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Could y'all do an analysis on all the things that ALL the Republicans stand for? Compare and contrast and stuff.

In a nutshell, and for the sake of simplicity, I’m going to equate Republicans with Conservatives since conservatism is the ideal basis for the Republican platform.

Conservatism is about limited government, strong national defense, constitutional government, and free enterprise.

If you want me to be more specific feel free to send another ask.


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frisk or papyrus from undertale? if u have Played it?

this is the last one i will do before i sleep but feel free to send me more for me to answer in the morning

for frisk, this fic by @princex-n is already perfect and i can’t improve upon it so go there for all ur autie frisk needs

now, papyrus

-special interest in puzzles

-also dyslexic (hence the difficulties with junior jumble)

-zero volume control

-pressure stims with his battle body (also a comfort object)

-definitely hyperempathetic and has probably definitely cried over rocks that happened to look lonely and built giant rock houses for them for them and all their rock friends this is a thing he does

-uses rulebooks for all social interactions, not just dating. the only exception to this is talking to sans

-never makes eye contact but he doesn’t really have eyes so no one can tell

-stims with his magic sometimes and makes cool attacks out of bones to occupy his time

-wants to be a royal guard to help protect ppl and also bc it’s the Thing To Aspire To and he’s never really considered that he would aspire to something that’s not The Thing To Aspire To

-loves listening to undyne play piano but can’t play himself

-likes to have long talks with echo flowers because they’re easire to understand than people

-also builds giant echo flower houses for echo flowers

-do i even need to mention the spaghetti? i will do it anyway. it is the only food he will eat/care about/pay attention to/not destroy on sight

-do not mention antipasta to him. he does not know that it’s not actually pasta’s archnemesis. no one has been able to tell him.

Valentines sleepovers plans

Hello my darlings. So after review, the Valentine’s day sleepover I think will start with a movie and end with Cards Against Humanity. The movie I’m currently planning on is Last of the Mohicans unless anybody has a better one, and we can also watch more than one so feel free to send suggestions. I think we’ll start around 7 EST on the 14th and we’ll go as long as everyone is awake. This will be open to anyone who doesn’t have any better plans for Valentines, and drinking is allowed although since this might be all ages (at least early in the evening) try not to be super sloshed. Stock up on whatever your comfort foods are we can have a proper pajama party. See you then!

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Hello friends, I would be happy to do a series called Jareth Reads and then Poorly Summarizes a Wikipedia Article, and while my areas of expertise are math and science I would happily try this with basically anything, feel free to send asks about things you’d like to know more about.

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im currently working on a merrill drawing and ive been kinda dragging my feet, but seeing you post has given me inspiration and determination to finish it by the end of the week! yay more merrill!

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  • who kills the bug: Haruka. because dear faint-hearted Makoto would probably scream bloody murder and do his trademark death-grip shoulder thing behind his boyfriend. Makoto isn’t actually scared of bugs (to a certain extent); he doesn’t mind them… if only they didn’t pop up suddenly. If he sees one beforehand indoors he just captures it and places it outside. 
  • who hogs the sheets: Makoto. In the beginning of their relationship it used to annoy Haru, but now he just rolls with it and scuttles closer to Makoto–his own personal body heater.  
  • who hates mornings: Neither of them. Makoto was so used to waking up early to go pick up Haru and Haru so accustomed to getting up early for a chance for a long bath, that both of them became natural morning people. Makoto does enjoy lingering in bed longer during lazy mornings, however, as he is a big fan of cuddling (which involves: chaste, soft kisses, running his hands through Haru’s hair, tracing patterns on Haru’s back, etc) Haru is thrilled when they become intimate in the mornings.
  • who’s cranky before they’ve had their coffee: Haru isn’t a big fan of coffee due to it’s bitter taste, but he’ll indulge once in a while. He’s cranky if he doesn’t get his mackerel.
  • who doesn’t like their mother-in-law: Haru honestly can’t get over how lucky he is in the aspect of in-laws. Mrs. Tachibana is especially sweet on him and the twins simply adore him. He even goes on the family camping trips, especially loving fishing with Mr. Tachibana.  Makoto doesn’t exactly get to see Mr. and Mrs. Nanase as often but he holds a good relationship with them, too. Haru and Makoto deciding to commit to a relationship didn’t come as a surprise at all to anyone as they had so naturally been drawn to each other and had held a steady friendship for so long. Mrs. Nanase was surprised that Makoto and Haru didn’t officially start dating until after high school. (“but I had thought that you’d been together since middle school, dear!”)
  • who drives: Makoto was the first one to get his license to driving became his responsibility default. He still prefers public transportation, however. Haru doesn’t mind driving once in a while either but it’s Makoto for the most part. 
  • who gets horny in in awkward public places: Haruka does. (being with someone with a personality, face, and body like Makoto’s would would honestly???) It’s the small things that turn Haru on like Makoto holding the door for him or Makoto brushing the hair out of his face. Haru gets this really overwhelmed, intense look all of a sudden as if he’s analyzing the best way to jump Makoto right then and there. As Nagisa would say, “like he’s out to devour Mako-chan!”
  • who had a scene phase: Neither of them. Well Haru almost did because Rinrin almost dragged him into one but Haru thought it was too much effort. 
  • who wore braces: Makoto. He’s got a fantastic smile now, eh? 
  • who got bullied: Makoto was sensitive as a child and while not a pushover, he was very innocent and cried easily so he was often a target for teasing. That all stopped, however, once Haru started intervening, honing a signature glare. After a while, Makoto could deal with bullies himself, choosing to ignore them and his height helped him a lot, adding an intimidation factor. (a pacifist at heart)
  • who collects ceramic elephants: Both of them are huge nerds and get into these collecting phases. First it was dolphins for Haru and then he got really into elephants. Haru’s also made some, letting his artistic side show, which Makoto absolutely adores. 

Send me a ship! (*≧▽≦)

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Do I dare say Sherlock for the fandom questions.

Top 5 favourite characters:

  1. Sherlock Holmes
  2. John Watson
  3. Mrs.Hudson
  4. Greg Lestrade
  5. Mycroft Holmes

Other characters you like:

Molly Hooper and Cupid Mike Stamford

Least favourite character:



  • I don’t have any Sherlock OTPs you gu- oh sh*t i *trips* f*ck f*ck man i *TJLC falls out of pockets* nO F*CK I *thousands of Sherlock and John fanart fall out of jacket* NO COME BACK I *Johnlock metas crawl out of pant legs* IT’S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE I *shrine to Johnlock falls out of back pack* I’M HOLDING THESE FOR A FRIEND I


  • Sherlolly (don’t see it whatsoever, but I won’t judge you or ship shame you if you ship it)
  • Mystrade (not really a Notp, just more along the lines of me rolling my eyes when I look for Johnlock and 80% of them have a Mystrade ship as well. I honestly ship Lestrade with Molly)

Favourite friendship:

  • Sherlock and John

Favourite family:

  • The Holmes family (Mama and Papa Holmes are so adorable, though)

Favourite episode:

  • The Sign Of Three (I literally ran to my sister and collapsed into her arms and cried after I Livestreamed the episode)

Favourite season/book/movie:

  • Series 3. There was just so much wonderful character development on Sherlock’s part. It showed a wonderful character arc for him, and I was also filled with emotions with all of the Johnlock not-so-subtext seen in that series.

Favourite quote:

  • “In a world of locked rooms, the man with the key is king, and honey you should see me in a crown!” - Moriarty

Moment that made you fangirl/boy the hardest:

  • Oh jeeze oh jeeze how about all of The Sign of Three. I couldn’t breathe when John called Sherlock his best friend. I couldn’t breathe during Sherlock’s motherf*cking declaration of love for John during his best man speech. And I think I died and went to heaven during their Stag night and all of the gayness and crazy parallels throughout that episode aND ASFGNAKL;DF

When it really disappointed you:

  • I guess I’d have to go with The Blind Banker episode. Not very memorable…kinda racist…just meh. Even though it was still entertaining, it definitely doesn’t hold a candle to the other episodes.

Saddest moment:

  • OH. THERE ARE SO MANY. It doesn’t help that every time I re-watch the show (or read a brilliant meta) I find more stuff to cry over. Even though Sherlock’s jump from St.Bart’s was TERRIBLE, I actually found myself crying and clutching my heart when Sherlock found himself alone during the dance at the end of The Sign of Three and SHERLOCK JUST WANTED TO DANCE AND HE FELT SO ISOLATED AND THE MAN HE LOVED JUST GOT MARRIED OFF AND HE JUST REALIZED HE WAS IN LOVE AND NOW HE FEELS AS THOUGH HE IS NO LONGER NEEDED STAB ME IN THE EYES

Most well done character death:

  • Does it count if they come back? If so, I’m definitely going with Sherlock’s “death”. Holy crap was that emotional. Even knowing how series 3 turned out and everything, I get so emotional from watching that scene. 

Favourite guest star:

  • MAMA AND PAPA CUMBERBATCH (seeing Benny bby’s parents act with him make my heart fill with warm fuzzies)

Favourite cast member:

  • If you don’t know my answer to this, then you don’t know me well enough.

Character you wish was still alive:

  • Moriarty. Despite how Series 3 left us, I don’t believe he’s actually still alive. Even though it would be awesome (though it wouldn’t make sense, per se) to have that crazy wonderful man back.

One thing you hope really happens:

  • Johnlock becoming canon. I’m not hoping. I’m waiting.

Most shocking twist:

  • Holy crap though when it wasn’t Lady Smallwood but Mary my brain froze and I was like “SAYETH WAAAAT”

When did you start watching/reading:

  • I actually didn’t start watching BBC Sherlock until May of 2013. Yeah, I was a late loser. Thankfully, I didn’t have to endure the dreaded S1 to S2 wait and only had to wait 8 months for series 3. BUT now I get to have the full Sherlock waiting experience and it’s both depressing and actually quite fun. I look forward to being a better artist by series 4 so I can contribute more to the fandom.

Trope you wish they would stop using:

  • NONE. Give me more “Drama Queen”. Give me more “Casual Kink”. Give me more “Callbacks”. GIVE ME MORE “SELF DEPRECATION”. GIVE ME MORE “JEALOUS OF LOVE INTEREST’S RELATIONSHIPS”. GIVE ME MORE OF EVERYTHING.

One thing this show/book/film does better than others:

  • I absolutely love how much they focus on not just the crime solving, but also the depth of Sherlock and John’s relationship. The true journey that the viewers are witnessing is not Sherlock solving the cases, but more Sherlock going form a “great man” to a “good [man]”. Sherlock’s moral journey is what we’re watching, and John is helping him become the detective who not only “solve[s] the murder”, but “save[s] the life”. As Steven Moffat said, “It’s not a detective show; It’s a show about a detective.”

Funniest moments:

  • I will never be able to get past the Stag Night scene. Ever. I will dream about it every night.

Couple you would like to see:

  • Johnlock. Every day Johnlock. Every night Johnlock. Johnlock? Yes. Johnlock. Thanks. Good day.

Actor/Actress you want to join the cast:

  • I have absolutely no idea whatsoever. I feel like you Brits have only 4 actors, anyway.

Most boring plotline:

  • I guess I’d say The Blind Banker one. Even though it was actually quite exciting and had an elaborate plot. I just….I dunno…meh.

Best flashback/flashfoward if any:

  • After Sherlock got shot and retreated to his Mind Palace, us viewers were assaulted with so many beautiful “flashbacks”, such as his palace taking the form of the staircase during the Pink Lady case and the building that Jeff Hope (the Cabbie serial killer) had taken Sherlock to in A Study In Pink. We were also introduced to the meaning behind “Redbeard” as well.

Scariest moment:

  • I don’t really get scared by things, but when Henry Knight looked outside his screen door in The Hounds of Baskerville and the frICKEN DOG POUNCED AT THE DOOR AND MADE THAT HUGE BANGING NOISE AND SCARED HENRY HOLY SH*T I JUMPED HARD AND I THINK MY HEART STOPPED FOR A MOMENT

Grossest moment:

  • Probably when Molly Hooper was holding the heart in The Sign of Three when she and Lestrade were discussing Sherlock being the best man an having to come up with a speech. Ugh. Just blehhhhgh

Best looking male:

  • Sherlock (Even though John can the my boss daddy UNF)

Best looking female:

  • Oh jeeze so many of them are pretty. I’m stuck between Irene Adler, Athena, and Donovan. 

Who you’re crushing on (if any):

  • I have so much love for Sherlock (Bendydip) and John (Martian) that it hurts me physically.

Most beautiful scene (scenery/shot wise):

  • Ugh, this is so hard. The camera editing is so brilliantly done and I always spot something new every time. I guess I’d have to say the entire opening alone grabs me. I can’t get past the beautiful shots they chose to romanticize London. Even though the show is gritty, it also shows the beauty of it. 

Unanswered question/continuity issue/plot error that bugs you:

  • Honestly, I don’t have that many. I truly believe they’ll be addressed in due time, so I’m not that worried. That’s the best part of a narrative: You want to leave the audience guessing. Sherlock does a fantastic job of doing that. To put a few questions in, then, I’ll say this:
  • Why are the blog dates of Mary and John’s wedding on John’s blog different from on the show? Which is correct? 
  • Does John know Sherlock got tortured?

At what point did you fall in love with this show/book:

  • I fell in love with this show the instant I watched it with my sister. I fell in love with the opening. I fell in love with the camera angles, I fell in love with the story being told. I fell in love with the way the story was being told. I fell in love with the way Sherlock’s deductions were shown. I fell in love with the superb acting. I fell in love with the actors/actresses. I fell in love with it hard and I don’t see myself recovering any time soon. I couldn’t be happier.

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Not a headcanon but you know how mika refuses to drink blood of a human in hopes of maybe finding a cure for his vampirism in the future... I always think that he'll get mortally wounded, maybe while he was trying to stop yuu's seraph form, with no other option around. Not knowing how to save mika in another way, yuu forces mika to drink his blood and thus cement mika's fate. I wonder what would mika do when he comes to himself afterwards. This breaks my heart but very possible to happen.


Oh my god! This is tragically beautiful! Because if this were to happen, Mika would finally become immortal, and I think that alone would break him completely. To realize that he’ll never age again, and that he’ll live forever (if he stops engaging in the battle) having lost his last hope to maybe be cured, and grow old together with Yuu….my baby would be devastated! OkAY I CHANGED MY MIND, NO MORE SAD HEADCANONS, THIS ONE WAS REALLY SAD. ;n;