feel good without her

ok but imagine amethyst casually throwing around self deprecating humor like “haha yeah I know I’m kind of a mess B)”
but peridot doesn’t pick up on the tone and she’s like NOO INCORRECT and reminds her how cool and funny she is and amethyst is like..I was just kidding but…thanks

formervillains  asked:

What do you think about me just liking Harvey Beaks cause of Fee? I feel that almost every episode without her it's not good, the last one about dade was good thou.

I think you liking what you like is fine. Fee is an awesome character. Not every thing is for everyone. I think you’ll really dig The Grunicorn episode.

i’ve been thinking recently about how a lot of current media uses black music to describe white people

like nina simone’s “feelin good” is so fucking iconic but how sick am i of hearing that brass line play while someone opens the door to a ferrari and a bare white leg in a high-heeled shoe steps onto the pavement, you know? that song is so sexy and emphatic and it’s BLACK it’s SUCH A BLACK SONG, it is a sexy black emphatic hot weather song, you know

idk i saw a preview for the new transporter movie the other day and it starts with all these shots of like expensive watches and fast cars and designer clothes and like sexy shiny untouchable what-have-you and it’s all to a soundtrack of rap music and it turns out it’s about this british white guy??? it’s so fucking incongruous??? again it’s music that describes BLACK wealth, BLACK crowds, black sexiness, black car drivers, black voices and faces and bodies, that is what makes you sit up and take interest, and then it’s actually a bait-and-switch to be about a white guy

just another example of all of us valuing black culture but not black people, you know? we’re evoking everything that is compelling about blackness without actually portraying blackness at all


The Originals Season 2 Appreciation Week; day 1: favorite episode

2.05 Red Door

He tells himself what’s he’s doing is for the best. He was a villain once upon a time. And villains don’t get happy endings.

He tries to convince his heart that moving on is the right choice. The choice that finally he has. It’s easy that way. He has Liam after so long. Liam and his stubborn attitude and bright smile. How he missed him. After all these centuries they’re finally together. And it feels good. Oh, that feels good.

He tells her that she can be happy without him. She has a family who loves her and who will be with her when he is not here anymore.

He cross the bridge step by step. See the light in the end and he can already feel the breeze in his hair. Traitors tears falls in his face and he knows to not look back, knows what he will see and his heart won’t be able to do what needs to be done.

But he hears the sobs and turns. The woman he loves is there and he can’t bear seeing her crying. He can’t be the reason for her tears.
Maybe villains don’t get happy endings. But he’s not a villain anymore. And even if the happy ending is far away yet, he can’t move on without her.

so apparently my managers hired a girl with blue hair. bleached and dyed blue and mostly faded, but still blue.

apparently they gave her the job and NOW they need to tell her she has to dye her hair.

is this a joke? what’s offensive about blue hair? it’s probably friggin pastel and barely there by the way my coworker described it. it’s not like the color of her hair is going to get in the way of her food service job.

and like. how dare they hire her without telling her she can’t have her hair unnatural?

I’m all kinds of annoyed rn. I thought my employers were cooler than this.