feel i liked it better as a sketch like always

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Not knowing how to do something is no excuse. If you want learn how to draw, if you want to be an artist, go find the practice sheets and take the time to practice. Like.. don't just learn the stuff for your fans but do it for yourself. Nothing feels better than finally learning how to draw a foot or a hand cause they ARE hard to draw.

Oh uhm, I didn’t mean I’m not trying to learn how to draw them…

Believe it or not I do spend a lot of time practising how to draw hands and feet, I know that it doesn’t always show…

Sometimes stuff I post are just sketches I’ve used for practising, but I just like how they look so I upload them anyway.

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(different anon) I'd love to see a tutorial someday too. Specifically, how the heck do you get your pastries and ice creams and bread to look so soft and natural?! I've made a couple simple food pixels myself, but they all seem so stiff in comparison.

hum well personally i think making things look natural starts wi sketching out line work. (i did a comparison of a bread bun, starting with the same blue sketch to show the differences) i always do rough sketches & work over them bc i think it gives me a better idea of the form.

i know sometimes it seems right to have everything perfect & symmetrical but it all depends on what your drawing in the first place - because you mentioned like bread & ice-cream etc those things are rarely perfect anyway, so i guess avoid being too structured

then i think another big thing is the colour choice & the balance of the halftone dots for shading. I feel like too much half tone & its one big ordered gradient & yeah that looks kind of odd. & for the colour.. its tempting to just pick out the darkest tone & just gradually make it paler for the highlighty bits - but in reality when you really look at something there’s usually a lot of different kinds of colours (even if it is just white bread). So yeah id say experiment with that - i usually exaggerate and go for much warmer colours tbh.

the last thing that i think makes a huge difference is how you do the shine (if any). it helps to just think about the actual thing your drawing (goes wi out saying but curved and squishy bread probably has a softer curvy shine) and it’s probably not such sharp stark white

i feel like the picture just explains it all way better haha 

-`mini tutorial about pixel bread bun´-

I tend to “finish” just about everything I draw, yet some of the most dynamic artists I follow are always posting sketches by the dozens on top of their more refined art ((cough @guoh-art and @glacierclear , seriously how do you guys produce so much art)) and sometimes I wonder if what is making my art stagnate so much is because I spend too much time working on single pieces and letting the mistakes with my art eat me up.

Anyway, I know there is a ton of things wrong with this, but I am going to start pushing myself to sketch more and instead of fretting over my anatomy errors, I’ll start making notes about it and trying to do better next time (feel free to tell me when things are blatantly wrong anatomy wise).  I’m sure I’m overreaching like I always do, but I’m gonna try to do at least one sketch like this every day to start helping me be more dynamic and just to produce more art.  Sorry I’ve been so slow on commissions, I’m starting to look for another job that doesn’t kill my motivation as much as my current one.

Sorry for the wall of text, have a DVA as a BUNNY because a CERTAIN SOMEONE I FOLLOW is always DRAWING awesome PICTURES of her and he’s a big inspiration for me.

Day 8 : Building an IKEA cabinet
Are you kidding me, how am I supposed to draw something cool/fun/cute about.. building a cabinet x’D !!! If you did this challenge I want to see cause I could NOT think of anything xD
Okay what is day 9 ?…

30 Days Challenge

Disclaimer: If you’re here to trash on my blog, don’t waste your time, I don’t give a fuck :)

One anon sent me 6 different prompts in one message, so I don’t wanna answer directly to their message. But this prompt is “teasing dyl at school like giving him a handjob under the table”. Sorry if my fluff writing is way better than my smut because I feel like it is.

The bell rang, signaling that it was lunch time. Eager students flooded the halls of Columbine, following the smell of mediocre school food. Your class was close to the cafeteria, so you always made it there before your friends.

You sat there, pulling out your notebook to doodle until company arrived. You started sketching Dylan, one of your closest friends. You were probably closer than the average friends, having kissed before. You two were often teasing each other, seeing whose skin would turn bright red first. Your favorite thing to do was get him flustered so much that he got a boner. He would leave the cafeteria horny and embarrassed. You loved having that power over him.

Just then you felt a tap on your left shoulder. You looked to your left, but no one was there. Another hand darted in from the right and messed up your hair.

“Hey y/n!” Eric said, on the right of you. He grinned and started laughing, obviously amused with himself. Dylan stood to the left of him, laughing as well.

“Ha ha ha, you two are so original”

Dylan smiled at you, and you returned it with a mischievous one. His smile dropped and he gave you a look of warning. He knew what you were capable of. The rest of the table slowly gained more random friends, some who you didn’t know. Dylan was sitting next to you, but keeping his distance. He may have appeared to be an innocent boy on the outside, but you knew what he thought about.

“Wooh, it’s getting hot in here, isn’t it Dylan?”, you said, taking your jacket off, leaving only a skimpy tank top on. You stared at Dylan and watched his throat move as he gulped. He shifted in his seat and you smirked.

He looked at you with dark eyes and mouthed the words “Don’t get any ideas”.

You leaned over to him and whispered in his ear, “I know you want me to touch you, Dylan. I know how hard you get when I tease you. I think it’s time I fix your problem, yeah?”

You turned your head slightly to look directly at Dylan, his eyes were wide as you moved your hand to his inner thigh. You moved your fingertips gently, barely touching him, but enough to make him shift again. His eyes trailed to your hand touching him, and he scooted in closer to the table when he noticed his growing boner. His head shot up, nervous about Eric and the others seeing, but everyone was in their own conversations.

Your hand traveled closer and closer to the now obvious bulge in his jeans, finally finding your way to his dick. Dylan took a deep inhale of breath, gritting his teeth like he was in pain from the anticipation. You rubbed your hand against the warm denim material, making him jerk his hips up into your hand.

You looked up to see his eyes glossed over, and his mouth slightly hanging open. He looked so, so submissive. His look of utter defeat and acceptance pushed you to pull his zipper down. You leaned over to his ear once again, “Y’know for someone who didn’t want me to do this, you sure seem desperate Dyl”. You popped open the single button at the top of his pants, and slid your hand into his boxers, “Is this what you want me to touch? Your cock?”. Dylan gasped, louder than he should have.

Eric looked over with a confused expression, “Hey Dylan, you okay?”

Dylan gritted his teeth and mumbled out an “I…u-uh…”

“Dylan just forgot to do his math homework I asked about”, you spoke while applying gentle but rhythmic pressure to his cock, “silly guy always gives up when things get too hard”.

Eric chuckled and resumed to his conversation. You caught Dylan off guard, as he was still watching Eric, making sure he wasn’t paying attention. Your hand slipped inside his boxers and pulled out his leaking dick. Dylan spread his legs further apart and let out a needy whimper. You stroked your hand up and down his shaft, your tight grip gliding smoothly thanks to his pre-cum.

You continued for a minute, teasing him with small and slow strokes. He thrust his hips up into your hand, desperate for more friction. His head lowered down to the table, hiding his facial expressions that so clearly showed the immense pleasure he was feeling.

He desperately grabbed at your arm, urging your hand to move faster. His short fingernails dug into your arms, leaving small crescent indentions.

You leaned forward to his ear, covered by thick hair.

“You’re such a dirty boy Dylan.”

He let out a stuttered breath.

“And you just love my hand touching your cock like this, don’t you?”  You ran your thumb over the tip of his head in one unexpected motion and he was done.

Muted moans and groans and gasps filled your ear as he tensed. You felt the warm liquid spill out into your hand. His fists clenched as you finished him off, slowing your rhythm. He slowed his breathing as you wiped your hand off on the waistband of his boxers.

He lifted his head from the table, still flushed from his orgasm. You looked at him quickly but with seduction still lingering in your eyes. He hurriedly buttoned his pants back up, eyeing everyone at the table, oblivious to what had just happened. Dylan sighed and leaned back in his chair, still in a post-orgasm haze. You smirked to yourself, content with your days’ work.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @kimbk !!!!! Thank you for all the amazing stories and support you’ve given this fandom!!

i hope you like anime girl body pillow seb 

@lisa-franck did the sketch for this and I colored it ;;u;;;


Well, I know the @ask-thelittleheros account since, like, more than a year (bc like 5 days ago they had the second aniversary and I was in the first) and I always wanted to do a fanart bc I LOVE THAT BLOG SO MUCH AND THE ART IS PRECIOUS AND EVERYTHING IS JUST LIKE AHHH

I always feel bad about make fanarts bc I feel like if I’m ruining something?? idk

 I’ve been, like, a whole month trying to do something for that blog -last year too but I gave up constantly- and this is messy and they are just digitaly colored pencil sketch but I’m happy, bc I just did it, I’m proud of my self even if my hands are trembling(??) x//D 

When you’re an artist, you can only be yourself. You can take inspiration, you can worry your style isn’t good enough, you can feel insecure…but you have to know that your art is YOURS. And no one can take that from you. Comparing yourself to others is really easy. And I find myself doing it a lot. And I worry I’m not good enough as others. I know I’m not. But my art is MINE. It’s my style, my colors, my lines. My expression. 

I just want to say that no matter what kind of creator you are…to just create. Go slow, go fast. Sketch, color. Write, sing, dance. Just do it. Because you will continue to improve with each mistake, each line, each word. It’s too easy to doubt. And I doubt all the time. Sometimes I post knowing I can do better. So I just apply more effort to the next drawing. Sometimes I like the haphazard messes I make. Sometimes I like spending time on detail. All I know is that I love drawing. And I love characters. And I love being able to make one person feel inspired. 

There will always be somebody better than you. That’s just a fact. But no one can BE you. You gotta remember that. I try too, anyway. It’s easy to feel insecure. I have days where I feel great and days where I feel like I’m not going anywhere. But time moves. Each creation is progress. And you’ll get to where you’re going. But you gotta be you. And that’s all I got. 🌴🌴🌴

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Have you ever tried to make a drawing without lines (I'm trying to learn how to do it but it always end up terrible)

Aha, yeah that’s always a beast to tackle. Most recently when I try to do that stuff I tend to do my normal sketch lines and then just paint over everything, so I start with the basic understanding of what I’m going for. Pretty standard, I think, since real painters do similar stuff with undersketches and whatnot.

One of the biggest hurdles with lineless stuff is that it requires a lot of understand of the 3d shape that you’re making and how light would hit it, since the shapes have to be defined by light and color instead of harsh lines

Basically, it’s a hell of a test of your understanding of the planes/shapes that make up whatever you’re drawing (face, box, car, whatever). I’m freaking awful at really studying art stuff like anatomy, which is one reason it’s taken me WAY longer to get as far as I am than it should have, but once I started to get the hang of it my lined drawings got better (Since I better understood why and where the lines should be) and I started being able to make lineless stuff without hating it and it coming out terribly.

Does take a LOT more work than lined stuff before it looks halfway decent though. I always have to tell myself it’ll get better as I’m working on it since until the shadows and highlights start looking right it’s always kind of a blobby mess~ Which is a perk of digitally being able to hide everything but the original sketch. I can remind myself what it’s generally SUPPOSED to look like and if it doesnt look like that yet it just needs more work!

I still like lines more myself but now I can feel like it’s a stylistic choice.

WHELP i went to grab an example of stuff I could show but it turns out I cheated a bit on this one and did most of the coloring and shading like normal and then made a new layer and colored over the lines rather than painting it lineless from the start. Oh well I’ve already grabbed them and lunch is ending so I’ll post it anyway!

Sorry I ran out of time to proof read this one! And thanks for asking!

So! Here’s the post where I explain who they are I why I chose them!

Team leader:

The 11th doctor,

This is one of the more easy to recognize drawings, in my opinion, this was also the first one I sketched, but after that I just drew them randomly.

I chose him because he’s the doctor I grew up with, and he always seem to have a plan. He’s a good leader and has a good heart, and would probably be great to fight zombies with.

The brawler:

Hercules mulligan,

This is also one of the better drawings, I think, I actually quite like this.

I chose him because I love Hamilton, and I feel like he could rib an undead body apart like was it a candy wrapper. He just seems like that kind of dude.

Weapons expert:

Dean Winchester,

This is also good ish, compared to the fact that I didn’t have a reference for this one.

He can fight and knows how to handle guns and knives, he’s a good boy, and fighting zombies is probably nothing compared to ghosts and demons.


Rick Sanchez,

In the beginning I thought I’d just draw him in the same style as they use in the show, but it looked weird beside the others, so I drew him in my own style.

I chose him because I like the show and watched it all the other day, and since he’s the smartest person in the universe I thought, hey, why not.

Now that I look back at it and think about it again, it probably wasn’t the best decision, when you think about the fact that he’s a nihilist. But I don’t know the character well enough to really tell I guess.


John Watson,

This is probably the worst drawing I’ve ever made trying to draw a real person, but hey, this is what happens when you have a reference in the size of a centimeter, and have used up all your creative energy.

Anyway, I chose him because, he’s both a soldier, meaning he knows how to fight and use guns (though guns may not be the best in zombie apocalypse), and he’s also a doctor. He’s also very loyal and helpful.

Speed fighter:

Hannibal Lecter,

This is not the best either, but oh well, better than Watson.

I feel like he would be fast at fighting, maybe even so fast that he might as well be sonics very own youngling. Though it may not be the best thing to have an actual cannibal (Shia Labeouf), on your team. But I don’t know, I’d rather be eaten by Hannibal than by a zombie.

The mascot:

Newt Scamander,

This is cute, though it doesn’t really look like him.

I don’t really know what a mascot is in relation to a zombie fighting team, I don’t know if it’s because English isn’t my first language or if it’s because only zombie fighting people know what it means, but I do know what mascot usually means, so I just chose someone I thought was cute.

And finally!

The guy who dies first:


Though I’m not from a show, I think my life is entertaining enough, actually not, I never do anything, but point is: I wouldn’t last an hour in a zombie outbreak.

Or maybe I would, maybe I would realize how much I enjoy being alive and fight to survive, but I would definitely be dead after max 24 hours.

Anyway this was my zombie team, hope you like my drawings!


Here’s what my sketches look like:

(Fun fact: My favorite dinosaur is a Balaur Bondoc, which is supposedly closely related to the well known velociraptor, and both are about the size of a turkey. They look nothing like the velociraptors in Jurassic park, those look more like a larger, featherless version of a Deinonychus, or a smaller featherless version of an Achillobator.

Another fun fact: I am passionate about dinosaurs.)

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Cuddle headcanons for the phantom thieves?

Cuddle headcanons yess!!! This is what I love for


-Lowkey really awkward in the beginning

-get better at cuddling over time tho

-always done to cuddle tbh

-his cuddles are like the best thing ever

-dude no seriously like

-5 minutes into cuddle and his S/O is out like a light

-cuddles are esp nice when is S/O has a nightmare


-Highkey loves cuddling with her S/O

-cuddles are usually after she gets back from a palace

-bonus points if her S/O is also a Phantom Thief

-The two of them will talk about their day while cuddling

-also Ann will sometimes doze off while cuddling and its rlly cute

-Her S/O has a folder on their phone of sleepy Ann


-Someone help this boy

-He has no idea what he’s doing

-But it seems like his S/O is enjoying so it’s fine???

-He gets better over time

-Cuddle master after a few months

-Like honestly his cuddles always  make you feel better

-cuddling w/ Ryuji is therapeutic tbh


-somehow even more awkward at cuddling than Ryuji???

-Like he has no idea where to put his hands

-or if his S/O is comfortable

- he needs help

-He’ll get better, somehow

-He’ll get inspiration for a new piece while cuddling sometimes

-which is nice except for when he jumps up, off to find his sketch book

-S/O is kinda upsetti but understands


-She is the cuddle QUEEN

-Her cuddles give her S/O l i f e

-Thats how good they are

-She and her S/O cuddle whenever they feel down (so alot)

-she’s the big spoon

-She’ll tell her S/O about student council meetings

-or talk about the palace if her S/O knows she’s a Phantom Thief

If you wanna know why I only 4 of the phantom thieves, check the rules!

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Hello, i have no idea if you have answered something like this before but i don't know any other artist i can ask about this since you are the only self-taught one i've seen around, so what i wanted to ask you is: How did you start learning? like what did you start drawing first? and stuff like that, any advice you can share for someone who wants to start drawing and stuff like that? i feel so awkward haha i hope it's not a bother, so thank you so much in advance for replying, love your art ♡

I’ve been drawing pretty much my whole life, but I didn’t start taking it seriously until I was a teenager. I used sketching pencils back then and only focused on portraits. 

I think pencils are always a good place to start, but don’t box yourself in like I did because now I’m in my twenties still struggling to learn how anatomy and colours work haha… And honestly, I’m still better with pencil and paper than I am with my tablet, despite having been using it for several years (when you switch to digital art it’s like learning to draw all over again uughh)

Anywho, I have no special advice, just the usual:

  • Draw often (like every day)
  • Draw outside your comfort zone and use colour! 
  • Check out art books/tutorials etc
  • Don’t be afraid to use references if you need to (and you will need to)
  • Don’t compare yourself to other artists. (Only compare your new art to your old art, to see your progress. Even if it’s only a little bit, it’s still progress, so don’t be discouraged. If you’re self-taught, this will be one of the hardest things but keep your head up and keep working at it)

That’s pretty much all I’ve got. Good luck!

Teaching Myself to Draw: April 18, 2017

I painted that hair sketch I did yesterday. When I paint hair I feel like it always turns out a bit chunky. I’m working on finding that balance between soft, yet defined locks. Still, I think this is one of my better hair paintings. Especially considering I haven’t painted hair in over a month. I should do more studies like this (I know I say that about every study I do).

I have a busy day tomorrow, so I probably won’t have a chance to practice. I should be able to get back at it on Thursday though.

A sitcom where Hermes is unfortunately Daryun’s childhood friend and he needs to raise Arslan for 5 years to prove something to his dad but he doesn’t know how to raise things. He had a pet lizard once but only for 5 days. He moves into Daryun’s place and try to unravel the mysteries of child-rearing. They try really hard but fail a lot and it takes the effort of the whole apartment building to show them the how-to.

Starring, Hermes who doesn’t know how to raise things; Daryun who is the childhood friend but not by choice; Narsus the neighbour who babysits Elam for 10 hours a week; Farangis and Gieve who are surprisingly good with kids; Kharlan and his family who moved into the apartment to help Hermes (but only 10 months later); Kishward who has a lot of birds, Kubard and Shapur who are questionable adults taking care of(???) a lot of brats (Isfan, Zaravant and Tus); The Zot family who Hermes is suspicious of but Arslan likes to play with their daughter, Alfreed; Jaswant who talks a lot about Mr.Mahendra like he’s his dad but he isn’t and that’s very confusing; Baracion who lives on the top floor with his grand…son? Etoile;  Saam who saves the days most of the time albeit exasperatedly.

Guest appearances by, Guiscard who always looks irritated and in turn makes Hermes feel better; Rajendra and Gadevi who bicker a lot in front of their apartment building and no one knows why; a group of men wearing black hoodies who buys groceries for Hermes ; and Bodin who no one talks about.

a.k.a, it was 3am


WIP - academy darius.

I’ve been experimenting on coloring like takehito harada.

I’ve always admired how he colors but i never made a full attempt before.

I wanted to get better at coloring before i finish the art i owe.

This was hard and i feel i learned a lot in my attempt.

Also a shout out to @itsnabii for helping me on the earliest sketch because i couldn’t get the arm length right.

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Mytho my dear lad, do you have a commission page? Because I would love to, when I have a bit of lose cash laying about, throw some of that cash at you.

Thanks so much for your interest!

I do have a commissions page, which you can view here.

However, I should really make a new one. The current sheet only shows examples of stuff in the lower price range. It can vary, but a full body commission with color and shading can range from $25 - $35. Backgrounds are currently $15 and there are additional costs for things like armor and intricate clothing. Ultimately, I decide how much it will cost based on how much time it will take me to complete. The price is always agreed upon beforehand and I provide a rough sketch to give the buyer visual for how the finished product will look.

So if anyone would like a quote, please feel free to message me here on tumblr or email mythogamer@yahoo.com. I will update the commission sheet soon to better reflect how pricing works.