feel free to steal this gif

⟨ ⟡⋰☾⸰ SOCIAL BUTTERFLY ⟩ | an all-in-one page
page theme #1 by sailormoonrps

features include:
             – 4 tabs (twitter, facebook, 8tracks, and youtube)
             – character sheet
             – automatic scrollbars
             – unlimited/arrangeable tweets, posts, songs, etc that
             – full ability to customize (colors, backgrounds, etc) 
             – probably more shit tbh i’m extra 

creator notes———there are directions/tips throughout code and all images automatically resize but they should still be the right dimensions. certain parts may look awkward until the images are put in! feel free to reach out if there any problems or questions. almost all of the links that are clickable are only there for show. also, the code is long. sorry ! feel free to link me to finished products. please don’t steal code, remove/edit credit, or redistribute. 

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  • general rules apply: don’t steal, feel free to edit, and don’t use it as a base for your own themes to repost ! 
  • if you have any questions about the theme or how to use it, feel free to message me. most of the stuff is easily customizable though, you shouldn’t need to go into the html for anything.
  • please like/reblog if you download this! thank you!

 It’s a pretty simple fansite theme. The info is below!

  • The header is 1455x350, icon is 150x150, sidebar gif/pic is 250x150 and the friends icons are 65x80 but the sizes are also on the live preview.
  • The page includes nine links all together as well as a pop up disclaimer. 
  • Please don’t edit and redistribute this theme. Or steal it in general. Feel free to edit for personal use though.
  • Feel free to tell me if you used it, I love knowing when people use my things.
  • Please like/reblog if you’re using it, and keep my credit on the theme please.
  • If you have any problems at all, just tell me and I’ll try my best to help you!
  • Enjoy!