feel free to translate these please

Halla! Please feel free to suggest any words and I’ll edit them into this post!

adda: verb, to add. e.g. to add a friend on fb.

ass: short for ‘altså‘, can be used quite loosely, f.x. therefore, so, well.

drita: adjective, shitfaced, pissed, hammered, basically a way of saying you’re really drunk.

dritt: adjective and noun, shit.

drittsekk: adjective and noun, literally means shit bag, could be translated as asshole.

This is quite long, so I’ll put a read more thing just under here :o)

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“The coolest way in the world to get your coffee”… (≧∇≦)/

Hi guys, @tsukinokakera and I are back with a new English subbed video! This time, it’s a short segment from “Welcome to the Uemura Detective Agency!”. We hope you’ll like it~

* Feel free to share this video but please, DO NOT reupload it elsewhere, thank you!

* A list of my English and French subbed videos can be found here.

Yuri on Ice interview translation - Febri 2017/03 (p29-33)

Finally the interview from Febri is finished! I like Kubo’s interviews but I swear I don’t want to see any more for some time… This one is also mentioning a lot of stuff that I haven’t read in other interviews so far. It’s a bit long but definitely worth reading!

Translation is under the cut. I might fix the format a little later on to make it visually better, now I have to leave to go to Wonder Festival… (who needs sleep?).
If you have any questions about the interview feel free to message me.

***If you wish to share this translation please do it by reblogging or posting a link to it***

***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

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Latin Incantations

Below is a list of some nice Latin incantations that I have compiled, which I would very much love to share with you all. Of course, I am no expert in Latin, but these are as close to perfect as I myself could get them, using Google Translate and a Latin dictionary to tighten the sentences up (Google Translate is baaad with Latin). Please, Latin experts of tumblr, feel free to correct me if need be!
I kept each incantation short and to the point, for ease of memory and tongue, and have included phonetic pronunciations and also spells they would go best with. (Please note that where I have added apostrophes after the r’s in the pronunciations, are where you are required to roll your r’s with your tongue).

I create as I speak/I create what i say:
Ego creo quad ego loquar.
(Pron. Ehgo kr'ayo kwod ehgo lokwor’)
- Manifestation spells.

I control time:
Moderari tempore sum.
(Pron. Moder’ar’ee tempor’ay soom)
- Time spells.

It is done:
Factum est.
(Pron. Factoom est)
- At the closing of a spell.

Love come/s to me:
Amor venit ad me.
(Pron. Amoor’ veneet admee)
- Love spells.

I dream the truth/I have dreams of truth:
Somnia verita sum.
(Pron. Somneeah ver’eeta soom)
- Prophetic dream spells.

I am protected:
Munita sum.
(Pron. Mooneeta soom)
- Protection spells.

The signs as Latin phrases

Aries: audere est facere To do is to dare 

Taurus: fluctuat nec mergiturTossed by the waves but does not sink 

Gemini: alis propriis volat She flies with her own wings 

Cancer: dum inter homines sumus, colamus humanitatem As long as we are among humans, let us be humane 

Leo: fortuna audens adiuvat Fortune favors the brave 

Virgo: timendi causa est nescireIgnorance is the cause of fear 

Libra: amor omnia vincitLove conquers all 

Scorpio: carpe noctemSeize the night 

Sagittarius: transit umbra, lux permanet Shadow passes, light remains

Capricorn: amare et sapere vix deo conceditur Even a god finds it hard to love and be wise at the same time 

Aquarius: serva me, servabo teSave me and I will save you 

Pisces: utinam ne illum numquam conspexissemIf only I had never seen him.

*Please note all gendered pronouns are actually gender neutral, but translated a certain way for lyrical effect, feel free to alter them*

So apparently there is a “Boruto SD” series in Japan, and the first issue showcases how scary Hinata can be when she is angry.

I don’t know what exactly Boruto and Denki did to piss off Hinata that much but I suspect it has something to do with the fact that Boruto’s pants are down.


Quite a few people messaged me about this. Hinata is angry because she just witnessed Boruto and Denki pissing from Naruto’s Head on the Hokage monument. Can somebody please give me a link to the full chapter?

UPDATE 2: Aaaand here is the preceding page:

(Warning: Unreliable translation. Plus, I can’t make out some of the Kanji clearly, feel free to correct me and point out my mistakes.)

(First Panel)

BORUTO: Doesn’t it feel great to do this from that height?

DENKI: Yes, I could get used to this…!

(Second Panel)



(Third Panel)

HINATA: What are you doing?

HIMAWARI: HNN!! (She points with her byakugan active how cute!)


Again, I probably got the translation wrong. Feel free to correct me.

Okay, does anybody have scans for the full chapter?


I was gonna make a masterpost for Filipino/Tagalog but there’s not a lot of resources online so I decided to make graphics here instead! I’ll make more in the future but here are just some common words/phrases in the language. Filipino has a lot of borrowed words from Spanish and English due to colonialism and most of the time it’s difficult to say a complete sentence in Filipino alone because English words are deeply mixed into the language, hence Taglish. It’s a norm to switch between English and Filipino midsentence or even midword. There’s no Filipino translation for hi/hello so we just use them instead. We also use English phrases like ‘happy birthday’ and ‘excuse me’ more commonly than their Filipino translations. I lived in the Philippines for 12 years and I’m fluent so if you guys are learning Filipino or have any questions feel free to approach me!

The Tattoo Question

Hey folks! I’ve updated my FAQ page to address the tattoo question as it seems to come up quite a lot. I’ll post the answer here as well, but please remember to check out the the FAQ  before sending a question. Thank you!

What are your thoughts on someone wanting a tattoo of one of your drawings?

I have mixed feelings. The most common response I give people is I don’t usually have a problem but please exercise extreme caution. I am not a tattoo artist and what may look good on a screen may not translate on to skin. I cannot promise you’ll be happy with the result. With that said I only have two requests concerning tattoos:

1.) Please ask permission for the use of an EXISTING drawing. Then feel free to take it to a professional tattoo artist and let them work with you on how to best get it done. 

2.) Please do not ask for original commissioned tattoos. The prospect scares me too much and I’d rather not. Sorry :C

**Followup edit: If you follow these steps and go through with a tattoo, I’d actually love to see it. It might open me up a bit more to the idea of my work being tattooed. Thank you!


Hello everyone! 👋🏻
Recently, I made a new friend who happens to speak Japanese and so he has been translating things for me. This karmagisa doujin happened to be one of them. I did the cleaning and typesetting, so that more people can enjoy it like we did! However, I don’t know the original source, and can’t imbed links on mobile anyway, so if you know it, please feel free to add it if you reblog.

(English Subs + Text) Soraru and Mafumafu’s new Cooking Videos

”I tried making Sticky Ramen for my friend”
I’ve subbed Soraru’s latest video on his official channel where he tries to cook a meal for Mafumafu! :O If the English subs don’t pop up immediately, click the gear icon and enable them~

Below the “read more” is the full transcript for Mafumafu’s video!
Watch Mafumafu’s video here.
I can’t subtitle it because his channel doesn’t have community contributions enabled, sorry! ;_; But feel free to share the link to this post if you see people wanting to know what’s happening in the video!
This goes line by line and might be a bit hard to understand without the video side by side, so feel free to ask if you have any questions~ I hope you enjoy both videos! :)
(Please do not use these translations to upload a subbed version of either video to Youtube or anywhere else)

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Ignis’ Birthday

You can find the original comic here:


I hadn’t downloaded a font to use for comics on this one, so I apologize for the odd choices. I just edit and put English onto these as I go along, so there’s no proofreading or anything. Please forgive any errors. I don’t use Tumblr often, either, so please forgive me as I learn.

I’ve been practicing Japanese on the same series for many years now and I needed something new to get into. I’m going to try and find different doujinshi to translate for fun. Please take a look at the pages of the authors, and if you have any FFXV comics you’d like to see in English feel free to make suggestions.

Thank you for your time. Enjoy :)

Ignis: Noct, answer me if you’re here…

Noctis: Whoa!

Ignis: Why are you surprised?
Hm? You’re making coffee jelly?

Noctis: Aah… Well…

Ignis: Is Prompto with you?

Noctis: Umm, no…

Ignis: …I’m glad you’ve met someone who can get you to want to do this.

Noctis: Huh?

Ignis: These are for today’s meeting. Please look them over.

Basa - Rustle

Noctis: Yeah, thanks.

Ignis: Well then.

Noctis: What kind of misunderstanding was that…?

Noctis:< Oh well, I guess I wasn’t exposed.

February 7nth

Ignis: Noct, what is this…?

Noctis: Ignis, isn’t today your birthday?

Noctis: Go ahead.

Mogu - Munch

Ignis: It’s delicious.

Ignis: Noct, it’s great.

Box: Aah, Ignis.

Box: This must be

Box: how you always feel.

Noctis: Ignis,

Noctis: Happy birthday.

Magi 347 Spoilers

Warning: As usual, please note that my level of Japanese is basic at most, and this is just a translation of text summaries available online, so I cannot guarantee that the following snippets are accurate. In other words, these can be just rumors or misinterpretations, and I might have left some parts out because I didn’t understand them. Feel free to share the link, but please DO NOT REPOST, and don’t forget to support the official releases!!

In which Sinbad tells Alibaba no one understands, makes me not understand, then understanding happens.

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French legal vocabulary by @lass-uns-studieren 

Here is my German legal vocabulary list. Once again, I’ll state that I’m Ace Attorney trash and Miles Edgeworth is great. Tagging @langblog, @plantsandcoffeestudyblr, @malteseboy and @langsandlit

Again, please feel free to translate this into other languages, but tag me so I can see!

Here goes!


Le droit - Law
Les légalités (f) - Legalities
Le tribunal ou la cour de justice - Court of Law
La cour suprême- Supreme Court
La salle d’audience - Courtroom
Le témoignage - Testimony
Le contre-interrogatoire - Cross-examination
L’indice (m) ou La preuve - Evidence
L’affidavit (m) ou la declaration sous serment - Affidavit
L’alibi (m) - Alibi
Le procès - Trial/  Lawsuit
L’affaire judiciare (f) - Court case
Le dossier - Case
L’appel (m) - Appeal
La prescription des faits - Statute of limitations
Le jury - Jury
Le contrat - Contract
Le jugement - Verdict


Le témoin - Witness
Le/La défendeur/défenderesse - Defendant
L’huissier de justice (m) - Bailiff
Le juge - Judge
Le procureur - Prosecutor
L’avocat de la défense- Defense attorney
L'inspecteur/L’inspectrice - Detective
L’avocat(e) - Barrister/ Solicitor


Plaider - To plead
Poursuivre (en justice) - To sue
Emmetre un objection - To object
Se disputer - To argue
Arrêter - To arrest

Example sentences

Le témoignage du premier témoin a quasiment duré 20 minutes. - The first testimony lasted twenty minutes
Le juge a questionné la validité de l’affidavit - The judge questioned the validity of the affidavit
Le jury a déclaré l'accusé coupable - The jury declared the defendant guilty

Magi 343 Spoilers

Warning: As usual, please note that my level of Japanese is basic at most, and this is just a translation of text summaries available online, so I cannot guarantee that the following snippets are accurate. In other words, these can be just rumors or misinterpretations, and I might have left some parts out because I didn’t understand them. Feel free to share the link, but please DO NOT REPOST, and don’t forget to support the official releases!!

In which we get to see some old friends from a distant, destroyed world.

My apologies for the delay, but I’m sick in bed </3

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Mamo’s Musical Love Counseling, with English subtitles. Requested by @jennshaiel.

Big thanks to @tsukinokakera and @shakkuris who did a wonderful job with the translation! ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

* Feel free to share this video but please, DO NOT reupload it elsewhere, thank you!

* A list of my English and French subbed videos can be found here.

Mikasa Ackerman - No matter where you are

Here is my translation of Mikasa’s character song “No matter where you are”, sung by Ishikawa Yui. I have tried my best to display Mikasa’s true emotions and feelings, if you have any corrections then please feel free to message me! I wanted to fit the message of the song and convey her feelings, so this may not be a complete accurate jpn > eng translation. However, I hope you still enjoy and support Ishikawa!

When I woke up again,
At that moment… I found you,
The nightmare of that day,
You rescued me from it… gave me warmth

I have been chasing,
Right behind his back
Like I’m praying for it
Don’t ever look back,
Why are you leaving in such a hurry?

Please don’t go
Even though I’m always beside your side,
I still cannot overcome my fear
Please, don’t disappear, from me
You are my home to return to
No matter where you are

In a world like this,
The reason I’m still alive… is because of the people I want to protect
It’s only this reason I choose to stay alive

A dazzling light,
A light that came into the darkness
When I was covered with wounds,
At that time… it gave me encouragement

Please don’t go
Don’t leave me alone again
It’s much colder this time

Please don’t go,
For me.
You are my home to return to,
No matter where you are.

Japanese English | 和製英語

Hey guys, so most Japanese learners would know that katakana is used mostly for words that have been borrowed from other languages. However, I’ve come across many Japanese words in katakana that appear to be of English origin, but are in fact not. This is called 和製英語「わせいえいご」, which can be translated as “Japanese English/Japanese-made English”. Below are a list of 和製英語 that I have come across a lot during my studies! If you know of anymore please feel free to reblog this post and add to it!

Japanese English・和製英語・わせいえいご:
Arcade・ゲームセンター・Gemu senta
Apartment Complex・マンション・Manshon
Bikini Model・グラビアアイドル・Gurabia aidoru
Chips/French Fries・フライドポテト・Furaido poteto
French Kiss・ディープキス・Diipu kisu
Key Chain/Key Ring・キーホルダー・Kihoruda
Office Worker・サラリーマン・Sararii man
One Size Fits All・フリーサイズ・Furisaizu
Part-time Job・アルバイト・Arubaito
Petrol Station・ガソリンスタンド・Gasorin sutando
Plug Socket/Power Outlet・コンセント・konsento
Roller Coaster・ジェットコースター・Jettokosuta


Finally back to TGC~

AxK Chapter 47 Part 5. I will try to translate and edit a few pages a day if possible.  I hate redraws. English is not my first language so sometimes it may not be that fluent… There may be errors so read at your own risk~Feel free to share this, but PLEASE REMEMBER TO BUY THE OFFICIAL COPY OF THE MANGA WHEN IT IS RELEASED IN YOUR COUNTRY.

PSA for the EmiMike/MichEmil fandom!

Update! Here is the masterpost! Please reblog that as well as this post to spread the word around ♥

There are quite a few EmiMike shippers here and I feel like I follow most of them (and we even have our own badge!)

(credits go to @emimiketrash)

And that got me thinking that I also know quite a few Italian fans, which is great and it would be very helpful if I ever needed to translate something for a fic, except, you know, I’m Italian and I don’t really need that? Anyway, what I would need is to know some Czech fans, and I realized I know none.

And then I thought that others might be in my same situation and it just hit me, “Why not make a masterpost of lovely Italian and Czech people who would be willing to translate stuff for EmiMike writers?” 

I find that adding a few sentences/words in their native language is always really realistic and depending on what kind of fic you’re writing it might even be necessary, and while I wait for more EmiMike inspiration to hit me for a future fic, I thought it would be nice to do something for this little but lovely part of the fandom. (And for the record, if you need to translate anything to Italian, always feel free to message me and ask!)

(Of course, this is also true for any fanartists needing to write stuff in their fanart/comics!)

In order to make this masterpost I need names! So please:

  • Reblog to help me spread the word ♥
  • REBLOG + WRITE if you’re Italian or Czech and willing to be in this list (please don’t just write it in the tags because it makes my job more difficult)

I really hope this thing works out, please let me or anyone in the squad know if you have any more ideas for this ship!