feel good without him

All I want is for Draco Malfoy to one day look back on his life and think… 

‘All was well’.

i’ve had literally 0 inspo but i’ve been really feelin that tomedd vibe ok…

Everybody, just STOP. Stop whatever you are doing and IMAGINE:

Alicia Zimmermann as the retired hockey legend married to Bob Zimmermann semi-famous actor/model.

First, Jack wouldn’t feel as overshadowed. Instead of being compared to his dad, a lot of the guys in the locker would have made fun of him or said crude things about his mom. Jack gets into a lot more fights in this universe, but he is just as talented.

Alicia knows how to nurture that without making him feel that’s the only thing he’s good for.

Alicia and Jack make fun of Bob’s terrible movies. He played a rookie in an 80’s classic cop TV show, and the two of them know the lines by heart. They spend holidays reenacting the worst scenes, and there’s a game where one of them yells strike a pose and do one of his ad campaigns. Alicia wins every time (she takes this very seriously and that’s how she got banned from two different supermarkets).

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The Things She Carried

Part 4. Human After All

Dean x Reader

Masterpost with all the parts

Summary: Dean meets a huntress. Well, he would define her a robot. At least until he gets to know her…

Word Count: 1700+

Warnings: Potentially triggering for those who have lost their mom.

Tags: @mrswhozeewhatsis @daydreamingintheimpala @mysoul4dean @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @amoreagron @spnfangirl1965 @aristtewinchesterholmes @thisisthelilith @chelsea072498 @aiaranradnay @skymoonandstardust @apeshit7x @anokhi07 @tatortot2701 @jerkbitchidjitassbutt @mangasia @squirrellover1967@sharkeeshark @maui137 @electricbluecas @kazchester-fanfiction @gabavaldman @riversong-sam @lavieenlex @zanthiasplace @holywaterbucketchallenge @soullessbabee @loricwizardbluetoastedcake @extreme-supernatural-lover @imissyoualittlemoreeveryday @barneybrigade @iliketowrite02 @itschelseabennett @mogaruke @stormisamystery

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The amount of Rosvolio and Parivia in the last episode has still got me shook…

One more thank-you short fic, for @whowaswillbe, who requested “ yoga seb, I’d love to see it being before they get together – Chris being completely transfixed by this gorgeous creature (and who could blame him?)”. I don’t really know *that* much about yoga, but they are both (relative) beginners here in any case, so…have some first-meeting Evanstan fluff!


Chris should be good at yoga. In theory. Given his flexibility.

He wobbles. Trying to do something called mountain pose. He’s not a good mountain. Or whatever.

He’s done gymnastics and ballet and improv theater classes. He knows how to move. Or he’s always more or less thought so.

He’s aware that this is not enough.

He’s also aware that at least half his problem, if not more, involves the utterly beautiful man just in front and slightly to the right of him. The man has duckling-soft brown hair, infinite legs, and an ass that exists in a state of loveliness which cannot be defined by words.

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Going Nowhere

Requests: “Could you maybe do a chill day with kol (and smut). Where you both are just at home watching TV and Messing eith eachother and then you Make love ??? That would be sooooo nice of you Love your imagines by the way.” 

“Get off of me.” You giggled and tried pushing Kol away. He wrapped his arms and legs around you, snuggling you into staying on the sofa with him. “Kol! You’re crushing me!” You squeaked, squirming from his hold and pushing him down on the pillows, pinning his hands above his head. 

He grinned up at you. “I’ve always liked a female on top.” He joked. You laughed and kissed him passionately, humming into his mouth with your hands still holding his above his head. 

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dirty mouth

author’s note: 2,000+ words of pure sex. i’m truly sorry. no one asked for this. not even me.

warning: smut. light dominance, light bondage, accidental daddy kink

“This is stupid.”

She sighs forlornly while she examines herself in the full length mirror. The new, black, lacy lingerie set looks good against her skin (and the push-up bra does wonders for her breasts) but she can’t help but feel kind of silly in the sexy getup.

Roman has always assured her that she satisfies him in bed, but she’s never felt particularly sexy. She always feels awkward, because she never knows what to do, so she lets Roman take the lead but even he’s been holding back lately. That’s why, a week ago, he suggested spicing things up in the bedroom. (Though he made it very clear that she always pleases him, he just wanted to kick things up a notch). Nothing too serious, he’d explained, and they would establish a safe word just in case.

And she agreed to it.

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Jealousy // Cha Eunwoo


the prompt: Hello :) I would like to request a scenario of Eunwoo from astro. Angst + fluff. I would like it to be about Eunwoo getting jealous bc I spend to much time with MoonBin. If you see this thank you so much for doing this, you’re the best!!!! :) :) :)

words: 1464

category: sort-of angst + a dash of fluff

author note: you were my first request so thank you so much! sorry this is so short and messy; it was really hard to write angst for eunwoo but I hope you like it anyway!


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Benjamin Imagine - Sweet Secret

After the reader finds out that she’s pregnant, she fears Ben’s reaction and starts avoiding him until he confronts her…


Originally posted by glennsnotdead

The moonshine fell through the window as you sunk deeper into the sheets of your bed.
You heard Ben’s slow and constant breathe next to you as you slowly turned around to look at him. Under normal circumstances you wouldn’t retain to lay your head on his chest and cuddle close to him but the circumstances simply weren’t normal, at least to you.
You still saw before your inner eye the first positive pregnancy test laying in your hands, the second, the third.
And every time you tried to not believe your eyes even when you deep down knew that those test weren’t lying, as much as you wanted them to.
And every time you thought about it you had the same questions in your head that began to terrorize you more with every time they showed up.
How should you raise a baby in this world?
Were you even mature enough to be able to give a little human being everything it needed?
Could you protect it from any danger this world had?
Could it ever grow up without having to fear to lose everyone around them?

You had taken the test about one and a half week ago and since then, those questions didn’t leave you alone.
You had realized that you could never prevent this baby to be born, not because you didn’t have the stuff here, but because you had already developed motherly feelings for it and it was Ben’s baby you were carrying .
And with that the biggest question in your mind build up more.
Would he want the baby?
You had never talked to him about kids, that’s nothing you had have in your mind until the moment you had to realize that it was a bigger matter than you ever thought it would be.
You knew how loving he was, how much he cared about you but you didn’t know if the panic when realizing that you were pregnant would overwhelm him and let him make decisions you didn’t even want to think about.
You would have to tell him someday at least when your body would begin to show that you were pregnant.
You looked at Ben’s relaxed sleeping face before he moved towards you in his sleep and you felt his warmth coming closer.
You felt guilt coming up in you, not only about not telling him, but also about being unapproachable to him since you knew about the baby.
Every time he touched you, every time he leaned in to place a kiss on your lips, every time he told you he loves you made you want to just run away.
The fear in you that he could leave you once it was out, made you act unapproachable even when you tried to overplay it.
But you knew that he was noticing your different behavior.
He knew you too good to not see it and he began asking you what was wrong you just brushed off while you tried to avoid eye contact to him.
You hated lying to him and you felt like you were betraying him. You turned around again, looked outside the window knowing that also this night wouldn’t offer much sleep to you.

As you woke up in the morning, after roughly two or three hours of sleep, you found yourself laying in Ben’s arms, his face close to yours.
You felt the guilt and fear coming up in you again, motivating you to slowly free yourself out of his arms before you sat up on the corner of the bed.
You were glad that at least the morning sickness that had started shortly after you found out about your pregnancy and which was already problematic to hide  seemed to not be present today.
”(Y/N)?”, you heard Ben drowsy ask before you felt his hand stroking softly over your back creating a shiver that run down your back.
You hastily stood up, swallowing as you looked at him.
”Are you okay?”, he asked as he sat up and looked concerned at you.
”Yeah”, you said nodding before you rushed over to the wardrobe and pulled clothes over your body.
”(Y/N), somethings wrong, come on, please let me know when something is bothering you”, he said while you felt the panic increasing.
”It’s not, I got some work outside”, you said trying to escape the tightening feeling that created around your chest.
”It’s not even six, Ezekiel-”, Ben said looking from the clock to you.
”Yeah, I know but I rather finish it now when not everyone’s outside yet”, you said cutting him off as you pulled a jacket over your body knowing that this time your lie wasnt the strongest one but once you were out of the room it wouldnt matter anymore.
”Bye”, you said before Ben could even respond and rushed out of the room.

You began doing your usual work, feeling like the biggest asshole ever for leaving him that way, but you hadn’t known how to help yourself on another way.
The whole morning and forenoon, till the first people began to leave for lunch you kept working, trying to distract yourself from the thoughts in your head.
You finally made your way over to the dining room and entered as you knew that Ben wasnt inside.
You got your food and sat down next to a few others, put a mask onto your face and tried to smile to not let them see what was actually going on in your head.
After some time, they left to go back to their work, leaving you alone again with your thoughts.
You felt a lump creating in your throat as your head began to pound by the thought of Ben leaving you and the baby, the tears you had tired to hold back came up and you felt how tears began falling down your cheek as you looked down to your hands.
You suddenly heard Jerry coming from the kitchen while humming a happy song. You hastily wiped your tears away and looked up to him.
“(Y/N)?”, he asked still happily before he seemed to see your slightly red eyes.
“What’s wrong?”, Jerry asked concerned as he walked towards you and sat down.
“Nothing”, you said trying to not let him see what was actually going on in your head.
“I see that you’re lying (Y/N),…Bens also worrying about you”, Jerry said as he placed a plate with cobbler on the table.
“Did he send you?”, you asked still looking down on your hands.
“No, but we’re friends (Y/N), so I do care about you too”, Jerry said sitting down, he sounded unusual serious.
You swallowed, looked up to Jerry and breathed out.
“Promise me that you won’t tell anyone, especially not Ben”, you said nervously playing with your hands.
“I promise”, said Jerry while he ate a spoonful cobbler and you still struggled with yourself before you finally raised your voice.
“I’m pregnant”, you said swallowing.
It was out.
Even if you didn’t know if you should be glad about it your worried.
“But that’s great!”, Jerry responded suddenly smiling widely.
“No it’s not…”, you said while your voice cracked while you felt tears coming up again.
“Bu-but why?”, Jerry asked bewildered.
“I-I’m not sure if Ben wants the baby…”, you said swallowing.
“Of course! Why wouldn’t he?”, he asked still a bit shocked about your reaction.
“We’re still young, he already has to take care of his brother…and..a baby in this world-”, you said not being able to finish the sentence through the lump in your throat becoming even bigger. 
You saw Jerry reaching out his hand to stroke over your arm before he raised his voice.
“He loves you (Y/N), he’ll love the baby too…and you have to tell him, he deserves that…you know that too”, Jerry said in a seroius and still concerned voice.
“Yeah”, you breathed while you swallowed hard knowing that one day you wouldn’t be able to hide it anymore anyways.
“I’m gonna, but I need some more time”, you said looking at Jerry who slowly nodded.
“Okay, Im gonna be as silent as a grave”, he finally said.

The dusk was already set in while you walked through the streets of the kingdom as you saw Benjamin coming around a corner.
You felt the panic packing you again that made you turn around before he noticed you.
You were ashamed for yourself and your reaction, you normally were a strong person but the thought of losing him messed your mind up.
You walked hastily down the street into the other direction while you heard Ben’s footsteps coming closer and faster, before you saw out of the corner of your eyes how he walked next to you.
”We need to talk”, he said while you felt his glance on your body.
You didn’t know what to respond, so all you did was keep on walking.
“Alright, what’s wrong with you? And don’t tell me there isn’t because I see there is!”, he said completely serious before he stopped walking.
You stopped as well and turned around while you felt cold shivers running down your back, your heart pumping against your chest knowing that you couldn’t escape anymore.
“I-I..”,you began to stutter but you didn’t get a word out of your mouth. You looked at Ben who looked swallowing back, his eyes filled with pain as he raised his voice again.
“I dont know what to do anymore…I just…is there someone else? Are you being that way because of that?, he asked, his voice trembling, knowing that he had to be extremely churning to have the suspicion of you having an affair. 
"God no, Ben there is no one else than you, I swear”, you said swallowing.
“Then please Tell me what the real reason is”, he said almost begging.
If you wouldn’t tell him now, you would risk losing him, probably more than telling him your secret.
And with that you had made your decision.
“Ben…I…I’m pregnant”, you said looking at him even if you were scared of how he would react, but instead of saying something he just walked towards you and pulled you into his arms.
“God (Y/N), I thought I would lose you”, he muttered into your hair while tightening his hug.
“So did I…I thought you might leave me”, you said still trembling but hugging him back before Ben backed away to look at you.
“I would never leave you”, he said looking into your eyes before continuing.
“We’re gonna make it, it’s not gonna be easy but I know that we can do it together”, he said cupping your face with his hands before leaning in to kiss you.
For the first time since the suspicion of you being pregnant had come to your mind you could kiss him again without feeling anything but good.
“I’m sorry I did that to you, I’m sorry that I doubted but I was just scared”, you muttered against his lips as you slowly let go of each other.
“It’s okay, It’s okay as long as you promise to not ever think that I’ll leave you and our baby”, he muttered back while you felt how your body filled with even more warmth.
“I promise”, you answered before you felt how Ben laid his hand on your belly and stroke softly over it and a wide smile created on his lips.
“I love you both”, you heard him mutter as he looked up from your belly.
“I love you both too”, you answered looking smiling back at him.
And with that, every doubt was gone and even though you knew that a hard time was ahead of you, you knew that together, you both would turn these hard times into good ones with your child.


“Just let us do our job.”

“Yeah, this is your job. But him in there, that’s my life!”

Hunters Don’t Cry: Part 2

Pairings: Dean x Reader x BestFriend Sam

Summary: If you have not read the first part, Click Here

Things are really starting to come to a head but can the reader keep her temper under control or is going to ruin the bond she has with Dean forever..

Word Count: 1,700ish

Author’s note: Thank you guys for actually liking this story. It means so much to me. I promise to try and correct my grammar before posting. Run on sentences are my thing. I do want to clear up the time line a little bit though. So the reader left after John died, for two years. They came back and it is now three years after her return. I hope that you guys enjoy the next few parts. xx

P.S: Anything in italics is a flash back

“We are pregnant.” I look in the mirror, holding the five positive tests. “I’m pregnant. Dean you’re going to be a dad. We are having a mini hunter. Dean, I’m pregnant.” Everything I practiced did not feel right. I can’t tell him. We have too much going on to have a child.

“(Y/N), are you okay in there?” Sam knocked on the bathroom door. “Dean is heading out to the bar, you ready?”

“I’m fine. Tell him to go without me, I’m not feeling good.” I startled trying to hide the tests and hold the morning sickness back. Okay, I couldn’t hold it back.

“(Y/N), open the door. I can hear you throwing up.” Sam tried to open the locked door handle but it wasn’t going to budge.

“Go away, Sam. Leave me alone.” I groaned as I was now sitting on the dirty motel floor, throwing up everything in my system.

“I’m coming in.” Sam busted through the door and looked at me. He looked at the pregnancy tests. He looked back at me in shock. “Holy shit.”

“I know. Fuck me right.” With that being said my head was back in the toilet and Sam was holding my hair.

“You have to tell him.”

“No shit.” I snapped. I don’t know if it was because I’m hormonal, scared, or pissed.

“Hey, we got this.” He was trying to be soothing but it was not helping.

“No we don’t, Sammy. We don’t have this. We are fighting off demons left and right. We almost lost Dean, John is gone, we are teaming up with freaking demons and I’m pregnant. We don’t have this, we can’t. I need a beer and some Tylenol but I can’t because I’m pregnant.

Sam chuckled a little but stayed there with me until I was ready to get up. He held my hair back while I regretted every extra French fry I ate for lunch.

I walked into the kitchen the next morning, sore and my eyes almost swollen shut from crying all night. I sat down at the table, on the opposite end from Dean and her. The moment I sat down, he got up. He took the paper and his coffee and left the room. She looked at me, scoffed and followed him like a lost puppy. I looked back at my coffee, already crying.

"Here, you have to eat something.” Sam said as he sat the plate of eggs and bacon from the local diner in front of me.

“I can’t. I can barely drink this coffee, I can’t eat that.” I pushed it back to him. I knew he was trying his hardest but I wish he would stop.

“He’s just hurt. If you told him the truth, all this would go away. It would be okay.”

“Sammy, no it wouldn’t. How can I tell Dean I’ve kept a secret for five years? It would destroy him, more than it is now. It’s better this way.”

“God dammit, (Y/N). Tell him the truth or I will.”

“No you won’t. You know the repercussions if Dean knew the truth.”

“The truth?” I heard her voice walk into the run down kitchen with their coffee cups. “You mean our big bad little hunter is keeping a secret.” She taunted and looked at me with her bitch-ass smirk.

“Shut the fuck up and go screw something.” I couldn’t stand her. I couldn’t stand her five years ago and I couldn’t stand her now.

“Too late, I already am. All day and all night.”

“Please explain something to me, Sam. Of all the stray dogs you brought home, Dean never let us keep one. But he brings home some waste of space, bar whore, named Tiffany and we have to keep her.” I cocked my head to the side. I watched her grip tighten on the mug. Before I knew it I was dodging the coffee mug that is shattered into a thousand pieces behind me.

“I might be some bar whore but at least I didn’t murder my unborn child.”

Her hair was wrapped around my hands as I drug her to the floor. I felt the adrenaline pulsing though my veins. My heart was racing as I punched her over and over. She was screaming for Dean. Sam was trying to pull me off of her, but even though he was a skyscraper and built like a brick ship house, I was just as strong. She ripped at a hole in my shirt, exposing the fresh stitches. Her manicured claws ripped at my side, ripping them out, but I didn’t care.
She was still screaming and I was still throwing punches. Sam had left the room to get Dean, like that was going to help.

I heard them both saying our names, telling us to stop. His arms wrapped around my waist and he pulled me off of her. She was crying and was going to need a nose job by the time it healed. She was shouting and calling me crazy but she sounded far away in the distance as Dean carried me out of the room. Sam followed, leaving her alone. I didn’t fight him, I was finished. He dropped me on the mothball filled couch and looked at me.
“What the actual fuck, (Y/N)?!” He was screaming, he was upset and it was because of me.

“Just leave me alone, Dean.”  I tried to get up but with one hand, he pushed me back down. Hard enough to make me sit but gentle enough to not hurt me.

“No. You’re not going to treat me the way you do and then beat the shit out of my girlfriend. Who now needs to go to a fucking hospital because you can’t control your crazy.”

“My crazy? I’m crazy? That’s fucking great.”

“You left out of the blue for two years. You sent us a text every once in a while. You come back and you won’t even look at me. God damn you were the love of my life and for some reason you didn’t love me back.”

“I didn’t love you back?! Everything I did was for you Dean. Every choice was for you.”

“No it wasn’t. It was because you were selfish and inconsiderate.” He was sitting across from me in another mothball filled chair. We were arguing but luckily it wasn’t screaming.

“(Y/N), please. Just tell him the truth.” Sam was in the corner. He wanted this to be over, hell I did too. “It’s been four years.”

“No..” I chose because he made me. I did everything for him but saying I didn’t love him was the last straw.

“What truth?” He looked at both of us worried.

“Don’t worry about it. We have shit to do today, let’s forget about this and move on.” I stated.

“No, we are not moving on. This is not normal. What ever the fucking truth is, someone for fucks sake, someone tell me.”

“I can’t.”

“You can’t or you won’t? See here’s the thing, I can’t deal with this one sided female bullshit. I’m over it. So tell me the "truth” or leave. For good. I don’t want to see you, ever again.“

"I’ll pack my bags then.” I got up from the couch and started to walk out of the room.

“(Y/N) never had the abortion.” Sam chimed in. Dean looked at both of us with his eyes wide open.

“Sammy, please don’t.” I cried for him not to. He looked at me, he knew I trusted him. He promised not to tell.

“You mean… I’m a dad?” Dean never cried but I could see him tearing up. “(Y/N), is this true? We have a kid?”

“Dean, we have twins.” My secret was out and it did not feel any better.

“Holy shit.” Tiffany stated, standing by the door listening.

Holy shit was right. If I thought shit was complicated now, add two four year olds.

“Dean I’m pregnant.” I said, as I sat beside him on our shared bed. He was researching for a case, Sam had gone out for the night and it was just us. This was the right time. It was private, just us, like we always liked it.

“(Y/N), baby, you have to work on your jokes.” He glanced at me and back at his computer.

“I’m not joking. I’ve taken five different tests and I can’t even smell a cheeseburger without needing to throw up.” I had his attention, he didn’t look happy either.

“Are you serious?”

“I am, Dean. We’re pregnant.” I tried to involve him. I wanted this to work. Our own little family

“How could you be so careless?” He was in shock but that was not my expected reaction.

“What?” I was confused. I was expecting him to be shocked but I was also expecting him to be somewhat excited.

“We clearly can’t have a child (Y/N). We have no family to watch it. We can’t quit our jobs. You need to get rid of it.” He was mad and I was fucked.

“Dean, this is not one of Sam’s pets he tries to keep. This is an actual human.”

“It’s a fetus and you need to get rid of it. I’m not discussing this anymore. You’re on the pill, you should not be pregnant.”

I was completely broken by his reaction. I thought he would at least be somewhat happy. Was it an accident, yes. But he.. he was amazing with kids. He is meant to be a father.

“The pill is not 100% effective, Dean. You don’t like condoms. We are both at fault here.”

“Don’t you dare blame this on me.” He closed his laptop and got up from the bed. “I’m going to the bar. Keep it but know if you do, you will not be staying with us. So get rid of it or find a new family.” He put his jacket on and started to to walk out the door.

“I thought you loved me, Dean?” I was crying hysterically. If it wasn’t for the hormones, I would be able to actually keep my composure.

“I’m not discussing this anymore.” He slammed the door behind and and Baby’s engine roared shortly after. The only noise in that room was the leaking faucet and my sobs.

Hunters do cry… they cry a lot.

Misunderstanding (Sherlock x Reader)

Request: I would like to request a Sherlock/Reader. She likes Sherlock but keeps it to herself because she doesn’t see any real value in herself. Sherlock does like her but he thinks she hates him because she avoids him when they aren’t working together. John, with his new skill, quietly observes this thing between them and tells Sherlock about what he has deduced. Sherlock then confronts Reader.

Originally posted by sherlockspeare

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There Was Some Good in Him All Along: A Grant Ward Retrospective

I know a lot of Ward fans are disappointed we didn’t get a more meaningful goodbye in the Framework, but I personally consider this whole arc to be the closest thing we’ll ever have to a win-win. 

Because if the show isn’t renewed and this is the last season (though that seems unlikely), this will have been a reward for those of us who have stuck with him since season one, and a nice send-off to his character. And if the show is renewed without him coming back, it will be validation that he wasn’t inherently evil, that he was instead the product of his environment and the people around him. And if the show is renewed and he does come back, it will have set the stage for the other characters to accept him as a different man and not judge him by the actions of his predecessor.

I’ve been a Ward fan since season one and while I’m still salty about the wringer the writers put this character through, I’ve made my peace. This meta is about moving on and moving forward and remembering a truly memorable character, so if you’re looking to bash Ward or the show, please look elsewhere because this is a positive post. 

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Tig Trager - Just for one night

(Tig and reader just can’t keep away from each other. Contains SMUT. This is my first time trying to write smut, hope it’s not too bad!!)

It was 12.30am. Despite the fact you hadn’t finished work until 9pm you weren’t tired and you knew exactly why.

Since you and Tig had decided to stop seeing each other your mind just couldn’t rest, no matter how tired your body told it, it was. It had been a mutual decision, despite neither one of you truly wanting whatever it was you had together to stop.

Truth is, you didn’t really know what exactly you had with Tig. You’d been friends first, an unlikely pairing but you just clicked, you spent most of your time together laughing and flirting.
After almost two years the constant flirting and sexual tension had lead to the inevitable. Despite telling yourself it wasn’t a good idea you’d been sleeping together for the best part of 3 months before things started to get complicated. Between club business and your work it was getting harder and harder to sneak around, Charming was only so small after all. After having one close call too many you both decided it was time to call it quits and just go back to being friends. It was just easier that way, no more over thinking what this thing would become, no more worrying about getting caught out. Your business was too close to Tellor Morrow not to mention you worked there part time, it would be stupid to risk a relationship of any sort getting in the way of those things. You liked things the way they were, the last thing you needed was people looking at you differently because you were sleeping with a club member.

Although your head told you, you’d made the right decision, your body and possibly your heart weren’t so sure. Something told you Tig felt the same way too.

Since you’d called it quits Tig would call almost every night, normally about 1am. You didn’t answer any more because you simply wouldn’t have the will power not to give in once you heard his voice. Although you didn’t answer you still waited for the phone call, and every night wondered if he would continue calling. For some strange, selfish reason you were happy he hadn’t quite moved on yet, even if he did only call after the drink had taken effect.

Tonight was different though, it had been two and a half weeks exactly since you’d had sex. You weren’t enjoying it. Tig was the best sex you ever had, it didn’t matter where you looked no one came close to Tig. After scrolling tinder for an hour and drinking almost a full bottle of red wine you gave up. 1.30am and he hadn’t called. You took a deep breath and dialled.

“Hey doll” that familiar, sexy voice answer.
“Tig, I need to see you” you replied, if you didn’t get straight to the point you’d talk yourself right back out of it.
“You okay?!” His voice sounded strained and concerned.
“Yeah, no, I’m fine. I just wanna see you.” I responded.
“Be there in 10 babe.” He replied and hung up.

About 10 minutes later you heard the familiar rumble of Tig’s bike turning into your road.
You opened the front door just in time to see him swinging off his bike and removing his helmet. Even though you’d know him for years, you’d never get used to the butterflies that surface in your stomach at just the sight of him. You were only wearing your black lacey pyjama top and matching knickers, so you weren’t sure if your nipples were starting to harden from the breeze or the sight of Tig and his bike.

As he walked from his bike to you, his eyes wondered over your body making you shiver, suddenly you felt very aware of how little you were wearing. He stopped with just inches between you, not quite touching but close enough to feel his warm breath, he smelt slightly of whiskey and his own familiar scent that you craved so badly.
“Hey doll” he breathed.
You responded by pulling him down and attaching your lips to his. He responded instantly and pushed you back through the door without breaking the kiss you had both missed so much.
Kicking the door shut he pushed you up against the wall, he could feel the desperation in your kiss as your tongue explored the mouth that had been so familiar to you. He let out a low moan, the feel of your body so close was causing his growing bulge to become uncomfortable in the confines of his black jeans. Sensing his need you tugged his shirt over his head before removing your own top to leave you in just your black lace panties.
“I’ve missed you so much babe” Tig mumbled in between kissing down your neck leading a trail down to your breasts, as he squeezed you let out a sigh, throwing your head back to concentrate on the pleasure he was giving you. You couldn’t take this much more than he could.
“Please Tig, I need you” you whispered.
As soon as the words left your mouth something in him snapped, he grabbed you, causing you to wrap your legs around his waist as he carried you into your bedroom and threw you gently onto the bed. He made quick work of his belt, pants and boxers as you slid your panties off.
He looked down at you with a hunger in his eyes, before crawling on top of you and continuing his trail of kisses down to your inner thighs, before finally getting to where you needed and craved him most. As soon as he began to suck on your clit your hips jerked up involuntary, causing him to hold you down and moan into you, sending waves of pleasure through you. There was nothing he loved more than the taste of you, he would never get enough of hearing you scream his name as you came. Nothing made him feel better.

When he was certain you were close he pulled away before laying on top of you as he lined himself up with your entrance
“Please Tig” you begged, desperately.
With that he plunged into you, going slowly at first. You gasped as he stretched you out just the right amount. As you arched your back and dug your nails into his shoulders encouraging him to go faster, he began to slam into you “so tight for me babe, you feel so good” he gasped between thrusts.
How you’d lived without him for so long was beyond you, in that moment you swore you never would again.
As he kissed and nipped on your neck he could feel you nearing your release, his hand slipped down between you and started rubbing fast circles on your swollen clit, causing you to cry out
“just let go babe” he said while sucking on your collarbone. That was all you needed to send you over the edge. Moments after Tig came with a grunt as he collapsed on top of you. “That was amazing” he whisper into your neck.
You both stayed like that for a minute, coming down from your high together. His weight on top of you made you feel safe, you’d missed him so much, more than you had even realised.

Afterwards you didn’t feel the need to speak, you just silently slid under the sheets together. You didn’t need to ask him to stay, he just wrapped his arms around you pulling you close. Before you he didn’t like to stay over but right now all he wanted to do was wake up with you next to him, knowing that for at least one night you were his again.

A Hostage to Scandal

Summary: Belle might have found her happily ever after, but now it seems she’s forced to wait for it to begin, so as to avoid scandal.  Unluckily, or perhaps luckily, some scandals can’t be avoided.  Sequel to A Hostage to Fortune.

Rating: NC-17

AN: I hope you like this @still-searching47!  I know it’s really late, but happy birthday!

Given how Lord Gold had proposed, Belle wasn’t surprised that her Papa demanded a long engagement.  The couple would rather have been married quickly, but they both understood that society had rules and they had already broken some of them.  More than Belle’s Papa even knew.  If they were going to mitigate the scandal they had to wait at least a year to start their forever.  It was frustrating to have to postpone their nuptials, but Belle didn’t mind so much when she was sitting on her fiancé’s lap, his lips pressed to hers.

She sighed happily as they held each other.  It was rare that they were allowed to be alone.  Belle’s chaperone was almost always at her side and after a month of stolen kisses she had learned to appreciate these moments.  Her father and cousin’s husband were out at the moment and Astrid had taken to bed with a headache.  This gave Belle and Rum the perfect opportunity to kiss as much as they pleased in the sunlit drawing room.

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Don’t Tell Nobody ((Brett))

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Only requested twice, @plantyourtrees–watchthemgrow@kendrababe14​, here is what would happen had you chose Brett.

Part One

Song inspo: Don’t tell nobody by Tink ft Jeremih

I’m sick of this keep it on the DL shit
You say you with the bros when you out with a bitch
You say you at the crib when you leaving her place
I pull up to ya crib and you lie to my face
He like “baby you my all and all
I was in the bathroom when I missed ya call”
Nah you was in the backseat sweating like a athlete
Doing everything that you said you wouldn’t
But I ain’t gon’ trip on a weak ass n***a
I'ma just find me a n***a much bigger
I'ma just do the same shit that you do when I’m not up in the room

You chose to leave with Brett

You wiped the tears on your cheeks away and ran downstairs.  
Brett was talking to some guys and smiled as if he knew you were coming over to him.  
You grabbed his hand and pulled him outside the lake house.  
No one, surprisingly, was out by the lake.  
You stopped under a tree and looked at Brett.

Brett: I take it you found Liam
Y/N: Can you really do it?  
Brett: Do what?  
Y/N: You said to pick the place, so can you make me feel better than I ever have?  
Brett: Sweetheart, I can do just more than that  
Y/N: Good  

You take off your shirt and pull down your shorts, leaving you in nothing but your black laced bra, matching underwear, and lace booties.  

Brett: You have no idea how bad you frustrated me tonight

He pulled his shirt over his head then pulled you close so the two of you were in kissable distance.  

Brett: The way your ass jiggled in those tiny shorts, I’m actually surprised they didn’t eat them

He slid his hands down the curve of your back and gripped both cheeks in a sensual way.  

Brett: I feel like you were teasing me for the hell of it
Y/N: Maybe I was
Brett: I like a catch

Brett lifted me off the ground so that I was level enough with him.  
I wrapped my legs around his waist and I had my arms wrapped around his neck so I could keep myself balanced.  
He dived for my neck, leaving all sorts of hickeys to show Liam I wasn’t his anymore.
He licked a line along my neck then kissed my ear.  
“You don’t need him, Y/N, he doesn’t deserve you”

You opened your mouth to talk but Brett found your sweet spot and instead of words, you let out a soft moan.  
Since he was so tall, your chest was in perfect distance of grabbing.  
He unhooked your bra and took your nipple into his mouth.  
You let out another moan when he started to grind it in between his teeth.
This boy was going to drive you crazy.  
Everything he did made you horny and it made you crave for more.  
When he was done with both nipples he left them alone to graze along your collarbone then bit down making you gasp.  
You’ve never been bitten before but you liked the feeling.  
Taking it as a cue, Brett did the same to the other one, but applied a little more pressure.  
The pain was a nice mix with the pleasure that dripped between your legs.  
“You like this don’t you? I never knew you were kinky”
You moaned again and made him look into your eyes.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me, Talbot”
Brett raised an eyebrow and laughed.  
“You’re such a mystery”

He laid you down on the clothes that was tossed onto the ground and peppered your body with small kisses.  
He hooked his fingers into your underwear and ripped it off.
You could feel the hot breath from Brett’s mouth against your heat.  
The sudden heat battling against the cool breeze burned your skin, branding you with unfaltering desire.  
His tongue made you arch off the ground, pushing you closer to his face.
With one hand, he pushed you back to the ground and held you in place.  
For some reason, the act of doing this with Liam’s arch nemesis, was like a secret heaven;  your forbidden fruit.  
The moans that escaped your lips fueled his desire, every sound that escaped your lips, made the bulge in his pants bigger.  
He was going to make you forget that you ever had a boyfriend.  
Forget what he did to you.  
He would do it all with his touch, his sinful tongue, the rock in his jeans, and his moss green eyes.  

You felt a knot forming in your stomach as you neared towards your release.  
Just before you almost had a taste of pure ecstasy, Brett bit down on your thigh, forcing you to shudder in excitement.  
Your chest rose heavily as you tried to catch your breath.  
He didn’t stop.  
He moved on to your other thigh and bit down even harder.  
You cried out in pain while he shoved two fingers inside of you.
You couldn’t tell the difference anymore.  
What was pain and what was pleasure?  
In no time, you were back on the edge again.  
His fingers wasn’t enough.  

“Brett please”
He stopped his movements and pulled his fingers out you.  
The absence of touch was enough to drive you insane.  
Your heat throbbed as if it had its own heartbeat.
His eyes locked on yours and he moved in-between your legs.  
“What is it that you need sweetheart? ”
Brett knew what you wanted, but he wanted you to beg for it.
He wanted you to need this just as much as he needed it.  
“Tell me, what is it that you’re hungry for? Just say the words”
You tried to so hard to fight the moans building up in your throat.  

In a hoarse, raw voice you said “I need you Brett. Please, I need all of you”
Just the sound of your voice was enough for him to explode.  
Not being able to hold back his wolf, he closed his eyes so you wouldn’t see the gold in his irises.  
Brett unbuckled his pants and fished for a condom in his jeans.  
When he looked back at you, he let out a groan.
To him you looked like a goddess.  
Your messy hair, flushed face, your chest rising up and down, and the face you made when you whined for him to come back.  
Your lips taunted him.  
It was the only place he didn’t kiss.  
He leaned down to graze his lips against yours.  
His breath made you shiver.  
He was loving this.  
He loved the way he made you crumble.  
His lips grabbed onto yours and your insides began to tingle.  
It distracted you from him entering you with a single thrust.  

You broke the kiss by throwing your head back, letting out a loud moan, he kissed along your jawline while waiting for you to adjust.  
You bucked your hips forward motioning for him to move.  
He kept going slow and you knew what he wanted you to do.  
He wanted you to beg.  
“Brett go faster”
He smirked and held your hips.  
“You can do a little better than that”
Brett was hoping you would hurry up and beg because even going at such at slow pace was killing him too.  
To motivate you he ran a thumb over your clit.  
You felt like you would impolode so you finally gave in.  
“Brett just fuck me already!”
He gave you a smirk and stopped completely.  
He prided in making you go crazy.  
Just as you were about to yell at him, he thrusted his hips forward with so much force, you thought you were going to climax right there.  

You screamed out his name as he pounded into you like no tomorrow.  
So many things were happening at once that you couldn’t even focus.  
Your moans and Brett’s moans turned into a song.  
The flow was perfect and intrinsic.  
Brett lowered his mouth next to your ear and spoke dangerously low
“Louder. Let that fucker know how good you feel without him”
You complied without effort.  
Brett bit down on your sweet spot and that was your breaking point.  
You screamed as you came harder than you ever did with Liam.
Not soon after that, Brett let out a growl as he came too.  
He hid his face in the crook of your neck, so you wouldn’t see his gold eyes.  

The two of you gathered your clothes and put them back on.  
Brett held the condom in his hand for some odd reason that you couldn’t figure out.  

Brett: Feel good?  
Y/N: Good? That’s a bit of an understatement  
Brett: *chuckles* I said I’d explain about you being Liam’s anchor right?  
Y/N: Yeah, what is that?  
Brett: Your ex will show you

You tilted your head then heard Brett’s name being yelled from the Lake house.  
Liam ran full speed towards you guys.
His hair was tousled and his eyes were wide.  
Liam’s eyes scanned your body then looked at Brett.  
His eyes turned gold, he had fangs, and long claws.  
A werewolf?  
I was dating a werewolf?  
How cliché.  
Liam’s chest rose up and down very quickly like he couldn’t breathe.  
“Did you just fuck my girlfriend?! ”
Brett looked from side to side then threw the condom at Liam’s feet, spilling some of its contents onto his shoes.
“Does that answer your question? ”
Liam looked down then growled at him really loud.  
He looked as if he was going to pounce on him.  
Brett just yawned and had that sexy smirk of his planted on his face.  
You didn’t know what to do so you jumped in front Brett with no fear instilled in you.  
You channeled all that sadness and got mad.  
Surprising both, Brett and Liam, you pushed him back, making him stumble back one step.  

Y/N: Enough!  
Liam: Y/N?
Y/N: Don’t get mad at Brett for trying to help me forget about you. To forget about what you did to me
Liam: What are you talking about?  
Y/N: Did she make you feel good Liam? How did your dick feel when you fucked Hayden from behind?  

Liam changes back and stutters over his words.  
You never cursed like that or talked dirty.  
He honestly felt a little scared.  

Liam: Babe,  I can explain –
Y/N: *lets out a loud laugh* Babe? Did you seriously just call me that?  
Liam: I-I just, you, uh
Y/N: I just fucked Brett and we’re going back to my house so we can do it three more times. You’re dead to me, you piece of furry shit  

Brett held your hand and tugged you towards his car.  
The two of you interlocked fingers until he got to your house.  
You guys sat in the driveway and sat in silence.  
You turned to look at him and gave him a half smile.  
“Don’t do that to yourself, don’t lie. It’s okay to cry you know”
His sincerity made your heart crumble.  
Liam very well may have been the first boy you loved and he yanked out your heart like it was nothing.  
Without knowing it, tears streamed down your face.  
Brett got out and carried you to the front door,  up the stairs, and laid you on your bed.  
The two of you laid in bed, with your head in his chest, crying your eyes out.  
Brett rubbed your back so you knew that he cared.  
“You’re gonna get through this, I promise”

Your tears halted and you wiped them away.  
You looked up at Brett and kissed his lips tenderly. He kissed you back ensuring the promise he just made.
You moaned against his lips making him groan.  
He pulled back to look at you.  
“I haven’t been honest with you, I knew you were coming downstairs to me, I know how fast your heart beats whenever I’m near, and I knew Liam was coming”
You didn’t quite understand until he sighed and revealed to you his golden eyes.  
He was a werewolf too.  
“I don’t care, Brett”
You straddled his hips and kissed him with more passion than you did all night.  
Brett pressed his lips against yours with equal force.  
In a swift motion you unbuckled his belt and whipped out his member.  

“Wait, I don’t have a cond–”
“Didn’t I say I need all of you?”

You pushed aside your hem shorts and eased yourself down on his length.  
You both moaned in response.
You placed your hands on his chest and lifted yourself, then back down.  
You kept up with the pace then changed it up by riding him in a circular motion.
This was more than just sex.  
It was pure intimacy.  
To increase your speed, the two of you locked hands and then you started to bounce up and down.  
Your moans were in sync, slowly building to a crescendo.  
When it got too much for you,  Brett moved his hips against you so you could keep going.  
You clenched around him and came.  
Despite how sensitive you were, you kept going, you didn’t know what was going on.  
You kept coming, one after the other.  
The last one was so powerful that it forced Brett to cum too, spilling himself into you.  
You collapsed on his chest, and he wrapped his arms around you.  

“I am so infatuated with you, Y/N”
“You better be”

Brett laughed and kissed you on your forehead.  
This was a start of a new chapter.  

I will forever collab with Lila. She is the literal bae, she makes the smut happen y’all. I just write the story ;)

types when they become famous

ENTJ: i will now finish off with my second plan, from being known to being known AS THE RULOR

ESTJ: asks their fans if they will vote for him/her as president

INTJ: ego intensifies + dark memes coming up

ISTJ: *checks that off the list* 

ENFJ: *cries* I won’t let my fame ruin my caring personality I’ll always be there

ESFJ: *shares it on every single social media* *tells their whole family while offering them gifts and accepting gifts* 

INFJ: *aura intensifies* makes everyone feel good without them noticing

ISFJ: *cookie sweet smell intensifies* makes everyone like him/her even more

ENTP: “yush they love my ideas:D” *tries a thousand new ways of celebration*

ESTP: “yush they love my awesomeness:D” *tries something even more dangerous for fun out of excitement*

INTP: *hugs their laptop* you are all my realest freinds.. you and Bill Nye..

ISTP: *sun glasses magically appear on their face* heck yea *throws it away* *another one spawns again as they smirk.*

ENFP: *explodes into a rainbow and glitter. is secretly a magical creature wearing a human mask*

ESFP: throws a huge party and invites everyone.. even people they never met*

INFP: “this is so hard to believe :,) “ *blushes* *pulls out a paper with poetry she/he written happily for them*

ISFP: and for now- my artwork special- the painting made from my blood just for you all :D I love you so much

Ha. I got this message two days after my boyfriend (now ex boyfriend) tried killing me. The first message he sent, was him begging me to drop the charges that the state of Colorado charged him with. He hasn’t apologized. He probably never will. He almost strangled me to death. He was drunk. He thinks its my fault. We dated for four years and towards the end, his alcoholism and his abuse grew worst. I tried to get him to go to meetings, to go to couples counseling. If i tried to break up with him he would manipulate me into staying.
I forgave him. I haven’t talked to him since it happened. The court stuff is still on going. I don’t know what made him stop choking me, I don’t know what caused him to flip. I loved him. I’m to the point where I don’t care what happens to him, I think he deserves to go to jail. He never accepts responsibility for anything, and mommy and daddy bail him out of everything. I wish I could say I wish him the best…. but I dont. I hope karma gets his ass. He’s a selfish, arrogant asshole. I haven’t been this happy in years. I have anxiety and panic attacks and horrible nightmares… but I’m happy. I finally feel like myself. Life is good without him in it.