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Red solo cups are dapper as fuck. Also, tiny demon Dipper transporting ice for his merciful overlord (one cube at a time because he’s like the size of an air freshener.) All geometric shapes pictured are of legal age, by which I mean they are in fact ageless.

Dedicated to billdip week because I can’t do anything on time, and to any Spam Artists™ I haven’t blocked yet~☆✨ Hope you’re enjoying the party.

Hello Fitzsimmons shippers!

Welcome to this week’s Coda Challenge! Sorry we’ve been a bit behind with this activity, but we’re glad to be back at it. Especially with this painful arc, we hope to help be a release for all of your feelings.

As a reminder, our little challenge consists of asking you to wrap up the episode for Fitzsimmons, and we give you a few prompts to get your creative juices flowing. While this event is fic-oriented, please don’t feel like you can’t participate if you’d like to do something else!

Please don’t feel limited by the prompts—this is to give YOU a sense of closure.

How to participate:

  • Create a fanwork resolving or elaborating something that happened in this previous episode - whether or not you use our prompts
  • Tag your work #thefitzsimmonsnetwork in the first five tags along with #coda challenge (which doesn’t need to be in the top 5, but does need to be included), so that we can reblog your works correctly
  • Post your works by midnight PST of the following Monday
  • You do not need to be a member to participate, we welcome all works!
  • If you can, we’d appreciate a signal boost so we can have more participants - the more the merrier!
  • Also, feel free to reblog this and add your own prompts and desires!

Without further ado, our prompts for Season 4, Episode 17 - Identity & Change are:

  • Explore Jemma’s reactions to what she sees Framework!Fitz do
  • Investigate Fitz’s state of mind—perhaps internally he is fighting against the AIDA’s programming and trying to get back to who he is
  • Write a situation where Jemma figures out how to stop Framework!Fitz and bring real Fitz back before Daisy gets hurt

As always, please message us with any comments, questions or concerns. We are super excited to see what works you guys come up with! ♥