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i am a FULL SUPPORTER of slutty halloween costumes! if u want to show off ur boobs, fucking SHOW THEM OFF!!!! don’t let some LAME jealous girls put you down for it, if u like a costume, HELL YEAH you WEAR THAT COSTUME!!! and if i hear you slut shaming anyone, i will tear your FUCKING vocal cords out of your THROAT got it?? happy halloween everyone :)

Just out of curiosity, how many people in the 100 fandom are on tumblr

the Seattle four weren’t the only bands to come out of Seattle in the 80’s and 90’s! Acknowledge Mudhoney! Acknowledge Tad! Acknowledge Mother Love Bone! Acknowledge the Melvins! Acknowledge the bands that created this scene that weren’t able to be sold to the public very well, the bands that didn’t sound pretty and didn’t fucking want to! Stop ignoring vital parts of this scene! Stop ignoring the people that were literally at the front of this music scene making it happen! Without some of those bands that whole scene wouldn’t have even gone anywhere! Give them credit!

Do you know what I love about the Sherlolly fandom? We don’t waste time trying to prove why our ship is better than others, or that our ship is going to become canon. Most of the posts I’ve seen are pretty realistic about the likelihood of Sherlock and Molly actually getting together in the show. Instead, we spend our time creating wonderful fanart, writing fanfictions, and coming up with cute headcanons, and I just really love all of you.

Sorry I’m feeling emotional about Sherlolly today and couldn’t help myself.


I was tagged by bowlegdean (who, by the way, is one of the cutest people I’ve ever seen) to do the 20 beautiful people tag!  Here, have some ridiculous selfies of me! 

You are literally all beautiful (it amazes me daily), but I am tagging: castieladrift, mishasmacarenas, hellsqveen, princesscascxtstiel, starfiredean, deans-colettecutecockles, tabbycas, carelesscasbcttomdean, ignitedestiel, enchantedeancockslutcollins, legallydean, stripperackles, castiels-grxce, and ALL THE PUNKS (punksam, punkscaspunksdean).

I just wanted to film me throwing my monoeye at Pit, but i threw it too hard. Also i’m deeply sorry for swearing so much, but i can’t help but do it when i’m alone and nobody can hear it.