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I went to the Indianpolis Museum of Art with my friend in the summer and I came across this statue outside. Male Herm by an unknown artist depicting Dionysus. I adored seeing it.

That little butterfly was resting on his shoulder and posing the entire time. My favorite part of the trip was seeing this. I’m happy I could take a great photo! There is apparently a maenad counterpart statue that I didn’t see.

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Let me tell you something about this god damn Chicory.

Trying to press Chicory is like trying to feed a child throwing a temper tantrum. Everything about them seems almost specifically designed to impede my every effort to preserve them.

First of all, they are incredibly transient. They are fully open in only the wee cool hours of the morning, which is no bueno for a night owl such as myself. The petals are as thin as tissue paper, and on top of all that, the moment you remove them, they close up on you.

The thin petals wouldn’t necessarily be a problem if it weren’t for the fact that they are attached to these big gnarly stems with big fuck-off hard as rock buds that create air pockets between the pressing paper so that the flowers inherently just don’t press straight and their color leeches out.

I’ve tried to press these guys every year and had no luck every time. This year, I’m giving it another shot. I found these guys fully open and blooming in my yard. I got a plant press ready and went for it. Snipped them down with some wire cutters and sprinted inside and began snipping the open flowers into the waiting plant press, separating them from the stems, and slamming the pages down on them before they could close up, then pressing the stems in a totally separate book.

The thought is I’ll attach the flowers separately once it’s in the resin. It isn’t ideal, but it’s the best shot I’ll ever have at finally having some Chicory pendants.