feel inducing quote


Hello there, fellow Klaroliners!
Are you excited, yet? Because you will be soon enough!

I’m officially presenting to you (the brilliant idea actually belongs to Kayla, though) the first ever Klaroquote Day, which is going to take place on the next Thursday, aka the 10th of July.

During that day, throughout the whole day, the only thing that you are cordially invited to do is go on Twitter whenever you can and tweet your favorite Klaroline quotes, maybe adding why it is that you love those particular ones so much and also using the hashtag #KlaroquoteDay, so that people will be able to browse through everyone’s favorite quotes if they wish to.

Then, on that same day, at 3pm EST/8pm UK, we would very much love to trend ‘Happy Klaroquote Day’, always on Twitter of course, to celebrate the successful day all together!

I think this could be a great opportunity to have fun as a fandom, remembering all those amazing, epic and feels-inducing Klaroline quotes that we all love so much, and also to once again own Twitter like we all know that we can do.

I genuinely hope that you are all going to like and approve of this idea, and that you will all be able to take part to it.

Pretty please, reblog this to spread the word if you can, so as many people as possible will know about it and hopefully join.

Many hugs and kisses and much, much love,