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I want to take a teeny tiny minute out of our LOUIS DAY to tell everyone they should go check out Yellow by @13ways-of-looking. the characters are flawed and complicated and interesting and beautiful. the world building is stunning. the writing is top-notch. the relationship development is complex and yet pure, beautiful and yet scarred. And the SMUT (blushy face emoji, eggplant emoji, four thousand fire emojis). You literally could not ask for more from a fic. Also the art by @twopoppies is out of control cool. And while I’m here, check out the rest of the reverse bang (and 31 DOS)!! there are soooo many fantastic fics lately, I’ll definitely do a full rec once the exchanges are over. OK BACK TO LOUIS DAY!!!!!!


I don’t do inktober because i find it stressful. I just wanna draw Halloween themed stuff when I feel like it and that’s fine, yo. But making a list of ideas is always nice. I dunno how many i’ll finish, if any, but feel free to have fun with the prompts.

this list i made for myself with no intention of sharing so sorry if it’s a bit confusing.

Also enjoy a RaM Halloween doodle!

  • Me, to other people: It's okay if you don't feel inspired for a little while. Just give yourself some time, don't put too much pressure on yourself, and you'll break out of it.
  • Me: *doesn't write for 3 days*
  • Me, to myself: you are literal trash



Shawn Mendes AU: Late night lifestreams with the fans while you’re at his place

This has been in my drafts for quite some time and I finally had an idea on how to finish it. Hope you enjoyed it, feel free to leave me feedback, I love to read your comments :)!


30 Day Challenge: Advanced Language Study

Feel free to start these at any time you want, and have fun! You don’t have to do every part of every challenge if you don’t want to.

  1. Read a news article in your target language. Write down any words or phrases you don’t know. Take note of what kind of speech is used when describing the news. Write a summary of the article, rephrasing it in your own words.
  2. Record yourself speaking in your target language and listen to it, taking note of your pronunciation. See if you can find ways to make your speech sound more clear and natural.
  3. Watch and episode of a tv show or a movie in your target language, without subtitles. Try going for something you haven’t seen before and see how much you understand. Write down any phrases and words you don’t know with what you think they mean, based on context. You can check the meanings after you finish watching. If you have time, feel free to watch it again and see how much you understand now that you’ve checked these words.
  4. If you are currently studying something other than language, research the vocabulary for that subject in your target language (for example, I’m a music major, so I’d research vocabulary and phrases used to describe music in my target language). If you don’t have any other focus of study, choose a hobby.
  5. Research idioms in your target language.
  6. Come up with and look up puns in your target language.
  7. Listen to songs in your target language. Note how phrasing is manipulated to make the words fit with the music.
  8. Look up synonyms for words you already know. See if you can find slight differences in meaning or connotation between the words.
  9. Read poetry in your target language. Study the phrasing and usage of words. See if you can write your own interpretation of the poem.
  10. Note everything you do throughout the day. If there are any verbs for things you did that you don’t know in your target language, look them up. Same goes for objects you use.
  11. If you are studying a language, make sure you can describe the language itself in the language you are studying. Look up grammatical terms and expressions.
  12. Sit down somewhere (a place with a lot of people would probably be easiest to write about) and observe. Describe what you see as detailed as you can. Take the time to find the right words (make use of adjectives and adverbs!) to describe what you see.
  13. Write a diary entry in your target language. Focus on describing thoughts and emotions.
  14. Give yourself a spelling quiz.
  15. Read a fictional story. Take note of what kind of speech is used (like poetic or writing techniques specific to the language) when telling the story.
  16. Write a story, using the techniques you’ve noted the previous day.
  17. Practice translating from your target language to your main language, using an article or a few pages of a book.
  18. Read a blog entry in your target language. Blog entries are often more casual, and use expressions that resemble spoken language more than written language. Take note of how spoken language is written down.
  19. Write a dialogue in your target language. Focus on different speech patterns between different people.
  20. Write a letter to someone in your target language. If you don’t know who to write to feel free to write to yourself. Or to me!
  21. Practice translating from your main language to your target language.
  22. Watch a TV show in your target language with subtitles, and compare the translations. See if you agree with the written translations, and if not, think of how you would translate it yourself.
  23. Pick a set of words in your target language and define them in that language.
  24. Look into the different dialects of your target language. Note the similarities and differences.
  25. Listen to a professional speech in your target language. Make note of any specialized words or words you don’t know.
  26. Think of an everyday interaction you might have (for example, going to the bank) in which you do not yet have the vocabulary you would need. Look up the vocabulary you would use in such a situation (cultural differences are also worth noting!)
  27. Time to focus a bit on culture! Look into popular entertainment or businesses in your target culture that are of interest to you. Do as much of the reading in your target language as you can.
  28. Look up children’s games (such as word games) and songs. If you can, find someone to play them with you.
  29. Try to describe people you know. Include appearance, personality, habits, etc. Look up any words you do not know.
  30. Read an excerpt of an academic source in your target language. Note any vocabulary or grammar you don’t understand.

If you plan to make daily posts with these challenges feel free to tag me in them! I would love to see what everyone wrote.

Episode 10 of WYNONNA!!!

After seeing some gifs online I decided that me and my emotionally disturbed sandwich would watch the new episode of WE and recap it as best as I could, so here goes:

Nicole gets jumped by Black Widow Mercedes who thinks that she has the third seal, even though Nicole says she does not have it.

But Waverly ‘Pissed off’ Earp turns up to rescue her

and brings the pain!

While rearranging the Black Widows face, Waverly end’s up on the floor and nearly breath bombed.

But Nicole ‘Screw the gun, I will break your neck with my bares hands’ Haught takes the Black Widow down!

Nicole gets bitten by the vicious harpy who then realises Nicole was telling the truth

Waverly calls for help while Nicole starts to lose consciousness 

Hold in there Haught, we- I mean Waverly’s got you.

Wynonna is in hospital checking on the real Mercedes when she hears her sister shout “She can’t breath” and goes to find out what is going on.

Nicole is going into intensive care and Waverly is told she can not go in with her, but she sees what she thinks is Mattie but is actually Mattie’s twin, Gretta.

I wish it was Mattie though

Wynonna turns up to see Waverly is distraught and so she comfits her 

Wynonna, Waverly and Dolls talk while waiting to find out how Nicole is doing

Waverly is worried that the last thing she and Nicole did was fight and thinks that one drunken kiss with Rosita is cheating which Wynonna blows of as nothing important but listens when she mentions the Rosita is a revenant.

Waverly goes outside for some air and meets Black Widow Beth, who not only wants to eat Waverly (No, not like that you pervs) she offers her a deal, give her the third seal and she will give Waverly the antidote to save Nicole

Waverly says no but keeps the offer in mind. when she goes inside Dolls tells her that Wynonna is with Nicole and that the doctors will put her (Nicole, not Wynonna) in an induced coma to slow down the spread of the poison, and that Nicole is refusing to go under until she sees Waverly first.

Nicole asks Wynonna to do something extremely difficult

But Nicole says to her that she’s the only one she can ask, because Waverly will always forgive Wynonna.

Waverly comes in and Nicole start apologising about lying about the test, but to Waverly that does not matter now, she just wants Nicole to get better so they can have an old sorry party and Waverly will even make hats.

Waverly promises that they will find a way to get rid of the toxins.

And with that, the doctor puts Nicole into a coma

I am not…Oh to hell with it, Yes I cried, a lot, I cried like a big baby and even had to pause the episode because  all I could see is double images that were fuzzy. I have not been this sad since the last episode of XWP aired.

Waverly and co discuss about how to get more venom to create a cure,and while Wynonna does not seem to know the difference between Harry Potter and Star Trek, Jeremy puts his foot in his mouth again

Waverly asks them to stop walking on eggshells and even though there’s a “piss poor chance of winning” could they act like they have a chance. but when she accidently knocks over and breaks Jeremy’s Opti-mug Prime mug she breaks down, Wynonna calms her down, Dolls and Jeremy go to get Juan Carlos body to extract the venom from it, Wynonna asks Waverly to stay with Nicole and keep updating them as to what is happening while Wynonna goes to get Doc and one of the Black Widow bitches herself

Remind me to never piss you off

While outside Black Widow Beth nearly give Waverly a heart attack 

Black Widow Beth asks her if she has got the third seal but Waverly says she does not know where it is, Beth says she is a smart girl and she can figure it out, Waverly doubts that she will help until Beth shows her the antidote.

As Beth walks of Waverly try’s to catch up with her only to get distracted by Nedley asks her if she has a key to Nicole’s place because he needs to pick up her cat Calamity Jane, he try’s to reassure her with a hug, telling her Officer Haught is the strongest Deputy he has ever had.

And than comes the awkward stuff

We so need to know more about that

When Waverly goes back to Nicole’s room she sees a stranger there who tells her that her name is Shay and she’s a doctor, when Waverly asks about Nicole’s condition she tells Waverly that she’s not Nicole’s doctor.

I will admit, my first reaction was not at all kind “I wanted to throw this ‘Shay’ into a pit full of revenants and then Emily too for daring to use an outwore storyline that has ruined many good shows  in the past” But I’m over it now. :) 

Dolls finds out that Juan Carlo’s body and any other potentials to get the venom from have been burnt by the Order, but they do give him the plate to use.

Back at the hospital Waverly is worried about Nicole

Shay walks in and the two start talking, Waverly asks how she met Nicole and Shay tells her it was while rock climbing in Nevada near Vegas where the got hitched after watching Britney live and winning at a slot machine, but things quickly cooled off between them.

Nicole starts to wake up from her coma with a high temperature and when a doctor asks her can she hear him and she says “it’s burning” he then asked the two women if there was any known allergies to anaesthetics , Waverly says no but Shay says yes, Thiopental could kill her.

Waverly just looks at her and Shay says, rock climbing incident, Nicole needed surgery and it kind of ruined their honeymoon.

Waverly feels like she does not belong there and thinks she’s just making things worse by being there and so leaves.

Wynonna is at Shorty’s waiting for Doc and while Doc is at the back of the bar she talks to Rosita by first putting Peacemaker on the bar, Rosita now knows that Wynonna knows what she is, Wynonna says she won’t put her down, yet, and that Jeremy need her to help him with the formula since she can not died

Rosita tells her that she would have done it is for Nicole anyway, so all she had to do was ask, not threaten her, Wynonna tell her that she really does like her, so she will be the last one to be put down.

At the hospital Dolls asks Waverly how is Nicole doing, Waverly is lost for words

seeing Shay, Dolls asks Waverly does she know who she is, Waverly just tells him that she’s a doctor.

While Rosita is with Jeremy testing out the serum Wynonna and Doc are at Nicole’s home, the find fresh blood and hear something in a cupboard

And find Calamity Jane! they find Neldey’s hat and realise one of the Black Widow’s took him.

Black Widow Mercedes has Nedley tied up, but breaking him won’t be so easy

Dolls tell Waverly maybe she should do the trade with the Black Widow to help Nicole, after all they need the demon to rise in order to defeat it, Dolls takes Rosita’s place, because every last one of them want Nicole back, Waverly thanks him and says “I will never forget this” and goes of to do what is right and stop the ones she loves from suffering

Black Widow Mercedes is getting nothing from Sheriff Nedley

This man survived Wynonna, he can survive anything!

At the hospital Shay and Waverly are talking, Shay does not understand what the tox screens are saying and wonders what Waverly means by she has people working on it, and that she keeps trying to keep Nicole out of trouble to which Shay replies that she must not know her at all, Waverly looks down so Shay tell her that what she and Nicole was fun and all but it was not real

[I like you now, you can stay] Shay says the doctor told her that if Nicole wakes up, she should say her goodbyes, but a determined Waverly is at the door and says “I’m not saying goodbye”

Waverly finds Gretta and tells her she knew her sister and that she know she is the Iron Witch  and begs her to help

Gretta agrees to make a deal and gives Waverly a note as to where she can find the thing that can help her

And in Nedley’s mug too who would of thought it.

Wynonna and Doc have found where Black Widow Mercedes and Nedley are, Doc is worried about Wynonna, so she says she’ll stay put, in the drivers seat.

Aww, she looks so innocent when stuff is about to get blown up

Black Widow Mercedes is screaming at Nedley that Wynonna does not care for anyone but herself!

And then she gets hit by a vehicle

Yeah! Nobody tortures Nedley except Wynonna!

With 12 shots in her and a butt of a gun to the face from one spectacular Doc ‘Henry’ Holliday and a shot from Peacemaker from one super pissed off Wynonna Earp

They have caught their very own Black Widow!

And one highly chipper Wynonna is off to tell Waverly the good news

But when she gets there she sees Nicole alive and kicking!

If Wynonna ‘I’ve got a big shiny gun’ Earp is happy you’re alive, that means you’re family for life

But as usual all good things come to and end when Wynonna notices that Waverly is still unhappy, putting one and one together Wynonna realises that Waverly has done something

Waverly leaves the room before she can be questioned

At Shorty’s Gretta turns up to see Waverly there and comments that she looks in happy so maybe she did not love Nicole after all 

Waverly calls her out on her dirty trick she pulled and says that Wynonna will never forgive her

At the office Wynonna’s not find and says Waverly is in deep shit when she finds her

Back at Shorty’s the Iron Witch says that she can name her price and it is the trophy with the Wish Demon stuck inside

Wynonna finds out that Dolls has the Earp plates and questions as to what metel it’s made of.

With Doc by her Waverly tells the Iron Witch that she’s changed her mind and as Doc try’s to grab the trophy he disappears, the Iron Witch has made her wish, now all changes must commence, 

She blames the Earp sisters for Mattie’s death and will punish them for it

“One will disappear,

and the other will have to live with it”

With the sister she so dearly loved gone from her life, so to are her memories 

and so to, her very existence

Wait wedding?! I have a very important question then:

Will you play Billy Idol’s song White Wedding?

So that was eventful wasn’t it

Originally posted by everybodys-thing

If anybody needs me I’ll be in the cupboard with Calamity Jane…

some things the boys accomplished during the blurryface era

•their first #1 album on the Billboard 200
•became the third only rock act to have two singles simultaneously in the top 5 of the Billboard 100 (joining The Beatles and Elvis)
•wrote a single for a feature film
•won their first ever award to be accepted on American Television at the AMA’s 2015 (plus many more to come after that)
•won their first Grammy for Stressed Out
•completed a third world tour
•played 236 shows (blurryface, ers part 1, ers, part 2 and tdc) •played 5 sold out shows in their hometown to finish off the era

feel free to add more if you wish!


// My page for @btscoloringbookproject ft. maknae line!

:) Feel free to tag me or my artblog/twt @disequil​ if you decide to color it! I would love to see how it turns out!╭(♡・ㅂ・)و ̑̑

Check out the other amazing artists who participated & rest of the book here!

Miraculous Ladybug multi-collab for ML artists!!

Okay, I recently thought of this neat idea to make a multi-collab with any ML artists.. but what for? Do you remember how in the opening they have all of the characters stacked up on one another? Here is a reference down below..

I want to recreate that but on one large page with a whole bunch of artists! ALSO VERY IMPORTANT!! I would like to mention that while discussing this with a couple of peeps we are not doing them in their civilian forms, but in their akumatized/superhero forms! (this does NOT include the new spoiler versions, only Ladybug are Chat Noir are superheros in this)

I figure that if any artists are interested in participating, PM me here on tumblr and tell me what character you want to do. If there is more than one person who wants to do a character, then the one who asks first gets the slot! Any artist can do this as long as they are fairly recent on here (still running as of the start of this year) and they message me that they want to do it along with the characters left they want to do! There is no specific date quite yet but I figure the due date will be around late may ;D

Here is the list of 25 + 3 other akuma that states which characters (in order of pic from left to right, bottom to top) are taken or still open! I will update this every so often so keep in check if you’re interested:

  1. Ladybug - taken by me, @themasquedfox
  2. Lady Wifi - taken by @megatraven
  3. Puppeteer - taken by @becksyart or @beckyehhh
  4. Vanisher - taken by @thelastpilot 
  5. Chat Noir - taken by @australet789
  6. The Bubbler - taken by @larvesta
  7. Antibug - taken by @alazic02
  8. Princess Fragrance - taken by @anipwrites or @anip-art
  9. Reflecta - taken by @artgraveyard
  10. Dark Cupid - taken by @krissysally
  11. Horrificator - taken by @faoghart
  12. Gamer - taken by @evieoftheisle
  13. Timebreaker - taken by @stellalights
  14. Stormy Weather - taken by @kawasakies
  15. Stoneheart - taken by @cupcakeismynamebitchez
  16. Evillustrator - taken by @minis-art 
  17. Rogercop - taken by @foxyclocks
  18. Pixelator - taken by @sadrien
  19. Darkblade - taken by @dracoskullart
  20. Simon Says - taken by @thewonderfulwizardofass
  21. Guitar Villain - taken by @nalciel
  22. The Mime - taken by @art-esque
  23. Copycat - taken by @mocchidochi
  24. The Pharaoh - taken by @whydocowsfall
  25. Mr. Pigeon - taken by @baneismydragon
  26. Volpina (added slot) - taken by @akiwitch or @akidoodles
  27. Kung Food (added slot) - taken by @orbeck
  28. Animan (added slot) - taken by @dragonontheside

I tried to make this as organized as I could! As you can see there are 0 slots left!

Here are some general questions asked concerning this collab:

  • Do we have to use the same poses as the civilians do? Not at all, but it would definitely be preferred! If you do change it up, try to keep it simple. Please talk to me about it with some sample sketches for your idea if you do decide to do so (especially for the ones with characters together like alya/marinette and adrien/nino– see to me about it if you have these characters)
  • Can we do traditional art? Yes! You can do either traditional or digital!
  • If I am doing my piece traditional, how would I enter it in for the collab? Now I haven’t messed around with traditional art yet, but I’m pretty sure you can scan it in and place it as a transparent png. file, then send it to me! I hear Camscanner is also a pretty good scanner for that sort of thing.
  • What about the image type? In order for it piece to be accepted and assembled into the final pic, you must have your final piece a transparent png. file, that way it is easier to put on the canvas!
  • What is the due date to send it in the pieces? I haven’t settled on a certain date yet, but I’m thinking late may! I can only hope everyone gets it done earlier ^^;

Let me warn you that there may be some parts of your artwork covered up by others artwork based on the MLB opening character stack, so here is what I will say for you to do– I want you to post your piece of the collab on your blog and tag me in it so that I can provide a link to each individual piece from the full final collaboration that I am posting here. Please only watermark your artwork on your piece that you post on you blog and not the one you send me!

Thanks for checking this out and I hope you all have a wonderful day! I’m sure it will look lovely when it’s done <3 Message me if your interested and tell me what character you would like to do and feel free to ask me questions in the ask box too or through a PM! I look really forward to it!!

Quick shoutout to @the-bored-bookworm for helping me put this idea together! I seriously appreciate it!! OvO

[I will update and edit this often]


Day 3 for @bokuakaweek Model/ Photographer or Fly / Wings

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 (v.2) | Day 4 | Day 5 (nsfw) | Day 6 | Day 7

Got7 as the Mafia + How He Met You

|||Anon asked:  Hi! I really liked your mafia monsta x post and was wondering if you could do something similar for got7 and bts?|||

BTS   Monsta X   Shinee

JB/Im Jaebum

Originally posted by jaesbum

  • Built this whole gang from scratch 
  • Has this strong and scary presence around him but he’s actually an angel doesn’t like doing the dirty work himself and instead relies on his other gang members to clean up the mess
  • Even though he himself and his gang is well known around the city he prefers to stay in the shadows
  • Has a reputation of one of the fiercest mafia leaders 
  • And the rumors are true because no one who got on his bad side, got to live to see another day

Meeting you was a complete coincidence as you happened to work in the warehouses where his gang would make deals. You were always told finish up before 9 o’clock in the evening because you might lose your job otherwise and you always obeyed this rule until that day. It took you longer to sort things out than usual and when you were about to leave it was almost 10. You went out through the front exit and were caught up in the middle of two gangs.

“Who the fuck is she?” one man asked.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t see anything, I’m not even supposed to be here, I will never tell anyone, so please-”

“Shut up! You talk to much.” Jaebum ordered. You looked at him frightened.

“It would be better if we just kill her.” the other man spoke again.

“No.” Jaebum said approaching you. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder. “She’s with me.”

Mark Tuan

Originally posted by nochuie

  • He’s not in the gang to do business but rather for the many opportunities to steal, especially cars
  • If he sets his eye on something, there is 110% guarantee that he will get in 24 hours
  • He thinks Jackson is shady and that he’s probably going to try to steal from him so he avoids him like the plague which almost never works
  • Because of people like him, he doesn’t go anywhere (not even to sleep) without his trusted revolver
  • He’s one of the richest among the gang members and likes to show off his precious cars but there will be no hesitation to kill if you as much as touch them

You made the stupid decision of trying to steal from him. You saw his obviously expensive car parked outside one of the clubs and thought that that’s a good catch. However when you drove away with it, expecting to sell it into the black market, Mark himself showed up to buy it from you.

“That’s not very nice.” he said pointing his gun at you. “I really like this one.”

You were surprised the owner of the car found you so fast and just wanted in anticipation to see what will happen.

“But I also find your courage and skills very impressive, not many people dare steal from me, so how about you give me back my car and then I will think what to do with you.”

Jackson Wang

Originally posted by igot17-bangtan-boys

  • No one knows why he’s in the gang and how he got here
  • He just started hanging around and before everyone knew it he was already going on missions and making deals
  • Was very quick to gain everyones trust and respect
  • He doesn’t have a specific job at the gang as he’s pretty much good at anything
  • And he also annoys a lot people so they don’t want to take him with them but he shows up anywhere, anytime at the right moment

He met you when he broke into your house in the middle of the night to interrogate you. He woke you up and put his hand over your mouth to stop you from screaming.

“We need to discuss some things, if you behave I won’t hurt you.”

Pretending to fear for your life you just nodded but if he really thought you were afraid, that was a big mistake on his part. You knew this was going to happen someday sooner or later, so you were ready and as soon as he let go of you, you took the scissors from your night stand and stabbed him in the leg. You took off immediately after that and you have no idea how (with that kind of injury) but he managed to catch up and tackle you outside. He dragged you to the back of your apartment building and slammed you into the wall.

“Naughty girl, what did I just say about behaving? I really don’t want to hurt you but if you don’t tell me everything you know right now, I might have to take you with me.”

Park Jinyoung

Originally posted by jypnior

  • Doesn’t always look like it but will do anything for the gang
  • He’s one of the top and most respected assassins in the industry
  • Prefers to take out his targets silently, that’s why he’s more skilled with hand held weapons like knifes, daggers, axes and so on
  • Most of the time he’s very collected and calm until you make him angry or his emotions take over, then he uses anything he can find as a weapon and not a single person leaves the room alive
  • He has been in the business for so long that he already forgot the number of people he killed

Unfortunately it was your mission to kill him, as you were probably the only person crazy enough to try it. He noticed you even before you approached him but didn’t say anything yet. This situation was very amusing to him as there has been a long time since somebody tried to kill him. You were waiting all night to get the right opportunity when you lost track of him. You were about to go look for him when he appeared next to you.

“Looking for someone?” he asked handing you a drink. “Why do you look so shocked? Did you see a ghost or am I that sexy?”

You were still frozen in your tracks when he got closer and closer to you only to pull your gun from under your dress.

“What were you about to do with this?” he smirked pushing you down on the couch. “I think you should sit down because me and you are about to have a very serious talk.”

Choi Youngjae

Originally posted by huggableyoungjae

  • Specializes in making drug, weapons and other kind of deals
  • Deal making with him is very quick, as he doesn’t like talking with his business partners about anything else but the deal, so that if anything happens it wouldn’t be traced back to him
  • Even though he’s well known in the industry not many people know his real name
  • He’s also the best at smuggling anything in and out of the country
  • If the money is given to him in cash, he counts every single note as he doesn’t trust people that easily

You tried to cheat your way out of the deal by not giving him a couple of grands, thinking he wouldn’t notice but as you turned around to leave he grabbed you by the arm. 

“No so fast sweetie.” he said. “Do you know what this is?” he asked you and you could feel the coldness of the metal press at your waist.

“It’s a gun.”

“Correct! And I would really hate to use it on you.” he stated snatching your bag out of your hand.

“I will take this.” he smiled taking out a bundle of banknotes out of it. “But as you tried to trick me, I  can’t let you go that easily, so I think I will need something more than that.”


Originally posted by bamica

  • Any kind of location, a person, any piece of information - he has it
  • Is considered very valuable in this business and many gangs try to bribe him to work for them
  • He has no interest in helping them though and prefers to stick to one group at a time but he’s been in this gang for so long that nowadays he doesn’t even plan on leaving
  • Has many different methods to get the info he needs, the most infamous one of them being torture
  • Needless to say if he gets to use that method, you won’t be experiencing anything again. Ever.

You had no idea how it got to that. Seemingly one minute you were fighting alongside your members and now you were strapped to a chair in an unknown building. Someone pulled you up by the chin.

“I told you to look at me when I’m talking to you.” BamBam said. “Ahh such a pretty face!”

“Don’t touch me!” you told trying to smack his hand from your face.

“I think you don’t understand the situation you’re now in. You see, you don’t have many options. Or rather there is only two: you tell me everything you know and I kill you quickly or I torture the information out of you and kill you anyways.”

“How about neither, you fuck.”

“Ouch! You’re just making it worse for yourself but I admire your courage, how about, just for you, I come up with a third option.”

Kim Yugyeom

Originally posted by thehouseofkpop

  • Was very young when he was thrown into this whole mafia world, still in some sort of training to be a pro
  • But unexpectedly he’s crazy good with guns, his aim is great and his precision is no joke
  • Because of that all the members trust him with their lives and he’s taken on missions more often than anyone else
  • Favourite weapons of choice - long range sniper rifles
  • Often trains other even older than him gang members and can often be seen practicing till dusk

He was surprised to see he missed and only shot you in the leg. As you disappeared behind a building he decided to come finish you off. When he turned the corner you were nowhere to be seen.

“What the heck, she couldn’t have gone that far off, at this point she should have lost a lot of blood.” he wondered when unexpectedly you attacked him from behind. You took your knife out trying to stab him when he rolled you over and now he was the one on top.

“Oh! I see we have a fighter. How were you even able to stand up?” he questioned you. 

“Stop struggling, will you?” he told you pressing his fingers into the open leg wound. You screamed in pain and passed out. He checked your pulse.

“Good. She’s still alive. If we can get her to behave, she will make a strong ally.” he thought picking you up.

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