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( snoop dogg voice ) greetings, loved ones… im joke haha hey guys !! it’s fifi here with a third muse woohoo ( i play both jaehyunrk and nahyunrk ) !! say hello to rowoon from sf9 aka one of the Loves of my life. the masterlist is always a journey™ to get through tbh kjsfjkds HAHA i’m rly excited to bring this baby here he’s a band hoe ( loves nell, peppertones, etc ) and thinks that idols are the bane of the music industry ooo: !!! i’ll reply to all those ims and messages soon !! i always love the hospitality that comes with rk cries <33 but yea !! feel free to like this post and i’ll jump straight into ur ims so we can plot or feel free to follow me on twitter ( @aoapinks ) since im pretty active there !! underneath the cut is just some info on rowoon and basics on his life

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I haven’t checked my inbox on tumblr for I’d say close to a year because I know if I even attempt to go in there it’s gonna be filled with nasty shit, anon hate, etc. like I’ve come to terms with the fact that tumblr has completely and utterly devolved into a garbage community hate site where 17 year olds get kicks from sending people horrendous and triggering messages which is why I don’t interact with anyone on here anymore. If you wanna interact with me/miss me and my presence at all feel free to follow me on twitter @kennybuffett where I scream about the mcelroys and all of my other specific special interests

If we’re mutuals, feel free to ask for my snapchat, instagram, twitter, etc. and then let me know what yours is so I can follow you back!!!! 😁😁😁