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the fact that dan (and probably phil too) see manchester as "the city of our origin story" makes me week in the knees. but its also strange, as they only lived there for about a year? why was it so significant then?

am I the only one who thinks it’s weird for dan and phil to make a manchester shirt? I know dan said it was his home but they haven’t lived there in over five years. dan was only there for two years in his whole life. it just seems odd to me. 

(first anon is referring to this tweet : 

and i want to make a giant caveat that everyone’s primary focus here should be about the city of manchester and the amazing cause that the shirt was created for, rather than dnp’s romantic or life history. but i thought these were both fair questions to ask and ones that i’ve been mulling over as well ever since dan so emphatically referred to the city as his home right after the attack happened, so i thought i’d answer them while also vehemently encouraging everyone to go out and buy the shirt, as well as keep the city and its resiliency after this senseless attack foremost in your minds. but please feel free to send me a message if you feel like talking about this partially in conjunction with this shirt is in any way disrespectful, and i’ll be happy to take this post down! manchester continues to be in my thoughts and i ache in solidarity with anyone affected by the tragedy that happened there.)

i think the simple and straightforward answer to both of your questions is that manchester represented promise and hope for them and, to use dan’s own words here, it was their origin. they only shared a home there for a year but two whole years before that, dan was saving up to visit this city and meet phil for the first time. it probably felt like escape for him, and the first place he was able to navigate such a special connection with someone, away from any pressures or judgment from anyone else in his hometown. and then he spent nearly a year visiting the city every couple of weekends to see phil and it became the place he looked forward to so, so much because it contained the person he cared most about in the world. you can hear that in his tone when he talks about phil finally moving out of his parents’ house and getting his own place in manchester–he says it in a list of interesting things that are happening in his life, and is all flustered when talking about having a new place to go visit and stay and dump all his shit in (3:01 of this video). and then he applied there for uni, naturally, and got in, and even though they didn’t live together that first year bc dan felt it was important to try to have some independence or a more traditional ‘fresher experience,’ he still ended up spending so many nights at phil’s place or staying there till the late hours of the night–it was still a city they were essentially living in together. so only after all of this history had already happened, they decided to move in together. and even though it was only a year it was still their first ever home together, and there were so many little elements that made it special and that they still reminisce about like the breakfast bar and the balcony and the broken sink and phil getting the room with the en-suite bathroom bc he had more subscribers and the white board with their tasks for the week hung on the kitchen wall and, beyond that, it was the place where so many pivotal things happened for them like starting the super amazing project together, getting noticed by the bbc and then doing their best to get a full time offer from them, dan deciding to quit school and both of them getting through all of the hardship of the buildup to that and the decision itself together,,, my only point here is that so much happened for them in manchester and i think it makes perfect sense for them to think about that city as their home and the start of their lives together, and i think all of that makes it even more evident why they were driven to creating this shirt as a way of doing something tangible to support the city that means so much to them. 

“Sorry for making you wait …!”


Many people asked me about “Our Paradise”  :

- “ Where is part 2?”

- “Will you continue it?”

- “When will it finish?”


  • Guys ! I’m still drawing and I won’t drop it ! Don’t worry (๑˃ㅂ˂̵)و
  • Just because I have to study so I don’t have much time to draw (༎ຶ⌑༎ຶ) ( and this part has many pages than i thought @@ OMG ~~~ )
  • I don’t know exactly when Our Paradise will finish…. Maybe it will take a long time (╥_╥) but I will try my best !!! ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ╭( ・ㅂ・)و
  • Your messages, your comments, your asks give me a lotttt of encouragement ! (^▽^)

Thanks everyone for supporting me ! Thank you so much !

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Welcome all to transdestiel the blog that aims to collect together all Destiel or gen fanworks that feature trans, non binary or genderqueer Dean and or Castiel. There are a ton of really amazing works out there and I wanted to collect them all together along with some awesome trans positivity posts and some helpful trans info. So if you have any work or posts that you think should go here please pass them along!

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A Seiten-Taisei Rant about the new Saiyuki Blast anime:
AKA: Why I’m not as excited about the new anime as I could be

For awhile now I’ve been holding back on posting on tumblr my thoughts on the new anime. I didn’t want to tie my comments to another post, so I have decided to do it’s own post.

Let me be clear, this is why /I’m/ not excited. This post isn’t meant to make anyone else less excited. I’m not here to stomp on someone else’s happiness. You may disagree with me, or you may agree. I welcome comments on the matter.

Because there may be some spoilers, I will put it behind a cut.

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Uh, I struggle with self harm. I've been clean for just over a month now, but it's becoming harder and harder to resist the urge. Any advice?

Hey friend I’m sorry you’re struggling. We’ve posted a few alternatives to self harm before so I’ll try and help a different way. I personally struggle with self harm. I know how difficult it can be to resist something when it feels like your whole body is hungry for it. Even after the immediate urge has past you’re left feeling like you’ve been electrocuted. Your body is like post-buzz.
I really do understand. But I strongly encourage you to get help and try and build a support system. I cried my eyes out when I texted my mom the truth. I cried when I told my friends. But it got me on the right path. Or started me at least. Please feel free to send another message asking for my contact info and I’ll be happy to answer privately with my kik code or private number. I love you friend. Please stay strong. You can do this. You CAN overcome.


Its about time for 2016′s ElfEver Week! This will be the third one, if memory is serving correctly, and it’s our hope to make this year the most successful yet! As usual, there are just a couple of rules that everyone needs to follow in order to make this the best week we can make it:


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June 1st to June 7th

❀ Day 1: Crimson

❀ Day 2: Embrace

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❀ Day 4: Alternate Universe

❀ Day 5: Search

❀ Day 6: Honesty

❀ Day 7: Sparkling

All prompts are intended to be ambiguous, so get creative and interpret them as you will! Anything goes: Fanart, fanfiction, edits, playlists, and we encourage you to collaborate among each other and create something great together. The prompts don’t need to be strictly followed- if you feel like doing something else, feel free to make it! If you miss a day and want to post it another time, please do so. We only ask that you don’t post a prompt before the day it is assigned for the sake of organization.

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