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hey mod, any tips on how to react more positively to art that's way better than mine? i'm trying to change my mindset so i can feel inspired instead of inferior but i have no idea where to start :/

it’s hard! and don’t feel bad about that- it’s a natural reaction and a lot of that is because artists are often self deprecating, but the thing I started to do was make little changes to how my brain was saying it; “oh man, this art is so much better than mine…” became “oh man! this art is so good!” and “I wish I could draw art like that…” becomes “hey, I wonder if I could try drawing art like that?”

it might seem silly, just changing the ‘words’ of how you’re seeing things, but if you start to ‘rephrase’ your thoughts more positively, then it becomes genuine and second nature- which helps you not beat yourself up, and prevents you from becoming bitter and envious of other people. You can actually start looking at the wonderful art you’re wanting to emulate, and start to think about how it was made, and what exactly it is about it that makes you love it so much! which helps you both learn and actively want to feed your own style, but it also actually makes you appreciate the artist’s work itself more, so… it’s really hard? Learning not to observe good art with a negative slant on your own in comparison, and everyone has days where they can’t, but if you can then everyone benefits, especially you!

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You know, I think JJ might have fucked up by being too vague on Kylo's past abuse. People are now at the point where they already have already formed their opinions on his character and it doesn't matter how much new info comes out about him they can't become sympathetic towards him because they don't want to feel like they were wrong. First impressions are important. I think that's one of the reasons why so many sw fans hated the prequels because they already formed their opinion on Vader.

you think kylo’s character should have been introduced to us first as a child? i mean that might be a good point

You know what? I’m not even surprised that Endless Summer will only have 3 books. They did the same with The Crown and The Flame, which according to me was the best story released by Choices (even before ES, which is a close second). I just find it really sad because - I don’t know about you but - I’m playing this game to live ADVENTURES through the MC’s eyes; to ride DRAGONS, conquer KINGDOMS, TIME TRAVEL and fight EVIL SPIRITS, not to be a plain copy of the goody two shoes I am irl, and having to feel bad for fictional friends just because their parents almost divorced or because they can’t even sort out on their own how to break up with their boyfriend. Besides why continue books which once were really good but aren’t anymore with meaningless drama and redeption arcs for the worst caracters, when you can continue amazing stories that have so much potential to be exploited on a long term basis, and that actually make you feel something? I just don’t understand.

So much hate. Maybe I should change the name of the comic to “Food Doesn’t Necessarily Hate You, But Has A Strong Feeling Of Dislike Toward You. Nothing Personal.” Gotta go see if that url is available.

I hope everyone has a good Thanksgivin’. Don’t forget when you’re chawin’ down on that grub to remember how much it hates you.

This Is How We Heal (Part 8)

Summary: Jared and Reader meet due to an unfortunate accident. They talk and end up leaning on one another because they feel no one else understands.

Characters: Jared, Reader, Jensen x Danneel, Liam, kids (mentioned)

Warnings: Angst, Depression, Recovery, Insomnia, Fluff (yes, a bit o’fluff)

Word Count: 1,994

A/N: Rock bottom does things to a person. You never really understand until you’ve been there. It’s a darkness, an emptiness, that no human soul should ever have to endure. But the good news about hitting rock bottom is there is only one place to go…up.

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*GIF not mine.

Reader POV

When I woke in the hospital, I was shocked. I didn’t know how I got there or what had happened. I listened to the doctor go over my ailments, my body finally giving in to all I had done. I felt ashamed. Not because of what I had done. But the fact that I failed and was still here. I couldn’t tell them that, what I was thinking and feeling. I would just chock it up to “coping too hard”. A mistake. Nothing more.

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Dude, so the holidays are approaching, right. Time for holiday headcanons! :D I feel like Engie would take good care of making sure the dinner plans go smoothly. Perhaps Soldier would make sure that they have at least one of every kind of decoration imaginable because how else are you going to maximize the festive spirit.


-Spy perfectly wraps everyone’s gifts in super expensive paper

-Pyro gets so happy about the decorations that they’re a happy-crying mess

-Engie does the holiday baking with Pyro and Demo’s help

-Heavy cuts down a tree and decorates it with Medic, since he has a ton of surgical thread and hooks to use for ornaments

-Scout, Soldier, and Pyro have snow ball fights in front of the base

-On Christmas, the two teams have a temporary peace agreement

-Sniper insists they all do caroling songs with each other, even though they’re all God awful at singing

-Spy gets drunk enough on eggnog to agree to wear one of Engie’s hand-knitted Xmas sweaters over his suit

Heart and Hearth, a warcraft fanfic | FanFiction

@azureshadowmoon wrote a very good follow up to my comic (Khadgar and Peregrïn’s separation [1][2][3] ) and it’s so lovely and nicely written, it gave me a lot of feels, I loved it soooo much. It sounds very right and faithful to my story so I wanted to share it here~ !

Thank you again for writing this ! And for being okay with me sharing it here ! 💜


Robert Pattinson sat down with David Poland for a good 30 minutes and more to talk about his movies and career.

How he started in acting, how he approached performance over the years. How he prepares for his movies (by doing deep research), “an excuse to get yourself inspired”

“Things don’t just become entertainment or escapism anymore. They become some kind of fuel and you feel nurtured by it. I only really realized that art can do that to you because I was using it to learn how to act.” Rob was obsessed with 2 sculptures in a contemporary art musuem in Cologne (which he visited 7 times) and asked Claire Denis about it ; “This is the performance, and it is the picture of the sculpture” And Claire was just like “Yeah!..That’s it” “It (performance) is not a cerebral thing, it is just you can draw from anywhere basically.”

“If I like something I’ll get so enthusiastic that I can’t even hear what the person is saying.”

About his comfort zone, performance and inspiration

He shoots the majority of films by going through many rehearsals and going early during pre production to relax into the role. Up until Twilight, he audtioned for everything, went through 2 to 3 auditions a week, thousands of auditions. After Twilight the aspect of being able to choose (his roles) is given, but he didn’t feel completely solid about it. “I was very conscious of playing the same part at a different movie…It was a pragmatic reasoning, just as much as an artistic one” to push off roles that lets him play the same thing (as in Twilight). I don’t have a comfort zone of a performance though, where I settle back and play part like this”

“I am so uncomfortable in life, I can barely leave my house.”

“The only time  I feel comfortable is when I like doing things when it feels crazy to me. I like to feel a little bit uncomfortable and other people will feel a little frigtened to do it. Because I have never really been burned… I like the adrenalin.”

“I just don’t want to do something that is boring. That’s it. That is my only thing now. It’s going to have something. It changes all the time (how I choose to do something), it’s almost completely random. You just wait for things to inspire you.“

“I have never figured out how to capitalize on the momentum…The only time I feel that I will get the job that I want is when I’m absolutely at the bottom of the trough of depression thinking “I am never going to get anything again…I don’t know what I am doing, my life is in total shambles”

“I never get another job until about 4 months after I finished the last one. Four months for being unemployed for anyone, it drives you nuts. And I’ve got longer than that before.  Waiting for something that hits you, and there isn’t anything you can do. I always believe if you do something you can’t stand behind, you are potentially taking 10 steps back. It’s always the darkest moments and then suddenly a job arrives.”

About his hobbys

Rob couldn’t think of any hobbys. He explained to people who don’t understand what he does. He laughs and said “I wait.”

Vacationing? “I always fantasize about vacation… I’ve tried music and stuff, and I read lots of scripts, just looking, looking for things constantly. I always felt like time is running out.”

“I don’t feel that strongly about my identity.”

“It is a fantasy of myself (Connie). Elements of fantasy of myself…You have someone who has absolutely no fear and no shame. And I live a life of constant fear and shame. it’s like that is my vacation.”

“You can try on somebody’s skin.”

About saying good bye at the end of making a movie

It’s nice to have long tail like this (post Good Time activities). At the end of the job for The Lost City of Z by James Grey, Rob was losing so much weight and having half a chin after shaving off the beard, it is like a rebirth. For Good Time, he dyed his hair so many times that his hair was falling off. Rob said “It was intoxicating about changing your physical appearance for a role.”

About Directors

James Grey was first person after the first Twilight that he wanted to work with. Other Directors he is dying to work for?

Jacques Audiard, especially inspired by “The Beat that My Heart Skipped” when he watched it at 19 years old. Ciro Guerra whom is going to work with next year, Rob loved Guerra’s last movie “Embrace of the Serpent”.

Does he watch his own work?

“Generally once..and not again.” He believed one definitely could gain something out of watching, and he watches playback while filiming. But for the Claire Denis, he didn’t see a single frame of himself. “I don’t want to know. I want to be in Claire’s world. I don’t want to be in my world.”

However for Good Time, Josh, Benny and Ronnie talked about the script with him so much, he really knew what page they were on all the time. “It is kind of like how a “leave-on-helm” drove. When they drive you feel like you are going to die, but you are not. It is kinda stressful but you get there faster.”

About his career

“The only movie that came as a straight offer was Cosmopolis in my entire career. Script was done and ready to go. The script was so perfect I couldn’t believe it when that was offered.”

Rob said he generally knows by the title if he likes a script (jokingly). Actually first 5 pages of the script would tell if he is going to like it or not.

5 years plan? “Just kind of surprise myself. I don’t think consciously I have some kind of world domination plan.

“The industry is changing all the time you have to keep finding your place… It is swinging all over the place; what content people want to see, where it will play…

If something great come up and it is on streaming?I like the idea when you are doing TV you have the insidiousness of already entering someone’s house. I like the idea of doing something that people are ashamed to watch.”

About being connected to people performing together

Rob recollected working with actors who are entirely different in every aspect from him, those who he’d never have thought have the “performance gene” and suddenly they just make it work. David commented that Rob does not have the “show off gene”.

“If you are shy, there is something nice about the control of performance. I can do this without the fear of ramnification, “it is fiction!”.

it is different in theatre when there is a live audience. There is the intoxication about people clapping at the end. On film, “it is not like you want to attention of the film crew…There is a peace. Everyone is just very focused for a short period of time where people concentrate of human interaction. It’s just very nice”

On the set of Good Time, “it provokes a very focused energy eventhough there are a lot of moving parts. It is always moving forward… It seemed extremely overwhelming.”

“Ups and downs…peaks and troughs. Benefits of being a manic depressive” Rob rounded up the conversation with the description about himself.

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In the book, after elio gets home late one night after being with marzia, oliver asks him if he had a good time or something along the lines of that. Do you think oliver was jealous of elio’s relationship with marzia? I feel like we never really got insight into how he felt about it.

No, I don’t think Oliver is jealous at all, and yes we are given some insight into his feelings about it. At the height of Elio and Oliver’s romance, Elio continues to sleep with Marzia. Oliver not only knows about it, but is happy for him. It’s the source of one of the most popular passages in the novel:

Marzia called that morning while he was getting ready to leave. He almost winked when he handed me the telephone. There was no hint of irony, nothing that didn’t remind me, unless I was mistaken—and I don’t think I was—that what we had between us was the total transparency that exists among friends only.

Perhaps we were friends first and lovers second.

But then perhaps this is what lovers are.

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Uhhhhhhhh how do you feel about cousin marriages wut

I’m glad you asked! OK, here’s the thing with cousin marriages:

I was annoyed because someone listed off a bunch of reasons not to like Queen Victoria, many of them good, and then finished up with “and her husband was her first cousin”. Tumblr has a real thing about cousin marriages, which annoys me because:

They’re common, and even considered optimal, in a LOT of cultures. In some parts of the Middle East, more than half of all marriages are between second cousins or closer. Jewish communities worldwide  reflect our Middle Eastern origins in accepting marriages between cousins. My mother’s grandparents were first cousins. We all have a normal number of eyes.

There are all kinds of reasons people marry cousins, having to do with kinship systems, economic systems, and simple proximity. How close is too close to marry has always been a matter of cultural norms, and it varies a LOT.

So why is Tumblr so squicked out by the very idea of cousins getting hitched? Mainly because in the later nineteenth century, there was a gradual movement away from acceptance of cousin marriages in the United States and Western Europe. This went along with eugenics, scientific racism, and some other unsavory stuff–the basic concept was to reduce ‘feeblemindedness’ and criminal tendencies supposedly brought on by inbreeding, and of course, being the nineteenth century, it was a toxic mess of bad science, ableism, racism and classism.

Meanwhile, American society became increasingly mobile, so it became that much easier to find a romantic partner you were not related to.

But you know who persisted in marrying cousins, at least in the popular imagination? Poor Southerners, especially people from the Appalachian area. Think about who the target of incest jokes are. Hillbillies, that’s who. Hillbillies are supposed to be inbred, and that’s supposed to be hilarious. 

Now you would think that social justice Tumblr would notice an issue with this, but Tumblr is very bad at hillbillies. Tumblr is bad at systemically oppressed groups of white people. It doesn’t make sense to them, and they think it’s a trap. Also, somehow Tumblr has avoided finding out that the particular kinship patterns and taboos of middle-class Anglo-Americans are not universal.

So that’s how I feel about cousin marriages.Using them as the punchline of a joke, or to prove that Queen Victoria was weird is just obnoxious.

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Hmm for the tiny pretending to be them let's go with yan wil and Robbie


I belive Robbie would be very confused, wondering why you were pretending to be one of the (what he classified as an offensive representation) zombies like on the walking dead. As soon as you tell him you were copying him he will do one of two things. Cry, afraid if the fact you possibly have been around while he was in full zombie mode. Or Pout, saying how “not how… all ..zombies… act…” either way you would have to make it up to Robbie with some good cuddles. You hurt the poor zombie’s feelings!

Wilford? He would find it hilarious, critiquing you on certain things or how his voice sounds as you do so. Heck! After a while he will even pretend to be you, constantly making jokes about how tiny you are. Of course if he goes too far he will apologize and cuddle up with you…. after saying “if you cant take it dont say it.”

Yandere? Oh. You wont be pretending for much longer, yandere quickly scooping you up into his hands and pressing many little kisses into your tiny body. His senpai liked him enough to try and mimic him! It was too adorable, snuggling you more and more as he praised your act. He loves it!

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Fandom has every right to “cry”. How would you like it if something you enjoyed (attack on Titan) got cancelled for a long time, if not for good, because of someone doing something terrible?

It’s not just “someone.” It’s the author. THE CREATOR HIMSELF WHO DID SOMETHING DESPICABLE.

And listen to me. I love SnK. I’ve followed this series hard for YEARS now.


But hey, we’re not talking about SnK with this. We’re talking about RK. And just so you know, because you probably don’t recognize me since you sent me this message, I’m not some rando who exists completely separate from RK. I was heavily involved in the RK fandom in the early 2000s. It was a well-loved fandom of mine. I own the manga, and the anime. All of it. Everything. I’m not a casual fan “read it one time maybe.” I’m a “read it many times over, wrote a lot of fanfiction, was a prominent member of a pretty big RK forum" kind of a fan. Hell, me getting into RK way back when and dragging a mere online acquaintance along with me cemented a super close friendship with them that ended with us getting married this year. I was also heavily involved in the RK Resurrection 2k14 here on Tumblr.

I have loved RK well. 

So listen to me when I say that what’s irritating me is the few people from the RK fandom who are crying about how the series is over now. Really? You’re choosing to be upset about that? 

How can you want more content from a creator who lusts after little girls? Who spent money that we gave him by supporting Rurouni Kenshin on exploiting children for financial gain???? Do you want him to produce more material? Would you read it? Buy it? Support him as an author?

It’s okay to be sad and disappointed that it ended so suddenly when you were looking forward to it. It’s a huge letdown to get excited about something, especially something that is nostalgic to you, coming back, only to see if bellyflop for one reason or another. I get that. (When they cancelled the Rose of Versailles movie I was really down, and I never did get my official English release of the manga they promised for 2016.) 

And hey–I’m upset about RK! It meant a lot to me for a long time and still does, even after all of this.

But I don’t care about the series getting cancelled. 

I’m upset that a creator whose works I enjoyed and promoted through fanfiction and meta ended up being outed as a fuckin pedophile. After I gave the ships he supported directly and indirectly the benefit of the doubt for a large chunk of my teenage and adult life. Now I have to suspect ulterior motives in his choosing those specific ages for these characters. Now I have to feel gross about the meta and ships I have liked since I myself was a teenager.

The dude admitted he was attracted to children, okay? He admitted it. He had tapes. He regrets getting caught and outed, and maybe he regrets that his series is getting cancelled on him, but he doesn’t seem to regret the atrocities he’s actually committed. He knew what he was doing the whole goddamn time. He knew it was wrong. I can’t give ONE SHIT about the new stuff being cancelled. I’m too busy feeling betrayed that a big part of my teen years, a series I stuffed my heart into, characters I related to…were created by an evil man who might have had ulterior motives with every single line he drew. 

I think a lot of the fandom feels that way.

And that anger, outrage, and upset should all be directed at the creator, not at the series itself going away. Fuck the series. Fuck it. Death of the Author to extremes never even heard of before if you want to stay in the fandom. It’s your city now. They’re your characters. He doesn’t deserve them.

Why would you want him to put his hands on these characters ever again? Why would this series continuing matter more to you than the real life little girls being exploited in the tapes he had in his possession, that he got off to thinking about and watching?  I think it’s fucking evil that people want to sugarcoat this, make it less bad than it is. It makes me sick that this news breaking has elicited a, “Wow it sure is sad that RK is getting cancelled!” response from some members of the fandom.

What the fuck is wrong with you people? I’m pissed that so many of the headlines read that way and don’t say right in the headline that the creator was arrested for possession of child pornography. Instead they say he was charged with a crime–like he might have been charged for a piddly little misdemeanor!! NO!! HE HAD PORN OF CHILDREN IN HIS POSSESSION. It’s disgusting. He took money that he got from the sale of RK and used it to buy pornography of little children that he watched and got off to. And some of y’all’re upset that the series might be cancelled? IT SHOULD BE. You shouldn’t WANT it to continue, not with THAT MAN AT THE HELM. Continuing the series means supporting him, a man who has already used his earnings from RK to buy this shit. To support this industry.

You honestly and truly have to be able to look at this situation and think about what you’re feeling but direct it properly. You can feel sad and disappointed; those are perfectly valid emotions. But it’s not okay to make this a big sad party about how awful it is that new content is being cancelled. It’s not about that. THAT ISN’T THE PART OF THIS NEWS THAT IS AWFUL. And if it is for you, if that’s your primary reason for being upset about this–that your weeb shit is being cancelled–then you need to have a real good think about why you’re sadder about not getting more content than you are about the fact that the man producing that content is a pedophile who is willing to take advantage of and exploit children by supporting the child porn industry. Like man, I’m sorry that fun is being cancelled but when the person offering you that fun is a pedophile I’d rather not have it anyway. Why don’t you feel that way?

Again…it’s okay to be sad. I think all of us are. But we’re not sad that the series is being cancelled. We’re sad that it’s difficult for us to even look at this beloved old series, one that many of us watched as teens and participated in early fandom for, without feeling gross and weird. And we’re mad that the creator did this. He could have been a decent person and chose not to be.

I spent well over a decade loving this series, writing meta for it, fanfiction, drawing fanart. I shipped the “canon” ships and gave the author the benefit of the doubt. I recommended the series to friends. One of my high school friends met her husband through the RK forum I spent hours every day on in the early 2000s. My two high school friends and I went by RK nicknames for a long time and used them to pass notes because anyone who found them in the trash wouldn’t know who was writing to whom.

I’ve been sitting here for the last hour thinking about people I know because of RK. Hell, @kippielovesyou followed some of my old ‘fic back then! And there was that one guy I knew who got the huge Kenshin tattoo on his arm. I still remember his username. How does he feel about that tattoo now? RK was such a big part of his life at the time he got a goddamn tattoo of it.  We were just blissfully living our lives enjoying RK. And in 2014 during the Tumblr revival rewatch a bunch of us did, we enjoyed it again. We couldn’t have known.

But finding out still has a way of making me feel fuckin’ gross. I know I’m not the only one.

But boy am I glad this man was outed. I want this shit in the light and I want to see people like this purged. I want their lives ruined. I want this man to lose RK in whatever capacity it can be managed. He doesn’t deserve it anymore. 

As far as I’m concerned, it belongs to the people who actually cared about it, now. And we don’t need weekly or monthly updates for that.

the losers’ club, but fanfiction writers

Eddie; the one shotter

[Eddie writes all that fluff shit, from cuddles while watching The Notebook To innocent tickling. Little do you know, this boy can write some good smut, those eyes tell a different story]

Richie; the shitposter

[Richie makes the most absurd shit, remember that Spongebob orgy fanfic? That was him. How about the Pepe/Gangster Dora atrocity? Hell yeah. And…. I don’t know.. A PUTIN/DONALD TRUMP/BERNIE SMUT..that was him..]

Bev; the wattpad zodiac/rant/etc.. poster

[This girl can fuckin rant, she pours her hearts on the rants and she feels so much better when she sees her followers supporting and helping her through her experiences at home. She also makes occasional zodiac sign things where you see if any of those posts are relatable]

Mike; the reviewer

[My boy Mike is ruthless, he reviews books/movies/even fanfics, just name it! He gets in a lot of beef with other fanfictors but he keeps his identity anonymous]


[MY BABY CAN WRITE. He makes amazing and heartbreaking fanfics that just make you wanna sob but at the same time thrash around with overwhelming happiness. He’s very popular throughout the community but still so humble and shy, he also posts very regularly and on schedule, what a saint]

Stan; the poemster

[ahh Stan, he posts his fanfics very aesthetically, in organized stanzas that just compliment the blank screen, and he puts such big meanings into little spaces. He’s super angsty and can make you emotional with a single word]

Bill; texter

[Bill always puts his characters in a texting conversation and makes sure to add funny undertones to the memey chats. He finds inspiration from his friends insane group chat, some of his chapter are actual discussions]

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nora you don't have to explain yourself. feel free to act the way you want. this is your space to express how you feel freely and the people who want to stay will stay. they have no right to tell you how to act on your own blog. i followed you through the good and bad and i know it's not my place to tell you can and can't put up on your blog

it’s still not fair for me to act completely unreasonable though. like i agree that sometimes people complain too much about what i post but other times it’s totally fair to critique me bc i truly can be a pain in the ass

idk i guess i’m just a bit worried right now bc i don’t know Who the people i’ve alienated are and uh they could be friends of mine and i’d just never know :’)

Wayne’s first friendship event made me feel really uncomfortable. He’s basically harassed by a woman whose been stalking him and won’t take no for an answer. Even when you try to help him, the poor guy doesn’t even know how to tell her to back off properly. He suggests going on a date instead! It made me feel really worried about Wayne. He’s obviously not good at saying no, and I can’t help but worry about the trouble that can cause… It really makes me want to protect him.

Alex Ovechkin, Nicklas Backstrom reunited for Caps, and it feels so good
Coach Barry Trotz switches back to a tried and true line, and it results in a 5-2 win over Ottawa.

I don’t think there was any doubt. We understand each other, how we have to play. Obviously, we played [together] a long time. I think it worked out perfectly today. I think [Kuznetsov’s] line was good and then ours was good.” – Alex Ovechkin

“We needed that. It wasn’t working the way we had played, so I’m sure the coaching staff felt that way, and they wanted to switch things up.” – Nicklas Backstrom

“We were talking about putting [Backstrom and Ovechkin] together. The line that is used is, ‘If you love something, you set it free. If it comes back, it was meant to be.’ One of the guys gave me that one.” – Barry Trotz

“That’s something they’ve developed over a long time, and just naturally, their skill sets complement each other. I think they’ve been with each other so long that it’s just instinct now of where the other one is going to be, what areas of the ice they look for. They read well off each other because they’ve been together for a long time. No surprise that they got on the board.” – Matt Niskanen

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is there a specific difference for optimistic 낙관적인 and 낙천적? 비관적 seems to be the correct word for pessimistic (no 천). And why you chose in your personality (oldish, please add more! :D) vocab list?

Haha you’re right, that list is old, perhaps I’ll get around to updating it one of these days.

This is a good question, I have a bit of a feeling about how they are different because I think of the 천 as 천지 (good-world) and the 관 as 관점 (good-outlook). But to make sure I looked it up and according to the 국어국립원,

낙관적: 앞으로의 일 따위가 잘되어 갈 것으로 여기는

낙천적:  세상과 인생을 즐겁고 좋은 것으로 여기는

So basically, 낙관적 means to believe events in the future will go well, while 낙천적 means to believe the world is a nice place. So I think 낙관적 is closer to the way we use ‘optimistic’ in English! I also think 낙관적 is used more often, personally I’ve heard it being used much more.

The opposite of 낙관적 is 비관적, while the opposite of 낙천적 is 염세적.

Hope that helps!!