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Finally got over 250 followers here after who knows how long.  Thank you all for your support, funny tags, replies, follows, likes, reblogs, etc.  I post random junk mainly to amuse myself and my friends and family, but I’m extremely grateful for you all who like my stuff enough to follow me, a complete unknown artist.  I apologize that I haven’t posted stuff that drew to my tumblr in the first place, but thank you for sticking around. <3

I’m also very grateful for the friends I made here and else where online, and I’m always looking forward to meeting new people.  Feel free to drop a line here, Twitter, or anywhere that I’m active.  I promise I won’t bite.  ;)

No special shout outs because you guys are all awesome.  <3

Don’t know anyone wants my art junk, but I’ll do a lucky draw or something if this tumblr gets 300 followers. (which probably will take another few years to get there)

Idolm@ster Fortnight

Announcing the first Idolm@ster Fortnight! The goal of the fortnight is to encourage people to create and share imas fan content. Starting in one week, on July 28, and ending on August 11, challenge yourself to make some Idolm@ster-themed art, music, comics, fan fiction, etc. Make your power as a producer known (even if you don’t think you’re very good) and tag your stuff so other P’s can see it. I’ll be around sharing stuff I see on @imas-fortnight and following #imas fortnight. It’s not too early to start thinking about what you want to do!

Feel free to send me any questions you have and if you can, share this post with your friends (and family? I guess?)

Open Commission

Hello Everyone ~

Thank you for Supporting me and follow my art until now. Without your help i cant improve my art , so yeah . If u wanted to help me ,  At this point i accepting any commissions for my Daily Life too (T^T) …. thanks for read this. (sorry 4 my bad grammar ugh)

Before do a commission please read this rules ~

Rules :
1. Fast Respond needed (and u have 2 chance to fix on your commission during works)

2. Full payment after sketch is approved. I will finish it once payment has been accepted

3. 24 hours no reply , this form will be dismiss

2. Payment in Paypal or BCA

5. Once this commission finished , the commission will upload on my artblogs (DA , IG , and Tumblr). and the original file will send to your email. if u didnt wanted me to upload, u can tell me and put credit if u upload in your own blog/site  (plz dont claim this commission as your work + dont reprint for bussiness purpose) 

6. Canvas Sizes will be follow the canvas for Windows, Iphone, Android,Twitter,FB, tumblr wallpaper/banner size (the size depend on ur choice, just pick one of that size) 

Commision Form :
Email and Social media for PM:
Commission type: (Chibi/Bust Up/Waist Up/Full Body)
Character: (Please provide visual references, not accepting written description sorry =3
Background: White BG/ Simple BG / Gradient BG / Detailed BG (scenery , etc) / Aethestic Mode
Size canvas : Pc wallpaper / Iphone /Android/Fb(banner)/Twitter(banner)  
Payment via: Paypal/IDR BCA
Additional Notes: (prefered pose, etc)

for fast respond via Twitter (@debyshirogane) , Tumblr (@Shirodebbyartblog) , IG (Shirodebby) and DA

(please feel free to ask me if u have any questions , thanksss )        

Good and Bad News

Okay so, this morning there was some drama regarding a post I made a while back. Remember when I asked you guys to send in ships and I would tell you who topped, who cooked, who was more affectionate etc? well, someone has taken to twitter to call me disgusting and now Armies everywhere probably hate me. That’s the bad news. 

The good news is that I made a twitter in order to respectively message this person to ask them to take the tweet down. That means I have a twitter!

You can follow me @.wonhoful_react. I haven’t posted anything yet, and I haven’t even made up my profile, but if you’re interested in following me then feel free to do so. 

This drama that has arisen this morning has caused a few people to send me actually some horrible messages, for the sake of not wanted to share them on my blog, they have been deleted. I would like to take this opportunity to ask people not to send hateful messages unless they are constructive. I’m all about improving my writing and my blog but I don’t want to see messages such as ‘kill yourself’ or smth because it’s really not very nice for any of us. Seeing things like that have caused me to feel very anxious and I am shaking as I create this post. I know I made a mistake, it was a joke that was taken the wrong way and now I am suffering the backlash. I apologise to those I have upset, I didn’t realise it would cause unrest like this. 

To those of you that have supported me, thank you, I really don’t deserve such kindness. 

I will finish all ships over the next few days, I really can’t bring myself to right now. I hope you will all forgive me for that but I’m not in the right frame of mind. 

I hope you all enjoyed Soft Kisses and my next drabble is waiting in my queue to be posted tomorrow. 

Much Love, 

become a writer!

hello! i’ve decided that i’ve wanted admins on a blog, so i made a blog called @writersforbangtan and made that for people who want to become admins.


there is a form on google, which is a part you will have to take: FORM

good luck everyone! i look forward to reading the forms and imagine submissions :) have fun!

the admins that will be chosen can also have some rank sorta things or nicknames.

for example, i will be the leader, you can be a junior writer depending on how active you are. nicknames such as ‘writing queen/king’ can be made too. :) 

before you write the form, please read this!


- you MUST be familiar with my blog so you know how to lay it out, for example, the masterlist.

- you MUST be familiar with writing, even if it’s just one (like imagines). it will be a lot easier.

- you MUST be familiar with writing each genre (smut, angst, fluff). smut is fine if you’re uncomfortable writing it, but i will need TWO people who are familiar with writing.

- please make sure you are trustworthy enough to handle writing blogs. proper grammar should be used while writing.

- feel free to be sarcastic and use memes with asks (i do it)

- if there are requests, please do the request first before answering, and if a request is similar to what we have already wrote then do not answer it, i’ll answer it for you.

- please DO NOT mess around with the blog stuff (such as colours and themes).

- if you are unsure of layouts on the masterlist, let me know right away.

- contact me on twitter (@/conversehghs) if there are any issues.

- please be kind and considerate to the other admins! i will make a group chat on twitter so we can all introduce each other.

- it is advised that you have twitter. please tell me your user on the form (anywhere on the questions requiring long answers), along with your tumblr blog.

- while writing the form, be specific and make it detailed.

- you MUST need a tumblr blog.

- you MUST pm me here and submit a writing (imagine) of yours. i will see if you use proper grammar and see if it’s up to my standard of writing.

- it will be closed when i am satisfied with how many forms there are.

- you do not need your name to start with admin, you can create a nickname or just have your normal name.

- i will pm on the groupchat (if you are chosen as an admin) the blog information.

- the imagine you submit to me can be about anyone from bts.

- feel free to use gifs from the posting or search from google (without the ‘gif posted by…’

- imagines/scenarios you write MUST be longer than 1k/1,000 words.

- feel free to reblog anything related to bts, gifs, fansites, etc.

- you may follow fan blogs (that do those hq pictures), text blogs, etc. 

- the admin blog is not strictly bts but it is preferred to imagine it as strictly bts.

- you will have your own symbol to sign off (and include your name) when writing.

- you MUST be active. i will allow hiatus for vacations and school so don’t worry :)



anonymous asked:

can you tell me more about a3 i looked it up i didn't find much about it yet and it looks so good i want to be obsessed by it

aa i’m glad!! there isnt much to begin with, the charas are divided into groups based on seasons and each character has a flower motif.

Look at them so cute..

ok ill put this under read more to not spam but

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Happy New Year!! Here’s to another good year!

My updates have been slower and slower, mainly because DmmD is not as popular as it used to. I still roleplay as Noiz, but I don’t really do much fan art for the fandom as I used to. I’m not quite sure when I’ll stop doing this blog, honestly… ^^;;

I still draw, however, so I still encourage people who come here for my art to please check out my art tumblr (no1zikal) or my twitter account (noizuit). My tumblr is ALL art, no matter what fandom (DmmD, Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy, Original Characters…etc.). My twitter has more random things like real life photos, sketches, or other photos. 

Anyway, thanks for staying with me for another year. And for new followers, welcome. I’m not as active as I used to be, but feel free to drop an ask any time you like!!


HOW TO START A BOOK BLOG: Tips for Beginners & Starting Blogs

I’ve been having so many blogpost ideas lately but I really wanted to write this one as soon as possible, and by that I mean I’ve procrastinated for days and I’ve finally got around to writing it.
I think I posted about it somewhere and people were really interested to know how to start a blog or if you’re a starting blog, what you can do to expand it.

Firstly, these are just my tips on how to start a blog, I’m still learning myself but I’m in no way the best book blogger out there but hopefully, these tips will help you as they’ve helped me. I’ll also talk about my experience with each step I write about. You’ll see as we go along.

The reason I started my blog is because I’d watched tons of Booktubers and wanted to do the same but I was so self concious, I didn’t want to video myself and thus, I became a blogger.

So if you’ve been meaning to start a blog or you’ve started one and you don’t what to do now or how to gain followers etc, keep reading.


This is very important because you need a blog platform. This is where you’ll be posting all your reviews, blogposts and it’ll be your website. You need a platform you can use and one you’re comfortable with. There are many blogging platforms out there like Wordpress, Blogspot, Bloglovin, Blogger, Weebly.
You could even completely design your own website like on Wix or whatever lets you make a free website. It’d take more time and you might want to know what you want your blog to look like beforehand but it’s a fun project if you choose to do that.

The reason I chose tumblr is because I know how to use it, I know how to tag everything and it’s easy. Sometimes I do regret it because I think Blogspot or Wordpress would have been better as a blog but I’m fine with it and I can always buy my own domain (which I hope to do soon) to kind of lose to tumblr subdomain but you guys don’t need to worry about that.

So make sure you choose a blog platform you can use and maintain regularly.


Another crucial step because this is what people will know you by. You’ll use this name to grow, publishers and other bloggers will know it so make it good. Make a list of possible name for your blog. This is your brand so choose something unique and book related (it just makes sense to have a bookish name).  

I chose lovelyowlsbooks because I love with word ‘lovely’ thanks to Tom Felton (he called people lovely and I melted, he is a sweetheart). I like Owls too because Harry Potter and books because…books.

I like my name but I didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about it. I just chose it and went with it. I’m lucky I like my name but make sure to be happy with what you choose.


So your blog is all set, you have a blog name. Now it’s time to post some reviews and set up analytics to record your stats. For reviews, you don’t have to go out and buy books to review, review what you have, review library books. Just post some good reviews that people will want to read and keep them all in one place. I have an entire page listing my reviews and it’s super easy to navigate.

I’ll give some quick tips on how to right a decent review.  

  • Never be rude or mean. Even if you hate a book, give constructive criticism, justify why you didn’t like it and what could have been done better. Remember that even if you didn’t like the book, someone else probably will. JUST NEVER BE RUDE. 
  • Review Layout. Make sure your reviews have the book cover, title, author, your rating. That’s the simple layout I used in my first reviews but you can also add the publisher, links to the author’s website, where to buy the book, number of pages. It’s best to add as much info and keep a template of it so you’re not constantly writing it out.
  • Spoiler Free or Spoilers; you can do one or both. It’s best to do just a spoiler-free review or like me you can write it in two parts. A spoiler free section first for people that haven’t read it and reasons why you liked it (without spoilers of course) and then a spoiler section for my discussion. This is for people that have read the book and so I can really talk about how I felt about the book.

The style of my reviews are more conversational and fangirly. You can have a professional approach but I like being conversational and really getting into what I loved/disliked about the book.

As for recording your stats and pageviews, you’re still a starting blog at this point so not much will have happened but it’s good to have stats monitored right away.

You can quite easily monitor your pageviews, you need to sign up to Google Analytics (or if you already have gmail, you can use that account), follow their set up tutorial (or hit up Youtube which is what I did) and quickly have GA set up on your blog and recording your stats. Google Analytics is free, there are some paid and some free software for analytics but I use GA since it’s free and easy.


Just as blogging and posting reviews means you can request ARCs (advanced reader’s copies), you can also get requests to review a book. By this I mean, you can get requests from people asking you to review a book. Usually self published authors may contact you.

I set up a REVIEW POLICY which is essentially setting out terms and giving people information on how they can contact you to review their book. If you click the link, you’ll see mine and it’ll give you a general idea.

You will have to display which genres you accept and don’t, your rating system and ways they can get in touch as well as any other crucial information you want them to note. Because of this, I made a book blog email where requests could be sent (and it ties in with point #6).

You don’t have to offer reviews and you can decline them. I’ve declined a few because I had plenty of ARCs and reviews to write and didn’t need more of top of that.

So if that’s something you’d like to do, you can.


Your blog is all set and for a few months you’ve been posting reviews, even blogposts like this are great and you’ve gained some followers. 

On tumblr it’s easy to gain followers, however on other blogging sites you might want to look into email subscribers, newsletter subscribers etc. 

There are ways to have people follow you. I know Bloglovin’ has an easy follow option like tumblr but with Wordpress or Blogspot, you’ll have to set up a way to let people follow you. So definitely keep this in mind, there are sites like Feed Burner and Mail chimp that make email/newsletter sign ups easy but since I used tumblr, I wouldn’t know how best to advise you about other platforms.

Gaining followers and monitoring pageviews is essential. One, because you have a following and can see how and who is visiting your blog and also because you will need to know these when you request ARCs which I will discuss soon.

Make sure to check your analytics and your monthly pageviews. You will be telling publishers the amount of followers your have and monthly pageviews you get when requesting ARCs.

When I started my blog, I never realised requesting or receiving ARCs were a thing. I solely wanted to write reviews to voice my thoughts on them. Only later, I realised that my blog, the reviews and follower build up meant I could request ARCs.


Hopefully between the last step and this one, you would have requested an ARC. But I will write a seperate blog post on how to go about requesting ARCS, what you’ll need, who the contact etc. So you might go back and forth between these posts.

By now, you’ve got a decent following, say 1 or 2K followers? It depends really but maybe you want to start expanding and growing your blog. I currently have a Twitter, Instagram and a Goodreads. The latter is just for personal use and reading updates but people can still friend me and know what I’m reading etc. Goodreads is kind of a must if you’re a book blogger, it makes things easier and I love doing the reading goal they have.

Once you decide what other social media you want, create an account and start promoting it on the blog and letting your followers know they can find you on Twitter or something. You can link all your other social media on your blog and vice versa.

You could create social media right when you start but personally, I think it’s better to first focus on your blog and then venture out on Twitter and Instagram. Also, by then you’ll have followers on your blog and friends that will want to follow you elsewhere.

Having said this, if you’re blogging on Blogspot, Blogger etc, maybe starting a Twitter right away will be best. This way you can find other book blog Twitters or you can even find other book blogs, see their posts, leave comments and make friends. 

I created my Twitter and Instagram over the last two years, just seeing if people would like to follow me on them and if I could maintain it. I’ve debated creating a Facebook page for a while but I just think nah. Twitter and Instagram are fine for now.

I also have a Redbubble shop. This is completely a personal option, but because I love art and designing, I design book related merch which I promote on my blog. Other bloggers do this too but if you own an etsy shop, a deviantart account etc feel free to promote these. They can relate to book blogging or try see if you can bring other hobbies into book blogging.


I could have gone in-depth but I think this is a good starting point. Remember to have fun with book blogging, it shouldn’t feel like a chore. You don’t have to review every book, but try posting as much as you can. 

I may have forgotten some small steps so feel free to let me know anything I may have missed

My blog was a mess but slowly, I wanted it more organised and easy to navigate. You will learn along the way as I did and I’m still learning.

I’ve mentioned requesting ARCs throughout this post but I’m going to do a completely different guide on how to request ARCs otherwise, this post will drag on.

I’m more than happy to help starting or new bloggers. If you don’t understand something please ask and I’ll try my best to help.

Thank you so much to reading. I would really appreciate reblogs and comments. Let me know if this helped or if you’re thinking about starting a blog.

Sorry for being so absent lately! I just started my summer-job last week and I´ve been really tired every day after working, and I´ve been busy with other things in the afternoons too so I´ve basically only got time for internet-stuff in the weekends. And, also when it comes to that, I´ve mostly been using twitter lately (@Frillypinkdrms) because I follow a lot of professional artist on there and that is basically where my focus/interest point is these days since I have to use my weekends for commission work and progressing my art etc. Feel free to follow my twitter if you wanna see some random text posts from me and ocational drawings/pictures and WIPs though! ^^ I also retweet loads of nice art and inspirational tweets :-)

I have one more week of work before I have a few weeks of vacation time, so please bear with me for now until I return ! <3

kpop idols overseas, a lesson for you all!

With the KPOP fandom itself growing continuously everyday, idols schedules have become more and more booked with overseas activities. Sure this is a plus for most of us who do not live in Korea because we get to meet our beloved idols, but it is also very very worrisome. Why?

Some people simply do not understand that although idols are idols, they are also human beings. They want and deserve their own privacy, their own rights. Some of you may be thinking “well hahah they should have known! this is what idols signed up for”. Well, sure, but that does not completely strip them away from their freedom and right of privacy. They didn’t signed up to be mauled and stalked by fans, they signed up to do what they dreamed of doing, of making fans like you and I happy with their music. How many of you would like it if someone was constantly watching you, taking of pictures of you even when you were at your lowest and your worst state? Many of you, without a doubt, would be livid about it. 

So here are some do’s and don’t’s! There are plenty more, but these need to be understood a little more:

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hi friends// i’m opening commissions!! here are the details:


>CHIBI: no color/monochrome ($7) | color (simple shading) ($12)
>BUST: no color/monochrome ($10) | color (simple shading) ($15)
>FULL BODY: no color/monochrome ($15) | color (simple shading) ($25)

[additional character(s) will range from half the base price to 2 or 3 dollars less// additional charas for chibis will be the same as base price each]

>payments must be sent through paypal before i start your commission and after i confirm with you what you would like//
>please only select “services” when paying!

>i have the right to decline a commission if i feel i cannot complete or do// this includes nsfw/r18, mechas, furries– but if you are wondering feel free to ask!
>prices may vary depending on the complexity of the design(s)

please email me at orekoenig@gmail.com if you are interested (or have a quick question) with the subject “commissions” and include the following: type (bust, waist, etc) and full references of the characters (and describe their personalities (even if you think i know the character(s)) so i have an idea of how to draw them!)

you can also contact me through here (on fanmail! messages tend to be swallowed up more often ^^;;) and/or my twitter!

thank you for your time and support!
likes and reblogs would be greatly appreciated!! have a nice day//

Welcome! I’m excited that I have so many new followers, and I just thought I’d say a special hello :)

I usually post a few times a week, unless it’s a special theme week like donkey or goat–though I’m considering a parasite week because there’s several lice-related sayings! The last illustration for this week will post Thursday.

Anyways, just thought I’d say thank you for following, liking, reblogging, and all that stuff–I def appreciate it! I’m trying to keep up with everything on here, but I do read all the reblog comments, hashtags, etc. and love hearing what you guys think.

ALSO I do take suggestions for sayings–I’ve gotten over 15 pages worth of them from some of you! A few recent illustrations are specifically from people here, Twitter, or elsewhere, so if you know of one I haven’t done yet, feel free to send me a message! :)

You can find me on Twitter (@Daisy_Patton) if you prefer to send suggestions that way or see some of my other art projects–I post about art, history, memory, and whatever else rattles my brain.

*Note: That’s me and my husband, whose dichos I started collecting and why this exists. He asked me why I drew us with a pet dinosaur, and I said, why would you even ask that question??

What 2013 was for Owl City

This year was absolutely chock full of kerfuffles within the fandom – arguments about offensive tweets, arguments about music, arguments about god knows what, the worst being the issues with Daniel Jorgensen. All I can say is that we must be thankful that none of it got any worse, and that it just means a new future for Owl City itself. We all just gotta put it behind us and look forward to the new music Adam’s working hard on!

Let’s look back in joy at what 2013 brought to the fandom!;

-The release of the Metropolis music video

-The release of the full, uncut Flames pond episodes

-Adam featuring in Lights’ acoustic “Cactus in the valley”

-Adam’s “Shine Your Way” for The Croods movie

-his “Live it up” for the Smurfs2 movie

-Adam featuring in Reliant K’s “That’s my jam”

-Adam featuring with Toby Mac in Veggie Tales’ “Light of Christmas”

-Adam’s involvement with the Wonderfilled campaign

-That “Pop tarts thinks Owl City is crazy good!” thing

-The release of OCTMS acoustic with Hey Anna and I Hope You Think Of Me (finally)

-New port blue songs :D

-Adam reaching 1 million followers on twitter and 100 million views on the fireflies video

-And lets not forget Adam’s instagram gems; “Like a fridge full of frozen pizza”, Adam skateboarding in his undies, showing us snippets of songs and making silly faces, etc.

plus more things I can’t think of right now, feel free to add to the list :P

I was hoping this year would bring us a TMS concert DVD, but oh well, maybe next year. I’m sure we were all hoping for a new album, but never fear, Adam is taking the time to create the most amazing tracks you have ever heard! We just gotta sit tight and support him. Good things take time :)

Peace out like a trout xx