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And now I’m gonna make you all feel bad for not trusting Shiro

And explain why new ugly hair Shiro is the Shiro we know and love.

First of all:

If this Shiro is a clone, operation “Kuron” would be fucking dumb.

Like real dumb.

And here’s why.

So like lets say they captured Shiro after the Zarkon fight and made a Shiro “clone” or whatever who’s goal is to infiltrate Voltron or something.

Atleast that’s what it seems like the goal is because this dude says 

when Shiro escapes and they shoot his ship. So like it seems like they let him escape on purpose.

Thing is…

Shiro nearly dies like 50 fucking times before he reaches Voltron (BY FUCKING MIRACLE)!!

I mean just think of ALL the coincidences that had to happen for Shiro to get to Voltron.

I dunno if he’s like the least lucky person in the universe or the most lucky, because of how he’s ALWAYS almost dying in some way and ALWAYS escapes death against all odds.

But that was one heck of an incredible journey there!

But seriously, if Keith wasn’t looking for Shiro non stop and Shiro didn’t connect to black in that very second, the Galra’s “clone” would have died. Their project “Kuron” would fucking FAIL. 

I think if that really was the Galra’s goal to make a clone that would reach Voltron they would have made it a tiiiiny bit easier for him to survive somehow.

Just a tiiny bit. 

They dun have to go THAT FAR to convince him he actually escaped and they didn’t just let him go. Just you kno, give him a bit of a push there when he’s starving in space or something (assuming they somehow keep track of him). 

They dun have to go that far also for the viewers to fool em that Shiro escaped so him being a Clone would be a surprise later. I mean they just changed his hair a bit and no one in the fandom trusts him anymore haha.

So unless that ice planet and the universe is like filled with dead Shiro clones bodies who were eaten by monsters or froze to death or died of hunger or whatever, because of all times the clones didn’t make it, and the Galra were just waiting for that one special one that finally would, then I’m guessing that maybe something else is going on.

Because there’s no way that they’d just let him go like that and trust what? FATE to bring him to Voltron unharmed SOMEHOW???

Like that’s a dumb fucking plan.

So I dunno, unless the Galra know that no matter what happens Shiro and Keith always find eachother again and again like a pair of destined lovers.

I’m gonna say…

Complete bullshit. I dun buy it.

OK, Now how long has it actually been? Like how much time passed from their battle with Zarkon till they meet with Lotor? How much time passes until Haggar even summons Lotor?

What if it’s actually been longer than you thought? 

What if it’s been like… I dunno, a year?

Thing is that when we go back to Team Voltron in season 3, they seems to think Shiro is gone, dead, like they act like they all moved on and Keith is the only one who’s still stuck there.

I doubt you get to that point after a day or two, or a week, or months even… (They love Shiro, I dun think they’d give up on looking for him after such a short time or get over his death this easily..)

It’s at a point where they all like “Ok Keith, that’s enough time to mourn, we all accepted it and you have to move on too”

I know they all look the same, and there’s not alot of indication of how much time exactly it’s been.

But it does seem like they’ve been doing what they were doing (freeing planets, Pidge looking for her brother) for AWHILE.

This would explain Shiro’s long hair. It simply been long enough for it to grow that long since he disappeared.

(btw there’s a genetic thing that makes your hair grow really fast that also makes a flock of your hair white in the front, Shiro could totally have that

Also the fact he can’t walk at first can be explained with him just not doing that for awhile.

Now when Shiro is finally free he SOMEHOW makes it to that Gas planet they were fighting Lotor at the first time.

Voltron is leaving the scene and Shiro appears and chases it here

I actually looked to see if we can see him but we don’t.

(I also didn’t realize it my first watch, and now every time I’ll see the 3rd episode I’ll be like “NoooOOOOOOOOOOOO you fools wait for hiiim!!!!”)

Shiro sees Voltron leaving him behind.

Besides the fact that he knows this is probably the end for him now, it also shows him two things:

They moved on.

And they are doing well without him.

Anyway, 7 days later, Shiro is dying, thinks of his Voltron days and connects to the Black lion in the last minute.

And Keith (who hasn’t stopped searching for him, now with black lion)

finally finds him.

Now besides the headache, I actually dun particularly see anything really strange about Shiro’s behavior when he goes back.

Watching it again I just got the feeling he just has a really hard time accepting what happened with Black.

I dun see a reason to not believe what Keith suggests there, that Zarkon teleported him to captivity using the Black lion.

Shiro seems upset about it because 

What does it tells Shiro? 

That his bond with black was still not strong enough.

Like, he had so much fighting spirit when he escaped before, and suddenly when he finally reaches Voltron he’s depressed in bed and seems like he doesn’t want to see anyone?

What happened???

Like yeah he wanted Keith to lead Voltron, but I think maybe then seeing the team actually function without him and forming Voltron and fighting the Galra, and considering how much Voltron means to him and his struggle with his PTSD and how Voltron literally been the only thing on his mind when he was dying. 

I think it’s a bit hard for him to accept what he sees when he comes back..

He sounds fake here

Because he’s not being honest. 

Deep inside it hurts him to see they did fine without him.

When Keith goes “They need you”, he lies.

He’s the only one that needs him. The team has moved on. Maybe he says it because he can’t say “I” or feels like he’s not enough, maybe he’s trying to encourage Shiro, because he understands how Shiro feels, without Shiro needing to say anything. He always did. From the very beginning.

So maybe it’s like “Hey Shiro, I know how much this means to you and you’re still a valuable part of this team

Shiro obviously doesn’t want to go back on his word and be all “Ok Keith, so give me back my lion now!”

But Keith does it for him, and I think you can see Shiro is very happy about it.

Only the lion won’t accept him anymore.

And before this you also have that scene with Lance doing math that I think connects the two

Shiro feels like Lance, he feels like he has no place on the team anymore.

But he doesn’t deal with it in the open, honest and good way Lance does. (which is the reason Black won’t accept him anymore, he’s not thinking of the team)

That’s why he butts heads with Keith over leadership in this episode, and we can see even in the season 4 trailer that it goes on.

I think his position as a paladin and leader of Voltron gave him control over his life back after what he’s been through. In a way that was how he coped with his captivity and his PTSD.

He’s obviously proud of Keith, but I think he’s also jealous and hurt. 

I dun think he’s ready to accept he’s no longer leader or a part of Voltron.

(Like he’s proud of Keith, but he still puts him down saying “You’ll get there someday”)

And I think Keith understand where it’s coming from and he doesn’t buy it.

He puts himself down and says he can’t do this because he wants Shiro to feel needed and important.

And Shiro is doing what ya’ll Shiro stans have been doing for months haha, crying about him not being the black paladin anymore and how all his work on his bond with black was meaningless now that Keith is in it.

Shiro’s bond with his lion meant the most, he was the one who had to put the most effort into it. And suddenly, it gives him up. I think Shiro feels betrayed even.

And he’s not ready to do what Lance did with his lion yet and give it up for the sake of the team (maybe some Lance and Shiro bonding in the future??)

That’s why it seems like they are heading for a leadership conflict there. That Shiro would try to make Keith feel like he’s not ready for this. Unintentionally. 

And Keith would continue to play along with it, (though being the more fitting person for the position of leader) because maybe that’s what he’s been doing all along from episode one. Trying to gently give Shiro the power and the control he lost when he was captured by the Galra, back. (Without directly confronting Shiro about his PTSD.) (would explain their odd dynamics)

Thing is Shiro is just not as good as Keith with leading Voltron. And I think he’s gonna mess up AGAIN.

It’s like we are back in square one, where Keith is the one that has the right idea in mind and no one listens and they all listen to Shiro who makes BAD decisions.

( Shiro WTF 1 Shiro WTF 2 Shiro WTF 3 Shiro WTF 4,)

This is leading to them finding their balance as leaders and co leaders.

Now Shiro’s leadership is centered around teamwork and protecting his team. 

Keith is the better decision maker (and I have a long rant about Keith coming, because I dun think people understand why Keith is the perfect person for black still.)

I’m just gonna say Keith is definitely the leader they need in they ever want to beat Lotor. 

This all seems like buildup to Shiro finally opening up about his PTSD, and him piloting blue (the team work lion) which I talked about before also. I’m guessing he and Allura will be sharing it, Because someone needs to pilot the castle once in awhile.

This is a very natural arc for Shiro, so I doubt they’ll let a clone go though it.

And back to the clone thing:

The flashbacks Shiro sees when he escapes, seem to me like his regular PTSD flashbacks. There’s something in his memories Shiro is terrified of.

Obviously the clone IS a thing, because we see two Shiro’s. And obviously the Galra has some sort of plan for it.

But the clone is the one we saw in the bed, this is Kuron:

The Shiro that they got back is the real Shiro, or atleast the same Shiro from season 1-2. (who is the Shiro that arrived on Earth, but maybe not the Shiro that went to Kerberos btw)

And the Galra didn’t let him go, they just assumed they shot him down and he died. So they could start doing whatever they had planned to do with his clone.

They just have no idea real Shiro survived and is gonna fuck up their plans.

I’m guessing the headaches are connected to that somehow.

And this part

I’m gonna have to say maybe this isn’t just connected to Keith actually physically saving Shiro all the time. 

But also to Shiro’s ongoing probably life long battle with his PTSD, Keith is always there to kinda always remind him like “Your’e still valuable, your life is valuable, don’t give up.”

Now go embrace your even uglier hair Shiro and tell him you’re sorry for not trusting him.

Going off to university is super duper cool. It matures you drastically in a short amount of time. However, there were some specific things I started doing that really helped me out later in class and real life. 

  • Reading the news: my dudes, I know for some this sounds super boring or that social media has all the news that you need, but that is very wrong. Reputable news sources have some very strict standards for sources, evidence and message. Here are the best reputable news sources: 
    • Washington Post (free with an .edu email)
    • NPR (free in general, has great podcasts. see this post.)
    • New York Times (not so free with an .edu email, but cheaper)
    • Wall Street Journal ($4 a month with an .edu email)
    • The Economist (still expensive with an .edu account - useful for those who have a international major like polisci, international relations, spanish majors etc.)
    • Politico
    • The BBC
    • DON’T FORGET YOUR LOCAL AND STATE NEWS WHICH ARE IMPORTANT (and most likely to have funny headlines and stories - for example in Texas this dude ran for mayor of Corpus Christie, won, and then resigned 37 days later. Now this dude is running for Senate lolol). 
    • (There is no cable news on here, because cable news is mostly for entertainment and like 90% trash, sorry not sorry)
  • Have an agenda/planner: Homies, the only reason I was half as responsible as I was last year is due to writing everything down. Due dates for assignments, homework for each day, meetings, when I needed to get my oil changed - it all went into the agenda/planner. 
  • Make a budget: If you are responsible with what little money you have now it will be easier to be responsible with any sum of money later. Pinky Promise. 
  • Stay Healthy: Be as healthy as you can afford. Get your flu shot if you can (sometimes campus clinic will have them for free of for a reduced price), workout (the gym is included in your tuition, btw), take advantage of having pre-cut vegetable with your meal plan, don’t forget to have fun with friends, which is just as important as your flu shot. 
  • Find what relaxes you: For me this is skin care - which I recommend everyone do, but for me washing my face, using toner, a serum, a mask and moisturizing is super relaxing and I always feel like a better person afterwards. If Netflix relaxes you, go for it. Same with music, or running, or reading, or whatever you do to chill. Make time for it. 
  • Start Preparing for Real Life: Real life hits you hard if you are not prepared. Get work experience if you can, any type of work that you can put on your resume is useful, I promise! Intern in your field (to get experience, contacts and to make sure you WANT to work in that field). NETWORK AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. Get a LinkedIn and connect to literally everyone. It isn’t the same rules as reg social media. If you meet anyone in your field find them on LinkedIn and send them a message about enjoying meeting them. DO IT. 
  • Start Planning for More School: If you have plans for grad school the prep you are doing is different in some ways than above, mainly that you have to do more. Keep your GPA high, you also need to intern if you can, apply for major scholarships (Fullbright, Rhodes, Truman etc) even if you don’t think you’ll get it apply anyways, start looking for grad school and start sucking up to professors so you’ll get a good recommendation. 
  • Speak up in class: I think this is important because it endears you to professors. BUT it also makes sure you are actively thinking about what you’re learning. If you participate in a class debate–even better–because learning how to productively argue is ONE OF THE BEST SKILLS you can learn. 
  • Consider being politically active: To be fair, I am a little biased as a political science major. BUT GOVERNMENT IS SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT OKAY? Especially local government–which (at least in the USA) has the most impact on your life even if you don’t always see it. You don’t have to join a party, just be informed, go to town halls, contact your representatives, and VOTE. I SWEAR TO GOD VOTE. PEOPLE UNDER 30 ARE LEAST LIKELY TO VOTE BUT, MY DUDES, WE ARE LIVING WITH THE CONSEQUENCES OF THE ELECTION A LOT LONGER THAN ANYONE ELSE. ONLY LIKE 30% OF MILLENNIALS VOTED IN THE 2016 USA PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. WTF. SHAPE UP. 

These are just something that me and my friends and I have done. If you have any questions about how to get politically active in your area or how to contact your reps the best hmu because I interned for my local congressional rep and I run my school’s College Democrat club. 


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Request: For the next bratty!y/n and daddy!harry writing you should do one where y/n is ‘mad’ at him (for a childish reason) and says stuff like ‘i won’t ever have sex with you ever again’ but they end up having really rough sex lol. Idk, i thought this would be funny, i had a dream about this too. Love your writing btw !

(A/N: your overwhelming love for Brat Y/N has FINALLY brought out this piece! It’s crazy how well this idea has grown into over 2-3 pieces so I hope you enjoy this and send me your thoughts!!)

A piece where Y/N gets a tad jealous, and Harry has to show her she’s the only one he wants.

Y/N knew she was being irrational.

She knew that whatever she was feeling right now was being of her blowing things out of proportion.

But she couldn’t help but glare at the waitress every time she would come by at the table. Harry wasn’t returning any of her attempts though. In fact, he was holding Y/N’s hand across the table, rubbing his thumb over and inbetween her knuckles the whole time they were seated at the restaurant. Y/N would see the way her hand would rest over her shoulder, giggling as he asked her for another bottle of wine.

“Oh anything for you, Harry.”

Y/N rolled her eyes huffing out as she turned her head away. Harry looked back at his girlfriend before smiling slightly chuckling.

“Hey…. wha’s the huffin’ and puffin’ all ‘bout sweetheart.” He prodded leaning forwards, tugging her hand towards him a bit.

Y/N only rolled her eyes looking at him.

“You don’t see it? She’s practically all over you! Touching your arm and giggling over something that isn’t funny in the slightest, I’m pretty sure I saw her glare at me when you grabbed my hand.”

Harry chuckled pressing his cheek against the back of her hand. “Y/N.. you know ‘m not paying attention to her in the slightest.. right?” Y/N only shook her head looking at him.

“But she thinks you are! That’s why she’s come over here 5 times to refill your water even though it was already full.” She scoffs trying to move her hand away from his. Harry only tightens his grip on her hand tugging her towards him again.

“You’re the only girl fo’ me… ‘ave to be polite to the person serving us food.. we can go in a minute jus’ relax…” Harry murmured slow pressing his lips against the back of her hand. Y/N watched him softening her gaze and un-tensing her muscles. He smiled to himself seeing her relaxing, squeezing her hand.

Y/N had nothing to be worried about, this was her man. Her Harry. She was getting riled up for nothing. He made it clear that he’s only hers, and that’s more than she could ask for.

But when their check came back with a pink pen scribbed in the waitress’s hand writing saying ‘call me ;)’ along with her phone number, Y/N’s cheeks flamed in jealously. Her eyes flickering up to Harry’s face as his left dimple indented into his cheek, shaking his head to himself. Y/N wanted to just get up and pour the bottle of very expensive wine they had received on the house, all over that girl’s head. Once Harry had paid the bill, handing over the check with a wink at the girl making her flip her hair giggling, Y/N was out of her chair already making her way towards the entrance to get to their car as fast as possible. Unfortunately, Harry’s lanky legs were quick to catch up to Y/N, tugging on her hand as they walked to where they parked.

“Babe slow down will you?” Harry huffed, Y/N letting go of his hand once they stood in front of his car.

“Don’t you wanna head back to her maybe? Take her and show her a good time?” Y/N crossed her arms glancing back into the restaurant. She knew what she was saying was wrong, but she couldn’t help but seethe with jealousy knowing this girl was purposely getting under her skin by flirting with Harry bluntly.

Harry rose his eyebrows pausing his hand in his pocket as he reached into grab the keys. Slowly stalking towards her.

“‘Scuse me?” Y/N stepped back with every step he took forwards towards her, until her back hit the passenger side door. She swallowed thickly placing her hands behind her, looking into his eyes. Only the street light was illuminating on both of them, despite that, Y/N could tell Harry’s eyes were twinkling with amusement, but more than that she could tell his jaw was tensed at the accusation.

“I….. I said maybe you should take her back home, she seems so desperate, I’m sure you’d think she’d be better in bed than I am.” Y/N murmured quietly keeping her eyes down away from his.

Harry grabbed her chin, tugging it up till her eyes met his. He leaned down till they were nose to nose.

“You are so stupid you know that?” Harry growled moving his hand to cup her jaw, pressing his thumb just under her lower lip and tugging it down. “I don’ want anyone else, but you.” His mouth dropped down onto her, his tongue immediately slipping into his mouth. His thumb kept pressed under her bottom lip to make sure his tongue had free reign to dominate every inch of her mouth to show her who she belonged to. Y/N let out a whimper into his mouth when she felt his fingertips pressing against the back of her head, feeling herself feel light headed from the lack of oxygen. Their lips pulled away with a light ‘smack’ sound, Y/N letting out a gasp of air looking up and him through bleary eyes.

“‘M gon’a ruin you when we get home… show you exactly.. who I want in my bed..”

The moment Y/N stepped into their house, Harry had slid his arm under her knees, and the other around her lower back carrying them upstairs. Both their eyes locked together in a tense staredown as he walked them to their bedroom, kicking the door shut with his foot. Harry walked over to the bed and lied Y/N down right in the middle, looking the neck tie he had worn, never taking his eyes off her. Once he had his tie an jacket tossed off, he pressed his knees down into the bed, slipping off Y/N shoes slowly, tossing them to the floor as well before pressing a kiss to her ankle bone. Y/N head slightly lifted up off the pillows looking at him, biting the corner of her mouth. Pressing his hand son either side of her head, he leaned down pressing his mouth deeply against hers, letting his weight rest comfortably over her body. Y/N’s hands pressed against his taut back over his flimsy t shirt, wrapping her legs tightly around his waist as they licked into each other’s mouths. Harry swallowed up each of her moans, feeling them bubble in his chest as his hips moved on their own accord against her center. Layers of denim reducing the touch to feel each other right there. Y/N tugged on his lower lip with her teeth as she pulled her own lips back. Harry looked down at her through hooded eyes before bringing his forehead down to hers.

“‘M the only one kissin’ you silly right now.. not even thinkin’ ‘bout her.. only you.”

Y/N turned her head to the side whining out as she tried to move her hips up against his. Harry hand moved back to her jaw, tugging it towards him so she had no other choice but to look at him.

“I should be punishing you fo’ thinkin’ I would want another girl in bed…” Y/N shook her head quickly looking at him.

“N-no no no no no I’m sorry I didn’t mean any of it…” She quickly rambled before being shushed by Harry’s thumb pressing into her mouth, pressing it against her tongue. He let her tongue loll around his thumb, biting down onto his own plushy lips training his eyes on her mouth. Harry kept his thumb in her mouth before pulling it out and dragging it down her chin and the middle of her throat. Y/N’s head instinctively tilting up as he pressed against a point in her neck dropping her jaw slightly feeling her windpipe close in. Harry’s mouth dropped down under her ear, sinking his teeth down into the skin. Y/N’s hand quickly gripped over his shoulders tightly whining out trying to squirm away from him.

Petal….. quit movin’ will you?” Harry murmured in her ear, sitting up and slipping off his shirt. Y/N’s eyes greedily moved over his upper half, her mouth watering as his warm skin was on full display for her. Harry smirked more to himself seeing the way Y/N was driving herself mental just with his shirt off. His hands moved to pop open the button of her jeans, glancing up at her as he tugged them down. Her legs moving a bit to make the process of getting these jeans off a whole lot easier for him. Once he got them off, he leaned down on his stomach to sink his teeth into the plushy flesh of her inner thigh. Y/N’s thigh jerked, slightly giggling once his teeth made contact with her sensitive spot. Harry couldn’t help a huge smile slip through, and she could feel it against her skin.

He couldn’t help himself, she was just too damn cute.

Her giggles immediately melted into her moans once Harry’s mouth pressed over her clit over her panties. He just moved them to the side, letting his tongue slip out to just get a taste of her. She was properly soaking for him, bucking her hips up slightly as his tongue moved away quicker than she wanted him to move. Harry looked up at Y/N licking over his lips, seeing her chest move up and down shakily. He hooked his fingers into the waistband before tugging them down her legs and wasting no time into latching his mouth back on her. Y/N let out a yelp, dropping her hands down to tangle in his hair, feeling his tongue work her nerves into overdrive. Her eyes were squeezed shut tugging at his hair to move his head faster against her. Harry’s nails were digging into Y/N’s thighs, making sure she didn’t move one inch as he suckled on her clit. His tongue showing no mercy on the bundle of nerve, making her back arch and writhe under him, wanting to pull away but keep him there till she came. She lifted her head up to look down at him, already seeing his bright eyes looking up at her.

He was the epitome of sex right now in her eyes.

His button nose just barely peaking out as his tongue delved its way deeper into her entrance. His lower half of his face completely hidden from her sight, based on the noises he was making, she was sure she was all over his jaw and mouth. His hair flopped into his forehead and eyes, making Y/N writhe even more at the sight. Her head was thrown back and a loud moan escaped her every time his nose bumped against her clit. Her release getting so close she could feel her body burn and warm. Harry abruptly pulled back making Y/N look at him quickly nearly sobbing out.

Harry moves to quickly slip off his jeans and boxers, just as eager as she was to cum. Y/N took off her shirt and bra at the same time so nothing would be inbetween them two, Harry glanced between her chest and eyes before leaning down and wrapping his wet mouth against one of her nipples. Y/N looked down at him holding the sides of his jaw, arching her back up to his mouth. Harry’s large hand covered over her other breast as his eyes were shut, letting his teeth just barely tug at the nipple between his teeth. Y/N winced slightly, whimpering out pleads as she tugged his head up to meet their mouths together. Harry blindly slipped one of his hands between their two bodies, wrapping it around the base of his shaft. Y/N parted her lips from his once she felt the tip of his cock brush against her swollen clit. Harry’s eyes opened to look down at her biting the corner of his mouth.

Beg fo’ it…

Y/N looked at him blinking a few times to get her thoughts into order before shaking her head. Harry rose his eyebrows just slipping the tip into her, seeing her eyes flutter shut. He pulled out just as quick, making Y/N’s jaw clench looking up at him.


He moved his free hand to wrap around her throat, pressing his thumb just under her chin.


Y/N took a shaky breath shutting her eyes before looking back at him. “You know how much I want you cock H… just give it to me.. show me ‘m yours.. show me that girl is nothing to you.. I’m the only one you want..” Y/N murmured looking at him, seeing his lips press together to hide his smirk.

“Say you’re sorry.”

Y/N whined flopping her hands back on the bed. “Sorry for what!?”

“Fo’ thinkin’ I would want to fuck a girl other tha’ you…. fo’ thinkin’ I would wanna make love to a girl other tha’ you.. say you’re sorry.” Harry spoke firm, but slow as he slowly pressed his cock into her heat, making Y/N eyes widen looking up at him. Her choked breaths as she held the side of his jaw.

“I…… I’m sorry…”

Harry presses himself all the way in, his hips grinding down against her clit making her cry out. “Sorry fo’ what.” Harry spoke through clenched teeth as she tried squirming under his. “‘M not movin’ till you say the whole thing baby….”

Y/N huffed, her eyes welling up with frustrated tears swallowing thickly. “I-I’m sorry for thinking you’d wanna be with any girl other than me…” She shook her head looking up at him with pleading eyes. He brought his head down, pressing their noses together, pulling his hips back and slamming them back in making Y/N cry out.

“Apology accepted.”

Harry’s hand held Y/N’s jaw the whole time his hips pounded into hers. Making sure she kept contact with him the whole time, making sure to nudge the tip of his cock against the spongy part of her walls that made her tummy coil. Her hand gripped his wrist tightly with one hand while the other was held down by Harry’s hand. Her mouth turned to pant hotly against his thumb, making Harry lean down and press his lips repeatedly over her cheek and down to her ear.

“You are the only girl I want, no other person will ever amount to how much I fucking love you…” He whispered keeping his mouth pressed against her ear. Y/N squeezed her eyes shut feeling more that just the tears of wanting to cum in her eyes, but the utter love she has for him

God I love you too…” Y/N mewled out turning her head to look at him, her tears slipping down her temple into her head. Harry looked at her clenching his jaw as his hips slowed to steady slow pace, making his own eyes well up with tears. Y/N looked up at him, moving her wrist from his hands to cup over his cheeks rubbing under his eyes. He dropped his forehead to hers. Turning his head to hold her hand against his cheek, pressing his lips to the palm of her hand. Y/N smiled through the pleasure flopping her head back and shutting her eyes, feeling her tummy ready to explode. Her thighs tightened around his hips, showing Harry that she was just as close as he was.

His hands slipped down to hold the bottoms of her thighs around his hips, pressing his forehead tightly against her own, both their choked up whimpered getting caught in each other’s throats. Harry’s mouth pressed down into hers, their noses smooshing together as Y/N’s body shuddered as she came. Her arms wrapped tightly around his neck to hug him to her, letting out mewls into his mouth. Harry let his forearms rest on either side of her head, framing them in as he felt himself cum. Thick spurts coated her walls making Harry quiver as the aftershocks went through his body. Both their mouths lazily slotting together, completely locked into their own world at this moment. Y/N was the first to pull back, licking over her lips as she looked up at him. Harry’s cheeks were flushed pink, lips swollen from their kisses, his eyes were shut trying to catch his breath. She was stuck in a moment of awe just looking at him.

Harry’s eyes peaked up, smirking lazily dropping his mouth down to hers in a soft peck.

“Got somethin’ on my face?”

Y/N giggles shaking her head as she looked at him, running her fingers through his hair.

“Just… love you and all…” Harry looked at her tucking her hair behind her ear, pressing a firm kiss to her forehead.

“I love you too pet….”

I had a revelation recently, (which I kind of already knew but this kind of cemented it in my head) which is that Americans actually think THEY are the progressive, open minded ones.

For example, Tom Holland (new Spider-Man) recently did a drag performance of Umbrella on that lip sync show thing (which I would thoroughly recommend watching, he was fucking fantastic) and while some people were like “ew, that’s weird and I’m uncomfortable,” the other half were like “this is so groundbreaking! Spider-Man in drag! He must have SUCH confidence in his masculinity to do something like that at 20 years old! I wonder if he’s gay? He must at least be bi!” Meanwhile anyone I talked to in Britain was like “yeah it was a good performance. Seems like a nice guy.” Because it WASN’T groundbreaking. I didn’t think so, anyway. Tom Holland said “yeah I didn’t mind being in drag, I asked to do it” and took it completely casually, didn’t even think twice about it, because what British actor HASN’T done drag? 

We have a culture over here of men dressed as women in pantomimes every year, and these are things AIMED at children, not deemed inappropriate for them, and the men in question are never thought to be gay or trying to be a woman or whatever. They’re just being funny and having a good time. In my town there’s a local farmer who does the panto every year, as a woman, wig and make up and all, and he’s the beefiest most masculine guy you’ll meet with a wife and kids. He just likes the theatre of it. 

In Mrs Brown’s Boys (probably the most successful Irish sitcom), Mrs Brown is played by a male comedian, Brendan Carroll. His wife and children are also in the show. The fact that he was dressed as a woman was never the joke in the show, or even referenced - he just wrote a funny character and then decided “I’m going to play her.” If you didn’t know already you probably couldn’t even tell from watching that Mrs Brown was a man. I’ve never heard anybody over here have a problem with that. It just.. is. The joke is in her being a foul mouthed old lady who tells filthy jokes, not the part where she’s played by a man. 

When Queen first released “I want to break free” the video (which featured the whole band in drag as housewives) wasn’t allowed to be released in America because they deemed it too risqué and it wasn’t received well. Over here we just thought it was entertaining. We thought nothing of it really. Half the guys in my class when I was at school dressed as women at some point for a laugh. And it was only after speaking to Americans I realised that that just isn’t done over there. We had guys do drag for talent shows in secondary school, and plays in primary school. Everyone thought they were great. Guys from the rugby team went to prom in dresses and their girlfriends went in suits for the hell of it. The principal dressed as a woman on our last day as a joke. But a teenage boy doing drag at school for whatever reason in America is social suicide. I mean, obviously some people in Britain wouldn’t be as accepting of that, and some parts of America are more accepting than others, it’s a massive country, but overall it’s just such a different culture. I think that’s partially why the really liberal, “progressive” ones make such a massive deal about gender roles, and why anyone who dresses as the opposite sex is deemed trans or gay or “queer” - because while they like to think they’re ahead of the game in terms of gender, they still have the mindset that if you wear a dress, you must want to be a woman. (Learned all this while living there btw, I’m not just making assumptions.) 

It irritates me when I then see Americans claiming they are the pinnacle of open-mindedness, and British people are old fashioned fuddy duddies when we see THEM as the conservative ones. It’s kind of funny. I don’t think this counts as generalising so much as comparing two very different cultures. And there are definitely British people who are conservative in other ways, but the whole culture around drag is just different here. I’m very sorry for making you read such a long load of shite mags, I just started typing stream of consciousness style into the submission box and didn’t intend for it to be so long. I suppose it’s just interesting how we view ourselves and our culture, and how others might disagree with that from the outside. I wonder what we’ve got wrong about ourselves, lol.

– anonymous submission

This has put into words exactly how I’ve been feeling for a long time about so many posts and claims and news articles that have come out of the US, but I just hadn’t put it into context. I had no idea why they were so obsessed with something so blatantly ordinary and fine, and you writing all this out, it’s finally clicked in my head.

I mean, we have our Conservatives, but they’re probably more similar to the Democrats in the US in a lot of ways. They were the ones that made the final push to get same-sex marriage legalised here, after all – credit where credit is due.

This is incredibly insightful, and I think that both Brits and Americans would find this fascinating, so thank you so much for taking the time to write it and send it to me. I really, really appreciate it.

Apps to Help You Destress

Hey there friends! Here’s a list of iOS apps that will help you sleep better and relax. Studying hard is great, but your body needs rest, as do you! So go ahead, take a deep breath, and get the relaxation you deserve. xo!

*Pillow: (FREE) This is a sleep-tracking alarm clock; you leave your phone by your pillow/next to you when you sleep and it records you n stuff and helps you determine when it is best for you to wake up to feel refreshed!! I highly recommend this, it’s amazing and the design is so pretty!

*Binaural: (FREE) Yo this app is rad. It helps you relax, meditate, sleep, and even concentrate!! You pick a certain beat, frequency, and just listen. It has color themes (which are so pretty btw) and you can set a timer! 

Sleepio: (FREE) This app is a sleep-improvement program, meant to teach you to overcome poor sleep! I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks very nice. These apps have a minimalist, clean design, my fave thing ever!

*Thunderspace: (FREE) This is the best I want to cry I LOVE this app. It’s like rainymood, but there’s different types of rain sounds. The ambience of the sounds is stellar. Seriously, it’s free, get it!! P.S. you can set the flash on your phone and there’s lightning! Feels like you’re in the tropics if you choose that rain sound, it’s amazing. 

To Bed: (FREE) This app is like your momma! It reminds you, based on your age and wakeup times, to go to sleep. It’s your bedtime alarm, basically! For those of you who don’t really have self-control when it’s time to sleep, this is perfect! I’m pretty good at falling asleep quick because I’m always so tired, but I would definitely recommend this app.

*Sleep Better: (FREE) This app is similar to Pillow, but it’s another option for a sleep monitoring app. You can track your daytime activites and see how it affects your sleep cycle! The design is clean and contemporary and neat. It’s pretty rad!

TaoMix: (FREE) If you would like to create your own ambient sounds, this app is for you! Pretty darn cool. You can add bird sounds, rain, thunder, wind, water, and even other animals. There’s more than 45 high quality sounds you can work with to make thousands of mixes. Have fun with it!

*8tracks: (FREE) You may know about this app, but it’s the best thing ever ever ever. I can only listen to music when I’m cranking out essays for whatever reason, otherwise I can’t concentrate, so I love using 8tracks for that, and for chilling before bed. 

* means I currently use the app and love it! the others are ones I plan on trying!

I hope you all enjoy these apps! Feel free to ask me anything, whether it be study related, you’d just like general advice, or someone to talk to!

Please feel free to request more!!! 

anonymous asked:

Oh my god I love all of your fics! They're all amazing! I was wondering if you could do a over-protective/jealous zimbits? Idc who is the possessive one or if it turns to fluff or nsfw but I'd just love a happy ending. You're great btw!

!!!! You’re too sweet!  Here’s some jealous zimbits with just a hint of [redacted] for you <3

Eric is not the jealous type, which has definitely been in the best interests of his and Jack’s relationship.  The way attraction works for Jack is just so slow that by the time he gets around to dating someone, they’re usually friends too.  Which leads to things like standing lunch plans with Camilla Collins whenever she comes to visit her sister at Brown or hanging out at alumni events together.  Even he and Kent have finally started to be friends again, a development largely facilitated by Eric himself.  Add to that the amount of time Jack spends with beautiful people hanging on him at bars after a win or at Falcs events, it’s enough to drive a lesser man mad, but Eric can always brush it off.

“Oh baby, I don’t mind.  I know you’re as loyal as they come.  And besides, why would I be jealous of someone talking to you at some boring fundraiser when you’re coming back to our bed, hm?”

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juliette-reads  asked:

When were you going to tell me that you're pregnant? +Feysand I've also been greatly enjoying all the little fics you've been writing :)

Thank you, friend!! This is probably not exactly what you were asking for, but for whatever dumb reason, this popped in my head reading the prompt. Hope you like!

BTW peeps: I’m still doing these, just working through them slowly. Feel free to keep sending them and I’ll try to do them when I can. Link to prompt list is at the end. <3

When Feyre rounds the corner into the produce section of the grocery store, the last thing she expects to see is Cassian shoving a watermelon under her husband’s shirt amid a choir of snickers from the pair of them. Cassian has his phone out and is just about to Snapchat a pic when Feyre clears her throat. The boys freeze, Rhys blushing just a tad.

“When were you going to tell me that you’re pregnant?” Feyre asks Rhys pointedly, stifling a smirk.

“Just getting a feel for things,” Rhys says cooly. “We can never be too prepared.”

“Man, don’t drop it!” Cass barks suddenly, seeing the huge melon begin to slip. Rhys removes it without a problem and replaces it on the shelf.

“You two are going to get us kicked out of here if you keep goofing off. We still have a lot of shopping to do and Nesta’s already bit my head off about the right kind of cheese to go with the appetizers.”

Only Nesta could make cheese and crackers feel unbearably stuffy. And as much as Feyre really does trust Nesta’s expert opinion that brie will be best, she’s not going into this dinner without a hunk of good old fashioned cheddar to see her through.

At the mention of Nesta, Cassian’s eyes spark. How he could have forgotten for even one minute that Nesta was within a five miles radius after she’d let the shopping cart slip against his shins is beyond Feyre. “Don’t worry,” Cass says walking swiftly past Feyre and patting her on the shoulder the way he does when ‘the bro’ is winning, as Azriel likes to call it. “I’ve got this.”

Feyre feels Rhys pull up even with her as she watches her friend strut off to face the horrors waiting for him in Dairy.

“I love Cassian,” Rhys says, and Feyre turns back round to face him, “but I think he has a death wish.”

Feyre tisks and pushes the cart toward the lettuce. “Stop, Nesta isn’t that bad.”

“The fact that you need to specify-”


He holds his hands up in surrender and promptly plucks an apple from a nearby stand, juggling it in a way that’s supposed to seem impressive - never mind that it’s only one apple.

Romaine… baby greens… organic… iceberg… Ugh, nobody even likes iceberg. Classic Cesar will do, Feyre decides. Or possibly… The baby greens stare up at her.

She looks back at the watermelon crate Rhys and Cassian had been messing with and feels her stomach tighten. She and Rhys have been together for nearly five years now, if you count the three years they dated before getting hitched. She knows he wouldn’t pressure her. Not ever. But sometimes he makes an offhand comment and she wonders if Rhys might not be considering beyond her present wishes.

Feyre clears her throat. “Rhys?”

“Yes dah-ling,” he says. Neither of them turn around from their respective produce. Feyre’s not sure she could if she tried.

“Did you mean what you said earlier?”

She chances a peek over her shoulder and finds Rhys has swapped his one-apple juggling act for a rather thorough examination of the differences between Fuji and Granny Smith that has his brows knit together. “What’s that?” Rhys asks, and Feyre whips her head back to the salad options.

“About… not being too prepared.”

“Too prepared?”

The misters switch on unexpectedly, dousing the lettuce and Feyre’s outstretched hand with a fine layer of mist that take her by surprise. “Oh!” she yelps and jumps back, some combination of shock and nerves forcing her into motion. Rhys chuckles and slinks over to lean on the cart.

“Don’t worry,” he says with a cheeky grin. “Last I checked, water is actually good for you.”

“Very funny,” Feyre says, the humor not entirely making it past her lips. She feels rather than sees Rhys’s face twitch.

“What’s wrong? If this about Nesta again and whether or not you thinks she’s going to throw a tantrum over your choice of rabbit food, I promise I’ll protect you.”

“Do you want to have a baby?” Feyre blurts out before she can help herself. Her stomach does a back flip just asking the question. They’ve never talked about it before. Not since they were just starting out dating and trying to decide if this was even a good fit. She knows they both want kids. Maybe just a kid. But there’s something terrifying about the idea that Rhys might want one now.

“Feyre,” Rhys says, leaning forward and dropping to a whisper, “you know I enjoy making love to you at all hours of the day, but if you think me shoving a watermelon up my shirt is gonna piss the employees off, I don’t think they’ll appreciate us-”

“I’m serious,” Feyre says, cutting Rhys off. He blinks at her a few times, mouth parted open slightly. But Feyre wants to know. Is determined to know. “Do you want to have a baby?”

Rhys backs up a step. “Do you want to have a baby?”

“I asked you first.” A small flash of intrigue in those deep blue eyes searches her making her feel known and exposed in ways only he’s ever managed.

“Alright,” Rhys says, folding his arms and seeming to sense that she means business. Feyre draws a deep breath waiting. “You know I want to have a kid - eventually. If you’re asking, do I want one right now?” Feyre nods. “No. I don’t think so. I mean, shoot, if it happens, then great. I’ll welcome it with open arms and shove a watermelon up my shirt for nine months so you don’t feel so bad.” Feyre releases a small chuckle at that and Rhys smiles. “Why so curious about kids all of a sudden?”

Feyre rolls her eyes, more at herself than him, and tosses a hand up. “I don’t know. I saw you joking around with Cassian, but then you made that comment and you’ve said stuff in the past, that I just wondered if maybe you were…” She pauses, catches Rhys watching her intently with his brow raised in amusement, and lets out a shaky laugh. “I’m being ridiculous, aren’t I?”

Rhys pulls Feyre into his arms with his own chuckle and it feels like she can finally stop fretting. “No, you’re not. It’s good that we talk about these things. I just don’t understand why you’re so concerned with it? You know we can take our time. And if overgrown melons are all we end up with, we’ll be well fed.”

Feyre snorts. “Now you’re being ridiculous.”

“Yeah, but you can’t deny it’s a good idea.”

“No, I really can’t-”

“Get that out of your nose!”

Both Feyre’s and Rhys’s heads snap to the side where Nesta has found the produce section along with Cassian… who has shoved a small wedge of brie up his nose much to Nesta’s chagrin.

Feyre grimaces. “At least it’s shrink wrapped?” Rhys offers, and then laughs when Feyre smacks her head into his chest with a groan. “Come on,” he says, rubbing up her arms a few times for confidence. “Let’s go sort them out.”

“Go on. I just have to grab some lettuce first.” Rhys nods, heading off.

Feyre looks back down at her options and decides, maybe the baby greens aren’t so bad after all. A nice watermelon salad could be good for spring.

Send me a prompt + otp or brotp and I’ll write a drabble!

losers club headcanon//when they get angry

hi sweethearts!!

this is my first hc ever, but i loved doing this so much, ngl! i really hope you’ll like it!


requests are open! i write about IT, Gotham, Stranger Things, Riverdale, Harry Potter, etc.! (mostly about IT and Gotham lately, but send whatever you like!) feel free to send me something!


requested: no

summary: hc’s for when members of the losers club get angry and how they apologize! but it’s idk

warnings: none? just a bit swearing, but hey, it’s Tozier (also i’m a thrashmouth but,,,)


Richie Tozier

-bitch, he can be literally awful

-if you are friends/couple and he knows you well

-don’t fucking think that he won’t use that knowledge against you

-at the beginning, as your argument is getting worse and worse, he starts to swear even more than usual

-and of course, he will raise his voice, he doesn’t care where you are, on the street, in the supermarket, school, no

-he doesn’t hide with his anger, at least not now

-bill&bev are propably trying to stop him as he is getting more agressive towards you, but they fail miserably

-at some point, when the situation is like, really bad, you just stay quiet, because you don’t know how to respond/you don’t want thing to get even worse, but he is still going??

-ofc doesn’t know where to stop

-he sometimes even uses your flaws/insecurities against you

-and when he does that, someone always stops him there, cause they see your tearing up eyes and how your whole body shakes

-“and Y/N, at least i don’t have some fucking issues with myself! You don’t talk in school, you can’t stand by your-fucking-self, we constantly have to babysit you, cause you can’t take care of yourself! And you will probably never can!”

-“That’s enough, Richie! S-S-Say sorry to Y/N!”

-he leaves immediatly, even when Stan and Eddie try to stop him

-you leave too

-the next day Richie feels so bad

-he wants to apologize, so on his way to your house he picks up some colourful field flowers and although he thinks that “flowers are fucking boring”, he is pretty proud of himself

-he propably stands like, 5 solid minutes until he knocks on your door

-you open them, in your pajamas, and the first thing that he SPITS WITH A SPEED OF LIGHT IS

-“Y/N I’m so sorry for being a jerk yesterday, i didn’t want to make you this upset, i mean, you also were a dickhead, but i went to far, and…”

-he suddenly remembers that he is squeezing these poor flowers in his hand, and he practically shoves them in your face

-and you are so s o f t, because it is very rare for him to say sorry to anyone, and the flowers?? Is this even Richie or some sick clone?

-so you pull him into a thight hug, apologizing as well

-and then you invite him for a breakfast (you know he loves waffles, so you eat waffles with SO MUCH MAPLE SYRUP YOU NEARLY PUKE)

Bill Denbrough

-he doesn’t really get upset very often

-but when he does, it’s propably because of his memories with Georgie/his parents being completly ignorant and cold towards him, and he feels so much bad at the same time, aaaa

-so when you, the person that he admired the most, the person that he lowkey had a crush on, started an argument about how it is too dangerous to face IT now, and mentioned Georgie in this tone…

-oh boy

-you did it only because you were scared that something will happen to him or the other losers, you didn’t mean anything wrong, but this time he didn’t catch it

-he is kinda passive agressive? Like, he doesn’t talk directly about you, but it is so obvious that he IS mad

-„D-Do you h-h-have any b-better ideas? I’m l-listening. S-s-stop acting-g like t-this!”

-his stuter gets either worse, or he doesn’t stutter at all because of strong emotions

-you both feel worse with every word he says, you because you know, that you shouldn’t bring up Georgie, and Billy because he hates yelling at you

-so he quickly stops and feels ashamed

-the bike ride to neibolt is really quiet, and you think about him all the time

-when you finally arrive, Bill approaches you, gently takes your hand and all he says is

-„I-I-I’m really sorry, Y/N”


-you say sorry too, and you weren’t really thinking, but you gave him this adorable, little kiss on the cheek??



-Richie seems annoyed

-“Guys, stop licking your pretty faces and let’s beat this assholes asshole! You will have your gross make out session later!”

Beverly Marsh

-it’s pretty hard for you to make her angry, since you are her best friend

-but you sometimes go too far

-she is really sarcastic an can be pretty fucking mean

-she acts like she doesn’t care, but oh boy she does a lot

-she tries to stay as reasonable as she can

-I imagine these arguments as a… lazy arguments?? Like she probably starts smoking at some point, you don’t scream at each other, you are just fucking annoyed

-“I really don’t know what are you on Y/N, but you are starting to be pain in the ass!”

“Who’s the pain in the ass here, Bev?!”

-“You don’t wanna fucking talk? Fine then!”



-a lot of “fines” lmao

-she gives you the “fucking-annoyed-with-your-shit” look, you give it as well

-you would never bring up her dad, that’s for sure

-and she wouldn’t make fun of you/your insecurities (*cough* RICHIE *cough*)

-you sit in the silence for a while

-you stare at her, when you think that she can’t see you, she does the same thing

-you both say sorry at the same time

-you laugh it all off (“Y/N I swear to god, we are arguing about the weirdest things, we are GODDAMN STUPID”)

Stan Uris

-you don’t agree with him often, which annoys him

-but when you really get into a serious fight…

-2 words


-he is that bitch istg

-and you are so confused?? Why won’t he scream at me? Why isn’t he rude or anything??

-he knows that you hate it, so he is pretty chill as you walk silently through the woods. He is listening to the birds singing, knowing that you will break

-he probably counts down tbh

-you indeed hate it, so much

-you are trying to play it cool, trying to show him that you don’t care

-but within like, 4 minutes you SQUEEZE HIS SHOULDERS AND YELL


-and he just laughs his ass off

-“Y/N I’m honestly surprised, I thought that you will last less than 3 minutes”

-your pride is shaking

-you hit his shoulder, but he is still laughing

-“Stanley Uris I hate you”

-“I know”

Mike Hanlon

-as soon as the argument heats up, he leaves

-he doesn’t talk much, and he is definitely not good at arguments, especially when he argues with someone dear to him

-he works so hard, just to take his mind off it

-but oh god, he feels bad

-he didn’t want to make you feel bad, but he has no idea on what to do

-he asks all the losers for an advice, and finally listens to bev&stan who told him to “just stay true to Y/N, she will listen”

-so that boy goes

-he saw you walking on the street

-“now or never, Mike”

-he didn’t really think about what he was going to say, so for a solid moment he just follows you

-when he is ready, he awkwardly taps your shoulder and start his messy speech

-“Um, Y/N, hi, uhhh… I guess I just wanted to say that I’m really sorry, I didn’t want things… I didn’t want to say what I’ve said, and also sorry for randomly leaving you yesterday? I’m really bad at arguments and… Oh my god, I sound so dumb”

-but you just laugh, because he is so clumsy when he talks

-“it’s ok, Mikey. I know that you didn’t mean that”

-he gets all happy, because it’s better than he expected it to be

Eddie Kaspbrak

-he gets so nervous, oh boy

-I think that you argued about his mother

-“Eds she is being overprotective and mean to all of us! She straight up asked if I have fucking STD! Called Beverly “filthy girl”!”

-he agrees, but is still pissed and won’t admit it

-he needs to use his inhaler all the time, and Richie finds it fucking funny, so Bev hit him

-at some point, where he got really upset, he yelled something like

-“Oh. My God, Y/N stop fucking spitting everywhere when you yell at me, it’s disgusting! Just like you!”

-he didn’t think about what he said, it slipped from his lips so quickly

-he gasped when he realized

-everyone did really

-you considered Eddie your best friend since 6th grade, and it surprisingly hurt more than it should? You argued so many times, but now it just sounded… bad


-you went home, although Ed wanted to say sorry, he just knew that it’s not the best time

-he stands here, looking like a sad puppy following you with his eyes

-but when you disappeared Richie kicked his ass

-“Go get her you dumbass!”

-so he runs after you

-when he finally caught you, he blocked your way

-you had to give him time, he could barely breath after his olympic run

-he just mumbled, between his deep breath-ins

-“Y/N!! I’m… so, so… sorry! Uhhh… I’m… sorry…”

Ben Hanscom

-you literally NEVER argue

-he is so unproblematic aw

-so even if you have your little disagreements, he or you immediately apologize

-you don’t really talk about your feelings, you both prefer writing them down

-so when he wants to say something important he writes a cute little poem

-they always get you all fucked up, you literally cry, they are adorable

-whenever he sees you reading them, he blushes and pretends that he doesn’t know what is going on

-“Poem? Me? I-I would never write something like that, that was not me, not me”

-He is a bad liar.

-“Yes of course, winter fire” you tease him jokingly

A bunch of Yuzu asks

Anonymous said:

Could you tell us a little about what happened in the 2012-2013 National? I know that Yuzu won, some people did not like it and something made him very upset, but I only know that. I tried to look for some information in the GS but I did not find anything.

I think you summed up the chain of events pretty comprehensively there. It was the first Japanese National title for Yuzu, which did not go down well with some people. Most of those unhappy folks were supporters of Daisuke Takahashi, who was at the time the top male skater in Japan and a very, very popular figure with lots and lots of fans. I did not witness it firsthand, but I heard that those disgruntled fans took it upon themselves to make a ruckus during the medal ceremony. Plus after that there was plenty of talk circulating about how Yuzu’s win was undeserved. All of which, of course, made Yuzu quite depressed. I think I read somewhere that the backlash extended further when he didn’t medal at Worlds that year. His performance at London was affected greatly by his injury, and his comeback free skate was, by all accounts, an extraordinary effort, but well, die-hard fans just can’t be reasoned with.

Anonymous said:

Do you remember your reaction to the cup of china 2014?

Oh my lord, yes, only all too well. I’m actually having the shivers just from typing this. I remember being confused at first and then worried and then full-blown panicked and hysterical as Yuzu kept lying there on the ice and no help seemed to be coming. I remember thinking that it was at the same time one of the bravest and the most foolish things I’ve ever seen when he insisted on skating his program. I remember biting my nails and practically hyperventilating every time he went for a jump. I remember feeling, I don’t know how to describe it, emotionally overloaded, I guess, when I watched him break down in tears at the K&C. 

I remember vividly that it was the day I decided that this incredibly brave and foolish kid is my most beloved athlete on the face of Earth and that I would forever support him in whatever he does.

Even now I still get the anxiety whenever I see him in warm-up. Why did you do this to me, anon, why?

Anonymous said:

yuzu’s 4S is the scariest thing, like you never know when he’s gonna land it, and when he does, it’s so insanely beautiful?? I was rewatching seimei at aci and his 4S combo was so fast his quad looked like a triple???? this isn’t a gif request or anything but I just wanna share my admiration at his speed in the air and I know you’ll get it

I totally agree with every of your points, have gone ahead and make a gifset for it, and have gushed my heart out about it too in a lengthy and largely redundant love letter to His Majesty :D If there’s any positive takeaway from that disastrous free skate at SCAC, I’d say it’s the confidence he seems to have gained on his quad Salchow, or as I like to joke:

that awkward moment when you fell on your best jump popped your second best jump and nailed your least reliable quad 

#just yuzuru things 

Anonymous said:

i feel like yuzu sometimes changes his biellman to an a spin if he’s not doing well in the program? does the biellman take effort apart from flexibility? or does the a spin allow him to think like, oh what should i yolo later   

The Biellmann position is quite taxing on his back and shoulder and Yuzu doesn’t really need it to hit level 4 on his free skate combination spin, so yes, when he doesn’t feel well enough he will skip it. Like at 4CC this year, he said he was feeling a bit stiff, so he didn’t do a Biellmann in either his free skate or the gala after. Another advantage of switching to an A-spin is that it’s an easier position to hold, so it would allow Yuzu to slow down or speed up accordingly to bring his choreography back in sync with the music, in case he missed a beat or two earlier due to a flubbed jump :)

Anonymous said:

I know you mentioned you’re currently working on skating skills/spinning tech posts, so if you kind of cover my question in those, please ignore this ask!! there seems to be a varied consensus on yuzuru’s spins - some say he’s the best in the field at the moment, and I wanted to know if you agree/disagree/other, and if you think his technique has worsened at all in recent years? (thanks for all the magnificent posts btw, i live for them <3)

I wouldn’t say Yuzu is the absolute best spinner in the men’s field right now. He’s one of the best though, that’s for sure :) In a post which has been in my draft since dinosaurs walked the earth, I’m comparing his spins to Jason Brown’s and when I eventually post it (hopefully later today if I manage to make all the gifs I want to make to go with it), you’ll see that my position (no pun intended) is that they’re on the same level.

As to the development of Yuzu’s spin technique over time, I’d like to recycle these gifs:

SP Étude in D-sharp minor, 2011-2012 season:  

SP Let’s Go Crazy, 2016-1017 season:

Doesn’t look like his spin is becoming any rustier with time: flexibility, control, balance, musicality, everything is still there. If anything, he’s been getting better at gaining speed, especially during sit spins, plus both his flying entries and jumps within spins are becoming a lot more stable:

(appreciate also that smooth transition out of the Biellmann - it’s a new feature developed just last season, you know)

Lance AU

Part 1
AHGGGGG ITS BEEN SO LONG!! I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED THIS AND HAD TO REWRITE IT CUZ IM AN IDIOT WHO DIDNT SAVE!! 😿Uhggg but yeah there are some notes at the bottom and hope you enjoy!!

  • When they got on Blue, Lance realized that the communicators were still not working properly. They kept blinking in and out and Lance couldn’t tell any locations. (He could only see a location for a few seconds before it turned off)
  • So Lance and Kairi wandered from planet to planet for a few days. (They obviously needed food and supplies) And while there, they helped with whatever they could. Lance also took time to try to fix the communicators.
  • Then, one day, they hear about some space lions fighting the Galra on a nearby planet.(Lance ofc knows who it is) So they quickly pack up, get on Blue, and make their way to the battle.
  • However on their way, Lance panics. “What if they don’t need me?” “Kai, what if they’ve forgotten me?” “Kai, I’m scared.” “Kai.” And he just breaks down. Kairi tries their hardest to calm Lance down, reminding him of how brave and smart he is. How he helped them realize that they were something else besides a “killing machine.” How he helped all those people in the planet. How many lives he saved. How important he is. That he IS the blue paladin and HE CANT be replaced. (Kairi is just doing what Lance did all those times when Kairi themselves had their moments.)
  • Kai calms Lance down and eventually they come upon the battle. The battle was ugly. Thats the only way Lance could describe it. The Lions were getting beaten up pretty badly and the Galra just kept coming. (Lance to the rescue cuz hes BOMB AF)
  • They make their way towards the others, fighting the Galra from behind, and almost get shot down a few times. Upon arrival, the others don’t seem to notice the Blue Lion. They fight side by side and it wasn’t until Lance heard someone say “Cover me from behind!” and had replied “I got you.” that they noticed his presence. (communicators were now working for some reason??? Maybe cuz they were close to each other?? Idk)
  • Lance could feel their surprise and joy as the slowly began to realize who had replied. They were ecstatic… Pidge and Hunk were crying. Keith was laughing and Shiro was telling Lance so many good things. “They always loved you,” Kai whispered to him. “Yeah.” Lance replied.
  • However after the battle, they were getting off of their ships when Lance realized that times had changed. Lance had made the mistake of believing everything would be the same.


Reason For Blue Not Working: Okay so for the technology thing… at first I was also like ??? But then I thought about it and so you know how Voltron is really old and the lions have their own self-repair features well Blue was in such bad shape that she couldn’t repair herself and like Lance, hes smart, but his fortitude isnt in repairing technology so it takes him a while to actually start fixing Blue. And theres the thing that he has to find really old pieces that Blue needs. Which are really hard to find and expensive af. But by that time he gets some he kinda lost hope that the others were coming to find him so Blue tells him she’ll keep trying to fix herself and he should just live in the planet for awhile.
How They Met: For the attack in which they met… I was kinda thinking it was like a inner-planet battle. Like similar to two countries fighting each other. And Lance is obviously on the good side. BUT @nickbuymeaburger came up with the awesome idea that Kairi came from a Galra attack. The Galra had them as a prisoner and trained them to be a killer… but they’re actually not Galra.
Name: SO THE NAME!! I really had no idea what to name them but I came up with some ideas and shared them with @nickbuymeaburger, who also had ideas. So thats when “Kairi" came out… and I had wanted “Kai” soooo I just decided to use both because why not? We also said that when Lance took them in, he asked for their name and they told him some numbers/codes and Lance is like “NUH UH NO SIRRY!! NOT IF I CAN HELP IT!” So he tells him that his new name is “Kairi” which stands for sea in Hawaiian. (hunk told him btw) And its his favorite place in the universe so that makes “Kairi” his favorite person too.

BUT YEAH… if any of you all are confused or just want to talk about any ideas that you all have, feel free to message or ask me!! I LOVE READING YOUR THOUGHTS!!
So its come to my attention that my AU is similar to an AU from @nuro-does-art, which you can find here. Of course it was never my intention to copy them and im really sorry for any troubles. We also both have different ideas and i hope to see how both of them develop. Sooooo go check out their blog!! They are really nice and their AU is really good too! Anyways, Sorry once again!!
the weekend.

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genre: angst // sidehoe!reader

word count: 2.5k

semi based on the weekend by sza who btw is my wife

Everything about him should’ve screamed warning to you, but it didn’t. This was your typical bad boy scenario, except that he didn’t need to take you over to the dark side; you were already there. You would be running around the city at 4am as if it was child’s play, with a fag, maybe a joint in your mouth; every other weekend you’d be in a different guy’s bed. Why? You had no reason, you just did. No, you didn’t come from a broken home, your family was great. No, you didn’t come out of a bad relationship, you’ve never really been serious with anyone. You were perfectly okay, you just did this because you could and because it felt good.

Meeting Yoongi was the biggest coincidence in your life. You were at your friend’s gig, supporting her or whatever, but after a while it got a little boring and you decided to grab a bite from somewhere that would still be open at 11pm. It really wasn’t difficult to find a place, except the place you found was filled with people and there were no spare tables available. “I have some spare seats if you wanna join?” a voice called from a table to your right. You turned to see the stranger; he was screaming soft boyfriend aesthetics but also ‘I could really fuck you up’; slowly you made your way over and took a seat opposite the man.

“Who would you be?” he smiled as he offered his hand. “I’m ___, ___ ___. You are?” “I’m Yoongi, Min Yoongi.” he chuckled as he signed for you to take a seat opposite him. “What made you want me to sit here? There’s plenty of other people with free seats.” you asked the attractive looking guy. “You’re cute, that’s why.” he bluntly replied. The two of you spoke for a couple of hours before he took you back to your place. “You are single, right?” you asked him as you entered his car. “Yeah, I’m just talking to this other girl but we’re not exclusive or anything.” “Good enough for me.”

You knew Yoongi wasn’t single, you knew he had other girls but every time he called you you just couldn’t decline him. Fucking every weekend had become a regular thing and after every fuck, you always asked him why he kept coming to you when he already had a girl, even if they were ‘just talking’. “It’s because you’re better, babygirl.” he’d tell you. “You know it’s not healthy and she’ll find out sooner or later, right?” “Not if neither of us talk about this.” You couldn’t help but give in though, you felt sorry for yourself, you didn’t have anyone, you were lonely and needed another body close to your own. “Don’t you ever feel bad for her though?” you asked him, this was the first time you ever did. “Why do you care so much? I’m just talking to her, nothing serious. I promise.” he smiled as he placed a gentle kiss on your forehead.

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Dianakko~ Sick Of Losing Soulmates

Part 11/???

Story so far: (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(5.5)(6)(7)(8)(9)(10)(11)

Summary: In a world where you can find out who your soul mate is with their final breath, it is reasonable why Diana grew up to be who she is now. (Soulmate Au- where they are words of soulmate’s is on your skin of when you first meet them or your last)

A/N Thanks for waiting and if I don’t have people screaming at me I will considered my job as an angst writer a failure, that being said… Enjoy~

Chapter 11~Friday part 2

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Can I get UT, UF Sans + US, SF Papyrus reacting to a close friend texting them and asking if they've eaten dinner, the skelly hasn't eaten in a while and replies with something like "nah, i'm already too fat/i'm tryna lose the weight of my problems" and the friend never replies back. Five minutes later the door to their house bursts open and the friend is there with bags of food and aggressively yells "I SPRINTED THROUGH MULTIPLE BLOCKS AND YOU'RE GONNA F'KIN EAT, YA HEAR ME!?"

Okay so sorry for all the texting in this, but I can’t explain how much I love domestic texting between friends. This turned into small drabbles btw and sorry if they didn’t turn out the way you wanted them to, I got carried away. 

I also put a keep reading on this, I think I’m going to start doing that on the very long posts. Tell me if it doesn’t work on mobile and I’ll remove it or try and work around it.

UT!Sans: -When he gets the first message he just thinks you’re looking to invite him out for some grub, but he’s honestly not feeling like heading to Grillby’s right now. Still, he doesn’t see any reason to lie to you. So he sends a quick message back.

5:21 pm - nah, but my bones are big enough already. dont need extra weight on them.

He waits for a few minutes. Nothing happens. Did you just forget to reply back? It says that you read it… He figures that you probably just forgot though, or you headed out for dinner by yourself. He’s content with this reasoning as he turns back to the TV, sinking deep into the couch cushions. He gets two more minutes of TV watching before the front door is slammed open, and for a second he’s sure that Undyne is here, until you step into his line of vision. Your face is red and you’re trying to catch your breath. You also have a slight manic look on your face that is making him question if it’d be wise to ask why you’re here.

‘’Um… Y/N?’’ he says trying to make sense of your messy form.

You’re still panting as you set two delicious smelling bags on the coffee table in front of him. You bend over and put your hands on your knees, breathing almost normally now.

‘’What are you doing here?’’ he asks again.

You look up at him, takes a deep breath while you straighten yourself and then from nowhere you yell at him.


Normally he’d say a joke, or argue just for the fun of it. But your eyes are showing genuine concern, and you did go out of your way to make sure he’d eat. So instead he moves over on the couch and pats the seat next to him.

‘’Jeez, kid. Talk about home delivery,’’ he laughs while looking away from you.

You make your way over to him and plop down on the couch with a sigh. Leaning back and stretching out your limbs you make a grabby gesture for the bags, which are still sitting on the table. He smiles wryly and gestures with his hand making the bags float towards you. You grab one of them with a contented smile and then rips it open, digging in on whatever is inside. Handing him the left over ketchup packets, which he stores in his pocket for later use. He does the same and you both turn to face the TV. When you’ve finished the meals, you both sit in a comfortable silence. Enjoying each other’s presence while watching one stupid show after the other.

He can’t help but feel like this is the kind of friendship he’s always wanted.

UF!Sans: - An annoying electronic chime woke him up from his sleep. He grunted and fumbled around in complete darkness until his hand felt something hard on his bed. Reaching out he grabbed ahold of his phone and tried to find the home screen button. He winced when the bright light blinded him, trying to cover his eye sockets. Swearing, he turned the brightness down and opened his new text message. Your contact named showed up as the phone loaded your recent conversation, you’d sent him a couple of texts while he’d been asleep and he read through them carefully.

6:34 pm - Yo Red, what’d you eat for dinner today?

6:44 pm - RED

6:46 pm - Red answer me I need to know

6:47 pm - Did you fall asleep again?

6:58 pm - Okay that’s it, I’m coming over and I’m bringing food. You better be up and ready or I am dragging your bony butt out of bed

Wait you were doing what? He looked at the time. 7:00 pm. Shit you’d be here soon. He threw himself off the bed, but his legs got tangled in the bed sheets and instead of standing up, he fell on the floor face first. Grunting he tried to get up, when he heard someone knock on the front door. Panicking he flailed around even more, managing to get the sheets stuck between his fibula and tibula. He stood up on one leg, and hopped around while trying to untangle himself from his prison of bedsheets and blankets. Just as he was standing there bent forward and hopping on one leg, the door opened. He looked up like a deer in headlights and saw you standing in his door opening. Flushed face, panting and desperately trying to hold back a grin.

‘’The fuck you lookin’ at,’’ he grunted as he once again fought to get free.

‘’Oh nothing-’’ you said, leaning against the doorframe -’’just enjoying the performance.’’

He muttered something that sounded like a quiet fuck you, and then finally got his leg free and stood up straight. Stretching, he managed to pop his back in a few places and he grunted in satisfaction. He walked past you and into his living room. Turning to look as you followed him out.

‘’Did ya bring food?’’ he asked.

‘’Yes,’’ you replied simply. ‘’And you are going to eat it’’

‘’I don’t need any more food, I’m heavy enough as it is.’’

You turned around and gave him a dangerously calm look.

‘’I just sprinted through a lot of blocks to get you this food,’’ you said walking closer to him. ‘’And you are going to eat every. last. fucking. bit. You hear me?’’ Your voice was low and almost threatening, and your eyes gleamed of determination.

He never thought that he’d call his small human friend scary, but that look you were giving him chilled him to the bones. And the smell of the food broke his will down, you bought him food for hells sake. He wasn’t about to turn that down.

‘’Fine,’’ he muttered and sat down on the couch.

You smiled and joined him, tossing him one of the bags while opening your own. You ate in silence, the only sounds coming from the TV playing in front of you both. It wasn’t until you had both finished your food and was sat quietly watching the show that a thought entered his head. He never gave you a key to his flat…

‘’How the hell did you get in here??’’

US!Papyrus: Papyrus sucks at looking after himself. And he never pays attention to when he should be sleeping or eating. Meaning that when he’s up playing video games in the middle of the night, it’s safe to presume that he has not been eating anything other than a few snacks for the past hours. This night was one of those nights.

He just never bothered to keep track of time.

He did know that it was late, though. Way too late for anyone to be texting him. Which is why he jumped when his phone went off next to him on the floor.

He glanced at it quickly but then looked back at the TV, doing his best not to die before the event had been completed. About five seconds from pulling through, someone shot him from behind and he fought the urge to yell in frustration as his characters sank down on the ground. He flopped backwards with a sigh and lifted his phone to read the message. Smiling slightly when he saw your name on the screen.

12:54 am - Heyyy you up?

Were you drunk or bored? Scientists can’t tell he thought and snorted at his own joke. He typed out a lazy text and waited a few seconds on your reply.

1:01 am - yea im up

1:02 am - Can’t sleep?

1:02 am - wasnt tryin, you?

1:03 am - Me neither, what’d you eat today?

1:04 am - I dont think i ate anything tbh, why

No reply. Did you fall asleep or just ditch him? He should probably go to bed then. But he can’t be bothered to get off the floor. And he’s not feeling tired enough to fall asleep where he is. Maybe he should just stay there for a while. Meditate or something.

His phone chimed again and he unlocked it as he lifted it to his face

1:09 am - Open your door

1:10 am - what ?

1:10 am - I am outside your house, open the front door or I’m climbing through your window

There was no way you were outside his house. And he didn’t feel like getting up and walking into the prank willingly

1:11 am - i call bluff on this

He waited for your comeback, where you’d desperately try and get him to go out and check the front of his house. But he wasn’t going to do that. He wasn’t about to let you own him like that, he’s not stupid.

A knock on the window made him jump and scramble to his feet. You sat on the roof under his window in a crouch. When you saw that you had grabbed his attention you started frantically gesturing for the lock. He stared at you for a while, to your obvious irritation, until he walked forwards and opened the window. You jumped in and opened your backpack on the floor, pulling out two bags of take out food. You checked the content of them both, and then handed him one while you started eating from yours. He took it from you but continued staring at you.

‘’Are you going to open it?’’ you asked with your mouth full of food.

‘’It’s the middle of the night,’’ he said. ‘’What are you doing here?’’

‘’I wanted take out food. And I wanted to eat it with you. And since you’re so stupid that you can’t even get your own food, I decided to bring it to you,’’ you said simply, still munching away on your food.

He sat down in front of you, but still didn’t touch his bag. You looked up at him, and this time you looked even more irritated then before.

‘’Listen dude, I worked hard for that food, so you better fucking eat it,’’ you said in an angry voice.

‘’Listen dude,’’ he said mimicking your voice. ‘’I’m trying to loose the weight of my problems here.’’ He tried giving you the food back.

Your eyes widened a little, and your face softened. You leaned forward and pushed the bag back into his hands.

‘’Please eat, Papy,’’ you said in a much softer voice, your eyes almost pleading.

Deciding to give up he sat beside you and picked at the contents of his bag. For take out food, it looked surprisingly non greasy. Still good though. He picked it up and started eating, while reaching for his TV remote to put on some night tv. You ate in silence for a while, until you stood up and flopped down on his bed. He did the same and crawled over you so he was laying facing the wall. Saying your goodnights, you slowly drifted off to sleep.

He woke up the next day to an empty bed and an open window.

SF!Papyrus: When Rus gets in a low mood, taking care of himself doesn’t seem all that important. He’s not lazy, really. More apathetic. Doing chores and errands for his brother and superior keeps his mind busy and his hands occupied, letting him get through the day a little easier. But when he’s alone at night, everything becomes a little harder. And self care turns into a chore he’s not motivated enough to do.

He’d rather just wrap himself in a blanket and quietly suffer in silence, waiting it out. Hoping to feel a little better soon.


He’s drifted off to sleep without even noticing, dreamless and exhausted despite it not even being 5 pm yet. When he slowly drifts back to conscousness he feels like he could sleep for a week more. But something woke him up, and he should probably see what that was.

His phone lights up with a soft ding. Showing two text notification and several others from social media. Grunting softly, he flipped over and reached out for it. Fumbling before his fingers got a good grip. He brought the phone closer to him, trying to unlock it while rubbing the sleep off his face. He got the passcode wrong three times before he managed to steady his hand enough to tap it in. Insisting on doing it with his thumb instead of holding the thing with both hands.

Your name shows up on the screen, along with the many emojis you’d used when you added yourself as a contact on his phone. He feels like smiling at the thought, but he’s too tired to move his face. So he starts reading the messages you sent him instead.

5:07 pm - Hey Papyrus

5:07 pm - What’d you have for dinner today?

He wants to type out some made up bullshit and go back to sleep. But you don’t deserve lies when you’re showing concern. This thought actually makes him smile, you’re so sweet.

5:10 pm - Haven’t eaten yet

Good, that wasn’t a lie. But he still wouldn’t worry you enough for you to take action. Meaning he could go back to sleep again.

5:10 pm - Papyrus you have to eat!!!!

Or not…

5:11 pm - I’m on a diet, it’s called ‘’how to loose the weight of your problems by not eating’’

That probably wasn’t the smartest thing to send you he thought. Shit he didn’t want to worry you before, why would he send you that. Like this wasn’t going to make you worry. God that was so stupid.

His phone made another sound, you’d sent him another message.

5:13 pm - Ok that’s it

Wait what

5:13 pm - what

What the hell were you doing? He flopped down onto the bed and put a hand over his eye sockets. Whatever it was he’d started now, he wasn’t feeling up for it. He honestly just wanted to go back to sleep. But instead he waited for your message, where you would explain what was going on. It never came. And eventually he felt his eyes slowly start creeping together. And his hand slid away from his face, coming to a rest on his pillow as he turned his body sideway. A minute later and he was sound asleep, snoring softly while curled around himself.

A sound woke him up, much louder than the first time. He sat up as he heard footsteps approaching. Expecting it to be his brother, he started to frantically straighten his clothing, intending to appear as if he hadn’t been asleep for the last god knows how long.

The footsteps were even closer now.

Suddenly his door flew open, slamming into his wall and most likely leaving a mark in the drywall. You stormed in, closed the door just as hard as you’d pushed it open, and then stormed over to him.

‘’I-’’ you started while still marching towards him-’’just ran like a hundred blocks to get you this food, so you are going to eat every last bit!’’ Your voice was loud and you sounded close to angry.

He blinked at you for a few seconds. ‘’I didn’t need food,’’ he said finally. His quiet voice a contrast to your own.

‘’I don’t care,’’ you answered. ‘’Knowing you, you probably haven’t eaten all day. And even if you have, you’re still eating dinner. Now move over and make some room for me’’

You hopped up in his bed before he got a chance to follow orders. And then you threw one of the bags in his direction, before you opened your own. He caught his bag midair and held it in his hands for a few moments. Then he resigned. Leaning over he grabbed his laptop and set it up on his nightstand, putting on his recently watched show on netflix. He figured that he’d have to right to choose the entertainment after you practically broke into his apartment. Besides, he knew that you had seen the show already.

You both ate in a comfortable silence, caught up in the show. Every now and then, he would glance back at you. Study you. He knew humans could be loyal, a trait that had mostly been lost by monsters. And he didn’t doubt that your concerns were genuine. But in his quiet curiosity one question always came back to him.

Why did you care so much?

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Hiii I love your starmora fics do #22 please? (btw I'm kinda new in the starmora fandom so I wanna say hi again hiiii!)

22. Things you said after it was over

Also for @enigma731

Missing scene from Vol 2

Gamora woke up on a couch with no idea how she got there, but with a vague memory of panic in her chest. She didn’t recognize the ship she was in and there was a pressure on her hand.

“You’re up,” Peter said when she turned her head and saw him there, sitting across from her and holding her hand. His voice was rough, shaky.


How was he there? The last thing she remembered, he had been trapped in Ego’s core. She’d tried to go save him and then… nothing. Had she dreamed the whole thing?

“Yeah, it’s me.” There were tear tracks on his face. Why? She was having a bit of trouble processing everything.

Then she sat up and glanced at the couch next to her, saw Mantis laying there still unconscious, and it came crashing down on her: yes, this is real, he should have died but he’s alive, he’s here. She wrenched her hand away from his as fast as possible in order to launch herself at him, wrapping him in the tightest hug she could without squeezing the breath from his body.

“Peter.” She felt the pressure of his arms around her, the strength of his back beneath her hands, and she tried to take it all in, reassure herself that he was really alive. Tears prickled the corner of her eyes, sheer relief nearly overwhelming her.  

“Are you okay?” she asked. She needed it confirmed in every possible way; she could see him, feel him, and she needed to hear him.

“I’m alive,” he said unsteadily, slightly muffled against her shoulder. “And you’re alive. But…” he trailed off, and Gamora finally registered that the tear tracks on his face must have been there for a reason.

“How?” she whispered. “How did you make it back?”

“Yondu, he….” he choked on a sob, pulling her into him even more, possibly the tightest she’d ever been held in her life. It was clear that whatever had happened, Yondu hadn’t survived it.

“I’m so sorry, Peter.” She squeezed him even harder, bringing one hand up to cradle the back of his head, and just let him cry, let herself feel the relief at having him back. Twice that day, she’d thought he was going to die, and twice he had survived and come back to her.

Gamora had to admit that she had never really liked or trusted Yondu. Peter always had mixed emotions when he talked about him, and what she’d seen of him herself hadn’t exactly given her a good impression.

But all she knew now was that he was the reason Peter was alive, and that was enough for her to be grateful to the man forever.

Peter calmed after a few moments, pulling back. Gamora reluctantly let her arms drop, but kept one of her hands on his wrist, needing some point of contact. He used his free hand to wipe the tears off his cheeks. “Sorry,” he muttered.

“Don’t be,” she said gently.

When he looked at her, his eyes were haunted and red-rimmed. “Not for crying. Although I did get your shirt wet.” He smiled, but it fell quickly. “I mean… I’m sorry I said Ego was my family. I didn’t… family doesn’t have to be blood. I get that now.” He turned his wrist over to hold her hand again.

Gamora fought the desire to ask him what had happened. She didn’t know exactly how long she’d been out, but she could tell it would be too soon, too raw for him. “It’s okay, Peter. I understand. You always wanted a father.”

He let out a watery laugh. “I think I actually had one. I had one the whole time. And I have a family, too.” He stroked her knuckles with his thumb and took a deep, shuddering breath. “I’m so glad you’re alive, Gamora.”

She bit her lip in a vain attempt to keep the emotion out of her voice. “I’m glad you’re alive too, Peter. I thought…”

“I know.” This time it was him who pulled her in for a hug, gentler and less urgent than the last, but no less comforting. She sighed into the embrace, thinking that there was no way she could deny her feelings for him at this point. More importantly, she had no real desire to anymore.

This wasn’t exactly the time to tell him, but she didn’t think she’d be able to hold it in much longer. Besides, the way he was holding her, the hand that was gently playing with her hair, the way she was stroking his – he probably already knew.

End of the year Aura Fluff!

I was thinking about how we used to do these aura fluff things and how we haven’t done any in a while and thought it would be a nice way to end 2017. I’m just going to say a bit about what I am appreciative of this year and then fluff some auras by just tagging some lovelies. If anyone else wants to participate just go right ahead and make your own post, no need to wait to be tagged!

I just want to do this because while we have had an amazing year with a beautiful wedding and an incredible musical and so many other things we’ve also had a lot of shake-ups with the show and in the fandom. This year has been a crazy ride but we’re still here. No matter your current opinion on the show we have all loved it and we have all loved this beautiful ship of dreams so I just want to say thank you. Thank you for being here. Thank you for contributing in whatever way you have, no matter how big or small, and thank you for being a friend and fellow fandom family member. 

So I’m about to get super sappy, forgive me, but I just want to say how appreciative I am of this rag tag group of people I’m following on this crazy site. It’s been a hell of a year and I have had many moments where I didn’t really know how to keep fighting but this silly show about hope and fairytales and the people I have come to know through it are the main reason I am still here fighting the good fight. This show gives me hope and that has become so important to me but it’s you guys that make the real difference. You let me know I am not alone and even when I’m keeping quiet about what I am going through I know that there are people on here who I can go to if I need it. I can’t put into words how much that means to me and how big of an impact you guys have had on my life. I know I’m not the best at keeping in touch with people and maintaining friendships, I’m pretty awful at it actually. I get in moods where I don’t want to talk to anyone and then so much time goes by that I figure no one really wants to talk to me anymore so I’ve lost touch with a lot of people. But somehow I still know that I can go to some of you if I really need it and I hope you all know you can come to me if you need it. I don’t know where I would be without you lovely crazy bunch. 

May this next year bring you all happiness, love, good health and good fortune. 

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I’m going to just tag a bunch of people that I want to give a little aura fluff to. Whether we have spoken or you wrote a fic I enjoyed, made art or gifs that cheered me up and inspired me or even just made a silly post one time that made me laugh then you’ve had an impact on my year and I really appreciate you. 

(Being tagged doesn’t mean you have to do this btw & feel free to ignore if you aren’t into this sort of thing. Also I know I am going to end up forgetting some people and I keep losing track of people who have changed urls so I apologize it’s been a very long past couple of days and I haven’t had much sleep so I’m bound to forget someone but know that even if I don’t include you on this list you are still important to me!)

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I totally had plans to type shit out last night and now that I’m awake I can’t remember half of if

But yes, antagonists, especially the type I’m trying NOT to like, are such a PAIN. I’m so impressed by characters I wanna just. Push off a cliff when I play games or watch shows but ohhh is it so hard for me to create one for some reason

here’s a few Sort of

Also I’m on mobile and can’t do a read more I am So Sorry


I don’t know if she’s in the “god I hate her” category, but she is definitely unpleasant to work with. A nasty extortionist who mostly just wants your Money and your Things. She’s also an usem hunter and escort (and Business owner?).Theres rumors that some of the people her group guides never make it to their destination (and croc suddenly has interesting new stuff to sell).
She’s a Genuine Designer, but she doesn’t like or trust other Designers..most of them are rich and snotty, but not her!! She was saved up for, a very expensive baby right there. The zone she grew up in was a very tense one; some areas in the US at this point are a bit..militarized. So. But of a rough baby life there, to partially explain her callousness (and distaste for the rich/corporate entities/military that Own Everything).
She has a main pack she does everything with, the most notable being two army grade Mods (tentatively nicknamed Castor and Pollux)

Unnamed Corporation
That’s right, there’s a fucking. Weyland-Yutani Umbrella Corp type corporation at play in this world!!!!
They own. Goddamn. Everything. Genetic labs, prisons, company housing, bioengineering research facilities, military grade AI, Moderator Development Facilities……. put those last two together and you have about 2/3rds of the entire military right there, btw.
Soooo much shit is their brand. Your implants, your prosthetics, your fuckin. Socks, probably.

This is the corporation Ben n Tonks’s parents work for! And the one that, when two worried kids of their employees are like “hi our parents haven’t contacted us in a month, what’s up?” give them one of those suspicious bullshit automated replies. Begin story There


Corrupt Archive Leaders?
This is less Corporate Evil and more of..an unfortunate power imbalance that resulted from events out of their control.
So like..The big problem in archives is that MANY MANY people were yanked from their homes, and plonked onto an alien planet that only had readily available accommodations for a Fraction of the population.
The key word here is Alien: there are no domesticated animals, no crops that have been carefully altered through human intervention for a millennia, they are essentially having to start from scratch in many cases. People don’t even have Dogs anymore!! For gods sake!!
Compare that to the archives themselves! A colony..city..thing. Lovely place, very efficient on energy and materials, nice cozy places for ppl to live, etc etc.
But..this was developed..slowly..over time..they don’t have Mass Access to resources to allow them to EXPAND as quickly as a sudden giant influx in an uprooted population would like them to.
People outside the archives have to restart with what little help they can get, and people inside continue on with their (now a little more crowded) but pleasant accommodations. It starts out very helpful!! Very “for the good of all humanity, we must do our best 2 come together and provide for eachother!!”
But good things never last, do they
Current day archives is a good way into the future. Archives expand, but at the same time get a bit Stingy with their resources..
People outside have started to spread out and settle, but it’s still very rough. There’s no shops where you can just go out and buy whatever you need (well. Maybe in very limited supply from the archives you can get some things), there’s plenty of conflict. Enough that people decide HEY!!! WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE HOOLIGANS!!!! ARCHIVES HELP US OUT HERE
So they decide to ship them off to Euphrates (the grafter planet), to a modified facility they have there!! It’s more immediate than spending forever trying to build a prison or sending every one of these people to a therapist/giving them the Stuff they actually Need. SO JUST THROW EM ON THE NEXT PLANET OVER, SOUNDS GOOD!
Give that like a decade or two as things settle even more and then you get people sending people off for, very questionable reasons. Especially people that make offenses against anyone in The Archives, who have Control of all the Good Shit.
Also, I heard they don’t even drop them at the facility anymore..I’ve heard that they just pick a spot and leave em there…..do u think it’s true???

Glib is another scientist on Euphrates. She helped discover plenty of things, especially about the “fungus”! But. Not usually in the most eeeuuhhh ethical, ways.

-Probably a fair amount of Euphrates residents that are legitimately terrifying people and not just soft babies unlucky enough to have been born there

-Definitely a bunch of folks in the archives, like the ones that send Too Nosy Journalists off to the Hell Planet

That’s it that’s all I’ve somewhat Solidly got, I’m working on some revenants stuff tho so We’ll See what happens there

entrancedmind  asked:

Hey Ella, Trance question: Have you any tips for improving in hypnosis via text? I'd very much like to, I'm just not sure how...


So I’m going to give this question my best try but- in all honesty, text trancing is still fairly new to me and not my personal forte. I’m tagging a whole bunch of people below who will likely have more knowledge/better tips than me.

Here are a few things I do off the top of my head:

1. There’s a misconception that hypnosis has to involve a sleep-like state. Obviously having someone close their eyes and relax as though sleeping is not going to work if you’re doing hypnosis over text. Instead of using analogies to sleep, talk about hypnosis as a state of comfortable, relaxed focus- where you can tune everything out and just concentrate on following the words. Talk about that sense of absorption people experience when they are watching TV or reading a favorite book. (Bonus points if you know your subject well enough to know what flow states they’ve already experienced- feel free to utilize those!) Also- realize that if someone is chatting with you over text, they are already likely in a relaxed, focused state- you can pace and lead the fact that they are already focusing, already staring, and already blocking out other distractions. They are absorbing and focusing on your words long before you really start a formal induction.* Utilize that.

2. You see that big block of text up there on question number 1? Don’t do that. A lot of text hypnosis is about the pacing and rhythm

The words can just flow

in a natural way

from thought to thought

and you can just



and breathe

into the moment

as they come and go

as quickly or as slowly

as your thoughts still

right here**

Know that while you’re typing there are going to be pauses- so you can utilize those in your rhythm. I type slowly so I tend to set sort of a drifty rhythm when I am doing text trance. I have a friend who can type quickly and will send a quick barrage of quick, clipped phrases in an overload- so when they give a space their subject really absorbs that particular suggestion. Play around with your pacing- find something that works for you.

Protip: I haven’t mastered this but

You can use the shape your text takes too

To narrow your subject’s attention

So shorter sentences become

Shorter thoughts become

Quiet and still

that just


( @fallinginward was the one who showed me this, I believe- perhaps they could give a better example?)

3. I know people who will do clever things with font choices: You Focus Here and absorb the words that you don’t notice that you notice. ***

 I know of at least one person who has used the markouts as part of a confusion induction. If you have a pedantic friend, you can also use purposeful misspellings to draw their attention to certain words or create confusion/overload element. Utilize your medium!

4. Get feedback. Set up early on that a person can be deeply in trance and still type and respond to questions (or indicate if they need a modification/need to come out of trance for whatever reason/need to safe word). Not only is this a good safety suggestion, but it also helps you  a medium where you can’t see or hear the person you’re hypnotizing to know how they are responding. You can also set it up so that your subject can type a  response (like a “mmmm” or a smiley face) when you say something that is particularly nice or effective. I’ve been on the receiving end of this suggestion and it is really nice to be able to indicate what is working for me in such a clear and non-interfering way.

Feel free to ask questions. Feel free to set up a 0-10 scale and have the person indicate how deep a trance they feel like they are in. Feel free to set up and use yes sets. 

5. Speaking of safety, set up that a person will easily and comfortable come out of trance if their internet connection dies. 

6. Set up the idea that a certain letter is going to send the person deeper into trance. You don’t know what it is- and they can feel free to select one consciously or let their unconscious mind pick one for them. But every time they see this letter, it’s a cue for their unconscious to send them a little deeper into trance. (I think I stole this from @theleeallure, I’m not sure?)

7. Set up suggestions around pauses. “And while I type there may be times where there’s a space or a silence. And I don’t know if you’ll use that time to read and re-absorb the last words I wrote, making them more and more true for you,  or if you’ll just use it as an opportunity to sink further into that quiet, peaceful space.” (Or, y’know- something better than that.)

8. I’ve done a thing where someone was mindlessly typing a mantra over and over while I fed them suggestions to focus on. That was a nice effect even if I don’t think it’s the best idea to help someone  absorb complex suggestions. (It’s a nice bit of overload if nothing else- good for setting up suggestions you’ll give in earnest later.)

Thank you for the question @entrancedmind! I’m going to tag a whole bunch of people here who I think will have much better answers than me: @sebsteerpike, @erogenousmind, @fallinginward, @banana-pie-gaige, @soundshypnotic, @mr-prism, @spiralturquoise, @vivehypno.  I know a bunch of hypnosis folks got their start in Sleepychat or other IRCs so I’m sure there’s a wealth of knowledge and technique out there! Feel free to respond or tag me and @entrancedmind in a separate post if you have tips!

*Even though this is true, you want to make sure you’ve negotiated in a way that both parties are comfortable with before you start inducing trance- even if you are being sneaky about your actual induction.

**And I’d be curious what percentage of my readers found that effective vs. which percentage found it really annoying. I occasionally turn into a really confusing slam poet of a hypnotist.

***Be more subtle than that, btw. I kind of hate myself right now.

Spuffy in Older And Far Away

I think Older And Far Away has become my favourite spuffy episode. There are others I love of course, a lot of other scenes actually (especially in s7), but OAFA has something special to me: it’s kinda… domestic. It shows albeit for just a little while how Buffy and (soulless) Spike could have been as a couple. And even if I understand that it could not last, and why, I cannot not love it.

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Bound 1/3

→ Vampire!Reader x Baekhyun

→ This is inspired by @oh-ottoke‘s Bad Blood (btw which I loved like a whole lot, thanks for that masterpiece) in which the Reader is a vampire empress.

→ After the Vampire Empress saved the young man’s life, he was honor-bound to repay the favor.

→ Warnings: Smut in the next parts. Dirty language and indications of sex.

Word count: 1,3K

She couldn’t remember much of last night. Only his screams of terror that had triggered all the following actions. He had a wonderful voice, even him screaming bloody murder sounded wonderful. Although his voice was not the reason she decided to actually act and run out and help this young man. 

Hundreds of men and women had been assaulted and killed right outside her bedroom window, screaming for anybody, and never had she helped them. Why should she? Whatever blood was left in the body in the morning, she herself would feast on, so why help the person? Humans were disgusting anyways.

But then, why help this one?

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