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Scandal Fanfic: Smells of Home

Chapter 5 of Soul’s Release Series.

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It was so cold. She could feel the grimy steel under her clammy palms. Her palms began to sting with numbness as she increased her forcefulness, pounding against the door. She could feel the stinging in her throat as she prepared to yell for her freedom. She had to get out.

Olivia let her anger and frustration strengthen her as she continued her task, determined to force her way through three inches of steel. In an instant, the hard, cold metal was replaced by the firm, warm grip of hands around her wrists.

“No!” she screamed as she struggled to be free. The grip didn’t slacken and she began to buck and kick trying to be release. Her eyes were tightly shut but she could see the face clearly. Strong brows merged with soft eyes. A flow from pale to olive skin. Brunette hair changed shades as though the man was walking through sunlight and shadows. The faces of her captors shifting and merging into one.

Then suddenly it was dark. The face and her surroundings disappeared and all she could do was feel. The stinging of her hands were soothed by the coolness of soft kisses. Her eyes remained shut but the tension in her face and body began to relax. Her breathing transitioned from quick, hyperventilating breaths to deeper hiccups mixed with shallower ones.

As she calmed, Olivia could feel more thoroughly. The lips had stopped kissing and were just pressed against her palms. She could now feel deep vibrations running from her hands, down her arms, and through her chest. He was humming a soothing and familiar tone while gently cupping her hands to his face. She could feel his rough stubble and closed eyes as he continued with the calming gestures. She traced his brows with her fingertips with a feather touch before she felt herself drift back into the peaceful solitude of a dreamless sleep.

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