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New to the snk fandom here :) I really like Rivamika but I feel bad for shipping it because of the age difference. I see a lot of things saying it's incest as well. Are they actually cousins? I want to ship it but it feels wrong to do that if you get what I mean?

Hello anon and welcome to the SnK fandom! It’s nice that you like RivaMika, but I see you’re having some of the problems that all of us had to (and still have to) go through.

Now it’s important, first, to understand where the discomfort is coming from: did you naturally feel uncomfortable because of the age difference? Or did that come from possibly seeing certain posts here and there calling out the ship for being “pedophilic”? If you haven’t run into those posts yet, you might at some point!

If the discomfort is caused by the fandom, I say pay no attention to it. People here are so passionate about shipping and self-righteous, they’d hold it against you simply for not shipping what they like, and they’d try to prove why your ship is so invalid. What better way to do that other than guilt-tripping you, by making you believe that it’s “problematic” and causing “damage” to people?

Now secondly, the term “pedophilia” isn’t what the fandom makes it be. Pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult (or sometimes a teenager) is sexually attracted to children, and it goes as far as raping them/sexually assaulting them.

Does your version of RivaMika involve that? I suppose not.

That goes for if the fandom was the reason behind your discomfort. Now if it’s something that you, personally, see as troublesome, it could be stemming from a lot of things.

Is it the fact that Mikasa is fifteen, therefore, by the laws of your country, is a minor, and thus being in a relationship with someone 18 or older makes it illegal?

It’s important to keep in mind that people don’t randomly become adults at the age of 18. That’s just a standard age society put out there. The mental and emotional development of human beings is a far more complex process than a magical number. Meaning, it can take as long or as short as ever for the person to become mature, as long as it falls under the norms. That depends on biological factors, as well as environmental ones (culture, religion society… etc). There’s something called individual differences. You could be 16 and already mature. You could be in your twenties and still haven’t achieved maturity (like myself, rip).

And 18 isn’t the age of consent everywhere on the world. It’s different from a country to another, depends on different factors. So for instance, some countries have 16 as the age of consent, others have it up to 20. Like I said, it depends.

Now if the age gap really is an issue to you, you could always ship RivaMika in AU’s, where Mikasa is older. And rest assured, almost all of the RivaMika fanfics/fanarts have Mikasa as a young adult!

Personally, the age gap was never a problem to me, because I come from a country where some people got married at the age of 16. Plus teen/adult relationships are just a guilty pleasure of mine in fiction.

That’s that for the age difference. Now jumping to the incest part, and that, dear, is a less complicated story than, again, what the fandom loves to make it be.

In short words: No. RivaMika is not incest. No, Levi and Mikasa are not cousins.

Recently Isayama shared this family tree and you can check out​ this post here which the lovely @suniuz gave a rough translation to so you can understand what it means. This family tree was one of the proofs that Levi and Mikasa don’t share a close blood relation.

And even more recently, there is this interview that @fuku-shuu is working on translating, and it has this line that says “You share the same surname as Captain Levi. Even though you are not closely related by blood…” 

Isayama has been giving us hints here and there that Levi and Mikasa aren’t that closely related. But I guess some people (shippers or non-shippers) needed a verbal statement so we could use that as a solid proof.

Bear in mind that you’ll still run into people who use the “incest” argument, just for the mere fact of them having the same surname, even if they aren’t related by blood.

What is or isn’t considered incest is also different from one country to another, again, because of the factors I already mentioned. I believe, in America, a relationship between cousins is considered incest. Here in my country, it isn’t considered so. But Levi and Mikasa aren’t cousins, as it is officially stated.

But listen, that’s beyond the point. It doesn’t matter what people think of your ship. If your ship makes you happy, then to hell with the fandom. People ship different things, because we’re not drawn to the same things. We’re different, we grew up differently, we perceive things differently, what appeals to us may not appeal to others, and that’s totally alright. It doesn’t mean anyone is in the wrong or the right. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person because you ship something that other people consider problematic. As long as you keep fiction and real life separate, and have a basic understanding that what you ship in fiction doesn’t represent your beliefs in real life, you’re fine.

Lastly, some choose to hate on a ship, just because that’s their way of getting attention or because they find pleasure in putting other people down. And my advice to you is to ignore them. You might think it’s useless, but it isn’t.

Not responding to haters will eventually make them stop sending hate, because it doesn’t stimulate a response to begin with, let alone a response they expect to have. They’ll give in eventually and turn to someone else who gives them the attention they crave so much.

If receiving hate messages does make you feel bad, a better way to deal with it is by talking to fellow shippers. Ignore the hate, delete it, and find people who share the same interests as you, talk to them, let them remind you of the beauty of the ship, and the reasons you like it. Focus on the positive things, and there are many!

The RivaMika fandom has so many great people in it that will help you throughout your journey as a shipper! They’re all very kind, sweet, considerate and supportive, so welcome to the family, and I hope you’ll have a great time!

I hope this helped you feel a little bit better! And if you need to talk more, feel absolutely free to message me anytime, even off-anon if you wish! c: Have a lovely day/night!!

Well, the Bumbleby tag is full of drama again, so let’s post some positivity! I’m gonna talk about one of the reasons this ship means so much to me.

I started watching RWBY right around the time volume 2 ended. Several months prior to that, I had started coming to the realization that I was bisexual. I was plenty open to the idea of it and had no self shame about it. I was involved in a few different fandoms with canon girl/girl ships like Legend of Kora and Homestuck, but none of the ships really spoke to me on a personal level.

So I started watching the show and immediately identified with Yang, love that girl so much. The outward projection of confidence and humor masking all the inner stress and anxiety is me everyday. I knew Bumbleby was a thing from fan art floating around, and it looked super cute, but I wasn’t on board with the ship immediately. I was more into WhiteRose at first, I liked their dynamic right off the bat and still do. I kept Bumbleby in mind as I watched and appreciated all the subtleties of their dynamic, but I still wasn’t sold.

But then Burning the Candle happened.

It was the first time I had seen that kind of deeply emotional dynamic between two female characters. The first time I really and truly believed that there was something deeper than just friendship between these young women. The emotional connection there was so real to me, so tangible, and by the time Yang walked out and threw Blake that wink, I felt something really powerful.

I don’t know if I realized right away how important that scene was to me, but I know that I loved it immediately. From then on Bumbleby was my OTP. But as I continued to watch the show and get all my friends into it, as we worked on our team RWBY costumes for conventions, as I actively incorporated the show into my life, I realized the way it was impacting me personally. I realized that I was much more confident about my sexuality, much more optimistic about my future romantic prospects, much more open to the idea of flirting with cute girls as well as cute boys. And I don’t know that I would have had that surge of self esteem without what I had witnessed between these two girls.

I remember when the news came out about Monty’s passing. I was sitting at my desk, and I remember it was like a punch to the gut. I had never met this man in my life, hardly even knew what he looked like outside of a few special features videos, but I knew that his work had and would continue having a profound effect on my life. And I remember sobbing. I remember breaking down crying for the loss of a man I never knew because the characters he had created and the relationships they shared had made me feel so strongly.

Bumbleby is important to me because it’s something that makes me believe in me, something that makes me hopeful and happy. This show and it’s characters are something Monty left behind for us all in the hopes of making something good, something that makes people happy. It’s had a real impact on me. These girls matter to me. They mean something.

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Hey Hi! I just wanted to say that I read your post about the negativity in the fandom. I have not read EoS yet (It's next on the list), but if you ever need someone to fangirl with over AOCTAR or the other books in the ToG series, feel free to let me know! My blog is a big multifandom mess, but I promise that I will focus mostly on the positive parts of every fandom, and especially SJM. And by the way, I loved ACOWAR! Loads of love, Anna

I wasn’t going to talk about this. I don’t normally make my own posts, sharing my thoughts/feelings about a book. I just reblog post that shadows how I feel and leave it at that. But the reason actually ties into the negativity here. I feel like if I were to make a post explaining how I feel, people would just attack me one way or another. And I don’t have the energy to back myself up every time someone doesn’t agree with me. But I need to address this. So get ready for a long post.

I’m assuming you’re talking about the post @house-of-galathynius​ made, talking about the negativity in the fandom (for those of you who haven’t seen it, you can find it HERE)

And I 110% agree with her.

I’ve been apart of this fandom for a year and a half now. I wasn’t there from the start. When I started Tog, QoS was already out and when I started ACOTAR, ACOMAF was already out. But in this short amount of time, the negativity in the fandom has skyrocketed. And I honestly agree with @house-of-galathynius​ when she said it all started after EoS. We’ve only had 2 books from Sarah since (EoS and now ACOWAR), but in my opinion, both got A LOT of hate and negativity.

Now. I’m not saying you can’t hate a book. I just finished Red Queen - which I know a lot of people love - and I hated it. But dragging down Sarah or the people who show their love for a book, that’s not right. And it’s a dick move.

Honestly, I loved ACOWAR. Yes. There are problems with it. Yes. It had a lot of repetition. Yes. I hated some parts and some things just didn’t feel right to me. It did seem rushed at times. I don’t agree with some things that happened. But guys, Sarah dishes out 2 books a year for us. Hell, ACOWAR was 700 pages. Plus she’d been ill. Cut her some fucking slack. She can’t please everyone, but I think she did a good job at at least trying to.

This fandom is becoming toxic. The negativity is causing people (myself included) to not want to share their own thoughts and feelings anymore, because they’re scared of people attacking them and dragging them through the dirt. Everyone should be able to share what the want, like who they want, and have their own opinion without feeling like someones going to jump down their throats. I found out this morning @lu-cien​ (and others) like Tamlin while i can’t stand him. Am I going to drag them down and tell them their wrong just because I don’t feel the same way? OF COURSE NOT.

I come to this site to share what I love. Both ToG and ACOTAR mean the world to me. Especially ToG as it helped me through a tough time in my life. I come here to fangirl and squeal over a book. I come to cry tears of pain and laughter with people who love something as much as I do. I come here to share my love of reading and writing with you guys. But the negativity its making it hard. Yes, there are legitimate complaints (a lot I agree with) but then there are just… “sigh”

I come to this site to share my love for these worlds and characters with everyone. I come here to feel free, and to feel like I’m about to enter a warzone.

I know this is long (I did have to rewrite this so I’m probably missing some of my original points) and I’ll probably get some hate for it. But I had to get this off my chest. I don’t want to see this fandom turn in on itself. But with all negativity, I feel like it can and it will. I’m all for positivity and letting people enjoy whatever ship they want, whatever characters they want, and feeling how they want. You want to love a book? Great. You want to hate it? Cool. Just stop attacking each other. I feel we all need to take a step back and breathe. If this fandom keeps going the way it’s going… It’ll soon destroy itself. And I don’t want to see that happen.


My latest entry in my Grimoire. I am kind of sick so I figured, what better time to get started with tasseography!?

I want to say that this is a VERY oversimplified “getting started” entry on tasseography. Also, I want to stress that it is through a combination of reading, and by adding what felt “right” to me, that I came up with this entry. I know a lot of people have different opinions on how tea readings should be performed, especially when it comes to where tea leaves are positioned in the cup and what that means for the reading. I’m not saying that anyone is wrong or that I’m right! This is just what felt good to me, and that is a lot of what divination and magic is: what feels right to you. I just wanted to share this entry because I thought it turned out pretty. If you practice tasseography in a very different way, feel free to add your comments about how you do it! ✨

7K Followers Eggstravaganza!

I just hit 7K followers! It feels like just last week this blog was nothing at all, and now it’s relatively well-known! I’d like to thank all of you for your support and positive feedback, as well as for sharing my stories and taking an interest in them. as a thank-you, I’d like to do something for all of you in return.

1. I’m having an AMA all day today, so feel free to ask me anything. This could be story related, personal or anything else.

 2. I’ll be releasing Death by Misadventure Chapter 3 early to the public (it was up on Patreon for 3$ Patrons and was set to be released July 1st). This chapter also features the first decision Arthur and Samuel make that was chosen via poll. 

3. I’ll be taking suggestions for a 1-shot, bonus chapter set in any of my current fictional universes (including Suzy’s and the Death by Misadventure world) or something not set in one of my worlds as long as the suggestion is interesting/fun. I may even do multiple of these, so get the suggestions going so I can know what you’d want to read.

Thanks once again for supporting me and helping this community grow, it means a lot to me. I hope you enjoy these small tokens of my gratitude.

Taking in Submissions!

I had a kind follower give me the idea to ask for submissions from the tumblr community! If you want to share your body positivity photos, feel free to message me the picture and I will post! Please no nudity and only taking submissions from those that are 18 years and older (if in lingerie). If you are under 18, feel free to send a picture you feel great in while dressed (for legal and professional purposes!)

*Beginning my Meditation Journey*

Hello loves! Last night I began my journey with meditation, and I am very excited about where this can take me!

Last night before bed I began my first meditation ritual. I sat down next to my open window, bringing with me my quartz crystals, one for each hand, and my headphones. As per suggestion of a fellow Tumblr user, I listened to binaural meditation beats, crossed my legs, held my crystals in my hand and closed my eyes. I began deep breathing, and envisioning the energy of the universe as many beautiful colors, coming down into me through the top of my head; and the swirling around me, blanketing me and attaching to my aura. I imagined it looked something like the Northern Lights.

Something that was suggested to me was that I concentrate the energy I am receiving into what I would like to learn or experience during that meditation session. I used this advice to focus on opening my third eye, and being more receptive to auras; as that is something I find fascinating and I think I have the capability to do, and I would love to unlock that part of myself through peaceful meditation.

After a few minutes of this, the quartz crystal in my left hand began to tingle a lot, more so than the one in my right hand. I decided to trust it’s energy, and try placing it on my forehead, right where the third eye is. Immediately the area started to tingle, a soft tickle that pulses. It stayed that way after I finished meditating, and it did the same thing when I meditated this morning! For a good few hours afterwards I felt that mysterious tickle, and It actually spread a little bit down my face, past my eyes!

And literally right now, as I am typing this out my third eye is tingling! As soon as I started to talk about placing my quartz on my forehead it began to tingle. I am very excited, and aside from the energy flowing through me, I already feel more calm, connected and open minded after just meditating two times! I am feeling very encouraged, so I hope to spread this to all of you and that you all find your inner peace and truth!

Please feel free to send me any questions, advice or experiences you’d like to share! Sending positive, open minded, spiritual energy your way! Peace and blessings!

anonymous asked:

I guess being welcomed in the “society“ of witches would be enough. Wicca may be even more than I could be. But all of your positive vibes and the basic understandment of respect and the love u guys share with each other and nature makes me feel like i wanna be part. Thank u so much for answering me so patiently.

Well I’m glad that you want to be a part of this community! People practicing witchcraft from all walks of life helps to further broaden our understanding of spirituality and how it comes together <3 

Please feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to help. 

The witchcraft 101, beginner witch, and baby witch tags are good for learning. Below are some links to beginner posts I’ve made in the past as well: 

🦇     🔮     🌙

Good luck! 

Zexal Positivity Post

I needed a positivity post for myself about Zexal because I’m a dumb person that takes other people’s dislike of it too personally and I need to justify to myself why I like Zexal.  This is not meant to be an attack on anyone that doesn’t like Zexal.  You’re welcome to your own opinions and I don’t mean to shame anyone for not liking it; I know it’s not for everyone.  This is mostly just for my own benefit to share why Zexal is important to me, at the very least; feel free to ignore this list as you will.

Zexal fans, feel free to add more points to this list if you reblog.  Let’s spread some positivity about~

  • Yuma is fucking adorable
  • Top-notch music/OST like A++++ one of my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh soundtracks to date
  • Really awesome villains (hi Vector)
  • some of the best plot twists I’ve seen like in media ever
  • (seriously the music though it’s like if the Pokemon and Legend of Zelda soundtracks had a baby)
  • Really amazing opening and ending themes
  • Cute-ass character designs
  • The animation’s usually pretty good for a Yu-Gi-Oh series
  • Okay but the AR system is such a good idea??  Like instead of forcing everyone in a ten foot radius to deal with your holographic monsters fucking shit up you can have the duel be invisible to everyone not involved and so everyone can go on with their lives while the other people play/spectate instead of like totally grinding life to a standstill (looking at you Battle City) or making everyone else work around the duelists’ schedules (looking at you Neo-Domino with your Duel Lanes) while people play a card game
  • The Duel Disks are so pretty and unique to almost everyone and a really awesome way to individualize the character designs
  • Canon bisexual character
  • Might-as-well-be-canon gay couples (it’s canon in the manga that counts for something)
  • Sweet Ra it’s so gay thank you Goddess Madoka for Zexal’s gayness
  • So incredibly inspiring about forgiveness and trust and hope and redemption
  • Portrays a young thirteen-year-old boy that is allowed to experience very intense emotions, including crying, without being shamed for feeling those emotions
  • XYZs are like super cool okay
  • Portrays the “good guys” (Astrals) as being just as fallible as the “bad guys” (Barians)
  • First Yu-Gi-Oh mom to actually get screen time/lines
  • I really like the bright colors and cheerful art style
  • Symbolism is actually really well done?? The whole “the dead have no mouths to speak” proverb from Japanese (that I paraphrased badly) translating into the Barian not having mouths, and the whole thing about how the ones who died and became Barian unwillingly have masks while the ones who were more willing Barians don’t?
  • Chinese-coded character that is portrayed incredibly well (which I’ve been told is actually a pretty big deal because anime can be pretty bad/stereotypical at portraying characters from other Asian countries?)
  • The scenery is so pretty
  • Voice acting is A+++ (Japanese at least I haven’t actually seen the dub)
  • It expands on Yu-Gi-Oh lore in a really fascinating way
  • I already said this but I’m gonna say it again because it’s so so so important to me: this show is so big on forgiveness and trust.  It’s among the most inspiring shows I’ve ever seen in that regard and inspires me to be just as kind and open-hearted as Yuma is.

Again feel free to add anything if you want to join in the Zexal postivity post~

FITNESS FRIDAY 💪🎀 and in honor of making my first GW here is an updated Before and After.

March 2014-vs-September 2014
In denial-vs-Happy and Healthy

Being back in the school grind has not stopped me! I work out 4-5x a week. I try to stick to 40min cardio, and 30min weight training. I do not run. I do not restrict myself from food. The biggest change is making myself more aware of how I “feel” and being healthy and happy require much more than working out. I’ve tried to clean up all aspects of my life: school, love, fitness, but most importantly my mental health. When everything in my life started to even out positively the weight started to melt off too. It’s about LOVING yourself, not just your body.

Please feel free to ask me anything or just share your own success <3 we all need a little motivation! We are still a work in progress!!

Metamorph!AU: Update 2

Hello lovelies!

I know, it’s been almost a month since the first update, but I had a shit ton of work to do. You know, writing projects had to be finished, a life had to be lived, my room had to be rearranged because i was in desperate need of change… but that’s not why you’re reading this post, so here we go!

You haven’t heard of the Metamorphmagus!Draco AU yet? Why, it is time to read this post then. It contains my whole headcanon for this insane AU. You’ll find the link to the first update at the bottom of this post, before the tags :)

This post got pretty long, so you’ll find what you’re here for the rest under the cut!

Keep reading

HI all!! I’m so happy to present the Cucumber Club! I wanted to make a little club where we can talk about refreshing and positive things, share cute photos and so on! Like cucumbers! (about being refreshing haha). Anyways! It’s so simple to enter! 

How to enter:

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Fill out this forum!


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A place to look at + feel happy

If you get in:

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I would love to pick at least 15 blogs to start with and hopefully would add more! I’ll choose when this reaches at least 100 notes, so get reblogging!

ten reasons why noah czerny is perfect and one reason he's not (because i can)
  1. he likes soft pillows and glitter (i could have stopped here cause if this isn’t enough for you you’re wrong but yeah)
  2. he will volunteer to kiss you if you’re worried about killing the people you kiss
  3. and when you guys fuck it up he will not be against trying again
  4. he will try to understand and defend you even if you sleep with his girlfriend and/or bash his head in with a skateboard
  5. snuggling with him in the summer is perfect cause he’s cold
  6. he is delightfully unaware of the street name of drugs (this is a positive sign guys trust me)
  7. he doesn’t tell other people’s secrets
  8. he is shy until you get to know him and then he’s just adorable
  9. he doesn’t feel the need to be better than anyone else (although he 100% is)
  10. he doesn’t eat pizza so you don’t have to share
  1. he will drink your birthday schnapps

Challenge Poses based upon Tara Stiles

Well this is my challenge of yoga poses of Tara Stiles, I’m reading her book ‘Slim Calm Sexy Yoga’ and this book helps me a lot with my breath, meditation and self confidence/esteem, so now I’m in the part of practicing the poses, I want to share it with you my lovely followers if you want to try it.

How this is works?

+ This is for beginners///intermediate///advanced challenge

+ You can do any pose, the poses you want to do, wherever you want, you don’t have to post any picture, if you want feel free to share it, is not for days/time, do it the best way that you can, you can add a description to your journal and share about how you feel.

+ 3 or 5 breaths in each pose

+ You can tag #yogastiles to share your pictures/progress/description - you can tag me if you want I’ll like to see your poses #yogipeach -

+ Stay Positive: Don’t feel bad and Try not to judge yourself harshly in comparison to what others are doing on their mats. Everyone is at a different place on the path. Stay light-hearted and keep your sense of humor. Laugh if you fall out of a pose, smile when things get difficult. Enjoy yourself.

+ Remember that your practice is an individual process. No one else is inside your body, so defer to your own judgement about what you can and cannot do. DON’T FORCE ANY POSE Over time, you will learn to discern the difference between something you may be afraid of or think you can’t do and something that is actually painful and possibly injurious. There is no hurry to get into any particular pose. Listen to your own body and respect what it tells you about how to practice.

Ps. You do not need to follow me /// If you need help with a name of some pose or how to do it please feel free to ask me /// enjoy it.


Let's see how this goes~

Based on the first post, I decided to start up this blog. Basically, you can submit any story about how fandom affected you, your life, why it’s important to you. The point is to show that fandom is not just a frivolous, meaningless hobby to some people who are in it. Whether it’s about the content, the art or fic, the communities, the meta, whatever, if some part of it meant something to you, feel free to share it.

Feel free to submit here, or to the askbox here. Feel free to submit anonymously as well.

I’ll publish anything you send me. Please be considerate of others feelings and lets keep this a fun, positive experience.

Arrow & Olicity Peeps!

Send me the reasons you’re still with the show and what keeps you watching. Long or short answers, anon or not. I plan on including answers in an #ImWithArrow post in the next few days! 

Also, feel free to include comments directed at you and your positivity. Have you ever felt discouraged by the fandom, attacked or criticized (by people you once found to be your fandom buddies)? Share anything…I’d love to see what this fandom has become - the good, bad, and the ugly. 

Tagging these lovely positive folks: @scu11y22 @louiseblue1 @dust2dust34 @supersillyanddorky06 @vaelisamaza (feel free to tag anyone you can think of to spread the word!)

It’s July 23rd.

You bet your ass I will be spending my day wearing my 1D merch, listening to only 1D, watching 1D videos, crying over all the 5 year edits that people are making, all while feeling super, super grateful for this band and this fandom.

I love these boys.  I love this fandom.  Happy 5 years <3

“I can count on you, after all that we’ve been through”

anonymous asked:

How do I feel forgiven... I am so weighed down by the guilt of my sexual sins and other sins. I can't shake the guilt and the disgust with myself. I don't even feel worthy enough to cry out to God. I feel like the scum of the earth. The lowest of the lows. I know I need His forgiveness, but I don't know how to get it. All my sin and shame makes me really hate myself. How could anyone, especially the creator of the Universe, ever love me. I feel I've done too much wrong for Him to ever love me.

The Scandal my dear friend is that we are all in your position. We are filthy and unlovable. Yet, in His perfection He still loves us. Scandalous! I know! the point I am making friend is that none of us deserve Him. Yet He made us worthy with His love. He is that good. Yet, guilt creeps in when we make this one single mistake. We stop looking at Him and start looking at ourselves. Forgiveness is not a feeling beloved. Forgiveness is a position of heart by those who have faith that somehow His sacrifice on the cross was enough to make us free. Don’t expect to feel forgiven until you believe that you are, not because of anything you’ve done, but because He is so incredibly good that He decided to share His goodness with us. There is no greater love story than that. If you know that He is greater than you, the first place to start is to choose His opinion of you over yours. Hating yourself says to Him, you are wrong about me. you said I deserve you and I don’t You made me worthy but I am not. This is how we disrespect Him, by saying our sin is greater than His love. This, beautiful one, is the lie of all lies. Don’t believe it. Change your identification. Sin deserves guilt. So when you Identify with sin you will feel guilt. Instead choose to identify with Jesus, Jesus as the perfect one. Completely guiltless, not because you deserve it but the contrary: because HE deserves YOU.

Be blessed