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Midnight Shadows  ; 5

 Pairing : Jimin x Y/N

Genre : Fluff / Angst

  A/N : Oh my god I’m so sorry for not updating this I was busy but I do hope I end up writing more.

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I picked up my bag, and I said goodbye to Choa and procceded to go home since the job was over. Suddenly life went even more downhill.

Did I actually bump into Jimin?

“Uh, sorry?” I said, being shocked as ever and hoping it wouldn’t turn into those long conversations. Because that’s not what I want.

“Oh. Wait” It’s happening god please save me from this.

“Aren’t you Y/N by any chance” he said.

“Yeah, I am? But who are you.” I played it off that I don’t know him just to be left alone would be smart in my opinion.

“Oh, i’m Jimin remember I’m sure you remember me” please leave me alone I do not want this.

“I think I do remember you but I don’t know”
I wanna go home.

“You should we we’re friends, also I was wondering why aren’t you friends with Y/BFF/N”
This has got to be the most awkward conversation I’ve ever been in.

“I guess shes not my type of friend but what about her?”

“I think she wanted to talk to you, because she misses you” I hate her.

“Tell her to text me or something. My numbers the same.” I really wanted to be rude in a situation like this but I somehow kept quiet.

“Okay, sure goodbye” thank god, that’s over with I hope I never see him or her ever again.

Well guess what, karma is a bitch, and it came for me. I shouldn’t have said anything. I should’ve ran when I bumped into Jimin. But now.

Either Jimin or Y/BFF/N, or both come to the cafe. They try to talk to me. I really wanna ignore them both but I can’t. I hope they never show up in this cafe again.


God have mercy on my soul, I say that every morning. I Change my clothes put some makeup on and straighten my hair. I quickly grab my bag and end up running to the cafe. I’m here just in time I put on one of those ugly uniforms.
But then, Jimin came in. I did not want that to happen. Why is god against me?

Jimin comes to the counter
“Hey you free tonight?” What does he want from me.

“Im actually free most of the time, but why ask?”

“I think we should catch up on things” of course, because that’s WHAT I WANT TO DO.

“I mean, should we. I don’t think of us as friends when I left the hospital..”

“Oh, we can be friends again then?”

“Can I trust you though?”

“Ofcourse, when your shift ends you can text me. We could go somewhere to eat” he gives me his number.

“Since you gave me your number I guess theres no turning back now”

“See you later” and with that he leaves.

I could’ve had such a peaceful life, and now i’m stuck on going to catch up. I swear to god that little girlfriend of his better not interrupt anything.

And then I got a phone call. Oh who could that be? Of course not Jimin.           That was sarcastic. It’s Jimin do I really need to go. I mean I could just stay at home minding my own business watching something.

I mean this COULD be an opportunity to be productive at least once in my entire life.

So, I got ready went to that meet-up place or whatever it was. Jimin was already there so I sat down. We just talked the whole time plain boring stuff like how was your life and what not. But I couldn’t believe my eyes what I just witnessed.

Jimin was in shock to be honest I feel like he could’ve broke down.

That girl of his showed up completely not noticing that Jimin is here. And she just kissed another guy. It looked more like she forced herself onto him.

Jimin shouted at her ‘’It’s over’’ 

And she

well, that ‘’human being’’ started crying.

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Title: Not giving it up

Pairing: Shin Hoseok (Wonho) x Reader

Word count: 1.256

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Nothing much, curse words I guess…

So, well, no one requested it but I’m a sucker for Hoseok, what can I do?It was intended to be a drabble but now it looks like a scenario, whatever. I didn’t proof read it yet, just something I wanted to post. You and Hoseok meeting under unexpected situations.
Just a reminder that requests are open for: B.A.P, Monsta X, Winner, Mamamoo, Ikon and Super Junior (I can write about other groups too so feel free to ask). This kind of sucks but I had fun writing anyway.

“Girls dig the bad boy look though.” Wonho said from the other side of the table, after Kihyun had told him to go easy on the leather jackets. “I mean, somehow believe good girls are oddly attracted to bad boys in general.” He continued.
“Well, that’s stupid” You took the lead, exasperated by the words from your not exactly newest acquaintance, but the rest of the group didn’t need to know. Being close friends with Minhyuk meant you needed to go out with all of the boys sometimes. Up until that night you had only been introduced to four of them, Kihyun, Shownu, Hyungwon and Changkyun.
Tonight, you had the pleasure of meeting the rather loud and cute Jooheon, and the not so cute nor pleasant Wonho, that was starting to get on your nerves with all this bad boy show he was putting on.
“Oh boy, here it comes” Minhyuk faked a frightened expression.
“I mean… not all girls are interested in the bad boy look, I rather the soft looking ones. I mean, why would anyone be attracted to someone whose looks scream ‘danger’? So dumb…”
“Because of the rush of adrenaline, I’m sure. And you obviously wouldn’t be into bad boys, bad girls tend to like the bland ones.” Wonho leaned over your side of the table, his eyes hotly hovering over your frame. You scoffed.
You couldn’t deny, Wonho wasn’t the kind of man you would say no to, actually, he was just the right kind for you to get hooked on, but his stubbornness and your pride wouldn’t allow you to admit he was indeed attractive in anyone’s eyes. “What even makes you think I’m a bad girl?” You said raising an eyebrow and relaxing your back on the chair, eyes locked on each other.
“She might look like that but in fact, if she sensed danger we would all be carried home and tucked into bed before 9pm.” For some reason Minhyuk had just decided to spill your ‘mom side’ to everyone at the table. But oddly enough, instead of repelling him, the idea of you being not only a badass woman but also a caring person only sparked Wonho’s interest all the more.
The drinks grew in volume and as the night grew darker you were all finally out of the bar. Being one of the oldest in the group, you and Shownu made sure to put the drunk boys in their respective taxis. Shownu bid you goodbye and got in the cab as well, you lived near enough to just go walking home.
“C’mon, I’ll take you home safely, it’s too late to walk by yourself.” You turned around and found the owner of the voice standing there, hands in his pockets and a small smirk playing on his lips.
“Did I not forbid you of going anywhere near me the last time?” you said turning your back to him and fallowing your way home. Although the idea of him getting you home and, hopefully, getting you off, was tempting, you didn’t need another hot and heavy night only to wake up to an empty bed the morning after. Wonho and you had your days long time ago, attending the same dance institute for a wilhe did more for you both than it did to most people.
“I know that. But even you have to admit that us meeting like this again is some destiny shit or, at least, very unexpected.” He was now by your side, matching you steps, right hand swaying between you both, brushing past your left one, in a lazy attempt of holding it.
You wanted to hold it, to know if it would still be as warm as it used to, if he would plant a small kiss over it and pulled you into a tight hug. All felt like a distant memory now. The silence hung as an oppressive dark cloud over your heads for several minutes. That was until Wonho decide to step up his game and lace your hands together.
“If you think you’ll get laid tonight it only means so called destiny is pulling a prank on you right now. You can go your way, don’t mind me” His hands were still warm and comfortable, you couldn’t help but replay every time those very same hands roamed your body and held you close as one. As if the air grew thin you untangled your hands and walked faster ahead, now able to see you building entrance just a few meters ahead.
‘Just a few more steps and I’ll take a nice bath forgetting that we ever crossed paths in the first place’ you though. But your wishes slightly diverted as Wonho came from behind wrapping one arm around your waist and swiftly turning you around so you were glued to his chest. It fell all too familiar to ignore, his touch, his lips inching closer in a way that made your heart flutter and your eyes close.
“Look at me, Y/N.” your eyes snapped open surprised by your own reaction, still not putting any effort on leaving his arms. “Can I? I won’t do anything without an answer” he said softly looking into your eyes, his hand pushing a strand of hair behind your ear. He was always like this, you wondered if ‘no’ would ever be your answer when it comes to him.
Instead of replying your hands made their way up his broad shoulders pulling him close into a heated kiss. The hand that already held and iron grip on your waist pulled you even closer as the other went to guide your neck deepening the kiss that five minutes ago you thought you didn’t need, but now were like a fresh breath of air filling your lungs. All exterior sounds were suddenly muffled by your heartbeats as your breaths got harder, his lips then moved onto your neck sauntering kisses all over your now burning hot skin, not wanting to break away from you not even for a second.
You were the first to break apart from the kiss, holding onto his hand in attempt to make it to your apartment, but he didn’t budge, pulling you into him again and lovingly pecking your lips. “I’m not going to be that guy again, Y/N. I really came all the way here to get you home safely and as much…” He said while leaving small kisses around your lips “as I want to stay the night” detaching himself completely from you and cupping both of your cheeks with his hands while staring at you he continued: “I’m going to do this the right way this time, you’re a good girl after all, I’m not fucking it up again.” The gleam in his eyes showing how serious he was made you want him all the more, but that was not the time.
“I’ll call tomorrow, and we’ll go on a nice date” Enveloping you in his arms once again he left a kiss atop of your head. “Now go, you need to rest.” He started backing away along the street signaling for you to get in the building.
“Sleep tight!” He spoke rather loudly laughing as he waved, still walking backwards only to see you waving in response and rushing home.
You promised not to let your hopes up never again, but this time you knew they wouldn’t be crashed and so allowed yourself a peaceful night of sleep wondering what other things destiny might bring you this time.

I aM SO SORRY I HAVEN’T WRITTEN IN LIKE A YEAR. okay I have so many requests and I’m going to make it a goal to try and write most of them by the end of summer this year. so here is one I got about making Peter jealous of Felix and I think it was a pretty great idea So I hope you guys like it and I will be posing some more imagines soon!

imagine: Peter

Imagine you had being in Neverland and staying with Peter, Felix and the rest of the lost boys. You sat on a log, drawing circles in the dirt with a stick while you rested your face in your hand. You glanced up to see Peter, completely focused on entertaining Henry, the new kid. You rolled your eyes and looked back at the dirt. Peter had been playing these games for awhile now and you were growing so tired of it. You were pretty sure it had been weeks since you two had actually spoken more than a few words to each other. You couldn’t figure out why he had stopped, because you really thought there was something good between you two. When you had first arrived on Neverland, Peter paid you all his attention and more, much, much more.
You had been in Neverland for a month and you had never been so happy. You jumped off of a tree branch letting out a loud cheer before you fell under the waves. You quickly resurfaced, running your hands over your face to get your long hair out of your way. You opened your eyes and smiled a huge, joyful smile as you looked at the boy who by now had quite literally made all your dreams come true. Peter let out a laugh as he swam closer to you.
“Are you enjoying yourself, love?” Peter asked, his green eyes twinkling as he studied your unique features with the upmost admiration. You had to look down to hide the blush of your cheeks from him, “You have no idea,” you said quietly, feeling the nervous excitement that he gave you coursing through your body. You felt him move closer to you and by the time you glanced back up, he was nose to nose with you, meeting your gaze as he lifted his hand you stroke your cheek. He leaned in close to you, “I can honestly say, you are the most beautiful creature that has ever graced this island,” he whispered softly into your ear, sending a shiver of excitement down your spine. He pulled back to admire the reaction he had gotten from you, letting out a chuckle as he continued to pet you gently, making you feel so incredibly special, more special than ever.
“Can I stay here forever, Peter?” You asked, not really knowing what it was that motivated you to say it. The side of his lip curled up into that smirk you had come to adore, “Yes, but only if you promise you’ll never look at anyone else this way,” he said softly as he slowly began to lean into you. You couldn’t manage to get a word out as you got lost in the idea of finally feeling his lips against yours. You nodded your head quickly, becoming impatient as he teased you by coming just close enough to feel his breath on yours. “Uh uh,” he said, resting his soft finger gently on your lips, stopping you from meeting his which made you let out a groan which then made him laugh, “you have to say you promise,” he continued. Without hesitation you breathed, “I promise.” To which he replied by pressing his lips to yours, sending you out of this world with joy.
*end of flashback*
You groaned, trying to push back that memory since really nothing had happened since those moments that had caused you so much frustration. You glanced back up at Peter, even though at this point you knew he wouldn’t be looking back at you. And sure, enough he was focused on little Henry. You watched them chat and play as you pouted on your log. Suddenly you felt a presence next to you, forcing your attention away from Peter and Henry.
“Hello (Y/n),” a cool voice said.
You looked next to you to see Felix, one of your closest friends on the island smirking at you, “day dreaming about Peter again?” He said teasing you.
“Shut up,” you groaned, tossing the stick you had been using to draw circles into the fire that the rest of the lost boys continued to dance around. “Awh, you know I’m just messing with you,” he laughed. You looked back up at him, studying his features. Though Felix was your best friend, you had to admit he was good looking. He was tall, slim and had a mop of messing blonde hair on top of his head, with blue eyes to study the island with. He would definitely make anyone in their right mind quite jealous that they couldn’t have him. And that’s when you got your idea. Jealous. “Felix,” you said, scootching closer to him so that your legs touched to his as you hugged his arm, “have I ever told you how much I admire you?” You said, a little louder than you would usually speak. You glanced quickly across the way to Peter, who finally turned his head towards you. Felix looked a little confused at first but seemed to catch onto the idea, “Why no, (y/n), you haven’t, but I’d sure love it if you’d tell me some more,” he said, taking my hand in his so that we’d be more convincing. You could almost feel the tension coming from Peter all the way across the little camp. It was working. “Well,” you said, leaning in to whisper in felix’s ear, but just then a hand firmly yanked you up off the log. “I need to talk to you,” a very familiar voice said in a very British accent. You couldn’t help but smirk as you said, “Me?” Gesturing to yourself in a mock confused manner. Peter’s jaw tensed as he dragged you behind him into his tent. He glanced outside to make sure know one was listening before he turned to you, “What was that?” He asked very sternly.
“What was what?” You asked, still pretending as if you had no clue what was going on. He tilted his head and gave you a knowing look, “Don’t play games with me, (y/n),” he said. You let out a laugh at that remark, “Oh, I’m the one playing games now? Last time I checked that was you Mr. Kiss-me-and-drop-off-the-face-of-the-earth,” you said, widening your eyes at him. He came closer to you, making your confidence drop a bit, “I make the rules here, (y/n), remember? I’ll play whatever games I want with you,” he said, looking you up and down hungrily like he used to, “and you made a promise to me.”
You gulped, trying to conceal how much of a wreck you were at the moment when all you wanted to do was grab him and feel him against you again. And you knew no matter how hard you tried to hide it, he knew. The old smirk he used to give you returned, “I knew you couldn’t break your promise though,” he said softly, his eyes wandering to your lips. “What do you mean by-?” But you were cut off when Peter suddenly pressed his lips against yours, slowly laying the two of you down on the ground. His lips moved in sync with yours as his hands ran gently down your waist, making you feel so reckless and free once again. You flipped him over so you were on top of him, your eyes scanning every beautiful inch of his sweet face. He leaned up and tried to kiss you again, but you gently rested your fingers on his lips, stopping him from making contact, “Uh uh,” you said, letting yourself smile as you told him, “promise me you’ll never look at any other creature this way.” He shook his head in awe of you as he forced you back onto his lips, begging you for more. You pulled away one last time, laughing as he groaned in frustration, “I should make you jealous more often.”