feel free to use if u want i guess

I wanted to make another evil Wander design, this time one where he’s taller like Lord Wander lol. I guess he’s a mix of Wander, Hater, and Dominator- xD So he can use the lava and ice powers, but also Hater’s electricity. He’s strong, a sadist, has a really dark sense of humor, loves skulls- anyway haha, I really just like the design and I wanted to have my own badass Wander too ;u; feel free to draw him though if you want, since I know lots of people draw Lord Wander x3 (and no he’s not a vampire, he’s just got big canine teeth lmao)

we hit 600 followers ?!? holy shit!!! thank you guys so much what the fuck! 10/10 i love you all so much i would die for 600 of you, although it might be difficult if we were under attack by a Blume hired gang or some shit.

ANYWAY obnoxiousness (somewhat) aside, thank you all!!!!!!! the blog isn’t even two years old yet and y’all are here and so kind and wonderful! i’m so grateful for this blog, and the followers, and the wd community in general! you guys are fantastic!

we did it y’all

anonymous asked:

Can I call u Unnie?

// LOL I’M ASSUMING THIS IS AN ADMIN ASK???? But if you’re younger than me (24), go for it if you want to????


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do you have any recommendations on where to buy a binder?

i hear gc2b is really good; ive purchased a binder from them before but i accidentally ordered the wrong size so yeah.

the binder i currently use is from a brand called “tomboy” or something. ive read that its actually a terrible brand lmao and i guess i can kinda agree bc it doesn’t really get me very flat despite my small chest ; i would not recommend them even tho their binders are very low price. idk. i dont trust em and dont want u gettin hurt.

but yeah gc2b might be a good choice👆🏼👉🏼 if anyone else has any recs feel free to add on to this post


I made them for this blog but I guess I should upload them because it took forever to get this l guess I should upload

Transparent Shinya for all your transparent Shinya needs, feel free to use, credit me if u want


notice: these commissions are still open but i am planning on re hauling this sometime soon! hopefully to include gba fe style portraits and with newer examples!

its summer and i dont have a job right now. and i feel like im good enough to open commissions so let’s get this party started.

my email is jadesnap@gmail.com, email me any references, preferences, or anything else you want. this is all that’s available right now! i don’t think there needs to be much more, though. 

interactions between characters are good too! don’t feel discouraged since i didnt put any up as an example. i’ll update you on progress/ask you if it’s lookin good via email. 

i will scan and clean up traditional copic drawings. these are the drawings i use for my stickers! 

you have free reign to do whatever u want with it like go wild. 

once again, my email is jadesnap@gmail.com. currently i’m only gonna accept payment through paypal. MY EMAIL FOR THAT IS (you guessed it) jadesnap@gmail.com

(if you want more references my art blog is over here!)