feel good spa

oddlingsouls  asked:

Julion the Masseur starts to walk to his business, the 'Feel Good Parlor & Spa'. Its time for another day of massaging and conversation with the clients! Julion wonders who is going to come in today...

Akane walks by the masseuse’s shop. 

“I wonder if they’re as good as Old Man’s?”

She walks in. 

We’re celebrating Mardi Gras a second time with Flambeaux, a benefit to raise funds for the Preservation Hall Jazz Band Foundation‘s music education program for young musicians in New Orleans, April 1 - 3.

The weekend includes Gulf-inspired dinners and brunch, live music, Sailor Jerry hurricanes, a masquerade ball and a bunch of Feel Good Spa specials to boot – all on Dinah Shore weekend. Beyondadoubt and DJ Brice Nice spin New Orleans soul, second line brass and bounce remixes at their Saturday afternoon pool party – Beyondadoubt played a round of Memphis and New Orleans 45s at our Opening Ceremony launch party, and Brice brings his unprecedented collection of soul and bounce straight from the source. Lots of rad stuff going on, plus plenty of time to sit around by the pool with cucumbers over your eyes.