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Ketz, my talented friend, having seen your prompt list, I just HAD to make a suggestion - but feel free to ignore, if the idea fails to float your boat! I'd like to see you tackle a Malec fic (*surprise, surprise*) with the combo of #89 and #112!! You're so good at doing these, off the cuff! Love & hugs!;-))

Thanks for letting me use your prompt, darling <3

This is a follow up to this drabble. Please read this one first.

“If my parents knew what I was doing they’d kill me.” + “Is it supposed to look like that? Are you sure?”

Alec arrived at precisely 6 pm like he said he would. Thankfully, Magnus worked from home and so he was already ready when he heard the knock on the door. Everything was ready for recording and he had some tea and coffee done too. Poor Alec had texted him earlier after Magnus had sent him the questions he was planning to ask, and Alec had made so many anxious typos, it could not be just the autocorrect as he claimed.

“Alexander, hi,” Magnus said as he opened the door. Alec looked as gorgeous as always in a simple denim shirt and black pants. “Please, come in.”

“Hey.” Alec smiled a little and passed through him, looking around. “Nice place.”

Magnus smiled fondly. “Thanks, darling. I usually record things on the couch, but since this is such a lovely night, I thought we could do it on the balcony.” He walked up to the glass doors and opened it, gesturing to the open sky.

Straight to the point, no time wasted with pleasantries. Somehow, Magnus thought that was the right approach with Alec. He assumed he was correct when the art director’s smile widened. “Sounds great.” Alec joined Magnus at the balcony. “The view is spectacular.”

“Thanks,” Magnus said with a wink. “And there’s the New York skyline too, that isn’t quite bad either.”

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Just installed my ancient Sims 2 CDs (CD lol) I’m so exited, I’ve been wanting to try sims 2 for a long time now (≧∇≦*) I was like a kid when I played this game (yet I’ve got all the sims 2 packs. I seem to have been the sims hoarder already at baby age, lol)

I don’t remember anything really, but I somehow feel nostalgic just to hear the intro. Gotta get into it and learn how to mod it too!

Oh and if you don’t want to see my sims 2 journey on your dash, feel free to block the tag: shaysugarSims2 or any of the tags I’ll use repeatedly ^-^   

Prompt: The Porcelain Puppet

This week’s prompt is The Porcelain Puppet

and will be running June 25- July 2. The prompt does not need to be included in the piece, it only serves to inspire. Please use the tag #armchairchallenge so I can find it, or send me a message! All related pieces in any medium will be reblogged. Feel free to message my main blog @electricarmchair to clear anything up (or this one, but I’d prefer the other).

Also, If you’d like me to re-blog a piece of yours, please use the tag #electricexhibition. I would love to read more poetry, or even see your art!

Side Note: It’s week 7, guys! Usually the prompt runs Friday to Friday (..roughly) but today is Sunday, my birthday’s on Friday, and Canada Day is July 1st.. so it’s going to be a Sunday to Sunday prompt! 

So as a birthday bonus: I think it would be the perfect time to challenge you guys to write a rhyme! 

We’re doing it.

Genjamé Week 2017.
July 16-22.

We can’t wait.

We’re so excited to be doing (what we’re pretty sure is) the first ever ship week for Genjamé/Widowgenji! It’ll start on Sunday, July 16th, and go through Saturday, July 22nd, with a different prompt for each day. The prompts are as follows:

  • Day 1 | Music/Dance
  • Day 2 | Clothes
  • Day 3 | Celebration
  • Day 4 | AU/Crossover
  • Day 5 | Domestic
  • Day 6 | Fantasy
  • Day 7 | Summertime

You can interpret these prompts in any way you’d like, and any medium of fanwork is more than welcome! Just tag your posts with #genjameweek2017 (on Tumblr and/or Twitter) so we can find them. You can find more information and guidelines here!

Feel free to send us any questions you may have! Our ask box is open, and you can talk to us on Twitter anytime @genjame.

Thank you so much for making Genjamé Week possible! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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I FORGOT U WERE LEGIT A HOBBIT OMG UR HANDS ARE PROBABLY EXTRA (TM) SMOL ((but on a more serious note thank u for all of the arts and working hard on this blog and doing it in your free time for us!! Be safe, hydrate, ur gr8))

(( HEY! M Y HANDS.. are small nevermind.. i also remember my feet being as big as one of my friends’ hands.. she was like 5′9

aahh man no problem! i enjoy ask blogging and interacting with you guys! i love all the asks you guys send me and i will answer all of them soon ok

i m just really slow im sorry but aw thanks))

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Hey Morty, how do you feel about people using your character designs. one day i wanted to make a holly centered comic and i can't imagine using a design for realtor joseph other than yours

:0 i mean go right ahead! i’d be really flattered!!! credit for designs is really the only thing i ask for but other than that you’re free to draw em as you would like!

favorite words: a drabble game

This is a list of my favorite words, some in English, some not. Send me a word and a muse and I will write a drabble based on the word! Also, feel free to reblog if you’d like to use this on your own blog!!

  • coruscate - to reflect brilliantly; to sparkle 
  • alpas - to become free; to break loose 
  • nefelibata - one who lives in the clouds of their own imagination; an unconventional person 
  • serein - the fine, light, rain that falls from a clear sky at sunset, or in the early hours of night; evening serenity
  • saorsa - freedom; liberty 
  • brontide - the low rumble of distant thunder 
  • apricity - the warmth of the sun in winter 
  • vagary - a whimsical, wild, or unusual idea 
  • ramé - something that is both chaotic and joyful at the same time 
  • novaturient - a desire to alter your life; the feeling that pushes you to travel 
  • saudade - nostalgia; the love that remains; a desire to be near someone or something distant 
  • thalassophile - someone who loves the sea, ocean; a lover of the ocean 
  • acatalepsy - the idea that it is truly impossible to truly comprehend anything 
  • sehnsucht - a wistful longing and yearning in the heart for travels that have been and travels to come 
  • elysian - beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect 
  • kalon - beauty is more than skin deep 
  • eunioa - beautiful thinking; a well mind 
  • tarantism - the uncontrollable urge to dance 
  • trouvaille - a chance encounter with something wonderful
DT tag meme thingy

The fabulous @lovethytennant came up with this brilliant thing and was good enough to tag me in it, so here we go!

Simple rules: complete and tag your tumblr homies or fellow David Tennant fans, just for a bit of fun!

Your first DT memory - when you first laid eyes on the tall skinny scottish bloke: Like for so many of us, it was while watching DW. Nine regenerated into Ten and I was like…HELLOOOOO, who might this cute lil puppy be?

Favorite DT Character: Always a tough question…I’d say it’s a battle between Dave Tiler and Alec Hardy, no clear winner as of yet ;)

What was the last DT related thing you watched: I just rewatched the SAG/AFTRA Conversations on Broadway interview the other day. BRILLIANT!

Favorite physical feature: All of him? LOL. If I have to pick one, I’ll go with his hands. Those fingers, oh boy

Favorite DT quote? Put it here: I still am a geek, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. I see no shame in having an unhealthy obsession with something. (Cause lbr, this quote sorta validates my whole lifestyle hahaha)

Have you been blessed and seen him in person: Yes I have and it was amazing!

… or saw him in a play?: Yep. Richard II and Don Juan in Soho

Are you a Tenth Doctor fan: what kind of question is that even? :P

… how about Kilgrave: David was brilliant in that role, but I still wanna push Kevin in front of a bus ;)

Alec Hardy or Emmett Carver: Alec. I’ll better keep my opinions on Carver to myself ^^

Favorite DT series: Broadchurch

Favorite DT movie: The decoy bride

tagging @lovely-tennant, @pipertennant, @tenscupcake, @moltobenebananas, @bloodybroadchurch, @notgingerbutstillgotlegs, @madabouttennant, @aroseofstone

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i loved ur fic i just want to say though because i hate heathrow there was no airport hotel!!! we missed our flight and had to go find one somwhere because heathrow!! is! the worst! anyway the fic was great i always love your characterization of them

This (link) is what google gave me when I looked up Heathrow hotel rooms, so that’s what I based the description on the fic on!

Though just as a general note: if I ever get anything wrong like this in fic, please feel free to let me know. I am not well traveled - I’ve never left the US - and I’m never bothered by being corrected on things, especially when they’re just cultural or geographical inaccuracies. Research via google only gets you so far. I think part of the fun of writing fic like this is opening yourself up to learning new things about new places, so I take it in stride and appreciate people taking the time to help me improve my stories. :) 

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Harley I've seen so many examples of marriages like Richards, where the man pays for everything and the woman shows no respect kinda like my parents at one stage, she literally feeds off him and calls him a nigger a faggot and says " fuck your mom" on camera he is getting used I'd say no guy should get married and be free as well. His marriage won't last even in his wedding video u could tell she wasn't interested who would be in a guy like that, I feel kinda bad but he is a man child.

These beta man children are SO easy to play and these gold diggers can snif that out a mile away.

Sadly I look forward to sending richard that email in a few years saying ‘I told you so bro!’.

Just a reminder that I’m an Adult™ and if that makes you feel uncomfortable feel free to:

  • unfollow me
  • ask me to unfollow you
  • block me

I won’t get mad or anything. It’s important to make sure you feel comfortable and secure.

Compilation of some of my favorite dialogues from the BNHA manga.

I really hope all of these make it into the anime, cause they’re all comedy gold. 

Bakugou: Heh, kid thinks he’s an adult.
Todoroki: reminds me of someone I know….
Todoroki: relax… it was a joke. 

Yaoyorozu: The more I consume, the more I can create.
Sero: kinda like poop
[Jirou punches Sero in the face]

Midnight: I’d suggest trying something different for your hero name…that’s not gonna slide….
Bakugou: fine.
Midnight: Again…not gonna slide.
Kirishima: How about Blasty McSplode!?!

Shouji: I’ll tell you now…I don’t have anything interesting in my room…
Mina: …more like you don’t have anything PERIOD!!!
Todoroki: ….Is this what they refer to as “minimalist”?

[Yaoyorozu offers to tutor people]
Kirishima: [to Bakugou] Talk about a gap in personal virtue
Bakugou: I’m plenty virtuous too fuckmunch!! Why don’t I tutor you till you’re a puddle of blood?!?
Kirishima: Ohh i’ll take you up on that! 

(more under the cut) 

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.crystal princesses collection (part 1)

after the official disney princesses i started to draw my favorite girls from my favorite movies :3 some are disney, some are not :) if you think your fav is missing please don’t yell at me “you forgot xy!!!” as i did not, just these are the ones i like :) but i do take commissions if you would like to see her in this style, feel free to write me a pm :)

.please do not use without permission~

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Could you list all of the tropes that you consider "feel good violence"?

Okay, “Feel Good Violence” is very simple as a concept. It’s violence that feels good, when you’re reading it, when you’re watching it on screen, because for the perpetrator violence can feel really damn good. However, that is violence when taken outside of context. It is violence without consequences. It is violence for the sake of violence. Violence that serves no purpose but to prove the character or person is tough.

Protagonist Sanctioned Bullying - Bullying in general is a fairly popular method to achieve “Feel Good Violence” because bullying does feel good. The audience sympathizes with the protagonist, so when the protagonist acts they cheer for it. Its not presented as bullying by the narrative, but it is still bullying. Usually it’s a rival or a character set up to “deserve it”, but sometimes not.

Making people afraid makes you feel tough. Many authors will fall prey to the sweet lure of bullying and not even know it because bullying is violence without fear of consequence. Most often, they’ve been the recipients rather than the perpetrators, and acting as the bully is a very different ballgame. It is an emotional and psychological high. You feel big, strong, safe, and untouchable. Powerful. In their worst incarnations, most superheroes become bullies.

Bullying is all about control, protected status, and freedom from consequences. An entirely fictional world creates the opportunity for all these things, with the narrative itself siding with the bully. Bullying is Feel Good Violence writ large in real life. It’ll follow you into the fictional world just as easily. Power is a high you never forget.

This is very common trope for characters who also act as a means of self-insertion by the author. For them, it isn’t bullying. It’s an example of how awesome their character is and how tough they are.

Everything But Dead - When the only morals applied are if someone died, the rest is sanctioned without comment. There are no narrative consequences for the character’s behavior, and everyone cheers them on. Anyone who calls them out is an acceptable target, usually evil, or the protagonist wins them over in the end because their actions are “justified”.

By Any Means Stupid - This is the “by any means necessary“ trope, where the violence really isn’t necessary and the author just wanted an excuse to paint the room red.

Unprovoked Violence Is Always the Solution - This is the one where the protagonist skips all the other steps and goes straight to preemptive violence against a total stranger, for no reason other than it makes them appear tough. Usually not framed by the narrative as bad, but it is. Oh, yes, it is. Worse there usually aren’t any consequences for the hero physically assaulting someone in a room full of witnesses because everyone knows they’re the hero, right?

Random Violence Before Strangers is A-Okay -  The protagonist disembowels a bully in front of their victim in order to protect them and receives effusive thank yous. Nothing comes from this. The bad guy is dead. We all feel good. All is right in the world. Except… violence freaks people out.

Acceptable Targets - These are people designated by the writer as non-entities and targets for violence regardless of narrative context. A very slippery slope that is ever descending. But, you know, it feels good? Sure, so long as you’re not on the receiving end. This kind of dehumanization happens in real life too, just in case you were wondering.

Beating Up My Source - You have a character who collects information from an old standby, they threaten and beat up that standby regularly to show they’re tough. At what point does this seem like a terrible idea? Never! Hey, they’re a bad person so you feel good, right?

Waving My Gun Around - Trigger discipline is just the beginning of this problem. A gun is not a toy. but you’ll find a vast array of narratives who use it that way in order to look tough.

Killing Your Way to the Top - You can’t really destroy organizations like this. Killing the people at the top will just lead to someone else taking their place. Whenever you create a power vacuum someone will fill it. You can’t destroy an organization by killing. It doesn’t work. But, it feels good!

Must Obviously Be Boy - Because female fighters are unicorns and the mooks have never laid eyes on a woman before. Usually part of a larger narrative issue with violence, but acts as a “get out of jail free” card.

Clear the Building - That time the character decided to knock everyone out to prove that they are tough. Weirder when it happens on stealth missions.

I Am Not Gaining Levels - When you’re reading a book and the character is fighting like it’s a video game. They fight everyone like they’re in an RPG chasing XP. Why? We don’t know, but it makes them feel good.

Let Me Shoot Him Twenty Times - We could call this spray and pray, but let’s pretend for a moment the magazine could run dry.

Magic Bullets - The bullets that go where you want, stop when you want, and don’t cause accidental casualties. You know, like the protagonist blind firing through a wall and hitting a four year old playing in the yard across the street.

Body Armor Always Prevents A Blow-through - Nope!

New to Training, Perfect Sparring - That time the main character took on their evil rival (school’s top/better trained student) in a sparring match and won, especially when it was their first day.

Sparring Just In General - The vast majority of Western media doesn’t understand the concept or purpose of sparring. Many authors seem to think its a UFC match where you just beat each other up and the first thing you do during training to “assess your capabilities”.

Queuing for Combat - This is an old Hollywood trick where the burden of a group fight is lifted as the stuntmen wait their turn to fight the protagonist. Particularly egregious in written action sequences where the author doesn’t grasp the concept of teamwork. It also warps the understanding of how many people its possible for a human to fight at once.

Terrible At Torture - Torture is a terrible way to gain information in general because it doesn’t lead to a confession so much as confirmation bias. The subject will tell you whatever you want to hear because they want the pain to stop. It’s even worse when done poorly, which it is 90% of the time. Usually, media uses it for shock value or to prove how tough a protagonist is. Torture is not putting a blowtorch to someone’s foot and hoping for the best. It’s far, far more complicated than that. Neither torturer nor subject come out of the experience whole. Besides, the unimaginative protagonists say, “screw you!” The clever ones lie.

What Is: Dress for Success - How we dress our characters is often necessary for crafting a sense of narrative realism. This comes in often as a reason for why its so difficult to take female action heroes seriously, but it happens to the guys too. Not a bad trope on its own, but often symptomatic of a larger narrative approach to violence that ends with “feel” and “good”.

Beautiful and Badass - This one is a very specific female fantasy, which is that you can meet all the cultural standards and definitions for beauty while being in direct defiance of them. These are the female characters who are never touched by the combat they engage in. They are always graceful, always elegant, always beautiful in motion and the narrative will pause to tell us this often. “She fights like she’s dancing.” For these characters, their supermodel-esque beauty is a natural extension of their being. They don’t work at it. Combat is incidental. It’s a set piece to tell you how awesome the character is. It generally amounts to nothing, serves no real narrative purpose, but by god the author is going to walk us through it in excruciating detail. Combat and character are separate, and consequences are for other people.

My Instincts Performed A Wheel Kick - Your instincts just don’t work that way.

There’s probably more, but that hits most of the major sins.

Keep in mind that many of these tropes are not issues by themselves. They often work when context and consequences are taken into account by their narrative/setting. Generally, this results in characters with no accountability for their behavior and exhibit no responsibility for their actions. The issue, of course, is that responsibility and accountability are what make well-written violence work. Violence often drives the narrative. It’s part and parcel to who the character is, and their decision making. It’s the difference between a character who presents themselves as tough or skilled and one who actually is.


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i see the word manipulation get thrown around a lot in the bpd community and while thats understandable i just wanted to give you all a small reminder


things that ARE manipulation are things like
  • never accepting responsibility for hurting others
  • guilt tripping others to get what you want
  • harassing others for not agreeing with you
  • intentionally diminishing other’s problems/difficulties by comparing them to your own
  • using other’s insecurities against them
things that are NOT manipulation include
  • expressing negative emotions to someone when you are hurt or distressed
  • not expressing emotions for the fear of bothering others
  • disagreeing with others and explaining your side of things
  • expressing your needs to those close to you
  • not socializing due to lack of energy or spoons


unhealthy behaviors (such as bottling things up, ignoring your problems, etc) definitely make situations harder and are things that need to be worked on asap, but unhealthy behaviors are not automatically manipulative just because someone has bpd


throwing around the wrong words can be extremely counter productive in this community, especially when there is already so much stigma and misunderstanding surrounding this disorder (not to mention that carelessly calling people manipulative and/or abusive for small things can end up devaluing what abuse and manipulation really mean)


TL;DR: do your research and get to know the actual meaning of strong words before using them - words like ‘manipulation’ or ‘abuse’ are not for you to take lightly and use against people you just disagree or have a problem with