feel free to take credit if they are yours


Sometimes I feel myself getting stuck in a CAS rut and a lot of my sims end up looking very similar. I’ve seen these types of click and drag generators often as writing resources, or as silly games to predict the “future” and thought it might be interesting to tailor it and incorporate it directly into the sims so I’ve thrown a quick one together. Everything is still quite open-ended so it’s all up for personal interpretation, it’s just a push to get you started. 

*Note: I included alien and vampire under gender. If you get one of these options, feel free to drag again until you get male/female to determine the gender, or choose it yourself. Like I said this isn’t set in stone and is more for inspiration than hardcore rules. If you don’t have the vampire pack, just pull a different result. No biggie.

By no means do I take any form of credit for this idea, I’m sure it’s probably even been done on simblr in the past, I just wanted to throw my hat in the ring and thought I’d share it with all you lovelies as well. x

Might make a fun challenge too? tag your creations as #clickanddragcas or something and see what this prompts us all to make maybe idk!! just have fun nd make cute sims

friendly reminder

that re-posting someone’s artwork without their permission is not “helping them” or “showing your appreciation” it’s straight up theft. You are stealing. End of discussion. “Fair use” does not protect you. Crediting does not protect you or make you any less of a thief.

And if an artist comes to you and asks you to take it down and your first response is to be an utter prick and go on about what ~you~ are doing for ~them~ then go step on a lego you entitled little shit.

(feel free to translate this because this problem is with more than just English speakers)


Take a fuckin’ Dave babes

No permission needed, credit is appreciated but not necessary either. Feel free to change the background or edit the Daves to better fit your headcanons if you want, since these are panel edits to begin with. 

I hope you all enjoy these different variations of this beautiful boy.

15 things I wish I’d known before starting my studyblr:


You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into.


You didn’t know there was such a thing as branded stationery, but heck, there’s a thriving market out there. 


LOOK AT ALL THE APPS. THE ADVICE. The resources! Be wary: sometimes simple is best.


People are going to share their dreams, fears,  doubts, hopes, ambitions and “oh my fuck what the fuck is happening moments” with you. You’re going to learn so much from people you’ve never met; who live half a world away. You’ll learn that exam stress is universal, as are feelings of inadequacy and loneliness and anxiousness. A whole new world will open up to you, one message at a time.


People will take your photos, re upload them, use them without credit. They’re going to delete your captions. It’ll piss you off. Its downright disrespectful. You’ll want to leave. Platitudes like ‘the internet is a free space’ will not dull the swell of anger. But don’t let a few fools ruin a good thing. Remember all the messages of support, the funny tags on the reblogs, the kindness oh god the kindness.


Stand up for yourself. Whether it be your study methods, your study philosophy or your style. Be firm, but respectful.


Sometimes you’ll wake up to messages which will make you cry. You’ve never wanted to move mountains before, you never thought you could have such a visceral reaction to someone else’s problems  - but in that moment you’ll want to cross international borders and give someone a hug. Oceans be damned. 


You’re no hero. You can’t help everyone, and your advice may be useful to some and useless to others. That’s ok. Find your own support network within this huge ass community and make it a positive experience for yourself.


Tumblr’s text formatting is a nightmare.


Be vulnerable. Writing about your personal experiences will be cathartic. Giving advice will be cathartic. In guiding others you will be guiding yourself. In doing so, you’ll need to be brutally honest about your own failures, your own doubts and misgivings. You will feel vulnerable, a twisted form of quid pro quo you’re not sure you love. Share your stories of success, your stories of failure so that others will step forward and share theirs. Cheer at other’s success; lend a shoulder to cry on when they don’t. Reach out and start a dialogue. 


Taking a photo will not dull the pain, or tears. You will still have bad days.


People won’t believe that you use natural lighting. They evidently haven’t spent Summer in Australia before.


The number of notes or reblogs your posts have does not reflect the impact that they have on a person’s life. Who the fuck cares about reblogs when you’re sitting in the exam hall the next morning. 


There’s going to be a pointless debate about 'aesthetic’ vs 'effective studying’ which will make you groan and smack your forehead against the closest wall. And then you’re going to remember livejournal. And then you’re going to feel old.


You’re going to meet people who are kind, lovely, whose opinions differ from yours - and that’s ok. There are going to be people you’ll be able to have long 3am conversations with, whose music library you’ll want to freaking raid, and others whose tags will always brighten your day. There’s going to be people who consistently pop up on your activity feed, shadowing your every move and you’re not sure how to express your appreciation but trust me, they’ll know.

+ You started this project in a midnight ramble not expecting anything out of it. You’re going to be in for one hell of a ride. There is no reason to be afraid.

With love,


disclaimer - i’m not a career coach. this is just advice based on personal experience. as a business/marketing major i interviewed with companies like google, nike, philips, and am now interning at microsoft. these tips will not guarantee you a job and some things might not work in your country/industry (but hopefully they will help you along the way!)

1. your resume

  •  this is your ultimate marketing tool. make it work for you. i personally prefer resumes that are limited to 1 page.  it’s true that recruiters only glance at your cv for just a couple of seconds, so make yours stand out, yet keep it minimal/simple.
  • for each job, list bullet points and make them result-driven (and make your first bullet your best bullet).

(i will share some example layouts soon)

2. the application process / preparing for your interview

  • you have nothing to lose. see a job that interests you? just apply! even if you don’t meet all the requirements, it’s worth a shot. what’s the worst that can happen? you might think “but i’m not good enough for this job” - lemme tell ya, that mindset is not gonna land you ANY job at all. 
  • don’t wait until the application deadline. 
  • prepare a pitch about yourself and memorize this so you’re good to go when the interviewer asks you to tell something about yourself.
  • there are many websites out there that list basic interview questions. make sure you prepare for these. just google (common/top) interview questions”. make sure you have an answer in mind. 
  • it’s okay to indicate some of your weaknesses, but either conceal them with a strength or tell them that you’re working on improving yourself. no one is perfect. show that you’re eager to learn and grow. 
  • study the company. don’t just look at what they sell, but also study their mission, history and what they do “behind the scenes” (e.g. philanthropic initiatives). also have an answer to why you would want to work for this company (and why you choose them instead of their direct competitor).
  • ALWAYS prepare questions for the interviewer, too. one question that i like to ask is “what is one thing you DON’T like about working for this company?”. i have asked this to managers at google and microsoft, and some didn’t have an answer for me hehe. surprise them. 

3. the interview

  • BE YOURSELF! i can’t stress the importance of this enough. it’s totally ok to be nervous, but try to relax anyways!
  • practice a firm handshake.
  • always be prepared to elaborate on your cv and job experiences. this shouldn’t be a problem as long as you don’t lie on your cv lol. 
  • dont worry about awkward silences when the interviewer asks you a question. take some time to compose your answers rather than simply trying to bridge the silence by blurting out something . some companies also like to hear your think out loud.
  • take some time to get to know the interviewer. if s/he doesn’t do so already, ask the interviewer to tell something about themselves.
  • dress accordingly (some companies require you to dress smart, others are fine if you show up in a casual outfit). if you don’t know what the dresscode is, don’t be afraid to contact the recruiter about it. 
  • didn’t get the job? don’t be so hard on yourself. you tried your best, so consider your interviewing process a lesson and a training. 

4. on the job

  • networking is important. schedule coffee with your teammembers so you can get to know them better one on one (maybe you’ll even make some friends along the way). are you interested in what other teams or departments do? don’t be shy and get to know them too. (note: do check your organizational structure. by that i mean: don’t just schedule coffee with all senior managers and directors if that is not a part of your company culture lol)
  • if another intern is onboarding you and showing you the ins and outs, always take notes. you tell yourself you will remember everything, but trust me; you won’t. write down any instructions you receive and you will thank yourself later. 
  • never ever be afraid to ask questions. don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  • don’t be afraid of new challenges.  

if you have any q’s, shoot me a message. got any additional tips? feel free to send me those and i’ll add them to my list (ofc i’ll credit where due).

good luck everyone! 

You know I’ve been taking some time

And I’ve been keeping to myself

I had my eyes up on the prize

Ain’t watching anybody else

But your love it hit me hard

Yeah, you’re bad for my health

I love the cards that I’ve been dealt

Do you feel the same as well?

You know, I used to be in 1D (now I’m out, free)

People want me for one thing (that’s not me)

I’m not changing the way, that I (used to be)

I just wanna have fun (and get rowdy)

Want coke and bacardi (sippin’ lightly)

When I walk inside the party (girls on me)

F1 type Ferrari (6 gear speed)

I love it when your body (grinds on me), baby  

You know I love it when the music’s start
But c'mon, strip that down for me, baby

There’s a lot of people in the crowd
But only you can dance with me

So put your hands on my body
And swing around for me, baby

You know I love it when the music start
But c'mon, strip that down for me (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

Oh, strip that down
Love when you hit the ground (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

Oh, strip that down
Love when you hit the ground

You know, that since the day I met you

Yeah, you swept me off my feet

You know, that I don’t need no money

When your love is beside me

Yeah, you opened up my heart

And then you threw away the key

Now it’s just you and me

And you don’t care ‘bout where I’ve been

I’m Not Jealous

Warnings: None

Requests: First was literally the most adorable Jeff Atkins Imagine I’ve read. Maybe the first time Jeff gets jealous because other jocks are flirting with you resulting in the first time you make out in front of the student body.

Hi could you do an first when it’s the first time Jeff really got jealous about you pls x x

Requested by: @l-tay and @studyinghelpsheal

A/N: Thank you for requesting! I hope you like it :) feel free to send in more!

Originally posted by words-plus-wisdom

credit to gif owners

“Alright everyone, take your seats.”

                          You follow Hannah up to the fourth row, sitting on the end next to the stairs. The bleachers squeak under you and you wonder how much longer until these things fall apart for good. “Seriously? Another assembly,” Hannah says suddenly, pulling you from your thoughts. “What do you think it’s about this time?”

You shrug. “Who knows. But hey, no fifth period!”

    “True,” she nods. “I like that. I’m surprised you didn’t sit with your lover boy over there.” she looks straight ahead to where your boyfriend sat with Clay on the other side of the gym. 

You scoff. “I’ll sit with mine if you sit with yours.”

    Your best friend shoots you a glare. You loved teasing her about her crush on Clay and vice versa. Actually, Jeff did too. It was like a hobby for the two of you.

“Shut up,” she mumbles and you laugh. “Great,” she huffs. “Look who’s coming up here.”

                               You follow her gaze. It lands on Zach Dempsey, Justin Foley, and Bryce Walker and they’re heading straight towards you. You wouldn’t mind if it was just Justin and Zach, they were actually good friends of Alex’s. You didn’t like Bryce though, he made you uncomfortable with all of his sexual advances and crude humor.

                “Hey _________,” Zach says once they reach you. You know that he’s a sweet guy, even though he acts tough in front of his jock friends. “How have you been?”

“Oh, hey Zach,” you give him a small smile. “I’ve been good. What about-”

    “Hey,” the voice belongs to Justin Foley. “Don’t hog her, I want to say hi too!” He shoots you his sweet smile. “Hi ________, Hannah.”

You laugh. “Hey Justin.”

Hannah just nods.

   “She doesn’t care about the two of you,” Bryce. “I’m her favorite,” he takes a seat next to you and throws his arm over your shoulder. “Right?”


       Meanwhile, your boyfriend watches you from the other side of the gym. His eyes narrow as he watches the other jocks flirt with you. He fights the urge to to break Bryce’s arm for touching you. 

“Jealous much?” Clay says, leaning over and nodding to where you sat.

“I’m not jealous,” Jeff replies. “I could care less.”

“Right,” Clay calls his bluff. “You look like you care plenty.”

        Jeff looks over at the pale boy. “What about Hannah, hm? Looks like she’s getting pretty cozy with Foley over there.”

Clay’s eyes widen. “That’s what I thought,” Jeff chuckles.

His eyes move back to you. He watches as Zach sits in the spot directly in front of you, leaning back on your legs. That’s it, he thinks springing up from his seat.

“Whoa, wait,” Clay reaches for him. “What the hell are you doing?”

  Jeff ignores him. His eyes stay trained on you as he makes his way across the gym. Clay is right on his heels.

You smile widely when you see him. “Hey!”

       He grabs your hand and pulls you up, causing Zach to fall back a little. You follow your boyfriend down the stairs, confused. You look back at an equally confused Hannah and Clay.

“Babe,” you say once you’re standing in the middle of the room. “What are you doing?”

                       “This,” he breathes, bending down and covering your mouth with his. You don’t have much time to react before his tongue slips between your lips, tasting your own. The kiss isn’t like the one you share this morning, innocent and sweet. No, this kiss was wild, and demanding. The way his tongue moved against yours had you weak in the knees. You groan against his lips, hands clutching his shirt for dear life, because god, this kiss was something else and you felt like if you didn’t hold on you would pass out. His hands cup your face, tilting your head back to deepen the kiss.

“Okay,” comes the teachers voice. “Break it up you two. Now.”     

Jeff bites down on your bottom lip, teeth tugging at it as he pulls away. You’re a panting mess, and so is Jeff. His lips are swollen and you’re sure that yours look the same. 

     Your face heats up when you realize what just happened. You just made out with Jeff in front of what was almost the whole school. You look up at Hannah and Clay, both wide eyed and mouths hanging open. 

“Back to your seats.”

Your boyfriend laces his fingers with yours and walks back to the bleachers. He pulls you onto his lap and meets Bryce’s eyes. A satisfied smirk stretches his face.

“Yep,” he says. “I’m not jealous.”

when it comes to character development, there is a bunch of things we need keep in mind – and mostly, to ourselves – about our beloved muses. not regular or basic stuff, but interesting stuff that should be there if you want to put verity into your writing or that are simply cool.  some of these are very deep / hard, so i recommend you take your time and answer one at a time! feel free to repost and fill up with your particular info, credit is appreciated. stay safe! 

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Sort of an how-to animatic

So I‘m not good at it either, and this is actually more for me, but I‘m gonna share it anyways

Soo despite your art skills, there is some stuff you might wanna use some stuff it looks more interesting. Some of those are just personal opinions btw.

Perspective can be a big factor in making it seem more theatralic. I can‘t really say much about this but just try to imagine this was a real movie, where every angle is pretty much possible.

Here is a good post about it

But basically

is better than

Don‘t!! Be!! Scared!! To!! Do!! Too!! Much!!
Just go wild,, on the face but also body the body languages. This is also covered by Spib in their post, so I‘m not gonna put an example here.

So uh it‘s always good to put a background color because it
1) Helps the mood
2) Helps the setting
3) doesn‘t make it too obvious that you were too lazy to draw a background

What I‘d recommend is to read a bit into color theory and find out the effect colors can have. Maybe not if it‘s night. Just go with the blue/purple.
Also don‘t get TOO crazy with it because that would be just irritating. And ofc go with white if you draw backgrounds

Some really good examples by @juuria

That’s pretty much your decision. Of course, you should find something that makes sense and isn‘t just a white void (if it is, at least make it seem like they‘re standing on something???)

Go wild my dude,,, show them talking if it‘s  a conversation, if they‘re having a monolog just let them sort of do something that keeps it going, e.g they walk into the place where the other part of the animatic takes place. Also don‘t be afraid to let them change their pose, it makes everything smoother than if you just change their expression.


Just everything you can get your hands on!! Most people just use sai and movie maker

So uh yeah that‘s all I could think off, feel free to add more

dupes/alternatives masterpost ✨

Hey loves, this masterpost was partially requested and I’m so excited.  I recommend to do your research before buying the dupe, some of the dupes are better than others. Some brands are repeated. Here is a dupe masterpost for MAC lipsticks. Here is a dupe masterpost for liquid lipsticks. Here is a spreadsheet of Coastal Scents eyeshadows to MAC eyeshadow dupes. Most of these dupes I found online so I do not take credit for any of those but some I researched myself. This is under read more because this list is very long. :) If you have any more dupes or questions, feel free to send them in.

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How to Navigate Korea using Naver Maps

Note: Personally, I find Google Maps less efficient than Naver Maps in Korea, hence I created this tutorial to help others navigate Korea. Although there are tons of applications that facilitate wayfinding such as Daum Maps and Kakao Maps etc, this tutorial will only focus on Naver Maps as I am more familiar with it and relied heavily on it during my 3-week trip to Korea. If you wish to share this tutorial with others outside of tumblr, please take out with proper credit. Do not simply reupload. 

Disclaimer: I am not Korean and neither am I 100% fluent in the Korean language (hence please pardon any mistakes I make). You do not need to be fluent in order to use Naver Maps. However, you do need to at least know how to write, read and recognise Korean characters as wayfinding, in general, requires you to type in Korean and listen out to bus stop and metro station names.

As aforementioned, this tutorial solely elaborates on the Naver Maps application. I highly recommend that you download it before embarking on your trip to Korea.  
- Naver Maps: AppStore | Google Play

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anonymous asked:

How do I adult? When it comes to things like taxes, handling finances and paying bills I'm completely clueless and it makes me feel like a child. I feel scared shitless for the future if I'm this unprepared to deal with the adult world and I'm only 20 years old.

Do you live in the US? I don’t know if I’m the best person to ask, but can give you some general advice I guess.

  • Getting your tax refund feels fucking good!!
  • Taxes only get complicated if you have a lot of assets or sources of income. I assume at 20 you qualify for the 1040ez which is a lot simpler. 
  • My family uses TurboTax which they borrow from the local library. The wait list is always long during tax season, so if you want to use it get on it as soon as you have your W-2 forms. 
  • Track your spending. Sign up for online banking. Sign up for online bill pay. It’s super convenient.
  • Start building credit early by getting a credit card. Use it like a debit card by buying stuff you already have the funds for (ie groceries, gas, bills). Pay it all off each month. I don’t recommend leaving a balance due to interest. Plus there are usually some cash back deals you can take advantage of.
  • Check your credit score once a year. There are free ones.
  • If you are able, build up an emergency funds stash. I would recommend at least enough for a few months of rent and expenses in case you lose your job, have to go to the ER, etc. 
  • If you’re new to this or don’t have stable income I recommend paying really close attention to your spending, bills, etc. After a while you get a feel for how much you generally spend each month. At this point I have automatic payments and I only pay closer attention when I make big ticket purchases I don’t usually make.

Adulthood is just an extension of childhood. It’s just gaining experience. There is a lot I don’t know shit about. No one has a fucking clue my man. You’ll be okay.













































Two Spirited

Pride Puppies Complete Set

Just something I threw together today as an expression of pride. Everyone should be proud of who they are, no matter their orientation. 

These are transparent and you are free to use them as you choose. I would prefer if you credit me and please do not claim them as your own.

I tried to be as inclusive as possible, but if I forgot someone please feel free to shoot me a message and I will add to this. 

Please do not remove artist’s comment.

EDIT: Many of these are per request. A term you may find offensive was put in there because someone else may identify as it, so please be respectful of that. 

I am human, humans change and make mistakes. Sometimes my information is outdated and it takes me a while to update/fix those mistakes.

This is a long post so if you don’t want to see it, filter “long post” or “pride puppies”

Imagine Barry Allen, your older brother, realizing you are into Julian Albert

Request by Anonymous: Hi I totally loved your latest imagine with Barry and Julian and was wondering if you reverse it the reader being Barry’s younger sister who is a brilliant, ambitious, sassy legal aid lawyer who ends up at the CCPD all the time getting information from cases so she runs into Julian all the time and Julian developed a crush without knowing she is Barry’s sister!? I understand if you don’t want to. Keep up the great work either way!

Words: 562

Note: Hi Anon, I’m not sure if I put all the things you requested into this imagine. If I didn’t, please feel free to hit my ask box again. Hope you enjoy this one! :D The below isn’t my GIF, credit goes to its owner. *The Flash 3x05 Spoiler-alert*

“Hey.” Barry spotted you from the corner of his eyes. He pulled away from the microscope and turned around to face you.

“Is Juli –” You weren’t able to finish your question as Barry snatched the Big Belly Burger paper bag from your hand in a blink of an eye.

“You bring Big Belly Burger. Great. I’m starving.” Barry rubbed his hands, taking the fries out from the bag.

“Hey!” You protested, attempting to get the food back while Barry was using one of his arms to hinder your movement.

“This is not for you!” You exclaimed once you saw Barry began to stuff the burger into his mouth.

It’s too late, Barry had already taken a big bite of it.

“What –” Barry started coughing when the burning sensation overtook his tongue, “It’s hot!”

He immediately poured the coke straight into his throat while his face and ears were turning red.

“Why did you buy that?” Barry panted, fanning his tongue with his hand, “Neither of us can take the spicy food.”

“That’s why I said that’s not for you.”

“I thought you’re going to have lunch with me.” Barry furrowed his brow, “So what brings you here?”

“Well, as a legal aid lawyer, I have to get some information about the recent attack.”

“Yeah, but that’s Julian’s case…” Speaking of Julian, something came up to Barry’s mind. He remembered Julian loves spicy food.

He looked back and forth between you and the table full of fast food. A crazy idea suddenly struck him.

“Oh no…” He muttered, shaking his head and covering his mouth with his palm.

“What?” You asked insecurely, secretly hoping Barry didn’t notice anything.

“You’re coming here to see Julian, aren’t you?” Barry pointed out, narrowing his eyes, “The whole getting-information-from-case thing is just an excuse. You want to have a lunch date with him, that’s why you brought Big Belly Burger here.”

“Um… Actually… I…” You hummed and hawed, wanting to say something to deny but your brain having problem searching for words after Barry found out your little crush secret.

Your reaction just confirmed what Barry guessed was true. He crossed his arms in front of his chest, “Julian Albert? For real?”

“Allen.” A British voice sounded at the entrance of the lab.

“Yes?” You and Barry both answered and turned to the door frame at the same time.

Julian frowned at the two of you. Did you just react to the surname ‘Allen’?

Julian was a man of intellect, it didn’t take long for him to figure out the relationship between you and Barry.

“Y/N, you’re Barry’s sister?” Julian asked, taking a glimpse at Barry.

“Yeah.” You nodded.

Julian was shocked for a moment, but soon he gathered his thoughts and cleared his throat, “Barry…” He drew a breath as if what he’s going to say needed a certain of courage, “About you giving up the lab… Forget it, you can stay.”

“What…?” Barry’s mouth dropped open.

Julian ignored Barry’s unbelievable stare and asked you with a pleasant smile rested on his lips, “Lunch?”

“Sure.” Your cheeks couldn’t help but flush a little.

Barry’s eyes widened, he couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. Did Julian just ask you out underneath him?

Barry’s protective-brother mode was totally being activated, he shouted behind Julian, “You giving me back my lab doesn’t mean you can date my sister…!”

The Project

I really enjoyed writing this so I hope that you enjoy reading it! I picked Jimin because he can be so soft and squishy which fit into my idea for the scenario.

Please feel free to request more! I am currently on spring break from college and need something to do!

Word Count: 2,655

Pairing: Jimin X Reader

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Some strong language, some innuendos. Do not read if you are not comfortable.

Description: Group projects are always hard, especially when you have the school’s bad boy, Park Jimin, as your uninterested partner. Things take an interesting turn when you figure out a way to involve him in the project as well as get some revenge on him.

Originally posted by princejimineee

(Gif is not ours. Credit to princejimineee. Also can we just talk about how amazing their editing is??? People are so talented wow. I have stared at this gif for like ten minutes.)

Fingers crossed tightly under your desk, you hoped for a good partner for your lab project. Taemin was pretty smart, so you were hoping to get him to be your partner, not to mention he was pretty cute as well. Your heart was beating quickly as the teacher rattled off names of partners, not hearing yours yet. Come on, please! You begged internally, anxious to just have your partner already. The room was filled with quiet whispers of partners who were already matched, making you almost miss your name.

“…min and Y/N,” your teacher droned. You let out a huge breath of relief and picked up your books to go sit by Taemin to discuss your project ideas. You had been excited for this project, so you had already come up with multiple ideas written neatly in your trusty spiral notebook.

Just as you had gathered your materials and started to get up from your seat, a hand grabbed your elbow stopping you in your tracks, your body going rigid at the tight grasp spreading warmth through your sweater.

“Hey, where are you going?” a smooth voice asked. You whipped your head around to see Jimin, the troublemaker who sat in the back of the class, usually sleeping or talking to the boy next to him. You had seen him out with a group of boys before, obviously up to no good. The whole school was afraid to cross any of the members for fear of the group coming after them. A self-confident smirk sat on his smooth face. What did he want from you? You wondered.

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hockey wallpapers!

i made these for personal use but i’m really proud of them (esp the first two) so here u go. 

u know the drill: dont claim as yours; feel free to use them on your phone or sidebar or w/e; credit it’s NOT necessary, but if u wanna (: no need to like or reblog but it’d be nice.

requests can be sent HERE, but remember i’m in already in uni so it may take a few days :D


Heyo folks, yes, commissions are open once again! However, unlike last year, I’ll be doing art!

Art examples:

Lillie+Cosmog / Birthday present for a friend / Tatsuo Mokokoro (OC of mine)

Music examples:

Myriad Connection / Bonsai Field of the Four Seasons ~ Natural Dragon / The Universe, This Universe, My Universe / Ponpoko Festival / Roswell Uncharted Saucer ~ Unidentified Grey | The Small Sea of Airborne Islands

More examples of my work can be found on my #kurenaidrawings and #bragonbeats tags, respectively.

Here are the guidelines!


I’ll draw:

  • Furries/scalies.
  • Humans (preferably females).
  • Fictional characters.

I won’t draw:

  • NSFW (including but not limited to fetishes, nudity, porn, blood and gore).
  • Machinery.
  • Characters with heavy amounts of detail.
  • Ferals.
  • PDA


I’ll compose:

  • Original theme songs for your character or a particular screen/scenery.

I won’t compose:

  • Songs with vocals.
  • Orchestrals, dubstep, or anything too complicated.
  • Arranges from already-existing songs, whether if it’s from a videogame/TV show/film/etc.


  1. In your request, be as descriptive as possible. If you have examples or references, provide them as well, as it makes it easier to understand what do you actually want.
  2. Once I’ve finished the art/song, I’ll send it to you. If you like it, I’ll be asking for your email to send you an invoice so we could proceed with the payment.
  3. I’ll then be posting the finished piece on my account. However, you’ll also have permission to repost my work, as long as you give me credit.


And that’s about it for the guidelines. Here are some other notes:

  • All payments are done through PayPal and in USD.
  • It usually takes me 3 days to several weeks to finish a piece. However, there could be multiple factors in my life that could affect this.
  • You can feel free to ask about my progress on your commission. However, as stated above, the time I take on finishing it depends of what’s happening in real life, so please don’t rush me.
  • Take into account that I have all the rights to decline your commission, especially if your request doesn’t follow some/any of the guidelines stated above.

6 slots will be available!

  1. TAKEN
  2. TAKEN
  3. TAKEN
  4. TAKEN
  5. OPEN
  6. OPEN

If you have any more inquiries, feel free to contact me here, on Twitter, Discord (Kurenai#9492) or Telegram (@scarletbragon).

Thank you~ ❤