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*soft hug* I promise it gets better. My parents got divorced, and ultimately that just made it better in the end because there was so much less fighting. Remember that you always have a say it what you do or where you go or when.

I know it will be the best for my mother. My father is sad tho and he doesn’t see how he will live without her. I just feel this won’t end good. It didn’t end yet and they are a mess already. I don’t think they will be seeing each other or be “friends” when together. It sucks.

Imagine if you will, that once everything with Glendower settles down, the gang all sit down and learn ASL together for when things are way too loud and Adam can’t hear anything.

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The first time Kat saw Adena took off her hijab.

She makes it up to the second floor, to Adena’s apartment, in a daze. Because the taste and feel of Adena’s lips is still zinging through her body and Adena’s palm is warm in her hand, guiding them toward the privacy of her apartment.

Adena shuts the door behind them and the first thing that Kat registers is all the warm light illuminating her living space and the soothing smell of what she thinks is a candle or incense. She’s curious, so curious to take everything in, to learn more about Adena from the intimacy of her living space. But right now, she’s far more curious if it’ll feel just as electrifying to kiss her again.

They’re standing together in the entryway, charged silence filling the space between them, when Adena looks into her eyes, opens her mouth as if to say something. But she doesn’t want to talk right now, even though she loves talking to Adena. 

Talking is the last thing on her mind.

She leans forward, takes a shaky breath and tilts her head down to look into Adena’s eyes, to make sure this is okay. Adena looks as captivated as Kat feels, and she reaches up to cup Kat’s face again like she did outside just moments ago, slowly pulling them into another kiss.

It’s so gentle, almost fragile, and she can feel Adena’s breath fan across her face when she exhales. She doesn’t know what she’s doing, not really, other than chasing after what she wants and trying not to second-guess herself.

 And the one thing she knows with absolutely certainty right now is that she wants to keep kissing Adena.

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Susie B1!

this was A Blessing To Draw tbh.

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ok but imagine amethyst casually throwing around self deprecating humor like “haha yeah I know I’m kind of a mess B)”
but peridot doesn’t pick up on the tone and she’s like NOO INCORRECT and reminds her how cool and funny she is and amethyst is like..I was just kidding but…thanks

Undeniable Heat Chapter 47: The Flight Home

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1250 Words

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

As you boarded the plane bound for Vancouver, you couldn’t help the feeling of anxiousness and unease following you. Sure, you were now engaged to Jensen Ackles, but you knew how fast that news would travel. Brad would no doubt be hearing about your engagement any minute, and you had no idea what he would do once he found out.

Grasping for Jensen’s hand, you held on to it as tight as possible, leaning your head against his shoulder as the plane took off. “Y/N, look at me.” He ordered, and with wide eyes, you stared up into his serious green ones. “No matter what happens, I will keep you safe. That bastard will not get his hands on you again, do you hear me?”

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dirty mouth

author’s note: 2,000+ words of pure sex. i’m truly sorry. no one asked for this. not even me.

warning: smut. light dominance, light bondage, accidental daddy kink

“This is stupid.”

She sighs forlornly while she examines herself in the full length mirror. The new, black, lacy lingerie set looks good against her skin (and the push-up bra does wonders for her breasts) but she can’t help but feel kind of silly in the sexy getup.

Roman has always assured her that she satisfies him in bed, but she’s never felt particularly sexy. She always feels awkward, because she never knows what to do, so she lets Roman take the lead but even he’s been holding back lately. That’s why, a week ago, he suggested spicing things up in the bedroom. (Though he made it very clear that she always pleases him, he just wanted to kick things up a notch). Nothing too serious, he’d explained, and they would establish a safe word just in case.

And she agreed to it.

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Analysis of VKM12

Disclaimer: My opinion of Zero and Yuuki’s relationship the past several chapters has fallen on the critical side and my meta for this chapter will be building upon that interpretation.

Key Points of Interest

  • The chapter starts with an unknown narrator, a first for both this series and the original. (Someone from Kaname’s future, perhaps?)
  • The narrator more or less confirms that the children focused on more positive stories to share with Kaname because of their considerate nature (pg. 3)
  • This also implies that the stories he’s been told have at times been censored for his benefit
  • But future Kaname wants to understand the sacrifices that led to the peaceful scene he witnessed in the coexistence country and wants more than fluffy memories (pg. 10)
  • This is the first chapter where Kaname wasn’t fixating on Yuuki but instead confused about why she wouldn’t want him to know how this life became possible for him.
  • Aidou’s cure is still failing despite his supposed breakthrough with Kaien’s genes in the previous chapters
  • Aidou feels that Yori brought out the good in him and without her begins considering darker alternatives to his goal (pg. 19, 20)
  • Aidou suspects Zero is pushing himself too much at work and not taking care of his own life (pg. 22, 23, 24)
  • Yuuki is still monitoring Zero with her butterflies and was witness to at least the tail end of his conversation with Aidou (pg. 26)
  • Kaien has been given a terminal diagnosis and is taking care of something for (I assume) Juri that he neglected to do before. (pg. 27)
  • Yuuki and Zero’s relationship is no longer official, implying that something happened for them to call it off again (pg. 28)
  • Yuuki says it’s so natural for her and Zero to be together that no one can change it, which is the same realization Kaname came to at the end of the original series (pg. 29)
  • A new antagonist appears, wanting to be known as the king of the vampires (pg. 34)
  • Yuuki and Zero are back to sleeping in their own homes, (pg. 28) but Yuuki still asks Zero to stay the night, implying that he is the reason this time and not her (pg. 36)
  • When Yuuki asks about sleeping together, Zero says it’s not that he doesn’t want to, but insinuates there is a reason he hasn’t already been doing so. (pg. 37)

(The rest of the post can be found behind the cut.)

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Talk - Alex

Request: 3 and 8 with Alex please “Come with me to the other room.” - “We’re not going to talk about this now.” “I just wanted an easy day with my boyfriend/girlfriend. Is that too much to ask?”

Very short blurb. Finals are coming up and I’m running out of time to write.

Originally posted by strangerwwheeler

Talk- Alex

“I don’t know how I can even trust you.” You whispered harshly trying to make sure your family couldn’t hear you; you two were supposed to be having a fun barbecue with them but instead you were fighting in the corner. After catching him talking to Jessica again and comforting her with his hand on her leg you couldn’t help but fear what was going on. And anger immediately followed that. You wanted to trust him but you also know he had been in love with her and you were terrified he’d go back to that.

Before he could even respond you spoke again, “I just wanted an easy day with my boyfriend without feeling like I’m not good enough. You’re always with her what am I supposed to think?”

“Y/N it’s not like that, she needed someone she’s going through a lot. I love you, so much. Can we please just talk about this later?” He asked pleading you.

Come with me to the other room.” You demanded going to grab his hand but he brushed it away.

We’re not talking about this now, not here. Let’s just have a nice day with your family.”

Broken Pieces Pt. 2

Part One

Requests Open

Warning(s): swearing

Characters: Reader, Stiles, Scott -on the phone, (others come later)

Pairing: tbd


When a new girl arrives in Beacon Hills, everything changes.
They don’t know what she is, and neither does she, but she knows exactly what happens to everyone in Beacon Hills, and she’s here to stop it all.

Y/n doesn’t remember anything about herself or her past. She keeps getting these visions and thoughts of a place called Beacon Hills and the people who live there.
She sees all the hurt and pain they go through- all the hassle they struggle with trying to fix the messes they get themselves in. It’s like they’re all trying to put puzzle pieces together without ever seeing the picture.
And she knows that that’s what she needs to do- that’s her job, she has to help them with their broken pieces.

*Y/N = your name *Y/L/N = your last name

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Breaking In, Ch 42 SNEAK PEEK

Author’s Note: A little BIn42 sneak peek, by request. Art by @the-notsoevil-queen

She’d slept well last night. Well, and long. They’d had that ice cream, and then she’d retreated upstairs, thrown a bath bomb in the tub, slathered her face in a hydrating mask, lit a couple of aromatherapy candles, and soaked until her fingers started to shrivel up like prunes. A quick rinse in the shower to wash her hair and send the colorful remnants of that bath bomb down the drain and she’d emerged feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Sleepy, even.

She’d considered popping a Sonata and just going straight to sleep, but she’d told the boys she’d be back down in a while, so she’d pulled on soft cotton sleep pants and a camisole instead and padded down to the living room.

They’d been hunkered down on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn between them, Henry bringing piece after piece to his mouth like a zombie, eyes riveted to the screen as Frodo was stabbed by one of the Nazgûl. How he could still be hungry had been beyond her – he’d had a second slim piece of lasagna, and a big bowl of ice cream, and then popcorn. But he’d worked hard all day (the toilet had been gleaming, the bathroom counters spotless, the floors swept if not scrubbed), and he’s a growing boy; she wasn’t going to fuss at him over one night of binging.

Robin had looked up when she’d walked in, giving her this soft smile that made her insides melt at all the affection it held, and then he’d nodded toward the empty stretch of sofa beside him in invitation.

He’d left space for her, she’d realized – parked himself in the middle of the cushions instead of on the opposite side of Henry. Regina had curled up in the empty space, pulling a throw from the back of the sofa over her tucked knees, her feet pressed to Robin’s thigh. When his hand had snuck beneath the blanket, she’d had a truly insane half-second of concern that he was going to try to get fresh with her while Henry was in the room, but he’d just found one of her feet and started to rub deep circles into her arches as best he could manage.

They’d been deliciously lulling, had had her eyelids drooping in short order, her head bobbing slightly where it had been propped against her fist. But her back had been twisted funny, her neck at an odder and odder angle the more relaxed she’d become, and she’d found herself squirming, shifting, trying to get more comfortable.

“You alright?” he’d rasped, fingers squeezing against her foot.

She’d nodded and uttered something about a kink in her neck, and Robin had given Henry a nudge with his elbow and insisted he, “Move to the floor; let your mum stretch out.”

Henry had gone without protest (taking the popcorn with him), and Robin had scooted over to the far side of the sofa. But when she’d moved to sink down lower into the cushions, he’d stopped her, urging her to turn and lay her head on his lap instead.

Regina had widened her eyes at him, looking pointedly at the back of Henry’s head with an expression that she’d hoped conveyed how utterly insane that suggestion was. If he’d thought her willingness to feel this out translated to a willingness to cuddle up on his lap in front of her son, boy, did she have news for him.

But Robin had just rolled his eyes and told her, “I’ll work on that kink in your neck for a bit.”

And that had sounded reasonable, innocent enough, so she’d nodded and shifted and settled down again with her head very near his knee. He’d rubbed his thumbs firmly along her neck, combed his fingers lightly through her damp waves, and Regina had been out cold before the fellowship left Rivendell.

She’d woken up in her own bed at quarter to ten this morning, disoriented, but very well rested.

For the first time in a while, she felt like herself. Her brain wasn’t pulsing with exhaustion or buzzing with anxiety, and aside from the prospect of seeing her father tomorrow when he came to pick up Henry, she didn’t have anything to dread for two whole days. And that wasn’t even dread, so much as a lingering anxiety over their last conversation – something she’s determined to put behind her as soon as she can manage.

She’s desperate for normalcy, for some kind of steady ground under her feet after a week spent with her foundations lurching to and fro. Thursday had helped, and last night had helped, and now that all the chores appear to be done, she can turn this weekend into one spent focused on that dedicated self-care Dr. Hopper wants her so badly to pick back up.

She starts with a run – she’s been too bone-tired for a proper one lately, but she spends this morning working up a good sweat, imagining all her stress, all her worries, pounding out through her sneakers every time they hit the belt. Out, and back, and off as it spins and spins beneath her feet.

It helps, it feels good. Her muscles feel looser, less itchy from too long without use. Her blood feels warm, pumping through her veins. She even revels in the sweat today, doesn’t quit until she’s beaded with it, feels it dripping down her spine, between her breasts, curling the hair at her temples.

Doesn’t stop until she feels alive, and awake, and free.

And then she doesn’t even bother with a shower. Just peels off her sweaty workout clothes and trades them for jean shorts and a threadbare tank top, throws on Daniel’s old Red Sox cap to cover her hair and heads out to do some work in her poorly neglected garden.

She’s three steps out the door when her good morning comes to a screeching halt.

What Happens When You Give a (Half) Dragon Some Nip


Sakura Gives Corrin a Strange New Tea

Note: This is Female Corrin.

“Sakura, please explain… Whatever this is.”

The shy princess jumped at Ryoma’s voice. She gave him a smile as she turned to face him. Her arms were outstretched, attempting to hide her big sister from view. Ryoma was far from amused.

“Sakura, I can see over your head,” he sighed.

“Well, Big Brother, you see, uh,” the princess said. “I gave Big Sister some tea.”

“You gave Corrin some tea.”

“I s-swear that’s all I did!”

Corrin let out a giggle. It made both Hoshidan siblings jump in shock. It was slow and heavy, and when Corrin rolled over onto her stomach to look at them they could see her eyes were clouded. She giggled again and flailed her arms and legs about.

“What in the world?” Ryoma mumbled. Gently moving Sakura aside, the red clad prince marched up to his little sister. “Corrin, explain what you’re doing.”

“Heeeeey, Ryoooooomaaaaaaa,” the half dragon giggled. Corrin then frowned and glared at her big brother. “Ryooooomaaaa, such a hard name, I’m gonna call you Lobster Brother!”

“I am not a lobster!”

“Big Brother Lobster!” Corrin yelled. It was slightly slurred.

“What was in that tea?” Ryoma turned to his youngest sibling. When she shrugged and offered a grin, the prince sighed once again. “Why don’t we go ask the Nohr - Gah!!”

Corrin had leapt up onto Ryoma’s shoulders, clinging to him and nuzzling against his head. She giggled and clung tighter when he spun around to try knocking her down. Her legs swung back and forth, nearly hitting Sakura.

“Let’s go find Dandy Xandy, Lobster Brother!” Corrin said. “And let’s go find my baby brothers!”

“Sakura, grab the tea,” Ryoma said as he left the room, Corrin still giggling behind him.


“Oh gods.”

The crown prince of Nohr could not look at his Hoshian counterpart. Not with their little sister dangling from his throat and giggling like a madwoman. Leo had covered his mouth and was struggling to contain his laughter. Ryoma had given up on trying to pry the apparently intoxicated princess from his body. Sakura held out the cup of tea to the Nohrian brothers, silently urging them to take a sip or smell it and identify what she’d made from that plant.

“Laslow, go fetch my sisters,” Xander told his retainer.

“O-Odin, fetch the Hoshidan siblings as well,” Leo managed to snicker out.

As the retainers left Xander moved to pry his little sister from Ryoma’s shoulders. The red clad prince seemed grateful. Corrin’s cloudy eyes met Xander’s bright and lucid ones, and she grinned once again. Ryoma shuddered at the rather sinister giggle she let out.

“Dandy Xandy!” The princess screamed. Xander froze and barely managed to catch her as she let herself fall from her brother’s shoulder. “Dandy Xandy, I’ve missed my handsome brother!”

Leo snorted and doubled over. His once contained laughter spilled out in hard, rough bursts. Corrin stopped rubbing her cheek against Xander’s armor to stare at her baby brother. Her grin was gone, the giggling stopped, and her eyes became even more clouded. They were more pink than red at this point.

“Baby brother?” She asked. It was a coo, and she reached out towards him. Corrin wiggled and slipped from Xander’s rigid grasp. Slowly she made her way over to the still laughing prince. “Leo?”

Gently she touched a hand to his cheek. Her armorless fingers brushed against his soft skin and trailed over his lips. Leo sucked in a breath and watched his big sister slowly get closer to his face. He blushed, a brilliant red to contrast his usually pale flesh.

“Baby brother!” Corrin let out a loud, sharp cry. Her hand left the prince’s face and both arms wrapped around his head. Corrin let out another cry and pulled him close to her. Specifically, her chest.

Leo let out a muffled noise of shock as his face collided with his older sister’s breasts. She didn’t let go, instead choosing to sway back and forth while continuing to push his head deeper into the softness of her cleavage. Xander was still frozen, Ryoma had simply shaken his head, and Sakura looked away blushing as well.

“Baby brother!” Corrin cried once again. “My poor sweet emotionless brother, big sister is here for her sad brother!”

“Emotionless?!” Leo huffed into Corrin.

“My poor baby brother!” She said.

“I leave you alone with Corrin for not even a full day, and this is what comes of it!”

Corrin released Leo from her grasp, whom let out a sigh of relief. She stared at Camilla and Hinoka, confusion lacing her gaze. She barely even twitched until Takumi entered her eyesight. The princess let out a squeal of joy and rushed over to him. Within seconds the second Hoshidan prince had his face stuffed into his sister’s chest.

“My prickly baby brother!” Corrin giggled, attempting to cuddle him closer. “How I love to see you, my sweet angry brother!”

Takumi simply hummed. His neck had gone red, and he didn’t make much of an attempt to escape her clutches. Corrin continued cooing over and praising him for a good few more minutes while the rest of the royal siblings stared in a mixture of confusion and embarrassment. When Corrin moved on towards Camilla and Hinoka, Takumi made a tiny noise of disappointment.

“Big sisters, my big and sweet sisters,” Corrin mumbled, inching closer to them.

“Aw, cole here sweetie!” Camilla said, holding her arms out. Corrin grinned and lunged at both of them.

“Big sister has big big boobs!” She cheered as she squeezed one of Camilla’s breasts. Thrusting a hand out to meet Hinoka’s chest, Corrin remarked, “But big sister’s boobs are small.”

“Corrin!” The older princesses yelled in shock as she continued squishing and squeezing their chests.

“Camilla’s boobs are super soft and nice,” Corrin giggled. “But Hinoka has nice perky boobs that fit so nicely in my hand!”

“What in heaven’s name is in that tea?” Ryoma said.

“Apparently this has happened before,” Elise’s voice said. The energetic princess hopped into the room and stood next to Sakura, a tiny smile on her face. “Silas made her some tea and she did some weird stuff like this.”

“What did he call the tea, Elise?” Xander asked, finally out of his stupor.

“Nip tea, I think because of how her reaction to it reminded him of cat nip,” she said.

“Peri, Laslow, fetch Silas!” Xander barked at his retainers. The two bounded out the room not a second into his order. Around what to have been twenty minutes later, the two pushed Silas into the room.

“Explain.” Ryoma growled at him, leveling Raijinto at the man.

Silas squeaked and looked over to Corrin. To everyone’s surprise, the cavalier growled in distaste and crossed his arms over his chest. A glare was leveled at the oldest princesses.

“Damn it Corrin!” He yelled at her. Without much care he stood and tore her away from her sisters. He spun her around and looked at her cloudy pink eyes. He sighed and growled again, saying, “You were supposed to save that for our honeymoon!”

“I feel so good!” She moaned. Without warning she began to rub her body against her husband’s drunkenly relishing in his quiet moans of enjoyment.

“Like I said, my beloved,” he chuckled, gently pushing her away a bit. “That tea was meant for our honeymoon, now I’ll have to go collect more.”

Corrin whined and tried pushing against him to rub on him once more. Silas only chuckled and held her at bay.

“Lady Sakura, were you the one that made my special tea?” He asked. “I only ask because Jakob and Felicia know not to brew that blend.”

“Y-Y-Yes,” she shyly admitted.

“No worries,” Silas said. “I just need to remedy my lovely wife now.”

“Silas are you going to tie me up now like you promised?” Corrin asked, half a beg and half a question.

“Come on then, my dear!” Silas loudly said, looping an arm around her shoulders and leading her from the room.

The royal siblings watched as Silas promised to tie their sister up, fill her past her brim, and make her see the heavens themselves.

It was Elise who summed up everything they had just witnessed. “Those two are some kinky weirdos.”


For the lovely @mc-and-elise who inspired me to write this very late last night!

Homeworld: Entrusts a physically disabled technician with an incredibly time- and resource-heavy project which Yellow Diamond is personally waiting on the results of, giving her ample resources to do her job and self-report on progress. When she encounters adversity, assigns her a war hero as a bodyguard.

Peridot: Flat-out says Amethyst should be in charge of the Crystal Gems taking it as a given that Amethyst has a genetic disorder that has limited her growth, with the idea that a “proper” Homeworld hierarchy would still put Amethyst in this leadership position. In general is incredibly knowledgeable about what environmental factors contribute to such cases and can identify it easily at a glance, does so on two different occasions. Uses unfamiliar but very precise technical terms to assess the health of Gems, suggesting that she has received training in doing exactly that. 

Yellow Diamond: Fails to react to the absence of Peridot’s enhancers, suggesting if at any point in the past Peridot had chosen to take them off and work without them no one would have stopped her- there is no regulation demanding she wears them, and it is her business.

Jasper: In light of the above, immediately takes the removal of Peridot’s enhancers by the Crystal Gems as an attack on Peridot’s dignity and is infuriated on Peridot’s behalf. Keep in mind that Jasper knows Peridot personally and has worked with her- Yellow Diamond does not.

Peirdot: confirms her enhancers are assistive technology specifically given to her to offset a disability.

Peridot: also confirms several times that having technology that makes her taller and can be used to store information and play back audio are things that make her feel good and more confident- but even without them Peridot is repeatedly shown to think highly of herself. 

Said enhancers: are packed to bursting with more functions than Peridot would logically need in any situation other than fighting for her life in the relative inhospitable hellscape that is a CG-controlled Earth. Several of these functions are overtly weapons designed for self-defense, or incredibly easily weaponizable.

A distressingly large part of the fandom: Wow being a defective Gem must be a death sentence on Homeworld, or else completely packed with suffering, I can’t imagine Homeworld would ever be kind at all towards their hypothetical disabled population that we definitely haven’t seen in canon or anything like that. Also I don’t understand why anyone would think it’s a bad thing that the Crystal Gem stole Peridot’s enhancers, I hope she’s never even given the opportunity to have them back.

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Scenario where Bakugou's s/o broke her glasses so she cant see anything. Maybe she clings to his sleeve? Is he willing to guide her? I just . . . love fluff. I'm sorry

They were in her room at the dorms with the intention to study but somehow their studying turned into a heated make out session. He was biting violently her neck twisting and turning it to his liking. As usual he wasn’t careful with her glasses so they slid down her nose after his fierce assault. He couldn’t care less about it but since they were in the way she reached to adjust them. Then unexpectedly Bakugou pushed her on the bed and before her reflexes kicked in the glasses fell on the floor.

“Katsuki where are my glasses?“

“There’s no need for you to see. I can make you feel good even without those stupid glasses.“ He pressed his body against hers and tried to kiss her but she protested.

“Katsuki I’m serious.“ She couldn’t see a thing without the glasses but if she could she would’ve seen one very pissed Bakugou. Everything in front of her was blurry but she looked around instinctively even though it was of no use. “Katsuki?“ There was no respond and she started to panic. Could he leave in a moment like this one? He couldn’t be so heartless. “Don’t tell he just left.“

“I’m here.“

“Then give me my glasses.“ This time as well he was slow to respond.

“They are broken.“

“What?“ For his surprise her voice barely sounded angry, more like worried and scared. A shred of guilt appeared across Bakugou’s face and he was actually happy that she couldn’t see it. She extended her arms and slowly moved them from left to right and from right to left while making small and unsure steps towards the wardrobe.

“Where are going?“

“I have to change my clothes and get the glasses fixed as soon as possible.“ She almost crossed the room to reach the wardrobe but she forgot about the nightstand next to it and almost fell when her feet came across this obstacle.

“Take a few steps back and go to the right you idiot.“

“Well thank you very much for guiding me and don’t shout because it’s your fault to begin with.“ She was finally standing in front of the wardrobe but when she opened it she couldn’t distinguish her clothes. At least she knew her lingerie was placed in the two bottom drawers so she quickly pulled out a bra.

“So that’s what you’ve been hiding from me. I’d like to see you wearing it.“ Without realizing it she took out the one with black lace she bought last week in order to surprise him later but now her plan was ruined. She put back immediately.

“Just shut up and help me find my jeans.“ With a little bit of arguing and help from Bakugou she was ready but as she was about to go out she stumbled in the chair next to her desk. She felt how her body lost balance and not seeing wasn’t helping her to restore it. She was falling and it was already too late to get back on her feet so she closed her eyes expecting to meet the floor soon  enough but a firm grip on her waist stopped her from kissing the ground. Right after she was able to stand on her own two feet he bent and lifted her up letting her stomach rest on his shoulder while wrapping an arm around her to keep her from falling.

“Hey what are you doing? Put me down!“

“You’ll kill yourself if I do it.“

“I can walk on my own!“

“Yeah right.“ She wanted to say more but she just sighted. Actually it wasn’t so bad to see this somewhat gentle side of him show up when she needed it and be saved by her knight in shining armor even if she was in this kind of situation because of him.

Call it Heaven - Part 2

Originally posted by tomhiddleston-gifs

Do I make you uncomfortable?

(Pietro Maximoff x Reader) 

You’re a Hydra weapon accidentally brought to life by Tony. Afraid and confused you forge a connection with the first person you see, never wanting to leave his side.

Words: 1898 Warnings: Swearing

An: Another one that took forever, hope it’s ok! :) 

Translations: Isus hristos, femeie/Jesus christ, woman | M-aș putea obișnui cu asta…taci. /I could get used to this…shut up/  | Orice ai spune/whatever you say

Tags: @namiheart, @lexbugz, @iamtheonewhocares, @goal-mine, @officialstegosaurus

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Sunlight leaked through the curtains casting a glow over the girl sprawled over his chest, her soft hair tickling his skin slightly and her legs tangled up in his. Her skin was so pale and soft and he remembered how she felt so good pressed against him last night, the kiss like nothing he’d felt before.

Pietro wanted to touch her so badly, kiss her and pleasure her. But he still didn’t know anything about her. What if she was dangerous? She was so vulnerable last night, it would feel like he was taking advantage. All he wanted at that moment was to stay with her and listen to her melodic voice that was pure heaven, it lulled the nightmare from his mind like a…


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please do headcannons for noodle dating a girl!!


  • She would love to spend time around her girlfriend! She finds it’s most interesting when they’re around, because they make more memories together that way. She needs her space, but when she’s feeling lonely, her girlfriend is the first one she goes to. 
  • Likes to have random dance parties, mostly if things get tense between the two of you. She doesn’t like when things get too serious, so she finds blasting funky music and just letting her body move (while encouraging her girlfriend to do the same) helps the seriousness die down a bit. 
  • She’s undoubtedly loyal to her girlfriend, through thick and thin and the toughest situation, she never falters. 
  • She’s very good with understanding her partner and their feelings without a word having to be spoken. 
types when they become famous

ENTJ: i will now finish off with my second plan, from being known to being known AS THE RULOR

ESTJ: asks their fans if they will vote for him/her as president

INTJ: ego intensifies + dark memes coming up

ISTJ: *checks that off the list* 

ENFJ: *cries* I won’t let my fame ruin my caring personality I’ll always be there

ESFJ: *shares it on every single social media* *tells their whole family while offering them gifts and accepting gifts* 

INFJ: *aura intensifies* makes everyone feel good without them noticing

ISFJ: *cookie sweet smell intensifies* makes everyone like him/her even more

ENTP: “yush they love my ideas:D” *tries a thousand new ways of celebration*

ESTP: “yush they love my awesomeness:D” *tries something even more dangerous for fun out of excitement*

INTP: *hugs their laptop* you are all my realest freinds.. you and Bill Nye..

ISTP: *sun glasses magically appear on their face* heck yea *throws it away* *another one spawns again as they smirk.*

ENFP: *explodes into a rainbow and glitter. is secretly a magical creature wearing a human mask*

ESFP: throws a huge party and invites everyone.. even people they never met*

INFP: “this is so hard to believe :,) “ *blushes* *pulls out a paper with poetry she/he written happily for them*

ISFP: and for now- my artwork special- the painting made from my blood just for you all :D I love you so much

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HII. Hope you're having a nice day. Can I get the ship questions with Drake please? Thank.

Sure friend! Sorry this took a while. Was in a different place with HORRIBLE INTERNET I couldn’t load half the pics and shit on my feed 😁 Also while I ship Drake x MC, I’m going with Liam x MC first so there were a few things that were harder to figure out as I didn’t do some of Drake’s scenes/friendzoned him in them lol. Hope you like this???

Using default name Riley here!

Who said “I love you” first

Riley. I imagine there came a moment when they both knew they loved each other, but the whole Liam thing was still an issue in their lives and Drake couldn’t bring himself to say it much as he wanted to. So Riley does. There’s a moment where they have yet another heart to heart, where Drake says he can’t believe she would fall for someone like him, and Riley says it, because Drake needs to know that without a doubt that she does.

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background

I wanna say Drake! But he doesn’t let Riley know that. There’s this one time when Riley wanted to borrow his phone to call Maxwell and he just kept refusing to show her.

“No you can’t call Maxwell with my phone!”

“Why not? Mine’s dead, just hand it over!”

“Cause… I don’t want him to get my number.”

“Seriously? I thought you were friends already.”

“Do you know me, woman?”

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror

Riley does! Little cute messages or things that make Drake blush. It always makes him smile this small, one-sided smile that’s also a smirk, and it brightens up his day. He then usually proceeds with going to hug and cuddle Riley.

Who buys the other cheesy gifts

Rileyyyy. Even though Drake says it’s cheesy and acts like he thinks it’s lame. She kinda loves the reaction it gets out of him. The girl is silly and loves teasing burnt marshmallows. Drake totally loves it though. Fckn pretender lol.

Who initiated the first kiss

Lol ok part of why it took so long to write this was me trying to remember and find the canon scene of this to confirm but I couldn’t so nvm here’s my hc 

Riley. There’s that moment in the Beaumont study where they’ve already told each other they were falling for one another. Drake is trying really hard not to let himself melt into her arms because Liam is his best friend and Riley was still in the running to be his wife. But they get so close to each other and even though Drake can’t bring himself to kiss her first, he can’t seem to distance himself either. And well, Riley always being the bold one, takes the leap. :D

Who kisses the other awake in the morning

Both. When Riley does it, Drake is either burnt marshmallow or pure marshmallow. Like he’ll either be all grumpy and grimace, acting all bothered that she’s disturbing his sleep, but she keeps going cause the way he frowns is so cute. Or he gets really happy as he realizes what’s happening and wraps his arms around her while she continues to kiss him awake.

When Drake does it, it’s cause he wants to steal a few moments where he can just stare at her shamelessly and kiss her all he wants since that’s what he’s wanted for a long time and now he gets to do it. His hand outlines her face – around the curve of her lips, brushing the hair away from her forehead, placing a kiss there, he notes how soft her skin is, and he eventually just buries his face in her neck, kissing her there till she’s awake.

Who starts tickle fights

Riley. She just discovered a very bad tickle spot of Drake’s and now it’s her target whenever she’s feeling cheeky and wants to tease Drake. Or get him to do something. 

“Please? Dance with me?”

“I don’t dance, Riley.”

“Dance with me or you get the tickle guns.”

“… fine.”

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower

Both. After all the effort to get together these two would not miss out on the chance to be with each other and see each other in that way. They both like the feeling of getting to see each other naked, holding each other, and laughing as they help each other bathe, because it’s such a simple intimate thing that they never let themselves have before.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

Drake. Like, I just imagine Riley staying in Cordonia and taking up some sort of job that still relates to the nobility. Maybe she stays on with the Beaumonts?? Idk. But Drake likes to show up especially at “stuffy rich people” events with a paper bag.

“Hey, thought you might like some real food. Got you some sloppy joes and cronuts.”

Who was nervous and shy on the first date

Drake. They both agree to go out on a real date after everything with the coronation and the scandal. Drake feels nervous and excited as they’ve never really seen each other in this situation before. It feels a good kind of strange to go out with her without him trying to stop it or worry about Liam’s feelings. He’s also somehow put a lot of pressure on himself to impress Riley. Because now it’s all about them being together. No one else is in the way. He has to do it right, he thinks. She deserves it.

Who kills/takes out the spiders

Drake. Riley freaks out sometimes and tries to kill them, but he stops her and takes the little guys out into the gardens.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk

Riley. Let’s face it, Drake can drink her under the table. They’ll be having a whiskey night together or with friends, and eventually Riley drapes her shoulders around Drake and slurs out that she loves him. Usually to the entire room if they aren’t alone. 

“You still suck at drinking, Riley, but I love you, too.”

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I’M ON A ROAD TO NOWHERE and I like how Kevin indirectly made this entire episode work. He got Steven and Connie together, he brought the tension between them to fluctuate their feelings until the final moment, and when they do get to express themselves, he truly made Stevonnie come together in the end, figuratively. He’s a dick, but he’s a dick that helped out in the end.

Also, this neat symbolism tidbit: the discomfort. This might have been unintentional but I thought it was really neat when Steven was forced to cover the shirt Connie bought him

like his willingness to make amends is being chambered up by the feeling of doing good without her. Same for Connie, with the constant distancing she does to herself to remind herself of her resentment toward Steven.

and it’s when they finally get to talk to each other, the symbolism elements hit reverse

Steven feels more open to her

and Connie feels more close to him. Good episode.