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Femslash February Prompts

Feel free to add more details to any of these when you’re prompting!

1. Post apocalyptic AU
2. Star Wars AU
3. Photography AU
4. Music AU
5. Time travel AU
6. Mosaic AU
7. Teleportation AU
8. Horse AU
9. Deserted island AU
10. Soulmate words AU
11. Fate AU
12. Spies AU
13. Tea AU
14. Random act of kindness AU
15. Blind date gone wrong AU
16. First aid AU
17. Enemies AU
18. Found via rainbow flag AU
19. Pomegranate (Persephone or just somehow including a pomegranate) AU
20. Literal heart stealing AU
21. Makeup advice AU
22. Royalty AU
23. Magical realism AU
24. Magical flowers AU
25. Soulmate (make up a mechanism and tell me!) AU
26. “I’m trying to trick you into thinking I stole the thirteenth floor button when actually the building went from twelve to fourteen and you didn’t notice” AU
27. Cowriting a story AU
28. Museum AU
29. Telepathy AU
30. [Based off a dream you’ve had] AU
31. Dreams AU
32. Baking AU
33. Hard of hearing AU
34. Soulmate colour AU
35. Reincarnation AU
36. [Tell me a point of divergence from canon] AU
37. KissCam AU
38. Rain AU
39. Movie (writing/producing/acting in) AU
40. [Your suggestion here] AU

To Be Enough (Lin/Reader)

ayo, first hamilcast x reader fic! please leave a review and feel free to send in a request (prompt list here if you want to use that) for anon who requested it.

Prompt: You got her pregnant?! What were you thinking?

Warnings: None

Length: 629 words

Note: I’m sure Lin’s dad is really nice but for the purposes of this fic, he’s a bit against things. 

Reviews are better than musicals! 

You arrived home late that afternoon — slightly worn out yet happy all the same. Over the course of the day, you had discovered your new habit of placing your hand on the small, barely visible bump of your stomach. This brought you a new sort of excitement, knowing your baby was in there.

Your baby. Your child. You and Lin’s creation, the small part of yourselves you were going to give to the world.

Again, you smiled, unable to hide it as you stepped through the front door, pulling the key out the lock and kicking your shoes off. You heard a small littering of voices throughout the house and decided to keep quiet, knowing Lin had probably invited someone round to keep him company on his day off. For the past week, he had been endlessly energetic, constantly trying to pamper you and shower you with affection.

Sure, you loved it, but the feeling was sometimes overbearing. That, and the small glimpse into how he might react when the baby actually arrived.

You still had a long way to go until then.

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Musical Theatre Ask Game!

So, I’ve been off tumblr for a while (life, so busy), and I’m feeling chatty tonight, so…

Drop a musical in my ask box and I’ll tell you what I think of it, head canons, my favorite songs or roles, how I would stage it (whether it should be gender-bent), whatever. Feel free to leave questions or prompts with your musical.  Thanks in advance.

Ask me! Please! Musicals, Shakespeare, straight plays, Disney, whatever. Bring it.

The Silent One - part two

You can find the other parts of this story and my Masterlist HERE!

Synopsis: You determinedly stay quiet whenever you are in Negan’s presence. But the thing is, Negan is a patient man. 
Negan x reader
Mild threats

Each week the Saviours came back and each week they would take more and more.

Now everyone in Alexandria were given two cans a day to last them. You now could feel your stomach rumbling as it had been doing for the past week. The saviours would be due to arrive today. You knew that soon people would start starving. Soon people would start dying.

That was why you would be leaving soon. Not today. No, not today. You had been silently slipping into the garage where your fellows kept the food and taking one can or bottle of water a night. Not so many that it would be obvious that someone had been taking them, but enough for you to be ready when it was time to flee.

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love to hold you close, tonight and always // cullen x inquisitor

this is based off a dream that i had the other night. don’t you just love it when your own subconscious gives you prompts? :’)

ellaina has a nightmare about cullen. he’s right there next to her when she awakens to comfort her.

Ellaina woke with a start, blonde strings of hair clinging to her forehead with sweat, her breath coming out in short, ragged breaths. She could’ve sworn her heart was beating a million miles a minute. It was dark, nearly pitch black in her quarters, the only light being the moon shining through her balcony window. It must’ve been the middle of the night.

She blinked a few times in an attempt to gain her composure, surprised to see tears fall from her eyes. She wiped her face, pushing her hair off her face, before glancing next to her to see Cullen lying next to her, sleeping peacefully.

It had been a long while since she had a nightmare last. They weren’t normally this bad, they usually just consisted of nonsensical foolishness, like nugs growing to be the size of great bears. But this was just horrible.

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Practice- birdflash fic

Hey guys! So here’s the second version to the prompt I got- feel free to leave me more (FLUFFY) prompts in my ask box and i’ll do my best!

you can read it on ff.net or ao3

Title: Practice

Fandom: Young Justice (the cartoon)

Pairing: BirdFlash (Kid Flash-Wally/Robin-Dick)

Rating: K

Disclaimer: The DC characters aren’t owned by me.

Word count: 2,397

Summary: Dick and Wally don’t wanna suck at kissing so the logical thing to do is obviously practice with your best bro. Second version for the kissing practices prompt- BIRDFLASH, FLUFF.

A/N so like I said, the prompt idea wasn’t really my style, but I still wanted to give the anon what they asked, so here’s the second version of it, less pining, more fluff.

Have fun!


It started a couple of years ago, when Robin was 13 and Kid Flash was 15.

The team was sitting in the living-room, watching some cheesy movie that just ended with a true love’s kiss.

“Yuck.” Artemis said as magical sparkles started flying around the couple kissing on the screen.

“What?” M'gann asked in wonder. “Don’t you think it was the cutest most romantic thing?” Her voice turned dreamy.

“I think cute romantic things say ‘yuck’ about Arty too.” The team’s speedster laughed.

“Shut up, Baywatch.” The archer glared at him.

“But I saw in all the movies that a true love’s kiss always fixes up everything!” The Martian continued, having learnt by now to ignore the two teens’ bickering.

Artemis sighed, not wanting to crush the alien’s dream, but also not wanting her friend to get hurt later.

“Look, I know it looks really amazing and magical, but kissing for the first time is never like this. It’s awkward and messy and pretty embarrassing.” The look on M'gann’s face made her continue. “But it’s okay, you just need to practice a lot and then it will be fun. And magical.” She added in an afterthought with a roll of her eyes.

“I guess that makes sense…” M'gann glanced at Superboy (who was sitting across from her, trying to make sense of the Tetris game in his hands) and bit her lips. She really hoped they’d get together soon.

“Don’t worry, miss M, you’ll get your prince in shining armor.” Robin reassured her before standing up. The credits have been rolling for the past couple of minutes already so he turned off the TV. “That was fun, but I still prefer violent video games.” He smirked and looked at Wally. “You coming, dude?”

The redhead grinned and shot to his feet. “Definitely.”

Artemis rolled her eyes again, and Aqualad who’s been quiet this entire time just sighed.


Later, in Robin’s room, the two boys were laughing almost hysterically at a joke Robin just said, which made it hard for them to keep up with the characters on the screen.

“Dude.” Wally wiped a tear from his eye.

Robin just grinned at him and then made the final blow needed to win the game.

Wally’s expression turned sour. “Hey! Not fair.”

“All is fair in war and game.” The younger boy smirked.

“Whatever.” Wally threw his controller on the carpet and flipped down on Robin’s bed. “It’s a boring game anyways. Let’s do something else.”

Robin chuckled and put both controllers back in their place. “Wanna watch another chick-flick?” He raised an eyebrow.

Wally laughed and sat up. “Did you see poor M'gann when Arty told her about the whole kissing thing?”

“Pff I know. Why do they make such a big deal out of it?” He sat down on the chair and rolled it next to the bed.

“I know, right?” After that, the two sat together in a comfortable silence. That is, until Wally broke it. “Uhm, Rob?” He asked quietly. “Have you ever actually kissed anyone?”

The younger boy stayed quiet for another moment before replying. “No, not really. I got a kiss on the cheek if that counts.” He laughed weakly.

“I don’t think it does.” The redhead smiled before biting his lips unsurely. “Aren’t you worried, though? From what Arty said?”

Robin looked at the speedster. “I haven’t really thought about it before…Why? Are you?”

“I don’t know, I guess?” He ran his hand through his hair.

“But you heard Arty, it gets better with practice.” He tried reassuring his friend.

“Yeah but I don’t want my first kiss to be awkward and embarrassing and terrible.”

At that, Robin looked thoughtful. “I guess you have a point.”

Wally sighed. “Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could just come to our first date practiced and skip all the awkward part with them?”

“Haha, yeah.” The silence returned for another moment before both boys looked at each other.

“You wanna…” The redhead trailed off.

Robin hesitated only for a second before he jumped from his chair and sat down next to Wally on the bed.

“Let’s do it.”

They did it.

It was awkward.


A few days later, they decided to try again.

“Well, Arty was right, it was terrible.” Wally said, back in Robin’s room.

The Boy Wonder flushed bright red. “Gee, thanks.”

Wally chuckled, though his face was also flushed. “Come on, man, it wasn’t your fault. Like she said, we just need to practice some more.” He looked up from his position on the bed.

“Like, right now?” The younger boy asked nervously.

“Well, why not?” the redhead asked, scooting closer to his friend who sat next to him.

“Okay.” Robin simply said before shutting his eyes tightly and leaning closer.

The speedster followed suit and soon after, their lips met. They stayed like that, unmoving, for a short moment before they pulled apart.

They slowly opened their eyes and looked at each other, then, without warning, they both burst into laughter.

“We suck.” The acrobat let out between giggles.

“I know.” After they calmed down a bit, Wally added: “I think we need to be less stiff.”

“Should we try again?” Robin asked and casually took his sunglasses off.

The redhead shrugged as if saying, “why not?”

They repositioned themselves in front of each other and made sure not to make eye contact. They both got closer and closer until their lips met once more. For the first 15 seconds it was stiff and awkward like the last two times. Then, remembering what Wally had just told him, Dick tried to move his lips.

They immediately bolted apart, not expecting that new sensation they just experienced.

“That was weird.” Wally breathed out.

“Yeah.” His friend agreed. He pulled his knees up and wrapped his arms around them. “I think… I think we tried enough for now.”

Wally bit his lips. Dick was right. He was starting to regret these practices.

He really didn’t want things to become weird between them because of it.

“How about we go get ice cream instead?”

The younger boy looked up, lifting his head from his knees and smiled. “Sounds good.”


It was easy for them to go back to normal- they were best friends after all. They talked with each other, played video games, watched movies together, and most importantly- they had each other’s back.

It’s been a couple of months since the last 'practice’ incident when Dick brought it up again.

“So, Babs went on a date last week.” The acrobat started. They were both in civvies, eyes revealed and everything, and munched on some snacks Iris had brought them a few minutes before. They were sitting on the floor in Wally’s room at the Allens, with textbooks scattered around them, doing their homework.

“Really?” The redhead asked distractedly as he wrote down the answer to the equation he was solving. Only two more to go!

“Yup. This guy, David, asked her out.” Dick was almost done as well so he allowed himself to drift to other matters.

“Did she tell you how it went?” Wally shoved another handful of chips to his mouth.

“Uh-huh.” Dick played with the pen in his hand, and had Wally been looking, he’d have seen he clearly had an ulterior motive for this conversation. “She said he was cute and they had fun but…” The speedster looked up to see why his friend stopped. Soon he found out though, when Dick finished the sentence. “She said he was a terrible kisser.”

“Oh.” The older teen put down his pen and pushed his textbook aside a bit. He bit his lips, trying not to burst into laughter.

“Yeah… So she doesn’t think she’ll go to another date with him.” Dick closed his textbook and moved it aside as well. He looked at Wally and a tiny chuckle escaped his lips when he saw his expression.

“That’s kinda harsh.” The redhead gave up on holding it in and simply started to laugh.

“I know! The poor guy.” Now Dick was laughing too.

“Dude, this is so gonna be us someday, you know that, right?” Wally said, still in a cheerful laughing mood.

“Pretty much, yeah.”

Both boys continued laughing for a little longer before the laughter died down and only shy smiles remained.

“So…” The now 14-year-old teen started, looking at his friend with a hopeful look. “I know we said we should stop, but last time wasn’t that bad, right?”

Wally looked at him; he knew exactly what he was referring to. He saw the worry and uncertainty behind Dick’s smile and he really wanted his friend to not feel those things. He might have also wanted not to be dumped on his first date.

“Definitely.”  His smile got wider as he made sure to reassure Dick.

Dick smiled back and watched as Wally wiped his hands on his jeans to rid any stray chips crumbs left on them before he crawled on the floor to where the acrobat sat. “Third time’s a charm, right?”

“Well, technically, it’s our fourth time.”  Dick corrected him cheekily.

“Oh, shut up.”

And with that, their smiles met.

Wally tasted salty from the chips but also sweet, which didn’t really make any sense. Dick didn’t mind, though, because Wally’s lips tasted delicious.

This time, they moved in sync, and didn’t immediately pull back. Wally’s arm automatically reached up and wrapped itself around Dick’s waist, pulling him closer in the process. Dick shyly nibbled on Wally’s lower lip, and took advantage of the gasp Wally let out to slip in his tongue.

Wally was completely taken aback by what was taking place, not expecting Dick’s boldness in the least. He got over his surprise fairly quickly, and his tongue joined his friend’s in battle.

A few minutes later, they both pulled away, breathless, and flushed and their lips kind of swollen. They sat back next to each other on the floor, their knees still touching.

“Wow.” Wally whispered, his eyes magnetized to the other’s pair.

“I know.” What started as a shy smile was beginning to turn into a small smirk.

“What are you so smug about?” The redhead was trying to get over his embarrassment, not quite successfully, judging by the color of his face.

“Nothing.” The younger teen bit down his smile, having a better luck in the calming down department.

“Where did you learn to-” Wally gestured with his hands between them, “you know.”

Dick looked down; his cheeks back to full on red. “I might have gotten some tips from someone.”

“You wh- wait from whom?” He looked at him suspiciously.

Dick picked up his pen again, spinning it around with his fingers, before he mumbled something quietly.

“What was that?” The speedster leaned in closer to hear him better.

“From the internet alright?” Dick let out loudly.

Wally snorted. “That is so like you, dude. You’re such a nerd.”

“Shut up, like you are any better.” Robin maybe didn’t pout, but spoiled little Dick definitely did.

“Okay, true.” He admitted. “I still can’t believe you looked it up. How did you even found tips like that?”

Dick rolled his eyes at that. “Oh, you know, with my special secret amazing skills of googling.”

The redhead was already used to his friend’s sarcasm so he simply craned his neck to the side so he could see the screen of the laptop Dick just pulled from Wally’s desk. The younger teen quickly logged in (he knew all of Wally’s passwords) and typed in the google search bar 'how to kiss’.

“See? Tons of results.”

“Wow.” Wally said, impressed, and took the laptop to his lap (ha!) to look at the different sites. “We should totally check them out.”

And so, for the next half an hour the two boys sat on the floor and read different tips for kissing and making out. And while theory was important, it was useless if they didn’t do practical practice after learning it.

And when Iris and Barry called them for dinner that evening, if they noticed the flushed faces or the slightly swollen lips, they didn’t say anything about it to either of them.


And that brings us to this day, almost two years after the first incident.

Through the time that passed since, the best friends found themselves “practicing” more frequently, each time less awkward from the last. Eventually they fell into a routine of sort, practicing almost every time they found themselves alone, and without noticing, they became more and more affectionate when they were not alone as well.

Nobody seemed to notice, or maybe they just thought it was natural, when the two boys started cuddling on the couch when watching a movie, or held hands when the team walked to the small café in Happy Harbor.

Currently, they were both in the mansion, lying on Dick’s large comfy bed. Dick’s head was resting on Wally’s bicep, leaving his hand free to play with his hair, with his other hand intertwined with Dick’s between them.

The peaceful nice atmosphere was interrupted though, when Wally’s stomach made loud noise.

Wally buried his head in Dick’s hair as the younger teen’s body shook with laughter. “Shut up.” He mumbled into it.

The younger boy chuckled a bit more before reassuring his friend. “Don’t worry, dinner is in a few minutes and Alfred probably made extra food for you.” He then turned around in the redhead’s arm, and gave him a small peck on the lips.

“Good, I’m starving.” That caused Dick to start laughing again because of course he was starving, it was kind of obvious. Not liking where this was going, Wally decided to shut him up with another kiss.

They pulled away, but their faces remained only inches apart. They both smiled now, feeling warm, comfortable, and happy just lying together like that.

“Hey, Dick,” Wally started, “I think that maybe we should date.”

Dick’s smile got wider. “I think we already are.”

“You’re probably right.”

And just like that, they went back to lying on the bed quietly, stealing a kiss here and there, before they got called to dinner.

And the first kiss they shared on their first official date a few nights later, wasn’t awkward at all.

Practicing, as it seemed, did pay off.


Hope you liked it! Please review and let me know what you think :D

slip into my heart

A/N: honestly don’t know how i feel about this but came across a prompt and this is what happened. it was supposed to be a lot more light but HERE IT IS. ALSO, always feel free to leave prompts in my ask!! :)
Words: 1,266 
Pairing: Rucas af

“Are you kidding me, Lucas?”

“Can you blame me, Riley? Every time Charlie is around something always happens. I can’t stand him.”

“And that’s my fault, because…?”

“I just don’t understand why you’re friends with him after everything that’s happened with us.” He folds his arms over his chest, clenching his jaw as he tries to suppress the growing frustration at the thought of Charlie hugging Riley. 

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anonymous asked:

More fluffy Gureshin? How about Gurn carrying Shinya?

oh hey i finally figured out how to answer an ask with images lmaooo

sorry this one took so long!! but yes i’m all for guren carrying shinya marriage style

really proud of how this one came out :’) also feel free to leave prompts with any of my otps! idk if i can draw all of them out but if they are creative enough, i probably will! 

edit: a better quality image here

THE bedroom

Type: Oneshot.

Genre: Fluff.

Word count: 1085

Pairing: Phan.

Summary: While Phil is doing a younow he’s laptop is almost dead so he calls for Dan to get it, but lets it slip that they share a bedroom.

Warnings: None.

A/N: Thank you so much to the anon who left me this prompt, I hope you like and enjoy it and I hope it’s up to the standard that you wanted it to be ^-^ I hope you all enjoy and feel free to leave me a prompt if you’d like :3


Phil sat on the couch looking at his macbook screen watching younow countdown the time until he goes live




He smiled as the chat starts up and thousands of people say hi, ask questions and comment about his clothing, hair and just about anything else

‘Hi Phil!’


‘Nice red shirt Phil ;)’




‘Your hair is on point today’



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allthehogwartsimagines  asked:

Would I be cool if you could do a Harry Potter themed one? A girl with dark hair and dark eyes in her Slytherin uniform? Just to get you started.

i kinda did a self potrait on this one… since im a slytherin and has dark hair and dark eyes but welp im trying to make her look badass but O)–(
i really like harry potter universe :3 (maybe gonna make onsxhp au sometime)

Ps.  feel free to leave art prompts in my ask box!

hey! im taking writing prompts so feel more than free to leave some in my inbox!

all prompts will be posted to my ao3 and ill write most anything! ill write most nsfw stuff and for most ships! below are the fandoms i will write for!

  • haikyuu!!
  • free!
  • kuroko no basuke
  • yuri!!! on ice

there are a few things i wont write and they are as follows

  • any noncon/dubcon
  • pedophilia ships
  • ddlg/daddy kink
  • these are the basics, but please keep in mind i reserve the right to deny a request if it makes me uncomfortable

even if i dont necessarily ship a ship, i will still write for it! i do have my main ships but for the most part i ship most ships to some degree. at least when it comes to haikyuu, free and knb i really dont have any notps. writing prompts will be open until i am overwhelmed by them and close them down so feel free to send me any until then!

ask   ao3   writing tag

Can we talk about Artist!Andrew for a second? 

  • OK so for years, Andrew was only good at destruction - he destroyed his relationships, pushed himself away from people, created chaos from calm, destroyed himself. 
  • And that was what he knew from other people too -other people hurt him, tore him apart, never built him up. 
  • One day his counselor suggests he tries drawing. She says that maybe creating something will help him. 
  • Obviously he curses and probably says something mean. 
  • BUT
  • he finds some crappy paper
  • and an old biro 
  • and he just puts some lines down 
  • and he’s so frustrated all of a sudden that he just scribbles until he tears through the paper 
  • because he’s seen art and it’s not something he could make 
  • because he can’t make beautiful things
  • but he sees Neil doodling in class, and he’s smiling whilst he does it 
  • so he tries again 
  • probably draws a crappy flower or a cat or something 
  • and it doesn’t look good, but he’s surprised at how nice it feels to have created something from nothing 
  • so he keeps at it
  • and he gets better
  • a lot better - you’ve seen this kid in goal - his hand eye co-ordination is A* 
  • and he doesn’t tell anyone 
  • but he buys a sketchbook and some pencils 
  • and he sketches Neil from memory, and he draws Renee one afternoon and she asks to keep it when she sees 
  • And Andrew grumbles but he gives it to her. Inside he’s so surprised that she wants it, because he made it. 
  • But she does, and she smiles, and he sees it on the wall in the girls room 
  • and that makes him happy
  • so sometimes he draws when other people are around now 
  • and it is just something he does
  • everyone accepts it, no one questions it. 
  • Andrew draws and he’s good at it
  • He even takes an art class
  • (It ends terribly - the teacher told him his proportions were wrong and he nearly punched her) 
  • And no one knows how pleased he is when people keep his drawings 
  • because to Andrew people keeping his drawings is proof that he is capable of creation as well as destruction 

OK the end I am sorry and goodbye 

(but if you like this kind of pain please feel free to leave tfc prompts/headcanons in my ask) 

what if i say yes?

characters: jeon jungkook + reader
words: 1.5k
prompt: what if i say yes?

a/n: please feel free to leave quotes and short sentence prompts in my ask box give me something to write lol (i only write bts and btob)

Originally posted by sugutie

The first time she met him was at the very first morning assembly of the year. She was a freshman, wearing a uniform that was a size too big, trying really hard not to lose focus every five minutes. He was standing right next to her, tall and handsome and as awkward as she was, trying to stay awake. He was always like that, she noticed—tall, handsome, a little awkward sometimes, with a pair of sleepy wide eyes and big nose that would crinkle whenever he laugh. The whispers said he was a member of a newly-debuted idolgroup. Hence why he  was already popular even before the classes started.

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cleem123  asked:

Prompt: Nico finding out that Will has a tattoo. Thanks!

ohh I really like this one, thanks!^^ (it’s a bit long, but i really enjoyed writing it)

If you have any prompts, feel free to leave them in my ask^^

(keep in mind that they’re a bit older here, this won’t be explicit, but like imagine 14 yo Nico, just no)

Nico opened his cabin door and walked to his bed. There he set down a pile of books he borrowed from Annabeth. He took out his iPod and changed the song, turning the volume up, then he plopped down on his bed and started checking out the books.

He quietly hummed the melody of his favourite song. A shadow shifted in front of him and made him look up. He removed the earphones and quietly took out his sword.

A thud came from the bathroom and Nico turned to face it. The door slowly opened and he was about to cut down anything that came in his way, when Will emerged out of the room, with a towel around his hips and another in his hair. 

“I thought I heard you come in,” Will smiled and started towel drying his hair.

“Will?!” Nico exclaimed: “Are you mad? I could have hurt you!” he shouted.

“Yeah, but you didn’t,” Will winked at him: “I’m going to change into some clothes if you don’t mind,” he turned around and shut the door behind him.

“Why are you showering here, Will? Don’t you have a bathroom in the Apollo cabin?” Nico put down his sword and started putting his books away, turning away from the bathroom door.

“Yeah, we do have one. Just one. It get’s crowded and yours is empty almost all the time,” Will shouted from the other room.

“Okay, it’s not like you haven’t practically moved in here already, but you could have told me about this,”  Nico continued.

“Yeah, I will, sorry,” Will came out of the bathroom  just in his boxers, his hair still slightly wet. 

Nico turned around and felt his cheeks turn a nice shade of tomato. He stood there awkwardly and stared at Will’s face, not saying anything.

“Oh, c’mon. It’s not like you haven’t seen all of this already,” Will laughed and picked up one of Nico’s t-shirts. Nico always wore too big ones, so they fit Will perfectly.

“Yeah, but not like this,” he stuttered and turned away. Will found this very amusing, he knew that Nico was a bit insecure when it came to this kind of things. He walked to Nico and hugged him from behind. Will put his hands around Nico’s stomach and left kisses on Nico’s neck. Nico bit his lip, so he wouldn’t let out a sound.

He turned around and put his hands around Will’s neck. He slowly closed the gap between their lips. Will gently bit Nico’s lower lip and this made the smaller boy quietly moan. His hand traveled into Will’s hair, while Will’s went up and down Nico’s back. 

Will picked Nico up and walked to his desk. With one hand he threw down all of Nico’s books, to make room for him, then he sat Nico there. 

“Will,” Nico said in between kisses. Will murmured something in response.

“Will, if those books get ruined, Annabeth will kill me,” Nico gently pushed him away. Will groaned and bent down to pick up the books. His shirt fell down a bit as he was getting the books together.

“Will,” Nico’s eyes widened: “Gods, Will, you have a tattoo?”

Will quickly got up and put away the books. This time his face went all red. 

“Oh my gods, turn around Will,” Nico smirked and laughed a bit.

Will reluctantly turned around, Nico put his arms around his hips and made him step closer to him. He gently pulled up Will’s shirt and this revealed a small tattoo of a swan on his lower back.

“Is that a swan, Will?” Nico asked a bit confused.

Will turned around and answered: “Yeah … It’s Apollo’s sacred animal. I thought it would be nice. I’m planning to get more tattoos, but I don’t know when, I’m always busy …” he was looking at the floor.

“I never thought you were one for tattoos,” Nico smiled.

He cupped Will’s face and made him look up: “I think it’s really cool. Next time you get a tattoo, take me with you.”

Will grinned in response and kissed him hard on the lips. 

fluff friday “food” [izusaku]

so @vesperlionheart and I decided to start up “fluff fridays” to balance out “smut mondays.” this week’s prompt is “food.” 

please feel free to leave prompts/pairings in the inbox! 

(also, I’ve been binge-watching “the great food truck race” so…yeah.)

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