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The Joker x Reader - “5 Minutes”

After a nasty concussion you got 2 months ago during a car chase where Batsy was involved, you developed a strange ability: for 5 minutes every day you can read minds. It happens at random times, you never know when it’s going to hit. It’s not necessarily a good thing…or a bad thing…

Friday, 3:25pm

You must be kidding me, you gasp, getting up from your loveseat, enraged as you can be and you go kick the desk, pushing all his papers on the floor.

“What the hell, Y/N?!”The Joker spins in his chair, turning towards you, wanting to start a whole tirade about how much you annoy him when you do random shit like this.

“Why are you thinking about Lexi’s boobs, huh?” you smack your lips, feeling your blood boiling. (she’s the new bartender at the club)

Dammit, J thinks, I’m busted. You couldn’t have read his mind at a worst moment so he tries to fix it:

“I was just accidentally thinking about that, Doll, and…”

You don’t care and block his attempt:

“Mine are not good enough for you?! I’m a G-cup; what do you need, triple G???!! You wanna suffocate with these airbags?”

He takes a deep breath and grins, knowing he might talk his way out of it:

“Daddy likes your airbags, ok? They’re purrrrrfect,” he purrs, slowly pulling you in his arms, wishing you would let it go. “Are you jealous?” he winks and you slap his hands away, annoyed.

“You suck!” you kick his foot, taking a couple of steps back.

“Where are you going, Pumpkin?” J inquires, irritated he got in trouble for such a trivial thing (in his opinion).

“I’m gonna go and stare at our henchmen’s butts and see which one looks nicer!!!” you yell, already heading out of the office.

“Don’t you dare, Y/N, come back here!” he growls, following you so he can set you up straight.


Saturday, 9:57pm

Next day you evade him as much as you can and decide to go for a drive after dark. You are still livid from the day before and decide to take it out on a jewelry store you kind of had your eyes on for a while, breaking inside and smashing all the fragile glass counters, deciding to keep just a necklace for yourself when…

Fuck, you freeze for a few seconds when you realize Batsy is close, watching, probably waiting for you to notice him. You feel kind of stupid because you only have the baseball bath with you but your ability couldn’t find a better time to kick in for today.

You sniffle, placing the bath on your shoulder, and ask:

“Why do you keep on thinking about Bruce Wayne? Do you know him?”
Batsy is shocked; he doesn’t know what to do with this so he doesn’t move a muscle when you keep on yapping:

“Are you related or something? All I see in your mind is that name,” you tilt your head to the side and smile; and my God, he freaks out and doesn’t show it when you wink at him (he just thought about it for a second but you caught it):

“Oh, thank you, they’re real. Mister J loves them too… supposedly,” you scoff and look down at your low cut top, passing your fingers through your hair. “Are you taking me to Arkham?” and you bend over because a very shiny diamond on the floor got your attention. ”Hey, don’t think that about my boyfriend!” you snap, kneeling so you can collect your treasure. Batsy didn’t say a word and he has no clue what the hell is going on, but you sure seem to know what’s in his mind. When you look up again, he’s gone.

You’ve never been more confused in your life; you thought you will for sure be locked away which will happen soon anyway if you don’t run: the police sirens are getting closer and closer.


Sunday, 8:17am

The following morning you wake up, stretching and realizing J is not next to you - probably taking a shower and…it hits you for the present day. After a few seconds you hold your breath, stunned at the revelation: Oh my God, no way! And you jump out of bed, dashing in the bathroom, yanking the shower curtain to the side and just stare at him with the widest, creepiest grin ever:

“That’s your real name, baby??!!”

“Huh?” he turns towards you with soap in his eyes, trying to rinse his face. “What?” he makes you repeat because he didn’t quite hear you the first time.

“I know your real name, you were just thinking about it!” and your smirk gets even wider, if that’s possible.

“Are you kidding me?!” The Joker snarls, gazing at you with his mouth opened in frustration, debating on what to do.

“I knew it your name doesn’t even start with a J, I just flipping knew it !“ You suddenly sulk, furrowing your eyebrows, “Hey, stop thinking about killing me!…Stop it I said!”

“Then stop reading my mind, woman!!!” he splashes you with water, feeling homicidal and you try to ignore it:

I can’t help it, you know that. Can I call you by your real name?”

“NO!” he slaps your shoulder but you don’t even care and get inside the shower with him, totally smitten.

“What about when we have sex?”

“No way!” he protests yet you get in his face, keeping that eerie smile on your lips. Right when you thought he can’t surprise you anymore…

“It’s suuuchhh a cool, unique name, I reaalllyyy dig it!” you roar, kissing him and getting such an urge to spend the day in the bedroom. “Sexiest name ever!”

The Joker doesn’t really react for a few moments but then he kisses you back as you grumble, locking your hands around his neck, enjoying the warm water on your skin:

“I said stop thinking about killing me!”

I can’t help it,” he mocks your voice, actually telling the truth. Yeap, you know it too since you can still hear his thoughts.


Monday, 1:31pm

You walk alongside Frost, holding his arm, focusing on walking normal since J went crazy on you yesterday. He was sooo pissed you found out one of his secrets that no living soul is supposed to know. Jonny is confessing how much he hates the latest missions because they are getting more and more dangerous when…here it comes for today.

You would leave?!” you detach from his hand, astound while reading his mind. “You would just leave??!!!” Your eyes get watery and he doesn’t know what to say seeing how flustered you got.

“What’s going on?” J wants to find out when he catches up with the two of you. “Did you say something to my girl?” he barks at Frost after seeing your tears. “Nobody makes her cry but me, understood?” he continues to lecture while you don’t hear anything, too distressed about what Jonny was thinking.

“YOU!!!!!!!!!” you suddenly shout, interrupting The Joker’s discourse, pointing your finger at Frost, fed up with all the crap: “You don’t deserve me as your best friend!!!” and you are so mad your body shakes. “AND YOU!!!!!” your finger is now pointing towards J, “You don’t deserve me as your girlfriend!!!!”

You take a few deep breaths, letting it all out and even more irritating information comes up:

“Stop thinking about killing me!!!!!!!!!” you address J so loud all the other henchmen halt what they’re doing around the warehouse, puzzled on what’s going down with your little group. “YOU BOTH SUCK!!!”

You can’t even be there anymore so you turn on your high hills and strut away, not wanting to hear what’s going on in anybody’s brain anymore. But it’s not up to you; your daily 5 minutes are still here.

Yes, they are real, OK????!!!!” you yell at all the guys on your way out, pointing at your cleavage, exasperated that so many have doubts about it. For once, you would just love to silence all the voices in your head and since you are aware you can’t, it really pushes you to the limit as you storm outside the building.

“Who was thinking that way about my Princess, YOU JERKS?????” The Joker’s angry rant resonates behind you before the heavy metal doors shutting down cut off all the sound.


Tuesday, 6:21pm

You drove away to your house on the secluded small patch of beach you own on the coast because you really need a break.  Your ability hits and for once you don’t have somebody around; it feels really good not to deal with reading minds. You blocked J’s and Frost’s phone numbers, this way they won’t bother you. Sure as hell they will try and that’s not an option for now.

* Frost was thinking about leaving on vacation, not permanently, tired as he can be after all the assignments but you didn’t let him finish his thoughts since you panicked and lashed out. On the other hand, J really had murderous intent in his mind- again. That was genuine. He’s such a sweetheart…*


Wednesday, 10:01am

You are finally finished with the morning walk along the shoreline and you are heading back to the house. It’s so nice and warm you can actually get away with wearing your favorite two piece bathing suit without feeling cold.

You slide the glass panel and tread inside.

“Oh,” you frown, seeing him in the kitchen, twiddling with your cell phone.

“What kind of greeting is that, hm?” J moves his elbows towards the end of the kitchen counter, not lifting his eyes up, concentrating on his task. “There, I’m unblocked,” he sighs, sliding your phone towards the center of the table. “Nobody blocks my number, Pumpkin, especially you, got it?” he bites his lip, huffing so you get the point faster. “You can keep Frost blocked thought,” the suggestion is fast to follow.

You gulp, noticing what he has on: the nerve on this man! He is sporting (try to keep yourself together) the purple shirt of sex, your absolute favorite. This shirt does things to you and he is very aware of it.

“Wh-what are you wearing?” you utter, feeling your heart skipping a beat.

“A shirt, Y/N,” he responds, the level of sass going up pretty high.

You take a few steps towards him and glance at that almost unbuttoned, enchanting piece of clothing, but have the confidence to mumble:

“I’m staying here for a while and you’re not welcomed, so…” and you show him the exit.

“HA!” The Joker sarcastically grins, slowly approaching and it gives you goose bumps.

“Y-you and your shirt stay away from me, alright?” you try to bargain without success. That shirt and those eyes sure are a lethal combo.

“What’s wrong with you? It’s just a shirt,” he insists, no doubt having some plan regarding the whole thing.

“Stay away, I mean it,” you sniffle, backing out more. “I’m not sleeping with you and I don’t want to…ummm… talk to you.” Wow, that sounds so fake it makes you hate yourself instantly.

“Good, makes two of us,” J shamelessly lies without blinking, being so close you can smell his cologne. Jesus, your favorite one: you’re so screwed.


“I don’t want to!” you stop his hand pulling down on your bikini.

He just snickers with a devious expression on his face, forcing you against the wall.

“I-I really don’t want to,” you fight the sensation and for some reason manage not to lose your shit.

My God he’s a good kisser, you think when his lips find yours and you close your eyelids, moaning; he doesn’t see it coming when you push him away:
“That’s enough, p-please take your shirt and go!” BUT, luckily (or unluckily) it kicks in for today:


That freaky smile flourishes on your face once more as you read his mind.

“Really???” you whimper, emotional at that split moment he thought about it. “You love me?”

“What?!” he scoffs, so vexed your ability always hits when he is thinking about stuff he doesn’t want you to know. “No way, I barely tolerate you!” J attempts to save his pride but you sure have that bizarre, unsettling sparkle in your eyes that makes him tense.

You giggle, not giving a damn he is denying it, signaling him to come to you.

“Don’t put words in my mouth, woman,” he bitterly mutters but approaches regardless.

“I don’t have to,” you whisper, happy like never before and elbow him in the next second:

“Seriously??!!! Stop thinking about killing me!”

He starts chuckling and you tug on his shirt, antagonized:

“Are you… are you thinking it on purpose to annoy me?”

“Ahhhh, I wouldn’t know, Kitten, you’re the mind reading expert,” The Joker lifts you in his arms, making sure not to think about how much he likes you (in his own way) by the time the 5 minutes are up.

Too late, you already know.

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I can’t believe there’s nothing left to WORRY about for Rumbelle. Normally they were split or he was hiding something or, like, their adult son was feeling homicidal. But they’re fine. They’re happy. Belle’s wearing her wedding ring, and they’re taking their baby to big family dinners. Rumbelle got the happy beginning I knew they would get (but some days fandom made me question my belief in that). It’s been such a ride with definite ups and downs but I couldn’t have asked for a better last few scenes with them :’)

Blood and Letting: A Feysand Pregnancy: Part Eight


Mor peered into the room. Her son’s hair was up atop his head, his fingers working a sketch as he sat cross legged in the chair. The cuff in his ear glinted in the darkness. His sleeves rolled up, showing the swirls of stars and paint tattooed on his forearms. He hadn’t moved almost the entire day. Bay had been sleeping for the past eighteen hours and Nate hadn’t left the room.

“Pumpkin, did you get any sleep?”

Nate looked up at her, he had a pencil in his ear, the charcoal on his face darkened his eyes even more than she thought possible, the ring in his lip lighter. His voice was scratchy from misuse.“Yes.”

She frowned. “Don’t you lie to me, Nathaniel. I may be seven months pregnant but I can still ground you.”

He sighed, digging into his chair. “No, Mother. I did not get any sleep. I wanted to be awake when Baylor woke up.” He looked at Bay. “He was tossing all night.”

She glanced at the bed. Bay was curled into onto his side, his wings tucked behind him, his hair in his eyes. He appeared to be sleeping soundly now. She looked back at Nate. Her son’s eyes were still on Bay.

She sat on the edge of the chair, curling a piece of his hair behind his ear. “You think he had nightmares?.”

He looked at her and whispered, “I think I locked him into them.”

His face was so worried and guilty, but was also set with a quiet steel. He would do whatever it took to get Bay to sleep. “Nate-”

A groan came from the bed. Sitting up, Bay palmed his eyes before looking up. Nate’s eyes snapped to Bay. They were wide. Bay slid his glasses on. The sleepiness in his eyes drowned out by anger.  “Where’s Ash?”

“Living room,” Nate said.

“I wasn’t talking you.” He looked at her. “Where is he?”

“Living room,” she said.

He walked around them both, his hands clenched at his sides. She looked at Nate. His face paled, his eyes following Bay out of the room. He looked at her. “Oh no.”

Rhys leaned against the wall, his arms crossed. They had been here for a few hours, Azriel gleaming information from Keir. It was hard to break Keir, but they were getting their information, one cut at a time.

Keir sat in the iron chair, chained to the floor. The mess of golden hair atop his head damp with sweat and blood.

“Do you think this will be the last?” Keir asked. “Those abominations you call children, they will always be hunted. If not by us then by someone else.”

“And each one of you will die by either my or my mate’s hand.” Anyone who went after his children would learn just how much of a monster he was.

He knew Azriel wanted information about his son. What it was that Nathaniel was keeping from him. What Keir did to him. But he was waiting, gathering information about the coup that almost ended with him and Feyre and their children dead.

“Who were you working with?” Truth-teller slid into the male’s skin, Azriel’s voice a deadly quiet that had broken many before Kier.

Keir’s face contorted, “No one.”

“Let me ask, one more time.”


Black rage sat in his chest, his nails cutting into his palms. Nate had looked exhausted, his face bordered between relief and worry. He didn’t give a shit. He would deal with Nate and Cassian after he dealt with Ash.

He surveyed the living room. Ash and Aysel and Cassian were in it. Ash sitting in a chair and Cassian holding Aysel, the Princess in a gray top and black leggings, her wings out behind her; he almost smiled as she squealed at him. Almost. Cassian looked up at him, his face carefully blank. He ignored him and grabbed Ash by his collar, “You’re coming with me.”

Ash’s face paled as Bay dragged him out of the town house by his shirt. He didn’t want Aysel to see him like he as angry as he was. He shoved Ash against the side of the building.


His fist connected with Ash’s stomach. Ash keeled over coughing, his hands on his knees. “If anyone, anyone else had done a violation like that to me they would be dead. Touch me again and you will be too.” He has had enough people touching him.


“I just had to get through yesterday. That was it. I would have been fine. But no. You had to drag me into my subconscious with my dead mother.”

Ash whispered, “You had nightmares?”

He smacked the side of Ash’s head. “It was the anniversary of my mother dying. What the fuck do you think?”

Ash’s face paled. “I can do something about that. I can heal them so you can sleep better.”

“Do you really thing I would let you into my head? After the stunt you pulled?” He didn’t want anyone to know about the nightmares he had. The ones that weren’t about his mother. He kept mental shields every second of every day just incase someone tried to get into his head. “I’m not letting you near me ever again.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I don’t care if you’re ‘sorry’. I am so pissed at all of you. But you, you promised to not touch me. You were hurt and could have gotten yourself killed.” He crossed his arms. “Tell me, Ash. Did you pass out?”

He winced. “I-”

“Of course you did. What the fuck were you thinking?”

Ash pushed off the side of the building, starting towards him. “I was thinking that my brother was having a meltdown and I could help him.”

He didn’t want his help. “Worry about yourself. I’m fine.”

“You are far from fine. And who will worry about you?”


‘And you are doing such a bang up job with that, you self destructive midget.”

“At least I have a functioning brain you arrogant ginger giant. The next time you lay your hands on me will be the last.” Ash stared at him, his green eyes seeing something that Bay didn’t want seen. “Stop looking at me like that. Get back inside.”


Cassian kept Aysel on his lap, watching Bay storm through the House and back down the hall. Ash trailed in after him, his eyes narrowed in thought.

“I’m assuming that went well,” Cassian said.

Ash slumped into a chair, his chin rested on his fist. “You ever have a problem with Bay not wanting to be touched? I did and he threatened to break my hand. ” Oh he knew about that. When Nate and Dacia locked them in the Court of Nightmares.

Cassian shrugged, “The kid doesn’t like being touched.” He knew Bay had been in fights at the Court of Nightmares and in the camps. He also suspected he had been hurt before coming to live with him and Nesta. He wasn’t stupid enough to ask. Bay would shut him down and stop talking. Rhys got in his head though. He had told him what he found and Cassian was near murderous. “It would appear both Nate and Bay are hiding secrets from their parents.”

“No wonder he reacted so violently towards me touching him.”

Cassian leaned back, his hand still holding Aysel on his lap, his daughter gripping his hair. “You have been friends with Bay for eight years. You are just now realizing this?”


Azriel wiped the blood from his hands. He had gotten what he needed. Names and places. He couldn’t shake the feeling something was off. He told as much to Rhys.

“I tried getting into his head. His mental blocks were still in place. I couldn’t get in.”

Azriel nodded. “We got what we needed. I’ll have my shadows search for the people responisble.” He slid Truth - Teller in its scabbard before looking at Rhys. “I need to check in on Mor and then I’ll be coming back.”

“Do whatever you need.”


Baylor stood in the doorway, his eyes narrowed at him, his face flush with anger. His hair was still a mess, the freckles at his shoulders were stark against red skin. He had been outside. With Ash. Dread sat in Nate’s stomach. “Get the fuck out of my room.”

Excuse me,” his mother said. Her tone bordered on warning and amusement. She still sat on the ledge of her chair, her hand resting on her stomach. She gave Baylor a stern look.

Baylor’s ears reddened. “Not you, Mor.” His eyes slid to him. “I’m talking to Nate.”

Nate shut his sketchbook and sat it on the bed before standing. “Mother, can we have the room please?”

His mother stood, her golden hair falling around her. Her hand on her stomach. She reached up, kissing his cheek. “Don’t kill each other.”

His mother left, leaving just him and Baylor in the room. The silence was deafening but the look on Baylor’s face was so much worse. Hurt and betrayal and anger. It was enough to break him.

You,” Baylor stalked over to him, his finger in Nate’s chest.“Don’t you ever do that to me again.”

“You were suicidal.”

“And now I’m homicidal. Feel better?” At least he wasn’t turning on himself. So he did feel better actually.

Nate grabbed his hand. “Baylor-”

Baylor pulled his hand away from him. He snarled, “I had one day, Nate. Just one. But you and Cassian just had to hold me down so Ash can knock me unconscious with his magic.”

“I know,” he said quietly. “But you scared the fuck out of me.”

Most of the anger drained from his face, leaving mostly betrayal. He sighed forcefully. “I’m sorry.”

“Are we okay?”

“I’m still angry. And I will be for awhile.” Baylor’s brutal honesty was something he loved. Baylor lied to a lot of people, at least about how he was feeling. But not him. Baylor never lied to him. “But..we will be. Eventually.” Relief shot through him. “Can you promise me you will not do it again?” His voice was quiet, almost a whisper. He knew promises from him were binding. Nate didn’t break his word.

“No, I can’t. Your mental health is more important to me than staying in your good graces. If it helps you, I will do it if I need to. So will Ash. Even if you hate us afterwards.”

Baylor studied him. His face carefully blank and closed. He was at war with himself. Like usual. His thoughts going so fast he can’t make sense of them.

Nate’s shadows picked up his father. He was taking a break from Keir. Knowing his routine, he would go back and demand answers for him. He needed to get in there before his father returned. Nate looked at Baylor. “Do you still want to talk to Keir?”

Baylor’s face hardened. “Yes.”

Nate nodded. “We’re getting Cyrian.”


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Originally posted by themagicthatsme

Pairing: Kirk x reader

Warnings: angst, a little bit of language (at this point you should expect a some)

Words: 1489

A/N: Let me start with sorry, then end with you’re welcome. This is a bit of a rewrite of the end of Into Darkness with a little fluff at the end for you <3 As always, comments are appreciated!

When Spock orders you to abandon ship, you roll your eyes. “Not likely.” You state, jumping out of your seat. “But I will find Jim and Scotty and help fix this.” Your eyes flash and you run out of the bridge as fast as possible. Things and people are flying around as the artificial gravity fails, and your face bloodies as a piece of equipment bashes your cheek, slicing the skin open. Grunting, you continue onward, finally catching up with your boyfriend and the head engineer as they dangle over the railings in the engineering section of the ship. You and Chekov help them up, and in the moment, you can tell Kirk’s face is unsure whether he is relieved to see you’re still alive, or upset to see that you won’t evacuate.

“I’m not going anywhere, Jim, so let’s get this ship back online.” You tell him, and you race with him to the warp core. You watch as Jim unlocks the door, and you set your mind to it. While he punches out Scotty and races back to buckle him in, you bolt through the door and seal it from the inside.

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