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Here’s a little update schedule, in which the order these fics are listed is the order I hope to update except I am more often than not a piece of trash who gets a new idea every .2 seconds in which this will be updated. This list in itself is a work in progress and is probably going to be ever changing!! Titles are also subject to change, since it can evolve as the story grows. 

+ find our way | jimin
↳ fluff/angst; skater boy au 

For every hundred reasons for him to leave, there’ll always be that one reason for him to stay: you

+ pixie dust | jimin 
↳ fluff; peter pan au 

He tells you to close your eyes, have a little faith, to trust in him; and for the first time in your life, you do so.

+ light the sky | jimin
↳ smut/fluff; elementary school teacher + single parent au 

You were entirely too eager to push your only one-night-stand out of your mind, but it seemed as if the universe had other plans for you. Especially when you attend your child’s parent/teacher conference the next day.

+ hold me tight pt 3 | taehyung 
angst/fluff, hwarang/royalty/soulmate au

Kim Taehyung is expected to spend the rest of his life within the company of nobility after joining the ranks of the kingdom’s newest royal guard. He anticipates a lot of new experiences, new people… but the spark of a touch more powerful than anything before in his life is definitely not one of them - from the shadows of maids and housekeepers nonetheless.

+ see my eyes | taehyung
↳ fluff/smut/light angst; idol/fan au 

Maybe landing the lead role for that drama was a good thing for Kim Taehyung, especially if you were willing to offer some assistance in helping him prepare for his part. 


+ friends with benefits/harry potter au | kim taehyung 

+ bad boy/harry potter au | jeon jungkook

colettel04  asked:

So is Father's day an ignored holiday at the mansion or do all the grunts treat Guzma like their 'dad' and shower him with gifts and he in return he tries to be better than his dad by doing everything he never did for him?

There’s no Father’s Day in Japan, and obvs Alola isn’t Japan, but it’s not America either? So there might not be a Father’s Day at all? Really depends on your own headcanons there.

Personally I don’t think Guzma would want to be identified as a father figure. We’ve already seen that he’s kinda uncomfortable calling the team a “family.”

Today myself and a few of my friends got banned from the Mchanzone, the Mchanzo discord. This was done without warning and completely out of the blue. Some of us still have no idea why we were banned.

Now if you follow me and my fics, you’ll know that I don’t really participate in the McHanzone other than posting my fic and occasionally talking about other fic. I have been informed that the admins did not like people only coming into the server to promote their fic and not participating otherwise.

I have done nothing to provoke being banned, I did not get the three warnings that is stated that people will get before being banned. I was just suddenly kicked out of the server. Let’s go back to not wanting people to promote their fic. Why? It’s a server for people that enjoy Mchanzo and contribute to the fandom. But apparently I was not contributing the accurate way?

If I had not been banned, along with a few good friends of mine, I would have done nothing. I would have remained silent, posted my fic, talked to people about it and moved on. But I have been banned and so have others, writers and contributors that I am sure many of you recognize. I won’t name them but they can reblog this if they wish to.

I have had my issues with the server but I haven’t actually done anything in the server to the mods or admins to provoke this action. In fact, I have been silent.

I make this post because I no longer know what is happening in the Mchanzone, I don’t know if they’ve addressed it or not. But I wanted to address so you know where your writers have gone. So you get both sides of the story. I will continue posting fic like usual but it won’t be in the feeds anymore. I won’t be able to communicate with people in the server anymore, and neither will some other creators I am sure you enjoyed talking to.

Real Talk: A Ticklee Confession

I know I’m always in denial.
I know I dodge “where are you ticklish” questions with the quickness of lightning.
I know, I know. Y'all can give me shit later for my hypocrisy. But listen…

Am I the only one who takes “you’re so ticklish” as a compliment?? It’s just so cute to be told 😭
Like, okay, in real life when someone points out my level of ticklishness, my words might be nothing but denial, but it just makes me all smiley and gushy for the rest of the night 😂

I’m not alone on this am I??

random headcanon time

boi ive been thinkin about this shit for the past couple days 

So, like, what if the Red lion was a total fact nerd? Everybody knows that one person who always knows some weird factoid that makes you go “huh, cool,” right?

Red is that person.

Keith thought it was interesting and neat at first when a random fact popped into his head. At first.

brown eyes are blue underneath”

“Altea had ants that breathed fire”

“A bolt of lightning is six times hotter than the sun“ 

“Cat kidneys are so efficient they can rehydrate by drinking seawater” 

“theres a planet name Zve that has two-headed humanoid beings”

But its like, constant. And eventually keith starts getting annoyed “beCAUSE JFC RED IM TRYING TO PEE I DONT NEED TO KNOW LEMONS ARE MORE ACIDIC THAN VINEGAR”

And the others just kinda laugh when Keith storms down the halls towards his hangar to apprehend his nerd of a lion. Lance thinks it the the best thing since sliced bread.

So, everyone is fully aware of this, and teases Keith about it. Sometimes asking for a random fact to just grate on his nerves.

He drags them into his hell.

Whenever Red is particularly enthusiastic about delivering these wonderful bursts of info, the angry child will recite them aloud as he receives them to whoever is closest.  

Hey, Lance. Did you know you can start a fire with ice?”

“Pidge, shrimp can only swim backwards”

“Fish can drown” “Keith plz” “Fish can drown, Hunk”

It gets even worse when hes angry or happy. The others have tried apologizing to get him to stop. 

But its too late.

And they have no idea that sometimes he pulls things out of his ass when Red is silent for once.

pelicans can’t look up”

“theres a planet ten galaxies over named HellFire- no Lance I already asked Allura we cant go there”

Red is very proud.

Why I Like Minizerk
  • 1. Josh wanted Simon to join 11 Years Gang because it felt like he's known him as long as Tobi
  • 2. Simon and Josh have been practically forced together lately and they enjoy it (look how happy they are)
  • 3. Simon pays Josh in Dr. Pepper for helping him film...
  • 4. ... and Josh is his first go-to for help
  • 5. Josh seems a lot more confident, smiles more and cracks more jokes when around Simon
  • 6. Simon calls Josh 'baby', 'boo' and 'bae', the first two getting no negative reaction from Josh...
  • 7. ... and Josh called Simon 'princess'
  • 8. Holding hands/arms twice in one video to support each other
  • 9. They love recording with each other...
  • 10. ... evidence of this being them having two separate series dedicated around only them
  • 11. They smile or giggle when they make each other laugh or see the other happy
  • 12. Simon once called Josh after he passed out because he got drunk and then Josh took him home
  • 13. "MY Josh"
  • 14. They share sleeping schedules...
  • 15. ... and when they livestream, they usually livestream with each other (maybe with Tobi etc)
  • 16. 'Me and you are gonna be good friends, Simon! =)'
  • 17. They celebrated together by eating alone (and opposite one another) when Simon hit 4 million subs
  • 18. Sharing small touches of reassurance and support every so often, eg a hand on the shoulder, tap on the back
  • 19. Challenging each other to post every day on Instagram for 28 days
  • 20. The way Josh looks at Simon
  • 21. "Josh just said it was romantic and tried to hold my hand"
  • 22. Josh being added to Emon to form Emosh
  • 23. Josh holding Simon's hand for too long when they shake hands
  • 24. The entirety of the 'Not My Arms Challenge' video
  • 25. Every IRL challenge they do together
  • 26. Josh basically resting his head on Simon's shoulder in 'A Mouse, A Magician and An Idiot'...
  • 27. ... and Simon resting his head on Josh's shoulder in JJ's 'GUESS WHO' video
  • 28. Wearing matching shirts in videos
  • 29. Taking selfies together on Instagram and Snapchat
  • 30. Simon said he would call Josh if his computer broke so he could fix it
  • 31. Every single UFC or WWE fighting match
  • 32. Singing "Minizerk, Minizerk, does whatever a Minizerk does" in Simon's 'Would You Rather' video
  • 33. "We also recorded a porn video?" ... "If you want..."
  • 34. Generally just acting like an old married couple

Can you imagine how weird tumblr is for people that are not 15-20 anymore? For people who are 28 - 35? It’s a completely different setting for us than it is for you.

Your school experiences, your favorite shows, your treasured childhood memories… they are all obscure to us. Yes, we remember these things, but they are not what shaped us into who we are today. We grew up with The Smurfs, He-Man, no smartphones and no way of communicating with people all over the world like you did. Nowadays, children at the age of 5 have tablets already, are able to play games and enjoy a technology that was only wishful thinking for us back then. For us, MTV was an actual music channel, for Christ’s sake - and we were thankful for it!

We are not baby boomers, but we are also not quite millenials. We are somewhere in between, with most of the things that are everywhere now just popping up while we were 12-16 and it’s still strange to us. We grew up playing outside, but also with the comfort of the NES or SNES in our homes. We lived half our childhood the “baby boomer way” and half of it the “millenial way” and it made us who we are now.

When I was 12 I got my first computer with an internet connection. To me, it was the most surreal and crazy thing to have a friend in Japan which whom I exchanged letters with. Nowadays? It’s completely normal to have friends from all over the world! The world changed so much in such a short amount of time that for us, the ones that didn’t grow up the way teenagers nowadays do, it sometimes still feels like we have stumbled into a science fiction novel/movie.

We were not blessed with WiFi or Netflix or Instagram - we appreciated every new thing we discovered and for us, it was simply amazing! It’s weird and crazy, but we absolutely love it. Because we are capable of understanding the internet, but are not too naive to get in danger. We are the ones who were slowly introduced to this technology, who learned to use it when it was still flawed and shitty. And we truly, truly love it. I wouldn’t want it any other way, to be honest. Because I can appreciate the internet as much as I appreciate a day offline, just for myself. We have no name - of which I know - but we are here and we’re rocking it, thank you!

I had and have many high hopes about the reveal. And some of them might even be coming true.

But the biggest wish I have is probably also the one that is not coming true, because Emmerdale seems to deny that it’s an issue, and that is the consent issue. 

My big wish was/is for Aaron to figure it out that it was not okay what happened, after Robert told him, and that he will be the one confronting Rebecca about it.

And I thought maybe Maxine would even write it, but now I don’t think it will happen, because of how Emily talked about it, and she seemed to just say what Iain fed her. Sigh, sigh.