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Preferences: First ‘I Love You’s

Requested by @aelinashryvergalathynius22 (I worked on this instead of part 7 oh well I needed a distraction)


He says it right before you’re about to leave for a long time. He kisses you passionately and whispers it into your mouth and then sends you on your way before you can even reciprocate the feelings. You cherish the words close to your heart every time you miss him - which is all the time - and a lovesick smile never fails to make it’s way onto your lips every time. When you get back, you race right into his strong arms, feeling home, holding him tightly as he lifts you from the ground. ‘I love you too,” You murmur into his shoulder, and Rowan’s arms tighten just a bit. You don’t part for many minutes. 


He’s known it ever since he first saw you. He’s wanted to say it every day, every moment since then, but has reigned himself in, refusing to lose you because he can’t control his emotions. Finally, a good couple months after you are together, Rhys finally says it. You’re on a bridge of all places - Rhys says it was so he could jump off it if you had a bad reaction and you slap him for talking that way - and you are both looking out at the slowly flowing river and the sunset just beyond the horizon. His arms are curved around your waist, his chin resting on your shoulder and he finally works up the courage to say what he has wanted to for what seems like forever. ‘I love you,’ he announces, tensing just a bit when you don’t respond right away. He awkwardly coughs, ‘just thought you should know.’ You chuckle, relaxing into his hold and leaning back into his chest a bit. “Rhys, I love you too, I didn’t think this was hidden knowledge.’ And that’s when Rhysand realizes that he wasn’t actually being as discrete about his feelings as he thought, and those three words don’t have to be said for both of them to know they are true. 


He says it for the first time during sex, which, for such a avid book reader and romance enthusiast, is actually a bit disappointing. To make up for it though, Dorian worships your body, murmuring those three words into each and every crevice and corner of it. ‘I love you,’ he whispers again when both of your are spent, tucking your into his side and kissing your temple ‘I love you so much, you don’t even know.’ ‘Well you gave me a pretty good estimate just then,’ you giggle, tracing random patterns along his chest. ‘You’re wicked, you know that right?’ He chuckles. ‘I know, but you love me,’ He murmurs into your hair, ‘That I do,’ That thought running through your head sends large waves of tingles throughout your body, making your toes curl and your cheeks hurt with how much you are smiling. Dorian loves you.

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Guess who just finished reading lord of shadows also guess who is sobbing in the corner of the room


A/N: Request from anon. This is so bloody sad. I blame Odin. For every bad thing Loki has ever done. *hands out tissues* I literally cried my eyes out while writing the last bit, be warned, really.

Words: 2323
Warnings: violence, reader death

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NIALL HORAN was always the guitar-strumming singer- songwriter of ONE DIRECTION.

So as the boys try to establish themselves after the split – with mixed results musically – Niall has naturally moved as far away from the dance-dominated charts as possible.

While HARRY STYLES went down the sophisticated Bowie-esque rock ’n’ roll route, Irishman Niall, is unashamedly soft rock – think JOHN MAYER crossed with ED SHEERAN.

The ten songs on debut album Flicker – out on Friday, October 20 – are all top quality.

The record is a mature listen with lovely instrumentation and super-smooth vocals. And just like Niall’s personality, it’s laid-back and chilled – perfect for a Sunday afternoon in the park.

Alongside hit singles This Town, Slow Hands and Too Much To Ask, there are seven new songs.

Here’s a track-by-track rundown of the lyrics:

ON THE LOOSE: Upbeat opening about a seductive woman. He sings: “She’ll run with your mind and pull you in tight, then trade you in for something new. I know what it’s like, I fell for it twice.”

SEEING BLIND: Rip-roaring country duet with MAREN MORRIS. They belt out: “Oh, my, my, you just took me by surprise, and I can’t believe my eyes. Oh, I must be seeing blind, you’re too good to be all mine.”

PAPER HOUSES: Heart-breaking ballad about a dying relationship. Niall ponders: “I don’t wanna lose your touch, I don’t wanna hurt this much, I can feel you slipping away.”

SINCE WE’RE ALONE: Relaxed tune in which Niall expresses his interest to a new love. He croons: “Why would you wanna please someone else? I love you best when you’re just yourself, yeah, you’re everything I want.”

FLICKER: The most beautiful and heartfelt song on the album. He sings: “There’s a light in the dark, still a flicker of hope that you first gave to me, that I wanna keep. Please don’t leave.”

FIRE AWAY: Soft-singing Niall encourages a lover to open up. He tells her: “When you’re losing your grip, even if I don’t understand, you can talk to me. Fire away.”

YOU AND ME: Complete with a guitar solo, Niall ends the album on a high. He sings: “When I look down the line at the man I wanna be, I’ve always known from the start that it ends with you and me.”

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• my beloved goddess

nonnie requested: Pls will u do something for savitar!barry x reader? Hes kinda sexy despite being called pizza face by cisco. Anyway something with reader is the only person this version of barry care about cuz reader stand by his side while everyone turn away from him in d future. Make it angst pls. Thanks.

A/N: Ah I laughed when Cisco called him, ‘pizza face’ and other things like I’m so proud of my son giving sass. This obviously contains a bit of spoilers from the finale episode of The Flash so be warned if you haven’t watched. I thought it was going to be all good despite one of my faves dying in the place for Iris and then Barry leaving. Damn it Grant, you ripped my heart out with feels. Ships are closed for the time being and as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!

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                             Relationship(s): Savitar/Reader, Barry Allen/Iris West, Barry Allen & Reader (unrequited love)

“Y/N. .Y/N, I need my goddess to wake from her beauty sleep.” That oddly familiar voice ringing through your ears as you slowly blinked from your slumber. Your E/C eyes blinked more to adjust from the dark surroundings as you looked around to the source of the voice until they met Barry’s- no that didn’t look like Barry. Least the one who knew, the left side of his face looked burned with as his grin only seemed to grow bigger at the sight of you awake. “Good morning Y/N. My, my I could never forget how beautiful you are. What’s the matter Y/N? You don’t recognize the man who calls you his equal, but yet it hasn’t happened yet. Heh, guess I could use you against Barry. Won’t that be fun my goddess hm?”

You squint in disbelief as you tried crawling backwards but bumped into something as you looked to see what it was. Your eyes widen in fear, this was Savitar—the time remnant of Barry as depicted from the armor you bumped into. You remember the speedster telling you to be careful out there after you left S.T.A.R labs earlier that day to get a break from all the mess since it you’ve gotten so stressed. “G-Goddess? I’m sorry S-Savitar but I don’t b-belong to anyone, I have no idea what y-you speak of. I-I though you ha-ated everyone since t-they turned their b-back on you.” You studdered through your words as the time remnant only kept his sadist grin as he crouched down to you where you were on the ground.

“Oh I do hate everyone Y/N but not you, my sweet Y/N. You see while everyone else turned their back on me, you didn’t. You stayed and refused to leave my side no matter how much they called me, a monster. A monster Y/N and have the nerve to call you one too! But no you stayed and before we both fell in love with each other, I let you be my goddess. I intend on that still happening but first we need to get rid of this Barry Allen. Join me Y/N, join me and I will give anything you could ever wished for. All you need to do is accept.” Savitar offers his pale hand to you, “We can rule side by side and have to world begging for mercy on their knees. Including the ones who hurt and bullied you for being different.” He chuckles darkly while waiting for you to accept as you looked at the male beside you.

For long as you remembered you were bullied for being, well being you. You didn’t care about the feminine things like makeup and dressing up for boys. You were mocked and laughed at because you loved science and mathematics, even having the stereotypical nerd look with thick glasses, braces, and bad acne. However you blossomed into a beautiful women today, still wearing glasses although sometimes using contacts and no more metal on your teeth with acne cleared up. All those memories came back to you when Savitar spoke as your fists clenched, no you were to be nice and submissive right? No you were tired of being considered weak as you looked back up to the time remnant before clasping your hand with his, after all you could have anything right? “I accept your offer Savitar as long as you stay true to your word.” You say as he pulled you and him up on your feet as he looked at your hand before you.

“Oh don’t worry Y/N, I fully intend on keeping it as long as you help me get Barry Allen.”

                   [ time skip; WARNING SPOILERS UP AHEAD ]

“Y/N please come back, he’s messing with your mind!” The scarlet speedster yelled out as you were by Savitar without his armor that Barry had vibrated and broke. Needless to say, Team Flash was a bit shocked to see you beside the other. You looked different from the last time they saw you, from wearing dark F/C clothing as you grinned that could match Savitar’s. “Y/N please. Don’t do this to yourself!”

You shook your head, “No I made up my mind Flash. I’m tired of feeling like I’m supposed to be weak and feel worthless, do you have any idea how many people hurt me? Do you know how many I cried myself to sleep?” You lashed back as you leaned your head on Savitar’s shoulders. “I’m happy being Savitar’s goddess. After all he says he’d given me anything as long as I help stop you besides you all turned your back on him and me.” You say with a snarl as everyone looked shocked from what you were saying as you kept your gaze at Barry.

“Awe see? That’s my girl, she’s not as cute and innocent as you thought huh?” Savitar says as he pressed a kiss on your forehead. “I like this version of her.”

Barry was furious as went to attack on Savitar from you as the time remnant hit the ground hard from his blow. “You tried to use her against us, it’s not going to work Savitar. Give it up because you are no god.” He says as Savitar laughed before receiving another blow from Barry, the other slumping onto the ground before looking at you before you pushed the red clad hero aside for Savitar. Barry went to check on the others, hopefully maybe they could talk sense into you.

“No, no, no. Savitar come on, wake up for me.” You say as you bend down to check on him and stroke his face before his eyes snapped open. It made you give a sudden jump of surprise. He looked at you smiled before giving you a small kiss and saying he’ll be back. You watched as what happened next would be the last you’d see of Savitar.

The time remnant counterpart went to take an attack on his present self before a loud bang from a gun rang throughout. Savitar took a step backwards before collapsing as your eyes followed Barry’s, it was Iris. She had shot the one you fell in love with as you quickly ran to Savitar but it was too late as you began to shatter from existence. It was the Barry that loved you because you could never have the Barry who was engaged to Iris.

“Y/N!” You heard someone cry out but ignored it as all the love of your heart was now gone just like Savitar was.

The Breaking; Remus Lupin x Reader

Word Count: 3,667

A/N: This is an idea that has been bouncing around in my head for literally months now. Some of this is based on my own experiences and I think it is one of the hardest things I’ve ever brought myself to write. It is incredibly personal to me and it was difficult as hell to get these words out. I didn’t really proof-read it since it was so hard for me to write and read over. I’m incredibly glad to be done with it since it was so taxing on me emotionally to write it. 

Warning: ANGST, heartbreak, Maybe some swearing? (I don’t really remember) Panic attack

“I’m breaking up with you.”

The words hung in the air but you weren’t entirely sure that you were fully processing them.

“I’m breaking up with you.”

Every single one of your nerves was on edge. You never knew a feeling like this was possible. Fear and confusion flooded over you so violently, you questioned if your body could physically handle it. Those five words. Those five words were taking up all the air in the room. At that moment you thought those five words may be the last words you ever hear.

“I’m sorry… what?”

“I’m breaking up with you. I have to do it. I’m so sorry.”

You waited. You were expecting more of an explanation that never came.

“You have to do it but you’re sorry? That’s it? Can you at least tell me why?”

“I’m not good for you. I’m going to end up hurting you eventually and I can’t let that happen.”

Confusion. Fear. Confusion. Fear.

Your heart was pounding at a level you didn’t think was humanly possible or medically safe.

“Remus, you’ve been nothing but good to me. What the hell are you talking about? Talk to me.”

“No. No. Y/N, I can’t.”

It kept going back and forth between the two of you and to say you were feeling frustrated was an understatement. He wasn’t giving you any clear answers. He wasn’t explaining. He was like a robot that only had four programmed phrases.

I’m not good for you.”

“I’m just going to hurt you.”

“I can’t.”


Your blood was pumping all throughout your body and overtaking all of your senses. Screw denial, you were moving straight on to anger. The feeling settled into the core of your stomach and you couldn’t stop yourself. If your boyfriend insisted on ripping your heart out 3 days before your anniversary, then you figured you at least deserved a legitimate reason for it.

“So, this is it? It’s over just like that? We build a relationship together. We practically have a whole life together and now it’s just done? I’m just supposed to accept it without a clear explanation? “

“It’s too complicated. You wouldn’t understand.”

“Then explain it to me. Help me understand!”

“I can’t. It’s just better this way! Do you think that I want this? Do you honestly think that I am enjoying this? This- It’s killing me. I want you to be happy and safe and the only way to make sure that happens is by ending this before-“

You cut him off.

“-Before I get hurt. Yeah, I know. You keep saying that but it’s such bullshit, Remus. I am happy with you. I feel safe with you. You tell me that you need to do this so that I will be safe but you won’t tell me what I’m going to be safe from. I don’t understand how yesterday we were in this very same room, happy and in love but now- you don’t want anything to do with me anymore?”

“No- I do. I want to be with you more than anything. Please I need you to know that.”

“I don’t know if I believe you. It doesn’t sound like you want to be with me. I thought everything was going well. I- I don’t understand. Has this relationship just been one-sided this whole time?”

“No, of course not. Sweetheart, please don’t think that I don’t love you. I do love you. I love you.”

“Then why isn’t that enough?”

“It isn’t enough because I can’t live with myself. It’s better for you if I end this.”

“Does this have something to do with the fact that you keep sneaking off with your friends every month but none of you will ever tell me where you go? Is there another girl or something? Is she prettier and smarter than me? Is this the part where you tell me that you cheated on me but it’s okay because it didn’t mean anything?”

“No! I would never do that to you! Do you honestly think that low of me? I love you, you know that. Do you honestly think that I’ve just been faking my feelings this whole time? This is killing me and I have gone over it again and again in my head and it always comes to this. Believe me, if there was any way that I could stay with you and keep you safe I would have found it. I wanted so desperately to find a way to make this work but it can’t! What hurts me the most is that you honestly believe that I would hurt you like that. Do you seriously believe that I would sneak behind your back and see another girl and then look you in the eyes and lie about it? You’re seriously telling me that you think that I would jeopardize our relationship like that? Not only that, you thought I was going to tell you that it didn’t mean anything! You thought that not only was I throwing away everything we ever had but that I was doing it for someone that I don’t even care that much about. Accusing me of that is low, ridiculous, and wrong.  I would never do something like that and you know it.”

The worst part was that you knew he was right. You may not have understood why Remus was insisting on breaking up with you but you knew deep down that he would never cheat on you, especially with someone he didn’t have serious feelings for. You were angry, confused, and hurt. It just came out.

“No. You’re right. I’m sorry. I know you wouldn’t. I’m just trying to understand. You tell me that you love me and that you want to be with me but you can’t. You’re not even giving me a choice. I don’t know what I did wrong. Why are you the only one that gets a say in this? Why is it your right to decide the fate of our relationship? You’re not even giving me a chance to talk this out with you; you’re just shutting me down.”

“That’s because there’s nothing to talk about! I should have known that this relationship- that any relationship I pursued- would be doomed to fail. I knew we wouldn’t have a chance, I knew I would just hurt you but I was selfish and I wanted to be with you anyway. I can’t be selfish with you anymore. I have to let you be happy and safe without me. There isn’t a way we can both win. I can either be in love with you or I can let you be happy but I can’t do both.”

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. You had been in this room for several minutes with him going back and forth and yet you still felt like you didn’t understand the situation at all. What you did understand was that you didn’t have a boyfriend anymore. You understood that your boyfriend was planning on breaking your heart from the beginning. While you were so sure that this would be the great love of your life, he was certain that the two of you never stood a chance at all.

“I will never understand how you can look me in the eyes and tell you love me but then turn around and say that we were doomed to fail. Fine, Remus, you win. You want to end this relationship? It’s over. We’re done. Now you can run off with your friends every month without worrying about what lie you’re going to tell me when you get back. I swear sometimes it felt like you were so distant that I forgot you were there at all. Why did you even bother to love me at all if you were so sure we would never work out? You’re right, Remus. You are selfish. It was selfish of you to give this a chance and let me fall in love with you even though you always knew you were going to hurt me. It was selfish to let me fall so safely into the arms of a man who never had any intention of keeping me. You were willing to take the risk of breaking me just because you were curious about what a little taste of me would be like. No. Fuck you, Remus. Maybe you’re right. Maybe there’s someone out there that will love me better than you ever will. Maybe I can go find him now that you’re done holding me back.”


You didn’t have the energy to stick around to hear the rest of his sentence. You needed to get out of that room now.

By the time you made it back to your dorm it suddenly dawned on you how foreign the room felt. Over the months of your relationship with Remus you spent most of your nights in his dorm. You couldn’t really even remember the last night that you slept between your own blankets but you were certain, at this point, that it had been months. Remus never seemed the mind the countless nights you spent in his room. At first it would just happen randomly. The dorm was too cold and you wanted to snuggle up next to him, or you had a nightmare and you wanted his comfort. He welcomed you with open arms every time. At that point it had become so common for you to stay there that the boys considered their dorm to practically belong to you too. You loved sleeping in Remus’ bed. It was warm and the pillows carried his scent even when he was physically away.

Your own bed felt cold. It felt like it had been collecting dust from how long you had been away. As you tried to make some sort of home in between the foreign fabric of your bed, it hit you. This was your only dorm now. There would be no more crawling back to Remus’ strong, warm arms when some bump outside your window startled you awake. All you had was yourself now. You would be responsible for warming up your own skin. You would be responsible for slowing down your own breathing and making your own eyelids heavy with sleep after a night terror. Remus didn’t want you anymore; you weren’t sure he ever did. You weren’t sure when the tears began falling but now they were practically pouring out of you. You thought they may never stop but the thing about crying is that even though in the moment you feel like it may never end; eventually your body tires itself out. It’s as if your mind takes pity on you and whispers, “sleep now, child.” While the tears of hurt dry on your soft skin.

You weren’t doing well. Despite the fact that your bed felt foreign to you, you found refuge in it. You didn’t go to the great hall to eat with everyone else. You didn’t go to classes for a while. Your friends brought you some food and took notes for you, all of which you were grateful for.

Remus was a wreck. He had become so used to you sleeping by his side that without you there he didn’t sleep much at all. He tossed and turned in his bed constantly. Some days he seemed jittery like he had too much caffeine. He would run his fingers through his hair and nervously bite his nails. He couldn’t seem to sit still either. He just wanted to be alone most of the time and as much as the boy loved learning, he hated being in class these days. He just couldn’t seem to focus. He would bounce his leg up and down and wiggle in his chair like his ass was on fire. He was on the edge of his seat ready to jump up and leave the moment the teacher was finished. Other days he would space out. He would barely eat and would only contribute yes or no answers to conversations. On the day of your anniversary, he actually went to your room. He stood there with his hand curled up in a fist, ready to knock, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He hurt you. He hurt you. You had always been loving and kind. He always considered you to be the most real and honest part of his life and he hurt you. Now he was left standing outside your room like an idiot scared to death on what was supposed to be a beautiful night for the two of you.

It wasn’t that he didn’t love you. That was the thing that he hated the most. He actually let you walk out of that room believing that he never cared about you at all. He couldn’t help but beat himself up over it. This was entirely his fault after all. With each passing day of your relationship he realized that he needed to tell you about his   lycanthrope. It loomed over him like a dark cloud approaching nearer and nearer every day. He couldn’t help but be terrified at the prospect of you leaving him. He was horrified that your looks of adoration would turn into wide-eyed gazes of fear. Not telling you terrified him even more. He hated the idea of hurting you during the full moon. As much as he tried to tell himself that he could never hurt you, he didn’t trust the werewolf side of him and he knew it was far too risky. Just because he didn’t want to hurt you doesn’t mean he wasn’t capable of hurting you. He clearly proved that with the way he treated you the other night.

Time seemed to be moving at an odd pace for you. Some days it was like a speeding bullet, other days it felt like a slow drip. Weeks had passed and you were starting to feel somewhat better. You weren’t fully over Remus, but the days felt easier. You managed to get yourself out of your own bed and actually spend some time in the common room. Some days you managed to convince yourself that you were fine. You start your morning out feeling confident that you don’t need or want him. You smile more. Some of the smiles are even genuine. Some nights you feel thankful that the heartbreak doesn’t feel unbearable but rather, just on the brink of it.

Then there are days like today. Today you couldn’t get him out of your fucking head. You spent weeks upon weeks believing that you might be finally over him and doing a pretty good job at convincing yourself that you were. But sometimes, he would come creeping back in. You couldn’t even remember what started it this time. Maybe it was the song you were quietly humming under your breath all morning that reminded you of him. Maybe it was the butterbeer you were drinking. Remus always loved to drink butterbeer. All you knew is that one minute you were okay, and the next, you were thinking about him. You thought about the music he loves. The conversations the two of you used to have. The things he used to call you. You thought about the moment you started talking to each other and the moment you stopped. I couldn’t stop thinking.

You thought about how he wasn’t with you anymore. How you couldn’t call him “my boyfriend” anymore. You started wondering if he had found someone else. You wondered if he was with her right now, having conversations that mirrored your own. You thought about him wrapping her up in his arms, the two of them shyly flirting with one another and her laughing at the things he would say. It felt like your mind was forcing you to replay your relationship with another girl in your place.

That was when your chest started to ache and you were fighting to breathe. You poured out your butterbeer and started pacing trying anything you could think of to distract yourself. It was useless. Every layer of your mind kept revealing thoughts of him.

So you went to a different room. You tried to read but you couldn’t focus on the words and the stories weren’t engaging enough. Every song you could think of to quietly sing reminded you of him. You thought about going to see some of your friends but you didn’t think you were in any kind of state to hold a conversation with anyone.

You wanted to dig your nails into your skin. You wanted to pull out your hair. You wanted to scream. You just wanted to get him out. You just couldn’t stop thinking. You were thinking about how his name used to light a fire inside of you and now it just leaves you feeling hollow for days. You sat on your bed and thought about how much you hated that he still had this power over you when you were worried that you hadn’t even crossed his mind at all.

You kept thinking, “If he wanted to be with you, he would have been.” This is what you got so used to telling yourself over the last few weeks. You shouldn’t have to force it. You shouldn’t have to beg for someone that doesn’t want to stay. You shouldn’t have to make him want you; he should want you on his own. You try and try to tell yourself that if he were really worth holding on to, then he wouldn’t have let go. But you knew there would always be this part of you that felt like you somehow fucked up. There will always be this part of you that felt like you weren’t good enough.

So you push these thoughts into the back of your brain, you breathe, and you try to heal. You tell yourself that you can’t look for healing and happiness in the same place that you lost it. Maybe you need to find love in your solitude. You have to want to spend the rest of with yourself first. That will always be easier said than done, but it doesn’t change the fact that it needs to be done.

But until then, you’re left doing this. You’re left trying to cry the heartbreak out of you. But maybe you won’t be able to do it. Maybe the heartbreak will always be there. Sometimes it will hit you in the middle of the night and you will bury yourself into your pillow and won’t sleep for five hours. Maybe it will hit you like it did today, in the afternoon, with a heavy heart and a cup of butterbeer.

Maybe that’s how you will heal. Maybe you’ll heal by accepting that the heartbreak will always be there, no matter how much you want it to just fucking leave.

“Remus, we’ve been over this! Y/N is not going to think that you’re a monster!”

James and Sirius has been trying to talk sense into him all night, but just like his fight with you it was going nowhere.

“What makes you so sure? Why wouldn’t she? That’s exactly what I am!”

“No you’re not!”

“Yes I am, Pads! Look it up! ‘Once a month, at the full moon, the otherwise sane and normal wizard or muggle afflicted transforms into a murderous beast. Almost uniquely among fantastic creatures, the werewolf actively seeks humans in preference to any other kind of prey.’ Have you never read a textbook?”

Sirius fell uncharacteristically silent at these words.

Remus was about to apologize for his outburst towards his friend when James jumped in.

“You are not a monster, Remus. You are a person that transforms into a creature that some might call a monster because of an incident that was beyond your control but that doesn’t make you a monster. Not all monsters do monstrous things. You’ve never hurt any of us during a full moon. If you truly were a monster you wouldn’t continually put others before yourself. If you really were a monster you wouldn’t go to such great lengths to protect your friends and the ones you love. And if you really were a monster you sure as hell wouldn’t be freaking out this much over the idea of hurting Y/N. In fact, if you were a real monster you would probably find pleasure in it.”

“No-No I wouldn’t- I could never-“

“I know, Moony. That’s exactly my point. You could never hurt the people you care about. We all know that. You really think Y/N doesn’t know that too?”


Remus stood there again with his hand curled into a fist in front of your door He told himself over and over again that he could do this. His knuckles connected with the door at the same moment that he heard sobbing and sniffling from the other side. His body felt frozen as he heard shuffling from inside the room. Remus scrambled to hide as he heard you making your way to the door. He was able to catch a peak of you when you opened the door. Your eyes were red and your cheeks were tear stained and he swore he never knew it was possible to feel a hurt as strong as this. You looked around with a confused expression but ultimately went back in and closed the door.

The words of his friends kept ringing in his ears.

“You could never hurt the people you care about.”

But James was wrong.

If you really were a monster you sure as hell wouldn’t be freaking out this much over the idea of hurting Y/N.”

He could hurt you. He already did. Those tears and red eyes were his doing. He caused this.

“In fact, if you were a real monster you would probably find pleasure in it.”

Those words rang the loudest of them all.

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wassup I need some saeran, V, and RFA hcs for how they would react if them and the MC were having sex and the MC starts crying because they ripped her favorite underwear

A/N: i think id be more pissed than crying if im honest with ya ~Admin 404

Is this NSFW? I don’t know. I don’t think so, it’s mainly just talking about underwear. I promise I don’t say Cockasaurus Rex in this one. But this is here, just in case you don’t want to read about underwear and almost doing it


               Oh god the poor baby thought he did something wrong and hurt you. He didn’t even get that far with you yet, and you were already crying!! Was he that terrible, did you really not want to do this? You could just tell him, MC! If there’s something wrong just tell him please, he’ll do anything to fix it. As he was freaking out, through your soft cries you told him that you weren’t hurt, he just ripped your favourite underwear when he took them off of you. His face completely dropped when he heard this. Turning bright red, he hid his face behind his hands and mumbled an apology, stumbling over his words. He’s crying, you’re crying, there’s no sex happening tonight my friends. Just a lot of cuddling and tears over some underwear.


               He /warned/ you about the beast. He could be gentle, or he could go into beast mode like a werewolf. You had chosen to provoke the beast this time, and now you were to pay the consequences. In the heat of the moment, he had attempted to pull your underwear off, tearing the side of them in the process. You heard the fabric rip and you immediately sit up, catching him off guard. With wide eyes, he looked at you, watching as your eyes started to tear up. “MC? MC what’s wrong? Did I scare you? I didn’t mean to, I um-” he was cut off when tears started to roll down your cheeks. Freaking out, he’s trying to see if there was any indication of him hurting you, heart pounding and tears threatened his own eyes until you started to mutter about your underwear over and over again. He sat up, carefully just patting your head as he felt bad about ripping your underwear, but he also had to try and hold in his laughter because you were ridulous…ly cute!


               Listen, she didn’t expect her ring to catch onto your underwear, it just… happened. MC, it was just a small little hole, why are you crying?? It happens!! She’s done it very often on her own, she’ll just go with you to pick out some new ones *wink wonk*. But she couldn’t help but feel bad about the tears in your eyes, so she kissed you softly and just held you instead. She thought you were ridiculous for crying over /underwear/ but she does know the feeling of losing your favourite undies- the ones that are so comfortable and they felt like you weren’t even wearing them. Okay, she understands why you’re crying now MC, she wants to cry too- y'all just need new undies;;


               Papers practically flying to the floor, you’re up on his desk and he’s pressed against you, capturing you in a heated kiss. There isn’t much time before someone called him or Assistant Kang came (hopefully) knocking on the door. But you were teasing him, obviously wanting to ignite something, and he would give you exactly what you wanted. He just had to be quick about it, meaning these undies were coming off quickly. With a quick tug on both sides of the clothing, he had the sides ripped immediately and they were thrown into the trash under his desk. As he was leaning in to kiss your neck, he felt tears hit his face and he pulled back to look at your face in an instant. Through your tears, you told him those were your favourite pair of underwear and he straight ripped them practically in half and you started to cry a little more and pout angrily at him. He just shook his head before leaning in to kiss away your tears before kissing your lips softly. “I’ll buy you new ones,” he muttered before pressing for a harder kiss, attempting to get back to previous activities.


               THIS ASSHOLE HAS RIPPED A FEW PAIRS OF YOUR UNDERWEAR BEFORE JUST BECAUSE HE WANTED TO PUT THEM ON AND MAKE YOU LAUGH. But there was a pair that was absolutely your favourite, and you refused to let him anywhere near them, because? He was Mr. Destructo™ with your underwear and you knew it. But one night, you weren’t thinking and you were ready for anything he had to throw at you. Well, apparently he was ready too, because in the heat of the moment, he was having issues pulling them down and he was impatient, so he just tore them at the seams, throwing them over his shoulder. You called his name, pouting with angry tears threatening to leave your eyes. When he looked up at you, his eyes shot open wide to look at you, frantically wiping your tears. “MC! MC don’t cry! Those… those were your favourite ones, weren’t they? I can get you more! Um, uuumm… here! These are my favourites, go ahead and rip them too!!!”


               Angel in the Streets, Freak in the Sheets™. There were times where he is a beast in the bedroom, or in the living room… or in the kitchen….. Throwing you onto the kitchen counter, your giggles only fueled his fire as he smiled up at you, leaning in so his mouth could pay good attention to your pulse line. He started to want you more and more, his need for you growing and his patience running out. With a grip on your hips, he pulled you closer to the edge of the counter, not realizing that you were sitting on the edge of a picture frame. The corner ripped a hole into your underwear, and your hand untangled itself from his hair to feel the hole. He watched your face as it sank in that now your favourite underwear were now ruined, and tears pricked at your eyes. His heart dropped and he buried his head against your chest after wiping away your tears. He kept muttering apologies, and how he should have paid attention instead. Hearing him so sad actually made you feel worse than your underwear did??? The poor man felt terrible and there was no way he could have sex now


               He didn’t even feel like bothering with your underwear when the two of you were in the heat of the moment. They were an inconvenience and they were pissing him off. Did he want to take the time to take them off? No, no he didn’t. So with his tongue on your mouth and a pocket knife previously located on the nightstand, your undies were cut cleanly down the sides and tossed out of his way. He pulled away for some air before diving back in for another kiss, but you pushed him away. Looking confused, slightly annoyed, and overall just sexually /needy/ he noticed your eyebrows were knit together, and tears threatened to pour down your face. He stared at you with his own eyebrows drawing together, waiting for your explanation, and when you said you were upset at him for literally cutting your undies off, he actually laughed? You just got more and more angry, and he had to stop laughing and he placed a small kiss on your forehead, leaning down so his lips could travel back down your body. “They’re just underwear, MC. If you want, I can get you new ones, don’t be an idiot. Just have a little fun with me, princess~”


Come Home Harry, Come Home Part 1 (Harry Styles Imagine)

Summary: Y/N is 5 months pregnant, and Harry gets into a car accident.  The car accident affected Harry severely with a loss of memory.

Requested: yes

Warning: car accident

A/N: Thank you to whoever requested this! I hope you enjoy it!  Also, thank you and hello to all the new followers and readers!!


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Come Home Harry, Come Home (Harry Styles Imagine)

“Good morning, love” you hear whispered softly in your ear, and you feel a light kiss on your forehead.  

When you open your eyes, you see your loving husband of a year, sitting on his side, smiling down at you while brushing the hair out of your face.  When he sees that your eyes are opened, he plants a kiss on your lips.

“Sleep well?”  He asks, rubbing his thumb against your cheek.

“Mhm, I mean, the best sleep that I can get.”  You say rubbing your stomach.

“Our baby girl is getting big.”  He says smiling down at your growing stomach, placing his hand on yours.

“I can’t wait to meet her.”  He says moving down so that he is right above your stomach.  He then lifts your shirt up so that your stomach is exposed.

“We can’t meet you baby.  We’re so excited for you to be living in the room we have been setting up for you.  Your mommy and I have been working so hard, and we can’t wait for you to be living with us.  So, you stay in there and keep growing.  We love you.”  He says smiling very big, kissing your stomach.

“Harry you have to get ready for the studio.”  You say brushing your fingers through his hair, as he places kisses all over your stomach.

Harry is the best husband, best friend, and  father to be of your child you could ask for.  He loves you and your daughter to be so much.  And you can’t wait for your daughter to be born to see her and Harry together.

“Ugh, I know.”  Harry groans.  “But I don’t want to leave.” He says wrapping his arms around your stomach, rubbing his cheek against your stomach.  “Do I have to leave?”

“Well yo udon’t want you to leave, but if you want to finish the album by the date, then you would have to.”  You say, lighting scratching his head, and him humming at the lovely feeling.

“Ah, I know.”  He says, groaning getting up, and getting ready.

After Harry gets ready, he walks over to say goodbye giving you a kiss, and then gives your stomach a kiss.

“I love you both, I will see you two in a few hours.”  Harry says giving you another kiss.

After Harry leaves, you decide to continue to work on the nursery.  When you get into the nursery, you smile at the thought of your baby girl living.  Walking in to see her sleeping there, playing with her toys, or when she gets older doing her homework.  You can’t wait to see who she grows up to become.

Then, your thoughts are disturbed by your phone ringing.  You don’t think much of the call, until you hear,

“Is this Mrs. Styles?”

“She is speaking.”  You answer confused.

“Hi Mrs. Styles, I am calling from Good Samaritan hospital in Los Angeles.  Your husband has been in a car accident.”  She explains.

For a moment you freeze, you feel like your entire world has just been ripped from you.  You start to freak out, you feel your heartbeat quicken, your palms begin to sweat, but the sound of the nurses voice breaks your from you worrying thoughts,

“Mrs. Styles?” She asks, “Are you still with me?”

“Yes I’m here.” You choke out.

““How is he?” You ask, feeling your heart beating fast.

“He is in stable condition, but still unconscious.” She says.

“I will be right there.  And if he wakes up, tell him we’re on our way.”  You explain.

After a twenty minute car ride, you find yourself sitting at the side of your husband of two years hospital bed.  You are sitting there with one hand rubbing your stomach, and the other holding Harry’s hand rubbing your thumb on his hand.

“We’re going to be alright baby girl.” You whisper to your daughter.  “Daddy is just sleeping right now, and when he wakes up, we’ll be home safe and sound.”

After to say this, you feel Harry’s hand move, and you get excited standing up, and rubbing your thumb on his cheek.

“Baby, hey, how are you? How are you feeling?” You whisper to him, looking at him with concern on you face.

When Harry looks up at you, his face is confused.

“Who are you?”

Part 2

Want a part two? Tell me.

A/N:  AHHH.  Sorry to keep you guys on the hook.  But I feel like this needed to be split up into two parts, or else it would be really long.  Tell me guys what you think!! Thank you so much for reading!  I appreciate every single one of you.

Drama Kisses ( Aren’t Real ) // Mark Lee

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“It’s totally fate!” Your over excited best friend exclaimed for the 5th time.

 You rolled your eyes as you retrieved your books from your locker, then shut the door with a slam and looked at her; “I’ve already told you, it’s just a stage kiss. It doesn’t mean anything.” You explained, but she didn’t even bat an eyelash.

“Yea, you say that, but I know in your heart that you WANT it to mean something.” She pressed on, giving you a wink.

You ignored the pink hue that had tinted your cheeks. and started trudging to the next class you had.Just like always, your friend was right.

Drama, and acting were your passion. You loved to take on different roles, each more exciting or thrilling than the last.

And coincidentally, so did your not-so-little crush, Mark Lee.

He wasn’t the most popular guy in school, no he was that guy’s best friend. Popular nonetheless, just not as much.

He had a very calming aura that could make even the tensest person relax, and it drew people to him, including you.

You both had been in the same drama class since freshman year, and had been in a fair amount of plays, and musicals together.

However, in those shows, there had never been a time where you both had the two leading male and female roles.

This time it was different. Your school was putting on a production of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

It was one of your all time favorites, and you just knew that you wanted to be Juliet.

You had put your heart, and soul into the audition, impressing your teacher, and causing fury, and jealously to bubble in the stomachs of the other girls auditioning.

After your performance, you stepped down from the stage, and went back to the dressing rooms to collect your bag and some books. When you stepped out, a voice startled you.

“You were amazing up there, I could feel your passion.” Mark said, leaning against the wall, with his hands lazily shoved in the pockets of his worn out ripped jeans.

He offered you a shy smiled, which you returned. “Thanks, I just hope it was good enough to land me the part.” You replied, a light blush grazing your cheeks as Mark began to walk with you, making your heart pound.

“If you don’t get it, I’ll smack the teacher myself. You really deserve it.” He grinned playfully.

A giggle slipped past your lips before you could stop it and you looked down bashfully at the floor. “Thank you, again. It really means a lot to me.” You said quietly.

Mark stopped outside of the boys dressing room. “No problem, and who knows, maybe I’ll be your Romeo.” He said slyly, before entering the room, letting the door shut behind him.

If you had been blushing before, it was nothing compared to the deep tomato color you were at that moment.

As fate works in wonderful ways, you did end up receiving the role of Juliet. And seeing as how the universe likes to mess with people’s lives, Mark had been given the part of Romeo.

All the girls had given you dirty looks the moment the cast list was posted, but you brushed them off.

With your best friend by your side, you nervously scanned the list for your name.

Y/N L/N – Juliet

Your friend squealed, and crushed you in a hug. You were beyond happy of course, but something threw you off. It was the name below yours.

Mark Lee – Romeo

All of a sudden, Mark was beside you, running his eyes down the list with his posse behind him.

Once he saw his name, he grinned widely and turned to his friends.

“I got the part!” He yelled, excitement twinkling is his eyes. His best friend, Donghyuck, fist bumped him and looked at the list himself while the rest of their group congratulated him.

“Oh lookie here! Mark gets to lock lips with Y/N!” He smirked at you, and Mark shoved him.

“Shut up man, leave her alone.” He said quietly as he dragged the younger boy to the door, flashing you an apologetic smile before exiting the room with the others following.

Your best friend nudged your ribs. “Funny how the world works huh? C'mon, let’s go celebrate.” She said, and you allowed her to pull you to the exit.

When the day of the play finally arrived, you were more nervous than you ever had been for a show.

Rehearsals were more calm, but this time, it was for real.

Meaning, you and Mark would actually kiss.

During practice, your lips never touched, just hovered because the director said it was “bad luck”.

Your palms were sweaty and you couldn’t stop your hands from tugging at the collar of the dress you had on.

The theater was already packed full when you peeked from backstage.

You could see your parents, friends, and even your grandparents. A hand grabbing your shoulder snapped you back into reality and you came face to face with the devil himself.

Mark’s face held a steady grin. “Are you ready?” He asked giddily, bouncing on his heels.

All the saliva dried from your tongue, so you found yourself nodding instead of speaking.

“Well, break a leg out there! You’re gonna do great!"His encouraging words made your confidence boost up a bit and you let out the breath you didn’t notice you were holding.

"Thanks, you too.” Was your response.

The lights went down and the blinding spot lights flashed. Taking a deep breath, you gathered as much courage as you could, then walked out.


Soon the play was nearing an end, and the time for the kiss scene was close.

The heart beat in your chest was beating erratically while you desperately tried to hype yourself up in your head.

The feelings of nervousness and excitement were swirling around in the pit of your stomach, making you dizzy.

Mark stepped towards you, and gently cupped your cheeks, treating you as if you were made of the most fragile glass, the familiar motion bringing back memories from previous rehearsals.

Almost like he could sense the anxious vibes radiating off your body, Mark flashed a quick smile, before leaning towards you.

Your hands rested on his shoulders, and you prayed that you weren’t squeezing them in a death grip.

After what felt like years but was only seconds, your lips finally came in contact with Mark’s.

They were plush, soft, and tasted faintly of his vanilla chapstick.

You willed all those shaky feelings from your mind, and really put all your passion into the kiss.

Mark felt like he was floating, not knowing you felt the same.

He almost forgot that you both were just acting, and slowly pulled away, savoring every last second.

As the scene came to an end, and loud applause erupted from the audience, he knew he wouldn’t forget the taste of your strawberry lip gloss.

Backstage was less hectic and busy than before the show, but all the actors and actresses were buzzing in happiness. “Good job all of you! That was spectacular!” The director said, causing the cast to cheer for all their hardwork.

Mark was looking around until he finally spotted you, changed into your casual clothes while talking to your best friend.

He walked over in a rush, just as your friend had gone. “Uh…h-hey.” He stuttered out, mentally slapping himself.

Lucky for him, you smiled and sat up straighter. “Hi.”

Awkwardly rubbing the back of his head, he struggled to find his words. “That kiss was…really something. I could feel the emotion.” He complimented, watching as your cheeks flushed.

“Well, that means I’m a good actress right?” You asked playfully.

“Of course! You’re one of the best actresses I’ve ever seen!” Mark said, not realizing what he said until he said it.

His words made your heart flutter and soar even higher in the cloud you felt you were on. Your lips still tingled from the kiss.

“Funny how something that looks real, means nothing.” You let out, looking away.

Mark frowned a bit.

“It meant something to me…” he mumbled shyly.

Your eyes were saucers when you heard him. “Really?!”

He only nodded, clearly embarrassed. “Yea, I mean I’ve only had a crush on you since 9th grade, so…” he explained with a shrug.

Pink dusted over his face and spread to the tips of his ears.

“Well then, why don’t we hang out sometimes. Maybe we can practice some lines together?” You suggested, a bright grin glued onto your face.

He met your eyes and nodded eagerly. “Y-Yea that sounds great!”

“And to think I was so nervous about a kiss…” you thought to yourself

After all, who said drama kisses mean nothing?

Lost Series - Part Three

Part One : https://lovelydestruction.tumblr.com/post/156506543150/lost-series-part-one

Part Two :https://lovelydestruction.tumblr.com/post/156644847940/lost-series-part-two

Pairing : Jerome x Fem. Reader

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Unrelated - But I really love that gif ^^ He looks so cute.

How long has it been? I honestly don’t know. I haven’t seen the sunlight in days. The last time I saw Jerome was the day that I kicked a guard in the nuts and broke the others nose. For doing that, they threw me in solitary. The room was small, with white padded walls. The doctors kept doping me up with something that made my bones feel like mush. I don’t know what it is, but they said it’s to ‘calm me down’. I couldn’t move, or even keep my eyes open.

I haven’t eaten for days because of this. Everyday at the same time they push a plate of food through a slot in the door. Sometimes, I manage to crawl over to it. Eat a few bites before it all comes back up. I feel disgusting. I just want to go home. But that’s the thing, there is no home. To be honest, anywhere would be better than here.

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What am I to you? ~ Park Jimin [Fuff/Smut]

Group: BTS
Member: Park Jimin
Type: Fluff/Smut
Word Count: 
Part: 1/2 

When everything around you becomes hazy and the only thing in focus is you and that person…is that considered love? Giving yourself up to not hurt them? To ignore your feelings so they can be happy? But what if it’s taking over your life and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it?
That’s the cruel thing about love.
You can’t decide when to stop your heart from fluttering for someone.  It might hurt at first, make you feel like your heart is exploding but eventually it’ll pass. The pain of loving someone who doesn’t even know you exist.

You’re walking through the cramped hallway, your locks framing your head perfectly as you keep your gaze fixed on the tiles underneath her feet, looking at the mess that’s your reflection. Your head hangs low to avoid any possible eye contact with him. Every time he passes, the moment seems to freeze. Your heart seems to skip a beat whenever you catch him smiling, talking so passionately about the things he’s enjoys.  The way his hazelnut brown eyes light up with so much adoration like a million shining stars at night.
Your heart seems to break whenever you see him touching another girl like they’ve known each other for years.
A smile tugs on the edge of your lips by the thought of it. You quickly catch your lower lip between your teeth to avoid anyone from noticing.
You quickly run into class, your heart stopping when you see him sitting in front of the class. He’s sitting on his desk, talking to the other boys of the football team and with the cheerleading captain by his site. You pull your syllabus closer to your face to hide your red cheeks burning with fire. Your breath hitches in your throat when you see him catch his lower lip between his teeth and biting down on it ever so gently. You quicken your path to avoid your thoughts from going any further and sit down at your desk at the back of the class, listening to his fainted giggles mixing in with the loud obnoxious ones from the girl next to him and seeming to admire him more by the second.
You drop your head on the desk and watch him from afar. You let out a deep breath out of frustration and shut your eyes. Why is it so hard to forget about him when he doesn’t even seem to notice your existence?
But who are you to blame? His short brown hair and gentle dark eyes are able to make any girl fall for him in a matter of seconds. To him, you probably are no one. The thought of you feeling attracted towards him, might even be absolutely stupid to him. When the bell finally rips you out of your thoughts your heart drops by the sight in front of you. Her hand on his arm, laughing hysterically at  one of his jokes.  

You want to scream, run away or slap the smile out of her face but then again, you’re in no position to feel jealous or protective over him. In the end, he doesn’t even know you exist.
You quickly collect all your things, not wanting to bear the sight in front of you any longer. He waves good bye to the girl when you walk past.
You start to feel uneasy, tears prickling your eyes. Your heart breaking more every time he walks pasts you without even noticing you.
Suddenly you feel a hand brushing against your shoulder gently. You stop in your step and stare ahead, trying to control your emotions. You slowly turn around to them, so many thoughts wandering through your mind.
Your eyes widen when you hear your names fall from the lips you’ve dreamt of so many times. He gently turns you around, his eyes glistening when he locks eyes with you. Your mouth falls open by the sudden realization that your only wish finally came true. He giggles gently at your expression, his lips turning into a smirk. “Can we talk?”

You’re trying to keep up with his fast pace as you follow him outside. You open the door to the rooftop and stop for a moment. He continues walking without looking back at you once. Snow is falling miraculously from the sky and onto your oversized bobble head. You wrap your coat around your body tighter and slowly walk over to him. He’s standing at the edge of the roof, staring down at the in white covered city.  

“Park Jimin…” you mumble, your voice not recognizable to you. You hear your heart thumping inside your chest, feeling like it’s going to burst out any moment.

Your breath hitches in your throat when he turns around to you, his gaze meeting yours. “Why do you like me, Y/N?” he asks. You feel your anxiety raise inside of you and want to avoid any further conversations with him.
“Well…just because.” you’re having trouble forming proper sentences as his intense stare burns into your eyes. There are no emotions on his face, his skin glistening underneath the snowflakes melting on his face.
He giggles at your answer and turns away from you, leaning his body against the brick wall. “That’s not an answer, Y/N.” he answers, his tone appearing more impatient. 

You gulp, your mind giving you endless possibilities of how you could mess this conversation up any more. “I just do…”

Jimin turns back to you quickly, taking a step further towards you. His mouth is only a hairs-breadth away from yours and you feel his minty breath on your shivering lips. His eyes wander from yours down to your mouth and he bites down on his lower lip gently. “That’s not the answer. Tell me why I’m the only guy you seem to focus on. Why all the other guys don’t seem interesting to you, Y/N. There’s got to be a reason.” he growls and pushes you into the glass door behind you. 

You feel tears starting to fill your eyes and want to scream but something about him makes you feel easy, something tells you to stay. 

“You aren’t like the other guys, Park Jimin. You might be the most wanted guy in town but I know you’re different.”

Suddenly he slams his hand down into the glass next to you, making you jump at the sudden movement. He shakes his head at your words and looks up at you again. “I fucked every girl in this building, got expelled twice and didn’t show any interest in you at all and yet you still seem to have nothing else on that sweet little mind of yours, but me. Why?”

You gulp, feeling your body burn with desire by his threatening words. Something about him makes you lure for his touch. “We’ve been friends since kindergarten, Jimin. Things don’t change that quickly. No matter how much you try to ignore me, I know you’ll always be yourself, Park Jimin.” you answer.

Jimin places his thumb over your lips and parts them slightly, a smirk lying on his lips. “No, it’s because I’m dangerous and I know you like to play dangerous games, kitten.”

He presses his lips against yours in a hot, forceful kiss, his hand wandering up and into your hair.

“Then how about we play one, kitten?”

Part 2 coming soon! ~ Love, Youngmi.

Bowling date

Characters: Jeongguk & You 

Genre: fluff fluff fluff (i was supposed to write something else but watching his vlive distracted me and apparently i haven’t written fluff with him before)

Words: 2422

Summary: Jungkook is trying to be cool but fails (because he’s too cute for his own good) featuring you trying to impress him with you non-existing bowling skills.

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WORDS FAIL (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

A/N: ok so if you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know I’m freak I’m obsessed with musicals & dear evan hansen has had me singing all week so here’s a oneshot based on one of the songs

Song: Words Fail - Dear Evan Hansen cast

Bellamy stands. It’s not his usual pose. You were to used to seeing him standing tall and strong, watching over everyone with his arms crossed. He was a leader. He was meant to be strong. But now, he just looks broken. Bellamy opens his mouth but the words that come out sound different. 

 "I never meant to make it such a mess.“ He admits, his chest rising and falling unsteadily. The trees on the ground surround you, almost as if protecting the two of you from the rest of the world. "I never thought that it would go this far.”

His head is hung in shame, he can barely even look at you. You’re shocked. You’ve known this boy all your life, you were in love with him for gods sake, but for some reason he resembles someone else. 

 You watch him as he wipes the tears from his eyes, “Bellamy, what did you do?”

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anonymous asked:

Can you rec me the best david angst content you know of? Art, fic, etc? I'm biased in favor of dadvid and gwenvid stuff, but anything you think is good, I'm sure I'll enjoy

So I hate plugging my own stuff, but I’ve been riding a hell of an angst train lately and it’s kinda not the worst thing ever

I don’t know much re: art, because I just don’t follow that many artists – though RA’s fuckbuddies and Hanahaki comics are just excellent punches to the gut –and oh my god all of @doritofalls‘ daniel-centric stuff. I know you wanted David angst – and it’s there – but … hmm, I’ll have to hunt down specific comics, but there’s a lot of good shit.

In terms of fics, in no particular order:

So first gotta start with the obvious, which is that I once again have to tell everyone to fucking read @ciphernetics‘ “You Have Someone That Loves You.” She’s probably sick of me constantly rambling about it, and everyone who follows me is probably really sick of me constantly rambling about it, but oh my god. It’s angst. So much good good Gwenvid angst and I’ve never read anything like it and my heart hurts, it’s so fantastic.

that @directium will rip your fucking heart out and won’t even feel sorry about it. “Cry and Hope” is brutal, “Selfish” is to this day the most viscerally painful fic I’ve ever read and I still have seriously conflicted emotions about it, and “Same Old, Same Old” isn’t super angst-heavy and most of the sadness is Max-centric, but it’s still got that good stuff.

Bittermahogany’s “Adventures of Ghost Boy and Happy Man” is more angst-heavy in the first chapter, but man is it rough if you have even a tiny heart for Jaspid. Poor baby boys. They also wrote “Neverland Has Nothing on This Shit,” which might just force me to like something with Danvid in it; it’s not at that point yet, but what’s there is super engaging.

@woop-woop-woop wrote an awesome “Daniel breaks the boy” story called “Lost in the Dark” that I think is really worth reading.

@screamingpies, aka IbelieveinMarkNutt, writes that delicious dadvid angst we all crave in “Stitches.” (I’m not very good at introducing these, but oh well. There’s only so many ways to say “this is good and sad, read it.”)

LivestoLead’s What Did You Just Say?” takes RA’s fuckbuddies concept and runs with it in fun directions. I think the ending’s a little weak, but the first two chapters are killer.

Sunset in His Eyes” by @demonsandsweets is a delightful (in the worst/best way) Stockholm Syndrome Danvid nightmare of a fic that’s an absolute ride.

Want some cute little sad Jaspid fluff? “The Moon” by @deionysuss has got you covered.

And to close out, what’s more appropriate than some sad Gwenvid? It’s how we started this party, and it’s how we should end it. For that, enjoy the only-gonna-get-worse-ouch “Make You Mine” by @rickandmortyfuckedupmylife.

That oughta keep you busy crying for a while! :)

You’re mine, you’re mine, you’re mine. You swore that when you summoned me. I give you everything you’ve ever wanted, and in exchange, I get everything you’ll ever be. You made an oath in blood. Promises like that can’t just be ignored, little witch. Bad things happen when you don’t honor them.

Stop looking at him that way! Your gaze should belong only to me. Your body, your heart, your soul, it’s all mine for the taking - you know it in your veins. Stop resisting me, or I’ll rip the heart you owe me right out of your chest.

Yes, good… Just shut your eyes. Forget him. Think only of me. Feel my power. I am yours, and you are mine. Forever.

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"this was never right"

good morning!!! here to let u know this may rip out your heart. carry on.

I could feel the tension floating in the air around us in the hotel room. Harry wasn’t looking at me and I knew it was because he was too terrified of what I was going to say.

After weeks of being apart, when we were finally together we were always fighting, we weren’t the couple we used to be. I was always yelling about how he was never home, how lonely I was, how he’d jump to hang out with the lads but couldn’t even remember to pick up the phone to call me while he was away. Harry yelling about how I was always out at clubs (“Am I supposed to just sit at home by myself while you’re gone?” I’d yell back), how if I was sleeping with someone else he’d have no idea, how when he’d asked me to let him fly me out to a concert I’d adamantly refuse.

This time, I agreed, but only to end it and I think he knew that.

He was twiddling with his thumbs, sitting on the opposite side of the bed and I knew that despite everything he didn’t quite want to do this, he wasn’t ready to let go and honestly I wasn’t sure I was either.

Because there were good times, really good times when we’d go out and get drunk together, running around the party making jokes only we understood and giggling uncontrollably all the while holding onto the other’s hand for dear life. Or sleepy mornings waking up to Harry peppering kisses all over my face, assuring me he knew I was awake and he wouldn’t stop until I got up. Or even the nights when I’d come home near to tears after a stressful day at work and Harry would run me a bath, working out the knots in my back with those magic fingers of his, assuring me that everything was going to work out.

I’d miss that relationship, but that part of the relationship had been gone for a while and Harry and I had both discovered that we weren’t fixable. We had never spoken the words aloud, but it was true, and I was sure he knew it too.

He finally cleared his throat, “Do you, um, do you want to go out to dinner or somethin’?”

I bit the inside of my cheek, “I don’t think you want to drag this out anymore than I do.” I said softly.

He stared at me for a moment, “Right, of course. Go on then.”

I frowned, “What?”

“You’re going to break up with me, yeah? Go ahead then.”

“Well, I…” Suddenly, I wasn’t so sure he wanted this too, “You know this, what we had… You can feel it’s gone too, right?”

He smiled sadly at me, “No, love. What I feel for you is the same as I’ve felt since day one.” He looks away from me, “But I know you don’t feel it anymore and that’s okay. So break up with me.”

I swallowed, “I thought it would be mutual. I’ve had a really good time with you, but… this was never right.”

Pain flashed across his face, but he masked it in an instant and I found that that hurt me more than seeing him in pain. He had never hidden his emotions from me before, never been one to close up around me. Around everyone else? Sure. But never me. “Of course.” He said, “You’re right, always are.”

I sighed at the sarcasm, “This is what I mean, Harry, we can’t fix this. We’re always fighting—“

“M’not fightin’ with you, love. But you can’t just sit there and invalidate our whole relationship and expect me to take it. Fuckin’ talkin’ like “you had a really good time” like we were only together for a few months, like it was nothing to you–“

“I didn’t say that!”

“You might as well have!”

“Fuck, Harry.” I put my head in my hands, “I don’t know what you want from me. It wasn’t like… I mean… the only good times we had were during the honeymoon phase–”

“Christ, the honeymoon phase?! Fuckin’ rip my heart out, why don’t you.” He threw a hand up in frustration before walking away from me. “We had a two year honeymoon phase, is that it? You want to chalk up everything we had into a goddamn cliché, was it ever real for you then? Did you ever look at me and feel like the entire universe was trying to burst out your chest?” He choked a bit on the words, “Because that’s what it was like for me, every time you walked into the room.”

I couldn’t meet his eyes, “I don’t know.” I whispered.

“Were you even in love with me?”

“I thought I was.”

He scoffed at me, a hand on the back of his neck, “I thought I was going to marry you.” My head jerked up to look at him. “Even before today, knowing what you were coming here for, I told myself once I got back from tour I’d win you back somehow.” I didn’t know what to say so I sat there quietly. “S'really over then, innit?”

I swallowed past the lump in my throat, “Yeah.”

Tears coated his cheeks as he walked over to where I sat on the bed and he bent over, tilting my chin up with his finger until our mouths met. His lips tasted salty from the tears and the way he was kissing me somehow conveyed just how devastated he was. It brought me to tears as well. We worked slowly, knowing that once one of us pulled away, that was it.

Surprisingly, Harry was the first one to pull away. He sniffed as he used his thumbs to wipe away my tears and then wiped at his own eyes with the heel of his palm. “Had to stop.” He said, “Knew if I didn’t stop I’d never let you leave this hotel room.”

I didn’t think this would be so hard. “Harry–”

“You should go now then.” He wasn’t looking at me anymore.

I nodded, “Right.” I got up and then stopped at the door, hand on the doorknob. “I did love you. But when we started fighting I repressed it, made myself forget so that this would be easier. Thank you for helping me remember.” He was still facing away from me, silent. “Goodbye, Harry.” And when I closed the hotel door behind me, I felt the tears finally release and once I got to the car I completely broke down, remembering how the boy with the dimples made me feel, how the moonlight hit his green eyes just right, how I’d never hold him again.

And I let myself do what I had pushed away for months on end.

I grieved.


You Know I’m No Good~ 3 ~ Pete Dunne

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Part 1
Part 2
Warning : Heartbreak 

Everyone looks like to having a blast, dancing and having a good time.Tyler notices you looking around, he stops grabbing your hand to grab your attention. 

“ Are yeh okay?” He asks.

“ Yes, but I’m going to do get something to drink from the bar” you motion towards where the bar is. You make your way through the crowd to the bar. You have not bumped into Pete yet, thankfully. 

You ordered a rum and coke, “ Y/N!” you turn your head to see Mark. 

“ Hey Mark!” you shout over the music. He starts to talk about how much he missed coming out with everyone, he’s been over at Progress more often than he usual was. You zone out to whatever he was talking about to see Pete in the corner of your eye dancing with some girl. A frown appears on your lips catching Mark’s attention.

“ Y/N?” Mark calls to you, before he turns his head at the direction you were looking at. He frowns, shaking his head. 

Things turn around when you catch him by surprise, “ Want to dance?” He nods, and you grab onto his hand leading him to the dance floor. You make sure to stay close to where Pete can see you.

 Pete knew how much Mark always wanted to be with you, it made him super jealous. You start dancing to the music, moving you body along with Mark who is dancing with you. As you turn around your back hitting Mark’s chest, your eyes meet Pete’s. He shows you his snarl, that he isn’t impressed.

 You began to grind your ass into Mark’s crotch, Mark puts his hands on your hips bringing you closer to him as he leans down brushing his lips against your ear. Pete sees this and becomes angry leaving the girl he was dancing with as he stomps to the bar. You roll your eyes at his outburst. 

As you continue to dance, having a laugh with Mark at his dancing skills. Suddenly a hand is on your shoulder bringing you behind them. Pete. 

“ What the fuck yah think yah doing with my girlfriend?!” Pete says, half slurs getting into Mark’s face. 

“ She’s isn’t yours anymore, “ Mark responds, pushing Pete’s chest.

“ Really?” Pete asks. 

“ She’s single and can do whatever she wants” 

“ Shut the fuck up,” Pete says.

“ Make me. What kind of assholes does something like you did to Y/N? Huh? Do you even know how amazing she is, yah were a lucky son of a bitch. But yah lost her. “ Somewhat, this pissed Pete off, as he rose his fist to punch Mark. Mark tries to hit Pete back, but Trent rushes to the scene holding both of them back . 

“ Get the fuck out here here Dunne!” Trent yells trying to keep the two apart. Tyler rushes over to stand by Trent in case the two got out of hand again. You take a hold of Pete’s hand dragging him out of the club.  You push him out the door, to the outside where he stumbles ripping his arm from your grip. Fresh tears are streaming down your cheek as you look at him, he looks at the ground waiting for you to yell at him. 

“ What the actual fuck!” you shout. Pete steps back, wincing at the sound of your voice. 

“ Are yeh fucking Andrews now?” 

“ What! Are you fucking kidding me right now!? But it won’t matter if I did, because I’m not your anymore. Remember? You cheated” He looks up at you and you see him for the first time with tears in his eyes.

“ Baby..I..Y/N..I..” he looks away wiping his eyes. “ I know I fucked up! But I love you!” you shake your head, licking your dry lips. 

“ Y/N, my dove. I miss yah so freaking much. Yeh are my one and only. I love yah so much”he says, as more tears stream down his cheeks.

“ Pete.. I.. I.. don’t know what to say. You cheated on me! How do you expect me to go back to you? I loved you with all my heart and you threw it like it was garbage. Why did you even do that? Was I not good enough?”  you ask softly, feeling your about to break in front of him.

“ Every one kept tellin’ me how yeh were t’ good for me. That a women like yeh didn’t deserve a man like me. So what I did… was break yah heart” he responds. “ I know it’s stupid and I know we could of worked on our relationship more. When yeh came into the bedroom and saw me with her, the look on yah face made me want to rip my own heart out and flush it down the toilet. I promise to never hurt yeh, I love yah baby” he says, his shoulder shaking as he cried hard.

“ There was a time that I loved you. How could I even trust you again? How can I give you my heart again? I deserve better than what you did to me. I deserve someone that would take my heart and make a home in it.. I can’t.. I’m sorry..” you say. He brings his hands up to cover his face as he cries harder than he ever did in his life.You turn to go back into the club and leaving him there in his own heartbreak. 


A month has gone by since ending with Pete, you had began to do shows in other promotions. More at Progress and ROH, you go back and forth trying to get your life together. You hadn’t paused your love life, in fact a certain someone has been helping you get back together. 

Who was he? None other than Trent Seven’s. He came clean to you about how he really felt, but you didn’t want to jump right into a relationship. 

Sure, you flirted with guys mostly with Mark, who took an interest in you. Whenever you saw Pete, there was nothing there. 

He completely shut down, he was more aggressive and ruthless and he didn’t care. But deep down, Bruiserweight still loved you. He wanted you to be happy, one day he was going to tell you how much he wanted that for you. One day.

The Meme and His Tutor

Part 10: The Time Jungkook Broke His Finger

Recommended Song: All I Wanna Do (Korean Version) by Jay Park

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It was meant to be a quiet evening. But when were things with Jungkook ever quiet?

Genre: Fluff, comedy

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 4284

Length: 10/?

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