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Can I just say a few things?

Shout out to Bora, Hyolyn, N, and Kai for being darker and not being ashamed

Shout out to Hwasa for having big thighs and being proud of them

Shout out to Amber for not being afraid to be different, even after being shamed or misgendered

Shout out to Jonghyun, Namjoon, and any others who openly shared that they support the LGBT+ community

Shout out to Moonbyul for not being afraid to be open about finding women attractive

Shout out to JYPE for not limiting your entertainment company to strictly Koreans

Psh, Apollo, you’re no fun!”


Summer is (just about) here! That means two things: 

1) This blog is almost a year old!! Yay!!!

2) After graduation, I’ll have the summer to devote to this blog again!! I’d like to try daily updates again, and they’ll be starting up again on June 1st, if anyone’s still interested in this!

goals for 2015 and every year after

x take time out to exercise
x read all the books i want to read
x become a stronger follower in my faith
x be more generous 
x travel / go outside more
x stop complaining
x eat healthy / eat breakfast
x drink a ton of water!!!!
x improve academically
x be more productive, more often
x get enough sleep every night
x get (and stay) organized
x make more time for my friends
x be more spontaneous 
x improve on the skills i already have
x take pride in the way i look
x be kind to myself
x be consistently happy 

updated: sept. 9, 2015.  a very lengthy, multi-fandom fic rec. ctrl+f for ratings or pairings.

fandoms included:

yowamushi pedal
shingeki no kyojin
daiya no ace
love live!
teen wolf

pairings included: 

(hq) kagehina, kenhina, kyouhaba, daisuga, ushioi, tsukkiyama, kiyoyachi
(yowapeda) midosaka, shinizu, toumaki
(snk) ereri
(dna) chrisawa
(free) makoharu
(love live) nicomaki, nozoeli, rinpana, kotoumi, honobasa, erean
(teen wolf) sterek

♥♥ = absolute favorites, must read
** = favorites

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The Hell is Wrong with People?

Whoever’s been sending the anonymous hate towards people here lately saying other’s characters are ‘bland’ and ‘uncreative’, you better listen up.

People don’t make characters to satisfy your needs. They don’t make characters to be criticized by you. For people like me, they make characters to have fun and feel good about themselves. It helps them cope with whatever they may be going through. It makes them happy. 

Who honestly has the gall to go anonymous and suddenly think it’s ok to say things like “your character is bland” and “I don’t think your character was very thought out” or “your characters suck” like even a child would know better. You’re making people feel like shit and hiding behind a screen. What are you thinking? You want someone to go and put down your own personal achievements? Probably not. 

Just because you have these opinions doesn’t mean others think the same way. Keep your thoughts to your damn self, for the better. 

And to the people being sent this horse shit that they truly don’t deserve: You have people who like your characters. Who don’t think they’re bland or boring or uncreative. People follow you for a reason, and it’s because they love your content. And in this community the content is mostly their characters. I love them all man, seeing these characters inspire me to make more!  

I know it’s hard to read those things, especially when you’re having so many difficulties, or even just one big one in your life. But just know that even if that person was a coward to sneak in and throw that on you, that I personally love your characters. Your ocs. Every time I see them it makes me happy. Because behind them is someone whose taken time and effort and their own artistic spunk to make them. And every single one is creative, and unique. Not bland and tasteless