like I’m watching my girl on Prozac. I know she’s nicer now, she’s been through so much, but please let’s not lose every bit of her essence that Emily loves. There still has to be some sriracha even in chicken noodle soup.

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Gabriel is the kind of lover that can get you on your knees with just a word

Doesn’t even need a word, he could just send a look and I’d be there face to face with his crotch getting ready to give it my best formal greeting

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I had an abortion by myself . I had it at a point in my relationship where he wasn't sure whether to stay or go he said he would help when he found out I was pregnant but didn't so I had to do it on my own. He knows I did it now and I'm still trying to fight for the relationship but he says it isn't going to work I was also sexually assaulted at work and he knows about that too I feel the only way ill get closure is if I speak to him in person im so heartbroken nothing is helping :(

That is a lot of heavy things to endure, especially without a proper support system. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. From what you’ve said, it seems like you’re having trouble with ending this relationship completely. As painful as it may seem to be without him, i think in the long run you will be much better off. He wasn’t there when you needed him and it doesn’t sound like he has any intention of being there for you in the future. You should never ever feel like you have to beg for someone’s love. If they are reluctant in giving it, they probably didn’t deserve the chance to love you in the first place.

I think if you feel talking to him again will help you find closure, it’s something you should do. However, I worry that you might not find the closure you’re looking for if you still have hope that the relationship can be fixed. You need to allow yourself time to grieve, time to hurt. There’s no getting around it. I know that it seems like it will hurt forever but I promise that eventually you will find that the pain has lessened. You will realize that you do not need him to survive. You only need yourself.

Please treat yourself gently.

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I came out to someone, let's call them Gary, and I explained how I felt and he said, "oh, so you're bi?" I said no, I was pansexual, I'm attracted to everyone on the spectrum, not just boys and girls. He said, "Well, I know there are more than two genders, but the only two sexes are boy and girl, so how can you be panSEXual?" And idk, I'm just feeling invalid rn and I need to rant.

I’m sorry that happened! That’s awful. You’re 500% valid and that person is clearly not as educated on the topic as they seem to think.