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“I’ve got bad luck and headaches but they couldn’t touch you”

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I’m not feeling good today.. the weather is killing me and my head 😷
But look who is finished! She only needs her cute horns from @sparrows_shop 😍😍 yeah for bad Instagram quality 😒😓 Model: Luts TDF Tyltyl centaur mint

Her sister is in progress (need a new fave up haha .. I waited too long with this cutie and my style changed a bit xD)

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Inland Empire Gothic
  • It’s hot. You can’t remember what it feels like to not be too hot, until you’re in an air-conditioned space…and when you’re outside again you realize you forgot what it feels like to be hot
  • It rains for a week straight in winter, and then never again for six years
  • They tell you your district voted red last election, but you’re confused. You don’t know a single white person!! You’re just talking to the wrong people, they say. You don’t believe them
  • You’re driving on roads you know like the back of your hand…except now there’s a new cross-street you can’t quite recall. You don’t trust your memory. Surely it’s always been there?
  • Your friends from Orange County complain that it’s hot. You laugh in their faces. Hot? You don’t know the meaning of the word! Little do you know, someone from Palm Springs stands behind you, laughing at you for the same reason
  • You see a coyote in broad daylight and fear for the lives of your pets. It only gets worse when you blink and the coyote is gone. Or now there are two coyotes instead of one
  • There’s a shooting in San Bernardino. Again (but it’s not as bad as the last one)
  • There are clouds over the mountains in summer, and the air is heavy with unfamiliar humidity. You hope the clouds come this way, because clouds mean rain and rain means a break from the heat…until the clouds drift down and blot out the sun and you realize it was a dust storm all along
  • There’s another fire. There’s always another fire. The only thing different about this one is that you can see the smoke from your house. You wonder if this is one you have to evacuate for (it’s not)
  • You think it will take you thirty minutes to drive somewhere. You realize you forgot to factor in stopping at traffic lights. Good thing you overcompensated for traffic and left your house an hour ahead of schedule
  • It rains half an inch. There are floods somewhere, and an entire town washes away
  • You’re stopped on a freeway overpass during rush hour and you wonder if this is the time the Big One comes to kill you
  • There’s a 3.0 earthquake less than ten miles from your house. You feel it because you’re upstairs, but your family doesn’t. You think you imagined it until your dad checks the US Geological Survey website map. You’re still not convinced. If the earth rumbles where no one can feel it, does it make a sound?
  • 70% of your high school graduating class went to CSUSB, UCR, or CPP for college. You never see the other 30% again
  • The Santa Ana winds blow with the fury of a hurricane. Trees fall, outdoor furniture flies, and the house shakes. Again, you think you’re imagining an earthquake
  • Your house is on the way to Las Vegas. Your friends still get lost at the mislabeled exit sign when they’re driving to your house. Why haven’t they fixed it? Something is wrong but you can’t tell what