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When you’re writing your posts about the anomie of modern individualistic atomized existence, and talking about how we need to find some more-communitarian more-interconnected more-tribal-level mode of life…please remember what tribes are actually like.

Tribes are, basically, big families.  You know how families work, probably.  You were probably raised in one.

And – don’t get me wrong – there are many great things about families.  It is cool that, due to the power of collective identity, resources can be distributed in a literally final-stage-communist fashion with very little friction.  It is cool that you can get to know everyone super well, and keep an accurate map of all the relationships.  It is cool that people care about you, no fooling, they really care about you, they are not going to drop you just because you’ve become inconvenient or whatever. 

Nonetheless.  Somehow, I’m betting that most of you fled from the bosom of your families in order to go live out in the big cold atomized impersonal individualistic world, and you’re not exactly champing at the bit to go back. 

Because there are costs, and they are crushing.  Families do not understand, cannot understand, personal boundaries.  The counterbalance to “your family will always care about you” is “your family will feel free to use and remake every part of your existence.”  Families are places where every point of incompatibility or tension will be rubbed raw until it bleeds and festers, because people can’t just agree to leave each other alone.  Families subordinate your dreams to their own collective ambitions and values.  Families run Every. Single. Thing. through a system of manipulative personal politics. 

Different people have different levels of tolerance for such things, and so the individualism / tribalism tradeoff plays out differently in every case.  But if you’re reading this, I am prepared to bet money that you really really really benefit from the advantages of social individualism, no matter how much loneliness and anomie you might be feeling. 

Squaring this circle is super hard.  It is one of my major long-term intellectual projects.  Finding a system that combines “people really care about each other in a reliable fashion” and “resources get shared in a non-stupid way” with “people will respect your individual preferences/ambitions” and “people have the space not to impinge upon each other intolerably” is…well, it may be impossible, and if it’s possible I’m pretty sure no one’s figured it out yet.  But I’m betting that, at such time as we do figure it out, it’s not going to look anything like segmentary communitarianism. 


if intelligence were the only criteria then i literally wouldn’t need a psychiatrist, would i?
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here have some tomodachi life qr codes for the lazytown kids and their dads


  • robbie is a female mii so he could be gay with sportacus. feel free to remake him if you want him male.
  • i couldn’t think of good last names for most of them so i think the way i made the codes, you will have to name them. sorry if my awful last names came through with them
  • i’m sorry

⌜ ☆ °˖ barbie ferreira gif icons.⌟  

by clicking HERE you’ll be redirected to a page consisting of #109 gif icons ( both 80x80 & 100x100 !! ) of my mum, BARBIE FERREIRA ! all these gifs were made by me from scratch & will be updated vv soon as i’m planning on remaking them ?? feel free to like or reblog if you use or save them, fam !!


Charlotte-Helen’s Clear Eyes 2T4 + Dance to Dust Eyes

  • All Ages + Vampires (Vamps unmerged to prevent breakage of files. I’m still having trouble with the emission maps, despite blanking them out they still show up on all the eyes.Fix them if you can I supps)
  • Recoloured in Select Digital Angels Eye Colours
  • Two New MM-ish Scleras for both Vamps and The Normal eyes. 
  • Heterochromia by @thatrayleen Supported (You will need their mesh. Shows up in Skindetails like the originals. I only did the original EA defaults, if you want them for Vamps or with the alien eyes, Feel free to ask)
  • Dance to Dust is a (Crappy) remake of Mouseyblue’s Dust Eyes. I wanted the originals, but after butchering them to hell in Photoshop, they just didn’t come out right, so I took to making new ones keeping some semblance of MM-ness in it. they look like hell, but I loved them enough. Replaces the GTW alien Eye only.  
Thomas Sanders/Sanders Sides Hamilton AU

I chose this according to their personality and who would be more likely to do [blank] so please don’t hate:

Thomas - Alexander Hamilton (duh)

Joan - John Laurens (Like they look gay just like them and it’s to much I love them ;-;)

Valerie - Marquis de Lafayette (She has that attitude and fighting spirit and her rapping guns and ships sounds like an amazing idea)

Leo - Hercules Mulligan (He seems big and aggressive but is really a cinnamon roll)

Virgil - Aaron Burr (like I’m playing him as a bad guy he’s my child but I feel like he has a lil of Burr’s personality and looks up to Thomas)

Patton - Eliza Schuyler (he’s so bubbly, kind and passionate just like her, and if you’re thinking Burn is not really a Patton thing then remember when he uses his dad voice and when he almost cried)

Roman - Angelica Schuyler ( just think about it, think about Roman singing Satisfied and Congratulations… think about it for a moment and you’ll understand why…)

Logan - Peggy Schuyler (just yes)

Jon Cozart - Thomas Jefferson (yes I know they are good friends but Jon just have the exact attitude of Jefferson and we know that when him and Thomas go toe to toe it’s always promising ex: Vine vs YouTube)

Benny - Maria Reynolds ( I just…. I need his voice singing Say No To This and he is literally the male version of Maria… and he could probably very easily seduce someone)

Feel free to add more and change some things or even remake some lyrics

Free monthly calendar printables

I hereby present to you my first ever printables!! Freely available to you all with the below stated features:

  • Consistent theme: July 2017 to December 2017 currently available (If you’re picky like me feel free to request all previous months to remake your planner and have it consistent all year)
  • 5 colours to choose from!!!
  • Sunday start (will make Monday starters if I get enough requests)
  • Notes section
  • Extra space along top to allow for hole punching/binding

You can download these printables HERE

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I hope to bring out many more printables in the future so feel free to send me requests!

These printables are for personal use only, do not remove my credit or redistribute them without my permission.

Something Rotten Songs Summarized
  • Welcome To The Renaissance: renaissance means rebirth
  • God, I Hate Shakespeare: starting the show off strong with some hatred
  • Right Hand Man: feminism at its finest
  • God, I Hate Shakespeare (Reprise): i'm not crying, you are
  • A Musical: the only song you have probably heard from the show
  • The Black Death: the bottom brothers are stupid
  • I Love The Way: the most awkward love song of all time, also look at our smol children being cute
  • Will Power: shakespeare is sexy and i'm excited
  • Bottom's Gonna Be On Top: aw look at little nicky getting all excited about the worst idea ever
  • Hard To Be The Bard: it's hard to be a good-looking rich dude with a ton of privilege
  • It's Eggs!: the bottom brothers are stupid reprise
  • We See The Light: gospel choir and poetry and everything that is good in the world
  • To Thine Own Self: this song is so good but the bottoms are fighting and i'm conflicted
  • Something Rotten!/Make An Omelette: all i care about are the dancing eggs
  • To Thine Own Self (Reprise): i'm not crying, you are reprise

please know that if u reply to my posts or message me or anything like that

i read it and i love you and i appreciate all of the comments very much, even when i am a broken record about how terrible i am about communicating back

bc lately i have had random thoughts about deleting this blog, idk for some reason it stresses me out sometimes…like for literally no reason at all though?? like i know i have no obligation to post, just the fact that it’s here and it exists lol

but then i’m like nooo no nope i have so many ppl that i interact with solely through this beautifully bizarre website so i CaNnottT do that, how would i know how they are doing, how would i know how their dogs are doing

so @velvettruce is here to stay, for the sake of the dogs (and let’s be real, i know i’m in too deep and id probably remake in a week) (although feel free to reach out on other forms of social media if u want!!! i enjoy low key friendships connected through the world wide web!!!)

A lot of people claim that we won’t get Sinnoh Remakes since Diamond and Pearl can be played on the 3DS, but I don’t think that’s true- Red and Blue could be played on the Game Boy Advance, but we still got FireRed and LeafGreen, so I think there might still be a chance. Of course this is just my opinion and this post is rebloggable and open to discussion, so if you have anything you’d like to point out about this feel free to!

All the Glorious Scenes From Final Fantasy VII that will now be in HD on the PS4

-The Opening sequence
-Limit breaks
-Cloud Crossdressing
-The Honey Bee Inn
-Climbing up the Shinra Building staircase
-Exploring the world map
-The flashback scene with Sephiroth setting Nibelheim on fire
-Dancing chocobos
-Hearing the Turks gossip/confess their love interests
-Cloud riding a jumping dolphin after performing CPR
- Cloud making a complete fool of himself in Rufus’ welcoming parade
-Barret being stuffed in a tiny sailor suit
-Red XIII trying to walk on two legs
-Sephiroth throwing Materia at Cloud and then flying away gracefully
-Vincent waking up from his nap in a coffin
-Chocobo Racing
-Cloud participating in the Gold Saucer play
-The gondola date
- Cid yelling at Cloud to drink his “goddamn TEA!”
-Cloud getting kicked where it hurts by Scarlet
-Aerith’s death
-The Turks chillin in Wutai
- The slap fight between Tifa and Scarlet
-Palmer getting hit by a truck
-Zack’s death
-“Let’s mosey”
-The final battle against Sephiroth
-The Knights of the Round summon (just summons in general really)
-Facing the Weapons