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here have some tomodachi life qr codes for the lazytown kids and their dads


  • robbie is a female mii so he could be gay with sportacus. feel free to remake him if you want him male.
  • i couldn’t think of good last names for most of them so i think the way i made the codes, you will have to name them. sorry if my awful last names came through with them
  • i’m sorry

A lot of people claim that we won’t get Sinnoh Remakes since Diamond and Pearl can be played on the 3DS, but I don’t think that’s true- Red and Blue could be played on the Game Boy Advance, but we still got FireRed and LeafGreen, so I think there might still be a chance. Of course this is just my opinion and this post is rebloggable and open to discussion, so if you have anything you’d like to point out about this feel free to!

Something Rotten Songs Summarized
  • Welcome To The Renaissance: renaissance means rebirth
  • God, I Hate Shakespeare: starting the show off strong with some hatred
  • Right Hand Man: feminism at its finest
  • God, I Hate Shakespeare (Reprise): i'm not crying, you are
  • A Musical: the only song you have probably heard from the show
  • The Black Death: the bottom brothers are stupid
  • I Love The Way: the most awkward love song of all time, also look at our smol children being cute
  • Will Power: shakespeare is sexy and i'm excited
  • Bottom's Gonna Be On Top: aw look at little nicky getting all excited about the worst idea ever
  • Hard To Be The Bard: it's hard to be a good-looking rich dude with a ton of privilege
  • It's Eggs!: the bottom brothers are stupid reprise
  • We See The Light: gospel choir and poetry and everything that is good in the world
  • To Thine Own Self: this song is so good but the bottoms are fighting and i'm conflicted
  • Something Rotten!/Make An Omelette: all i care about are the dancing eggs
  • To Thine Own Self (Reprise): i'm not crying, you are reprise
All the Glorious Scenes From Final Fantasy VII that will now be in HD on the PS4

-The Opening sequence
-Limit breaks
-Cloud Crossdressing
-The Honey Bee Inn
-Climbing up the Shinra Building staircase
-Exploring the world map
-The flashback scene with Sephiroth setting Nibelheim on fire
-Dancing chocobos
-Hearing the Turks gossip/confess their love interests
-Cloud riding a jumping dolphin after performing CPR
- Cloud making a complete fool of himself in Rufus’ welcoming parade
-Barret being stuffed in a tiny sailor suit
-Red XIII trying to walk on two legs
-Sephiroth throwing Materia at Cloud and then flying away gracefully
-Vincent waking up from his nap in a coffin
-Chocobo Racing
-Cloud participating in the Gold Saucer play
-The gondola date
- Cid yelling at Cloud to drink his “goddamn TEA!”
-Cloud getting kicked where it hurts by Scarlet
-Aerith’s death
-The Turks chillin in Wutai
- The slap fight between Tifa and Scarlet
-Palmer getting hit by a truck
-Zack’s death
-“Let’s mosey”
-The final battle against Sephiroth
-The Knights of the Round summon (just summons in general really)
-Facing the Weapons

Barret related things I’m looking forward to in the remake

  • Barret bonding with Marlene
  • Barret and Cloud’s interactions
  • How Barret met Tifa
  • Barret and Tifa interactions
  • More on his past and how he raised Marlene during the years
  • Barret in the sailor uniform
  • Barret flexing in the mirror at Costa Del Sol
  • Barret seeing Corel again after years
  • Barret helping to stop the train in Corel
  • Barret forgiving himself
  • Barret party banter
  • Barret’s interactions with all the party
  • Barret being even more badass in the remake
  • Barret remembering Avalanche at Cosmo Canyon
  • Barret just being great

Anyone wants to add more feel free!

Guys….. when an artist does an adopt for you, please save it…. don’t just borrow the image link….. because it will break eventually, and you’ll most likely lose your adopt. You can’t expect the artist to have held onto each and every individual 1000+ adopt files either.

EXO reaction to their g/f having opposite powers

–Since I got two power related requests, I’m posting them together. Here is their child having their power. I was going to put them together but it would have been too long.–

–Also, I based most of these off Pokemon types so… lol If you’re curious why I picked what I picked, feel free to ask–


D.O- Earth: Water

D.O: I get it, Y/n. You beat me. You can stop splashing me now. *you tease him every time he uses his power by washing it away*

Kai- Teleportation: Freeze Object/Person

Kai: So, y/n, you can freeze me… What are you going to do to me ;) *just starts making dirty jokes every time you use your power*

Baekhyun- Light: Darkness *blocks out light*

Baekhyun: Okay, I get that you make it dark, but that’s just with your personality. What’s your actual power? *bitter that his power loses to yours so he gets all bitchy*

Chen- Lightning: Earth

Chen: *after you tease him for having a power that beats his* I don’t even want to talk to you right now. You are as low as dirt.

Lay- Healing: Death

Lay: Y/n, you don’t have to demonstrate! I believe you! How does this cute thing have such a dangerous power?? *worries about dealing with this later on*

Suho- Water: Lightning

Suho: That’s my girl! She’s got an awesome superpower~ Proud of you, honey! *becomes your biggest fan*

Tao- Time Control: Speed *not affected by time control*

Tao: As if your power is that great. *scoffs* Just because mine doesn’t affect you doesn’t mean yours is better. You have to use your head, y/n. How can that be better than mine?

Chanyeol- Flame/Fire: Water

Chanyeol: Oh my god. Y/n, we’re the ultimate duo! We’re perfect for each other!

Sehun- Wind: Earth

Sehun: Oh no~ Y/N power is better than mine. Whatever shall I do? *sarcasm do thick you’re going to drown*

Kris- Flight: Lightning

Kris: *after you tease him that you’re better* You just want to see me cry, don’t you? Well you didn’t think of something. You can’t use your power if you come with me. *just picks you up and wins*

Luhan- Telepathy: Strength  (ft. Chen)

Luhan: I can’t believe this. This isn’t happening. I’m never going to live this down. You know, y/n, I’m usually very manly. Strength isn’t all there is to a man.

Chen in the background:

Xiumin- Frost: Fire

Xiumin: You going to heat things up between us, y/n? You know opposites attract.

–gifs found on google–

Shit I Want In The Next Pokemon Game

1. Bring back character customization with more options for like skin tone and hair color combos 

2. Female villain ( if Kalos again Malva is perfectly acceptable)

3. No useless rival posse 

4. No Fire/Fighting starter

5. Cameo by N and or Hilda/Hilbert ( like which one shows up is based on which version you choose like it’s Hilda in {game a} and Hilbert in {game b})

6. More exploration into what infinity energy and mega evolution is (cause if you think about it it’s some dark shit bro)

7. Mega Eveelutions for the original three (the rest will get them in later generations)

8. If possible there would be a plot twist like the professor is actually the villain 

9. Region based off of either A: Scandinavia, B: The Amazon Jungle/Brasil (because I remember that Mew was from Guyana Mew could be plot relevant, although this may seem that Gamefreak would be throwing a bone at the genwunners but hey they already destroyed everything sacred to them with the Kanto starters and Mewtwo getting mega evolutions), C: California, or D: the African savanna 

10: Some new and interesting mechanic that makes battling more fun but at the same time messes up the mainstream competitive scene

11: Sinnoh remakes no skip Sinnoh go straight to Unova remakes 

feel free to add more

Maleficent Review

WARNING: Minor spoilers ahead!

There will most definitely be spoilers in this review, but not the type of spoilers that will ruin your perception of the movie, “Maleficient”. Still, if any bit of spoilers bother you, please skip this review!

For those who have watched the movie or are more than willing to know more about it, carry on! Please message me after you’ve read this review, I’ll love to know what you thought about the movie. :)

“Maleficient” is an interesting remaking of the disney classic. Although the movie does indeed share little with its predecessor, I highly recommend watching the original animation first. “Maleficient” is a movie that deserves to have the reinvention of its plot celebrated. There are clever little twists and there is hardly a dull moment in the movie. (That said, I’m not a fan of the beginning. It felt lackluster compared to the rest of the movie and could have been better presented. Feel free to let me know if you disagree!)

In this remake, “Maleficient” focuses more on it’s side characters and sets to shed the perception of “true loves kiss” and “a typical fairy tale”. The ending is not as expected, though if you really need a hint, think…“Frozen”. The best part of the movie, however, is not the ending but the middle of the story. “Maleficient” will have you gripped to your seats and have you sympathize with Maleficient. (Angelina Jolie does her so much justice, it’s difficult not to cry!)

I left the theatre with questions, the good kind though, because the story was simply so well told and heart wrenching that I was left asking “why?” and “what could have been done different?” (Well done script writers!)

Indeed, “Maleficient” is a dimensional tale that is wonderfully brought to life by a cast of talented and emotional actors. The movie discovers the themes of love and trust in a fresh new way and is slowly becoming one of my favorite live-action Disney movies. Highly recommended. 5 stars!