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i’ve had literally 0 inspo but i’ve been really feelin that tomedd vibe ok…

Imagine if you will, that once everything with Glendower settles down, the gang all sit down and learn ASL together for when things are way too loud and Adam can’t hear anything.

All I want is for Draco Malfoy to one day look back on his life and think… 

‘All was well’.

I saw you again. The you I used to write about. The you I used to crack words apart and piece back together for to try and explain my love for you. The you I used to type so lovingly about, peppering my page with small tokens of love and joy. The you I used to crave, fingers shaking over the dim lit letters as I tried to pair words up with how you made me feel like nothing and everything all at once. I saw you again.

You didn’t look like the you I used to drop splintered parts of my soul into my poetry for. You didn’t seem like the you I used to drown myself over, writing myself straight into tears. You didn’t remind me of the you that I used to ache for, twisting letters into something sad and beautiful. You didn’t feel like the you that I used to love so dearly.

I saw you again but you’re not the you who haunted me, who drug my heart through the dirt, who made me sink farther into the blocks I reinforced around my heart, who I wanted.

I remember wanting you. I remember it vividly; I couldn’t possibly forget the claws digging into my chest as I listened to you slowly leave me, crumbling to the soft melody of your heart rotating away. I remember how I didn’t know if I’d ever move on, if I’d ever be able to look upon another worthy soul and manage to love again.

I remember and yet, it’s all gone.

Just gone.

You’re not the you who I ripped myself apart for but you haven’t changed one bit. In fact, it’s me who has. I’m not the girl who loves you anymore and I’m finally free.

I saw you and I felt nothing.

Nothing, but peace.

—  A look into my head// jjw; I ran into the guy I used to write about and I laughed because he’s barely a memory anymore. Ever read something that you wrote years ago and you just wrinkled your nose and shook your head because you don’t write like that anymore? That’s what it felt like when I saw him. It’s peaceful to know that the person who used to make me cry, now makes me laugh. It’s just good to know I moved on from someone I wasn’t sure I could make it in this world without.

Title: we’ll be alright this time
Summary: This is how Sasuke Uchiha falls in love.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.
Prompt: First Love
Rating: K
A/N: It’s ssmonth guys sobs. I’m a lil late but it’s ok.

It starts in the hospital, the first week into his return. Sasuke is bedridden, confined to a too-white room, still bruised in blacks and blues—but the worst of his wounds have healed for the most part, courtesy of Sakura’s gentle healing hands.


She’s here a lot, he realizes, as each day passes by; not just with him, but in the halls of the hospital and the adjacent rooms, too, treating tired shinobi wounded in war and still-frightened civilians trying to recover from it all. The smile to her lips never ceasing, she doesn’t seem to miss out on any pressing matter, doesn’t actually seem to leave these walls at all—and if Sasuke didn’t so often catch her dozing in the armchair at his bedside, he might even think she never sleeps, either.

And yet, despite her busy schedule, Sakura always finds the time to offer him a visit every day.

Something in him softens at the thought.

“You’re healing very well, Sasuke-kun,” she says to him, one day, as time dictates it necessary to have his bandages changed yet again. “I’m actually pretty surprised. Are you sure you don’t have a hidden tailed beast somewhere inside you helping to patch you up?”

The query is a teasing one—something that Sasuke has yet to grow used to, when it comes to Sakura. She’d always been so shy when it came to him, Sasuke remembers from their years before, so sweet and pure, and eager to impress him; whatever brashness she held inside had only ever been expressed with anger towards their blond best friend whenever he did something she didn’t like—which was often. But the woman that stands here before him now is different, despite in some ways still being the same; kind, and bright, she smiles and jibes playful remarks, seemingly unafraid to make a fool of herself… or, perhaps, driven with a confidence that she can make him smile, too.

Sasuke honestly doesn’t know what to say about that.

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Could you maybe post a pic of Wes in cas with short hair?

i’ll do you one better..

I combined these two since they’re gonna be fairly similar (¬‿¬)

Also, bby I blocked out your url/avatar bc I wasn’t sure if you forgot to click anon or not? I suppose I could have like asked you directly but if you meant to be anonymous then that would defeat the point of anon, y’know? 

Anyways!!!! Here. We. GOOOOOOO!!!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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-he’d be worried still despite you telling him you were on the pill, but he’d still be eager as hell to finally feel you; all of you-

“Babe are you sure?” “What if I cum inside you?” 
*bites his lower lip, and cheekily grins the moment you tell him it’s okay*
“You’re gonna look so hot with my cum dripping out of you.” 

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-the minute you tell him you’re on the pill he just gives you this lustful smirk- 

*pinning you down onto the bed, he wraps your legs around his waist*
“So I finally get to fuck you raw, babygirl?” “I’m gonna fucking fill you with my cum..” 

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-he’d just give you this cheeky side eye look, the moment you subtly suggested it-

*pulling you over to him, he’d make you straddle him*
“You’re pussy’s gonna feel so damn good without a stupid condom in the way.” 

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-while the two of you laid in bed, completely alone in the entire dorm; you casually mentioned how you’re on the pill- 

*smoothly climbs on top of you*
“Are you trying to me you want to have unprotected sex?” 
*you’d shy nod as he chuckled, licking his lips* 
“Daddy can’t wait to feel how great your pretty little pussy feels..”

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-he’d be sort of oblivious to what you were hinting at first, but the instant you’d straight out tell him, something inside him would switch- 

“Really? You’re on the pill?” 
*you mousily nod as he towered over you*
“Oh babygirl, I’m gonna have you so damn dick drunk..” “You’re gonna love the way my cock feels without a dumb condom in your way.” 

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-the two of you would be in the practice room goofing around when you’d tell him you wanted to have unprotected sex- 

*interlocking his hands with yours, pulling you close*
“Do you know? Aren’t you worried about getting pregnant?” 
*you’d shake your head and tell him you’re on the pill* 
“Well then… your wish is my command princess.”

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-as you two laid on the couch; you suddenly straddled him, grinding yourself against his manhood- 

“Jagi, what are you doing babygirl? We don’t have condoms.” 
*you’d quickly tell him that it was fine because you were on the pill; his aura immediately changes and next thing you know, he was on top of you*
“You’re gonna fucking love the way I feel inside you, princess..” “Daddy’s gonna fill that pretty pussy with his cum..” 

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izuku and shouto’s friendship means a lot to me okay

I kind of wonder how scared Shouto was of telling Izuku about his childhood.

I was thinking about celebrities, specifically about how celebrities are so glorified that we stick them on pedestals. And sometimes these pedestals mean that our disappointment is amplified when they inevitably fail to live up to impossible standards, but a lot of times they have the opposite effect, making die-hard fans incapable or unwilling to acknowledge their flaws. So many celebrities get away with abuse because millions of people, most of whom have never met them before, decide to side with them over the victims because they’re pretty, because they have a nice smile, because they said something witty on Twitter, because they’re a good actor or writer or musical artist or what have you. And the same must be true of heroes in the BNHA world.

It’s clear that Endeavor has his critics, particularly after this whole mess with Yoarashi. I doubt he was the first fan Endeavor snubbed, and he won’t be the last. And yet, Endeavor still has fans. Of course he has fans; he’s the former Number Two, and now the Number One hero. He’s at the top, he’s always been at the top even before he reached the very top. He shoots fire out of his hands and beats up bad guys, of course everyone’s going to think he’s cool.

There’s little doubt in my mind that if Shouto were to reveal his father’s harsh treatment of his family, the bulk of the hero fans would side with Endeavor. Look how long it takes for high-profile celebrities in real life to even be called on their wrongdoings, much less to answer for them. Endeavor’s openly callous, but his track record for taking down villains probably speaks for itself, and I’m sure his publicity is pretty positive and that detractors like Yoarashi and the “anti-Endeavor people” Shouto mentioned are in the minority. It certainly doesn’t help that Shouto’s mother was the one to scar him, so she would probably be vilified if the details of Shouto’s home life ever came to light, in spite of the fact that she’s just as much a victim of abuse as he is. Shouto probably knows this, and I bet that’s a big reason why he keeps quiet about it; he loves his mother, forgives her for what she did, and doesn’t seem to hold her at fault, and considering the fragility of her mental health, the last thing he’d want to do is bring accusing fans down on her. And he can’t stand on his own as a person in the eyes of the public. They don’t see him as Todoroki Shouto yet; they still see him as Endeavor’s son. He’s under his father’s power in ways that he’s still too young to fight.

And then we have Izuku.

Izuku, who as we know is a huge All-Might fan, but has been obsessed with heroes in general since he was small. Izuku, who was starry-eyed over meeting Present Mic and Lunch Rush and the Wild Wild Pussycats and all the rest. Izuku, who relentlessly sees the best in people and believes that you can’t get any cooler than a hero. By all accounts, he should be a gushing fanboy over Endeavor, too. Hell, I’ll bet you anything he was, once upon a time. Then the Sports Festival happens.

Izuku and Shouto aren’t friends at this point. They don’t know each other, and the first time Shouto ever spoke to him was to call him out in class and declare him a rival. Izuku has almost no reason to think well of him, and fifteen years of hero fanaticism that ought to make him lean more in Endeavor’s favor.

And what happens?

Shouto opens up to him, tells him what kind of person Endeavor truly is, and Izuku believes him. He doesn’t even question it. Shouto comes to him to explain himself, to explain where he’s coming from, and Izuku listens and implicitly takes him at his word. He doesn’t think, Endeavor’s a hero, that can’t be true, how could the second-strongest hero do something like that? He thinks, that’s awful. He thinks, I want to help.

I wonder how much that meant to Shouto at the time. Was he surprised at all? Did he expect that? Was he worried Izuku would think he was lying?

No wonder Izuku seems to be one of the first real friends he ever makes.

Everybody, just STOP. Stop whatever you are doing and IMAGINE:

Alicia Zimmermann as the retired hockey legend married to Bob Zimmermann semi-famous actor/model.

First, Jack wouldn’t feel as overshadowed. Instead of being compared to his dad, a lot of the guys in the locker would have made fun of him or said crude things about his mom. Jack gets into a lot more fights in this universe, but he is just as talented.

Alicia knows how to nurture that without making him feel that’s the only thing he’s good for.

Alicia and Jack make fun of Bob’s terrible movies. He played a rookie in an 80’s classic cop TV show, and the two of them know the lines by heart. They spend holidays reenacting the worst scenes, and there’s a game where one of them yells strike a pose and do one of his ad campaigns. Alicia wins every time (she takes this very seriously and that’s how she got banned from two different supermarkets).

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First Time With Them: NCT TEN

/ Yuta // TaeYong // JaeHyun // Johnny // Ten // WinWin /

/ B.A.P // BtoB // BTS // EXO // GOT7 // KActor // KHH // PENTAGON // SF9 // WINNER // SEVENTEEN /

  • He is cute;
  • But he definitely has a kinky side;
  • Just saying;
  • I also think he’s the submissive puppy I’m—– ;
  • Okay but on a more serious note;
  • Ten is a gentleman;
  • And he will treat you right;
  • You say yes he does what he does;
  • You say no he stops;
  • There would be no questions asked;
  • But on the other hand if you give him the green light;
  • You must prepare yourself as well;
  • Because he would be so very flustered;
  • And insecure;
  • And with little to no experience himself;
  • So in a way you will have to guide him;
  • And without being asked tell him what feels good and what doesn’t;
  • Because he won’t know and will be too shy to actually ask;
  • He’s also not too much into teasing;
  • And more on a traditional side;
  • He would love to be above you quite a bit, but just because he could get a clear view of your face;
  • He loved seeing your cheeks red;
  • Sweat gliding down your temples;
  • The string of saliva from the previous kiss still at your lips;
  • It would be so hot to him;
  • Nearly to the point of making him come right there and then;
  • He also wouldn’t go rough on you;
  • And would take his sweet time making you adjust to him;
  • He’d go slowly;
  • Waiting for any signal you might give him to go faster or slower;
  • Basically, you would become his sun at that moment;
  •      Not as if you never were tbh;
  • And then he’d spent the entire day after in the bed beside you;
  • Just cuddling;
  • Taking care of you;
  • Bringing you food or drinks.
The Things She Carried

Part 4. Human After All

Dean x Reader

Masterpost with all the parts

Summary: Dean meets a huntress. Well, he would define her a robot. At least until he gets to know her…

Word Count: 1700+

Warnings: Potentially triggering for those who have lost their mom.

Tags: @mrswhozeewhatsis @daydreamingintheimpala @mysoul4dean @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @amoreagron @spnfangirl1965 @aristtewinchesterholmes @thisisthelilith @chelsea072498 @aiaranradnay @skymoonandstardust @apeshit7x @anokhi07 @tatortot2701 @jerkbitchidjitassbutt @mangasia @squirrellover1967@sharkeeshark @maui137 @electricbluecas @kazchester-fanfiction @gabavaldman @riversong-sam @lavieenlex @zanthiasplace @holywaterbucketchallenge @soullessbabee @loricwizardbluetoastedcake @extreme-supernatural-lover @imissyoualittlemoreeveryday @barneybrigade @iliketowrite02 @itschelseabennett @mogaruke @stormisamystery

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Take whatever AnS chapter has been released most recently and give it an Obiyuki tie-in/ending

She heard that he arrived sometime in the middle of the night, alone, three days ago and had disappeared inside the fortress with only a broad wave and a too large smile.

She heard that he was fine; that they had drawn the poison from his veins and stitched his wounds with nary a problem.

She heard that he had returned to duties that very night, teetering along the highest parapets of the city walls, alone.

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Part II:

Noel: “I sometimes wear dresses, I don’t know If you wear dresses, do you wear dresses?”

Vic: “Yeah”

Noel: “At my art opening, I wore a dress, and I didn’t…I just, at one point I just took my pants off. You’d be talking to people, like I talked to the mayor of Camden –“

Vic: “Was it a mini?”

Noel: “it was quite short, yeah. I was talking to the mayor of Camden, at one point, and I felt free. (laughs) I could feel the air, blowing up me.”

Vic: “And all around ya, and in ya”

Noel: “And I’m sure, I could see, although he didn’t, he didn’t sort of, um, mention it, I could tell that the mayor of Camden knew. There was something about it that was beautiful.” 


beach babs🍉🐰

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Jealousy // Cha Eunwoo


the prompt: Hello :) I would like to request a scenario of Eunwoo from astro. Angst + fluff. I would like it to be about Eunwoo getting jealous bc I spend to much time with MoonBin. If you see this thank you so much for doing this, you’re the best!!!! :) :) :)

words: 1464

category: sort-of angst + a dash of fluff

author note: you were my first request so thank you so much! sorry this is so short and messy; it was really hard to write angst for eunwoo but I hope you like it anyway!


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Going Nowhere

Requests: “Could you maybe do a chill day with kol (and smut). Where you both are just at home watching TV and Messing eith eachother and then you Make love ??? That would be sooooo nice of you Love your imagines by the way.” 

“Get off of me.” You giggled and tried pushing Kol away. He wrapped his arms and legs around you, snuggling you into staying on the sofa with him. “Kol! You’re crushing me!” You squeaked, squirming from his hold and pushing him down on the pillows, pinning his hands above his head. 

He grinned up at you. “I’ve always liked a female on top.” He joked. You laughed and kissed him passionately, humming into his mouth with your hands still holding his above his head. 

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anonymous asked:

Rfa clothes shopping with MC? Headcanons plz

i’m also trying to make a schedule for my stuff so hopefully this blog will be more active after my scheduling???


  • if you’re looking for stuff to buy for work, jaehee is your girl. 10/10 she knows what to get and she strikes a great balance between professional and slightly sexy or anything at all depending on what kind of look you’re going for
  • if you pick out something that tsukiyama shuu ridiculous she’ll give you The Look™ and pick out something similar but less ridiculous
  • anything asides from professional clothes jaehee typically just gets discounted clothes from like big supermarkets
  • you gotta take her to buy nicer clothes and help her pick out stuff. she has stuff she likes but she’d need encouragement before actually getting it
  • super mega pure when you guys are shopping together cuz she rarely buys cute clothes??? also you look so stunning in cute clothes??? 100% you guys end up dressing each other up


  • lmao i want to think that he’s very picky with clothes, yours and his
  • he spends more time picking clothes than you do because e v e r y t h i n g is flawed “why can’t they be as perfect as me?!”
  • when you tell him he looks fine, he gets so giddy he kisses you right then and there (talk about major ego boost)
  • when his shopping spree ends he NEEDS to take you shopping too because he wants to dress you up (he’s into the couple look) he cheers and everything 1000%
  • in turn though if you put on something sexy then well ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • this man child needs help with buying clothes. sons, listen, he’s the type that never buys clothes until they’re so worn out they look like a homeless man’s
  • doesn’t really care about what he wears unless he’s going to somewhere important or college
  • probs feels a little uncomfortable in the woman section when you’re shopping because the shoppers always think you guys might be related or something. when you hear that you should give him a kiss and totes brag about how lucky you are to have your boyfriend shopping with you
  • a cute lil blush on him whenever you show him the stuff you tried on. stutters when he’s trying to give comments
  • he’s also very honest with his opinions (even though he struggles to tell you you don’t look good in the clothes you’ve put on)


  • what do you nee- no, what do you want? he’ll buy it for you. look at that one cute dress from that designer store?? he’s ushering you to go try it on and see if you like it. honestly, what is too much with this man?? ask and you shall receive. even if you don’t ask, you’ll receive??
  • always, always wants the best for you. he spoils you so much it’s unreal. expensive lingerie? customised shoes? diamond embedded dresses?? you got it all
  • bring him “commoner clother” shopping. teach him the ways of the bargaining and good deals. it’ll be fun
  • is extra happy when you accompany him to get his suit tailored. will ask you for input and will genuinely listen to your suggestions. unless you bring in weird bright coloured suits or something, that’s where he draws the line
  • pays a lot of attention to the type of ties and belts he buys now because ayyy  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • rich enough to buy you designer clothes but also fun enough to bring you to obscure places to buy cute clothes
  • overhype when you come out of the fitting room because he wants you to feel good about yourself
  • takes a lot pictures, without you knowing, when you show him the clothes you’re trying on
  • clothes shopping? more like costume shopping and fooling around tbh
  • he’s the type that picks and trys ugly clothes on purpose because why the hell not right? favourite thing to do is to pick clothes that clashes with his hair and glasses 

One more thank-you short fic, for @whowaswillbe, who requested “ yoga seb, I’d love to see it being before they get together – Chris being completely transfixed by this gorgeous creature (and who could blame him?)”. I don’t really know *that* much about yoga, but they are both (relative) beginners here in any case, so…have some first-meeting Evanstan fluff!


Chris should be good at yoga. In theory. Given his flexibility.

He wobbles. Trying to do something called mountain pose. He’s not a good mountain. Or whatever.

He’s done gymnastics and ballet and improv theater classes. He knows how to move. Or he’s always more or less thought so.

He’s aware that this is not enough.

He’s also aware that at least half his problem, if not more, involves the utterly beautiful man just in front and slightly to the right of him. The man has duckling-soft brown hair, infinite legs, and an ass that exists in a state of loveliness which cannot be defined by words.

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