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Lovely calm asks to enjoy a nice up of tea to โ˜•

1: Golden mornings or peachy sunsets?

2: Sugar cones or waffle cones?

3: Do you wear scarves often? do you have a favorite?

4: How long do you lay in bed before you finally get up?

5: Is there a food you’ve never had but always wanted to try?

6: What does your umbrella look like?

7: Do you listen to ASMR?

8: Rain storms or a light drizzle?

9: What’s a little thing in life that you love? 

10: Favorite color aesthetic?

11: Wobbly lines or using a ruler?

12:  Bright colorful living room or neutral cozy living room?

13: Do you have any candles? what scents are they?

14: Have you ever rode a horse?

15: Do you have glasses? 

16: What’s a language you’d like to speak?

17: What’s your favorite season and favorite month in that season?

18: Do you have a favorite pair of socks?

19: Favorite Ghibli and/or disney movie

20: Disney, Dreamworks, or Pixar?

21: What snacks do you usually get at the theater?

22: What’s an underrated video game/ movie/ show you love and think it needs more recognition?

23: Would you fill your house with plants if you had a green thumb?

24; All plants are great but do you have a favorite?

25: Do you have a favorite type of art style? (eg: soft looking, no to little color, sketches, crisp and clean, minimalist, pixel art etc.)

26: What would you do if someone gave you flowers? 

27: Do you like nicknames? 

28: Do you still watch shows you watched when you were a kid? even from time to time?

29: Do you still like old memes? (tell the truth)

30: Favorite Halloween costume you dressed up as? (if you don’t celebrate halloween have you ever cosplayed or would you like to? who did you cosplay as?) 

31:  Are you a fashionable person? 

32: Do you like watching holiday movies? 

33:  Cookies or brownies?

34: Do you blow in the cold air just to see your breath?

35: Do you find the crickets chirping outside your window relaxing? 

36: Do you like cobblestone streets? 

37:  How often do you doodle? 

38: When was the last time you blew bubbles?

39: What’s your favorite random piece of decor in your house and room?

40: Do you bite your fingernails off or clip them more often?

41: Any birthmarks?

42: Thoughts on freckles?

43: First video game you ever played?

44: what type of bird do you hear most often outside your door?

45: Do you use gifs/ memes a lot when replying to people?

46: Thoughts on spring? 

47: Ideal temperature outside?

48: Cloudy, partly cloudy, or clear skies?

49: How often do you hear airplanes outside?

50: Do you enjoy windy days?


Official art from the osmt site!!

idols who r out there savin the gays 

- boa

- cl from 2ne1 

- ren from nu’est 

- soyeon from t-ara

- jackson from got7 

- baekhyun from exo 

- wonho from monsta x 

- hansol from topp dogg

- junhyung from highlight

- yerin & yuju from gfriend

- heechul from super junior

- jinjin & eunwoo from astro 

- hoya & woohyun from infinite

- kibum & jonghyun from shinee

- amber, krystal & jessica from f(x)

- literally everyone from seventeen and bts 

(jess isn’t in the group but u get the point)


Answering the question, how are we getting ‘I’m lost!’ rescue requests from far away?

Legendary rescue leader Lucario has Aura that’s hypersensitive to the distress of others. His outlet is to write up every cry for help he hears.

Either he’s got an injury or he stays by the board because it’s more efficient to delegate. He accompanies random teams when his locating abilities will be most helpful, like if a victim is buried under a rockslide, or when a situation moves him especially.


my blog turns one year old today, so i made some icon remakes of my first post, including v for the new route to celebrate 🎉 (and ray and mc i wanted to make one for them too)

feel free to use these if you want, credit would be appreciated

30 Day Selfship Challenge

I couldn’t find any of these for selfships when I looked them up. I thought about just using the OTP challenge prompts but then I figured I’d like to try and make a selfship specific one! I’ll be doing these prompts this month/next month ‘n stuff (maybe depending on how much school kicks me butt). Feel free to draw some if any of these ideas catch your fancy!

Day 1. your first words to them
Day 2. your favorite moment with them
Day 3. realizing your in love/realizing they’re in love
Day 4. meeting as children
Day 5. a misunderstanding between you two
Day 6. favorite place to kiss them
Day 7. your first date
Day 8. you cheering them up/them cheering you up
Day 9. leaving them breathless
Day 10. cuddling on a cold day
Day 11. soulmate au
Day 12. a gift you’d love to give them/a gift you’d like to receive from them
Day 13. your average morning with them
Day 14. wearing an article of their clothing
Day 15. beach day
Day 16. college au
Day 17. them trying to be suave then tripping over something
Day 18. the two of you fused into one person
Day 19. meeting in a dream
Day 20. switching bodies with them
Day 21. the disney movie that best fits you two
Day 22. them getting jealous
Day 23. pirate au
Day 24. the confession you gave them/they gave you
Day 25. an evening out at the club
Day 26. a kiss under fireworks
Day 27. sharing a drink
Day 28. swapping heights
Day 29. catching them singing/them catching you singing
Day 30. hugs for when things get too rough
Bonus Day. you teaching them a new skill/them teaching you a new skill


So at first I just wanted to draw Gen in a waistcoat… and then I wondered ‘who is he looking at like that?’ and then of course it turns out he’s at some fancy BDSM party and he never thought he’d see Sephiroth there but lo and behold, it’s the man in the flesh, and he doesn’t look too pleased at being found out by his colleague. Or maybe Genesis sent him an invite, thinking he’d never come, and thus he’s pleasantly surprised?

Listen if we get to see what haruka is doing after graduation, I hope it’s one or all three of the following:

-OLYMPICS for Christ’s sake

Part 2 

Ahhh thank you again//// im kinda flattered you would ask me for tips;;;;; Well colouring is really VERSATILE and so many possibilities!!! So there’s no right or wrong way to colour//// Here is just some stuff on how I colour, hope it helps!!!