feel free to remake this


here have some tomodachi life qr codes for the lazytown kids and their dads


  • robbie is a female mii so he could be gay with sportacus. feel free to remake him if you want him male.
  • i couldn’t think of good last names for most of them so i think the way i made the codes, you will have to name them. sorry if my awful last names came through with them
  • i’m sorry

I’m leaving tumblr, I’ll give this blog to anyone who wants it as long as

  • you’re autistic
  • you’ll promise me to keep it running

I have 400+ followers, the only work you’d have to do is to look into your inbox, check the submission for any messages for you (ex. post this anonymously), check it for triggers, tag it as actuallyautistic and post it

Feel free to remake this blog however you want as long as you keep it at least partially as an autistic meet up blog

Thank you

Something Rotten Songs Summarized
  • Welcome To The Renaissance: renaissance means rebirth
  • God, I Hate Shakespeare: starting the show off strong with some hatred
  • Right Hand Man: feminism at its finest
  • God, I Hate Shakespeare (Reprise): i'm not crying, you are
  • A Musical: the only song you have probably heard from the show
  • The Black Death: the bottom brothers are stupid
  • I Love The Way: the most awkward love song of all time, also look at our smol children being cute
  • Will Power: shakespeare is sexy and i'm excited
  • Bottom's Gonna Be On Top: aw look at little nicky getting all excited about the worst idea ever
  • Hard To Be The Bard: it's hard to be a good-looking rich dude with a ton of privilege
  • It's Eggs!: the bottom brothers are stupid reprise
  • We See The Light: gospel choir and poetry and everything that is good in the world
  • To Thine Own Self: this song is so good but the bottoms are fighting and i'm conflicted
  • Something Rotten!/Make An Omelette: all i care about are the dancing eggs
  • To Thine Own Self (Reprise): i'm not crying, you are reprise

anonymous asked:

Yeah pitching the lion king remake as "live action" is a really weird choice when they really mean realistic cgi. I guess they mean they'll be using real landscapes and animating the animals over it??

I’m just baffled by the choice of “live action” as a descriptor when the term is

and by that logic… idfk man 

I mean, Disney did the cgi animals over real backgrounds once before in Dinosaur, but that’s not considered a live action film despite the use of backgrounds?

….does this mean we’re possibly getting one of those movies where they have animal “actors” and then cgi’d mouth movements over the top to make it look like they’re saying the appropriate lines

that’s the only other instance I can possibly think for their choice in using the phrase “live action”

All the Glorious Scenes From Final Fantasy VII that will now be in HD on the PS4

-The Opening sequence
-Limit breaks
-Cloud Crossdressing
-The Honey Bee Inn
-Climbing up the Shinra Building staircase
-Exploring the world map
-The flashback scene with Sephiroth setting Nibelheim on fire
-Dancing chocobos
-Hearing the Turks gossip/confess their love interests
-Cloud riding a jumping dolphin after performing CPR
- Cloud making a complete fool of himself in Rufus’ welcoming parade
-Barret being stuffed in a tiny sailor suit
-Red XIII trying to walk on two legs
-Sephiroth throwing Materia at Cloud and then flying away gracefully
-Vincent waking up from his nap in a coffin
-Chocobo Racing
-Cloud participating in the Gold Saucer play
-The gondola date
- Cid yelling at Cloud to drink his “goddamn TEA!”
-Cloud getting kicked where it hurts by Scarlet
-Aerith’s death
-The Turks chillin in Wutai
- The slap fight between Tifa and Scarlet
-Palmer getting hit by a truck
-Zack’s death
-“Let’s mosey”
-The final battle against Sephiroth
-The Knights of the Round summon (just summons in general really)
-Facing the Weapons