feel free to use them as icons


i had a nice thought for icons/icon backgrounds. I usually see two pride flags at once being diagonally separated, and I was thinking about other ways to combine them. This could totally work with other flag combinations, but I was specifically thinking that the trans flag would make a pretty good border because it’s so regular.

Top half is thinner bordered, bottom half is thicker bordered. You’re free to use and edit these images (I’d enjoy being credited, but pride flags belong to all of us), or make icons like this with other flag combos (and obvs, for all I know, this is already a thing), I was just thinking specifically about gay+trans for my own use and I decided to test out the achillean flag too. I’m about to leave town until like the 25th so I can’t make anything for a little while, but if you send in flag requests I’m down to do them when I get back, these are quick and fun! And feel free to reblog this, I’ve never made icons before and I’m kinda proud!


I made icons in response to tumblr’s censorship of the lgbt+ community because apparently our existence is “sensitive content.”

- feel free to use them for whatever you wish!

- also send an ask if you want me to make an edit with another flag in it because I’ll do it woo


au where everything is the same except the lions are fun sized when they arent kicking purple alien butt >w>


DAY 7: pride

Okay so for finish this amazing week I decided to make some trans positivity for wlw and woc!!!!!!

Also I drew her in my headcanon cause i see her as bi!!!

Also some icons I decided to make!!! Flower pride! lesbian-ply-pan-bi and trans in order! FEEL FREE TO USE THEM <3333 (credits are apreciated!)

This was a lovely week! thanks @queenmarco for make it <3!!!!


🎉 I HIT 100 followers! 🎉 (I know that isn’t a lot, but hey I’m already happy af.)

Here are some free (badly drawn tbh) icons !! Feel free to use them but if you’re nice enough to credit me, that’d be cool too !!

If you want one without those doodles, just dm me !!

UPDATE: this got so much notes holy crap thank you ahhhhhhh ❤️ but i made more bc i think these are getting old lol