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“I feel like everyone is against me, but no one ever makes fun of me, mainly because they think I am a psycho. There is one kid above all others that I want to kill. I want nothing more than to put a hole in his head. The one reason I don’t: hope. That tomorrow will be better. As soon as my hope is gone, people die” -An excerpt from Kip Kinkel’s journal

Diabolic esper voice: So I heard you were enveloped in corruption from a certain demonic incident, and now pray to no goddess anymore.
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Today’s Run-A lesson in persistence.

I woke up feeling pretty homicidal today (as evidenced by my murder face), probably because I fell asleep that way. I could lie to you and say that everything was rainbows and runners high but since we are friends I wont lie to you like that. Today was a challenge, my head just wasn’t in it you guys.  I had a few thoughts like this..

“i woke up late, I don’t have my armband, I’m not gonna go. It’ll just be a waste of time”

“Jesus, I have a camel toe in these pants”

“WTF lady just smile back, I said good morning!”

“Ok I can run a little but I hate this and I hate everything”

30 minutes in “Alright, you can do this. Yeah this isn’t so bad.”

“I cant wait to eat”

“Great, I’m being followed but Buffalo Bill and I’m gonna be a skin lamp.”

Today was weird. It was beautiful though, even found a fairy garden.

I only did 1.88 miles because I woke up late and got to the trails late but I did it. Moral of today so far?  Get out there and do it, even when you don’t feel like it. Your body will thank you and your head will be better. Shove that phone in your sports bra, forget about the camel toe, be aggressively nice to bitchy wasp runners, and just do your thing. Even if you don’t wanna.  Persistence brings results…

I still feel pretty stabby, but I’m glad I did it.  I probably would have felt way worse if I didn’t! 


possessed Yuu for all your possessed Yuu needs

Chapter 13-14 by the Owari no Seraph (?) and Chapter 34 by Ashuramaru


olivia dunham meme  ♛ [1/6] quotes

If you're very gay for Lapis

If you’re very gay for Lapis clap your hands

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If you’re very gay for Lapis and you really wanna show it clap your hands

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If you’re gay for Lapis when she is smiling and feeling homicidal clap your hands

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If you’re very gay for Lapis clap your hands

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