feel free to use it for yours if you like

Hey, I’m selling some furry adopts! I’ll be putting some slime adopts up tomorrow or so hopefully as well, so please keep an eye out for those! 

Tigers will be $20, Goat-bears $25. I’d be charging via paypal invoice through email. Reblog this post with which you want or reply to claim, they’re first come first serve! I’ll send you an ask requesting your email if you get it. This will also be on my FA.

Tiger #1- available

Tiger #2- available

GB #1- available

GB #2- available

Buyer is free to alter the design in any way they like, or use the drawing. Not to be reproduced as a base. Feel free to resell, but not for more than you purchased the design for.

anonymous asked:

I love love your icons! Could you please make an icon tutorial?? I'd love you forever

thank you! recently i got a couple of requests for an icon tutorial so i decided to make one. i’m sorry for any mistakes in advance. please like or reblog this if you find any of the followings helpful. feel free to send an ask if you have any questions or find any of this unclear. so here’s how to go from this:

to this:

you’ll need:

  • photoshop (i use cs6 but works with other versions too)
  • a screencap or picture (preferably HQ)
  • a psd or basic coloring skills
  • some calming tea (you’ll need this the most)

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the way the sun shines
granting its warmth on everything it touches
shining its light on everything in its path
it’s so
it’s almost like
like the sweetness of a ‘good morning’ kiss
when your lover is barely awake to kiss back
but awake enough to feel you there
and when you see the curve of their lips into the smallest, sleepiest smile
that feeling you get inside
that feeling that’s like saying 'i love you’ without opening your mouth
it can only be compared to
the way the stars glow at night
guiding the the lost ones home
telling stories in the dark
the way the grass tickles our bare feet on a warm day
the way the leaves free themselves from their branches and fly like birds
the way the rain nourishes and hydrates everything around us
the way the trees give life simply by existing
that kind of magic
happens every single day
how lucky are we to get to experience that?
—  Anonymous said: hi love, i was just wondering if you could write something about a girl being so in love with the world and so vibrant? xx
(cc, 2017)

anon said : Bts and got7 reacting to you telling them you want to be spanked please 😈 

I’m only doing got7, but if you’d like a bts version, feel free to request it. I’m only doing one group at a time for now! 

Jaebum: When you told him you wanted to be spanked, he was more than excited to find out one of your kinks. He was also more than excited to try out your kink.

“I’ll see you tonight baby..”

Originally posted by defwang

Mark: He would be a little surprised at how straightforward you were about it, but he wouldn’t be unhappy that you told him. He’d use your kink to his advantage whenever he could.

“Baby, you better stop that before I spank you…”

Originally posted by marksonislovely

Jinyoung: He wasn’t expecting you to whisper that to him when the two of you were in a heated make out session. However, he quickly pulled himself together and smirked at you, happy that he found out one of you kinks.

“Oh baby, you’re in for it tonight.”

Originally posted by jypnior

Jackson: At first, he wouldn’t be sure if he was into spanking you. But when he heard the moans and whimpers coming out of your mouth when he spanked you, he was suddenly in love with your kink. 

“I wish you’d told me you loved this sooner baby.”

Originally posted by got7official

Youngjae: He would be very shy when you told him you wanted to be spanked. He wasn’t usually very dominant and the sex the two of you had was usually very vanilla. But for you, he was willing to try it. When he heard the moans spilling out of your mouth, he found a very dominant side of him he didn’t know he had.

“Do that again for me baby.”

Originally posted by jiminthebun

BamBam: His eyes widened when you told him about your kink. He wasn’t sure he could pleasure you that way, but he did try his best. When he heard the whimpers that left you mouth, he found out he actually loved your kink. He’d tease you in public, using it to his advantage.

“If you don’t stop doing this to me baby, I’ll have to punish you.”

Originally posted by thewayugare

Yugyeom: He was incredibly and shy and giggly when you told him about your new kink. He wasn’t sure he liked it, but if you wanted to try it out and if you enjoyed it, he was going to do his best to please you. 

“Tell me how it feels baby…”

Originally posted by jaesbum

gentle reminder self help network tumblr

Due to the recent influx in network post and activity, so I can stop posting about the redbubble store and other GRSHN initiatives on this blog, I’ve decided to create a tumblr for the network so I can post them there instead. I will still be reblogging important ones onto this blog, but hopefully this will relieve the original ‘gentle-reminder’ blog of the clutter and allow you all to enjoy your simple reminders once more. If you would like updates on the network, our initiatives, the future, or have any questions for us, feel free to direct them there. 

So please, follow the gentle reminder self help network tumblr here!


Without further ado, here are the prompts and things for Whouffaldi Week 2017!

The idea with these is not to “force” any kind of rigid guidelines - more that different people are inspired in different ways, so choose whatever gives you an idea and go with it. You can use as much or as little from a day as you like, because the more that is created for our ship, the better! Write it, draw it, graphic it, sculpt it, knit it - just have fun!

Tag your work across all social medias with #WhouffaldiWeek2017 (one word, since Tumblr is the only place that allows spaces in tags) and please feel free to share around Twitter, Instagram, and wherever else you’d like.

(Text transcription of the prompts beneath the cut.)

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It’s time!

Without any further ado, we present: 

The 2017 Wintersend Collection

There are over 80 lady-centric Dragon Age works in this fantastic pile of fic and art–a little something for everyone. We’re so excited to open this collection, and we know you’ll love it as much as we do. 

So what’s next? 

-  Authors and artists will be revealed this Friday, March 31. (Please keep it anonymous until then, folks!)

- Please, please, please comment! Small exchanges like this one live on your enthusiasm and your feedback.

- If you are missing a gift, please let us know in our inbox or email immediately, and we will work to resolve that as quickly as possible. Feel free to also send us any feedback you may have for us about the exchange! This is our third year running this, and we know we still have room for improvement.

- New to Wintersend? Hungry for more? You can check out last year’s incredible collection here.

- Also, be sure to check out the list of requests if you’re interested in giving someone a treat–you can add to this collection indefinitely! 

Thanks so much again for participating, and thanks again, as always, to our incredible pinch hitters, without whom this would not have gone as smoothly as it did. We hope to see you all again soon! It’s been a pleasure. 

- Mod A (sunspeared) and Mod B (klickitats)

Lily James Gifs

In this pack you will find 202 HQ GIFS of Lily James as Natasha Rostova in episode 4 of of War and Peace.

All of the gifs were made by me for roleplaying purposes. Feel free to use them as sidebars, reaction gifs or include them in your gif hunts, but don’t forget to give credit!

DO NOT repost them or edit in any way.

A like or reblog is always appreciated! ♥

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Hello Inklings! Happy April~

We provide you, the wonderful members, with four mini topics and it is up to you guys to unleash your imagination by creating a scenario! It can be a drabble or a full length fic, and it can also be any genre.

This event is for members only!

This month’s selection of prompts are:

- Enemies to lovers

- Performing arts!AU (school, stage, event, etc.!)

- Murder mystery

- Photographer!AU

You only have to use one out of the selection of four!

Be sure to reblog/like this post if you are participating and tag your entry with “#kWriters burning up”

If you have any questions, feel free to talk to the admins!

Deadline is April 28!

~the kWriters Wine Mothers

Hey there everyone! We’ve had a few enquiries as to whether natsume week will run again this year, and the answer to that is…. Yes, of course!! We’re definitely planning on running natsume week again—last year was so successful and everyone’s participation so incredibly humbling, it would be such a shame not to make it a regular thing! The only question is when, really; season 6 is surprisingly soon and we want to leave people with enough time to prepare. We’ve been thinking around the beginning of May, same dates as last year. How does that sound to everyone? Please feel free to reblog, reply, send in an ask, or like this post to let us know your thoughts about the possible dates. Thank you!

A collection of gradient backgrounds that I made for icons. I use these in a lot of my own icons, and I thought I’d share them with everyone. Feel free to use them however you like - for bg, textures, etc.

  • about #20 in all
  • all are 100x100
  • like / reblog if you use
  • do not claim as your own
  • credit is not necessary, but it always appreciated.
  • i will be posting these on my icon page under t e x t u r e s


Gradients under the cut…

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Call out my name and
Ball it up in a fist.
Maul me with kisses, so I grow
Tall as a mountain.
Fall for me like a leaf.
Wall off your inhibitions that have the
Gall to stand in the way of us.
Small fluttering wings
Saw your heart in half.
Claw them out to be free. I
Saw you glow gold.
Small thoughts grow in the light.
Gall inflates my chest against the
Wall around your heart. Let it
Tall tales
Maul my smile into a thin line.
Ball it up in a fist and
Call out my name.
—  Call

Hello Change of Heart:
We have noticed a lack of activity both on the dash as well as on sideblogs. We wanted to address this because it’s concerning us. We understand that this is a busy time of year for everyone, however, we want to make sure that COHHQ is still a fun and exciting place to be! That being said, we are asking that we all try and increase activity not only on our main blogs, but on our sideblogs as well. Sideblog activity helps to see where your characters are developmentally as well as to run the gossip blog properly. We also ask that you like this post once you have read it so that we know everyone has read it. If you have any concerns, feel free to message us and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

— Mod Watson & Mod Miller

anonymous asked:

I asked you to talk about educational neglect and you never did.

The blog is kind of a mess right now, what with the change in mods recently, so we might have lost your ask. I apologize for that, and here’s some brief info on educational neglect. If you’d like anything more specific, feel free to shoot us another ask! 

Disclaimer: this is US-centric

From childwelfare.gov

Educational neglect involves the failure of a parent or caregiver to enroll a child of mandatory school age in school or to provide appropriate homeschooling or needed special education training.

Educational neglect is a type of child neglect.

How do authorities discover cases of educational neglect? From abuseandneglectdefense.com (tw: this site is for parents accused of neglect who are looking for a lawyer): 

Generally speaking, accusations of educational neglect arise when a child experiences chronic absences, excessive tardies, or a failure to be enrolled in an appropriate school. When a child has many unexcused absences, this attracts the attention of school authorities. In some instances, this results in school intervention. Truancy and chronic school absences can cause children to fall behind in their studies and is considered a form of neglect.

Parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring children are enrolled in and attending school, whether it be public, private, or homeschooling. Failing to do so endangers the child’s future; if educational neglect occurs at a young enough age, the child will not receive reading, writing, and counting lessons. 

There’s probably more info out there on this subject, but honestly I’m not well-educated on it and I’m not sure what specifically about educational neglect you’d like me to talk about. Followers, feel free to add relevant information in the comments and reblogs!

Mod Marie-Rose

anonymous asked:

I was the anon asking about demons I didn't mean it as a it's dangerous thing and can't see why someone would interact with them I just don't really understand how there beneficial in practice if that makes since like are they kind of like a spirit guide or anything along those lines if you don't like these kinds of questions I'm sorry and feel free to disregard

Well, why must a spirit be useful to you in order to work with it? Spirit companionship, by its very name, is about forming friendships with spirits. You don’t hang out with your human friends because they’re beneficial to you, you hang out with them because you enjoy spending time with them. Some people become friends with demons and that is their entire “work” with them.  

As for how they can help you, it’s very broad. I’ve met demons who are healers, demons who study herbology, demons who have powerful fighting skills, etc. Some of them have areas of expertise that you won’t find in the light arts side of things. They can be protectors, they can be teachers, they can be every generic title that other spirits can be.

And so I have to go back to my original question: Why not? No, demons are not all evil. No, they’re not all trying to harm you. In fact, it’s such a broad and useless term that a lot of random darker energy species are  thrown under it despite them not actually being demons. 

At the end of the day, why work with any spirit? Why do people choose to work with mermaids when there’s many other sea spirits that they can work with? Why would someone work with the ghosts of small animals that are too scared to speak? There’s a lot of reasons that go into working with any spirit, a lot the time they’re personal. If you look at spirit work as “Hmm how can this spirit be beneficial to me?” then I guess it might be hard to see why someone would choose to work with demons who don’t like being controlled or told what to do.  

Dean in s12 - loss of agency / humanity


I didn’t want to hijack @mittensmorgul post as this is probably controversial and speculation always is and isn’t everyone’s jam so…

@lost-shoe Reading your addition I just had so many thoughts, please feel free to contradict me as some is quite horrifying and I made myself eeek.

Lost shoe’s post here: http://lost-shoe.tumblr.com/post/158597481883/floralmotif-mittensmorgul-and-my-rewatch

Excerpt: “we have the British Men of Letters used as the narrative tool to highlight Dean’s family’s denial of his right to autonomy, all because of the toxicity of their definition of what family actually is. And all of this is tied to various hints of Dean’s “death”, which, while I have always felt any death wasn’t meant in the literal sense, the further we progress into the season the more I truly feel it speaks of the death of humanity rather than the ‘going to Heaven/Hell/The Empty” variety.”

So my thoughts are…

Regarding Dean losing his humanity as a metaphorical death, which I hadn’t really thought about until now, I was going more down him losing the ‘dark’ side of himself (therefore it being a more positive thing) but this is so much worse….

A callback to a headcanon that the BMOL experimented with and removed Ketch’s humanity by removing his soul to turn him into an efficient killing machine…. if so they could do this to Dean if (when) he proved unwilling to go along with their plans….. thus soulless!Dean. Sam and Mary kept in the dark until it’s too late, of course.

Which would be pretty horrifying for Sam, having been there and for Mary, being the one who led to this happening to her son. Therefore Mary and Sam are now completely converted against the BMOL (no matter how much good, they couldn’t forgive this) and need to ultimately bring them down or ‘convert them’ with the likes of Mick who wouldn’t be aware of this side of the operation, most probably the ‘old men’ leading the ‘bad ways’.

And Cas, given that he is becoming more and more human, finally the big ‘event’ for his arc - choosing Humanity / Dean, only to have Dean’s own humanity ripped away.

There are so many interesting options for where this could go though…. I even kinda want this to happen as I don’t want to speculate too much but I literally have a whole other post written about where this could go and imo it’s glorious and positive but I don’t know if I should share it as many people seem anti speculation so I’m just gonna leave this here unless I’m asked for it :)

Tagging @thefuckingwarship @floralmotif as you were part of the original thread…


not-so-random-crits replied to your photo “Continuing my recent posting trend, here’s something I started on my…”

His dad,,,, so Dapper

Don’t be fooled. He’s got a bit of a Jekyll & Hyde thing going on…

alotofbandages replied to your post “My Medic Headcanon”

I so love your headcanon? It feels rly authentic and seems you have crafted it with great attention to detail, thank you for sharing! (also your illustrations really complete it)

Thanks! I’m a writer as well as an artist, which means I have a lot of time to myself to ponder useless subjects. I’m just too lazy/distracted to actually take the plunge and type out full stories. I’d rather draw.

If fiction-inclined people who like this stuff want to use them as subjects of stories, though, you can feel free! Just let me know so I can read it!!!!

h-p-dumbcraft reblogged your post and added:

These are good headcanons :)

I have plenty more where those came from, my friend.

ursy153 reblogged your post: “My Medic Headcanon”

#make it cannon #please #I want this to be cannon #tf2 #medic

You’ll have to ask Valve about that one.

Ask the authors weekend concludes!

We hope everyone had as much fun as we did this weekend! It definitely went a different way than we expected, and a bunch of cute ideas are floating around out there!

Feel free to send in anything you think of with the AU lounge, and regular asks are open again.

Throughout the week, we’ll be working through the rest of the asks received at the end of Sunday, since we ran out of time to finish them off. If only it could be a three-day weekend (or four-, or five-day weekend)

That said, how did everyone enjoy the weekend? Is this something you’ll want to do again? Should we run a special like this quarterly/semi-anually/anually? Send us your thoughts!