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wait what did that mimighost person do? i see a lot of people talking about them but no receipts? sorry if you've already been asked

hhhhh for u anon..

also they have an entire tag dedicated to ships, they get asks calling them “mimi-ah” 🙄 and they spread misinformation and its not even like theyre unaware, they have seen all the things theyve been called out on bc whenever someone talks about all this instead of apologizing, they delete their posts, ignore and block. and im pretty sure they’ve sent anon hate. lol. 

okay hear me out; Derek and Stiles are mates. While we don’t really care about the details or what it really means exactly we can agree there’s some strong emotional bond and/or soul connection going on.

With that in mind, imagine if Derek would have been affected as well, when the nogitsune possessed Stiles. The Nogitsune finding their connection in Stiles’s soul and exploiting it.

Derek slowly but steadily turning feral the more the nogitsune takes control of Stiles until both of them are entirely under the demon’s control.

Idk why but this has been stuck in my head for a little while now.

Harry has a lot of pictures he’d like to have on the walls of his home, but since Fleur had painted the walls of the London flat Harry and Ron were now sharing, she had expressly forbidden Harry to put anything on them that eesn’t een a proper frame!

He ends up buying a lot of frames. The little living room with the weird restored-Grimmauld Place furniture gets nearly covered in photographs, moving and still. 

There are a few of Colin’s photos from the war: one of Ginny, sitting solemnly on a pile of rubble on the stairs up to the Gryffindor Common Room, looking bitter and and alone and strong and alive; one of the original Dumbledore’s Army, taken after the meeting when most of the students had produced their first corporeal Patronuses, and one Colin had captured of Harry, Ron and Hermione following Neville out of the portrait hole and into the Room of Requirement, the room shimmering with applause. Neville had given him copies of Colin’s whole collection, but most of them make him too sad. He keeps them in a box, though, and looks at them in the right mood. The best in the collection, displayed in a place of honor above an ugly Gryffindor lamp from Bill, shows Fred and George soaring out of Hogwarts on broomsticks, fireworks in their wake. 

Some official Hogwarts photographs join these on the walls - Ron’s first year on the Quiddich team, looking uncomfortable in his Keeper kit but making intense eye contact with the photographer, Harry as Captain with his exalted team after their first win, one of Hagrid going about his official duties with Fang on his heels that captures the very essence of everything Harry had loved about his first real home. Official, too, is a photo with the four boys Harry had shared a dormitory with - the five of them lined up by height against the Common Room staircase and smiling. 

The pictures of his parents and Sirius and Lupin that he’d received from Hagrid so many years ago find a home on the walls, along with one of Harry as a baby in Godric’s Hollow, a parent lying on either side of him, all three of them asleep in the grass and breathing in time. The one of the Marauders with their arms around each other, seemingly unaware of the passage of time, is one he often points out to Teddy when the baby visits. Speaking of Teddy - the newest photos are loads of pictures of him - in every Metaphoragus form imaginable. 

In contrast, there’s an unmoving picture of Hermione at five years old, blowing out birthday candles. Ron had found it in an old book and stuck it up next to the doorframe with a dopey smile on his face. Another still one snapped by Hermione with a polaroid camera swiped from Lavender Brown shows Dobby in the Hogwarts kitchens with at least fifteen knitted hats on his head. 

One of Harry’s favorite pictures is of Sirius laughing at Grimmauld Place, his arm around Harry, laughing too. Tonks had taken it, he remembers, and he rather likes it, even though it makes him feel sick with what might have been, some days. It’s one of the loose ones, in a frame next to a shot of Ron and Ginny and Fred and George before Bill’s wedding, all in dress robes except for Ginny in her bridesmaid’s dress; and a chocolate frog card with a charm on it to make Dumbledore stay in the frame, twinkling.

Various newspaper clippings from the years are pasted into the black frames less neatly - the Weasleys as a whole group, waving, from their trip to Egypt before third year, Harry and the other Champions and their dates to the Yule Ball - Cedric and Cho beaming like nothing’s going to happen to them, Moody’s obituary - the last honest thing the Prophet had printed for a whole year. 

Over the fireplace hangs a large, weird, abstract painted for them by Luna Lovegood. Harry doesn’t understand what the yellows and oranges in are supposed to mean, but she comes around often enough that he leaves it up just in case. 

He has the faces of everyone he loves so close to him - and that, more than the quiet - makes it feel like home. 

Things I want to see in future Steven Universe episodes
  • Steven learning to heal corrupted and forced-fused gems
  • Jasper being cured of her corruption! Jasper redemption!!
  • Redemption for all the Rubies too whERE ARE MY RUBIES
  • While we’re at it where’s my BISMUTH redemption??????
  • Topaz + Topaz coming to earth to be free as a fusion!! 
  • Liberating all the Amethysts/Jaspers/Carnelian from their posts at the zoo and bringing them to earth
  • and the humans too I guess w/e
  • More Amethyst family schenanigans!!! 
  • Steven fusing with Garnet or Pearl!
  • More Stevonnie I will never have enough Stevonnie in my life thank u
  • More of the Off-colors oh my GOD????
  • Rescuing the Off-colors and bringing Lars home!! 
  • The Off-Colors coming to earth!!!! The Off-colors joining the crystal gems!!
  • Garnet meeting Rhodonite! Garnet meeting the Topaz fusion!!! Garnet and Rhodonite and the Topaz’s bonding over being fusions!! FUSION JOKES
  • Did I mention bringing Lars home?/?? 
  • Lars being reunited with Sadie!!???!?!!!!!! 
  • More of Lars being a badass and helping out the crystal gems!!!! He and Sadie learning to fight together!!!!!! Becoming crystal-gem helpers like Connie!!!!!!!!
  • LARS!!!!
  • Steven collecting all the misfit gems from every corner of the universe and making them into an army and then round-house kicking yellow diamond into the sun
  • please

Feel free to add anything I missed I think I need to lay down now

I freakin hate cheating and hate that a lot of tv shows have storylines like that for drama when they can do literally anything else. But how often do we get a show with a Muslim lesbian and a black queer girl? Together? Can you let people enjoy things? Some people finally feel represented and seen because of these characters and this relationship. It’s important and I’m going to continue to support them. It’s not perfect but I still love it.

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i know this is silly (feel free to ignore), but when dean said "bullets, bacon, and booze" and ate a ton of bacon for breakfast in 13x05, it reminded me of this post from a year and a half ago: [/post/144390811482/f-ckyeahfutbol-destiel-is-cockles-fault]. could dean's consumption of bacon in advanced thanatology be significant? especially since he didn't include "babes" in his list of coping mechanisms and may have pretended to have had a wild night at a strip club, lol ;)

It’s not silly! The show takes it symbolic language very seriously (even when it’s silly :p). The absence of babes is not a coincidence, either - in 10x11, Dean says “sooner we get rid of this demonic tramp stamp, I am back on the booze, burgers… and more booze”. Many posts were written at the time about the fact that Dean was supposed to put a third thing in the list to make the expression work, instead he reiterated booze (in 13x05 he also adds a reiteration of booze too…). You’re supposed to notice the absence of something like boobs or babes, especially since the show then makes you think of boobs via the bra, and you’re like- wait, he didn’t mention boobs before.

What Dean actually do during the night is purposely ambiguous. He clearly didn’t have sex, because he obviously never got his clothes away and put them back. His clothes are too neat for someone that would have need to redress while being so drunk. The whip isn’t a real BDSM whip either, but something that looks like a prop for a stripper mimicking a BDSM setting. The bra… everyone familiar with bras know that you’ll never purposely lose a bra like that, it looks way too expensive to just lose it. A very drunk girl might have forgotten to take back the bra, but a stripper is a professional on her job, not a drunk girl having sex. Then where does the bra come from? You’re supposed to look at it and be like, wut? It’s also eye-catching and kinda visually jarring in the frame - Dean is also framed like a corpse (not only his pose similar to Cas’ on the beach, but the framing is similar to other moments like when he was lying on the table in 9x02 that foreshadowed his death at the end of the season) and the bra is positioned like something strangling/choking him. In addition to the fake whip, the line between sexual torture imagery and death is… thin. Him lying on the floor is foreshadowing of his actual semi-death later in the episode, anyway - we see him lying on a different floor, his spirit literally having left his empty body.

In fact, bras left lying around are never a good sign on the show. The last time there was lingerie scattered around, it was in Lucifer’s hotel room when he was posing as Vince Vincente, and it was revealed that what happened wasn’t an orgy, but a slaughter. And of course even when Dean actually has sex and enjoys it, it’s framed in strict connection to death, like at the beginning of 3x01 (there have been a lot of parallels between Dean’s current situation and his experience with going to hell). Generally, female lingerie is not symbolical of good things (the pink panties reference was smacked in the middle of an heart-wrenchingly angsty episode, duh). The whip also is reminiscent of the actual BDSM practicer he met not too long after hell, to which he had a half-fascinated half-disgusted reaction to because the situation was hitting too close to his recent experience with actual torture. (I mean, you can interpret his reaction as disgust to the idea of being dominated by a man sexually, but that makes no sense.)

But hey I left for a tangent lol. Basically yeah, nothing is random, bacon represents his connection with Mary after she came back but before season 12 bacon has represented… long pig meat, and not in a cannibalistic sense. Supernatural loves polysemy so I am pretty confident bacon is supposed to mean both Mary and… the opposite of clam diving, okay?

Reasons to love Agents of SHIELD
  • The women: Badass women who need no men to save them. They’re often the heroes, and have saved the lives of the men on the show more than once. They also have a strong friendship with each other. There is no rivalry or jealousy.  
  • Diversity: It’s not only racial diversity, but every character has a different background and personality.
  • The fandom: There’s not a lot of hate and toxic, people keep to their own tags (for the most part). There is a lot of great fan art, metas, manips, fanfiction, videos…ect. Also, it is a pretty big fandom, and there is more or less a community for each ship and character.
  • Every character has their own arc and storyline alongside the main storyline, and they change a lot over the seasons. Instead of their traumas being ignored, they’re dealt with, and they change the characters.
  • The cast is amazing? Honestly? Cast goals? 
  • A lot of surprises and twists and turns
  • Has references and ties to the Marvel movies
  • The show gets better by the seasons (and s4 is the best season so far)
  • The team is a family, and loves eachother

(feel free to add more)

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I feel like I send you too many prompts, pls feel free to ignore if you want :)) voltron fam, imagine Shiro was called for an operation in a hospital in another state so he was gone for like a week, when he came home he missed his husband's cooking so much he cried. Keith thinks he's totally overreacting, the kids think its adorable & posted a vid on keith's insta lmao. Comments were either "wow, hot AND he can cook! Tbh I'd cry too" or "the husband's hot too?? Wth thats unfair!" Lol

[The Voltron Family] The flight was long and too many people with their suitcases were walking around the airport but that didn’t stop Shiro from getting excited. He looked around at the people standing to wait at the arrival area and met the eyes of the one he loved the most. He walked quickly and the nearer he got, the bigger his smile became.

“Hello, my red bean,” Shiro greeted as he pulled Keith into an embrace. “Thank you for taking your time to pick me up.”

“I had no choice. I’m your husband,” Keith rolled his eyes fondly. He pulled away to kiss Shiro on the cheek only to be kissed on the lips. “Sneaky.”

“I’m your husband,” Shiro mocked, giving Keith another kiss.

“Alright, that’s enough,” Keith shook his head in disapprovingly, however, his grin told Shiro they would continue in private. They started walking and the younger man asked, “How was the flight?”

“Awful without you,” Shiro frowned, leaning in again for a kiss but was stopped immediately by Keith’s finger on his lips. “I was deprived of your kisses for a week! I need—”

“Takashi,” Keith warned. “People are looking.”

“I don’t care.”

“Well, I care because I’m hungry and I made lunch so we need to get home. I know you haven’t eaten anything either.”

Shiro wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. “I’d like to have my lunch now if you don’t mind.” Keith just stared at him, the kind that made Shiro rethink about his awful life choices especially on his attempt with sexual innuendos to his asexual husband. Shiro gulped, feeling a little awkward at the lack of response. “Uh, yeah. Lunch at home would be great. What did you cook, honey?” 

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You’re suddenly fine

I’ve realised being a teenager is a piece of work…

Having a crush on that kid

Stressing about school.

Not meeting deadlines

Having a crush on that other kid 

Stressing more about exams

Having a crush on that same kid

Somebody else likes that kid too, they’re prettier than you.

Insecurities grow

Exams come closer

Insecurities get bigger

then….you’re suddenly fine

You realise everything about life is great

Someone ruins it 

Parents don’t understand you

Nobody understands you

You feel moody and nobody can brighten that mood up

then…you’re suddenly fine

Wake me up when my teenage years are through.

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Hey, out of curiosity have you done a post about a stardust!sterek AU? I'm not sure if you seen the movie (i liked it, actually watching it right now lol) & anyways its kind of really romantic (imo) Thankyou, and love your work. :) Hope school/work/life is going well :)


No, I haven’t, unfortunately. I’ve only ever gotten to watch maybe half of the movie becasue I keep getting pulled away before I get the chance to watch the whole thing. But I’ll see what I can do…

(Please forgive my ignorance and while I have changed some things, feel free to correct anything that’s horribly wrong…)

Years ago, in the magical kingdom of Beacon Hills—a wondrous city surrounded by a stone wall with the only escape being the small gaps that filter out into the nearby villages—a young man by the name of Robert Hale sneaks through the guarded gap and meets with a young, enslaved princess, Talia. She offers him a glass snowdrop in exchange for a kiss which is soon followed by an invitation into her quarters. Months later, the guards confront Robert on his small farm house and hand him a child, telling him that the boy is his son, Derek.

Years later, the dying king is left without a successor to the throne—his daughter, Talia, captured and his son Peter unfit to take the throne of Beacon Hills—and so, he throws a ruby into the sky, decreeing that whoever recovers it shall be his successor. The gem hits a star and they fall together.

Men across the land set out to find the fallen star.

Derek Hale, a young farm boy who’s fetching fire wood, spies the falling star. A thought strikes him and he considers catching the falling star to give to the young princess, Cora. 

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

He chases it and finds it personified as a gorgeous young man who calls himself Stiles.

Originally posted by fandoms-broke-my-life

Derek quickly shackles Stiles and begins to take him to Beacon Hills, to Cora.

However, it’s not that simple; their adventure is full of dangers and struggles, including the witch sisters: Katherine, Jennifer and Braeden, who seek to destroy Derek and eat the heart of the fallen star in order to recover their youth and replenish their power. Katherine conjours up the illusion of an inn, a trap.

Along their journey, Stiles grows tired, not used to a mortal body. Derek leaves him shackled in place and promises to return with food. When he leaves, Stiles is lured towards the inn. Derek returns to find Stiles gone and races to find him, to save him.

They go along the way, facing many threats and fighting them off. And along the journey, Derek finds himself falling in love with Stiles, his feelings growing until they spend the night with one another. 

Originally posted by jashuehdz

In the morning, he leaves Stiles sleeping in the inn, takes a lock of his hair and goes to see Cora, to tell her he cannot bring her the fallen star because he has fallen in love with Stiles.

Meanwhile, Peter (as Septimus) seeks to capture the ruby necklace that Stiles wears in order to take the throne, when he realises that the heart of a fallen star can grant immortality.

Originally posted by stallingdemons

Derek, while talking to Cora, realises that the lock of hair in his hand has turned to dust; Stiles cannot cross the wall. His heart is full of dread and he realises he has left Stiles in danger. He leaves, racing back to Stiles to save him.

But he’s too late; Stiles wakes and finds Derek missing. Confused and alone, Stiles begins to walk towards the wall, thinking Derek has abandoned him for Cora.

Derek’s mother, Talia, notices Stiles and breaks free of her captivity to run to his rescue, catching the attention of the local farm man, Robert. The witches arrive and capture Talia and Stiles.

Derek, Robert and Peter run to their rescue, fighting off the witches. 

Originally posted by theoraeken

They defeat two of them but the final witch uses a voodoo doll to kill Peter and use his corpse to fight Derek. Robert is knocked aside and Derek struggles to fight Peter. All hope is lost when Stiles breaks free and runs to Derek’s side, throwing himself over Derek and shining so brilliantly that Katherine is reduced to ash in the blinding starlight.

When everything’s quiet, Stiles sits back and unfastens the ruby necklace, giving it to Derek. The jewel glows, naming Derek as the last male heir and the successor to the throne of Beacon Hills. But Derek doesn’t want that; he doesn’t want a life inside the walls where he can’t be with Stiles.

Originally posted by adoring-fictional-characters

He surrenders the throne to his mother and his sister, Cora, and leaves with Stiles.

The legends say they ascend to the heavens, where Derek became a star and the pair live forever in the sky.

(I’m so glad you like my stuff and I really hope you like this. Thank you! I hope things are going well on your end too, darling.)


I finally made some successful butter slime!! (I think lol) it feels lighter and more rubbery than I expected, but it’s still super soft and fun to mess with! I took two videos: this one, and one spreading it with a knife! (When I post the other one I’ll link it here ^^)

(Feel free to delete the caption for aesthetics)

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Did I understand correctly? You'll take historical prompts? Oh! If so, then the shoe one, definitely, the shoe one and if it's prompted already than the bonnet in the tree ;) I hope I'm not too late. If I misunderstood - ignore me XD

Thanks! Hope you like it! I feel like in a way this is very similar to the first prompt I did from this list, but eh, this is what came to mind. And btw this one I’d say is a Regency setting. And I’d also like to think of this as “How The Watson Wedding Should Have Gone.” Even in the modern setting lol! ;D

Taken from- https://writingwife-83.tumblr.com/post/162989401123/historical-story-prompts (prompts closed)

He was almost at the doorway, almost free of the hustle and bustle and music and laughter. But he didn’t quite make it that far.

Sherlock startled and turned at the unexpected impact on his back. He bent and picked up the dainty yellow slipper just as Miss Hooper was approaching with rosy cheeks.

“Something seems to have gotten away from you,” Sherlock said with a smirk, holding out the shoe.

“Goodness, how very silly of me!” she said with a soft laugh as she accepted it from his hand. “Forgive me, Mr. Holmes, I cannot claim to be the most graceful of dancers. It is such a lovely wedding though, is it not?”

Molly paused and he could tell that she was trying to choose her words carefully. “And you, Mr. Holmes? I cannot recall seeing you on the dance floor yet this evening.”

Sherlock pursed his lips, glancing around the ballroom briefly before looking back at her.

“I believe that my work here is done,” he stated with a little nod. “Watson and the former Miss Morstan have been married and the party is a success. It seems the proper time to return home.”

“Really?” Molly questioned with a little tilt of her head. “But the party has only just begun. And I cannot imagine that Dr. and Mrs. Watson would want you to leave so very soon!”

“They are hardly interested in being with other people at the moment, Miss Hooper,” Sherlock said with a little chuckle. “Surely they too would be pleased to retire early!”

Molly blushed and smiled. “Perhaps so, and I wish them, er…joy…but as I said, the dancing has only just begun! A-and there are many young ladies,” she said with a gesture around the room, “who could certainly do with a dancing partner. Especially one who is so…so very skilled.”

Sherlock smiled a little as his eyes swept her face. He saw what she was doing, and though he would be hesitant to admit it aloud…he was touched. More than just touched actually. He may have labeled himself a confirmed bachelor long ago, but he no longer cared to lie to himself and pretend that Miss Molly Hooper’s big brown eyes and shy smile didn’t effect him in unusual and especially pleasant ways. She’d had quite a bit of attention of late from another young man, so he’d thought to be more cautious of his friendly attention. But perhaps this was no longer the time for caution.

He took a step closer and dropped his voice a bit. “Miss Hooper, if I stay, it will not be for many young ladies. It will be for only one.”

Her eyes sparkled from the candlelight as she stared up at him. “Then stay for the one.”

Sherlock grinned at her and extended his hand, officially abandoning his plan to leave and deciding that an evening of dancing, particularly with Miss Hooper, was just what he needed.

“By the way, Miss Hooper,” he commented casually as they strolled away from the door, “it is curious that your shoe should have flown off like that.”

“Oh?” She glanced at him sideways.

“Mm. You see, it is uncommon that a shoe would fly halfway across a room during one of the most subdued dances.” He looked down at her to see her lips twisted to contain a smile of embarrassment.

“I um…I may have lifted my foot a bit high,” she attempted with a little giggle.

Sherlock looked at her more seriously then, grateful for the woman who always seemed to know what he needed.

“Thank you, Miss Hooper.”

Molly smiled softly, causing that familiar warmth to spread through his chest.

“My pleasure, Mr. Holmes.”


Hi! I’m Josie!
I’m a Gryffindor.
I collect snowglobes.
I have an irrational fear of gorillas.
I love lemon and lime flavored candies!
The Silence of the Lambs is my favorite movie.
Spring Awakening is my favorite musical.
When I was little I either wanted to be a vet or a wedding singer.
I auditioned to be on The Glee Project 2.
If I was a stripper my stage name would be Stretchmarks.
Enders Game is my all time favorite book.
My spirit animal is a raccoon!
I own one pair of pants and they are to work out in.
I only wear dresses and the occasional skirt.
Happy Munday! 


astrid 2.0 : a shit vampire that lives for the tumblr aesthetic and fell over in a mac store

lovely & gorgeous @winelatte tagged me to post a selfie (ty althea <333) and it’s rly impeccable timing bc i had a femme day yesterday n actually put makeup on for the first time ever lol ??? and after i did some watercoloring ! so here !!! 

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omg saw your prompt post so i started looking at the prompt list and feel free to ignore this but i can't help myself, imagine "do it. I dare you" with jake/ezekiel's first kiss lol that's so in character i might cry

Originally posted by ezekiels

“Do it. I dare you.” + Jazekiel

“There is no chance on any planet that I’m doing that,” Stone argued as they toppled through the back door into the annex. Cassandra groaned, shaking her head, as they came around the table.

“You aren’t doing it for you, Jake! You’re doing it for Baird and Flynn!” she exclaimed, containing the panic they were all feeling.

               Because who wasn’t going to panic when not only were Baird and Flynn missing, but they were taken by a rogue cupid (who knew that was a thing!?), and they weren’t going to be released unless Stone…

“We’ll find another way! I ain’t kissing anyone for it, especially not Jones!” he answered, throwing his hands in Ezekiel’s direction, as the thief huffed, and put his hand up.

“’ey! Don’t I get a say in this? I mean, I don’t want you to do that either, but to save them, I’d kiss a wombat, alright?” Jones replied, staring over at Jake like he was being absurd. Jake turned, brow furrowed, not so much angry, but definitely looking like it pained him to even consider. Cassandra huffed, pointing at Jones.

“Sometimes you have to take one for the team, Jake! Ezekiel is willing to do it!” she pointed out, as Stone laughed – dry, frown on his lips – and shook his head.

“I don’t care if Ezekiel is willing to not steal for twenty-four hours, it’s not happenin’,” he insisted, and Jones squawked, hands thumping on the table.

“C’mon, Cowboy. Don’t be afraid, ya don’t have to like it,” he replied, lips ticking up like this was the funniest thing ever.

“Shut it, Jones.”

“Come on, Stone,” Cassandra huffed.

“No!” he snapped.

“Jake.” He turned, ready to argue with Jones, but stopped at the cocky smirk on the thief’s lips. “Do it. I dare you.”

               It was so juvenile, Cassandra groaned, and rolled her eyes, ready to argue that it wasn’t going to work. Why should that work? Everyone in that room was a somewhat grown, debatably mature person, “I dare you” shouldn’t work for anything, and she was all ready to point that out.

               Until she turned back towards them to see Jake storming around the table, hands grabbing onto Jake’s face like he needed that extra two seconds to psych himself up. She dropped her jaw, startled, at the whole scene. Jake’s tongue slipping out to wet his lips, before he ducked in, both of them sucking in a last second breath before he sealed his lips over Jones’.

               It took less than a couple of seconds for it to really hit Jones, for him to put his hands over Jake’s sides, and kiss him back , opening up to him almost immediately, pulling a surprised groan from Jake’s throat, and suddenly, Cassandra didn’t know what to do, so she turned, eyes wide, letting them have a moment.

               When the back door flew open, and Flynn and Eve came through, that was what pulled both boys away from each other, and Cassandra twirled back around, grinning.

“Don’t know what you did, but whatever it was, good job, that cupid is insane,” Flynn remarked, shaking his head as he and Eve moved right through the annex and to the library. As soon as they were gone, Cassandra bounced, clapping.

“It is about time! You two have been staring at each other so much, I was just waiting for it! Squee!” she squealed, bouncing by them as she followed Flynn and Eve. Jake and Ezekiel looked at each other, startled, stumped, not knowing what to say. But Jones shrugged a little, and bumped his shoulder against Jake’s, nodding towards the door.

“…shall we, Cowboy?” he asked, as Jake smirked, glancing towards the door.

“…yeah…c’mon, Jones,” Stone replied, and if they walked out of the room a lot closer than normal, well, neither of them was complaining.

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i know you've only written a few but i love your headcanons so far! i even bookmarked your blog so i can stalk it lol. so my request is... how would the rfa+ v and saeran react to a mc who is a professional volleyball player? i always found it kinda funny that you can only say that you're a student or office worker in the game, so i'm curious about how they'd react! if you can't think of anything for the request or just don't wanna write it feel free to ignore this though haha!

i don’t post as often as i should but thank you! and you’re totally right, the choice options are kinda wonky so it’s nice to explore outside of them.  hope you like it !!


  • okay so obviously this boy isn’t the sporty type
  • he’d rather stay at home binging LOLOL all day than do anything active
  • so when he hears what you do he’s just like “oh… cool?”
  • don’t get him wrong ! he’s so supportive of you.  before the party he complains about not being able to go to one of your games
  • but after that he goes to every single one
  • he almost died the first time he saw you in action
  • those shorts had to be illegal, YOUR ASS WAS HANGING OUT not that he minded but he glared at anyone that stared too hard
  • the game was hardly over before he was out on the field and picking you up in his arms (or at least attempting to, poor smol boy)


  • yeah he is a very muscular guy, always working out and riding motorcycles and stuff
  • but he’s not really the “sporty” type if that makes sense ??
  • he doesn’t quite understand the mechanics of volleyball BUT he still is very supportive
  • it’s not uncommon for him to cheer at the wrong moment bc of this
  • sometimes he thinks your team got a point but it really went to the other team lmao his face gets so red but he just sits up straighter and tries to keep his dignity
  • “just shake it off babe” type of guy
  • will most definitely treat you to dinner afterwards ((or you can just go home with him, your choice ;)  ))


  • bless this poor girl, she hardly gets to see your games
  • jumin has her working so much that she barely has time to breathe
  • but every time she goes she makes sure she cheers you on, even tho she’s not really the loud type
  • she’s as enthusiastic abt your games as she is abt zen’s musical (which is saying a lot)
  • listen i know some people portray jaehee as the “jealous type” but lbr… she has full trust in you
  • it makes her a little uncomfortable if someone touches you a little too low but she never gets jealous
  • the two of you get some takeout after the game and just cuddle at home
  • until she has to work ofc


  • god damn this man is EXTRA
  • he just swaggers in there with his suit on, bodyguards and Mr. Kim with him
  • the bodyguards are there to intimidate anyone who stares too hard at you, although he does it pretty well himself
  • ”jumin it’s not a big deal, it happens all the time”
  • ”WHAT”
  • smh you shouldn’t have said that.  now he wants to know the names of EVERYONE who’s ever knocked you down in game, accident or not
  • *mc drags jumin home before anything else happens*


  • okay so seven is definitely the worst out of all the them
  • y’all seen that video of a father at graduation and he falls over the railings cheering for his daughter?
  • that’s pretty much him tbh
  • he ends up dumping glitter on everyone in the vicinity
  • and pours a gatorade on himself
  • he screams until his throat is raw
  • he’s even got a fucking t shirt with your face on the front (and your ass on the back of it dskfjakl;f)
  • literally everyone hates him, they try to stay far away from him during the games
  • you’re kinda embarrassed but you know he just really loves you so you accept it lmfao


  • he’s very chill about the whole thing
  • since he can’t see very well he doesn’t really react
  • he just sits there, clapping and yelling your name every now and then
  • he never knows what’s happening and sometimes claps at the wrong moment
  • it’s awkward but you just kiss him on the cheek during one of the breaks
  • you almost always celebrate a game with your team but you and v go out to a nice dinner afterward when your team loses


  • this boy is ready to fight anyone and everyone on the opposite team and their significant others too
  • he’s been kicked out of a game before for fighting a guy who was making rude remarks to you
  • he’s also not the loud type but don’t mistake it as him being non-supportive
  • he just shows it in other ways
  • like insulting the opposite team and distracting them so they stumble and miss the ball
  • ”kick their ass baby!” is how he starts out every. game.
  • he ends it by spinning you around and kissing you briefly

Okay guys, as promised here is all of my stuff that I’ve gotten at AnimeNext from 2016 and 2017!!  (I didn’t want to make two separate posts for each year bc that would be stupid lol) But feel free to click on the pictures for better quality!  I think this is everything!  It’s such a fun convention, tons of stuff!  Can’t wait to go back next year!! (YES, THE SECOND PICTURE AT THE TOP IS A HANDMADE HAPPY HAT.  SO CUTE!)

I added the Frosch keychain last minute, pls ignore its size and my hand lol

ALSO IGNORE my lights going across the nalu scroll lol