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METABOLISM BOOSTERS: if you’re struggling to lose weight, no matter how much you exercise, no matter how healthy you’re eating and you just don’t seem to be getting the results you feel you deserve, then there’s a chance it’s due to the actual healthy food choices you’re eating. 

There are actually a selection of foods that aid the metabolism and prevent fat storage:

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anonymous asked:

hEYYYYY LOVE ✨ tips on how to grow longer hair in your opinion?? HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY

what i basically did was cut my hair to the style i want then just baby my hair from the day i get the haircut onwards. 

i apply hair serums every day to my tips, and i also apply a thick layer of coconut oil to the tips on the day before i wash my hair (you can do it more but it makes my hair oily so i try to avoid doing it too often). i’ve heard applying coconut oil to the roots helps to actually stimulate hair growth but i already have an oily scalp and i don’t really want to put more oil on it lol.

idk about the actual growth rate of my hair but i feel like it’s getting longer (or maybe just fuller) and it’s in extremely good condition considering that i dye it around 3-4 times a year - i have basically 0 split ends and the breakage has decreased heaps.

i know some people take vitamins etc, but i don’t have personal experience with that.

Ana Waffles/Cereal

1 cup Puffed Kamut cereal (50 cals)

(to taste) sugar free smuckers maple syrup (under 20 cals)

if you want- add cashew milk (25 cals or under)

TOTAL: (between 60-95 CALS)

tastes just like waffles!

 if you like the buttery taste of waffles, you can also add a bit of 0 cal butter spray, but I wouldnt recommend that if you put milk with it. 

Just make sure NOT TO OVERDO THE SYRUP if you use milk or it will get thick and too sweet.  

the pros of having milk with it though is that it expands the puffed kamut and makes you feel fuller for longer. you can get kamut cereal at any health food store.



Healthy study snacks Tip #1 What you put into your body is going to determine what you get out of your body and when you are studying you definitely want to get out as much as you possibly can!! For me, a go to lunch is something quick and easy because I don’t want to spend my lunch break cooking! Having the avocado (a good fat) keeps me feeling fuller for longer so I don’t keep snacking and leaving myself feeling full and bloated. I tend to mix up the veggies but generally I will always have the baby spinach in there for some iron and inwent with the smoked salmon today because i really had to focus and I just cant get enough of those omegas when I do! Let me know what your go to study snack is by using the #survivingstudy Much love xx